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Actors You Forgot Appeared In The 'Twilight' Franchise

The Overlords Discuss The Single Best Holiday Song, And No One Follows Directions Is Your One-Stop Shop For Becoming A Discount Kylie Jenner In The New Year

The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes Available To Stream

Women's Clothes Are The Devil: Third Time's The Charm: Just Bras

It's Time To Check Out's Halloween Offerings And Their Uses

The News Is Terrible So Let's Look At Some Good Girls And Good Boys

A Collection of Great Hidden Gems on Netflix

Reddit Asks: What Would People Take More Seriously If It Had A Different Name?

That Equifax Settlement May Not Be What It Appears

Joe Russo Is Getting A Lot Of Hate On Twitter While Zendaya Is Basking In Love

Like Warm Apple Mindhole Blowers: 'American Pie' Turns 20

Today We Celebrate Our 'Independence Day' Mindhole Blowers

A Pair Of Musical Playlist For Your 2019 July Fourth Celebration

It's Time To Play "What Is This Item For Sale On"

For Your Consideration: Megan Rapinoe

There Is A Facebook Group Where The Members Post Like Baby Boomers And It Is Fantastic

Twitter Celebrated The Birthday of Best Chris (Evans) And He Gave Us A Headshot In Return

Reddit Asks What Injury Did You Make Up A Story For Because The Truth Was Too Embarrassing?

The Perpetually Confounding Amount Of Misplaced Confidence On Twitter

Welcome To My Petition To Get Fans To Stop Making Demands Of Pop Culture Properties Via Petition

Twitter Reacts To The Nonsense Of Planning A Straight Pride Parade

Songs to Get Drunk to: Graduated in 1997 Edition

'Captain Marvel Is A Villain!' Shouts White Man With Too Much Free Time

Some Moments Of Zen To Clear Out Another Ridiculous Week

The Aftermath Of 'Avengers: Endgame' Is A Logistical and Bureaucratic Horror Show

Twitter Is Having A Field Day With #DonJrBookTitles

"Batman Was The Bomb In Phantoms" And Other Movies Identifiable Without The Batman Actor's Name

Twitter Reacts To Robert Pattinson (RBattz) Being Cast As 'The Batman'

MCU Needs A New America's Ass And I'm Here To Make The Tough Decisions

The Russo Brothers Clarify Some Lingering ‘Endgame’ Questions and Announce an End to the Spoilers Embargo

The Best Thing About The New 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie Are The Memes It's Spawned

Unclaimed Band Names Inspired By Marvel's Last Decade Of Film

The First Photo Of A Black Hole Inspires Education And Shenanigans

How To Tell If You're A REAL Gamer Or Just A Poser Pretending To Be One

The Internet Is Having A Field Day With The New 'Avengers: Endgame' Posters

A Few Of The Possibly Forgotten Or Missed Cameos. From 'Iron Man' To 'Thor'

Here Is What I Want To See In 'Avengers: End Game'

Netflix Asked What Changes Twitter Users Would Make To Movie Endings

Reddit Asks For Stories About Large Groups Of People Or Societies That Did Incredibly Nice Things

Any Film Can Be Described As A Valentine's Day Movie If You Believe In Yourself

Experience Endless Joy With Cookie Monster's Reddit AMA

Phil Robertson Of 'Duck Dynasty' Thinks God Gives Us Free Healthcare And Other Insane Things

The Worst Commercials From The 2019 Super Bowl

The Best Performances From "I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell"

We Deserve To Gaze Upon Cute Animals Today

Moments of Zen With Our Favorite 'Lip Sync Battle' Performances

Right-Wing Protestor Climbed The Wall Around Nancy Pelosi's House To Prove A Border Wall Would Keep People Out

Celebrate David Bowie's Birthday By Listening To His Top Ten Billboard Hits

Young Jeff Bridges And Other Likely Members Of A Retro Pajiba 10

Lunchtime Poll: You Have to Save the World With One Song. What Do You Choose?

Five Soundtracks That Aged Better Than The Movie

Superhero New Year's Resolutions For 2019

The Most Anticipated Books of 2019

Click These Links and Buy Sh*t If You Want to Be Happy

The Good News About The Border Wall GoFundMe Receiving $3 Million In 4 Days

A Collection Of 'Saturday Night Live' Holiday Sketches To Help You Through The Week

A Partial List Of All Of The Twitter Spelling Mistakes Trump Made In 2018

Trump Wants A 'Boarder Wall' But Twitter Gave Him Grief Instead

The Thing Emerges From The Sea Thanks To Unwitting Fisherman, Damning Us All

Mindhole Blower's Full: 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'

Harvard Professor Suggests Only Six French Fries Should Constitute A Serving

Is Anti-Racism As Bad As Racism? Twitter Answers A Website's Question In The Negative

What’s Your Favorite Underrated Holiday Song?

Review: Trying Bar Food At Home -- With Novelty Sodas!

Shows And Movies To Binge While You Doze In And Out Of A Turkey Coma On Thanksgiving

Reddit Asks: What Is Your "We Will Never Speak Of This Again" Moment?

Reddit Asks: What Is The Biggest "I Shouldn't Have Said That" Moment You've Had

A Look Back At Rock The Vote's Attempts To Get Young People To The Polls

The Worst Haircuts In Horror: A Seriously Random List

Spooky But Non-Scary Pop Culture to Enjoy This Halloween

The 'Final Destination' Series Mindhole Blowers And A Little Explanation

What Horror Movie Are You: A Pajiba Comment Diversion

I'm So Bored Of White History

A Very Serious and Definitive Ranking of the Best Celebrity Jennifers

What’s Your Favourite Pop Culture Sell-Out?

15 Questions About Netflix's 'Apostle'

And Now, Today’s Moments of Zen

A White Person's Guide To Minding Your Own Business And When To Involve Police

The Pajiba and Cannonball Read 2018 Romance Novel Recommendations Megapost!

Hilarious Or Horrifying? Halloween Costume Ideas For 2018

What’s The Worst Song by an Artist You Love?

Bad Movie Palate Cleansers for Dark Times

The Best Movies Available In Hulu's Annual Huluween Collection

Spoopy True Stories Of Creppy Incidents

Reddit Asks: Bridesmaids of Reddit Involved In A Bridezilla Wedding, What Happened?

Strange Habits of the Rich and Famous - Including Witchcraft

A Curated Collection Of Videos Meant To Help You Deal

It’s National One Hit Wonder Day! What’s Your Favorite?

Reddit Asks: What Are Your Predictions For The Year 2019?

5 Acts I’d Rather See Play the Super Bowl Halftime Than Maroon 5

These Are Cute Animals For Your Viewing Pleasure, Friends

Movies That Need Sequels, Like NOW, Goddammit!

