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James Gunn Defends 'Worst Chris,' Doesn't Extend Same Courtesy to ALF

Jameela Jamil Is At It Again

The 'Supernatural' FanFic Is About To Get a A Lot More Interesting

Bill Murray Got Aziz Ansari’s Movie Shut Down

Donald Trump Couldn’t Handle the Journalistic Diligence of This Smug Steamed Ham

Ezra Miller Got Arrested Again in Hawaii

Madison Cawthorn Is Actually Trying To Blame the Left for His Coke and Orgy Claims

Kim Kardashian Accused of Photoshopping Pete Davidson, Which Would Be Pretty on Brand

Lindsay Lohan Might Be Pregnant, Too

Twitter Shareholders Are Suing Elon Musk. Here We Go.

Britney Spears Is Pregnant. Strap In

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are Engaged. Again.

Hi, Hello, Vanessa Hudgens Can Talk to Ghosts

Do Not Abuse a Dog in Front of Jena Malone or She Will Chase You Down on the Streets of L.A.

Is Andrew Garfield, the Best Spider-Man, Single?

Amy Schumer Had a Killer Alec Baldwin Joke She Couldn’t Tell at the Oscars, You Guys

Jon Stewart Snatches Up Andrew Sullivan for Claiming He Was ‘Ambushed’ by 'The Problem With' Booker

The GOP Is Going to War With Disney (Good Luck With That)

The Academy Now Says Will Smith Was Asked To Leave the Oscars but He Refused To Go

Jason Momoa and Kate Beckinsale Might Be a Thing

Will Smith Apologized to Chris Rock for Real This Time, So That’s the End of That, I Guess

Hayden Panettiere and Her Hot Mess of a Boyfriend Tried To Fight a Whole Entire Bar

Grimes Admits to Blackmailing Blog With DDOS Attack; Jesus Christ…

Pete Davidson’s Mom Wants Him To Knock Up Kim Kardashian

Oscar Isaac Tells Disney to Oppose ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law: 'It's Insane'

Rachel Zegler Not Getting an Oscar Invite Is Disney’s Fault, Just FYI

Kanye West’s Grammys Performance Pulled Because of His ‘Concerning Online Behavior’

Daniel Radcliffe Says No to ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Movie (Good Call)

Britney Spears Deactivates Instagram Account After Announcing She Wants To Be ‘Feared’

Sydney Sweeney Says Her Comments About ‘Euphoria’ Nude Scenes Were ‘Twisted’

Emma Watson Supports Trans Rights by Taking a Jab at J.K. Rowling

Pete Davidson Texts Kanye To ‘Grow the F--- Up’ and Stop Being an ‘Internet B---- Boy’

Samuel L. Jackson Fires Back at Directors Trashing Superhero Films: ‘All Movies Are Valid’

Kim Kardashian Actually Said the Words ‘Nobody Wants To Work These Days’ Out Loud and Meant It

HBO Sued for Allegedly Sharing Viewer Data With Facebook

Benedict Cumberbatch Shot Down Sam Elliott’s Remarks About ‘The Power of the Dog’

The Chris Evans & Ana de Armas Rumors Are Back With a Vengeance

Antony Starr Arrested for Drunkenly Assaulting a 21-Year-Old Chef in Spain

Dax Shepard Once Dated an Olsen Twin, According to Dax Shepard

Leah Remini Drags Kirstie Alley Over Her Dumbass Russia Invasion Tweet

Samuel L. Jackson Puts Joe Rogan on Blast for Using the N-Word

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Are Reportedly Back Together

AnnaLynne McCord Already Made the Ukraine Invasion Version of the ‘Imagine’ Video (Thanks?)

The Full Story of How Tom Hardy Scared Charlize Theron on ‘Fury Road’ Is Pretty Bad

Aaron Rodgers Really Seems Like He Wants Shailene Woodley Back

Britney Spears Just Scored $15 Mil for a Tell-All Book, Here We Go

Evangeline Lilly Is At It Again

Jake Gyllenhaal Said Words About Taylor Swift, Everybody Freak Out!

Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley Called Off Their Engagement

Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker Broke Up

Julia Fox Got the Hell Away From Kanye With a Quickness

The Dave Chappelle Shut Down Affordable Housing Thing Is Complicated

Will Arnett Opens Up About His Divorce From Amy Poehler and the Frustrating Tabloid Coverage (Kinda Like This Post)

NBC Apologizes to Leslie Jones for ‘Third Party Error’ That Blocked Her Live Tweets of the Olympics

Armie Hammer and His Wife Are Reportedly ‘Figuring Things Out’ (What? Lady, No!)

Brie Larson Pushing NFTs Did Not Go Over Well

Jon Stewart Is Defending Joe Rogan Now. Dude...

Gwyneth Paltrow Will Apparently Eat One of Her Vagina Candles During the Super Bowl

Update: Whoopi Goldberg Reportedly Might Get Fired From ‘The View’ Over Holocaust Remarks

Thandiwe Newton Blasts ‘Jibbering Fool’ Sean Penn for Saying Men Are Too ‘Feminized’

Spotify Proudly Announces It Will Do the Absolute Bare Minimum To Address Its Joe Rogan Problem

Evangeline Lilly Is Back on Her Bullsh*t, Brags About Attending Anti-Vax Rally

Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley Don’t Even Try To Discuss Politics With Each Other

Disney Responds to Peter Dinklage’s ‘Snow White’ Criticism

Billy Bob Thornton’s Son Calls Out Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly

Brian Cox Walks Back Johnny Depp Criticism After Getting Swarmed by Depp’s ‘Vociferous’ Fans

Anna Kendrick & Bill Hader Have Been Secretly Dating for Over a Year

Lisa Bonet Didn’t Want To Follow Jason Momoa Around the World

Charisma Carpenter Responds to Joss Whedon’s Egotistical, Foot-Shooting Interview Jamboree

Matt Gaetz’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Just Granted Immunity in Exchange for Her Testimony

Jamie Lynn Spears Begs Britney To Stop Posting

Were There Signs That Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Marriage Was in Trouble?

Drake Puts What in His What So Women Won’t Steal His What?

Sarah Palin Calls AOC ‘Sex Obsessed’ in Weird Freudian Rant

There Are Now Concerns About ‘The Batman’ Being Released in March

RIP Bob Saget (1956 - 2022)

The CW Is About To Go Through Some Things

Jon Stewart Denies Calling J.K. Rowling Anti-Semitic

Aaron Rodgers Admits ‘Atlas Shrugged’ on His Shelf Was a Troll: ‘Never Even Read It’

‘Morbius’ Delayed for 800th Time As Omicron Case Surges

The 2021 Pajiba Ten: The 10 Brainiest, Most Lustful Celebrities on the Planet

Perhaps a Good Way To Support Trans Rights Is by Not Appearing With Dave Chappelle, Patton

Emma Watson Almost Quit the ‘Harry Potter’ Films After the Fame Became Too Much

Kim Kardashian Angered the Nerd Gods by Posting Huge ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Spoilers on Instagram

You May Now Gaze Upon Olivia Munn & John Mulaney's Child

Joe Rogan Calls Masks the ‘Democrats’ MAGA Hats’

It Looks Like Anna Marie Tendler Reacted to John Mulaney’s Baby

James Cameron Doesn’t Think Marvel Movies Are ‘Epic’

Olivia Munn & John Mulaney Are Still Together and Officially Parents

Peloton Already Pulled That Chris Noth Ad (Good Call)

Chadwick Boseman's Brother Says He'd Want Black Panther Recast

Aw Crap, Chris Pratt Wrote About His Wife on Instagram Again

Paul Thomas Anderson Says Superhero Movies Are Saving Cinema

Did Pete Davidson Already Dump Kim Kardashian for Miley Cyrus? Maybe!

Jussie Smollett Found Guilty of Staging A Hate Crime And Lying To Police

Brad Pitt Thinks He and Angelina Jolie Can Eventually Forgive Each Other

Marilyn Manson Reportedly Threatened Evan Rachel Wood's 8-Year-Old Son? WTF?

Sylvester Stallone Denies Sending QAnon Message and Wants Everyone To Know He Was Just on a Boat, OK?

Is Sylvester Stallone a QAnon Believer? Sure Looks Like It

Did Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Get Married Already?

Alec Baldwin Is Now Saying He Didn’t Pull the Trigger in ‘Rust’ Shooting – I’m Sorry, What?

Aaron Rodgers Thinks Packers Coaches Are Leaking His Medical Info to the Press

Chris Cuomo Reportedly Used Media Connections To Get Dirt on His Brother’s Accusers

After All of That, Matthew McConaughey Will Not Be Running for Texas Governor

Will Smith, Please Stop Talking About Your Sex Life for the Love of God

Did Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Break Up?

Kyle Rittenhouse Isn’t Racist and Totally Supports Black Lives Matter, You Guys

Gina Carano Is Starring in a Hunter Biden Movie Now

Jake Gyllenhaal's Alleged Cat Is Defending Him From Taylor Swift Fans

The Best and Worst of Humanity Contained in One GIF

Miles Teller Wants You To Know He’s Vaccinated, Alright?

Mel Gibson Will Reportedly Direct ‘Lethal Weapon 5’; A Movie Nobody Asked for and Definitely Not Like This

Britney Spears Is Officially a Free Woman

How Is Letitia Wright Screwing Over 'Black Panther 2' Now?

Emily Ratajkowski Explains How Pete Davidson Keeps Batting Way Above His League

Matthew McConaughey Is Against a Vaccine Mandate for Kids

Shailene Woodley Has Entered the Aaron Rodgers Chat

Terry Bradshaw Freaking Unloaded on Aaron Rodgers

Giancarlo Esposito's Favorite 'The Mandalorian' Cast Member Is... Gina Carano? Bruh

So Aaron Rodgers Is a Real Piece of Work

Alec Baldwin Is Pushing Back Against Reports That the ‘Rust’ Set Was Unsafe. It’s Not Like Somebody Died– Oh Wait

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Is a Thing That’s Happening

Matt Damon Is Pimping Crypto Now Just Like Tom Brady

So Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Might Still Be Together

Chrissy Teigen Reveals She’s 100 Days Sober So You’ll Buy Her Cookbook

Naturally, Dave Chappelle Just Made the Dave Chappelle Situation Worse

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn, Who Is Pregnant With His Child, Have Allegedly Broke Up

Andy Cohen Is the Only Person Who Called Out Meghan McCain and That’s F*cked Up

Seriously, Who the Hell Asks Kristen Stewart if She’d Play the Joker Opposite R-Battz?

Mental Health Org to Jamie Lynn Spears: ‘Keep Your Dirty Money’

The ‘John Wick’ Series Has an Abusive Antisemitic Problem Now

‘Y: The Last Man’ Canceled Before Its First Season Even Ended

After Jonah Hill Asked People Not To Comment on His Body, Sharon Stone Went Ahead and Did Exactly That

Letitia Wright Denies Spreading Anti-Vaxx Views on the Set of ‘Black Panther 2’

BREAKING: Dean Cain Still Sucks Turds

Will Poulter Is Adam Warlock in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.’

Justin Bieber Wants a Baby, May God Have Mercy on Us All

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Calls Out His Brian Laundrie Publicity Stunt

Britney Spears Just Torched Her Whole Family on Instagram

Dave Chappelle Proudly Announces He's 'Team TERF' Now

Lizzo Called Chris Brown Her ‘Favorite Person in the Whole World’ (Yup, That Chris Brown)

Emily Ratajkowski Accuses Robin Thicke of Groping Her on ‘Blurred Lines’ Set

Lindsay Lohan Is Selling a NFT of Herself as a Furry Now

Leah Remini Calls Out Laura Prepon for Not ‘Using Her Voice’ To Expose Scientology

Britney Spears’ Lawyer Says Her Dad Is a Drunk Gambling Addict

Tom Cruise & Hayley Atwell Reportedly Ended Their 'Relationship'

Is Angelina Jolie Dating The Weeknd? Probably!

Chris Pratt Is Mario Now, Like Nintendo Mario. The World’s a Messed Up Place, Man

Tom Brady Wants the NFL To Pay Him in Crypto… OK

Good Evening to an Out and Proud Elvira and Only Elvira

Simu Liu Allegedly Wrote Some Messed Up Reddit Posts

The Gabby Petito Case Took a Sad, Inevitable Turn

Bob Saget Remembers Norm Macdonald in Touching Tribute

CBS Pivots Tone-Deaf ‘The Activist’ Game Show Into a Docuseries

Jennifer Aniston Gets It

Nicki Minaj Tweeted the Wildest Vaccine Disinfo Yet

Olivia Munn Is Thankful for All the… Love and Support? Riiight

Jennifer Garner Endorsing Masks and Vaccines? I’ll Take It!

Matt Damon's Secret Instagram Account Isn't Secret Anymore

‘The View’ Is Taking Its Time Hiring a New Co-Host Who Won’t Squawk ‘MY FATHER’ at Everyone

Michael K. Williams Found Dead at 54

Susan Collins Calls Texas Abortion Ban ‘Extreme’ (Little Late for That)

Joe Rogan Touts Ivermectin While Announcing He Has COVID, Of Course

Rudy Giuliani's 22-Year-Old Assistant Just Quit, Wonder Why?

Farrah Abraham Is Suing Harvard for ‘Educational Abuse’

Chris D'Elia Is Doing Surprise Comedy Sets Now, Of Course

Megyn Kelly Farted Out Her Dumbest Hot Take Yet

Spike Lee Is Re-Editing His 9/11 Docuseries Following Truther Backlash

‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Is Probably Getting Bumped to January

Ken Jennings Is Now the New Front Runner To Host ‘Jeopardy!’

Scarlet Johansson and Disney Are Beefing in Public Again

Britney Spears Under Investigation for Allegedly Assaulting Her Housekeeper

Larry David Tells Off Trumper in His Life Who’s Also Alan Dershowitz

Laura Prepon Hasn’t ‘Practiced Scientology in Close to Five Years’

Johnny Depp Has the Sads Because Hollywood Is Boycotting His Ass

Bill Maher Defends Matt Damon From the ‘Woke Police,' Of Course

Britney Spears' Dad Has Left The Conservatorship

Arnold Schwarzengger Goes Off on Anti-Vaxxers: ‘You’re a Schmuck’

The One Where Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Might Be a Couple in Real Life

Bam Margera Sues Johnny Knoxville Over 'Jackass Forever' Firing

Britney Spears Was Almost Placed on 5150 Hold After Court Testimony

Quentin Tarantino Wants To Make a Rambo Movie With Adam Driver

'Canceled' Comedian Launches National Tour Next Week at Madison Square Garden

Joe Biden Calls on Andrew Cuomo To Resign

Mary Trump Bodied Meghan McCain on Live Television

Welp, Matt Damon Talked Himself Into a World of Sh*t Again

Is Kimberly Guilfoyle Trying To Ditch Don Jr. for A-Rod? God, I Hope

Bob Odenkirk Is Going to Be Okay!

Stephen Dorff Is Sorry He Dumped on 'Black Widow' and ScarJo

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Divorce Judge Has Been Disqualifed

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Recreated the ‘Jenny From the Block’ Bikini Scene

Wait, Jason Sudeikis and Irina Shayk Are a Thing Now?

Don't Expect The Rock and Vin Diesel to Work Together Anytime Soon

Anne Hathaway's Ex Says She Ghosted Him After He Was Arrested for Fraud (Smart Move)

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Are Already Fighting On Instagram

Irina Shayk and Kanye Are Still Together and She'll Sue You if You Say Otherwise

Megan Fox Didn't Mean Trump Is an Actual 'Legend,' Gawd

'Tiger King' Joe Exotic's Prison Sentence Has Been Vacated

Megyn Kelly Thinks the Media Exaggerated January 6, Of Course

Olivia Jade Didn't Like Being a 'Gossip Girl' Joke, You Guys

Debbie Matenopoulos Might Replace Meghan McCain on 'The View' Next Season (Yesss...)

Paris Hilton Comes to Britney Spears Defense

It Sounds Like 'Good Girls' Got Canceled Over Some Bullsh*t

Zendaya and Tom Holland Are a Thing Now

Paul Rudd Tried to Give Seth Rogen a Surprise Massage: It Backfired

Taika Waititi Isn't Sweating Those 'Threesome' Pics: 'It's Fine'

James Franco Forks Over $2 Million in Sexual Misconduct Settlement

Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell Are Officially a Thing

Jamie Lynn Spears Supported Britney 'Long Before There Was a Hashtag'

John Mulaney & Olivia Munn Were Papped Together, This Is Happening

Salma Hayek's Breasts Aren't Fake, You Jerks; They Just Won't Stop Growing

Stephen Amell Admits He Was Kicked off a Plane for Yelling at His Wife

Allison Mack Rolled on Keith Raniere for a Lighter Sentence

So A-Rod Might Be Dating Ben Affleck's Ex Lindsay Shookus

Michael Costello Reportedly Faked Those DMs of Chrissy Teigen 'Bullying' Him

Anthony Mackie Doesn't Want People Thinking Sam and Bucky Are Gay

Ana de Armas Rebounds From Ben Affleck With Some Tech Bro

Zoë Kravitz Is Taking Channing Tatum to 'Pussy Island' for Her Directorial Debut

Chrissy Teigen Wrote Another Apology for Her 'Horrible Tweets'

Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller Might Be a Thing Again

Jameela Jamil Will Reportedly Be the Big Bad In 'She-Hulk'

Holy Sh*t, the Kanye West and Irina Shayk Thing Is Real?!

