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Days After Joining the Social Media Platform, Joe Rogan Trashes GETTR

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | January 12, 2022 |

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | January 12, 2022 |


Efforts to create a right-wing alternative to Twitter have not gone well since Donald Trump was kicked off the social media platform. A couple of weeks after the January 6th insurrection last year, Amazon and Apple deplatformed Parler after it failed to ban users who advocated overthrowing the Biden Administration and assassinating its Democratic leaders. Right-wing media, naturally, cried CENSORSHIP. Parler eventually found another host, but by then, the damage had been done. This came a few years after Gab tried and failed to launch a “free speech” alternative, as well (Gab was deplatformed because of hate speech on its platform surrounding the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting).

Trump soon thereafter started his own social media platform, which was actually just a blog, but he soon shut it down due to lack of interest and because he found anemic response to it “embarrassing” to his brand.

Jason Miller — a sleazy aide to Trump, and one of the few that stuck with the former President until the bitter end — more recently launched another Twitter alternative, GETTR, although it too faced immediate issues. Trolls flooded it with spam and porn, and its own users inundated it with racism, antisemitism, and terrorist propaganda.

Users also found when they didn’t have “social justice warriors” to rail against on their own platform, they began turning on each other. When Marjorie Taylor Greene was recently banned from Twitter, she repeatedly complained about it on Gettr, only to receive backlash from her own followers, who got sick of hearing her bleat and moan about the ban.

MTG’s ban, however, did generate more interest in Gettr, mostly in that after her ban, Joe Rogan decided to join the platform “just in case” he got tossed from Twitter. Jason Miller was ecstatic, which he expressed … on Twitter.

More attention, however, invites more scrutiny, and it was once again highlighted that the app was bankrolled by a fugitive Chinese billionaire businessman, which itself hasn’t sat well with many of its users. That includes Joe Rogan, who trashed the MAGA-world app only days after joining it.

On his podcast, after comedian Tim Dillon commended Rogan for having 9 million followers on GETTR, Rogan noted that “it’s not real … Gettr doesn’t even have 9 million people.” The app, Rogan explained, counts preexisting Twitter users as followers. From The Daily Beast:

This is where the f**kery is,” Rogan continued. “They take all my Twitter followers… and then they port those over.”

“So Gettr is fugazi,” Dillion replied.

“Definitely fugazi,” Rogan agreed.

Rogan even said that he wanted to get off the platform, but doesn’t know how.

“I don’t know how to get off,” he joked. “Like if I get off of Gettr, I don’t think I can.”

“You have to sit down with Marjorie Taylor Greene, personally,” Dillon said.

“She’s gonna tell me all about what’s in the basement of Comet Pizza,” Rogan chuckled in response.

As The Daily Beast notes, criticism of GETTR, even among right-wing personalities, has been increasing. Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer recently took issue with the “the Chinese funding, follower inflation, blocking of political dissidents they disagree with, leftist dog whistles in [terms of service], Democrat background of staff, AWS servers.” Moreover, another right-wing personality, Jon Miller, was recently banned from the “free-speech platform” for using the N-word in his profile. Miller is Black.

GETTR is clearly not the answer that MAGA world was hoping for. They’ll soon get another platform they can rag on and destroy. Devin Nunes quit Congress to become the CEO of Trump’s social media app, TRUTH social. It is not expected to launch for several months. I look forward to watching Trumpers burn it to the ground after Donald Trump calls them “gutless” for not getting their vaccine boosters.