Cartoon Life Hacks We Really Wish Were Real

You Don't Need To Watch 'The Happytime Murders' To Get That Naughty Puppet Fix You Crave

Reddit Asks: What's the Weirdest Unsolved Mystery?

A Very Serious Ranking of the Best Celebrity Butt Chins

Your Favorite Movie Isn’t What You Think It Is

True Story: Carded at 'Eighth Grade' at 30 Years Old, Because These R-Ratings for Teen Movies Are Too Damn Serious

Celebrity Push Up Challenges I’d Like to Watch

Space Force Is An Official Thing That Is Being Added To The Armed Forces

Status Update: 2018 Movies Directed by Women, What You Should Have Already Watched, and What You Should Watch Next

Tonight On ESPN 8 'The Ocho,' 8 Facts About 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story'

7 Movies That Seriously Fuck, Y'all

5 Movies That Lived Up To The Hype

9 Questions About The Jake Gyllenhaal Movie 'Enemy'

Happy Birthday To Jason Momoa And His Zest For Life!

The Academy Asked Twitter To Describe Their Favorite Movies In Five Words

It's #NationalAvocadoDay And Twitter Has A Plethora Of Memes For Your Consumption

Hilary Duff Has Her Own Line Of Glasses And 6 Other Unusual Celebrity Side Hustles

Reddit Asks: What's Your Favorite Video On The Internet?

Go Away, Justine Bateman, No One Asked You For #NewActorRules

On What Should Have Been His 51st Birthday, Here Are Six Philip Seymour Hoffman Movies You Can Stream Online

Kate Beckinsale's Instagram Is A Shining Light Of Hilarity And Cat Costumes

The Newest Netflix Original Sci-Fi Movies And TV Shows

Happy #NationalTattooDay From Someone Without Any Ink!

Boozing, Baking, and Carb-Loading My Way Through Summer 2018, Because Why the Hell Not

Cardi B Gives Birth To Her Daughter And A New Internet Meme

There Really Is A Day For Everything: #CowAppreciationDay


The Only Good Thing From Alex Jones' Insane Ranting: #secondcivilwarletters Is Trending

America: A Playlist

Strong, Powerful Quotes To Help You Keep Fighting

Hey! Look Over Here! PUPPIES AND KITTIES!!

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

YouTube Channels To Binge When Reality Is Just Too Much

Some Grumpy Questions About 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,' A Movie That Is Not Good

It's National Selfie Day, So Let's Get Shallow And Look At The Gorgeous

The Most Bonkers Celebrity Baby Names Halfway Into 2018

Best Movies On Amazon Prime For A Needed Distraction

Comfort Food Movies Currently Streaming On Netflix

A Plea to Sam Claflin: Stop Dying In Your Damn Movies!

Prince Would Have Been 60 Today, So Let's Learn About His 'Purple Rain'

How F--ked Are We As A Country When #IfIDieInASchoolShooting Is Trending?

Strange Facts Are Afoot At The Circle-K: 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'

Marvel's Heroes Have An Astonishing Number Of Acting Awards Between Them

I'm Your Huckleberry: 13 Facts About The 1993 Classic 'Tombstone'

2018 Isn't Just For Royal Weddings: Celebrities That Got Engaged So Far This Year

What Could Be Worse Than the 'Thank You' Tattoo Reportedly at Blow-Job Eye Level Above Alex Pettyfer's Junk?

Peter Of 'Deadpool 2' Has A Twitter And It Sure Is Heckin Cool

Entertainment Weekly Has A Celebrity Baby Power Ranking That Left Off The Rock's New Baby

'Ghost Stories' and 'A Ghost Story' Are Similarly Named, But Which is Which? Hint: One is Unsettling Enough Without Casey Affleck

Nicholas Hoult And Other Celebrities You Didn't Realize Had Babies This Year

Amid A Cheating Scandal, Khloé Kardashian Announces The Name Of Her Daughter - And Twitter Is There

Hold Up -- Is that 'California Love' Admirer and Former MMA Fighter Urijah Faber in 'Rampage'? It Is! I May Be the Only Person Who Cares!

Films for the Brokenhearted: A Girl's Guide to Recovery

The Pajiba Staff As Written By A Male Author Female Description Generator

‘Ready Player One’ Questions: Ben Mendelsohn’s Weird Teeth? Why Climb Mount Everest with Batman? Sex in the Oasis? And More!

What Are Your Favorite Movie End Credits?

While Waiting on Season 2 Of 'Queer Eye', Bask In The Fab Five's Glory On Twitter

Celebrities And Their Animal Doppelgängers

Is Back-In Parking Superior? Of Course Not, You Cretin

Big, Green Mindblowers From Outer Space: 'Little Shop of Horrors" 1986

Macaulay Culkin Dressed Up And Live-Tweeted The Oscars, But He Didn't Actually Watch The Ceremony

The Spoiled Spoilers: What Plot Twists Do We Take For Granted?

Here Are Celebrities That Have Their Own Line Of Alcohol, Just Because They Can

Calm Down, Great Britain; Here Are Some Extreme Weather Movies To Put 'The Beast From The East' Into Perspective

The Definitive (and Completely Uncontroversial) Ranking of the Movies of Christopher Nolan

Yes, You Can Still Be An Asshole In The #MeToo Era

And Now Some Performances Of The National Anthem That Are Very, Very Good

Banking On God: Famous Actors Who Have Starred In Faith-Based Films

Twitter Responses From Kids Terrorized By The Latest School Shooting Give Us Hope For The Future

Celebrities Celebrate Valentine's Day On Social Media, Just Like Us!

Pajiba Matchmakers: Let’s Play ‘Couples We’d Like To See’!

Netflix Movies To Watch With Your Galentines

It's Time To Make A Valentine's (Or Galentine's) Day Mixtape

Send These Adorable Pop Culture-Themed Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day and Suffer Through the Damn Paper Cuts

We've Got To Talk About 'Annihilation'

Deadpool Live-Tweeted the Super Bowl, Continuing An Advertising Campaign of Excellence

The First 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Lands Next Week. Here's What We're Expecting To See

From ‘Buffy' to ‘The Shape of Water’: The Career of Doug Jones, Our Favorite Eerie Tall Guy

15 Actors Who Admitted to Taking a Role Just for the Money

Holy Sh*t, Tom Selleck is 73 and Other Surprising Septuagenarians

The Case Against "No"

With the End of the ‘Maze Runner’ Trilogy, We Also Conclude the Teen Dystopia Film Boom—Finally!

How To Continue Resisting: 2018 Edition

Who Thought the Gigantic, Impressively Bad Fake Tattoo on Matt Czuchry’s Back in ‘The Resident’ was a Good Idea?

Comment Diversion, Monday Edition: What's Your Dream Job?

With So Many White Guys Playing Brothers and Twins, Which Actors and Actresses Do We Really Want to See Doubled?

The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow to Survive the Garbage of the World

Who F*%Ked Up The Most On This Week's 'Shameless'?