Karen Allen Swats Down Theories Accusing Indiana Jones of Being a Child Predator

Ellie Kemper Apologizes for Attending Debutante Ball in 1999

The Internet Says 'Nope' to Alec & Hilaria Baldwin's Parenting Podcast

So, Uh, Ben Affleck Got Laid

Trump's Facebook and Instagram Have Not Been Reinstated (Thank God)

No, Ellie Kemper Is Not a 'KKK Princess,' You Dopes

Taika Waititi Reportedly Caught Sh*t From Marvel for 'Threesome' Pics

Is Gwen Stefani a Republican? Hope You Like Weird Non-Answers

Brad Pitt Actually Won Joint Custody of His Kids. Huh.

Seth Rogen Calls Out Comedians Complaining About Cancel Culture

Lindsay Lohan Is Starting Her Comeback With a Netflix Christmas Movie

It Sure Looks Like Taika Waititi Is Having Threesomes With Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson

Ben Affleck Apparently Can't Believe Jennifer Lopez Is Still Hot

Danny Masterson Took a Smiling Selfie After His Court Hearing (Gross)

Another One of Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina Candles Exploded (Allegedly)

Courtney Stodden Wants Chrissy Teigen to Lose All of Her Endorsements

Ricky Schroder Flips Out at Costco Greeter Over Mask Policy

John Mulaney Is Dating Olivia Munn Already

Chrissy Teigen Apologized to Courtney Stodden. It Didn't Work.

Tom Cruise Tried to Convince Seth Rogen That Louis Farrakhan Is 'Great'

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Already Took a 'Couple's Vacation' Together

Gal Gadot Confirms Joss Whedon Threatened Her Career While Filming 'Justice League'

So Meghan McCain Really Wants to Bang Will Smith

Caitlyn Jenner Is for the Wall Now, Donald Trump's Wall

Andrew Garfield 'Denies' He Has Cameo in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

Kat Dennings & Andrew WK Are Apparently a Thing

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Are Probably Back Together Again

Quiverfull Garbage Human Josh Duggar Has Been Arrested

Finally, Britney Will Get to Speak for Herself

A NYPost Journalist Resigns After Being Ordered to Write a False Story about Kamala Harris

A Couple of 'SNL' Cast Members Don't Seem too Thrilled about Elon Musk Hosting, Either

Moby Says He's Not a Creep, He's a Recovering Addict. Why Not Both?

Russell Crowe Has Revealed His 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Role

Wait, 'Master of None' Is Seriously Coming Back? OK...

The Derek Chauvin Verdict Came Back Guilty (Hell. Yes.)

Michael Keaton Will Officially Return As Batman in 'The Flash'

Jim Caviezel Is Pushing Qanon Theories Now, Wonderful...

Ivanka Trump Got the COVID Vaccine and Her Dad's Army of Morons Are Pissed

Chet Hanks Is Being Sued For $1 Million by His Ex-Girlfriend Over Allegations of Abuse

Urkel Sells Weed Now

Sebastian Stan Butt Naked, Anyone?

Charlyne Yi Calls Out Seth Rogen for Allegedly Enabling James Franco

Jerry Falwell Jr. Is Telling People to Get Vaccinated Now

Angelina Jolie Might Be Dating Diplo? Oh, OK

Piers Morgan Took a Shot at David Simon and He Best Did Miss

Jamie Kennedy Gets Grilled About Starring in Anti-Abortion Movie

Did the Snyder Cut Just Torpedo Ava DuVernay's 'New Gods' Movie?

Sarah Palin Is Pro-Mask and Pro-Vaccine Now (Gee, I Wonder What Happened?)

Chet Hanks Made 'White Boy Summer' Merch and, Uh, Yikes

Rachel Bilson Shared a High School Photo of Rami Malek and He Was Kind of a D*ck About It

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Had Sex at the Democratic National Convention

Britney Spears Officially Petitions Her Dad to Resign From Her Conservatorship

Orlando Bloom Isn't Having Enough Sex With Katy Perry After She Birthed Him a Whole Child

Joe Biden Calls for an Assault Rifle Ban, Let's Make That Sh*t Happen

Ellen's Ratings Are in the Toilet

Kylie Jenner Just Made a Compelling Case to Eat the Rich

Britney Spears Is Open to a Meghan Markle Style Interview With Oprah

Ralph Fiennes Thinks the Way J.K. Rowling Has Been Treated Is 'Disturbing'

Meghan McCain Actually Blamed Kamala Harris for Republicans Being Too Stupid to Get the COVID Vaccine

Zack Snyder Will Wisely Hold off on Directing 'The Fountainhead'

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez 'Are Working Through Some Things'

Are We Supposed to Feel Sorry for Armie Hammer Because His Family Sucks?

Naya Rivera's Father Accuses Ryan Murphy of Not Donating to Her Son's College Fund as Promised

Disney CEO Defends Firing Gina Carano, Reaffirms Kathleen Kennedy's Job Is Safe for Years to Come

Meghan McCain Is Just Like Meghan Markle, You Guys, Just Like Her

New York State Senate Majority Leader Calls for Andrew Cuomo to Resign

Where's Vice President Kamala Harris? Breaking the Senate Tie on COVID Relief

Kayleigh McEnany Has a Nickname at Fox News and It's Fitting as Hell

Dolly Parton Got Her COVID Shot!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Found a Sixth Baby Somewhere

Somebody Shot Lady Gaga's Dog Walker and Stole Her French Bulldogs? Jesus...

The NHS Saw Gwyneth Paltrow Is Pushing COVID Cures and Have Already Told Her to Knock It Off

So the Next Spider-Man Movie Has Three Titles Right Now, but What Does It All Mean, Basil?

Lord Queen Meghan McCain of House MyFather Demands to Speak to the COVID Vaccine's Manager

Elton John Gets Dragged for His 'Lovely' Friendship With Rush Limbaugh

Jason Sudeikis Dating 'Ted Lasso' Co-Star Keeley Hazell After Olivia Wilde Ditched Him for Harry Styles

Gwyneth Paltrow Got COVID and Now She's Pushing Goop Cures for It, Oh God Jesus No

'The Mandalorian' Will Not Recast Cara Dune After Firing Gina Carano

Meghan McCain Got Dragged for Tweeting Dumb Sh*t About the Fence Around the Capitol

Gina Carano F*cked up So Bad Her Action Figures Are Being Canceled

Pedro Pascal's Tweets Are Nothing Like Gina Carano's Despite What the Hate-Muppet Says

'Game of Thrones' Bella Ramsey Cast as Ellie in HBO's 'The Last of Us'

Pedro Pascal Proudly Supports His Sister Coming Out as Trans

Hilaria Baldwin Apologies for Not Being Clear That She's a Super White, Not Spanish Lady

Olivia Wilde Explains the 'No Assholes' Policy That Made Her Fire Shia LaBeouf

The GOP Reined in Marjorie Taylor Greene by Doing Nothing and Giving Her a Standing Ovation

The MyPillow Guy Is Too Batsh*t Even for Newsmax

Aubrey O'Day Dragging Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter Can Stay, Let's Keep That Going

Ella Emhoff Is Already Being Harassed Online

Armie Hammer Is Allegedly Abusing His Dog, Too

Amy Schumer Lights Hilaria Baldwin on Fire While Exiting Their 'Feud'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is a Dangerous Psycho Who Needs to Go

Did Meghan McCain Just Admit She Still Voted for Trump in 2020?

Josh Hawley Defended Militias After the Oklahoma City Bombing? Oh. OH JESUS.

Jane Krakowski Issues a Jenna Maroney-esque Denial to the MyPillow Guy Rumors

Netflix Would Really Like P*rn Sites to Stop Pirating 'Bridgerton' Clips

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas Might Get Back Together Soon

Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina Candles Are Reportedly Exploding Now

Tiffany Haddish Is Under Fire for Allegedly Spreading COVID Conspiracy Theories

Chris Rock Almost Played Who on 'Seinfeld'?

Armie Hammer Exits J.Lo Romantic Comedy 'Shotgun Wedding' Following Online Rumors of Abuse

Bruce Willis Got Kicked Out of a Los Angeles Pharmacy for Refusing to Wear a Mask

'QAnon Shaman' Refuses to Eat Prison Food Because It's Not 'Organic'

So Armie Hammer Allegedly Likes to Drink Women's Blood

Meghan McCain Thought Now Was a Good Time to Defend Josh Hawley

What Happened to John Fetterman Today Is Proof That Trumpism Is a Cancer

Rest In Peace, Tanya Roberts

No, Vandalizing Nancy Pelosi's House Is Not 'Cool,' You Idiots

Robert Pattinson Is Reportedly Sick of Being Batman Already

January Jones Got Drunk on Instagram and Blew up Bruce Willis' Spot

Olivia Wilde Fired Shia Labeouf for Violating Her No A$$holes Policy

Hilaria Baldwin's Fake Spanish Accent Is the Holiday Tea I Didn't Know I Needed

A Dominion Employee Just Sued the Trump Campaign and Its Cabal of Idiots, Life Is Good

Leah Remini Calls Tom Cruise's Rant a Staged 'Publicity Stunt'

Selena Gomez Reportedly Cuts Ties With Hillsong Church

Gal Gadot Confirms She Had a Bad Experience With Joss Whedon on 'Justice League'

So is Joss Whedon's Career Over? Because It Sure Seems Like It

An Angry Tom Cruise Delivers a Profanity-Fueled Rant After Crew Members Violate Covid Protocols

Bill Barr Has Left the Administration

Sia Claims That Shia LaBeouf 'Conned' Her into an Adulterous Relationship

The Kardashians Merged With Disney, It's All Over for Us Now

January Jones Wrecks The National Enquirer's Idiotic Attempt to Shame Her Bikini Photos

Sex Pest 'Wine Lady' Melissa Carone Swears She Wasn't Drunk During Giuliani Hearing

Christopher Nolan Unloads on Warner Bros. Releasing Films on HBO Max, and He's Not Wrong

Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized for COVID-19

So Movie Theaters Are Pretty Pissed at Warner Bros. Right Now

Mads Mikkelsen Hopes Johnny Depp Is 'Back in the Saddle Again' Soon? Hannibal, No...

Christ, Even Bill Barr Is Saying There's No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Rosario Dawson Responds to Anti-Trans Allegations Plaguing Her Ahsoka Tano Casting

Why Did Joss Whedon Really Leave HBO's 'The Nevers'?

Dax Shepard Handled Getting Roasted By Hasan Minhaj Well

John Cleese to J.K. Rowling: 'Look at Me, I Hate Trans-Rights, Too!'

Trump's Legal Team Is Already Backing Away From Sidney 'The Kraken' Powell

The Pope Liked a Butt Pic on Instagram and Now the Vatican Is Freaking Out

Holy Shit! 'Wonder Woman 1984' Will Hit HBO Max and Theaters on Christmas Day

Dolly Parton Is Very Close to Living Out Her 'Playboy' Dream

Ben Shapiro's Bigoted Little Keebler Elf Mind Can't Handle Harry Styles in a Dress

So That's Why Marvel Circled Its Wagon Around the Worst Chris

Scott Baio Is a Bootlicking Weirdo

Alton Brown Made a Holocaust Joke After Admitting He's a Conservative (Damn, Dude)

'America: Endgame' Creator Breaks Down Those Hilariously Random Cameos

Fox News Cuts Off Kayleigh McEnany Mid-Lie

Rest In Peace, Alex Trebek (1940 - 2020)

Kourtney Kardashian Is Telling People That Masks Cause Cancer Because Her Family Is the Goddamn Devil

Anyone in the Market for a Life-Size Cutout of Timothy Olyphant From 'The Mandalorian'?

Megan Fox Dragged Brian Austin Green for Making Her Look Like an 'Absent Mother' on Instagram

Trump Left Another Crowd Out in the Cold, This Time in the Battleground State of PA (Smart!)

Scarlett Johansson Marries Bland, Boring Box of Chins

Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies the Whole 'I Was a Little Bit Republican' Thing

NXIVM Founder Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison

Amy Coney Barrett Has Been Confirmed to the Supreme Court. Goddammit.

Mike Pence's Staff Is Spraying COVID Everywhere

It's Nice to See Jill Duggar Escape the Fold (For the Most Part)

Rudy Giuliani Claims 'Borat 2' Scene Is Retaliation for Hunter Biden (Sure, Pal)

Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo Defend Chris Pratt for Not Being 'Political'

Zack Snyder Backed Joe Biden and Sad, Angry Dorks Are Losing It

Kirstie Alley Announced She's Voting for Trump; It Went Really Well for Her

How About If We Just Stop Commenting On Women's Bodies All Together? Deal? Deal.

Ice Cube Has Been Secretly Working With the Trump Campaign

Nancy Pelosi Ripped Wolf Blitzer a New Asshole

Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz Are Back to Work on 'The Batman'

Dr. Fauci Is Pissed with the Trump Campaign

A Grand Jury In Texas Indicts Netflix Over 'Cuties'

Anne Heche Says Fox Canceled Her Film Contract Because of Relationship With Ellen DeGeneres

Robert Downey Jr. Is Trying to Launch a Sherlock Holmes Cinematic Universe Now

AOC and the Squad Drag Twitter for Caring About Harmful Tweets Now That It Affects Trump

Did Shia LaBeouf Steal Someone's MAGA Hat?

The Trump Family Is Afraid Brad Parscale Is About to Roll on Them

Gwyneth Paltrow Posted a Nude for Her Birthday. Hey, Why Not?

The Rock Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Joe Rogan Is Already a Pain in Spotify's Ass

The Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision Is Bullsh*t

Cindy McCain to Endorse Joe Biden; Daughter Meghan Still an Idiot

Jax and Brittany Join the Growing List of 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Who Are Popping Out Kids

Dave Chappelle Tells His Critics to 'Shut the F*ck up Forever' During Emmy Speech (How About No?)

Netflix's 'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Arrested

Bill Barr Is Floating the Idea of Charging Protesters With Sedition. Can You Taste the Fascism Yet?

Cardi B Files for Divorce From Offset After He Allegedly Cheated (Again)

Jason Momoa Releases New Statement Supporting Ray Fisher and My Man Sounds Pissed

Gina Carano Dropped a Bucket of Transphobia in Star Wars' Lap

Jon Gosselin Accused Of Physically Abusing His Son

'Wonder Woman 1984' Is Probably Getting Bumped, Knocking 'Dune' Into Next Year

Lily Allen and David Harbour Are Reportedly Engaged

Candace Owens Took a Shot at Cardi B, It Didn't Go Well for Her

Quarantining Is Not A Prison Sentence, Lili

John Boyega Puts 'Star Wars' on Blast for Failing POC Characters Like Finn and Rose

Minka Kelly & Trevor Noah Have Been Secretly Boning This Whole Time, 'Allegedly'

Niecy Nash Is Out, Proud, and Has a New Wife!

'Black Panther' Director Ryan Coogler Shares His Loving Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

It Ain't Subtle

Jamie Lynn Spears Is in Charge of Britney Spears' Finances Now. Sure, Why Not?

Tom Cruise Made a Weird-Ass Video to Promote Seeing 'Tenet' in Theaters

Sofia Vergara Would Like the Jokes About Her Accent Left Out of the Ellen Debacle, Please

Megan Thee Stallion Confirms Tory Lanez Shot Her and It Wasn't Over Kylie Jenner

Jamie Spears is Not a Good Guy

Britney Spears Just Made a Move That Will Confuse the Hell Out of #FreeBritney

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Are Getting Back Together (For a Charity Table Read)

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Di Is Genius Casting

Katy Perry's Ex-Husband Dismissed 'WAP' as Nothing but Porn, and Folks Were Not Having It

Things Are Getting Uglier For Chrishell Stause of 'Selling Sunset' and Ex Justin Hartley

Olivia Munn Wants to Be a Part of the G4 Relaunch? Did Not See That Coming

Eric Trump Used Robin Williams To Attack Joe Biden? Oh Hell No

Worst Chris Welcomes His First Schwarzenegger Offspring, What a Time to Be Alive

Dave Chappelle Invited Louis CK to His Ohio Comedy Show, Goddammit

Human Trash Jake Paul's Home Searched By The FBI

Kanye West's Presidential Campaign Is Exactly the Republican Ratf*ck Everyone Suspected

Brian Austin Green Claims He Didn't Know Courtney Stodden Was 'Famous' and That They Only Had Lunch, You Pervs

Jerry Falwell Jr. Tweeted Some Odd Vacation Photos Because Apparently It's Been Too Long Since He's Had A Scandal

Sean Penn Secretly Married Leila George, The 28-Year-Old Daughter of Vincent D'Onofrio. Congrats?

The First Ever Non-Oprah Cover For O Magazine Is Breonna Taylor

Armie Hammer Is the New Susan Sarandon. Oh Good.

What's Cameron Diaz Been up To? Making Wine That Gives You Fewer Hangovers. Bam!

