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Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Did You Eat As a Kid That You Now Realise Was Really Messed Up?'

Is This What Florida Is Like?

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Twitter Users Ponder Films That Received Zero Oscar Nominations That Should Have Won Best Picture

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What Is the Nastiest Thing You’ve Ever Done?'

Twitter Users Ponder the Comedic Performances That Should Have Won Oscars

Please Just Look At This Cat Cutting Onions Would You

Twitter Users Ponder the Most Made Up-Sounding Yet Astonishingly True Facts They Can Think Of

Jane Campion Did Not Mince Words Calling Out Sam Elliot’s Comments About ‘The Power of the Dog'

Shut Up Already About Batman Not Spending All Of His Money To Help Gotham City

Twitter Users Ponder Less Well-Known Film Quote That They Use All the Time

The Only Right Way To Respond To Seeing A Dog For the First Time

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Creepiest Or Most Unsettling Thing You've Seen In Broad Daylight?'

Twitter Users Ponder the Worst Trope to Ever Exist

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Fashion Trend Can You Just Not Stand?'

The 'It's Always Sunny' Podcast Is So Damn Good It Threatens to Overshadow the Show

Twitter Users Ponder the Funniest, Dumbest Things They Did In 2021

This Agonizing 'Wheel of Fortune' Clip Left Viewers Frantically Yelling at their Screens

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Is One Thing You Underestimated the Severity Of Until It Happened To You?'

Twitter Users Ponder What the Best Movie Featuring Two Equally Brilliant Performances Is

Okay, Now THIS 'Titanic' I Would Watch

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Even Though There Are No Dumb Questions, What Is the Dumbest Question You've Ever Been Asked?'

Twitter Users Ponder the Best Films Where the Landscape Plays a Vital Role

When Super Bowl Commercials and Online Culture Collide

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Jeremy O. Harris Vs. Everyone Who Writes For And About Television

Kanye West Has Beef with Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish, Like the Rest of the Planet, Is Like, 'Whut'?

Twitter Users Ponder Actors Who Won Their Oscar For The RIGHT Role

Jon Stewart Addresses the Backlash to His Defense of Joe Rogan

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Your Wholesome Experience With a Stranger?'

Jimmy Carr's Holocaust Joke Illustrates the Value of the First Amendment

I'm Sorry, I Didn't Realise Sometimes Life Could Literally Be a Cartoon

Here's the Problem with Jon Stewart and the Spotify CEO's Defense of Joe Rogan

A Look Back At Some Of the Most Ridiculous Tweets Of 2021

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What’s a Survival Myth That Is Completely Wrong and Could Get You Killed?'

Did School Libraries Ban the Constitution Because No One Understands the First Amendment Anymore

Twitter Users Recount Their Most Romantically Oblivious Moments

Lindsay Ellis Deserved Better

Twitter Users Share Their Worst Interactions From Working In Customer Service

Okay but Have You Ever Seen an Orangutan Rocking a Pair of Sunglasses

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Men of Reddit, What Was the Most Ridiculous Reason Someone Questioned Your Masculinity?'

Twitters Users Ponder the Strangest Celebrity Encounters They Ever Had

Twitter Reacts to the Abomination That Is the Restaurant Serving Pizza With Cold Cheese

The Best of Twitter's 'Kramer, What's Going On In There?' Meme

Alec Baldwin Is Being Sued for $25 Million by the Family of a Fallen Soldier. Is This a Case?

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘Which TV Show Has the Best Theme Song of All Time?'

'Cobra Kai' and 'I, Tonya' Actor Cancels Himself on Twitter

Twitter Users Ponder the Greatest News Headlines They've Ever Seen

Horse Kicks Tree, Farts on Dog, and Then Runs Away

Days After Joining the Social Media Platform, Joe Rogan Trashes GETTR

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What Were the Dumbest Lies You Believed as a Kid?'

Ina Garten Sees Reese Witherspoon's Daily Habits and Raises Her

Twitter Users Ponder Movie Shots That Summarise the Word 'Cool'

Ever Seen a Cat Have an Existential Crisis?

Everybody Loves Rocco ... Except Elmo, That Is

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Was Your Scariest 'Something's Not Right' Moment?'

That Guy from 'Home Improvement' Doesn't Think NFTs Are a Thing He Should Do

Pabst Blue Ribbon Openly Acknowledges Its Taste Profile

'Elon Musk on the Bernie Sanders Show': Now THIS is How You Should Interview Billionaires

Musician Nick Lutsko Made The Only 2021 Recap You Need

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Most Physically Painful Experience You've Ever Had?'

Twitter Reacts to the BBC's New 'Anti-Woke' Comedy Show, 'Unsafe Space'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Your 'Holy Crap That's Interesting!' Fact?'

I Don't Think There's Anything I Would Be Less Likely To Do Voluntarily Than This

Ah Yes, So THIS Is How 'Game of Thrones' Should Have Ended

Watch: Trauma Surgeon Breaks Down Every 'Home Alone' Injury

You've Got To Hand It To Cats

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Smallest Hill You'll Die on?'

Tories Party While People Die: Just What the Hell Has Been Going On in England This Week?

Twitter Users Ponder the Best An Actor Has Ever Looked Onscreen

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Was Your Thanksgiving Drama This Year?'

‘Couples Goals’ Is an Overused Phrase. But Honestly, This Is as 'Couples Goals' as It Gets

Twitter Users Ponder Their Favourite TV and Film Line Readings

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Is Your Most Controversial Cooking Opinion?'

Twitter's New Vague, Unenforceable Rule Already Failed The Test

Chris Cuomo Reportedly Used Media Connections To Get Dirt on His Brother’s Accusers

Marvel Movies Really Would Be Much Better If They Were Spaghetti Westerns

Sweet Cat Asks For Kisses and That's It, That's the Post

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What’s Something That Took You an Embarrassing Amount of Time to Figure Out'

Watch: 'If Video Game Companies Made Jigsaw Puzzles'

Twitter Roasts Kid Rock's New Song

Reddit Asks the Question: What Is Something That Is Incredibly 1990s and Early-2000s

In the End, COP26 Showed Colonial Capitalism Carrying On With Business As Usual

Twitter Users Ponder What Bits Of Historical Perspective Freak Them Out

Twitter Users Ponder Onscreen Pairings With No Chemistry

And This Is Why You Don't Parkour On Rooftops

There's Upper-Tier YouTube Creator Drama and I'm Here For It (Also, It's About Very Serious and Nuanced Issues)

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Cartoon Character Are You Most Attracted To?'

Uh, Can Someone Give CNN a Map of Scotland?

Steve Buscemi Won This Year's Halloween (But There Were Some Decent Celebrity Runner-Ups)

Twitter Users Ponder Critically Reviled Films That They Love

Okay But Have You Ever Seen a Dog Digging An Irrigation Ditch?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'If Popular Brands Were Brutally Honest, What Would Be Their Slogans?'

How One Man Makes Over $65,000 Dollars a Year Writing Songs About Poop

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Is Your Misheard Song Lyric Of Choice and When Did You Realise You Were Wrong?'

Twitter Users Ponder What Inanimate Objects Disgust Them

You've Never Heard Van Halen's 'Jump' Sound Quite Like This (And That's a Shame?!)

There Are Two Kinds of People: Those Who Get To the Airport Two Hours Before Their Flight or More, and Those Who Are Wrong

Twitter Users Ponder the Weirdest Thing They Have Ever Gotten Into Trouble For At Work

Too Good for YouTube: Don't Overlook In/Frame/Out's Essays on Overlooked Films

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Stupidest Way You Almost Died?'

The Best of Reddit's 'Accidental Slapstick' Subreddit

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Something a Fictional Character Has Said That Has Really Stuck With You?'

As If Another Reminder Was Needed: Screw Facebook

Twitter Reacts to Grimes Casually Reading the Communist Manifesto

Twitter Users Ponder The Worst Physical Pain They Have Ever Experienced

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Denzel Washington vs. Ellen Pompeo

Rahul Kohli Continues To Be the Best

If Anyone Has Ever Earned Their Freedom, It's This Mouse

Twitter Users Try to Describe Their Favourite Films in the Most Boring Way Possible

Twitter Reacts To That 'Mario Movie' Casting News

GOP Streamer Aimed at Zoomers Brings Forth Prime Comedy Material

Twitter Users Share the Most Inspiring Stories of International Solidarity

Watch This: A Video Tribute to Michael Mann

Too Good For YouTube: Patrick (H) Willems

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Kids Movie Has No Right Being As Good As It Is?'

Twitter Users Share Their Best Stories Of the British NHS (National Health Service)

Quite Simply the Most Epic Troll Job I Have Ever Seen

Twitter Users Ponder Their Most Outlandish Personal Stories

Reddit Asks the Question: 'When Did You Realise That You Were Officially 'Not Young' Anymore?'

I Don't Often Say This, But I Really Am Speechless

Let's Mock Toxic Subcultures: Sigma Male Grindset Memes.

Shanah Tovah! Here's Mandy Patinkin Singing Jewish Blessings to ... His Dog Becky

Friends and Fans Remember Michael K. Williams

My Name is Giovanni Giorgio: Silly YouTube Memes Still Exist

Twitter Users React to That Video of the James Corden Flash Mob Stopping Traffic

The Sad, Sad, Sad World of GOP, Far-Right Cameo

I’m Sorry but I Just Can’t Get Over This Mum Cat Introducing Her Dog Friend to Her Kitten

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Worst US State and Why?'

OnlyFans Getting Rid of Adult Content Was Inevitable but It’s Still a Slap in the Face to Sex Workers Everywhere

Presented Without Comment

Twitter Users Ponder Their Picks For Best 'Simpsons' Joke

Ever See a Person's Joy Turn to Ashes Because a Log?

Sometimes, the Internet Is Good: Brendan Fraser Edition

The Best of Twitter's 'My Fall Plans VS. The Delta Variant' Meme

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Stupidest Injury You've Ever Gotten?'

'I Don’t Lack Ett!' The Internet Reacts to a White Lady Taking Offense to Tigger Flag

Twitter Users Post Pictures That Could 'Only Be Taken In Britain'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'People Who Don't Ever Want To Have Kids, Why?'

Twitter Reacts To a Room With Extremely Bad Vibes

Celebrating the Glorious Dad Energy of Martin Scorsese’s Instagram

The Audacity of Piers Morgan, of All People, to Go After Simone Biles

This One Tweet Sums Up Everything That's Wrong With the Film Industry

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Two Foods Go Really Well Together Even Though Most People Don't Eat Them That Way?'

I 100% Guarantee You Cannot Guess What Walks Through This Door

Twitter Users Ponder the Dumbest Beliefs They Had As Children

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Who Is the Most Punchable Person in Fiction?'

Your Cardboard Beds Will Not Stop Olympians From Some High-Intensity Boning, Tokyo!

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's One Food Everyone Seems to Love That You Find Repulsive?'

Twitter Users Ponder Their Favorite Tweets Of All Time

Who Needs a Band When You Have a Face?

Honest Trailers Takes on the original 'The Fast and the Furious'

The TxLips Cover 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and It Is Perfect

Just a Collection of Some of My Favourite 'Anakin and Padme'/'For the Better, Right?' Memes

We Need To Talk About 'In The Heights' And Its Issues With Colorism

Reddit Asks the Question: 'A Lot Of Famous Recipes Are Claimed To Be Made With Love. What's a Food Made With Hate?'