It's Time to Celebrate Gingers for Kiss A Ginger Day

Pajiba Answers: How Can I Stop Sexually Harassing My Coworkers?

Celebrities You Didn't Know Were in Bands

25 Fun Facts About The Golden Globe Awards

Bullsh*t LIES Fed To Us By Movies

A List Of Things More Surprising Than The Fact That Woody Allen Is Still A Creepy Bastard

The Best GIFs of the Year

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For People You Hate

The Best Movie Posters of 2017

Some of the Best Names Found Posting Pro-Repeal Comments on FCC Website. Including: Barack Obama

Ann Coulter Says Desperate Singles Shouldn't Fund Happy Families And Twitter Responds

11 Now Famous People You Didn't Realize Were In Movies You Loved

Black Excellence, Brown Pride, and the Pop Culture Gifts People of Color Gave the World in 2017

Twitter Wants You To #WriteAHappyStoryIn4Words, Because Sh*t Sucks

20 Christmas Truths That No One Denies

It Isn't Even December, But Christmas Commercials Are Already Annoying As All Crap

Surpassing The Holidays: Using Allegories To Educate On Rape Culture

'How To Lose A Job In 10 Days' And Other, Better Titles For Anthony Scaramucci's White House Memoir

A Round-Up Of Uplifting News, Because We Just Need It Sometimes Fer Chrissakes (And Also A Bunch Of Puppies)

Let's Play 'America's Next Top Batfleck'!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes Round-Up 2017

The Scariest Movies On Netflix Right Now

An Incomplete List of Men Who BETTER NOT BE ABUSERS, DAMMIT!

The Overlords List Their Favorite Rom-Coms

6 Cheesy Horror Movies Getting the Rifftrax Treatment on Amazon Prime

Happy Hump Day: Pinpointing the Moment Chris Evans Became The Best Chris

10 Questions About 'Annabelle: Creation'

Today In Batsh*t Crazy Celebrity News: Shapeshifters and Aliens!

The Overlords Discuss Loving Songs From Genres They Generally Hate

How Would-Be Trump Supporters Tarnished These Eight 2017 Movies

Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Re-Blorp Is 10 And Other Fun Facts!

What the F&*k Even Is 'Cult of Chucky'? And Other Questions

'You're The Worst': The Only RomCom Where You Don't Ship The Main Characters

October, Shocktober: What Scenes Still Scare The Pants Off Of You?

Random Acts Of Video Game Cruelty: A Confession

Six Ways to Get the Rage Out When the Funk Gets To Be Too Much

‘I want one!’ Which Cute Sci-Fi and Fantasy Critters Do You Wish Were Real?

Women's Clothes Are The Devil: Second Edition: Underthings And Foot Gear

10 Little-Seen Movies That Launched the Feature-Film Careers of Ten of Today's Best Actors

The Best Performances In an Otherwise Terrible Movie

Are All American Actors Posh? A Serious Pajiba Investigation

Dear Millennials: This Is What You Can Look Forward To As You Get Older

'The Monster Squad' Is Thirty or Wolfman's Got Mindhole Blowers!

5 Commercials That Don't Understand What They're Saying Anymore

PSA: Don't Stick Your D*ck In These Holes

What Hath the Dadbod Wrought? The Dadbag, Apparently.

It's Mindhole Blowers, Baby! Yeah!: 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'

A Brief, Incomplete List of Actors Who Have Not Appeared in a Woody Allen Movie

13 Questions About the Horror Movie 'Honeymoon'

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Deliverance That'll Make You...Well, You Know

10 Times The Overlords Endured The Worst Movies For You, And 5 Times We Didn't Bother

The Details And Implications Of The Worst Sex Scene Ever

Diane's Closet: Fall Style Inspiration From 'Twin Peaks'

What Would The Beek Do? Kick Comedy's Ass

God, Tapas, And Casey Affleck: What Does Your State Hate Most?

Pants Are The Devil's Tool: One Woman's War With Ankle Length

All The Reasons Not To Care About The Solar Eclipse This Afternoon

Forever 21 Doesn't Know What Dresses Are

Baseless Speculation: What Is Going To Happen In The Northy North On Sunday's 'Game of Thrones'?

A Random Collection of Pop Culture Tidbits to Make You Say "Seriously?"

Mid-Week Self-Care: Here's Some Sh*t To Cheer You Up, Because You're Worth It

Hey Hollywood: Here Are Some Free Revival Ideas. You're Welcome.

14 TV Shows You Probably Didn't Realize Were Still On

Today In The World Of "Please, May I Have Some More?"

Happy Humpday: Let's Play A Syfy Hybrid Animal Movie Naming Game

A Seriously Before and After List: The Making of a Superhero Physique

And Now, Life Lessons From Horror Movies

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Body Hair: Beauty Tips From Your Overlords

Nine People in the Entertainment Industry We Should Be Worshipping More Than We Are Right Now

Five by Five: 5 Seriously Random Lists for a Seriously Random Week

Spoilers: 13 Questions About the Horror Movie 'The Disappointments Room'

Hey, Guys? 'Community' Is Still Really Good

Even More Celebrity Wiener Cousins and Bajingo Sisters

5 Short Horror Films To Make You Wet the Bed and Sleep With Lights On

A List of Things You Should Not Put in Your Vagina, According to Science

What’s Your Favourite Piece of Pop Culture in 2017 So Far?

Just Some of the Best Terry Pratchett Quotes to Get You Through the Friday

Famous Movie Roles And The Actors Who Almost Got Them

The Best Tweets Proving #90sWereTheBestBecause


Which Buffyverse Death Hurts The Most?

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Pie, Rooney Mara! Wait, No... Come Back!

Gary Oldman vs. Willem Dafoe: Film Redeemers

13 Questions About the Horror Movie 'The Boy'

7 Hollywood Power Couples That Prove You Can Be #WorkGoals & #CoupleGoals Without Driving Each Other Completely Insane

10 DEVASTATINGLY Great and Simple Ideas That Hollywood Needs to Adopt Now to Become its Best Self

Ten Facts About Paul Thomas Anderson's 'There Will Be Blood'

Pajiba's Most Divisive Movies Of The 21st Century

The Best Typos From Trump and His Associates

Ranking the Movies of Doug Liman: Bland Hollywood Journeyman or Inspired Auteur?

As A Kid, What Weird Habit Did You Pick Up From Movies?

The Battle for the Title of Best Marvel Chris Continues to Rage!

The Most Vital, Pressing, Serious Questions that 'Game Of Thrones' Needs to Answer On its Return

Pop Culture's Best Devils, And Catching Up On Fox's 'Lucifer'

Things To Watch If You're A Man Who Can't Get Into A Ladies-Only Screening Of 'Wonder Woman'

Marriage Probably Won't Make You Happier So Don't Do It If You Don't Want To. Or Do. It's Your Life.