Keanu Reeves' Warmth and Charm Is So Palpable, You Can Actually Feel It Over Zoom

Gwyneth Paltrow Really Wants You to Know Which Celebrity Wife Taught Her How to Do a BJ

When You Come For Martha Stewart, You Best Not Miss

Joe Rogan Is Putting Trans Lives in Danger. Again.

Jeremy Renner Accused of Bringing 'Several Young Women' Without Masks Around His Daughter

Maxine Waters Is Out Here Confronting Cops on the Street, DGAF

Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be Running Mate to Kanye, Who Disrespected Harriet Tubman

A Cast Member Of 'Entourage' Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

Megan Thee Stallion Puts Stop to Rumors by Revealing She Was Shot Over the Weekend and Is the Victim of a Crime

Chance the Rapper Backed Kanye for President Then Quickly Realized That Was a Terrible Mistake

Zendaya in a Tarantino Movie Needs to Happen, Says Vivica A. Fox

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson Couldn't Make It Work in Case Things Weren't Bleak Enough for You

Ben and Ana Better Step Up Their Paparazzi Game

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Can Finally Be in the Same Room

Johnny Depp Had His First Day in Court and It's Already a Sh*t Show

Congratulations, America's Ass

The Power Dynamic of Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina's Alleged Affair Is Not Great

Lena Dunham Wants You to Know Hollywood Is 'Rigged in Favor of White People,' e.g., Lena Dunham

Meghan McCain Defended the 'Ken and Karen' Gun Nuts Because Meghan McCain Is Gonna Meghan McCain

Sacha Baron Cohen 'Tricked' a Three Percenter Rally Into Having A Racist Sing-Along

Anthony Mackie Calls Out Marvel for Its Lack of Diversity and He Ain't Wrong

It's Just 'The Chicks' Now, Thankyouverymuch

Jenny Slate Exits 'Big Mouth' and Apologizes for Engaging in Black Erasure

Charlize Theron Calls Steven Seagal an Overweight Fraud Who's Not Nice to Women

Justin Bieber Refutes Sexual Assault Accusation With More Receipts Than I've Ever Seen in My Life

Whitney Cummings Finally Addresses the Chris D'Elia Accusations

Pajiba Love, Juneteenth Edition: Congresswoman Pressley Would Like a Word, Mr. Barr

Rep. Matt Gaetz Revealed He Has an Adult Son to Score Political Points in a Debate He Somehow Lost to Meghan McCain

Danny Masterson Arrested, Charged with Raping Three Women

Megan Fox Definitely Saw Those Photos of Brian Austin Green With Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden Is Brian Austin Green's Rebound? Did Not See That Coming

Just FYI in Case Your Name Is Sia, This Is Nicki Minaj

Miss Independent

Emma Watson Defends Trans Rights After J.K. Rowling Continues to Go Full TERF

Stassi and Kristen Fired From 'Vanderpump Rules' for Their Racist Garbage That Could've Got a Woman Killed

Kamala Harris Wrecked Meghan McCain's Stupid 'Defund the Police' Comments

Minneapolis Pledges to Disband Its Police Department, Here We Go

This Is What A Looter Looks Like:

There is an Internal Rebellion Against The New York Times Over an Op-Ed That Put Its Black Staffers in Danger

Gwyneth Paltrow Actually Used Her White Privilege for Good?

Myka Stauffer Is Losing Sponsorships After Admitting That She 'Rehomed' Her Autistic Son? Good

Thomas Middleditch Bragged About His Open Marriage and Now It's Over, Whoops

A YouTuber Said She 'Re-Homed' Her Adoptive Child

Oscar Isaac Is Team Biden and People Are Taking It Well (Nope, No, They're Not)

Jimmy Fallon Gets Dragged for 'SNL' Sketch Where He Wears Blackface to Play Chris Rock (Yup)

The Secret Behind Who Really Sang That Taylor Swift Cover on 'Killing Eve'

Ben Affleck & Ana De Armas Are Taking His Kids on Their Pap Walks Now, Oh Good

Lana Del Rey Had Some ... Stuff to Say

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Turned Into a 'Bearded Snack' While on Lockdown

So Ruby Rose Just Quit 'Batwoman', Holy Sh*t

Drea De Matteo Has a Whole Lot to Say About Her Time on 'The Sopranos' in New Podcast

Tara Reid Joins the Rapidly Growing 'Tiger King' Cinematic Universe That Will Consume Us All

Mary-Kate Olsen's Divorce is Off to a Nasty Start

Aw, Man, It's Time For Another Kardashian Pregnancy Already?

The Story of Lena Dunham Accosting Brad Pitt Has the Worst Ending of All Time

Did Emma Stone Get Secretly Married Under the Cover of Quarantine?

Hilarie Burton Says MTV Groomed Her to Be Quiet If Celebs Like Ben Affleck Groped Her Again

Florence Pugh Is Not Done Going Off On People For Being Hateful About Her Private Life

Jessica Simpson Refuses to Be Body-Shamed for Having Breasts at the Met Gala

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Might Actually Be the Schadenfreude We Need Right Now

The Free Britney Spears Movement Just Had A Flaming Setback

The Kardashians Are Already Milking the Virus for Ratings; Everything's Back to Normal!

Harrison Ford Is Still Confused By Parsecs

Katie Couric Recalls the Time that Denzel Went Seriously Denzel On Her

Florence Pugh Has Caught January Jones' Infectious Stir-Crazy Bug

A Very Cavallari Divorce Is Getting Very Nasty

A Very Cavallari Divorce

She's Not Fooled By The Rocks That She Got, She's Just, She's Just Jenny From The Block

Julianne Hough Is No Longer Quarantining with Her Husband

When One Part of Twitter Tried to Cancel Adam Driver, the Star Wars Part of Twitter Rose Up and Said, 'Oh, hell no!'

Cole Sprouse Denies Cheating on Lili Reinhart with Pete Davidson’s Ex, Kaia Gerber

It's Great to See Rachel McAdams Again

Stir-Crazy January Jones Is Losing It

Mulaney Is a TikTok Muse, Padma Idiotically Criticized for Not Wearing a Bra, and Big Props to Michael Che

Shia LaBeouf Has Apparently Reconciled with His Ex-Wife. Wait, LaBeouf Has an Ex-Wife?

Kate Beckinsale Managed to Find a New Boyfriend Even Younger than the Previous Three

'Prepare to Be Disappointed, Punk'

Grifter Gwyneth Thinks that Her Haters Are Just Jealous Of Her Beauty And Wealth

Florence Pugh Does Not Need Your Permission to Date Zach Braff, Thanks

Kaley Cuoco Has Been 'Forced to' Live with a Dude Name Karl She Probably Forgot She Married

Our Sincerest Condolences, Michael Che

We Ain't Mad at Kylie Jenner

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are Having a Tough Time

Adam Schlesinger Is a Profoundly Hard Loss

Joe Rogan to Gal Gadot: 'Stay Offline, You #*$!. Get Off Your Phone'

Ben Affleck Is Really Nailing Those ‘Love in the Time of a Pandemic’ Pap Walks

Jim And Pam Were Not Meant To Be 💔

Evangeline Lilly Is Sorry

'Scream' Co-Stars Matthew Lillard and Courteney Cox Have Daughters Named Coco, Who Are Inspiring for Very Different Reasons Today

Chris Evans and His Brother Provide the Regrettable Quarantine Content We Need

So, Cardi B Has a Theory

Horror Stories About Ellen Degeneres? Inject Them Into Our Veins

Evangeline Lilly Will Not Be Going Into Quarantine Now, Thanks

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are Instagram Official, And Affleck Wants the Photo Credit

Update: A Week After Diagnosis, Tom Hanks Has the Blahs

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Have Left the Hospital. Are We Done Yet?

A Heartbreaking Old Clip from 'Scrubs' Illustrating the Importance Of Social Distancing Has Gone Viral

Lindsey Graham Self-Quarantines, and Alexandra Grant on Her Relationship with Keanu Reeves ❤️

It's Been a Hell of a Night

Harvey Weinstein: 'I Want Jennifer Aniston Killed'

Ben Affleck Has a New Girlfriend

Evangeline Lilly Has Had a Hard Year

The Coronavirus Delays Its First Celebrity Wedding

For Those Not Curious Enough to Watch, But Curious Enough to Click, Here's Who Has Been Unmasked So Far on Season 3 of 'The Masked Singer'

Michael Rapaport And Barstool Sports Are Trying to Destroy Each Other. Let's Hope They Both Win

Things Still Aren’t Right Between Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Maisie Williams 'Fell In Love with a Boy'

MSNBC Contributor Benched for Smearing Black, Female Bernie Staffers

Some Kids These Days Are Still Blind To Their Own Privilege

Pete Davidson Calls Louis C.K. a ‘Piece of Shit’ Who Tried To Get Him Fired From ‘SNL’

Pete Davidson Candidly Explains Why His Girlfriends Keep Dumping Him

Gigi Ends Jake On Behalf of Zayn

The 'CIA-Lovin', Red-State Hero' is Not the Narrative John Krasinski Wants You To Have Of Him

Colin Jost May Leave 'SNL' After the Election to Spend More Time Being a +1

Ben Affleck Reveals His Biggest Regret, and It's Neither 'Gigli' Nor 'Jersey Girl'

‘The Price is Right’ Taping Postponed Following the Death of Dr. Amie Harwick, Drew Carey’s Ex-Fiancée

No, Keegan-Michael Key Did Not Endorse Pete Buttigieg

Does Anyone Want To Explain To Snoop Dogg How Apologies Work Or Nah?

Natalie Portman Responds After Rose McGowan Calls Her Oscar Dress 'Deeply Offensive'

Macaulay Culkin Recalls His Relationship with Michael Jackson, Chides James Franco

Joe Biden Inexplicably Calls a N.H. Voter a ‘Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’

Censorship Does Not Mean What You Think It Means, Madonna

Jameela Jamil Is Messy

Prosecutors Humiliated Harvey Weinstein During His Trial Today. Good.

Edward Norton Calls Janeane Garofalo A Liar

Jason Momoa's Creepy-Hilarious Commercial Wins the Super Bowl

Linda Hamilton Would Like to Be Done with 'Terminator' Now, Thanks

Charlie Hunnam: 'It Was Just Some Stupid Sh*t I Said in the Heat of the Moment'

Hey Joe Biden: Cantankerous Old Coot Is Bernie's Lane! (But I See Joe's Still Got the Inappropriate Touching Down Pat)

Terry Crews Fritters Away Years of Goodwill In a Series of Tweets

Watch Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men Pay Tribute to Kobe Bryant at the Grammys

Danny Masterson Is A Monster. Allegedly.

Jessica Simpson Didn't Like It When Her Ex John Mayer Called Her 'Sexual Napalm'

Sometimes, Even Oprah Steps In It

'No Other Option,' Says Prince Harry About Stepping Back From Royal Family

No One Is More Upset that ‘Fleabag’ Lost the SAG Award Than the Cast of the Show That Won

Sean Penn's Girlfriend Is Half His Age and Also the Daughter of Kingpin

Anna Faris is Engaged, While Charlie Hunnam Sounds Like a Dick About Marriage

The 'Jeopardy' GOAT Tournament Has Crowned Its Champion

Yes, January Jones Did Date That Guy From ‘The Bachelor’

At 11:20 p.m., Saturday January 11th, 2020, DJ Qualls Announced at a Jim Jeffries Show That He Is Gay

Cheers to AOC, Our Future President 🔥

Back the Hell Off of Lizzo, Jillian Michaels

Yeah, No: That's Not OK

Kate Becksinale Goes Home with One of Pete Davidson's Best Friends After The Golden Globes

It's Official Now, and It Is Adorable

A Whole Lot Of Celebrities Got Engaged in the Last Few Days

How Are Brad and Jennifer Still a Story?

Armie Hammer Is Pathetic

Et Tu, Terry Gilliam?

'Thirst Trap,' As It Pertains to Mark Wahlberg, Doesn't Mean What Some Of You Think It Means

Here Are the Identities of All the S2 ‘The Masked Singer’ Celebrities, Including the Winner

Kumail Nanjiani’s New Jacked Physique Earns Him a Featured Placement on Pornhub

Emily Gordon Low-Key Assuages Our Concerns that Kumail Nanjiani Will Become the Next Chris Pratt

There Is F**kery Afoot On Both 'American Gods' and at The Hallmark Channel

The 'Peloton Wife' Says The Problem with the Ad Was Her Face

Charlize Theron Accidentally Flashes Everyone While Celebrating SAG Nomination

Wait! Florence Pugh is Dating Zach Braff? Plus 'Yes, That is a Vibrator'

Daisy Ridley Does Not Appear to Understand White Privilege

Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor Somehow Reunites with Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince in the 'Wonder Woman 1984' Trailer

Justin Timberlake Is Really Sorry But Go See His Movie, OK?

Emma Stone Is Engaged, and What Is It About A-List Celebrities and 'SNL' Dudes?

The Matt Smith/Lily James Relationship Gossip is Giving Us Whiplash

Justin Hartley’s ‘Messy’ Divorce May Be the Most Interesting Thing About Him

Just Pay the Damn Child Support, Broke-Ass Hunter Biden

Pete Buttigieg Phoned the Journalist Who Called Him a 'Lying MF'; It Did Not Go Terribly

A Breathless Update on Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Marriage

Elizabeth Banks' Prince Andrew Joke Shocks Graham Norton's Guests

Pete Davidson Goes Full-Ken Doll In the Down There Region

Hunter Biden is Messy. Messy and a New Daddy

Brad Pitt Is Dating Way Above His Station Now

Johnny Depp’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Because She Doesn’t Want to Be Johnny Depp’s Girlfriend

Two Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s Sitcom After Making Complaints Against Heaton's Husband

Louis C.K. Accuser: 'I Didn’t Consent to Louis C.K. Masturbating in Front of Me'

Brad Pitt Heard a Great Story About Adam Sandler

2019 Finally Got Something Right: Its Sexiest Man Alive

'Jeopardy' Delivers Its First Ever Tear-Jerking Moment

'Frasier' Reboot in the Works, 'The Soup' Is Coming Back, and 'Community' and 'Party Down' Revivals Are Possible

Et Tu, Jeff Goldblum?

If Warren Gets the Nomination, Bill Gates Won't Rule Out Voting for Trump

69-Year-Old-Ron Perlman to Divorce Amid Open Marriage Rumors, and 70-Year-Old Richard Gere Has Another Kid

Just Remember, Boy George, Shutting Up Is Also an Option, and It's Totally Free!

Evangeline Lilly Shaved Her Head. How Was Your Weekend?

Janky Lowbrain ‏Dressed as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for Halloween; It Did Not Go Well

Pour One Out for Deadspin (RIP) and the Inspiring Journalists Who Quit Today En Masse

The Joke That May Have Gotten Kurt Sutter Fired by Disney

Ben Affleck's Online Dating Is Going Well

Jared Padalecki Arrested for Public Intoxication and Assault

Megan Mullally Bails On Two Episodes of 'Will & Grace' Over Tensions with Cast

'Extreme Poverty' Doesn't Mean What Kelly Ripa Thinks It Means

Now You're Just Pissing Off the Prosecutors, Aunt Becky

Miley Cyrus Catches Flak For Suggesting Being Gay Is a Choice One Makes After Exhausting All the Good Dick

Mitt Romney's Eight-Year-Old Secret Twitter Account Is Scandalous! (It Is Not Scandalous)

Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley Are Done

Screw It: Here's Who Has Been Unmasked So Far on 'The Masked Singer'

Gina Rodriguez Is Real Sorry About Using the N-Word, She Just Really Loves Lauryn Hill

Paul Rudd Had a Couple of Awkward Moments with Jennifer Aniston on ‘Friends’

RIP Tom Holland's Hair (You Were Loved), Plus Did We Know Who David Harbour Was Dating?

The Force Is Strong With...Freddie Prinze Jr.?

Mark Ruffalo Smashes Ellen Degeneres' Suggestion That We Should Be Kind to War Criminals

Bernie Sanders Scaling Back Campaign Events After a Heart Attack and a Heartbreaking Death in the Family

Marc Maron Calls Out 'Woke Culture' Comments Made By His 'Joker' Director, Todd Phillips

What Are You Doing, Ellen Degeneres?

Robert De Niro and James Franco Sued for Being Sh*tty Men

Go Away, Megyn Kelly

Tom Hanks Is the Real Deal

Ansel Elgort Wants To Be … Asexually Polyamorous?

'Fast and Furious' Director Rob Cohen Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault

Perfect Casting Is Perfect: Ryan Reynolds To Star In The Clue Movie

After Meeting with Ukrainian President, Ashton Kutcher Shares His Thoughts On Trump's Impeachment

Jon Cryer Fact Checks Demi Moore's Account That She Took His Virginity

January Jones Did Not Want to 'F**k That Old Man' Bruce Willis

Bad News for Anyone Who Got a 'Miley + Kaitlynn =4EVAH' Tattoo

Brad Pitt Confirms That He Threatened Harvey Weinstein on Gwyneth Paltrow's Behalf

Damnit Justin Trudeau! What Were You Thinking?

'Silicon Valley's' Thomas Middleditch And His Wife Mollie Gates Are Swingers

Ben Affleck’s Ex-Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus Has Exchanged a Hot Mess for a Mad Man

What the Hell is Joe Biden On About Now?