DC Comics Refuses to Let Batman Go Downtown For Catwoman

Twitter Users Ponder the Best Coming of Age Movies

Ilhan Omar Is Right

An Absolute Masterpiece of Visual Comedy

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Women Who Have Been Proposed to and Said No, What's the Story?'

Twitter Users Ponder Characters Who Appeared in a Film for Less Than 15 Minutes While Still Having a Huge Impact on It

I Am Truly Speechless

Honest Trailers Takes on Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead'

Give Me the Most Obvious 'F**k the Poor' Metaphor You Have. No, That's Too Obvious

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Is Something That You Actually Remember Being New Technology, but Is Now Obsolete?'

American Mukbang: White Ladies and Food Stunts on Social Media

Honest Trailers Takes on the DC Extended Universe

Now THIS is How You Prank People

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What TV Show Have You Watched More Than Five Times and Still Find Entertaining?'

More Proof That Life Is, Apparently, Sometimes a Disney Film

An Actual Example of Cancel Culture

Making Eye Contact With a Grey Whale is One Hell of an Uncanny Experience

A Deepfake Answers the Question: 'What If the Harry Potter Films Were American?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most Random Fact You Know?'

In Scotland, the Best Photo of the Year (and a Vision of a Better Society) is Born

Celebrity Pets You Might Not Know That Will Calm Your Anxiety

This Happy Dog Vibing to Music is the Only Thing I Can Handle Right Now

Twitter Users Ponder Random Things From the '80s and '90s That Wouldn't Make Sense to Kids Anymore

Yes It's True, This Man Michael Che Is Still Kind Of A Dick

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Women of Reddit, What Was Your Worst Run in With a Creep?'

And Now Here's Elon Musk Deepfaked Onto Miley Cyrus in 'Wrecking Ball' Just Because They Can

Twitter Users Ponder Which Movie Characters Should've Been in a Union

T-Pain Wipes the Floor With a Bunch of Racists on 'Call of Duty'

This Honestly Has a Better Emotional Arc Than a Lot of Films That Make It to the Cinema

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most Petty Thing a Neighbor Has Done to You?'

F**k Bill Gates

Open, Collaborative Disruption For Disruptive, Open Collaboration Through Shared Openness

Disney is Neither Woke, Nor Conservative, Just Capitalist

The 12 Worst Insults to Food on the Internet Today

This Right Here Is Why You Should Never, Ever Get a German Shepherd

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Is Socially Acceptable In the US That Would Be Horrifying In the UK?'

Twitter Reacts to the Formation of a New European Football 'Super League'

Ever Wanted to See a Sloth Casually Dismiss an Anaconda?

Twitter Users Ponder the Most Awkward Dates They've Ever Been On

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is a Great and Useful Lifehack?'

Golden Retriever Steals Microphone in the Middle of a Televised News Report

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Fake Thing Happens in Movies That Annoys You?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Worst Song Lyric Of All Time?'

Twitter Ponders Celebrities Who Look Like Each Other

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away Donuts for Vaccinated People! What Could Go Wrong?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Parents, What Are Your 'I Looked Away For ONE Second' Stories?'

Twitter Users Feel Their Age When Someone Asks What 'Burning CDs' Means

Plants Outside Vs. Plants Indoors

Reddit Asks the Question: 'People Who Own Multiple Pets, What is Some Drama Going On Between Them Right Now?'

SNL Take Note, THIS is How You Do Reactions in a Sketch

Twitter Users Ponder Which Films They Have Changed Their Minds On

Nah. I Simply Refuse to Understand What is Going On Here

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Are Some Examples Of It Being Cheaper To Be Rich Than To Be Poor?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Film Made You Notice An Actor Was Better Or Had Greater Range Than You Originally Thought?'

Twitter Reacts to the 'Most Divorced House Ever'

Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey Swap Roles in the Latest Entry in the Deepfake Files

Twitter Users Make Fun of Cliched Film and TV Tropes

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Actor Was Completely Wrong For the Role?'

If Mac From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Was a Real Person

A Cat Thinks Long and Hard Before Hitting a Dog

Twitter Users Ponder Which On-Screen Pairing Had the Best Chemistry

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Geography Fact Blows Your Mind?'

Twitter Users Ponder Film Performances They Deeply Love That Aren't Talked About Enough

Was Leo Ever Really that Good-Looking: Honest Trailers Tackles 'Romeo + Juliet'

Twitter Users Ponder their Most Used Coen Brothers Phrase

'Pandemic? What Pandemic?'

Better Than 'Game of Thrones' Season 8: Amazing Scenes From English Parish Council Meeting Go Viral

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Single Most 'You'll Understand It When You're Older' Thing?'

This Version of Bowie's 'Sound and Vision' is Just Pure Joy

'Nah No More Banana For Me, Cheers'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Visitors To America, What Was Your Favourite Food Experience There?'

Twitter Reacts to Reddit Deciding to Crash the Stock Market

Twitter Creates The Hashtag #IStandWithKrystina Because White Racist A--holes Can't Stop Being White Racist A--holes

'What If Blink-182 Wrote Barenaked Ladies' 'One Week''

Every White Male Comedian's Podcast

Queen Latifah is Too Old To Be An Action Hero On "The Equalizer," According To The F---boys On Social Media

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Strangest Thing That Happened To You That You Can't Logically Explain?'

Twitter Users Respond to the Prompt: 'Report Major News Like the BBC'

Just What in the Hell is Happening in this GIF?

ShantyTok Is a Lovely Respite for These Lonely Times

Some College Kids Covered the Entirety of 'Dark Side of the Moon' and it is Mindblowing

Ray Fisher Removed From 'The Flash' After Speaking Out Against DC Films President Walter Hamada

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most Soulless Food You've Ever Eaten?'

Twitter Reacts to what the UK Government Apparently Thinks is 10 Days' Worth of Food

It's Been a Stressful Week, So Here: Have a Damn Fine Duck

Female TikTok Star Has the Perfect Response to Gatekeeping Comments About Music

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Absolute Worst Food You've Ever Eaten?'

The New York Times Says Albums Would Be Better Without the 'Weaker Tracks'. Sacrilege!

Twitter Users Ponder What Their Favourite Twitter Moment Of 2020 Was

This One's For The Theater Kids

'Women of Reddit, What's Your 'I'm the Client, Not My Husband, Stop Ignoring Me' Story'

We Really Do Need To Talk About That Photo Of Oscar Isaac In His '90s Ska Band

We Need To Talk About This AITA: Lobster Fisherman, Roommate, Meat Slicer Edition

Twitter Users Share Movie Frames That Make Them Happy

Twitter Users Share The Worst Food They Have Gotten At a Football Match and Oh God, I'm Sorry

Twitter Reacts To Cannibal Sandwich Warning

Tom Cruise Deepfaked Into 'Star Wars' is a Sight To Behold

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What 100% Ruins a Movie For You Every Time?'

Portland Residents Push Back Police Coming to Evict an Afro-Indigenous Family

I'm Never Going Back in the Ocean Again

Twitter Ponders Things That Are Clearly Scams But That Americans Have Been Conditioned To Believe Are Normal

Letitia Wright, What The Hell Were You Thinking?

There's One Way to Cover a Song, and Then There's the Other Way

Why Chris Pratt Was Trending Is Why Fans Are Demanding Jack Black Join the MCU

Uh, No Thanks, Mate.

Hear Me Out: The World Needs Himbo Merman Ken

This Guy Invented a Gun That Shoots Masks Onto People's Faces

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Was a Perfectly Normal Situation in the Eighties and Nineties That the Younger Generation Just Can't Relate To?'

David Dockery Adds Drums To Everything and It's Fantastic

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Other Food Argument Is As Heated As Pineapple Vs. Pizza?'

The Best Damn Music Video of All Time: 'Carry On Wayward Son' by Kansas

Twitter Responds To 'What's The Best Fake Song?'

11-Year-Old Girl Rescues Shark

Twitter Ponders Which Disney Character Definitely Would Have Voted For Trump

Watch Florida Man Rescue Puppy From Jaws Of An Alligator

Briefly Explained: Why Did TikTok Star Charli D'Amelio Lose 1 Million Followers in 24 Hours?

Schools? Climate Change? Homelessness? Nah. Military? Yeah!

The Best of Twitter's 'What's Something That Feels Like X But Actually Isn't' Meme

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Who Are Some Women That Get Overlooked In History But Had Major Contributions to Society?'

TikTok Users Crowdsource A 'Ratatouille' Musical

The Most Gripping Mini-Saga You Will See This Year

What is 'Megan is Missing', The Found Footage Horror Movie Terrifying TikTok?

Is Phoebe Bridgers's Cover Of The Goo Goo Dolls’ 'Iris' Better Than The Original?

What if 'Grand Theft Auto' Was Rated 'E'

Twitter Users Celebrate Good Statues

Now Might Be A Good Time For Us To Lower Our Expectations When It Comes To 'Superman And Lois'

'Am I the A**hole For Not Liking How My Girlfriend Dresses For Work?'

How Do We Feel About These Shoes?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Will Never Be the Same Once the Pandemic Is Over?'

Twitter Makes Four Seasons Total Landscaping A Literary Meme

And Now, a Fusillade of Cuteness For You In Case You Need It

Flip Flip Flipadelphia: The Gang (and Gritty) Reacts To Philadelphia Flipping PA For Biden

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Food Do You Swear People Only Pretend To Like?'

What's Happening Here In This Video? No. Seriously, We're Asking

An Incomplete List Of Those TikTok Songs Stuck In Your Head (With Complete Tracks!)

Twitter Reacts to Shell, Yes, That Shell, Asking Them to Help Fight Climate Change

F**k Kendall Jenner

Twitter Reacts To Halloween Pivoting To Christmas Season

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Fictional Character Would Definitely Be An Anti-Masker?'

This. This Right Here is the Definition of 'Relationship Goals'

And Now Let's Play a Game of 'Guess How Good a Movie This Will Be, On a Scale of 'Holland' to 'Wahlberg'!'

The FYC Campaign For 'Borat 2' Has Begun On Twitter

It's 'Gladiator,' But Voiced By Surfer Bros, and That's All I Really Want Today

Twitter Users Ponder the Most Harmful Ideas of Capitalism

'You Guys Can Call Me AOC. Mike Pence Can't Call Me AOC.': Just Some Highlights of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Streaming 'Among Us'

Behold The Apple Pie That Has Driven Twitter Mad

Reddit Asks the Question: 'At What Moment Did You Realize 'Damn, I'm Old'?'

What Do Rahul Kohli's Farts Have to Do with 'The Haunting Of Bly Manor?' Only His Amazing Twitter Feed Will Tell You

Twitter Reacts To Man's Inability To Open A Pickle Jar

So Do We Still Love 'Firefly' Or...?

Twitter Users Ponder Roles Which Actors Clearly Had An Incredible Time Playing

Twitter Reacts To AITA Post About A Literal Mystery Box

Twitter Reacts To Professor Patrick Wilson's Email About Being Shot, Catching COVID, and His Messy Divorce

Reddit asks the Question: 'What Unrealistic Things in Movies Annoy the Hell Out Of You?'

The Best of Twitter's 'How It Started, How It's Going' Meme

Twitter Reacts To Deadline Prematurely Posting Pence Caught COVID

How Long Would You Keep Your Cool In This Situation?