It's Not Right to Judge People by Their Looks, But in These Cases We'll Make an Exception: Just Some Weirdass-Looking Politicians

Ten Inescapable Truths About Dealing With Your Parents

Hot Off the Presses and Onto the Screen: Six Young Adult Novel Adaptations Soon to Hit the Big Screen

A Pajiba Guide: How To Make Jokes About Chicago

Your Quick Watergate Fact Sheet

Highly Subjective: The Best, Worst, and Most Insane Movies Turning 20 This Year

A Pajiba Guide to Mother's Day Gifts

8 Actors Who Don't Deserve Their Careers And The Actors Who Should Replace Them

F*ck, Marry, Falcon Punch: Famous Trios Edition

It's May Day, So Here Are Some Folk Horror Films

Movies That Were Almost Rated NC-17: A Seriously Naughty List

The Funniest Movies On Netflix Right Now

Pajiba Answers: 'Should I Track Down The One Who Got Away?'

Johnny Depp Defends Reckless Spending In Management Dispute

Subscription Addiction: CAUSEBOX Delivers Luxuries You Can Feel Good About

Why Aren't We All Talking More About TBS's 'The Detour'?

'Doctor Whos We Want To See Before Kris Marshall

Fantastic Earworms and Where to Find Them: A Pajiba Comment Diversion

Celebrate National Siblings Day With These Pop Culture Sibs

Twitter's #ThingsMoreTrustedThanTrump Is Here To Make You Forget WWIII

18 Fashion Lessons from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

The Dreamiest Dream Houses In Cinema

'Archer' Is Back Tonight! It's An 'Archer' Quotes Party In Here And Everyone's Welcome

Nobody Puts Mindhole Blowers In A Corner: 'Dirty Dancing' Turns 30

Is 'Downton Abbey' A Witch?

Marvel Characters vs DC Characters: Which Comic Version Reigns Supreme

5 Movies You Had No Idea Spawned Multiple Sequels, You Lucky Bastard

Six Shows That Have Gone Well Past Their Expiration Date

'Batman Returns' Is 25 and Other Yummy Mindhole Blowers

Tom Cruise Has Been Training For His Next 'Mission Impossible' Stunt For A Year. Let's Speculate Wildly!

10 Excellent Irish Movies You Can Stream On St. Patrick's Day

The Best Irish-American Families On TV And One Movie

115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

The Best Documentaries Currently Available On Netflix

Imagine Music Without These Women: A Procession Of Perfection

11 Movies To Watch While You’re Participating In The Women’s Strike

These Effects Aren't Very Special: Movies That Need A VFX Redo

Ranking Boston Dynamics Robots Based On Which Is Most Likely To Kill Me

What Show Is Each Character On 'How To Get Away With Murder' Actually On?

24 Nominated Movies You Can Catch Up With Online Before the Oscars

Valentine's Day Hangover: The 'Romantic' Stories, Tropes And Movies We'd Most Like To Retire

The First Films of 2017's Oscar Nominated Actors and Actresses

Let's Fancast 'American Horror Story: 2016 Election' With Ryan Murphy's Regulars

A Lot Has Happened Since 'Game Of Thrones' First Aired

Film Recommendations for People Who Love or Hate Valentine's Day

Models Who Should Get To Do Nude Playboy Photoshoots Now That Playboy Wants Nudes Again

These Are the Best Female Duos In the History of Things with Female Duos

Celebrate Galentine's Day By Watching One of These 23 Female-Directed Movies on Netflix

Love is in the Air. Run.

Which Member of the Oscar Class of 2017 Are You?

What If Trump's Press Team Commented On Famous Movie Villains

The Overlords Posit A World In Which They Are Professional Wrestlers

A Wolf Is At the Door. We Must Not Let It In.

Now That's What I Call F*ck You, Jabba Music: 90s Edition!

Racism, Imperialism, Unfettered Capitalism. British Rapper Akala Is Exactly Who We Need In The Era Of Trump

Your Weekly Pick Me Up: The 5 Happiest Videos On The Internet

Better Than Google or Jeeves, It's Ask Bekka and Jodi!

Looking Back On The Most 2017-Relevant Things George Carlin Ever Said. With Puppies.

An Incomplete List of All of the Actors to Portray Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 30 Sexiest Movie and TV Moments from 2016

What To Wear in 2017

The 10 Most Unexpectedly Resonant Movies in a Sudden Trump Era

The 5 Best 'How Did This Get Made' Episodes of 2016

Reasons To Be Cheerful: The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017

The Most Hopeful, Emotionally Impactful Television Shows of 2016

The Top Ten Indie/Foreign Movies of 2016

The 10 Best Pajama-Pants Comfort Movies of 2016

2016's Best Performances In Bad Movies

The Best Lines From Movies In 2016

What Was 2016's Most Attractive Movie Cast?

What Were the Most Misleading Trailers of 2016?

The 2016 'Oh ,Yeah, That Came Out This Year' Hall of Fame

The Best Lines From TV in 2016

2016 Was a Whirlwind of Suck, And So Were Its Movie Posters

The Stupidest Most WTF Plot Twists Of 2016

'SNL' Sketches That Celebrate the Warmth and Hilarity of the Season

Ranking the Best Yule Log Videos the Internet Has to Offer

The 10 New TV Series I Quit On in 2016

Anyone But Megan Fox: The Actresses We'd Love To See In 'Gotham City Sirens'

Creepy and Insane Christmas Traditions and Creatures

The Best Romantic Comedies of the 21st Century (So Far)

Science Says People Who Swear Are F**king Wicked Smart!

Cold As Ice: Your Friendly Neighborhood Female Sociopaths

It Was the Worst of Times. It Was The More Worst of Times: The Best and Worst Memes of 2016

Some Suggestions for More Boycotts By Trumpy Supporters

Paint with all the Colors of the Wiiii... Wait, WTF?

5 Christmas Movies On the Perpetual Sh&t List, Santa's Lesser Known List

7 TV Show Companies You Definitely Don't Want to Work For, I Don't Care How Good Their Benefits Package Is

A Brief, Tragic History of Hidden Hotness

Your Yearly Reminder: 'V for Vendetta' Is A Garbage Movie

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About A Christmas Story That Might Make You Want an Official Red Ryder Carbine Action, Two-Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle

Let's Remember A Better Time With the Some of the Best of 1994 Pop Culture

Oh Come, All Ye Blasphemers

Cartoons Gave Me Unreasonable Expectations About Food

1995 Was Probably The Greatest Year In American Cinema History

When the Revolution Begins, Which Station Will You Man on the Murdertank?

Is There Anything In the News That Doesn't Have to Do With Trump?

Relationships That Had Damn Well Better Survive 2016

Some Powerful Movie Speeches to Keep You Going In These Orange Days

Charities To Donate To In Trump's America

What Do We Do Now?