The Insufferable Jonathan Franzen Mansplains Climate Science

Randall Flagg and Mother Abagail Have Been Cast in 'The Stand' Miniseries

We Just Want Britney Jean to Be Happy, Dammit

Jenny Slate Is Getting Married, But Not to Best Chris

Like A Lot Of Us, Kristen Stewart Is Also Excited To See Robert Pattinson As Batman

Alec Baldwin 'Hates' Playing Trump on 'SNL' As Much As We Hate Watching Him Play Trump on 'SNL'

Occasionally Problematic Celebrity Couples Can Do Good Deeds, Too

Kristen Stewart Was Advised to Hide Her Sexuality to Secure a Marvel Role

Old Man President Now Literally Yelling at Clouds

James Comey Proves To Be Unlimited Fuel Source For Trump's Paranoia

Another Celebrity Actress Has Taken a Romantic Interest in Pete Davidson

This Wouldn't Have Been Our First Post-'SNL' Project for Leslie Jones, But She'll Make It Work

You Don’t Have to Understand Baseball to Appreciate the Padres Trolling the Red Sox

Did You Think You Could No Longer Be Surprised by Donald Trump's Stupidity? Think Again

Wait, What? Christina Hendricks' Hand Was in a Very Famous Movie Poster

Why Brad Pitt Is Estranged from His Son Is Unclear, But It Doesn't Speak Well of Pitt's Parenting

Kristen Wiig Is Now Engaged To a Hot Piece

The Very Private Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Very Privately Ended Their Relationship

Michael Sheen Didn't Cheat on His Ex Girlfriend, He Wants You to Know

NBD Trump Just Wants to Buy a Greenland

Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology Sued by Four Women for Stalking

Disney Is Not Impressed with the Next X-Men Installment, 'The New Mutants'

Priyanka Chopra Did Not Respond Well To Being Called a 'Hypocrite'

So, Miley Cyrus Is Divorcing Liam Hemsworth to be With Brody Jenner's Ex-Girlfriend?

Mötley Crüe Drummer Tommy Lee Rips the Hell out of the Trump Administration

Macaulay Culkin Has a Very Appropriate Response to News of a 'Home Alone' Remake

Mitch McConnell Supporters Choke and Grope a Cut Out of AOC, But ... They're the Real Victims? (And a Note About Our Commenting Policy)

Afton Williamson Identifies Her Sexual Harasser on the Set of ABC's 'The Rookie'

Afton Williamson Quits ABC's 'The Rookie' After Alexi Hawley Ignored Sexual Harassment Complaints

David Brooks Has Really Outdone Himself in the Bad Take Department

Idris Elba Failing to Describe the Plot of 'CATS' Is the Best Thing About 'CATS'

Kelly McGillis Won't Be in the 'Top Gun' Sequel Because She's 'Old and Fat' And She's Just Fine with That

Tituss Burgess Calls Andy Cohen a 'Messy Bitch' After Eddie Murphy Question

Armie Hammer Skeeved Out the Whole Damn Internet This Weekend

A 'Dad Bod' Accusation Strikes Again

Oh, Please Do Shut Up, Michael Moore

Colin Jost Spent $400K on ScarJo's Engagement Ring, and Captain Kangaroo Was a Jackass

Yikes Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. YIKES

Taylor Swift Fans Are Mobilizing Against Kamala Harris

Of Course, Dad and Uncle Billy Need to Comment on Ireland Baldwin's Butt on Instagram

Liberal Jon Stewart Destroys Conservative Rand Paul on ... Fox News

Oh, Alyssa. No

Bless Jaden Smith's Wealthy, Privileged, No-One-Ever-Told-Him-No Heart

Is He, Geraldo? Is Trump Really 'Better Than' Today's Racist Tweets?

It's Megan Rapinoe's World, Ben Shapiro, And You're Just Living In It

Twitter Erupts in Faux Outrage Over Absurd Half Slight At His Shirtless 'Dad Bod'

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Pull a Cruel Bait and Switch with a 'Breaking Bad' Reunion

Netflix Will Pay Over $130 Million for One Movie (And It's Probably Worth It)

Donald Trump Goes Off on Fox News After World Cup Fans Chant 'F**k Trump' Live on Air

What? Hollywood Only Has Four Young Actors Now?

Tawny Labrium Is Engaged, and Her Fiancé Looks Exactly What You're Picturing

It Was a Big Weekend for Celebrity Weddings

Allegations of Bill Murray's Drunken Jackassery on the Set of 'Groundhog Day' Resurface

Adam Scott Gets in a Twitter Scuffle with Mitch McConnell

People Freaking Out Because a Series They Can Buy for $25 Is Leaving $10 Per Mo. Netflix

Olivia Munn's Got a #MeToo Hot Take

Joe Biden's Son, Hunter Biden, Is a Walking Disaster

First Look At Greta Gerwig's 'Little Women' Is A Soothing Balm In Our Current Timeline

Chuck Todd Is a Halfwit Clown

'Stranger Things' Kid's Prank Show Not as Terrible as Previously Believed (But Still Terrible)

John Cusack Retweets Anti-Semitic Meme, Defends It Repeatedly, Then Claims It Was a Bot 👀

Bella Thorne Thwarts Blackmailer by Posting Nudes Herself, Plus Dakota and Uninteresting Chris Break Up

Mara Wilson Weighs in on Nicholas Sparks' Trash Homophobia

Tim Allen Is a Miserable Tool

Oh Fer Chrissakes! What Are You Doing, Instagram Influencers? This Is Not How You Influence

Joe Biden Is Deluded

Worst Chris Joins the Kennedy Family, and Kylie Jenner Throws a Tone Deaf Party

Joe Biden Reverses Position After Elizabeth Warren Calls His Ass Out

Try Again, Second Best Chris. But This Time with Less Masshole

It's Been a Bad Day for Great Shows That No One Watches

As Passersby Looked Up, the Cold Chill of Death Briefly Passed Over Them

Donald Trump is Gaslighting Fact Checkers

Cake Vs Pie, Taco Vs Burrito, HBO Show Vs HBO Show. Welcome To Hell

Trump Has Another John McCain Hissy, and Kristen Stewart Bleached Her Eyebrows (Events Unrelated)

There Is No Limit to Rob Lowe's Vain Jackassery

Charlie Sheen Once Brought A Hooker To Thanksgiving Dinner, Because Of Course He Did

Quentin Tarantino Is Still Kind of a Jackass

Who Hated the 'Game of Thrones' Finale More? Elizabeth Warren, Aaron Rodgers, or Kirsten Gillibrand?

Really?! Huh.

Even a Busted Human Being Is Right Twice in a Lifetime

Sam Bee Got Shafted by Comedy Central After Jon Stewart Retired from 'The Daily Show'

George R.R. Martin Forced to Dispel Absurd Rumors about the 'Game of Thrones' Books

Some of the 'Game of Thrones' Cast Members Seem Displeased about the Final Season, As Well

That Is No Way to Dig Out of the Hole, Third Best Chris

Isn't 'I Have A Plan For That' The Best Campaign Slogan Ever? (It Is.)

Leave Britney Alone! But Harass Don Jr. All You'd Like, Republicans

Jessica Chastain and Ava Duvernay Had Issues with This Week's 'Game of Thrones'

The Starbucks Coffee Cup In 'Game of Thrones' Wasn't Coffee. Also, Not from Starbucks

Adam Sandler Roasted Seth Rogen on 'SNL,' and No One Is Happier About that Than Seth Rogen

Joe Biden Thinks Dick Cheney Is a 'Decent Man.' Uh, Yeah: We're Going to Agree to Disagree On That Joe

Cinematographer Blames Viewers for Their Inability to See 'Game of Thrones' Episode

You Better Damn Believe Aunt Becky Should Be Going to Prison

Douche Swill Jacob Wohl Caught on Tape Trying to Frame Mayor Pete for Sexual Abuse

A Pajiba 10 Hall of Famer Ties the Knot, Dashes All Hopes

I Really Hope This Photo Is Just Dany And Jon Checking Their Christmas Lights Display

Which Is Least Helpful? Meghan McCain Endorsing Biden, or Gwyneth Endorsing Mayor Pete?

Affleck Returns to Directing, DiCaprio Enters Nightmare Alley, and Colin Jost Stands Next to An Attractive Actress

HBO May Be In Trouble Once 'Game of Thrones' Comes to An End

It's Been a Bloodbath for Celebrity Break-Ups This Weekend

'The Adventures of Brienne & Lyanna' Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

Of All the People, Why is Richard Madden on this Year's TIME 100 List?

Cher Calls Trump an 'Ignorant Thug with a Lizard Brain' After He Approves Of Her Immigration Tweet

Keanu Reeves Spent a Decade in 'Movie Jail' for Turning Down a Sequel. It Was Worth It

The Democratic Presidential Candidates Fell Right Into Trump's Trap. Good.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Are Kaput. Again (No 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers)

Voldemort Is A . . . Democrat?

Lori Loughlin Is Said to Be 'Freaking Out' After Prosecutors Call Her Bluff

Sit There In Your Wrongness, Candace Owens

Twenty Years Ago Today We Learned Riding a Rollercoaster Can Turn a Face into a Deadly Weapon

God Mom! Olivia Jade Didn't Even Want to Go to College

TV’s 'The Bachelor' Thinks Women Should Throw Out Their 'Gross' Period Underwear

Get Better, Britney

How Does Alec Baldwin Keep Getting Hired?

The NXIVM Cult Nightmare is a Neverending Well of Depravity and Horrible People

Harambe Is Trending Because Of Elon Musk. Are We Sure We Want To Put Him In Charge Of Space Stuff?

We're More Than Ready For Selina Meyer's Return

Social Media Has Given Us a Horror with Which Not Even Jordan Peele Can Compete

Watch Beyoncé Serenade Diana Ross at Her 75th Birthday Jam

That's Nice and All, Uncle Joe, But Just Say the Damn Words: 'I'm Sorry'

At 182 Minutes, Marvel's 'Endgame' May Never End

Of Course, There's a Link Between Michael Avenatti and Jussie Smollett, Because 2019!

All the Puns About Scary Spice and Ginger Spice Having Sex Feel Vaguely Offensive (But They Totally Did It)

Emilia Clarke Reveals She Had A Brain Aneurysm

Emma Roberts Replaces Smirky Old Fiancé with Smoldering New Boyfriend

Tonguing on the Outside of the Mouth: The Kate and Pete Story

Rosario Deserves Better: It Wasn't Even a Good Joke the First Time, Cory Booker!

Superman's Dean Cain Got His Sorry Ass Dragged for his #Eggman Comments

I'm Getting Way Ahead Of Myself Here, But Cory Booker And Rosario Dawson Would Make A Stunning First Couple

ARod's Ex Is Commenting on Canseco's Ex's Comments On Her Ex's Comments on ARod

Hey Don Jr., Before You Weigh in on the College Admissions Scandal, Maybe Don't

And This Is Why He'll Never Be Best Chris

Maybe Fake Melania Has Just Been Resting Melania Face the Whole Time

Once Again Meghan McCain Displays A Complete Lack Of Nuance And Understanding

Barstool Is The Worst, Full Stop

Unsurprisingly, Ivanka Also Lied

Seeeeeeeeeriously, Timberlake, Can You Be More Self-Centered?

Canada's Greatest Superhero Pays Loving Tribute to One Of Canada's All-Time Greatest Comedians

This Photo Could Literally Be Eligible for the Cover of an Issue of AARP Magazine

Give It Up, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Shippers. There's Nothing to See Here

Remember the Time a Sitting Congressman Flagrantly Witness Tampered on Twitter?

Evergreen Reminder: We Do Not Deserve Regina King

Where Would This Country Be Without White Men to Solve Racism?!

Jussie Smollett Has Been Indicted and May be Suspended from 'Empire'

You've Got to Be F#$king Kidding Me

Malia Obama Drinks Wine, Hates Trump, Disqualifying Her from Being POTUS for 15 More Years

There's No Easy Lessons to Learn from This

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not *Amazon Tears Off All The Petals*

Who Is Johnny Depp's New Girlfriend? Also, Why?

Y'all Don't Know What It's Like Being Male, Middle Class and White

Oh, Ellen. No. Ellen. Go Listen to the Other Ellen, Ellen

Will Smith's Live-Action 'Aladdin' Trailer Debuted Today. It Did Not Go Well

Jeff Bezos Puts Pecker in A(mazon) Prime Pickle

Hayden Panettiere is Mysteriously Estranged from Her Four-Year-Old Daughter

Just Stop Talking, Liam Neeson

Conan O'Brien Is Inbred, According to Science

The Breathtaking Stupidity of the Trump Family Never Fails to Surprise

Rachel Maddow Follows the Indictment Breadcrumbs Straight to Donald Trump, Jr.

Shut Up, Honky Tonki Lahren

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Petty AF About His Director's Egregious Mispronunciation of 'Melancholy'

Terry Crews Offered to Slap the Sh*t Out Of DL Hughley for Mocking His Sexual Abuse

There is Something Super Sketchy Going on with Jared Kushner's Security Clearance

Oh, So That's Why Kellyanne Conway Doesn't Mind It When Her Husband Bashes Trump

'The Sopranos' Prequel Movie Unveils a Delightful Casting Surprise

Don't Let the A**holes Gaslight You Into Thinking You Didn't See Exactly What You Thought You Saw

This Horsesh*t Again?

Cardi B Loves Her Grandma Very Much

Trump Told Chris Christie He Wasn't Fired But Made Part Of A 'Larger Team' 😂

They're Making Another 'Ghostbusters' Movie With Jason Reitman But Without These People

Our Daily Waking Nightmare Now Has a Dollar Menu

The Final Season of 'Game of Thrones' Has a Teaser and a Release Date

Asked About the Kevin Hart Situation, Terry Crews Continues to Be Perfect

'Green Book" Writer Deletes Tweet, Then Entire Twitter Account After Idiotic Tweet Surfaces

Bill Murray is a National Treasure. Also, Kind of a Dick Sometimes

Here's What the Creature in Netflix's 'Bird Box' Was Supposed to Look Like (Yikes)

Say Hello To The 116th Congress

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise Whacks Off a $90 Million Dead Toe

Michael Cohen's Cell Phone GPS Data Puts Him In Prague For Russia Meeting

It Took 11 Months and 20 Days, But the Internet Has Finally Composed the Worst List of 2018

'SNL' Writers Explain/Apologize for that Weezer Sketch

Jesus Christ, Zuckerberg

Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto? Say It Ain't So, Joleto!

Did Stephen Miller Use Spray-On Hair And Go on TV? (Warning: Stephen Miller's Creepy Face)

Dax Shepard Did Not Cheat on Kristen Bell, Says Dax Shepard

Jason Momoa Can Rip Pages Out of My Book Any Day

Julia Roberts Finds that Her 'Holes Get Better with Age'

Billy Eichner, Sarah Silverman Weigh in on Nick Cannon's Tweets Defending Kevin Hart

A Faltering, Flailing Donald Trump Is Down a Man and Has No Plan B

Hannah Gadsby Calls Out the Jimmys and Other 'Good Men'

The Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman Twitter Spat That Never Was

The Lowdown on the Meghan and Kate Feud, Plus PETA Is the Worst (But So Is Kate Gosselin)

Eric Trump Calls Out ... Kellyanne Conway's Husband?

Conan O'Brien Dishes on His Worst Guest in 25 Years of Late Night

The Marvelverse All But Done on Netflix as 'Daredevil' Has Been Cancelled

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck Still Are Not Speaking

Jameela Jamil Has Stirred Up Quite a S**t Storm on Twitter with Cardi B., Khloe Kardashian

Welcome Back, Amanda Bynes

Kit Harrington Already Has An Alleged Russian Mistress

Racist Barbie Will Pass Go. Will Collect...30 Million

Love Is Dead. Or Something. I Dunno. Happy Thanksgiving

But. Her. Goddamn. Emails.

George R.R. Martin Has Been Promising 'Winds of Winter' For Years; Now He's Going to Write It

Rules Were Meant To Be Broken, Particularly Jonathan Franzen's Rules

Michael Avenatti Just as Awful As You Not-So-Secretly Suspected

Henry Cavill's Hair Situation, Plus Ratings on a Post-Megyn Kelley 'Today' Show

Kyrsten Sinema Pulls Off Arizona Senate Win, Jordan Blue Makes the National News

Everything You Thought You Knew About Ice T and Bagels Is a Lie

Adam Driver May Have a Secret Love Child and You'll Never Guess Who the Mother Is (Spoiler: His Wife)

Chris Pine Basically Challenged Michael Fassbender to a Dick Measuring Contest

West Wing 'Very Worried' About Don Jr. As Mueller Report Looms

The GOP Is Really Pissed Off At ... Pete Davidson?

At Least Pete Davidson Has a Good Sense of Humor About It

Horrible Candace Owens and Horrible Tomi Lahren Turn On Each Other Over Kanye

About that Whole Supporting Trump Thing? Kanye Says Oops. My Bad. Nevermind

Behold The Latest Drunk, Racist White Lady, #SouthParkSusan

Pipe Bomb Investigation Moves To Florida

Megyn Kelly's 'Today' Show Is Reportedly Ending

Nice Suit, Timothee

Blake Bortles Is Real

Pete Davidson is Sad About His Break Up with Ariana Grande, But Not So Sad He Can't Masturbate

All Hail Rihanna

Ahem. *Clears Throat* The Guy from 'Riverdale' Says He Didn't Conspire with Courtney Love to Murder Frances Cobain's Ex Husband

Ariana Grande Posts to Instagram for the First Time Since Her Break-Up with Pete Davidson

The Timing of that Royal Baby Announcement Was a Little Unfortunate

We Knew It Was Coming, but Who Would've Guessed That It Would Have Been So Disappointing?