TikTok Folk Games: Curated

Marc Maron Wants 'GLOW' To Get The Sendoff It Deserves

Now THIS is How You Film a Vocal Performance

Claudia Conway Trends On Twitter Following Whistleblowing TikTok Content

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Dumbest Thing You've Seen a Man Do to 'Prove' Their Manhood?'

Twitter Reacts To News Of Rick Moranis Being Attacked In NYC

Twitter Users Ponder What Famous Side Characters Deserve Their Own Film

I'm Not Sure I've Ever Seen This Much Stupid Condensed Into One GIF

Film Twitter Reacts To Barry Jenkins Directing 'Lion King' Follow Up

Do You Like Good Music? Not Anymore

Sorry, Sir David, Overpopulation Isn't the Problem. Capitalism Is.

Bruce Springsteen's New Song, 'Ghosts', Absolutely Destroys Me

No Big Deal, Just a Dog Sitting at a Bar Watching '101 Dalmatians' on the Bar TV

Netflix Announces 'Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish)'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's a Common Skill That You Simply Don't Possess?'

Wait. Is This A Real Wedding Invite?!?

Finally, a Truly Benevolent Use of Deepfake Technology

Oh, This Poor, Poor Girl

Alleged Rapist Bryan Callen Is Touring, Jen Kirkman Is Understandably Outraged

Twitter Users Ponder Their Dream Director-Actor Collaboration

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Reunited ... And It Was Weird

When Companies Make Eco-Friendly Commericals

Twitter Reacts To The Odd Delights Of 'The Drew Barrymore Show'

And Now, Presented Without Comment, a Completely Normal Example of a Human Male Trying to Find a Female Companion

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most Wholesome Experience You've Had With a Stranger?'

This is the New Normal

Metallica's 'One' Played on a Santur is Hauntingly Perfect

Ryan Reynolds' Mint Mobile Goes Unlimited and Scores Rick F*!$ing Moranis

2020 Finally Takes Something We Won't Miss: 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Is No More

Jason Momoa Lets Warner Bros. Know That He Stands With Ray Fisher

Twitter Users (Including Seth Rogen) React to the Unholy Circus that is the 'Adult TikTok House'

Why Was Jason Mantzoukas Trending On Twitter?

Reddit Asks For Any Story Users Want To Tell, Leading To Some Weird Tales

Shut The F**k Up And Sit The F**k Down, Michael Rapaport

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Movie Could Have Been Over in 10 Minutes if the Main Character Wasn't Such a Fool?'

Someone Deepfaked Harrison Ford into 'Solo' Again and This Time It's Even Creepier and More Impressive Than Before

Karl Urban Flames Duncan Jones on Twitter After Judge Dredd Casting Suggestion

Today's Moment of Zen Is Celebrating Keanu Reeves On His 56th Birthday

Storm Fans Are Upset About Her Supposed Whitewashing In A New Image From the Marvel Future Fight Game

Reddit Asks: What's the Most Overrated Movie?

Landlord Arrested For the Death of His Tenants, the Couple Found In A Suitcase By TikTok Users

'Schitt's Creek' Star Annie Murphy Proves The Queen of Doomsday With Instagram Post

So, How's That Whole "Going Back To School In-Person" Working Out for America?

Zack Snyder's Cut of 'Justice League' Finally Dropped A True Teaser At DC FanDome

'The Suicide Squad' Drops A "Roll Call" Teaser and It Has A LOT of Characters In It

Zack Snyder Teases His 'Justice League' Cut Trailer Coming To DC FanDome and Fans Are Celebrating

Twitter Drags Toronto Couple For Moaning About Their $2.2 Million Home

Russell Crowe Reading Reddit's AITA and Pronouncing His Judgements Is Everything You Need Today

E3 Shares Parade's 'List of Games for Women Gamers' That Includes Solitaire and Kim Kardashian's Phone Game

Why Joker Is Trending And Why It Should Have Been

Reddit Chooses Their Top Presidential Pick From A Pool Of Any Person Living, Dead, Or Fictional

Did The Infamous Annabelle Doll Escape From Its Prison Inside The Warren's Home Museum?

Oh I Wonder What's Behind This Hatch

Ryan Reynolds And Mint Mobile Wade Into The Streaming Platform Wars... Kind Of

Reddit Asks the Question: 'British People of Reddit, What is the Most British Insult You Can Think Of?'

Reddit Asks: What Have You Accidentally Conditioned Your Pet To Do?

Twitter Users Ponder the Most Heart String-Tugging 'The Simpsons' Moments

Gillette Venus And Animal Crossing: New Horizons Team Up To Bring More Inclusive Body And Skin Types To The Game

And This is the OTHER Reason I'm Afraid of the Open Ocean

Twitter Users Ponder What Awoke Them Politically

Rachel Hollis and The Problem of Influencer Culture When Everything Is Content

Are We Ever Going Back To Bras?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Your Most 'I'm Turning Into My Parents' Moment'

Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Mark Ruffalo And More Use Quirky Meme To Show How They've Been

'Harry Potter With Guns' is the Tarantino Harry Potter Fan Edit We Didn't Know We Needed

The Best of Reddit's 'The Ocho': 'Human Curling' and Other Mad Almost-Sports

Let's Randomly Recast 'Ellen's Talk Show With Twitter Game

Every Social Media Post Whitney Cummings Has Made Since Bryan Callen Rape Allegation Came Out

Ryan Reynolds Gives Us His Secret Cut Of 'Green Lantern' And It Is EVERYTHING, Literally

Dany Garcia Is The First Woman To Own An Entire Sports League After Buying The XFL With Dwayne Johnson

Twitter Ponders Which Celebrities 'Grime Up Good'--AKA 'The Aragorn Effect'

Twitter Drags The Trump Spawn With Band Name Prompt

Dave Chappelle Is Low Key Running an A-List Comedy Club in Ohio

Twitter Users Reimagine Their Favorite Movies As AITA Posts

If You Can't Wait Until Friday To Binge, Netflix Is Giving You The First Scene Of 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Now

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Movie Villain Did You Agree With?'

GOOD NEWS: Stolen Mama Bear Recovered, Ryan Reynolds Celebrates

Accurate And Thought-Provoking Musings About Anxiety And Flat-Earthers From Reddit's Showerthoughts

Thank God for Elon Musk

Ryan Reynolds Joins Search For Missing Mama Bear Memento

Inside Jokes Go Wide On Twitter With The Help of Monica Lewinsky, Lynda Carter, And Mark Hamill

Never Travel With Tom Hanks And Other Generalizations Based On Actors' Movie Roles

Watch: 'Masks in South Korea Vs. Masks in USA'

'Men of Reddit, What is the Strangest Thing You Have Been Told Not To Do Because 'That's Gay'?'

Teens Are Using Grandma Drag To Drink Underage

Reddit Asks: What's The Best Use Of The Power To Freeze Time For Ten Seconds At A Time?

The Megyn vs. Soledad Twitter Kerfuffle Obscures the Real Issue

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It's Not Your Fault

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Arielle Charnas, Pandemic Influencers, and Dealing With our Anger

OK, Boomer

The Cuomo Brothers Breaking Each Other's Balls Is Our Pandemic ASMR

@#$ING UPDATE: Jake Gyllenhaal Did It

The 'God and Guns' Crowd Is Getting Ready to God and Gun Us to Death

'Hey There Delilah' Sung to the Tune of 'Jolene' Takes the Genius of the Latter and Applies it to the Mediocrity of the Former

Dr. Anthony Fauci Addresses the Tipping Point on Lockdown Measures

Jeffree Star Offers Up Money To People In Need On Twitter And Some Fans Follow Suit

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This Is an Opportunity for All of Us to Really Turn Things Around

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Women Can't Win By Your Rules, So F*ck Your Game: Billie Eilish Takes Off Her Shirt, Reveals The Industry's Hypocrisy

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Twitter Reacts To Coronavirus Quarantined Paul Gosar's Wish To 'Die Gloriously In Battle'

Stay Safe From COVID-19 By Following The Suggestions Of These Hand-Washing Memes

Reddit's Saved You A Click Is Truly The Hero We Need Right Now

Matt Reeves Drops New Pictures From 'The Batman' That Beg The Question: Is That A Dodge Charger?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'If Instead Of Rebooting Movies, We Retold Them From Different Points of View, Which Retelling Would You Like To See?'

Reddit Asks For Conspiracy Theories Too Logical To Ignore

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Twitter Reacts To CDC's Advice For Avoiding The Coronavirus

Competitive Battle Juggling is a Real Thing and it's Glorious

Thirsty Thursday: Pairing Pretty People With Delicious Booze

Bong Joon-ho's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' is a Delightful Dive into a Virtuoso Mind

No, Portsmouth, Ohio Churches Didn't Fall For A Fake Ed Sheeran Singing For Sandwiches

Oh Hi, My My Actual, Literal Nightmare, Nice To Meet You in Real Life

'Survivor,' Harvey Weinstein, and the Awesome Motherf**king Power of Social Justice Warriors

Reddit Asks Why People Enjoy Being Alive And Gets A Bunch Of Gross, Heartwarming Answers

'A Wake Up Moment' - Finally Some Goddamn Honest Media Reflection on the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon

Don't Question It: #911WhatsTheEmergency Is Trending On Twitter For Ridiculous Reasons

Please Would You Look at this Cat Flomp-Jumping Over a Fence

Pajiba Presents A Wednesday Well-Being Post Full Of Stupid Foods And Lovely Animals

The Director of 2017 Independent Film 'The God Inside My Ear' Believes 'Horse Girl' Shares Striking Similarities To His Movie

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Women of Reddit, What is the Creepiest Thing a Man Has Said to You in Public?'

Kent State Poop Gun Girl Thought Ohio University Would Put Up With Her Sh*t, Got Massive Pushback Instead

'Back To The Future' Deepfaked with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. Continues Our Slide into the Techpocalypse

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Appear in the Gripping New Set Video From the Making of 'The Matrix 4'

Twitter Reacts to the Wedding of Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman

Reddit Asks Waiters To Share The Biggest Valentine's Dinner Disasters They've Witnessed

As Ashley Judd Stumps For Warren, Worst Superman and Other Trolls Mock Her Appearance

Remember Rebecca Black of 'Friday' Fame? She's Back

Twitter Reacts To NASA #BroomChallenge

Why Is Snoop Dogg In a Social-Media Feud With Gayle King?

Twitter Reacts to Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite' Winning the Best Picture Oscar

The Baby Yoda Meme Is Officially Dead, Long Live Whatever Takes Its Place Until We Ruin That Too

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's a Little Known But Obvious Fact That Will Make Us Immediately Feel Stupid?'

Reddit Asks: What Great Thing Was Ruined By Popularity

Twitter Reacts After Joaquin Phoenix's Speech Calling Out BAFTAs Structural Racism Left the Room Uncomfortable

Kristen Bell, Ted Danson And Twitter React To 'The Good Place' Series Finale

The Coronavirus Has Nothing To Do With Beer And Plastic Jugs Aren't Helmets

Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Most Annoying Examples of Corporate Speak

Twitter Reacts To Call For Pics of Pets Named For Pop Culture Characters

This 3-Year-Old's Dinosaur Song Has Arrived To Wreck You

A Quick Twitter Update On the Anti-Neoliberal Anti-Macron Protests Still Shaking France

Let's #AddAWordRuinABook And Giggle Like 11-Year-Old Kids About It

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Random Stranger Do You Still Remember and Why?'