We Will Not Be Intimidated: 7 Things Journalists Would Love to Do With a Rope & A Tree

Movies Released the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

#NoHomo It Up With These Beards of Cinema

8 Television Characters Who Are a Total Halloween Bummer

The Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2016

The Best Feel-Good Guilt-Free Gore-Fest Horror Flicks for Halloween Joy and Rapture

7 Worlds I'd Rather Visit Than Westworld

10 Random Pop Culture Factual Facts For A Really Random Thursday

6 Things You Might Have Missed In That First 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer

'Hamilton's America' Wasn't Enough? Here's Where You Can See the Show's Stars Next

The Nicest Things Ever Done or Said By the Mean Orange Man

5 Woke Things To Carve Into Your Pumpkin This Halloween

All the Mundane Things I'll Never Do Thanks to a Childhood of '90s Horror Movies

Who's Going to Be the Internet's Next Boyfriend?

Recut Movie Trailers Prove Music and A Good Editor Are Everything

Important Things You Learn From Not Watching The Debate

An Introduction to the Hollywood Vampire Cabal, AKA Celebrities That Do Not Age

13 TV Couples Who Taught Us the Art of Arguing

More Huckabee-Approved Movie Comparisons for Clinton Vs. Trump

The Real Reason 'The Hobbit' Sucked and 9 Other Reddit Fan Theories That Make Movies Better

Get Your Halloween Eye Candy With These Hot Horror Actors

Happy Birthday to the the Entirety of My 90s Youth

Mindhole Blowers: 25 Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were Related By Marriage

5 Kid's Cartoons That Won't Make You Fly Into A Stabby Rage: They're Like Waffles For My Dumptruck

Mindhole Blowers: 25 Things You Don't Know About the Cast of "Parks and Recreation"

Our 10 Most Anticipated Films Of New York Film Festival

Mindhole Blowers: 21 Facts About Your Favorite Horror Films That Might Make the Hair on the Back of Your Neck Stand Up

Mindhole Blowers: Facts and Connections You Didn't Know About Your Favorite NPR Personalities

21 Celebrity First Marriages You Might Not Know About

A Complete List of All the Actors Originally Considered for Roles in Cameron Crowe's Movies

Mindhole Blowers: The Surprising Real-Life Family Connections of 5 'Scrubs' Cast Members

'From Dusk Till Dawn': These Facts Will Not Explode When Sunlight Hits Them!

15 Mindblowing Facts About 'Labyrinth' In Celebration Of Its 30th Anniversary

8 Sad, Bitter, and Mysterious Fallings-Out Between Once Famous Partnerships

The Most Memorable, Iconic, And Abhorrent Imagery Of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' (Part 2)

Mindhole Blowers Don't Hurt: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Patrick Swayze's 'Road House'

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Life of Brian That Might Make You Feel Like Whistling a Cheery Tune

Mindhole Blowers: 25 Facts You Might Not Know About the Pixar Films

The Ultimate 'What This Famous Person Looks Like Now Is JAW-DROPPING' Click-Bait Post

Mindhole Blowers: 10 Television Characters You May Not Have Realized Had Been Recast

Kid Movies From the 80s that Scarred Us for Life

20 Facts You Might Not Know About 'Veronica Mars' On the 10th Anniversary of its Premiere

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About The Avengers That Might Leave You Craving Shawarma

Three’s a Company, Four‘s a Crowd: 13 Terrific Trios in Film and Television

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About 2001: A Space Odyssey That Might Make You Want to Say "Open the Emmereffing Pod Bay Doors, HAL"

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Inception That I May or May Not Have Dreamt

Actors You Didn't Know Were Broadway Legends, You Uncultured Swine

25 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Saved by the Bell' and Its Cast On the Show's 25th Anniversary

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Love Is Stronger Than Death: 108 Reasons We Still Miss Lost

Love Is Stronger Than Death: 108 Reasons We Still Miss Lost

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The Only 12 People On The 2011 Forbes Celebrity 100 List I Wouldn't Kick In The Taint

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The 10 Current TV Characters With Whom I Would Most Like To Engage In A Round Of "Whither The Salami?"

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You Have a Face For Radio! The Faces Behind Your Favorite National Public Radio (NPR) Personalities

Are You Pretty? I Can't Tell Under All That F*cking Slap: Five "Dewy-Faced" Starlets In Need Of A Makeup Intervention.

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Seriously, Tom Cruise, A Fat Suit? 14 Recent Supporting Characters I'd Rather See Get Their Own Film.

Pajiba's 2011 List of The Cheapest Actors in Hollywood

Dear "Glee," Why Must You Suck At Everything? Ten Better Ways To Stereotype.

How Well Can You Tell White People Apart?

Poor Man's ... (Movie Edition)

Rob Lowe Shows How It's Done: The Top 5 Hottest Contemporaries Aging Better Than Charlie Sheen

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SRL: Actors Whose Faces Do Not Suit Their First Names

7 Directors Who Think They Can Act

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Ranking 7 Random Celebrity Fragrance Commercials

Based on the Movie Posters Alone, Which of these 15 SXSW Movies Would You Pay to See?

All The Guys You Used To Love Are Total Douchebags. Except, Of Course, For Preston Meyers. Prestoone.

The Surest Signs that Inside the Actors Studio Has Run Out of Real Actors: A Seriously Random List

115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Part III

115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Part II

The 13 Most Thrilling, Exciting, Adventurous, Titillating, and Anticipated Films of the 2011 SXSW Film Festival

A Much-Needed Reminder That One Sheen Still Has The Profound Power To Make Me Perspire

The 8 Groan-Worthiest Movie Taglines of 2011 So Far

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A Much-Needed Reminder that One Sheen Still Has the Profound Power to Inspire

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Hey! Whatever Happened to Her?

Summing Up the Career of American Pie's Chris Klein Since Katie Holmes Dumped Him in 10 Movie Posters

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People We Wish Weren't Scientologists Because We Really Like Them (So Why Would They Do Such A Thing?)

Toe Pick! The Five Best 90's Films They Sometimes Play On Lifetime: Television For Womenfolk

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Why Would You Mess With Olivia Wilde's Cleavage?! The Five Things Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue Got Terribly Wrong and One It Got Impressively Right

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I Get Two Paychecks This Way

Move Ovah! Let Your Sistah In The Pictchah!

The Highest Grossing Movies of 2011

The Biggest Box Office Flops of 2011

Seven Spiteful Sirens of the Silver Screen

Which of These 5 Sex Positions Will Edward and Bella Attempt on their Wedding Night?

The 5 "Hunkiest" Cinematic Cannibals

The 10 Best Instances of Female Cinematic De-Prettification

We've Done This To Ourselves!