Since Cap America Retired, Fighting Nazis Will Be...Taylor Swift's Job?

Channing Tatum, Caitlyn Jenner Have New Girlfriends and Hellboy Wants to Officiate a Wedding

Lana Del Rey Takes Issue with Azealia Banks, Who Took Issue with Lana Del Rey's Issues with Kanye

James Franco is the Absolutely Worst Part XXVI: 'Freaks and Geeks' Edition

You Know Sh*t Is Bad When Taylor Swift Finally Decides to Get Political

Godspeed, Cap (RIP)

Johnny Depp Has a New 'GQ' Profile, and Amber Heard Rightfully Is Peeved About It

Trump Finds a New Low, Digs a Grave Underneath It, and Buries His Last Shred of Humanity

Jenny Slate Is Very 'Horny'; Plus, Breastfeeding Is NOT Child Molestation, What is WRONG with People?

Second Best Chris Drags Worst Kanye, Plus the Latest on Brett Kavanaugh

We’re Far from the Shallow Now

Stand-Up Comic Rails on Louis CK While Performing at Louis CK's Old Stomping Ground

Oh Sh*t! You Did Not, Tanky Labren?

Reporter Who Defended Roger Ailes Against Gretchen Carlson Allegations Will Interview Brett Kavanaugh Tonight

A Second Woman, Deborah Ramirez, Alleges Sexual Assault Against Brett Kavanaugh

The Republican Party Is Just Rotten to the Goddamn Core

Chloe Dykstra Was Relieved When Chris Hardwick Got His Job Back, But Not for the Reasons You Might Think

No One Wants a Garrison Keillor Comeback. Literally No One. Zero People.

Oh, F--k Off, Busey (No, Not That One; His Lesser-Known Kid)

Someone Should Tell Bryan Singer About that #MeToo Overcorrection Glenn Close Warned Us About

Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation May Be Unraveling


Sexual Misconduct Allegations May Have Surfaced Against Brett Kavanaugh, Plus the Victim of 'Predator' Cast Member Speaks Out

Noah Centineo's Latest Is Not So Good, Plus Mark Wahlberg Is Even More Pathetic Than We Are!

Blake Lively Walks Around with a Cane, and Michelle Rodriguez is the Difficult One?

Zac Efron Hooks Up With Mel B, Julie Chen Takes Leave from 'The Talk,' And NFL Players Stop Protesting

Defensive Much, Mike Pence? Plus, Ted Cruz Continues To Be Terrible At This

Most (Not All) of the 'Predator' Cast Hung Olivia Munn Out to Dry After She Outed the On-Set Sexual Predator

Sewer Troll Tries to Trash Olivia Munn for Outing Shane Black's Friend as a Pedophile

Shauna Sexton Has Now Outlasted Christine Ouzounian in the Affleck News Cycle

Senior Administration Official Admits Considering Invoking the 25th to Remove Trump

Prince William Better Watch His Back

No, Shauna Sexton Is Not Responsible for Ben Affleck's Relapse Because Ben Affleck Is a 'Grown Ass Man'

Congratulations, NYTimes: You're As Awful as Fox News This Week

Bradley Cooper Is a Bossy Bitch

Trump Doesn't Appreciate How F--ked He Is, Plus Cynthia Nixon Makes Mincemeat of Andrew Cuomo

Michael Che Continues to Be Human Ugh

One Point, Bitches

Another Trumper Flips, Plus Blake Lively is Low-Key Bad Ass

Scott Eastwood Is 'Having Sex, Lots of It,' And He's a 'Giver,' But Who Is Taking It?

Heartthrob Actor in Newly Beloved Netflix Movie Is MAGA Garbage

More On Cohen, the Fox News Spin, Another Republican Bites It, and Winona and Keanu

Dominic Cooper Has an Awesome New Girlfriend, and Blake Lively Has Become One with Lime Green

It's Not Possible to Love Michael Shannon More than He Hates Donald Trump

Jesus, Affleck: You Just Can't Get Out From Under Your Own Dick, Can You?

Trump Receives a Monumental F**k You, and 'Consensual Cuddling' Is a Really Sh*tty Euphemism for Sexual Assault

Kellyanne Kellyannes Her Husband; 'SNL' Loses One; and Dane Cook Is Still A Sleazebag

Where Has Our Education System Gone So Wrong that No One Understands What 'Censorship' Means Anymore?

OK, But Is Brad Pitt Actually Behind the Character Assassination of Angelina Jolie?

If the Unite the Right Rally Were a Movie, It Would Be Uma Thurman's 'Motherhood'

Kardashian 'Homophobia,' a Bill Murray Alleged Assault, and Ivanka Irony (Slight NSFW Content)

Idris Elba Is the James Bond of Giving Head, Also May Be the Actual James Bond

Ugly Child Support Battles Are Weird When They're Between Obscenely Rich People

Blake Lively Freaks Over a Spice Girl; the Brangelina Divorce Turns Ugly; and Jesus, Johnny Depp. JESUS

Ansel Elgort's Personality Is as Punchable as His Face!*

J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof Apologize to Evangeline Lilly for 'Lost' Nude Scene

Both Sarah Sanders and the NYTimes Have Had Very Shameful Days

Looks Like Someone Forgot to Put the Glam In their Glamour Photo

What the F--k, Jennifer Lopez?

'Guardians' Cast Comes to James Gunn's Defense, Kate Beckinsale is Amazing

Is It Possible to Love These Two Any More Than We Already Do (Yes, Yes It is)

No, Gwyneth is not Becky with the Good Hair. But She is a Becky. And She Has Hair

You Know It's a Slow News Day When ... Hey! Look! It's Mischa Barton

Of Course He Did

The Quickest Way to Lose an Election is to Piss Off 'Rick & Morty' Fans

Trump Is a Petty, Petty Man, But James Comey Can Shut the F--k Up

If You Don't Like Trump's Positions on Russia Now, Just Wait 5 Minutes

The Time the Director of National Intelligence Learned on Camera That Putin Was Coming To D.C.

Donald Trump, Like Twitter, Apparently Needs a Goddamn Edit Button

What Are You Covering with that Hat, Pete Davidson? OH NO PUT IT BACK ON

Captain America Delivers a Harsh Rebuke of the President of America

The President is a Lumbering, Shambolic Fool

Ewan McGregor's Daughter Calls Mary Elizabeth Winstead a 'Piece of Trash'

That's Not How You Apologize, Henry Cavill!

Papa John's CEO Uses the N-word, Joker Joaquin is a Go, and That's Not What 'Stab' Means, Tori Spelling!

Kevin Smith Responsible for Two Terrible, Terrible Tweets, Exactly 9 Years Apart

Does this Mean that Selena is the Aniston?

Bieber's Engaged, But Cece and Schmidt Are Not, Plus Dabni Cohlren Is Getting It From Both Sides

The 12th Annual Pajiba 10 Voting Commences Now: Who Are Your Freebies?

Scott Pruitt is OUT, Trump Hires Roger Ailes' Fixer, and 'Top Gun 2' Chooses Its Goose, Jr.

LeBron to L.A.; Owen Wilson's THIRD Love Child; and Another Fast-Moving Celeb Couple

Justin Timberlake Has a Very Large Penis, Says ... Patricia Clarkson?

America Proves Again to Be Simultaneously Amazing and Horrifying

No, Scarlett Johansson Didn't Audition to Date Tom Cruise (Probably)

David Lynch Lynch Won't Explain 'Twin Peaks,' But He'll Clarify His Goddamn Trump Remarks

Thanks for Scaring the Sh*t Out of Us, Dan Harmon

Jimmy Fallon Has Finally Made Himself an Enemy to Donald Trump

Surreal Times: Tom Arnold Is Going to Take Down Trump with ... Michael Cohen?

Zoey Deutch Thinks James Franco is a Bad Kisser, and Best Chris 'Pisses' All Over Worst Chris' Birthday

Melania Trump Calls Secret Service on Peter Fonda After an Obscenely Sh*tty Tweet

Now Chris Hardwick Is Playing Dirty F**king Pool

God, the Audio is More Heartwrenching than the Images

Anger ... Slowly ... Rising

Natalie Portman Thinks Former Friend Jared Kushner is a Supervillain; Tom Brady is Spineless; & Amy Poehler DGAF

Donald Trump Is The 45th President Of The United States, but the First Illegitimate One

Ugh Jamie Foxx. Ugh Neil Patrick Harris. Ugh Dr. Luke. Ugh, What Are You Doing, Pete Davidson?

Well, This Is the Surest Goddamn Way to Ensure that Donald Trump Wins Reelection in 2020

And You Thought Colin Jost Dating Scarlett Johansson Was Weird

Watch Anderson Cooper's Emotional Tribute to Anthony Bourdain: 'He Gave Me Hope for What One's Life Can Become'

Never Forget: Emile Hirsch Is Still a Giant Dirtbag

'Good Things Can Come from Idiot Men,' Colin Trevorrow Says, and He Should Know

Anderson Cooper's Placid Face Betrays NOTHING When a Former Fox News Analyst Dunks on Sean Hannity

'The Last Jedi' Director Rian Johnson Is 'Done With This Bullshit'

Donald Trump Is a Rancid, Petty, Narcissistic Little Man

Melania Hasn't Been Seen for 24 Days, and Giuliani Says Trump Can't Be Indicted for Murder. You Do the Math

Emma's Canoodling with Justin; Jaden's Going to Prom with Odessa; and Katy's into Orlando's Ass

The 'Roseanne' Cast May Be Rebooted Into Another Show

Cancel Bill Maher? Oh ... No ... What ... A ... Travesty

Oh Screw Off, Zack Snyder. You Are So Painfully Predictable

You've Got To Be F--king Kidding With This, NRA

Stop Sucking, Men

Could Things Get Worse for Michael Cohen? Because Things Just Got Worse for Michael Cohen

'The Onion' Published a Real Michael Cohen Threat Letter and Michael Cohen Defended Himself on Twitter and What Even Is Reality?

And Then There Was The One 'Deadpool 2' Cameo You Really DID Miss

Staffers Inside Fox News Are Freaking Out Over their New, Uh, Wokeness ...?

JLH Unnecessarily Apologizes for Looking Like a 'Wrecked' 'Hot Mess' on the Red Carpet

Would You Call that Unguarded Moment Between Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry Awkward and Uncomfortable? Or Creepy?

Margot Kidder's Nephew Has Some Unkind Words for Roseanne Barr on Margot Kidder's Behalf

Harrison Ford Interrupts Alden Ehrenreich Interview to Give Him Shit for 'Stealing His Life'

Everybody in the White House Is F--king Miserable

This Jim Halpert Revisionism Has to Stop!

Wait? So the Russians Paid Her ... ?

Is This the Best Political Joke of the Trump Era? (Yes, Yes It Is)

OK, Celebrity Men, We Get It: You Really Like Giving Oral Sex

Hugh Grant Is a Prick. But He is a Charming Prick

Are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Like, the Low-Rent Country Music Brad and Jen?

Mueller Threatens to Subpoena Trump, and Kathy Griffin Tells a Trump Aide to 'Suck My Dick'

Bob Mueller Just Dropped a Checker Piece into Trump's 4D Chess Game Just to See What Would Happen

Sean Spicer Can Go Straight to Hell

Two Women Have Accused Tom Brokaw of Unwanted Sexual Advances

Charlie Rose to Host #MeToo Redemption Series Where He Interviews Louis C.K., Matt Lauer?

Hemsworth Demoted to Third Best Chris, While Teigen Will Always Be the Best Chrissy

Donald Trump's Pee Tape Alibi Is a Lie

The Guy with 3 'Avatar' Sequels Lined Up is Tired of 'Avengers' Films, Plus Shana Twain Steps In It

Today's Pajiba Love Has Everything: Donald Trump, Russian Hookers, Michael Cohen, and Prison Rape

Former Trump Lawyer Advises the President that Michael Cohen Will Flip

Donald Trump Hangs Another Cabinet Member Out to Dry

You Know that Shep Smith Is Loving This

James Comey Did Not Sugarcoat His Feelings on Donald Trump

Casting for the 'IT' Sequel is Coming Together Perfectly, and Wow! That 'NY Daily News' Trump Headline!

Missouri Lawmakers Demand GOP Governor's Resignation After a Deeply Disturbing Sexual Assault Report

Democrats Are Mobilizing in Anticipation of Trump Firing Rod Rosenstein

The President of the United States is F**cking Furious

God Help Us If Sean Hannity Declares 'Victory' After Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Role in Feud


Jon Hamm Publicly Addresses The Violent Hazing Incident That Got His Frat Shut Down in College

The Way Meghan Markle Dumped Her First Husband Was Ice Cold

Another Hollywood Split Breaks Our Damn Hearts

There Were A Lot of Bad April Fool's Pranks Today. Lin Manuel-Miranda's Was ALMOST Good

Ben Affleck is 'Fine,' 'Ren & Stimpy's' Creator is Not, and 'Deadwood' Ain't Happening

A Longtime Pajiban and Jeopardy Winner Tweet Trashes Eric Trump and Family

The Court of Public Opinion Has Indicted the Beyoncé Biter

Stormy Daniels Kept the Dress, Because Of Course She Kept the Dress, Why Wouldn't She Keep the Dress?

Is Tiffany Trump Rooting Against Her Father?

Trump's Former Mistress Gives Interview to CNN, Says that Trump Compared Her to Ivanka

SNL's Michael Che is Still An Asshole

Stormy Daniels Takes No Sh*t

Donald Trump Jr. Allegedly Had An Affair, While Stormy Daniels Really Does Have Dick Pics of the POTUS

Another Trumper's Wife Files for Divorce; Sandra Bullock Gets a Penis Facial

Vanessa and Don Trump Jr. Are Officially Getting a Divorce, and We Have a Lot of Conflicting Feelings

Line Up, Ladies: Donald Trump Jr. May Be Single Again (and Elon Musk Should Be)

Hollywood Dude Bros Ben and Matty Try To Salvage Their Reputations

The Fix is In: GOP Clears Trump of Collusion

While Trump Tries to Kill Stormy Daniels' '60 Minutes' Interview, She's Busy Making it Rain

International Women's Day Pajiba Love

Ben Affleck Is Living Up to That Tragic Middle-Life Crisis Stereotype, Isn't He?

Brace Yourselves: We Are Officially, Uh, Inching Ever Closer to a Trump Dick Pic

Uma and Ethan's Daughter Gets a 'Strange' New Gig on a Beloved Netflix Series

Don Jr. Thinks Big Pharma Is Behind Mass Shootings

Armie Hammer is Sexist and Petty, and The Nation's Leading Kook Is the Latest Casualty of the MeToo Movement

Groot Is Dead

Stacey Dash Is Running for Congress, and Jennifer Lawrence Didn't Sleep with Chris Pratt

Olympian Trashes Ivanka Trump, And the Internet Piles On

JLaw (And Meryl Streep) Call Out Weinstein, and Teachers Respond to Trump's Suggestion They Strap Up

Amber Tamblyn Believes Women. Her Husband David Cross? Not So Much

Kate Upton Accuses Guess Co-Founder of Untoward Behavior & Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson Now Have Shippers

Jenn and Justin Split Comes Into Focus; Mariah Carey Shades Fergie

Fergie Sang the National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game. It Was Not Good

You Want the Bad News About Jennifer Aniston, or the Bad News For Donald Trump First?

FBI Counterintelligence Agent Breaks Down on CNN in the Wake of Another School Shooting

Women Should Get Their Own Unique Stories, But A Female Bond Is Also Good

Vanessa Trump Taken To Hospital After Opening An Envelope Containing White Powder

Kim Cattrall Hates Sarah Jessica Parker

'Silicon Valley' Star Handles MeToo Question ... Let's Say, Inelegantly

Trump's 'Bombshell' Information Is A Dud and JLaw's 'Red Sparrow' Looks Terrible

Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Leaving an Abusive Partner

Another Celebrity Couple Splits, But Love Is Not Dead. It Just Doesn't Do Long Distance Relationships

Netflix Just Surprise Dropped the 'Cloverfield' Sequel, and Oh! The Eagles Won the Super Bowl

Asked About Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer Makes the Best of a No-Win Situation

There Is Some Serious Sh*t Going on with the Russia Investigation Right Now

A Second, Independently Researched Trump-Russia Memo Alleges Trump Compromised by Pee Tape

Chicago-Times Pulls Richard Roeper for the Absolute Dumbest Reason

Alec Baldwin Is an Unacceptable Human Being

Donald Trump Tried to Have Bob Mueller Fired (Surprising No One)

Wanna Feel Old, Gen Xers? The Daughter of Supermodel Cindy Crawford Is Now a Model Herself

Garrison Keillor Is a Bad, Bad Man

Donald Trump, Threatened by President Kelly, Is Already Considering Another Replacement

Scarlett Johansson Calls Out James Franco for His Inappropriate Behavior

Is Margaret Atwood Not The Feminist We Hoped?