Well That's It, We Can Shut Down Twitter Now, Everyone. Job Done

Ewan McGregor And Chris Messina Kind Of Not Really Confirmed Their Characters As Gay In 'Birds of Prey'

Only Bernie Can Win This Thing

A Pajiba Investigation: Is Diplo a Dirtbag or a F*ckboi?

No, Men's Testicles Cannot Taste Soy Sauce

Did the Kent State Gun Girl Sh*t Her Pants at a Party? A Political Thriller (Updated)

Planters Killed Off Mr. Peanut And Twitter Is Bereft Waiting For His Nutty Resurrection

Okay But How About This Chicken Greeting Its Owner Every Day After School?

Here's Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Deepfaked Into 'The Shining' Because I Just Can't Quit These Damn Things

Reddit Asks: What's The Creepiest Glitch In The Matrix Or Unexplainable Event You've Experienced?

Twitter Reminds Jeff Sessions That Coretta Scott King Publicly Dragged His Racist Ass Years Ago

Reddit asks the Question: 'What Was a House Rule You Grew Up With That You Thought Was Completely Normal Until You Grew Up And Realised Other Households Didn't Follow?'

Ice Climber Gets a Rope From Fellow Climbers Just Before the Ice He's Climbing Breaks Off

If You're A Nurse, Please Stop Embarrassing Your Entire Profession On Tik-Tok

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (John Boyega Edition)

TooFaced Founder Fires His Sister From The Company After Her Transphobic Comments About Nikkie Tutorials

Stephen King Mouth Farts About How Diversity Shouldn't Be Considered When Judging Art; Our Take: Shut Up, Stephen King

Watch: Guy Hosts a Christmas Dinner For Fifty People Who Are Alone Over the Holidays

'Am I the A**hole For Taking My Birth Control in Public?'

Every Piece Of Good News We Could Find Out In The World Today

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Non-Americans of Reddit, What is the Weirdest Thing About America That Americans Don't Realise?'

It's The First Thirst Post Of 2020 And You're Welcome

'Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Ever' According to Honest Trailers

Drunk Chris Evans Acts and Sounds EXACTLY Like Charlie From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and My Mind Lies Shattered on the Floor

Tyler Perry Needs to Brag Less About His Work Ethic. A Lot Less

Investigating the Probability That We Will Finally Get to See 'The New Mutants'

So, Have We Agreed On What the Punishment for Putting Your Bare Feet Up in Airplanes Should Be Yet Or What?

Excuse Me But What the Flying Fu*k Even is Dr Phil's House?

Here's a Dog Trying to Play Catch With a Shadow. That's It. That's the Post.

Twitter Celebrates Festivus For The Rest Of Us

Wonder Woman Doesn't Need A Sword And Shield To Beat People's Asses, I Promise

'My Boyfriend Bought Me $4,000 Earrings and I Told Him To Return Them. Am I the As*hole?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Most Terrifying Creature On Earth?'

Today's Moment of Zen: America's Ass to the Rescue Once Again

Twitter Starts #AdsThatShouldBePulled As A Reaction To Hallmark Channel's Recent Faux Pas With Same-Sex Couples In Commercials

Reddit Asks What Awesome Holiday Gifts Did You Buy That You Want To Brag About?

#RIPNickCannon Is Just Twitter Reacting To His Sorry Excuse For An Eminem Diss Track

With the Election Two Days Away, Here's a Quick Catch-Up On What's Been Happening in British Politics

I'm Sorry But Would You Look At This Cat Using an Imaginary Keyboard Please?!

Reddit Asks the Question: 'When Were You Blown Away By Your Own Stupidity?'

Melissa Benoist and Gabrielle Union Speak Their Truths; It's Important that We Show Them Our Support

'Birds of Prey' Releases A New Poster, Prompting Calls For... The Snyder Cut?

Someone Put Captions On a Seal Making Seal Noises and That's All it Takes These Days

Brits Need to Read Bernie Sanders Asking Twitter: 'What's the Most Absurd Medical Bill You've Ever Received?'

Twitter Reacts to the Hoax Reports of the Queen's Death

Reddit Asks: What's A TV Show You Loved But Gave Up?

Twitter Reacts to Jeremy Corbyn Revealing How the Tories Are Planning to Sell the NHS to Trump

TikTok Is Harmless, Except That It's Not

'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Is Dead Again, Long Live 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

Dear Lord, No. Why. WHY?!

No, Disney Didn't Pull Baby Yoda GIFs over Copyright Claims, Everyone Take a Deep Breath

Pete Buttigieg is the TikTok of Presidential Candidates

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is a Weird Mix of Foods That Actually Tastes Good?'

What's The Grossest Thanksgiving Side Dish? Twitter Sounds Off With Family Recipes And Weirdness

If You Want to Feel What It's Like Lopping Your Eyes Out With Hot Metal Spoons, Take a Quick Peek at Ben Shapiro's Book

Just a Sleepy Kitten Going to Sleep On a Dog Falling Asleep

Twitter Goes To Town On Trump's "I WANT NOTHING" Notes And Remarks

Twitter Reacts to Last Night's Jeremy Corbyn Vs. Boris Johnson Debate

Reddit Asks: What's Something So Commonly Misunderstood That You Need To Clear It Up?

A Painstaking Investigation Into Whether Rep. Eric Swalwell Farted on MSNBC

Twitter Reacts to Obama Cautioning Democrats Against Going 'Too Far Left'

'Joker Isn't An Incel Hero. Batman Is.'

Someone Dug Up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Old Reddit Comments, And You'll Be Horrified To Learn That They Are a Delight

Dwayne Johnson Finally Releases A Date For His Long-Awaited 'Black Adam' Movie With DC and Warner Bros.

Reddit Asks the Question: 'If Trump Was Running Against Trump, What Would He Say About His Opponent?'

This is the Most Evil Cat I Have Ever Seen. And That's Saying Something

'Game of Thrones'' Syrio Forel is a Leftist On Twitter and Honestly That's My Tuesday Made

Twitter Reacts to the Right-Wing US-Backed Coup That Just Took Place in Bolivia

Boris Johnson Just Gave the Worst Delivered Speech in History

Thirsty Thursday For November 2019

No Worries, Just a Dog Successfully Playing Jenga, That's All, Nothing To See Here

Welcome To #BeckyCon2019 Where The Ratio Is One Manager To Every Attendee

Ask Reddit Wants To Know What Parts Of Your Personality Do You Fake

Hot Take: Gender Reveals Shouldn't End With Explosions And Dead Spectators

The Best Animals In Halloween Costumes 2019

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Are Some WRONG Ways To Eat Certain Foods?'

Twitter Reacts To Reddit AITA Post About Home-Cooking Craving Neighbor

I Have Found It. The GREATEST GIF To Ever Exist

Ask Reddit: What Fact Do You Know That Makes People Wonder Why The F**k You Know It?

Just a Compilation of James Bond Being an Absolute A***hole

This Is Not OK

These High School Students Not Giving a F**k About a Surprise Visit From Jeff Bezos is Hilarious

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Actor Portrayed a Character So Well That No Other Actor Could Ever Replace Them?'

Twitter Reacts To Viral 'Joker' Tweet

Twitter Reacts To 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Final Trailer

It's Monday. Dive Into Your Week Like This Dude BASE Jumps Into This Fog

Twitter Reacts to Francis Ford Coppola Branding Marvel Movies 'Despicable'

Singer Maggie Rogers Responds To Heckler Who Demanded She Take Her Top Off

Get Your Goddamn Flu Shot Already

The Creepiest True Stories Culled From Years Of Ask Reddit Threads

Twitter Reacts to Extinction Rebellion Protesters Getting Dragged Off Rush Hour Tube Train and Attacked

A Really Big Dog Had To Be Rescued From a Hiking Trail. Everything Went Well. That's It. That's the Story.

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Classy If You're Rich But Trashy If You're Poor?'

Spooky Fan Art Comes To Life With Jf Lemay's Freaky Illustrations

Remember That Time Ellen Degeneres Bought The Trumps a Literal Golden Baby Stroller As A Present?

Irish Man Leaves Funny Recording For His Own Funeral

This Is Why Your Kid Has Been Acting Weird for the Last 24 Hours

Women's Clothes Are The Devil: Third Time's The Charm: Just Bras

The Best DIY YouTube Channels For A Homemade Halloween

Twitter Goes Nuts for Footballers' Wives Sleuthing Drama, And To Be Honest, It Is Dynamite

Hello, It's Me, a Man of Culture, and this Homemade Water Slide Looks Like the Most Fun Ever

Twitter Reacts to Ellen Explaining Her Friendship With George W Bush by Saying That There Are More Important Things Than Politics

Reddit Asks: Which Propaganda Effort Was So Successful That People Still Believe It?

The Reactions to 'Sesame Street' Moving to HBO Max Is Outrage Culture at Its Dumbest

The Rich Will Always Have Class Solidarity, And It's Going To Kill The Rest Of Us

'Women Of Reddit, What Do Men Do They Think Is Okay But Is Actually Creepy?'

Take My Word For It: This Version of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Done As a Harboiled Noir is Pure Genius

In Honour Of His Recovery After Surgery, Here Are the Best Bernie Sanders GIFs

Picture of the Day (Week, Month, Year): '4 Random Tibetan Monks Came Into My Drag Show In Beijing After Hearing Music And Laughter'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Was a Huge Trend That Everyone Forgot About?'

Twitter Users Drag WaPo For Insulting Debbie Harry

Twitter Responds to Robert De Niro Dropping The F-Bomb On CNN

'Cancel Culture Isn't A Thing, You Snowflakes.' Cody Johnston Takes Apart the Nonsense Surrounding 'Cancel Culture'

The Best of Reddit's 'Animals Being Bros' Subreddit

An Unnecessarily Deep Dive Into Jason Bateman's Emmy Win Reaction

Twitter Deservedly Dunks On That 'The Horrors Of Cuban Socialism' Guy

Aussie Drivers Swearing On Their Dashcams is Guaranteed To Make Your Weekend

Instead Of Trekking To Area 51, Watch Movies About Aliens With Rifftrax!

'Women of Reddit, What Common Object Clearly Wasn't Designed With Women in Mind?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'The 2010s Will Be Over in 4 Months. What Do You Think the Decade Will Be Remembered For?'

Who Will We See In James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad'?

Let Twitter Help You Spot Red Flags From The People Around You With #CluesTheyAreCheating

A Brief Explainer on Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's Disgusting Kiss

Sub-Reddit r/OutOfTheLoop Has Answers To All Of Your ‘What Is Happening??’ Queries

The Cast Of 'IT: Chapter 2' Embodying The Tedious Nature Of Press Junkets Is Giving Us Life

Gary Sinise Being Surprised By People Thanking Him Is The Most Heart-Warming Thing You'll See All Week

Joe Rogan Getting Annoyed by Neil deGrasse Tyson Continually Interrupting Him. That's It. That's the Post.

Luna Lee Covering Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)' On a Traditional Korean Gayageum is an Absolute Shredfest

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Did You Learn Embarrassingly Late?'

And Now, For No Reason Whatsoever, A Granny At A Metal Concert

Twitter Takes Trump's Sharpie Edit To The Hurricane Dorian Map To A Whole New Level

Bridesmaid Who Wore T-Rex Costume Down The Aisle Regrets Nothing

Kevin Sorbo Is In a Movie About Going to War Against Gun-Snatching Liberals

The Internet Gets A Teaser For The Full 'Birds of Prey' Trailer Found Only In Theaters

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For the Love of God, People, Keep Your Feet to Yourselves

Tom Felton Is Teaching Emma Watson Guitar And OMG ARE THEY DATING??