Confusing Your Libido

Recognizing the New Generation of Action Heroes

Reconditioning Your Libido

Cuba Gooding, Jr., The King of Redbox -- A Study in Movie Posters

The 10 Most Crowd-Pleasing Populist Movies of 2010

The Best Fake Band Names Created By Pajiba Commenters

The 10 Most Love-or-Hate-ist Movies of the 21st Century

Prose and Cons

Ten Reasons The People's Choice Awards Don't Matter

What Kind of Sick Brain-Damaged Asshole Would Use Comic Sans?


The 7 Best Celebrity Cameos, Playing Themselves in Film

The Best in Independent Film (2010)

The 10 Weepiest Situation Comedy Episodes Ever

The Ten Best Documentaries of 2010

Ranking, from Worst to First, All the Television Shows that Have Had Their Casts Featured on the Cover of The Rolling Stone


The Best Films of 2010 -- Staff Picks

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Music

15 Really Big Movie Stars Who Completely Disappeared in 2010

A List of Ten 2010 Movies So Forgettable They Never Get Mentioned In Other Year-End Lists

The 10 Least Famous Spouses of Really Famous Celebrities

The 10 Biggest Stars of All Time, Ever*

The 5 Best Reasons All Heterosexual Men Should Be Watching "Doctor Who"

The 5 Far Less Compelling Reasons that Heterosexual Women Should Be Watching "Doctor Who" (Sorry)

Hangover Theater Guide to the 12 Days of Christmas

It's a Wonderful Christmas Story, Charlie Brown

Mastering the Single Entendre

Do You Think Like a Critic or the Average Moviegoer?

Sometimes The Best Ones Are The Ones You Don't See

The 15 Best Movie Posters of 2010

We’re Gonna Have the Hap-Hap-Happiest Christmas Since Bing Crosby Tap-Danced With Danny Kaye!

The 10 Most Expensive Romantic Comedies Ever Made

The 15 Worst Movie Posters of 2010

The Ten Grossest Words in the English Language

The Five Blandest Actors in Hollywood

A Whirling Dervish of Life-Shattering Requiem for a Dream Singing Fury

Five Random Celebrities Who Are Not Dead

The 4th Annual Pajiba (Sh)it List

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Oscar Gladiator Games Part III

The Ten Films of 2010 That That Made a Sh*tton More Money Than They Ever Deserved To

The 5 Most Popular Harry Hanrahan Videos of 2010

The Hottest Television Crushes

Oscar Gladiator Games

The Ten Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2010

This Christmas I Want An Ice Pick To The Ear Drum

The Hottest Television Crushes

Know Your Olivias

The 10 Most Popular Movie Trailers of 2010


30 Random Movie Titles To Which "That's What She Said" Would Be an Appropriate Rejoinder

24 Brilliant Moments from NBC's Community Caught in Animated GIFs

Predict the Oscar Winner Based Solely on the Frontrunners' Movie Posters

The 6 Creepiest Starburst Commercials

Adam Sandler Movie Title or a Nickname for Your Penis?

Box-Office Confirmation Demonstrating Why Today's Biggest Comedic Actors Seldom Do Drama Even When They're Capable

The Downfall Of Val Kilmer - A Study In Posters

The Biggest Box-Office Bombs of 2010

24 Brilliant Moments from NBC's "Community" (Page 2)

The Ten Most Insubstantial, Meaningless Actors in Hollywood

What the Real People Behind Those "Based on a True Story" Movies Look Like

The One and Only Unflattering Image of Nathan Fillion in Existence!

You're Only Hurting Yourself

Oh, You English Are So Superior

The Best "I Believe" Speeches

How Am I Supposed To Write A Thanksgiving Songs List? How?

Ranking the Best Rankin-Bass Inspired Alter-Egos of the Cast of "Community"

Courtney Love's 8 Least Successful Attempts to Look Sexy for the Twitter

For Your Commiseration: Ten Oscarbatory Hopefuls That Will Come Up Short

Which of These 5 New Movie Posters Makes Your Nethers Tingle the Most?

Which of These 10 Movies Would You Be More Likely to See Based Only on these Set Images?

Why Freakishly Skinny People Are More "Aesthetically Displeasing" than Overweight People

There's Nothing Like One Good F*ck

13 Prolific Screenwriters Whose Faces You'd Never Recognize (Or Why Screenwriters Don't Appear on Camera)

The 2011 Academy Award Nominations

The Stupidest Commercials of Sunday's NFL Games

The Ten Highest Paid Assholes in Hollywood 3 Overpaid Iffy Assholes, 2 Overpaid Giant Dicks, 2 Overpaid Gentlemen of Quality, 1 Overpaid Sweet Annoyance, an Overpaid BFF, and an Overpaid Manic Nut*

The Ten Most Distinctive Celebrity Commercial Voice-Overs

Grading Celebrity Guests: Sesame Street vs. Yo Gabba Gabba!

Hollywood's 10 Most Obnoxious Sh*t-Eating Smirks

The Highest Grossing Films in the Summer of 2011

The 20 Most Successful Film Franchises of All Time

Canadian Horror Films You May Not Have Seen But Probably Should

Ten Horror Movie Creatures You Probably Don't Want Watching You Sleep

The Ten Most Inspired Zombie Combinations

The 5 Worst New Shows on Network Television

The Alternate-Life Big Screen Roles of 10 NFL Players

The 15 Most Memorable Television Commercial Campaigns from the 1990s

Going To A Party Where No One's Still Alive

5 Cameo Ideas Only Marginally Better than the Now Cancelled Mel Gibson Cameo in The Hangover 2

The 7 Most Unsungiest Heroes on Television (Male Category)

5 Projects Announced This Week That Will Probably Never Happen

Sadly, The 10 Most Titillatingly Suggestive School Boy Uniform Images I Could Find

Welcome Back to Fox News. I'm Blonde

Brainfarts Are The New Black

Fear of a Black Planet

10 Signature Moments of Season Four of "Mad Men" Reduced to GIFs

The Most Filmable Video Games

Grading the 7 Most Successful Post-Show Careers of "Deadwood" and "The Wire" Alumni

Stripes -- The Most Influential Non-Recruiting Film of My Youth

A Tuesday Morning Ab-Off

The 10 Hottest UK Redheads

The Five Best Films Currently In Release

The Five Best Columbus Day Films

Get Rid Of The Tights. They Make Him Look "Faggy"

The Pajiba Power Rankings

Last Week's Most Schadenfreudtastic Reality Television Moment Reduced to 7 Screen Grabs

The 10 Earwormiest Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Songs

The Six Most Annoying Laughs on the Face of the Planet

Five Actual Absurd Casting Rumors More Likely to Happen than Natalie Portman as Lois Lane

The Ten Best Clint Howards

The 5 Best Screen Grabs of Our Own Brian Prisco from Last Night's Episode of "Weeds"

It's All Downhill From Here: Ten Actors Who Will Never Surpass Their Earliest Roles

Five Celebrities That Are Not F**king Allowed to Divorce, Damnit

Celebrities Who Could Be Mistaken for Hobos

The 10 Blurb-Whoriest Movie Review Phrases

The Fat Guy, Cute Girlfriend Myth is Not a Myth

Ranking the 8 Let Me In Movie Posters

The 20 Best Acting Affectations

How Many Calories Are In Movie Theater Concessions?