Amazon Cancels Three Series, Netflix Axes One

Tahani Al-Jamil, Expert On All Things Gold, Says Consent Should Be A Basic Foundation, Not The Gold Standard 🙌

There are Now Four Films with a 100 Percent Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Aziz Ansari Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

From Funny to Furious to Infuriating, The Media Weighs in on Shithole Gate

Gillian Anderson Is Done with 'The X-Files,' 'American Gods,' But Duchovony? We'll See

The Gender Pay Gap on the 'All the Money in the World' Reshoots Was a Shameful, Whopping 99 Percent

Dumb Motherfucker Demanding that Players Stand for National Anthem Doesn't Know the Words to the Goddamn National Anthem

Donald Trump Gets Off On Banging His Friends' Wives

The Year's First Great Twitter Exchange Involves Chelsea Clinton, Chrissy Teigen, and ... Hooters

Our Psychotic President Has Confused Dick Measuring for Foreign Diplomacy Again

Dave Chappelle Is Catching Hell for Mocking a Louis C.K. Accuser

Donald Trump Thinks an Awful Lot of Himself, Doesn't He?

Report: Instead of Pardoning Michael Flynn, Donald Trump Plans to Use Him as a Scapegoat

America's Favorite Couple Spent Christmas Together!

Gal Gadot's ASMR Tingled Pajibaland

What's Next for Trump after the GOP Tax Plan? The 'Black People Plan'

Shirtless Adam Driver Is A Joy To All, Even Lin-Manuel Miranda

Now What Dumbass Thing Did Matt Damon Say?

Ted Cruz Twitter-Shamed by Mark Hamill, Plus the Year's Best Tweet

Jesus Matt Damon, Shut the F--k Up, Already

Paul Ryan Stepping Down? Mike Cernovich Going to Jail? And How Black Women Saved America

Holy Shit: The Democrat Doug Jones Has Won the Goddamn Alabama Senate Race

Donald Trump is Furious With His U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley For Validating the Women Who Accused Him of Harassment

The Tremendous Outpouring of Support for Bullied Student Keaton Jones Has Been Nothing Short of Incredible

Hey Hollywood, What's The Hold-Up With Woody Allen's Banishment? Tick Tock.

Did Donald Trump's Dentures Slip Out During a News Conference Today?

The 'Usual Suspects' Shut Down Production for Two Days Over Kevin Spacey's Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

Dustin Hoffman Gets Into a Spat with John Oliver Over Harassment, Plus What's Up with Scott Baio?

Billy Bush Has Entered His Redemption Arc and Scarjo Is Dating Colin Jost, So We've Reached Peak 2017

Chris Evans And Jenny Slate Are Dating Again, Making The World Slightly Less Awful

Two More Allegations Against Lauer, Geraldo is On the Hot Seat, and Trump Brags About 'First Rate P*ssy'

Jennifer Lawrence Was As Sick and Goddamn Tired of Her Ex Darren Aronofsky Talking About 'mother!' As The Rest Of Us

Armie Hammer Ditches Twitter After a Dustup with Buzzfeed

That Awkward Moment When the President Calls Out His Daughter For Not Supporting a Pedophile

You’ll Be Back, Soon You’ll See, You’ll Remember You Belong To Me

Pixar Founder John Lasseter Takes Leave of Absence; Rashida Jones Quit 'Toy Story 4'

We Haven't Talked Enough About How Awesome Terry Crews Is

For Jeffrey Tambor, Sexual Harassment Allegations Do Not Fall Far from the Asshole Tree

Jeffrey Tambor Is a Bad Man

Two More Roy Moore Accusers Come Forward, But He’s Sticking To His Story

'People' Names the Sexiest Man Alive and It's Neither One of These Guys So What's the Point?

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans May Be Back Together (They Are Definitely Back Together)

This Business with George Takei Is Incredibly Unfortunate

The Roy Moore Defenses Have Emerged, And Holy Sh*t

Jeffrey Tambor Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations; Charlie Sheen Denies Molesting Corey Haim

Election Night: Democrats Win, and In a Rout

Harvey Weinstein Hired Ex-Mossad Agents To Silence His Accusers

A Four Year Old Was Shot Four Times Today Because Paul Ryan is a Gutless Coward

Jeff Sessions Is So F--ked

Fox News Pulled Some Seriously Shady Sh*t On Jake Tapper Today

Superman Henry Cavill Criticizes DCU, Credits Wonder Woman for Saving It

There's Something Fishy Going on with Netflix's 'Cancellation' of Kevin Spacey's 'House of Cards'

Twitter Reacts to Trump's Desperation Tweets, and Gwyneth Wins Halloween?

Kvothe Would Definitely Break Into The National Archives

Emma Stone Is Dating Someone Who Is Not Andrew Garfield and Now Everything Is Terrible

Cate Blanchett: Women 'Like Looking Sexy, But It Doesn’t Mean We Want to F**k You'

Eric Bolling Asks Bill O'Reilly Not to Invoke His Son's Death To Defend Himself Against Sexual Harassment Claims

Ewan McGregor Reportedly Stepped Out On His Wife with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Plus Harvey Weinstein is ... Cured?

Seriously Bummed I Won’t Ever Get To Be An Obama Wildcat Cheerleader

Jake Tapper Double Taps Bill O'Reilly with the Twitter Burn of the Week

Trump Finally Called the Widow of a Fallen Soldier ... And, Oh God, He Shouldn't Have

Twitter Flipped Its Sh*t After the Fox News W.H. Correspondent Called Hillary a 'Shadow President'

Hero Martha Plimpton Calls Out Mayim Bialik for That Trash, Victim-Blaming NYTimes Op-Ed

Mueller Might Interview Trump: I Wanna Be In The Room Where It Happens

How Is This Man in Charge of the Largest Economy in the World? (Not Ruffalo, Obviously)

Frankie Muniz Has Almost No Memory of Starring in 'Malcolm in the Middle'

Donna Karan Bizarrely Defends Harvey Weinstein; Hollywood Men Remain Silent

POS Harvey Weinstein Officially Fired, and Bob Corker Pops Off on Donald Trump

It's Topsy-Turvy Day: Tim Murphy Resigns From Congress, The NRA Is Open To Regulation

Here's That Dumb Mother F**ker Donald Trump, in a Nutshell

Kim Cattrall Says Her Relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker is 'Toxic'

Kushner's a Hypocrite, O'Reilly Is Trash, Trump Is Evil, and Robertson Is a Goblin

People Are Dying in Puerto Rico and Trump Seriously Just Dedicated a (F#@king) Golf Trophy to Them

I Hate That 'Getting Hillary-ed' Is A Verb Now

Here It Is, Folks: The Single Dumbest Question of 2017

A Second Kardashian Is Pregnant This Week, Plus a Real-Life 'Game of Thrones' Engagement

Thank You Mulder and Scully

Sexual Assault Allegations Surface Against Ain't It Cool News Founder Harry Knowles

'SNL' Is Almost Back, and You Could Not Ask for Three Better Hosts

So Maybe Ryan Phillipe Is Not Such a Good Guy, Plus Lawrence O’Donnell Loses It In Leaked Rant

Colin Jost Says His +1 Was Too Busy To Go to The Emmys with Him. Uh Huh, Sure Colin

The FBI Wiretapped Paul Manafort's Conversations with Trump; Indictment Expected Soon

Hot Mics, And Missiles, And Right-Wing Outrage, Oh My!

It's Been a Good Day: The DREAMers Are Saved AND Manchild Martin Shkreli Is Headed To Jail

Well, Why the Hell Do the Comments on Twitter from Jemele Hill About POTUS Not Represent ESPN, Huh?

Ben Affleck Loves His New Girlfriend, And Kid Rock 'LOVES BLACK PEOPLE!!'

Jim Carrey Goes on a Looney Tunes Rant on the Red Carpet

Why Do We Take Reese Witherspoon For Granted?

Seth Meyers Takes Hillary to Task for Blaming Bernie Sanders for Her Loss

Donald Trump Just Has No Idea What the Hell He's Doing Now

Hillary Rakes Bernie in Her Upcoming Book on the 2016 Campaign

Do You Think David Clarke Will Add A Resignation Badge To His Uniform?

Bob Mueller Is a Very Smart Man, Part 326: The Pardon Workaround

Defense Secretary Mattis, Apparently Defying Trump, Has Frozen The Ban Against Transgender Troops

You See! Social Media Shaming DOES Work!

In Fresh War of Words with Trump, Mexico Once Again Proves It's the Much Bigger Person

Jesus, James Cameron, Just Shut the F**k Up, OK?

Another Potential Land Mine Surfaces in Probe of Russian Collusion with Trump Campaign

Billy Joel Wears Star of David at Madison Square Garden Sold Out Concert

Treasury Secretary's Wife Posts Tacky-Ass Let-Them-Eat-Cake Instagram Post

Joss Whedon’s Ex-Wife Kai Cole Opens Up About Joss’s String of Affairs Dating Back to ‘Buffy’

Seth Meyers Identifies for Removal the Most Racist Monument in NYC

Good Lord, Cate Blanchett. GOOD LORD

These Two Are Making a Movie Together, So There's Still Some Good In the World

A Sober Seth Meyers Gives the Perfect Retort to Donald Trump's Inadequate Charlottesville Response

The White House May Be Days Away from a Complete Implosion

Now We Know Why All Those Guys in the National Security Council Were Fired

Butthurt Anthony Scaramucci Lashes Out at New Yorker Reporter on Twitter

Disney Is Getting in on that Sweet Streaming Cash and Yanking its Flix from Netflix

Conservative Twitter Throws Hissy Fit After Google Fires The Sexist Dumbass Behind That Anti-Diversity Manifesto

Critics Got to See Marvel's 'Inhumans' Pilot, And It Did Not Go Well

Mitch McConnell Delivers a Double Dose of F**k You To Trump

Even Fox News Thinks Stephen Miller Shouldn't Be Allowed to be On TV Anymore

Donald Trump Wants to Investigate Colleges for Discriminating Against Whites, Because Of Course He Does

White House Officials, Including Scaramucci, Made Revealing Statements to an Email Prankster

Sean Hannity Rails Against Arrogant Elitists, Spends $42,000 on a Lobster Dinner

CBO Scores the 'Skinny Repeal'; In Turn, Unhappy Republicans Vote to Defund the CBO

Senate Defeats Trumpcare, No Thanks to 'Hero' John McCain

Goddamit, John McCain

Jeff Sessions Lied His Little Elfin Ass Off Under Oath

Jenny Slate Went on the Worst Date Ever with, Like, a LITERAL Knight

Pink Is a Horrible Mother, Says Mommy-Shaming Snowflake Brigade

Mindy Kaling Is Pregnant and The Father Is Mr. None Of Your Damn Business

We Love It When Celebrities We Didn't Know Were Dating Suddenly Get Married

Fox News Anchor: 'The Deception Is Mind-Boggling, Why Are We Getting Told All These Lies?'

Fox News, Unhinged: 'What's Happening Right Now Is a Coup Against the Wealthy'

Donald Trump Now Has An Imaginary Friend, According to the Associated Press

Fox News Is Not Having a Great Night

You Know Things Are Bad for Trump When This Is the Lead on The Drudge Report

Those Who Still Don’t Loathe Lena Dunham Have Been Given a Reason to Loathe Lena Dunham

Patton Oswalt Is Getting Remarried, and Those Two from NBC's 'Grimm' Are Married, Too

Maybe This Is Why Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Broke Up (It's Not; It's Really Not)

Watch a Dude Absolutely Slay a Whitney Song Because It's Exactly What You Need Right Now

Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter Are Fighting On the Internet, Bless Their Hearts

Donald Trump Gets Creepy with a Female Journalist

The Senate Health Care Bill May Collapse As Soon as Tomorrow #IWantToBelieve

One Nevada Senator Stands in the Way of 25,000 Deaths

Johnny Depp Asks If It's Time for An Actor to Kill the President Again, Is Not Helping

Details of the Senate's Obamacare Repeal Are Out, And It Is Poor-Hating Trash

Johnny Depp Offered to Sell What's Left of His Soul to Settle Debts

Goddamnit, Jon Ossoff: We Didn't Need Any Last Minute F*ck Ups

Associated Press Reports that the Leader of the Free World is Literally Yelling at TV Sets

It Looks Like Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly Are Set To Destroy Each Other's Careers

Tom Cruise's 'Controlling Behavior' Being Blamed for the Failure of 'The Mummy'

Reese Witherspoon Is All About the Blind Items These Days and We Love It

A Ranting Alex Jones Is Asking that His Megyn Kelly Interview Not Air on Father's Day

The Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the United States Just Called Out Trump on Twitter


Kamala Harris Cut Off and Tone Policed by GOP Senate Intelligence Committee Chair

What's the Deal with Jerry Seinfeld? Asshole or a Hero to Non-Huggers Of the World?

Donald Trump Feels 'Deep Resentment' Toward One-Time Ally Jeff Sessions 😊

TJ Miller Reveals Why He Left 'Silicon Valley'

You Guys, It's Been a Really Hard Day for Ivanka Trump, But Thank God, She's Going to Be OK!

Hang It Up, Folks: Hillary Clinton Has Won the #Covfefe Wars

Donald Trump Is 'Emotionally Withdrawing and Gaining Weight'

My God: Sean Spicer May Just Outlast Jared Kushner

Who Is THE Nicest Celebrity on the Planet with Whom to Work?

Jared Kushner, Who Is Now a Focus in Russia Investigation, Is 'Basically a Sh*thead'

Update: Fox News Reporter Saw GOP Congressional Candidate Violently Grab Reporter by the Neck and Throw Him Down

The Obamas Are "Just Breathing, Y'all" and My God, Do They Look Good Doing It

No, Dipsh*t, A Terrorist Attack Is Not The Time to Test Your Material on Twitter

Trump's Drawing and Quartering Continues as The 'Post' Pulls One Leg and the 'Times' Pulls the Other

So, About Those Early Reactions to 'Wonder Woman' ...

Netflix Is Hacking Your Movies, You Bingewatching Plebes

John McCain Now Comparing Trump Scandals to Watergate, Plus Blake Lively: Lady Cage Fighter?

Fox News Under Fire For Calling an 8 Year Old on the Autism Spectrum a 'Stalker,' 'Snowflake'

Guy Ritchie Wants to Know 'Where the F*ck Were You' When 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Was Released?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is the Worst

Take Notes, Folks, Because This Is How You #Resist

If Trump Really Wants to Piss Off/Motivate Liberals, This Would Do It

If You Didn't Love The New Guy Playing Spider-Man Before, We Promise You Will Now

House GOP Rep. Darrell Issa Is Not Looking Too Good in 2018, Folks

Chris Rock Admits He Was a 'Piece of Sh*t' For Cheating on His Wife

Why Doesn't Tom Cruise Kiss Onscreen Anymore?

Furious Alien Life Form and His Earthling Wife Were Turned Away from Rihanna's Met Gala After-Party

Bill Shine Is Out at Fox News, and Sean Hannity May Be Next

Scott Baio’s Wife Defends the Size of Baio’s Penis After Bizarre Fight Over Erin Moran's Death Escalates Because 2017

Less Wife Beaters, More The Rock at Disney Please

Hero Jake Tapper Takes a Wicked Shot at Jesse Watters, Fox News

Professional White Person Wes Anderson Dips His Toes into the Whitewashing Controversy

Sean Hannity Is 'Weird and Creepy' But Did Not Sexually Harass, Says Accuser

Hush Now, Chris Pratt: Don't Make Us Unmake Fetch

Bill O'Reilly Threatened to End the Career of the Woman Who Ended His Because Karma, Motherf**kers

Tori Spelling Should Maybe Consider a Less Expensive Fetish

So ... It Looks Like Bill O'Reilly Is Probably Done at Fox News

Reality Catches Up to Alex Jones, Who Is Caught Between a Rock and a Custody Suit

The First Time Matthew Rhys Asked Keri Russell Out, He Was Drunk

GOP Congressman Snaps During Town Hall with Angry Constituents

Can Handsome Jude Law Offset Skeevy, Abusive Johnny Depp?

Alanis Morrisette Tells Her Former Manager to Shove That Apology Up His Ass

Brad Pitt May Have a New Girlfriend, and She Will Be Great for Gossip

Brian Williams Is In the News Again. No, It's Not for a Good Reason

Stand Back Everyone: Trump's Got This

Michael Sheen Has Named His Penis After an Actress with 13 Emmy Nominations

Anne Coulter Has a 'Celebrity Boyfriend,' And Oh, Boy: Really? Him?

Fox News Doesn't Care About Women

James Van Der Beek Would Really Rather You Not Ask About 'Dawson's Creek' Anymore, Please

Step Aside Stone & Garfield: Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Are America's Favorite Ex-Sweethearts

How Much Lower Can Donald Trump's Approval Ratings Fall?

Fox News Has Completely Snapped the Leash of Human Decency

DiCaprio Keeps Getting Older, But His Girlfriends Stay the Same Age

Hollywood Can't Stand Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard (Hollywood is Wrong)

Donald Trump Must Be Tired of Winning

Goddammit, Now Why Do They Have To Go and Ruin a Perfectly Good TV Show

Netflix to ‘Iron Fist’ Creator: ‘Oh God! Shut Up, You’re Not Helping!’