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Pack Your Best Spork And Get Ready Because Palm Springs Has A Taco Bell Hotel And Resort

The MCU is Not My Cup of Tea. This Fan Supercut, However, is Incredible

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The Thirst For ICEBae Is Real. So Predictably Real

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Keanu Reeves Caught On Tape Stopping A Crime In Process! Well, "Keanu Reeves"

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Donald Trump's Social Media Summit Was an Embarrassing Sham

Reddit Asks: What Movie F*cked You Up Mentally?

Review: Starbucks Tie-Dye Frappuccino Is A Pop Of Sunshine In A Dismal Summer

Twitter Discovers That the 'Nodding Guy' Meme is Actually Robert Redford, Not Zach Galifianakis

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Twitter Reacts to THAT 'The Little Mermaid' Tweet

It's Time To Play "What Is This Item For Sale On"

What the Hell Just Happened with Mike Pence?

From Bug Burgers To Gold-Coated Chicken Wings, What's The Worst Food On Insider's Twitter Feed

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Jason Statham

What If Don Draper Worked for Brands Today?

And Now For Another Edition of: 'What the Hell Were They Thinking?!'

You Will Never Guess What This Is A Commercial For Because It Is Bonkers

There Is A Facebook Group Where The Members Post Like Baby Boomers And It Is Fantastic

'Avengers: Endgame‘s 7-Year-Old Lexi Rabe Pleads with Fans to Stop Bullying Her (Parents)

They Won't Give The Children Toiletries, But The Border Camps Order Furnishings From Wayfair

Remember The Cut Does And Their Profile is WILD

This Is It. The Worst Thing I Have Ever Read On the Internet.

Twitter Celebrated The Birthday of Best Chris (Evans) And He Gave Us A Headshot In Return

Twitter Reacts to Sarah Sanders' Departure as White House Press Secretary

Oh Fer Chrissakes! What Are You Doing, Instagram Influencers? This Is Not How You Influence

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We Have a Theory What the Creature is in 'The Dobby Video'--and It's Not Harry Potter Related

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Beyonce, The Owner's Wife, and The Beyhive: A Drama In 3 Acts

The Mystery of Geedis, the Michael Schoeffling of ‘80s Cartoon Characters

YouTube Doesn't Care About Gay People

Twitter Reacts To The Nonsense Of Planning A Straight Pride Parade

Donald Trump Is Getting the 'Royal Treatment' from Social Media and British Protestors

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is Common Knowledge in Your Field that Others Don't Know?'

U.S. Army Tweet Does Not Get the Responses it Expects

Twitter Reacts To A Questionable Old Fashioned Recipe

YouTube Vlogger's 'Cliff Wife' Was Nearly Meme'd To Death

The Next Time Shane Morris Goes Viral, Don't Fall for It

'Captain Marvel Is A Villain!' Shouts White Man With Too Much Free Time

'Help, My Viral Heroin Story Is a Lie, but MS-13 Really Does Want to Kill Me, Money Please!'

Some Moments Of Zen To Clear Out Another Ridiculous Week

Just the Funniest 'In Hindsight' Comments From the 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Launch Trailer

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Methodist Pastor in Alabama Demolishes Hypocrisy of 'Pro-Life' Movement

The Cast Of 'Game Of Thrones' Reacts To The Series Finale

Twitter Reacts To Robert Pattinson (RBattz) Being Cast As 'The Batman'

'Women of Reddit, What's the Worst Well-Intentioned Romantic Gesture a Partner Has Done For You?'

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"Loqueesha" Is A Movie That Actually Exists In The Year 2019, And This Trailer Is More Disturbing Than Any Horror Movie

20th Century Fox Declares Monday X-Men Day To Celebrate 'Dark Phoenix'

And Now: Otto the World-Record-Holding Skateboarding Dog

Inspired By The Met Gala, Artists Share 'Metsonas' On Twitter

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OK. But What Does Jennifer Aniston Think About 'Game of Thrones'?

The Best And Most Responsible Chris (Evans) Shares 'Endgame' Behind-The-Scenes Footage As Spoiler Ban Lifts

The Best Thing About The New 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie Are The Memes It's Spawned

Patty Jenkins Teases 'Wonder Woman 1984' For Gal Gadot's Birthday That May Hint At A Powerless Superhero

F**k You, JP Morgan Chase

Reddit Users Share Little Known Facts That Just Might Save Your Life

Twitter Says 'Thank You' To The Avengers For Their Service

Twitter Could Ban the Nazis Whenever It Wants, but It'd Rather Blow Trump All Day, Everyday

Reddit Asks: Who Is The Last Actor You Would Expect To Be In A Romantic Comedy?

So That Kay Jewelers Sexual Harassment Article in the NYT Is a Wild, Depressing Ride

Attempted Shaming of Diane Abbott For Drinking On Train Backfires on Twitter Believes That The Best Kind Of Love Story Is Between A White Man And A Female Slave

What Was The Thought Process That Led To This?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most Disrespectful Thing That Someone Has Done In Your Home?'

Cringe-Inducing Real Estate Ad Goes Viral

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Men of Reddit, What's the Most Pathetic or Ridiculous Thing Another Man Has Done To Assert His Dominance Over You?'

Today in 'Bad Tattoo Choices'

The First Photo Of A Black Hole Inspires Education And Shenanigans

Reddit Asks the Question: Besides Eating Cereal With Water, What is the Most Outrageous 'Eating Sin' You Have Ever Witnessed?

Lil Nas X Teams Up With Billy Ray Cyrus For The "Old Town Road" Remix, And Black Twitter Is Loving It

How To Tell If You're A REAL Gamer Or Just A Poser Pretending To Be One

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's a Childhood Ritual You Still Do Today?'

Male Leopard Attacks a Sleeping Cub in a Tree. Mama Leopard Charges to the Rescue. (Don't Worry, There's a Happy Ending. Sort Of)

Twitter Reacts to That Terrifying Amazon Blimp

You Were Fired for Homophobic Tweets, Denise

Benito Mussolini's Granddaughter Gets Into a Twitter Spat With Jim Carrey, Because Why Not I Guess?

'You Were at My Wedding, Denise' Is Dead, Meghan McCain Killed It

The Internet Is Having A Field Day With The New 'Avengers: Endgame' Posters

Why Are YouTube Celebrities Promoting Flat Earthers?

Zack Snyder Tells Fans Upset About Batman Killing People To 'Grow The F**k Up'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is Something You Did That Greatly Improved the Quality of Your Life?'

Instagram Is Turning Teens into QAnon Nutjobs, Wonderful

The BBC's Political Coverage is a Joke. This 16-Year-Old Girl Just Blew Them Out of the Water

Texas City 'Dripping Springs' May Change Its Name To 'Pound Town' Seriously?

Reddit Users Share Stories About Meeting Celebrities And Keeping Their Cool

Ranking the Online Dating Apps, Including My Own

The John Oliver Piece Every Entertainment Reporter Should Watch

An Open Letter To F-ckboys On Twitter Who Still Don't Know S--t When It Comes To Black Women

There is Simply No Way You Can Convince Me That This Isn't Just a Man In An Eagle Suit

The Overlords Discuss #FakeMelania, The Tyson Zone, And How The Trump Presidency Has Made All Things Believable

Brie Larson's 'Ask Me Anything' Shows That She's Always Been An Absolute Delight

'#trashtag' is the Oddly Wholesome Social Media Trend That Involves People Cleaning Up the Environment

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Stupidest Thing You've Heard a Person Say in Public?'

The Most Gripping 'Ask Me Anything' in a Long Time is About Glaciers

Ethan Lindenberger Warns Congress That Facebook is Sloppy With Anti-Vaxxer Propaganda

And So, Pajiba Presents: The Single Worst GIF Of All Time

Now That's What I Call An Apology: Terry Crews Edition

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's Some Juicy Gossip You Just Found Out About In Your Personal Lives?'

Momo Has Been Destroyed, Our Long Suicide-Bird Nightmare is Over

Redditor Captures Spectacularly Terrifying Storm From His Plane Window

Here's What YouTube Is Doing to Curb Panic over the Momo Challenge Hoax

Someone Give This Man a Goddamn Medal

Will Solange Rescue Black History Month 2019?

Netflix Asked What Changes Twitter Users Would Make To Movie Endings

Brie Larson Looked Like A Real-Life Superhero At The 'Captain Marvel' Red Carpet

Social Media Goes Nuts For Cohen Testimony 'Hallway Pizza Guy'

What Is the Momo Challenge and Why Is Everyone Losing Their Damn Minds About It?

Twitter Reacts To Jacob Wohl Getting Permanently Banned

Reddit Asks the Question: 'You Gain Control Of JK Rowling's Twitter Account. What Unnecessary Info Do You Add To 'Harry Potter'?'

Howard Schultz: President of The Ratio!

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What 'Kind' Gesture Actually Annoys You?'

Bea Arthur Trending On Twitter Is The Perfect Antidote For The Last Few Days

Twitter Reacts To Hot Abraham Lincoln Statue

Rutger Bregman's Unaired Interview With Tucker Carlson Has Leaked and It Is Delicious

Reddit Asks For Stories About Large Groups Of People Or Societies That Did Incredibly Nice Things

It's Her Vegan Wedding And She'll Denounce You As A Murderer If She Wants To

The Internet Is On Fire About ... John Wayne's Remarks From A 1971 'Playboy' Interview?

And Now, a Quick Masterclass In How To Make One Awful Decision After Another

What's The Craziest Thing You've Seen On An Airplane?

Hard Rock Nick : Will You Be My Valentine?

'Inside Edition' Tried It With New York City Subway Fare Dodgers, With Expected Results

Jason Momoa Is Hyped For His DC Future And Margot Robbie Won't Be In 'Suicide Squad 2'

How Do I Marry Rob Delaney's Twitter Feed?

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Strangest Coincidence You've Ever Personally Experienced?'

The Best of Reddit's 'Animals Being Derps' Subreddit

Arrogant Mansplainer Gets Dragged On Twitter For Mansplaining Vulvas

Experience Endless Joy With Cookie Monster's Reddit AMA

If You’re Just Now Bitching About Marie Kondo, We Know That Cluttered Bookshelf is For Show

Nancy Pelosi's Sarcastic Clap At The State Of The Union Sets Twitter Aflame

How Are Things Looking In Chiberia?

Reddit Asks: What Crazy Ass Story Do You Need To Tell?

The Internet Is Not Having Kevin Hart's And Ellen DeGeneres's Reactions To The Hate-Fueled Attack On Jussie Smollet

If Happy Cow GIFs Don't Brighten Your Day, Nothing Will

'The Joker' Star Zazie Beetz Reveals The Movie Script Was Re-Written As It Was Filmed

Patton Oswalt Is Attacked On Twitter, So He Helps The Guy Cover His Medical Costs

But...the Footprints On the Glass

Mark Zuckerberg Killed a Goat and Fed It to Jack Dorsey (Subtle, Darkest Timeline, Real Subtle)

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Have You Never Noticed Before, But Now That You Have You See It Everywhere?'