The Five Bullshittiest Self-Help Philosophies

Celebrating the 8 Best Cheerleaders in Film

The Five Celebrities Who Probably Smell the Worst

It's A Fumble! FUMBLIYA!

The Ten Movies In iTunes Top 100 Downloads You've Probably Never Heard Of

Christopher Columbus' Ten Most Forgettable Films

Ranking the 5 Best and Worst Fall Movies Based Solely on Their Movie Posters

The 10 TBSiest Movies of the Last Five Years

Here We Go Again On Our Own

The Pajiba Ten -- 1985 Edition

The Television One-Off: Ten Recent and Current TV Actors Who Will Fade into Obscurity After Their Respective Shows End

20 Terrifically Terrible A-List Celebrity Movie Deaths

Would You Rather ... ? Dead Dog Movie or Dead Person Movie Edition

The Biggest Emmy Snubs of All Time

The Many Faces of Jack Shephard

Will Joss Whedon Ratnerf*ck The Avengers?

The Ten Items that Fetched the Highest Bids at the "Lost" Auction

Five Instant Netflix Television Series Recommendations

Happiness Comes In Small Doses, Folks

The Case of the Disappearing Teen Actor

Five Reasons Supermodels Shouldn't Appear in Movies (And Five Reasons Why They Should)

Ten British Television Actors That America Should Steal

The Best Children's Movies Featuring a Primarily African-American Cast

Chin Up, Fanboys! America Hates Lots of Great Movies. Not Just Yours.

The Many Faces of Michael Cera

Ten Movies That Achieved Significant Backlash Before They Were Even Released

The 5 Hottest Female Shaved Head Transformations in Film

Ranking the Ten Most Successful Post-Empire Records Careers for the Film's Cast

The Most Devastatingly Unredeemable Deal-Breaking Movies in Recent Memory

Ten Additional Movie Taglines from Other Movies That Would be As Deliciously, Awesomely Inappropriate for the Yogi Bear Poster

Gender-Reversing Judd Apatow's Knocked Up

Fear of the Unknown

Which "Friend" Has Aged the Best?

The Most Confusing Episode of "Band of Brothers" Ever

Ten Movies You Can Use to Test Your Boyfriend's Heterosexuality

Ten Movies You'd Have to Be A Serious Douchebag to Hate

Likable, Not Unattractive Celebrities You've Nevertheless Never Had a Sexual Thought About

Ten Films Overly Judgmental People Will Cut You for Hating

A Proper List of the Ten Most Confusing Films of All Time

The 20 May-Decemberiest Romances in Film

The Smartest Summer Blockbusters (of the Last 20 Years)

The 10 Songs That Movies Need to Stop Using

Netflix's Most Rented Movies of All Time

The 26 Contemporary Directors With the Lowest Average Box-Office Gross

TV Series You (Maybe) Didn't Know Were Remakes

The 28 Most Successful Commercial Directors of All Time Based on Box-Office Average

The Box Office Sweet Spot -- Your Favorite Directors Aren't Very Popular

The 2010 Great American Ab-Off

The Ten Worst Emmy Nominations of the Last 20 Years

Shows That Make You Appreciate People Considerably More When They Recognize a Reference

The Comedy of Obesity: The De-Evolution

Five Shows You Loved as a Kid That Are Now Completely Unwatchable

The Five Best and Worst Films of 2010 So Far

12 Terrible Actors Who Make Fantastic Movie Villains

The 20 Biggest Financial Failures of All Time (and Their Directors' Post-Failure Careers)

The Seven Most Likely Candidates to Replace Steve Carell in "The Office"

Too Much Horror Business

Percentage-Wise, The 20 Most Profitable Movies of All Time

$200 Million International Box Office Hits That Did It With the Least Amount of Help From America

Incontrovertible Evidence of the Adam Sandler Curse

Actors We Hate Strongly Dislike in Roles We Love

Who Are the Leading Contenders for the Female Equivalent of Keanu Reeves?

Pajiba's Sixth Anniversary Post

The Ten Most Painful, Earwormiest Soundtrack Songs of All Time

What I Do Best Isn't Very Nice

Demonstrating the Importance of Directors by Highlighting the Failures of Screenwriters

The Ten Most Inexplicably* Attractive (Male) Villains in Film and Television

The Washed-Uppiest Actor-Athletes in Professional Sports Films

The Pajiba 10 (1992 Edition)

The Five Most Impressive Movie Dicks of the Last 20 Years (A Pictorial)

The Most Promising Actors Under the Age of 25

The Most Tantalizingly Seductive Adulteresses of the Last 30 Years (A Pictorial)

The Five Tearjerkiest Commercials

The Five Most Impressive Beards in Hollywood

Five Addictive TV Shows Ideal for Summer Marathoning

12 Reasons '80s Remakes Are the Safest Bets in Hollywood

Best Use of Prom Songs in Movies and Television

The Ten Hottest (and Most Talented) Celebrity Women in their 40s

Ranking the American Cities With the Best Taste in TV and Film

The Five Best Cocks in Movies and Television

Five Scene-Stealing Characters That Deserve a Movie Before Les Grossman

The Ten Most Inexplicably Inspirational '80s Soundtrack Anthems

The Five Most Vacant Stares From the MTV VMAs

Five Recently Successful Actors Who Were Great on TV, but Cross-Over Failures on the Big Screen

The Five Best Single TV Episodes of the Season

Five Celebrity Women for Whom the Universe Has Developed an Irrational Hatred

Ten Japanese Commercials Featuring American Celebrities

Five Television Finales That Nearly Ruined the Series

Five Fictional Characters Who Should Be Considered as Replacements for Simon Cowell on "American Idol"

The 20 Best "Law and Order" Cast Members Ranked by Awesomeoness

Five Most Anticipated New TV Shows

Five "SNL" Skits That'd Have Been Better Ideas for a Movie Than MacGruber

Five Actors Who Should Quit Their Own Television Shows

The Five Most Popular Celebrities You've Never Heard Of

Five Celebrity Lesbians We'd Like to Get With (A Bunk Counterpoint)

The Five Least "Gay" Gay Characters on Television

That's the Cue for a Changeover

The Five Best Robert Downey, Jr. Roles

Five Neverhaves Who Could Follow in Betty White's Wake as Host of "SNL"

The Five Gayest Straight Actors in Hollywood

A Happy Mother's Day Message to All the Ladies of Pajiba

The Ten Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters as Represented by the Leading Actors in Various Stages of Undress

Five Hair Styles More Inexplicable Than The Bieber

The Five Most Evil Assh*les in Hollywood

Ten Movies That Take Place in One Day

The Ten Hottest Gingers

The 7 Most Vile Romantic Comedy Creatures (A Pictorial)

Salads Have Feelings Too

The 10 Television Shows You Should Be Watching and Maybe You Are

The Poor Man's ....