The Most Brazen Lie Sean Spicer Told at Today's Press Conference

Angela Merkel Gives Donald Trump the 'The F**k Are You Talking About?' Look

Paul Ryan's Embarrassing Drinking Display Has Brought Further Shame Upon America

The Cop Who Killed Michael Brown Admits His Story Wasn't True

Breitbart is Trying to F*ck Over Paul Ryan (And It's Probably Gonna Work)

The CBO Scores Trump's Health Plan and Spoiler: It's a F**king Disaster

John Goodman Makes Sweet, Sweet Love to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Brie Larson Confirms Her Chilly Oscar Reception to Casey Affleck Was Intentional

GLOP Have a Message For You, and It Is SPLOOSH

Sean Spicer Did It! He Found the Single Worst Reason to Support the GOP Healthcare Bill!

Director Kenneth Lonergan Badly Defends Casey Affleck, Yells at Clouds, College Students

Danny Masterson Reportedly Being Investigated for Raping Three Fellow Scientologists

Does This Photo Somehow Make Emma Watson Less of a Feminist?

Celebrity Couple No One Remembers Was Together No Longer Together

Justin Timberlake Is a Thirsty Mess of a Human Assh*ole

We Are All Barry Goldberg Finding Out 'Moonlight' Was the True Winner

Patrick Stewart Tells Us All about His Pants Picard (It's His D*ck, Guys, He's Talking about His D*ck)

Good Human Beings Continue to Be Good While Your Protest Vote Ruins Everything

An Empty Makeup Box Is Bullying People on Social Media Because That's Just Where We Are in Society

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was 'Racially Profiled' For Wearing a Headscarf. ...K.

Jennifer Garner Is No One's Ashes, Sad Affleck

Sean Spicer Calls Out the AP for False Reporting, but the AP Kept the Goddamn Receipts

Why In God's Name Is Allison Williams Cosplaying as Kellyanne Conway on the Cover of Allure?

There's Nothing a Little Guy Love Can't Fix

Kellyanne Conway Sends ❤ ❤ to Racist Trash on Twitter, Badly Lies About It

Dear God, What Has This Woman Done? WHAT HAS SHE DONE?

The Japanese PM's Reaction to Trump's Handshake Is Goddamn Priceless

Fox News: Women Should Be Soft, Shut the F*ck Up

Ted Cruz, Cyborg Senator, Tries for Sympathy Lands on Idiocy

President Obama Is All Out of F**cks

On Donald and Melania, Sophie Turner Delivers a Scalding Twitter Burn

Even Serial Harasser Bill O'Reilly Is Not Optimistic About Donald Trump's Presidency

Ed Sheeran Thinks He and Taylor Swift Are Just a Couple of Underdogs. Super Rich, Ultra White Underdogs

Queen Bey Will Save Us All

The Dickish Rob Lowe Tweet is the Gift that Keeps Giving

Brie Larson Is So Over Saying Casey Affleck's Name at Award Shows

Milk Chocolate is Pointless and Samantha Bee Agrees

Stephen Bannon Just Told the Media to 'Keep Its Mouth Shut,' Which Sounds Not Very Democratic

The Late Carrie Fisher Remarkably Continues to Lead the Resistance

Mel Gibson Is Having a Great Day Because #OscarsSoSexualAssaulty

From the DoD to Olivia Munn, Everyone Is Being Shady Today and We Love It

Please. Please 2017. Please. Let Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Be Back Together. Give Us This

Barack Obama's Going Home: A Presidential Pajiba Love, One Last Time

Kate Hudson's Primary Job Now Seems to Be 'Being Kate Hudson'

'Sherlock' Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Don't Get Along, Not a Big Deal Because They're Dudes

Donald Trump Shouldn't Even Speak or Type Martin Luther King's Name

Marie Osmond Is a Little Bit Country, But Not *That* Country

STFU, Steve Harvey. Sincerely, People Who Aren't Garbage

Trevor Noah Fights for the True Victims of Meryl Streep's Speech: Guys in Tapout Shirts

Tom Hiddleston Apologizes for His Globes Speech, Should Have Un-Humblebragged More Eloquently

Trump's Pettiness More Dangerous than Ever, Plus Did Brie Larson Cold Shoulder Casey Affleck?

Ben Affleck Either Has a New Ladyfriend or He's a Time Traveler or Both

International Lawyer and Activist Amal Clooney Reportedly Expecting Twins with Actor Husband

A Former 'American Idol' Loser Got Called White at an Airport Popeye's and Cried about It on TV

Seasons Change, Years Come and Go, But Chris Brown Will Always Be the Worst

Beyonce Has Words for Kanye, and What Are You Even Doing, Trump?

Gwyneth Misses the Life of a Spoiled Movie Star Now That She's a Spoiled Lifestyle Guru

No Matter How Famous You Are, You Can Apparently Never Escape High School

Surprise! Johnny Depp Is Still an Assh*ole

Which Celebs Does Jennifer Lawrence Hate?! WE NEED TO KNOW

A Very Reproductive Rights Horror Show Edition of Pajiba Love

Scientologists Are So Scared They're Moving Tom Cruise to the 'Super Power Building'

Daryl Dixon Probably Killed Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger's Relationship

Jennifer Lawrence Is Relatable, Urinates Outdoors Behind Her Mother JUST LIKE US

Hilary Duff Kissed Her Child and the Internet Was FURIOUS

'Timeless' Star Matt Lanter Shares His Powerful Story of Triumph Living with a Girly Dog

'Atlanta' Star Lakeith Stanfield Receives the Kanye West Award-Jacking Award at the Critics' Choice Awards

Jennifer Lawrence Apologized For How She Is 'Perceived'

Amy Schumer Is Totally Bungling This 'Barbie' Body Conversation

Matt Damon Still Can't Take Criticism

Just How Far Up His Own Butt Can Mark Wahlberg Go?

Jennifer Lawrence Sure Does Know How Make Headlines (As Usual, It Involves Her Butt)

A Trump Surrogate Just Said 'There's No Such Thing As Facts.' Are My Ears Bleeding? I Feel Like My Ears Are Bleeding

Doesn't Tilda Swinton Know Not to F*ck With 'Harry Potter' Fans?

Hold On, Are Lin-Manuel Miranda & The Rock Best Friends Now?

Oh, Just Another Day of Johnny Depp Being the Absolute Worst

This Just In: A Lot of Famous Men Are Assholes

Tobey Maguire Is Stepping Up As the New Leader of Leonardo DiCaprio's Gross Wolf Pack Boy Club

Chrissy Teigen Is Really Sorry If Her Vagina Ruined Your Day

A Reminder That Your Favorite TV Siblings Are Still a Real-Life Couple

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Knows You're Making Fun of His Fanny Pack & He's Cool With It. He Even Wants to Help

Leonardo DiCaprio's Idea of a Serious Relationship Hasn't Evolved Since Puberty

These Young Joe Biden Pictures Will Make You Feel Patriotic In Your Pants Area

Mike Pence Is Getting The Trolling He So Fittingly Deserves

Emmy Rossum Shared the Disgusting Anti-Semitic Tweets She's Getting In Trump's America

JK Rowling Thinks We're All Gonna Love Johnny Depp's 'Fantastic Beasts' Performance. I Have Some Bad News For Her

People Magazine's Coverage of the Trump Win Is Absolutely Sickening

Is Anything Fun On the Internet Right Now?

Trump Files His First #Rigged Lawsuit, Shades His Daughter, Tiffany

Sophie Turner's Choice In Dudes Is a Little Disappointing, Isn't It?

Do You Want to See Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky Share a Lollipop? Too Bad, It's Happening

Aubrey Plaza & Michael Cera Almost Got Married, Which I Guess Also Means They Dated Once

IMPORTANT NEWS: Lindsay Lohan Has an Accent Now, Is Totes Cultured

Your Internet Boyfriend James McAvoy Was Seen Kissing Someone Else. Just Thought You Should Know

Michael Douglas Just Super Uncooly Outed Val Kilmer's Battle With Cancer

Daisy Ridley Has Some Thoughts On That 'Rey Is a Mary Sue' Bullcrap

This Bill Murray/Tom Hanks Picture Feud Is the Dumbest Thing On the Internet Today

Sledgehammering the Shit Out of Trump's Walk of Fame Star Is the Most Cathartic Thing You'll See Today

Another Week, Another Edition of 'What Was Amy Schumer Thinking?'

Literally No One Believes Donald Trump Turned Down Sex With Salma Hayek

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Preggers Again. Time For Weird Baby Conspiracy Theories: Round 2

Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Exactly Have a Type, Does She?

Amy Schumer's Not Interested In Taking the High Road After That Florida Show

Brangelina's Ex-Bodyguard Just Gave Us All an Early Christmas Present

What Were Trump Fans Expecting From an Amy Schumer Show In the First Place?

A Trump-Free, Only Good Things Edition of Pajiba Love

Add 'Love of Comic Books' To the List of Bullshit Reasons People Get Kicked Off of Airplanes Now

Wait, What? Donald Glover Is a Dad?

Angelina Jolie Is Suing Perez Hilton, Who Responded With As Much Class As You'd Expect

If You Were Wondering How Trump's Relationship With His Daughter Could Get Any Creepier...

Lena Dunham Knows She's Part of the Problem & 'The Daily Show' Slayed Fox News' Racist 'Garbage Attempt at Comedy'

Why Is Melissa Etheridge Inserting Herself Into the Brangelina Divorce? How is This Necessary?

Congratulations to Jennifer Garner & Brad Pitt on Their Definitely Not At All Made Up New Relationship!

Milo Ventimiglia Got Wet and Shirtless For Breast Cancer, So No Need to Feel Guilty About the Objectification

Nate Parker Says He Was 'Vindicated.' Does He Have Any Idea How He Comes Off? Does He Care?

Alicia Machado Responds to Trump's Twitter Meltdown & Everybody's Trying to Bang Tom Hiddleston

Yeah, Maybe It's Okay For Some Celebrities to Stay Out of Politics

Warren Beatty Says He Didn't Sleep With 12,775 Women But Also Maybe Isn't the Best at Math

You Can Help a Child in Need By Punching Martin Shkreli In the Face. Seriously.

'Making a Murderer's' Steven Avery Is Getting Married to an Actual Human Woman

Oh Hooray, Chelsea Handler's Racist Mouth Hole Decided to Weigh In On the Brangelina Divorce

Beard or No Beard: What's Your Lin-Manuel Miranda Objectification Preference?

Jimmy Fallon Is Defending His Trump Bit & Samantha Bee Is Destroying the Country

Asshole of the Week: Whoever Stole Amanda Abbington's Purse While She Was Busy Accepting Her Emmy

Well, Tom Hiddleston Seems to Be Moving on Pretty Swiftly

Mark Wahlberg Is Changing Tactics (But Still An Asshole) On That Whole Hate Crime Pardon Thing

Jonah Hill Doesn't Want to Hear Your Weird-Ass Sexual Fantasies. This Should Be a Given

What In the World Could Tom Brady Possibly Have Against Strawberries?

That Time Bradley Cooper Decided to Talk to Michelle Obama About His Junk

Gabrielle Union Is Saving Nate Parker's Ass At TIFF

Well This Is Just Sad: Martin Shkreli Is Picking Fights With Captain America Now

Odell Beckham Jr. Is the Only Person With No Opinion on Lena Dunham's Opinion of Him

Stan Lee Has Some Deliciously Catty Advice For DC Movies

Can Someone Please Tell Marilyn Manson That His Opinion on Johnny Depp's 'Crucifixion' Isn't Needed?

Amy Schumer Played the Cosby Card. This Might Be Too Much to Come Back From

Silicon Valley + Reddit + Strippers = The Douchiest Story of the Day!

Nate Parker Admitted Empathy and Consent Weren't Really Things He Had to Think About

Nothing Says 'High School' Like a Creepy Naked Dude Ruining Your Day

Can Anything Derail a Trial Faster Than Putting Taylor Swift on the Jury?

Dr. Drew Got Fired, Probably for Being a Terrible Person Who Shouldn't Be Allowed to Say Words In Public

Johnny Depp Found One Last Way to Be Total Garbage to Amber Heard

Is There Any Chance We Can Get Scott Eastwood to Stop Saying Words?

Here's to Four Decades of Helen Mirren Not Taking Any of Our Sexist Bullsh*t

Speedo Just Dumped Ryan Lochte & Daniel Radcliffe Has Some 'Really F*cking Racist' Friends

Don't Ask Women Questions About Their Bodies If You're Not Ready For a VERY Detailed Answer

Gee, It's Almost Like the Special Treatment We Constantly Award Athletes Encourages Them To Be Assholes

Shocker: The Worst Internet Trolls Are Really Super Boring In Person

A Reminder That One of the Internet's Worst Human Trash Fires Still Writes For Amy Schumer

Let's Celebrate Jennifer Lawrence's Birthday With a Whole Bunch of Internet Backlash

Hugh Grant Thinks Monogamy Belongs In the Bible, Not the Bedroom

Rachel Bloom Would Like to Remind You That Hollywood is Terrible and Everything Is Garbage

Robert Downey Jr, King of Dad Jokes, Is Just Trolling Tom Hiddleston Now

The World Hates Taylor Swift More Than Bill Cosby Because Perspective Isn't Our Strong Suit

Is Anyone More Forgettable Than Scott Eastwood?

It's Almost Impressive How Clint Eastwood Managed to Double Down On His Own Awfulness

Well Done, Orlando Bloom. We Hadn't Even Realized We'd Forgotten About You

Daisy Ridley Has Left Instagram, Thanks to a Bunch of Gun Maniac A-Holes

While Auditioning For the Role of Tom Cruise's Scientology Wife Is Not the Time For Honesty

Don't Worry, Kids. You Can Still Be a Beauty Queen Even If You're Kinda Racist

Raise Your Hand If You've Ever Felt Personally Victimized By Bradley Cooper

Women, Please Do Not Take Gynecological Advice From Celebrities

Yes, We All Fantasize About Slapping Justin Timberlake. Please Don't Ever Actually Do It

Jeremy Renner's Awfulness Just Keeps Spiraling Out of Control: Deadbeat Dad Edition

Yup, Margot Robbie Thought That Vanity Fair Interview Was 'Really Weird' Too

Leslie Jones Wants to Remind You That 'Freedom of Speech' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

It Takes An Incredible Evil to Make Glenn Beck Sound Reasonable

Shut It Down, The Taylor Swift Defense Has Officially Jumped Every Shark

Johnny Depp's 'Super Group' Is a Whole Lot Less Super Than We Might Have Guessed

Jenny McCarthy & Tara Reid Are Fighting Over the Title of Most Embarrassing Mess

How to Be Human Garbage, Courtesy of This Body-Shaming Playboy Model

Can Someone Please Explain the Witchcraft Behind Kristen Stewart's Terrifying Dress?

Blake Lively Says It's 'Very, Very Dangerous' To Talk About Woody Allen's Personal Life

Who Are You to Judge Adele's Pizza-Related Demands?

How Long Before Alanis Morissette's Baby Forgives Her For Giving Her This Name?

Prep Your Gag Reflexes: Woody Allen and Justin Timberlake Are Teaming Up

Emily Ratajkowski Guts Piers Morgan's Sexist Tweet

Leave It to Piers Morgan to Get Us to Defend Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift

The Hiddleswift Romance Is a Lot More Interesting If You Choose to See the Illuminati Conspiracy Behind It

Stacey Dash Maybe Isn't Such a Funny Joke Anymore, Called Jesse Williams a 'Hollywood Plantation Slave'

You Know Hiddleswift's Love Is Pure and True Because of the INSANE Amount of Money They've Spent Proving It, Right?

Calvin Harris Could Give a Master Class In How Not to Handle a Breakup

Get Out of Here, Johnny Depp, No One Wants Your 'Surprise Appearances'

Winona Ryder Deftly Navigated the Johnny Depp Conversation

Ariel Winter Doesn't Give a Crap What You Thought of Her Terrible, Terrible Dress

Add 'Leonardo DiCaprio's Vape Stink' to the List of Things Hillary Clinton Has to Put Up With

28-Year-Old Crone Elizabeth Banks Was Deemed Too Old to Kiss 27-Year-Old Spider-Man

Tom Hiddleston Swears His Butt Isn't Dangerous, BUT HOW CAN WE BE SURE?