We Deserve To Gaze Upon Cute Animals Today

Right-Wing Radio Host Trolls the Internet and It's Honestly Tiring As Hell

Reddit Asks: What Do You Genuinely Just Not Understand?

Move Aside, Aaron Sorkin

The Empty Mason Jar of the Influencer Economy: The Case of Caroline Calloway and her Creativity Workshop Tour

Twitter Reacts To Mike Huckabee's Border Wall Joke

When Opera Meets Hip Hop

Self-Rescuing Kidnap Victim Jayme Closs Is Safe And May Get A Reward

Twitter Reacts To Gillette's Anti-Toxic Masculinity Ad

Thanks, I Hate It

Right-Wing Protestor Climbed The Wall Around Nancy Pelosi's House To Prove A Border Wall Would Keep People Out

Who the Hell Needs the Marvel Cinematic Universe When Superheroes Already Dance Among Us

Rest In Peace, Cuddly Pratt, As We Shall Never See Your Like Again

HBO Handed Out Sopranos Nicknames On Twitter To Celebrate The Show's 20th Anniversary

Just a Cat Introducing Its Kittens To An Old Friend

50-Year-Old French Author Says Women Over 50 Are 'Too Old To Love'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Food Do You Consciously Prepare 'Wrong' Because You Like It Better That Way?'

This Bird Laughs Like a Supervillain. That's It. That's the Post.

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most Awkward Situation You've Ever Been in With a Stranger?'

'Cane Toads Ride Massive Python' is a Story With the Most Horrifying Twist of 2018

Was It Racist To Make Andrew Johnson Cut His Locs? Oh Yeah

Social Media Reacts After An Explosion Turned The Night Sky Blue In New York

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Used To Be Really Common in Movies That You Don't See Anymore?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Biggest Plot Twist in History?'

The Good News About The Border Wall GoFundMe Receiving $3 Million In 4 Days

'Doctor Who' Trades A Christmas Special For... A Christmas Tweet!

A Partial List Of All Of The Twitter Spelling Mistakes Trump Made In 2018

Trump Wants A 'Boarder Wall' But Twitter Gave Him Grief Instead

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's a Joke That's So Stupid It's Funny?'

Cardi B Is Reminded That Some Men Really Don't Want To Take 'No' For An Answer

Just Some of the Best GIFs of 2018

Birds Have Got It Going On

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Movie Could Have Been Over in Ten Minutes if the Main Character Wasn't Such a Dumb**s'?

Nancy Pelosi Became a Meme-Worthy Hero After Today's Performance with Trump

Let's All Learn About Smocking To Avoid Further Existential Despair

Reddit Asks: What Is Your Go-To Last Minute Gift?

These Brothers Arguing Over a Hot Dog is the Most Compelling Courtroom Drama Of the Century

Tumblr Banning Adult Content is a Terrible Idea

Is Anti-Racism As Bad As Racism? Twitter Answers A Website's Question In The Negative

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Teachers of Reddit, What Are Some Positive Trends You Have Noticed in Today's Youth?'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most 'Are You Really THAT Stupid?' Thing You've Ever Heard?'

Witness The Most Demanding Housemate Ever

Thanksgiving Is No Time to Experiment with Your Cooking

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Godsend

I Have No Words

Help, My 6-Year-Old's Instagram Likes are in the Toilet: A Terrible Mother's Journey

I'm Never Going Near the Ocean Again

Paul F. Tompkins And Natalie Walker Join Forces For 'A Star Is Born' Moment

Conservative Creeps Should Not Come For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Soundtrack For "Glitter" Is Number One On iTunes And No, You Have Not Hit Your Head

Feel-Good Viral Story Really Just a Garbage Story Because People Are Terrible

The TL;DR On the Damning, Bombshell NYTimes Exposé On Facebook

Reddit Asks: What Is Your "We Will Never Speak Of This Again" Moment?

Just Rahul Kohli Karaoke-ing the Hell Out of Some Pop Classics While Driving. What the Hell More Do You Want?

Yes, THAT James Woods Is Selflessly Using His Twitter Feed To Help California Fire Victims

Blood-Soaked Doctors Take to Twitter to Respond to the NRA Telling Them to Stay in Their Lane.

Okay But What If a Child Plucked Your Knee Hairs On a Plane

These Two Eagles Arguing Over How To Build a Nest is Every Couple Ever

How Social Media Responded to a Touching, Showstopping 'It's Always Sunny' Finale

Reddit Asks: What Is The Biggest "I Shouldn't Have Said That" Moment You've Had

Dear Brands on Twitter: Stop Trying to Be My Friend

Twitter Copes With The Midterms With "Me Voting" Meme

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Rule Of the Road Do Most People Forget?'

What's a 'Charlie Puth' and Why is This Happening? Am I Just Old?

Donald Trump As Winifred in 'Hocus Pocus' is An Unpleasant Experience

The People Of Twitter React To The News That Twitter Is Killing 'Likes'

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Last Text You Sent? That's Now Your 2020 Presidential Campaign Slogan'

Gay Olympian Twitter Is At It Again

Mark Ruffalo Is A Gift To Twitter

Somebody Said Mariah Carey Looks Mike Michael Myers So Now It's A Whole Thing

Elementary School Kids Surprise Custodian With Appreciation Party and Honestly It's the Most Heartwarming Thing

Reddit Asks: What Social Custom Can F*ck Off?

Woman Goes On a Tirade About Childless Couples At Disney World

Twitter Dreamcasts Ursula The Sea Witch For The Upcoming Live-Action 'The Little Mermaid'

And Now, Today’s Moments of Zen

Piers Morgan Takes On Captain America / Best Chris

People of All Political Persuasions Unite to Destroy the 'Acorn-Hating Barefoot Runner Guy' on Facebook

'My Son' Meme Gets A Happy Ending After Navy Mom's Anti-Feminist Rant

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is the Most Unsettling Declassified Information Available Today?'

A Calm, Collected Response To Current Events

Reddit Asks: Bridesmaids of Reddit Involved In A Bridezilla Wedding, What Happened?

Reddit asks the Question: 'What Sounds Impressive, But Really Isn't?'

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' is Art, and Includes the Best Description of Pac-Man You'll Ever Read

Paul Schrader's Rape Comments Aren't Helping Anyone

Reddit Asks: What Are Your Predictions For The Year 2019?

Twitter Reacts After World Leaders Laught AT Trump, Instead of WITH Trump

Surely You've Heard By Now That Zendaya Is Meechee

Let's Play Find The 'Avengers 4' Title In A Russo Brothers Tweet!

Social Media Briefing: Emilia Clarke's Dragon Tattoo, Ryan Reynolds' Baysplosion, and Mazie Hirono is Tired Of Your Bullsh*t

Behold. THE Most Frustrating Corner of the Internet

Twitter Reacts To First Look At Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Movie

Stop Holding Your Weddings At Plantations, For F**k's Sake!

Reddit Asks the Question: What Protagonist Would the Characters In a Story Hate If S/he Wasn't the Protagonist?

These Are Cute Animals For Your Viewing Pleasure, Friends

Missy Elliott's Dancers Will Make You Feel Like Getting Down

Reddit's Legal Advice Shreds Sexual Harasser Looking For A Bailout

Misogynist Trolls Tried to Mock This Model and Programmer, So She Shut Them the Hell Down

Just When You Thought You Couldn't Love Rob McElhenney Any More...

There Were No Ads Featuring Asians In This McDonald's. So These Guys Smuggled a Poster In

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is a Minor Misfortune That Disproportionately Infuriates You?'

I've Been Laughing At This For The Last Half Hour

Shocking Footage Emerges of the Mainstream Media Actually Doing Its Job

Chris Hemsworth's Instagram Videos Are Making Me Reconsider My Best Chris Ranking

Reddit Asks: What's the Weirdest Unsolved Mystery?

If You Thought You Knew What the Scariest Thing in the World Was, You Were Wrong

I Don't Think a Single Tweet Has Ever Made Me Feel This Sick

There Is A SubReddit For Performing Questionable Supernatural Rituals, Because Why Not?

Reddit Asks: What Is Your Mom's Catch Phrase?

Dozens of Men Duped into a Real Life Hunger Games Tinder Date, But There's a Twist

And This Is Why We Have a Missy Elliott Appreciation Day

Black Journalist Fired After White Colleagues Complained About Her Sharing Article About White Women's Tears On Her Private Facebook Page

Jon Stewart Saved Some Goats, That's Not Slang Or A Strange Euphemism

Sorry, Dude: Nobody Would Go To Your Version Of Hooters, Either

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (Tevin Campbell Edition)

Reddit asks the Question: 'What is the best Insult You Have Ever Heard?'

How Far Can You Make It Through This Video?

A Terrifying Viral Game Has Been Linked to the Suicide of a 12-Year-Old

Space Force Is An Official Thing That Is Being Added To The Armed Forces

Will Smith's Family Vacations Involve Climbing A Volcano And Are Better Than Yours

The Cheek of this Motherf**er

Accounts Twitter Has Banned While Keeping Alex Jones

Twitter Explains Why They Haven't Banned Alex Jones, Gets Dragged

Reddit Asks: What Is Something That Happened In The 2000s That People Have Forgotten

Twitter Takes the Absolute Piss Out Of Trump Fan Posting Fake Quote About Kurt Cobain Endorsing Trump

This Dog Who 'Stole' a GoPro is the Reason Cameras Were Invented

Leslie Jones Would Have Dated Thanos In Her Younger Days

The Academy Asked Twitter To Describe Their Favorite Movies In Five Words

It's #NationalAvocadoDay And Twitter Has A Plethora Of Memes For Your Consumption

Harry Leslie Smith is the WWII Veteran Destroying Trump Trolls on Twitter

Celebs Geek Out Too: Molly Ringwald Showers Praise, Bo Burnham 'Dead'

Go Away, Justine Bateman, No One Asked You For #NewActorRules

Ezra Miller Wows Comic-Con With Toadette Cosplay

H*ckin Delightful: Brant Of 'They're Good Dogs Brent' Fame Buries The Hatchet With WeRateDogs

Pete Davidson Is Done With Social Media And Says 'The Internet Is An Evil Place'

Kate Beckinsale's Instagram Is A Shining Light Of Hilarity And Cat Costumes

Trevor Noah is a Gem

Mysterious, Maybe-Cursed Sarcophagus To Be Unearthed, Twitter Reacts

Mark Duplass Tweets Misguided And Ill-Informed Support Of Ben Shapiro And James Gunn Is There

Twitter Drags Trump For Pathetic Excuse For Russia Remarks

A Very Special F*ck This Guy

Happy #NationalTattooDay From Someone Without Any Ink!

Pajiba Presents: How To Tell If You Are Flirting Or Committing Assault

What the F*ck Are You Doing Elon Musk?

Cardi B Gives Birth To Her Daughter And A New Internet Meme

There Really Is A Day For Everything: #CowAppreciationDay

The Only Good Thing From Alex Jones' Insane Ranting: #secondcivilwarletters Is Trending

Hey! Look Over Here! PUPPIES AND KITTIES!!

Terry Crews' Testimony To Congress About His Abuse Is As Powerful As It Gets

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

'Why Do You Hate Us?' 'Because You're Mexicans'

The Social Media Person for Red Hen in D.C. Is Today's Patient, Good-Natured Hero

It's National Selfie Day, So Let's Get Shallow And Look At The Gorgeous

Lawyer On Twitter Gets Dragged For Victim-Blaming Victims of Upskirting

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Small Thing Should Be Illegal Because it Pisses You Off On a Daily Basis?'