The Case of the Disappearing Director

The 10 Most Randomly Insane Casting Decisions

The 13 Most Successful Secular Fiction Novels Never to Be Adapted Into a Feature Film

The Five Most Awesomely Crapulent Monster Face Off Movie Trailers

The Five Most Bulls**t Manipulative Tearjerkers

Five Television Shows We Got Tired of Banging

Five Great '80s Movies That Have Held Up Very Poorly Over Time

A Seriously Random List Specifically Designed to Elicit Outrage

The 7 Best Theme Songs for Currently Airing Television Shows

The Top Five Films Featuring a Black Female in a Leading Role

The Stars At Night, Are Big And Bright

Five Male Actors Who Have Been Overlooked By the Academy for Too (F**king) Long

Five Oscar-Less Women I'd Prefer to See Give an Oscar Speech Over Sandra Bullock

The 10 Best Movies Never Nominated for an Oscar in Any Category (Since 1980)

The 2010 Oscar Winners

The Five Best Tim Burton Films

The Bank is Worth the Risk

Five 3D Remakes that Would Break Your Brain

Five Directors Who Need a Career Reboot

The Five Best Horror Movie Remakes

The Seven Best Buddy Cop Movies

The Five Best and Worst Films with Question Marks in Their Titles

She Is Good And She Is Bad, No One Understands

The Best Films Set in the Olympics

The Six Most Absurd Community Service Obligations in Film

The Five Most Generous Programming Moves of TV Network Executives

The Six Most Successful Career Redefining Roles

The Five Best Movies Filmed in New Orleans

The Five Best Super Bowl Commercials

The 15 Most Memorable Closing Credit Songs

The Ten Most Egregious Oscar Snubs of 2010

Dreamcasting the Next Jason Bourne

The Ten Most Indelible Fictional Characters of the Last 100 Years

Ten Completely Random, Obscure Box-Office Records

Five Coping Strategies to Deal with the Break-Up of Brad and Angelina

A Pajiba Special Report: Should You Give Up Cable Television?

The Five Best Legal Shows of All Time

Ten Actors More Famous for their Commercials than Their TV and Film Credits

Five Unorthodox Versions of the Spider-Man Reboot We’ll Never See

Ten Movie Couples With Whom You'd Never Want to Have a Threesome

The Ten Most Preposterous Romantic-Comedy Professions

The Ten Best Netflix Gems of 2009

The Five Most Forgettable Films of 2009

The 35 Most Popular Posts of 2009

The Ten Movies That No One Has Mentioned on Any End of Decade List

My Most Painful Movie-Going Experiences of the Aughts

The Best TV Couples of the Aughts

The 15 Best Albums of the Aughts

The Ten Most Overlooked Films of the Decade

The Top 20 Films of the Decade -- Naysayer's Edition

The Thirteen Best Movie Villains of the Decade

The Decade's Most Popular Secret Shames

The Decade’s Ten Biggest Flameouts -- The Rae Dawn Chong Effect

The Ten Worst Television Shows of the Aughts

The Ten G-Rated Movie Titles that Most Appeal to Zoophiles

The Six Worst Movie Sidekicks

How the Twilight Phenomenon Doesn't Signal the End of Cultural Civilization

The Many Faces of Robert Pattinson

Five Inspirational Football Films that Weren’t as Inspirational in Reality

The Last Man (Not Yorick)

The Five Worst Movies with a Year in the Title

The Five Breakfast Cereals Most Ripe for a Big Screen Adaptation

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Six Commonly Used Sountrack Songs that Never Seem to Get Old

What's in the Box? The Five Best Cinematic Boxes

The Five Best Movie Actressin' Performances by a Talk Show Host

The Five Worst Funniest Films Lists on YouTube

The Five Best Films Featuring Stars Who Died Before the Movie's Release

Six Horror Movies for the Weak

The Ten Most Bad Ass Jesuses

Quit Hitting Yourself! Quit Hitting Yourself!:

Ten Great Movies You’ll Never Watch Again

The Ten Biggest Animated Flops of All Time

The Five Most Empowered Females Currently on Television

The Most Generic Actors in Hollywood

Trippin' Balls: The Five Funniest Cameos of the Decade

The Ten Most Generic-Looking Hollywood Actresses

Eight Children's Novels that Should Be Adapted for Adults

The Eight Biggest Television Series Flameouts of the Decade

The Five Hottest Children's Television Personalities

The 10 Best Voiced Animated Characters in CGI Films

The Five "Best" Columbus Day-Related Films

The Ten Best Newcast Gaffes

The Five Best and Worst New Shows of the Fall (and Their Projected Cancellation Dates)

Five Great (Recent) Moments from the Life of Betty White

The Five Hottest Serial Killers

The Best Villians in Film History

The Five Best Movies About Non-Traditional Sports

The Five Once Great 80's Movies That Have Aged the Worst

The Ten Most Terrifying Movie Creatures from Your Childhood

The 7 Best Credit Card Movies -- Films Made for Under $60,000

The 2010 Academy Awards Nominations

The 50 Greatest Debut Movies

Making Fetch Happen -- The Next Catchphrase You’re Going to Love Before You Hate

Pajiba's Top Twelve American High Schools

The Five Best Shows Never to Receive an Outstanding Series Emmy Nomination

The Five Best Slow Claps of All Time

The Ten Strangest Film Debuts of A-Listers

The Ten Most Prolific Actors of the Last Five Years

Ten Television Catchphrases That Have Been Completely Played Out

The 20 Most Boring Films of All Time

Five Bad Actresses Who Look Great in Leather

Five Actors Who Should Stick to Wearing Suits

The Five Most Seriously Effed Up Movie Premises of All Time

Weird Sh*t I Found In the Pockets of Returned Tuxedo Rentals

Everything I Ever Need to Know to Succeed in the Workplace I Learned from Office Movies

The Five Douchiest Co-Stars to Whom Robert Downey, Jr. Has Had to Play Second Fiddle

The Five Best Stand-Alone Episodes of Doctor Who

Wrapped Up Like a Douche -- What We Learned from Summer 2009

The Best TV Robots

The Most Schadenfreudtastic Horror Movie Deaths.

Why Bad Horror Movies Will Never Go Away

A Coulrophobe’s Worst Nightmare: The Five Scariest Movie Clowns

The 11 Best Actor/Director Duos

The 11 Oldest Actors to Play Teenagers

Let's Remake... To Kill a Mockingbird!

Top Ten Terrible Decisions to Play Terrible Strippers

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