Would You Try These Cannibal Tacos?

'White People Who Haven't Seen Each Other in a While Greeting Each Other' Is An Amazing Twitter Thread

What Song Will You Absolutely Never Get Sick Of?

The #MPRRaccoon Story Has A Happy Ending

IHOP Got Trolled by Every Other Brand Over their Decision to Change their Name to IHOb

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Adults of Reddit, What is the Strangest Teen Trend You Have Seen?'

Creepy 'Dear David' Viral Ghost Story Will Be Made Into A Movie By 'IT' Producer

Jeff Goldblum's Reddit 'AMA' is...Uhh, We Still Like Jeff Goldblum, Right?

David Simon's Twitter Feed is a Feast of Righteous Rage

Your Summertime Reminder That Roller Coasters Are Terrifying Nightmare Machines

Not Straight Or Gay, But Memed

Macaulay Culkin Returns for Another Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' and It's Exactly What You Want It To Be

Christmas Is A Lie Told To Placate The Masses. 'World Goth Day' Is Actually The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Reddit Asks The Question: What Are Obvious Things You've Just Become Aware Of?

English Mayor Goes Viral After Unorthodox Inauguration Photo

Zachary Levi Shares The First Marketing Banner For 'Shazam'

What Should You Really Have Accomplished By 35?

How F--ked Are We As A Country When #IfIDieInASchoolShooting Is Trending?

No! Stop! Just Stop!

Don't Pick a Fight With Busch Light

Hot For Holes: Paul Holes Is Killing It On Twitter

Chris Hemsworth Posts A Video Thanking Fans And Gently Poking Fun At Dwayne Johnson

The Captain America PSA Meme That's Taken Over Twitter

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's the Most 'Ground Swallow Me Up' Embarrassing Moment You've Ever Had?'

Redditor Questions the Credibility of the Story of a Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Sniper. Doctor Shows Up in Comments

Don't Miss This TV Spot For "Doctor Strange's Splash Zone"

Laurel or Yanny Is The New White Dress/ Blue Dress

Guy on Twitter is Outraged That Captain America Would Join Antifa. Also Ta-Nehisi Coates is Apparently a Racist

Over 100 People Walked Out of the First Film Cannes Let Lars Von Trier Screen Since His Ban

Greta Gerwig Went To See 'I Feel Pretty' At The Movies, And She Liked It About As Much As You Do

Lucky Jerks That Saw 'Deadpool 2' Last Night Are Tweeting Their Reactions

Jessica Chastain's Spy Thriller Looks Even Better than a Female Bond

Writer Publishes Article About the Weaponisation of White Women's Tears, Receives Torrent of Abuse in Return From People Missing the Point

Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen: The Only Totally-Real-And-Definitely-Not-Made-Up Romance I Need This Week

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Trans-people of Reddit Who Successfully Pass, What Differences Did You Notice in the Way You Were Treated, Before and After Transitioning?'

Crap Taxidermy Is A Small Blessing In A Sea Of Curses

Ryan Reynolds's Twitter Feed Cracks Me Up

In the Kanye MAGA Saga, John Legend Is the Hero We Deserve

Lord Alan Sugar Confuses 'The Onion' Headline About Taylor Swift With a Swastika Tattoo For Reality

2018 Isn't Just For Royal Weddings: Celebrities That Got Engaged So Far This Year

Redditor Makes Claim About Neil Gaiman and 'American Gods,' Neil Gaiman Shows Up in the Comments to Set Him Straight

Peter Of 'Deadpool 2' Has A Twitter And It Sure Is Heckin Cool

Universal FanCon: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Terry Crews Calls Masculinity a Cult, Annihilates Twitter Troll Who Tries to 'Well Actually' Him

Milo Yiannopoulos Posts on Instagram After Being Harassed at a Pub: 'It’s Now Impossible For Me to Safely Go Out For Lunch in Most Major Cities in America'

Dark Stock Photography Will Haunt Your Every Waking Moment

'We Want Plates': The Reddit Community Dedicated to Documenting Food Served in Ridiculous Ways Will Infuriate You

Prince's Manager's 'Ask Me Anything' Will Make You Miss Prince Again

Bernie Sanders Takes To Twitter To Agree With Fellow Youth Cardi B

Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen: A Twitter Play in 3 Acts

Vince Staples Reminds Us All That R. Kelly Is A Child-Molesting Piece Of Sh*t

These Drunk Girls Trying To Get An Uber Driver To Take More Of Them Than Agreed is the Most Entitled, Privileged Bulls**t You'll See This Month

Amid A Cheating Scandal, Khloé Kardashian Announces The Name Of Her Daughter - And Twitter Is There

'Harry Potter' Anti-Abortion Sign Leads To One Hell Of a Tumblr Debate

Beyoncé Performed At Coachella, And Every Other Artist May As Well Pack Up Their Things And Go Home

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Delta and Chris Evans Drag Ann Coulter on Twitter

Twitter Reports: 'Doctor Who' Has Broken Maleness

The Best Tweets Proving #90sWereTheBestBecause

Who Wins The Internet Day of Action?


Hobby Lobby Caught Smuggling Iraqi Artifacts. Wait, What?

No, Dummies, CNN Did Not Blackmail the Trump Meme Maker #CNNBlackmail

Trump Supporters Triggered after NPR Tweets the Declaration of Independence, But This Is Not About That

Serena Williams Vs. The World

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'Does Chris Pine Really Eat That Much' and Other Insights from Patty Jenkins' Reddit 'AMA'

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Bloke Fleeing Terror Attack With a Pint in His Hand Becomes Symbol of London's Defiance

F*ck You, Pay Me 'Ebony' Magazine

The Best Twitter Reactions to Donald Trump's 'Covfefe' Tweet

As the General Election Approaches, '#TheresaMayGIFs' is the Hashtag that Keeps On Giving

These Male Tears About A Women-Only Screening For "Wonder Woman" Are Delicious

This Is The Stupidest Effing Thing On The Internet

What Is This Avril Lavigne Is Dead Conspiracy Theory Anyway?

What Hellboy Reboot? Jeffrey Tambor Has Feelings.

Nicki Minaj Cares More About Students Than Betsy DeVos Does

Of Course, Melania Trump Didn't Purposely Favorite that Tweet

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The 100% Completely True, Real-Life, First-Person Account Of What It Was Like To Be In That Heineken Commercial

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Go F*ck Yourself, Chris Hardwick

Reddit's Failed Social Experiment

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#BlackWomenAtWork And Why Many Of Their Bosses & Co-Workers Need To Shut The F*ck Up

Twitter Robot Sets Trump's Tweets on Fire, Becomes National Hero

Little Girl Mistaking a Broken Water Heater For a Robot is the Purest Thing You'll See All Day

Congress Passes Law to Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules, But What Does It Mean?

It's Ok, Everyone. You Can Still Wear Leggings on United Airlines Flights. Mostly.

Reddit Asks The Question: What's Some Popular Saying That You Think Is Total Bullshit?

Is 'Tomorrow Belongs To Me' from 'Cabaret' a Neo-Nazi Anthem?

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We Can Make the Internet Great Again, Probably

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What Not To Do When Attending And Organizing An Orgy

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Why Are Rand Paul And Piers Morgan Calling Anti-Trump Activists 'Hysterical'?

Twitter Reacts to the Bizarre Twist in Last Night's Oscar Ceremony

So Lin-Manuel Miranda Submitted His Puppy To WeRateDogs

Just Admit You Don't Like Seeing Black Women Shine & Be Done With It

Did You Need Some New Nightmare Ideas? Edges2Cats Can Help

Look Out Barbie: Remarkable Man Refashions Dolls Into Real-Life Icons

Today In Shocking News: Bill Maher Says Something Pompous And Inaccurate

F#, Star Trek, and the Female Orgasm

Redditors Tell Their 'I Know It Sounds Weird, But Just Try It' Tips

Bill Maher Is Interviewing Milo Yiannopoulos, Because Racist Assholes Deserve More Attention

Betsy DeVos and Ruby Bridges Are Absolutely Nothing Alike

Vogue Celebrates Diversity by Using Karlie Kloss as a Geisha

Of Course Trump Didn't Unfollow Kellyanne Conway, That Would Suggest An Actual Social Media Strategy

Donald Trump's Morning Tweetstorm Is Not Helping His Case One Little Bit

Pet Owners Of Reddit Answer The Question: 'What Inane Phrase Do You Say To Your Pet?'

The Breitbart Nazis Are Now Canceling Netflix Subscriptions Over Claims of 'White Genocide'

Twitter Took Trumpelstiltskin's "Easy D" and Ran With It

Betsy DeVos Confirmed; Twitter Reacts to the Darkest Timeline

Pornhub Wants to be the Sex Ed Teacher You Never Had, But Wished You Did

How To Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time

Romance Novels Deserve Better Than This

Nightmare Fuel: Etsy Edition. Seriously, You've Been Warned.

UPDATE! Et tu, Slayer?!?! Get F*cked, Slayer.

You Do Not Get to Compare the Suspension of a Comedy Writer to the Death of a Black Man

The Dapper Nazis Get All Their Best Ideas From People They Hate

No, The Global Gag Order Will Not Save The U.S. Any Money

From the Mouths of Babes: Teenager Creates Extension that Does the Dirty Work

MILCK And A Flash Mob Of Strangers Perform 'I Can't Keep Quiet'. Nation Insists They Never Be Quiet Again.

Something About Jodi's Alternate-Universe Husband Vincent D'Onofrio On Twitter

'Veep' Star Provides the Best Response to Meghan McCain's Bullsh*t Streep Slam

Tread VERY Lightly When Discussing This Hashtag

Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes the High Road After Donny Trash's Petty Tweets

What's Happening On YouTube?

Twitter's #WarningSignsOfACreep All Point To The Same Odious, Orange Dude

Trump Clarifies Nuclear Arms Tweet, and F*ck Me

Veritable Goldmines of Distraction for the Holidays

Seriously, Delta Airlines? Seriously?!

BAFTA's Inclusivity Policy Isn't PC Culture Run Amok

Ranking the Best Yule Log Videos the Internet Has to Offer

Wil Wheaton and a CBS News Reporter Got Into a Spirited Argument Over 'Rogue One'

When Keeping It Real On Twitter Goes Wrong: Jenna Jameson Edition

And The World Rejoiced For The Light Child Comes

Cindy Brady Got Fired For Being An A**hole

People On Twitter Can Be So F*cking Stupid Sometimes

How that Ad Age Twitter Mistake Invokes Nick Cave's Literature

Merriam-Webster's 2016 Word of the Year Is 'Fuuuuuuuuuck'

A 'The Walking Dead' Actress Tells Fat-Shaming Trolls to F*ck Off

The Hottest Rapper In the Game Is A Gospel Legend Named Shirley Caesar

Kermit The Frog Reminds Us That It's Really Not Easy Being Green

Just a Bunch of Barack Obama and Joe Biden BFF Memes Because We Need That

Dylan Marron Continues to Be the Best of Humanity, Tells Trump Supporters 'I Love You'

Fine, Let's Talk About the Mannequin Challenge Fad and Look At A Few

The Code Word is Go, Cubs, Go! Hamilton's Chicago Cast Honors the Cubs

Update: My Dad Is Not Voting For Donald Trump! A Story Of Righteous Comeuppance

Today in 'God Dammit, White People' News, We Bring You 'Coat Switching'

Is Your Internet Being a Slow Sack of Buttholes Today? It's Not Just You

This Is What A Doctor Looks Like

Thin-Skinned Sean Hannity Takes a Shot At His Fox News Colleague, Megyn Kelly

The 'Golden Girls' Action Figures Are the Only Things We've Ever Wanted

Twitter Reacts to Oh, Jesus: Trump Is Dismissing PTSD Now?

All Hail The New 'BWOOOM!' Trailer Noise

Two Birds, One Tweet: Olivia Wilde Announces She's Having a Daughter, Slams Donald Trump

When Keeping It Real On Twitter Goes Wrong

Joss Whedon Returns to Twitter in a Big Way (And Promises Mark Ruffalo's Penis)

Why We Won't Be Featuring Clips from Jimmy Fallon Again Until After the Election

Give Yourself and Any Remaining Remnants of Summer to the Dancing Pumpkin Twitter

Good Job, Facebook: This Is the Top Trending Item Right Now

So You Don't Want To Date A Feminist: A GIF Reaction

Old People vs. Young People: The Hashtag Wars

Crazy Woman Believes Netflix's Generous Parental Leave Policy is 'Unfair to the Babies'

Patton Oswalt Humiliates 'Comedian' Martin Shkreli on Twitter

Chessy Prout Speaks Publicly About The St. Paul Rape Case

Trying to Make Sense of Donald Trump's Visit with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Colin Kaepernick Had Better Stand Up And Love His Country, Or Else...

Why Is 'McChicken' Trending on Twitter? You Don't Actually Want to Know

Here's What 'Alt-Right' Really Means According to #AltRightMeans

Kumail Nanjiani Tries to Kill the Harambe Meme, Gets Into It with Max Landis

Here Are Fan-Made Posters Meant To Make You Appreciate the Less Garbage Things In Life

22-Year-Old Olympian Asked Out By A Guy FINALLY Has Something To Celebrate

Teleprompter Trump Says He's Sorry; Twitter Ain't Buying It

The Funniest Responses to Donald Trump's Latest Confusing, Inexplicable Tweet

'Injustice For All' Joker Fan-Film Spins A New Backstory For the Clown Prince

Gabby Douglas And What She Really Needs To Focus On

The Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines Weighs In on Election, Still Not Ready to Make Nice

Now We Know Who The Rock Was Beefing with on the Set of 'Fast 8'

#PhelpsFace Is the Angry, Scowling Olympics' Meme of the Day

Coach, Twitter Call Out NBC Commentator For Repeatedly Claiming Parents of Simone Biles Are Not Her Parents

President Obama Gets Feminism

'Suicide Squad' Can't Possibly Be THAT Bad, Can It?

Actually, It's About Ethics In Movies We Haven't Seen

Don't Mess With Kelly Clarkson. Just Don't

TBS Tweets Misogynistic Bullsh*t About Hillary, Sam Bee Owns The Everloving F*ck Out Of Them

Bernie Sanders Delivers a Masterful Speech, Refutes Donald Trump on Twitter

Man Pulls Gun on Child for Kicking His Seat in a Movie Theater

Twitter's Wholesale Rejection of Donald Trump's Speech Was Oddly Comforting

Twitter Finally Bans Milo Yiannopoulos After His Sickening Harassment of Leslie Jones

'Let America Be America Again' Does Not Mean What Scott Baio Thinks It Means

John Oliver Has a Few Endorsements of His Own

Klayman v. Obama And BLM: Great Crazy Lawsuit Or Greatest Crazy Lawsuit?

That Squee Sound? That's Us Celebrating the 'Her Story' Emmy Nomination

Blue Lives (And Feelings) Matter

What The Actual F**k Is Happening? Pajiba Investigates

Mike Huckabee Reminds Us All (Even Though No One Asked) That 'Male Lives Matter'

David Cameron Hums Jaunty Tune While Leaving Country In Shambles; Internet Makes It His Evil Empire Theme

Just What The Hell Is Pokémon Go?

This Week's Violence Brought Out the Best and Worst of America

Don Cheadle Reminding Idiots That Black Lives Matter

Gail Simone Shares an Incredibly Sweet Anecdote About the Late, Great Noel Neill (1920-2016)

Hush. The Adults Are Speaking Now

'People' Magazine Writer Quits, Calls Out Scores of Celebs, Burns It All Down

Folks Were Not Pleased with 'The Daily Show' Tweet on the SCOTUS’ Abortion Ruling

Justin Timberlake Done F*cked Up Now

Twitter's Best Reactions to the Soul-Crushing #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet‬ Hashtag

How To Deal With Toxic 'Friends' On Your Facebook Wall

'Mad Max' Is One Of The Four Horsemen And 9 More Reddit Fan Theories To Enhance Your Movie Viewing

The Dems Won the Filibuster, but Samantha Bee Won Twitter

Take A Moment To Soothe Your Soul With Some GIFs Of Children Falling Over

Garlic Bread Has an Opinion on Gender and I Don't Even Know What's Happening Anymore

Who Taught All the Grown-Ups to Use Twitter On the Same Day?

NYTimes Editor Quits Twitter Over Anti-Semitic Tweets, Bernie Bros

61-Year-Old J.K. Simmons Is More Ripped Than We Will Ever Be

They're the Heroes Women (Unfortunately) Need and (Definitely) Deserve

The Scene Selection Titles For 'The Room' DVD Are Everything That Is Good About The World

New Brush Allows You To Lick Your Cat, But Should You?

The Best of Shane Black's Reddit AMA: 'I am Shane Black - I Love Dogs. Sometimes I Put Them in Films'

Can You Guess Who This Ethereal Songstress Is?

Greg Grunberg Makes a Cameo in Nathan Fillion's Reaction to the 'Castle' Cancellation

How Twitter Reacted to the Tearful 'Game of Thrones' Reunion

Twitter Is Giving Donald Trump Nicknames And Everything Is An Unfunny Joke

Meghan McCain Takes a Swipe at Trump, Gets (Fairly) Torched on Twitter

Politics, Schmolitics! Let's Get Vapid Up In Here! Entertainment News For the Masses!

Senator John McCain's Son Tells Racists to 'Eat It'

Blasphemous Twitter Bot Knows Real Joy Comes Not From God, But Your Dick

Celebrate 'Alien' Day With 10 Ways The Sci-Fi Classic Permeated Pop Culture

Mean Tweets Segment Powerfully Reinforces How Hard It is To Be a Female Writer on the Internet

The Internet Is Giddy Over the Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan Fall-Out

The Best Damn Supercut You'll See: The Road To 'Civil War'

Here's Exactly What Will Happen if AMC Theaters Allows Texting During Movies

NeoCon Propogandist Opens Himself Up To Hilarious Twitter Pile-On

Twitter Tales: Strange Love Discovered On 1AM McDonald's Run

Mark Hamill Gets Carried Far Far Away With The New 'Star Wars' Meme He's Inspired

Aerie Man Prank Made A Joke Of Its Models

Why Was Watermelon Trending?

If the Subject of Racism Doesn't Think It's Racism Does That Erase the Racism?

Aisha Tyler's AMA Will Make You Fall In Love With Her All Over Again (Plus: Her Take On 'Batman V Superman')

‘The Walking Dead’s' Steven Yeun Savaged by Philadelphia Flyers' Twitter Account

Florida Governor Rick Scott Gets an Amazing Public Shaming in a Starbucks

This 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Family Cosplay Would Make Even Emo Ren Smile

The People United Will Never Be Defeated: Fan Starts Petition To Remove Zack Snyder From Future DC Directing Duties

What's Going On With Hamilton's Casting Call?

Social Media Falls in Love with a May/December Celebrity Couple Only to Find Out It's a Hoax

British Research Council Asks Internet To Name Its New State Of The Art Ship. Internet Does What It Does Best

The Time Gwendoline Christie Got Spanked on Stage by Madonna

Is Gawker Really Going to Shut Down Because of the Hulk Hogan Case?

Professional Obnoxiousist Max Landis Butthurt After Lexi Alexander Twitter Rant on White, Male Privilege

Twitter Is Mad at NPR for Getting Mad at Cokie Roberts Who Is Mad at Donald Trump

Why Is Everyone Pissed At Joe's Crab Shack? Just Some Casual Racism

#thetriggering Just Took Down 'PC Culture' And Not In The Way You Think

Who Are The Dolan Twins and Why Are They Trending on Twitter?

Leslie Jones Tells Her 'Ghostbusters' Critics to Back Off

'RuPaul's Drag Race's Mean Queen Brings Your Favorite '90s Cartoons To Life

Twitter Had A #GifParty Today And These Are The Giffiest Gifs That Giffed

Watch: The Version Of 'Straight Outta Compton' That Would've Swept The Oscars

Ted Cruz's College Roommate Devotes His Social Media Life to Berating Ted Cruz

Is KFC the Harry Potter to Chick-Fil-A's Voldemort?

Online Dating Tips For The Modern Non-Asshole

The Internet Has Discovered Ted Cruz's 'Adventure Time' Doppelganger

Twitter Eats Its Own Tail Trying to Figure Out Why Everyone's Mad at Daniel Tosh

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' Is Hilarious, and Exactly What's Wrong with Twitter

This is What Happens When You Tell Your Starbucks Barista Your Name is Beyonce

'Idiocracy' Co-Writer Is Real Sorry for Giving All Those Ideas to Donald Trump

The Internet Ruined the Life of the Woman Who Started #CancelColbert Because We Are All Bullying Donald Trumps

Please Let This Be The Next Random Nonsense To Inspire A Movie

Scientists Have Discovered the Key to a Successful Relationship, But There's a Catch

Here's Deadpool Recreating Kanye West's SNL Rant

Let's Forget Work And Get Lost In #29DaysOfBlackCosplay

Watch: 'The Simpsons' Spectacular Movie Reference Montage

Twitter's About to Make Your Social Media Life As Nonsensical As Facebook Has

An Entirely NSFW Update On Those MRA ****s And Their Planned 'Tribal Meetups'

The Only Thing More Depressing Than Planned MRA Meetup Is The Location Of Planned MRA Meetup

The Fine Bros Launch 'React Global,' Are Rightfully Garbage Peopled By The Internet

Kanye West Responds to Accusations from His Ex That He Likes Fingers In his Spanker

Gabrielle Union Handles #WhoIsStaceyDash And Awards Diversity Perfectly

The Rap World's Newest Beef: B.o.B. vs Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Limited Edition Trix Cereal Is a Marvel of Modern Science

Just How Many People Did John Wick Kill In 'John Wick' (And How?) These Are Things We Must Know

#ToTheGirls2016 Gives A Pep Talk For Daughters We Can All Appreciate

'Carol' Got Snubbed, But She's Queen Bee of #OscarMeanGirls

52 Films By Women: Let's Do This

Jimmy Fallon As Bob Dylan Sings 'Hotline Bling', Which Leads To A Mini Spiral Of Fallon Musical Impressions

This #OscarsSoWhite Manicure Tutorial Throws Serious Shade

Emma Watson Posts Tribute To Alan Rickman, Actual Person She Actually Knew; Internet Garbage-People React

All The Best Answers From Amy Poehler's #SmartGirlsAsk At The Golden Globes

Chewbacca Gets 'The Force Awakens' Backstory From Heartbreaking Fan-Made Comic

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