Gwyneth Paltrow's Home Is About As Boring, Sterile & Staged As You'd Expect

On That Time the Red Hot Chili Peppers Took a Break From 'Carpool Karaoke' to Save a Baby's Life

Howard Stern Would Like to Remind You of What a Goddamn Moron He Is

However Terrifying You Think a Trump Rally Is, It's So Much Worse

Yes, Kanye's Mom-Angel Video Game Is a Real Thing, And It Looks Totally Bananas

Trump Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudges A Disgusting Implication That Obama Was Involved In the Orlando Shooting

Will Arnett's Girlfriends Got So Young, Megan Fox Wanted to Stock Up on Lunchables

For All of Us Who Were Unaware That Benicio del Toro Is a Garbage Human, He Is

Every Megan Fox Interview Is a Goldmine of Crazy Paranormal Nonsense

Meryl Streep's Profoundly Disturbing Trump Impression Will Haunt Your Brain

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Are the 'Dickheads of the Decade' & Maisie Williams Isn't Here For Your Stupid, Sexist Headlines

Human Dumpster Fire Stacey Dash Has Maybe Outdone Herself With the Word Vomit

Jimmy Kimmel Told HuffPo to 'Fuck Off' & You Can Start Expecting a New Batch of Breakup Songs From Taylor Swift

Megan Fox Is Taking Life Advice From Her Unborn Child & Sienna Miller Should Maybe Keep Her Word Vomit To Herself

It's Been a While Since We Talked About What a Raging Asshole Michael Bay Is

Of COURSE Robin Wright Is Happy Sean Penn's Movie Is Tanking

Is Shia LaBeouf Actually Trying to Get Himself Murdered?

The Man Behind the Celebrity Photo Hack Has Pleaded Guilty & Neo-Nazis Sure Do Love Taylor Swift

Please Keep Your Creepy, Famous Hands Off of Jessica Williams' Body

Things The Internet Gets Way Too Excited About: Johnny Depp's Daughter Wearing a Freaking Hoodie

Sir Mix-a-Lot Weighs In On Blake Lively's 'Oakland Booty' & Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch Are Still Maybe a Thing

Rude: Rory Gilmore Had a Baby Last Year and Didn't Think to Tell Any of Us

Blake Lively Tries and Fails At Making a Joke & How Robin Wright Underwooded Her Way to Equal Pay

Our Hatred of Woody Allen/Cosby/Polanski Is Getting In the Way of Adrien Brody's Art

Another Monday, Another Round of Sad Celebrity Breakups

Oscar Isaac Has a Lot of Love to Give & Woody Allen DGAF About Dylan Farrow

Nothing Is Less Surprising Than Blake Lively's Response to That Woody Allen Rape Joke

Um, Did We Know Minnie Driver Is a Goddamn Lunatic?

Yup, A Jennifer Lawrence Friendship Is Exactly What You Imagine It to Be

Johnny Depp Isn't Done Being An Ass to Australia

Jennifer Garner DGAF How Her Divorce Looks

Channing Tatum Is All About Equal Opportunity Nudity & Lupita Nyong'o Doesn't Want Your Audrey Hepburn Comparisons

Woody Allen Is Really Proud of What a Great Father Figure He Is to His Wife

Melissa McCarthy Didn't Like the 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Either & The Trump/Cruz Feud Just Got Really Weird

That Guy Who 'Scared the Sh*t' Out of Amy Schumer Is Defending Himself... Terribly

Shia LaBeouf Apologized to His Doppelganger & Lena Dunham Says She'd 'Kill Herself' If She Woke Up As a Man

Miley Cyrus Realized It's Been a While Since She's Made Us Sad

Channing Tatum Had the Best Birthday Party & Iggy Azalea Thinks 'Becky' Is a Racist Term

Joaquin Phoenix Is An 'Unpredictable' Jesus & Daisy Ridley Shows Off Her Jedi Training

Maisie Williams Is the Absolute Coolest & Anna Kendrick Got a Book Deal

Sophie Turner Confirms Everything You've Assumed About Kit Harington's Hair

Charlize Theron & P*ssy Posse Member Tobey Maguire Don't Get Along? Shocking

Daisy Ridley Talks Self-Love & Constance Wu Isn't Pulling Any Punches With the 'Heinous' 'Ghost In the Shell' Racism

Tracy Morgan Is the Best Human & Prepare to Be Very Jealous of the Princes

Irrelevant Human Vanilla Ice Doesn't Get Kids Today & Beyonce is Just Talking In Riddles Now

32-Year-Old Man Henry Cavill Is Giving Out Promise Rings

Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has a Brilliant, Bonkers, Hilarious Plan to Turn You Into The Strongest Man On Earth

Minka Kelly Refuses to Take Our Advice About Sean Penn

The 'Captain America: Civil War' Premiere Was One Hell of a Sausage Party

Jeremy Renner's Trying Out the Idea of Being a Decent Human, and It's Not a Great Fit

Celebrating All the 'Boss Ass Bitches' of the 'Game of Thrones' Premiere, Plus Peter Skarsgard's Lack of Pants

Scarlett Johansson Won't Talk About Equal Pay & Cameron Diaz Does Science

The Latest Kesha Ruling Is a Huge Step Back & A Slap In the Face For All Non-Garbage Humans

Kerry Washington Has Mastered the Art of Letting People Know How Badly They've F*cked Up

Charlize Theron Doesn't Think You Understand How Hard Life Can Be For the Really Ridiculously Good-Looking

Kesha Reveals Sony's Disgusting Proposal & Gwyneth Paltrow's Latest Beauty Tip May Be the Dumbest Yet

Gmail Is Really, Really Sorry For F*cking Up April Fools Day

Susan Sarandon & Debra Messing's Twitter War Is Getting Uncomfortably Ugly

Kiefer Sutherland's Attempt at a Country Music Career Is the Most Glorious Mess We Could Hope For

Charlize Theron Doesn't Know What Ghosting Is, But She Definitely Didn't Do It to Sean Penn

James Van Der Beek Is a Baby-Making Machine

Breaking News and Evacuating Stomachs: Six Women Voluntarily Had Sex with Ted Cruz

Red-Hot Republican Sexy Talk With 'Family Values'-Focused Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Ted Cruz Enlists Aaron Sorkin to Help Him Sound Presidential

Please, Jamie Oliver, Do Tell Us More about How Easy and Convenient Breastfeeding Is

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Really Respects Womenfolk for Dealing with All Those Hormones

Katherine Heigl Is Doing Cat Litter Commercials and Uh Oh, Your Schadenfreude Is Showing

Henry Cavill Did a Fun Stunt to Prove No One Cares About Henry Cavill

28-Year-Old Crone Olivia Wilde Was Deemed 'Too Old' To Play Leonardo DiCaprio's Wife

Daisy Ridley Sure Knows How to Let a Guy Down Easy

Warning: You Cannot Unsee Macklemore's Oil Painting of Justin Bieber's Sensual Pancake Privates

Henry Cavill Really Blurs the Line Between Refreshingly Honest & Total Asshat

Justin Trudeau Is on American Soil. Prepare Your Lions for the Great Moistening.

Stock Up On Brain Bleach Because Here's More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Hulk Hogan's Bathing Suit Parts

Charlie Hunnam Got a First-Hand Lesson In Staying Off the Internet

Jennifer Garner Is the Best 'Batman v Superman' Ad & Louis CK Is a 'F*cking Celebrity With An Opinion'

Are Rachel McAdams & Taylor Kitsch Still a Thing & Zoe Saldana Is Being 'Viciously' Attacked Over The Nina Simone Movie

Maisie Williams is Dating a Normal & Don't Welcome Kumail Nanjiani to America. He Already Lives Here, Dummy

Tina Fey Says Leonardo DiCaprio Has 9 Years Left to Get the Model Banging Out of His System

Hey, Commitment-Phobes. Adele Has No Patience For Your Cold Feet Bullcrap

It Feels Good to Know That, In a Pinch, Tom Hiddleston Will Pee On a Friend In Need

Remembering the Greatest Date In Oscars History

The Internet Is Mad at Chrissy Teigen Again & Has 'SNL' Officially Run Out of Ideas?

Jessica Williams Explores the Biblical Implications of 'Butt Baby Births'

Charlie Sheen Says Testosterone Cream Made Him Nuts & Who Is 'The Secret Actress'?

Jennifer Lawrence Is a Total Perv & Demi Lovato Wants Taylor Swift to Keep Her Cash to Herself

Emma Watson Is Taking an Acting Break & Why Rachel McAdams Owes Her Career to Rob Schneider

Sorry, Celebrities With Terrifying Stalkers, The Legal System Doesn't Give a Fuck About You

Kim Kardashian Shares the Cleavage Secret Literally None of Us Ever Wanted to See

Kate Winslet Gave a Big Eff You to the Drama Teacher Who Told Her to 'Settle For the Fat Girl' Parts

Bill Murray Lost It at Justin Timberlake's Birthday Party & Rebel Wilson's BAFTA Word Vomit

Emma Thompson's Brilliantly Morbid Plan For Diversifying the Oscars & Is Kanye Saying Taylor Swift Owes Him Sex?

Gaby Hoffman Is Sure Bernie Sanders Has a 'Lovely' Penis & Was Liam Neeson Just Joking About That Famous Girlfriend?

Get Ready to See The Rock Naked & Did Will Smith Just Admit He Screwed Up His Kids?

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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Are Secretly Divorcing & Charlize Theron Quietly Adopted a Baby Girl

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A Minor League Baseball Team Had to Apologize For Corey Feldman's Presence & Anne Hathaway Responds to Being Amy Schumer's Punchline

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Whoopi Goldberg Is the Only Person Left Defending Bill Cosby, So She's Going At It Extra Hard

Even More Idiocy From Michael Eisner & The Washington Post Thinks Amy Schumer Inspired the Charleston Shooting

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis's Secret-Wedding and Enough Soccer Sexism to Start Your Week Off Angry

Paris Hilton Got A Million Dollars (And Some Dynamite Publicity) For That Plane Crash Prank

Donald Trump Has No Idea How Free Speech Works & Paul Rudd Farted His Way Through An 'Ant-Man' Interview

Someone Please, PLEASE Keep Minka Kelly Away From Sean Penn

Can You Handle the Schadenfreude Of a Rattailed, Shirtless Shia LaBeouf Rapping About Potatoes?

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Jennifer Lawrence Got Enthusiastic For Some Paparazzi & Ben Affleck Has Really F*cked Things Up For PBS

Charlie Sheen's Kids Are Being Punished For Being Unlucky Enough To Have Been Born To Charlie Sheen

Paris Hilton's Brother Makes Tom Hanks' Son Look Like a Lovable Boy Scout

Anthony Mackie Has Some Strict (And Weird) Criteria For Chris Evans' Next Girlfriend

Miley Cyrus Is Gal Pal-ing Around With a Victoria's Secret Model & Is This Why Charlize Theron Dumped Sean Penn?

David Hasselhoff Won't Stop Talking About, Threatening to Show Off His Penis

Why Emma Stone Turned Down 'Ghostbusters' & Donald Trump 'Picked a Fight With the Wrong Guy'

Miley Cyrus Says She's Gender Fluid & Aaron Paul Tried and Botched a Rambly, Awkward Prank

Channing Tatum Is Overdressed For Pride & Amy Schumer Left a 1000% Tip On a Restaurant Bill

The Internet Is Losing Its Sh*t Over Jennifer Lawrence's Hot Bodyguard

George R.R. Martin Is Getting Awfully Snippy With HBO & Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan Made Kisses On Each Other

John Cusack Shares His Government Theories, Is One Craft Store Trip Short of a Full-Blown Yarn Wall

Caitlyn Jenner Is Being Sued For a Second Time Over That Fatal Car Crash

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks It's 'Slightly Misogynistic' to Ask About Her Competition & Patrick Stewart Defends an Anti-Gay Bakery

Taylor Swift Has Taken Paparazzi Evasion to Next-Level Crazypants Impressiveness

Chet Haze Doubles Down on His Love of the N-Word & James Franco Refuses to Be Out-Weirded

Laverne Cox Had the Absolute Best Reaction to Caitlyn Jenner & Nickelodeon's Drake Bell Had the Dumbest

Tom Hanks' Son Is the Anti-Hanks & Kim Kardashian Teaches Us How to Milk a Pregnancy For Maximum Ratings

Leonardo DiCaprio Officially Does Not Care How Gross and Silly We Think He Is

Lindsay Lohan, Real-Life Superhero & Your New Source of Personal Inspiration, Worked 8 Hours a Day For Two Whole Weeks

Justin Bieber Found God In a Tree & J.K. Rowling Has No Time For Wizard-Hating Homophobes

Are Johnny Depp & Miley Cyrus Both Competing For the Title of Worst Pet Owner?

Kim Kardashian Says Plastic Surgery Is a Super Great Way to Fix a Teenager's Self Esteem

Tom Cruise Shows Off His Busted Face and Neville Longbottom's Sexiness Is Making JK Rowling Uncomfortable

Beyoncé Just Poured Your College Tuition Into a Hot Tub & George Clooney Gets B*tchy With His Trolls

Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton Fought Over a Purse & Someone Please Get Robin Thicke's Dog Away From Him, Immediately

Cate Blanchett Breaks Our Hearts By Walking Back Those Bisexuality Comments & Lindsay Lohan Has a Foolproof Backup Plan to Doing Actual Work

Woody Allen's New Amazon Project Is Already a Disaster & Kathy Griffin Is Sh*tting On Joan Rivers' Legacy

Professional A**hole Dane Cook Was Banned From the Laugh Factory For Being an A**hole

Cate Blanchett Has Had Relationships With Women 'Many Times' and Michael Fassbender Doesn't Give a Crap About Aaron Sorkin

The Kardashians Finally Address Their Insane Body Image Issues & Miles Teller Is a Real Life Super Hero

Madonna Doesn't Exactly Turn Down Marilyn Manson's Offer to 'Fornicate' & Who Thought It Was Okay to Let Lindsay Lohan Work at a Preschool?

Kristen Stewart Calls Plastic Surgery 'Vandalism' & Mindy Kaling Calls Her Relationship With BJ Novak 'Weird As Hell'

We May Now Live In a World Where We Have to Take Kim Kardashian Seriously

Leonardo DiCaprio Proves He's a Totally Normal Cool Guy Who Also Makes His Friends Block His Face on Instagram

Anna Kendrick Gives a 'What the F*ck?' to Hollywood's Weird, Backwards Casting Processes

Madonna's Comments On Her Drake Kiss Are Somehow Even Weirder Than the Already Really Weird Kiss Itself

Kit Harington Is Going to Lose It If We Don't Stop Talking About His Beautiful Hair

Emma Stone Is Just Trolling Us Now With Her Andrew Garfield Breakup

Kristen Stewart Says Her 'Twilight' Sex Scene Was Pure 'Agony,' Calls Fame 'Worst Thing in the World'

Because The Internet Hasn't Been An A**hole In a While: Here's Your Robert Downey Jr Backlash

Justin Bieber Ruined a High School's Prom & Jennifer Lawrence Turned Down a Date With a Prince

Leonardo DiCaprio Is On Tinder and Russell Brand Is Trying Celibacy Because There Can Only Be One Sleazy Sex King At A Time

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are Done For Good And It's All Martin Scorsese's Fault

Robert Downey Jr. Ditched an Interview When Asked About His Drug Past

Has Johnny Depp Officially Given Up On Trying to Be a Presentable Human?

Tom Cruise Is Personally Bankrolling Scientology's Army of Spies & Ben Affleck Tries to Rewrite History

Shia LaBeouf's Gross Rattail Says Celebrities are 'Enslaved Flesh'

Louis CK Sort-of-But-Not-Really Apologized to Sarah Palin & Gwyneth Paltrow's Food Bank Backlash Continues

Charlize Theron Finally Explains the Sean Penn Attraction & Jerry Seinfeld Thinks YouTube Is a 'Giant Garbage Can'

Justin Bieber Is Too Insufferable Even For Coachella, The World's Insufferability Capital

Gwyneth Paltrow Gave Up on Her Food Stamp Challenge & Miley Cyrus Forgot How Shirts Work

Scott Eastwood Says Ashton Kutcher Boned His Girlfriend & Gwyneth Paltrow Tries and Fails to Be Just Like Us

Justin Bieber Got Handsy With Ariana Grande & Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm May Be Splitsville

If You've Ever Said Marilyn Manson Has a Punchable Face, You Were Apparently Right

Mindy Kaling Wants Nothing to Do With Her Weird, Racist, Off-the-Rails Brother

A Warning to All You Plebs: It's Now Illegal to Say Hello to George Clooney

Women, Please Stop Marrying Charlie Sheen and Chevy Chase, Please Stop Slapping Strangers

Gwyneth Paltrow Had Her Aura Photographed, Has Scientific (?) Proof She's Better Than You

Justin Bieber Says His Life Is Not Easy, and We'd All See That If We Weren't Such Stupid Peasant Idiots

Jamie Foxx Smeared Schlocky Transphobia All Over the iHeartRadio Awards & Anna Kendrick Says She's Just Waiting For Us to Start Hating Her

Aaron Paul May Be Heading to Baby Town & Nicole Kidman May or May Not Hate Everyone

Lena Headey Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression & Jeremy Renner's Divorce Took a Turn For the Horrible

Sarah Jessica Parker Aimed Her Powerful Stink Eye at National Treasure Tom Hanks

New BFFs Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber Are a Match Made In Douchedom

Shailene Woodley, The Rich White Wood Nymph Who Doesn't Understand Feminism, Is MTV's Favorite 'Trailblazer'

John Stamos Is Tired of Getting Asked For Sex Selfies and Eva Mendes Is Really Sorry For Slamming Sweatpants

Eva Mendes Has Pinpointed the Number One Cause of Divorce in America

James Franco Says He's Gay 'Up To the Point of Intercourse,' Demonstrating the Level of Sexual Understanding You'd Expect From James Franco

Did Anyone Think Justin Bieber Could Make It Through His Roast Without Crying? Because You Were Wrong

Here's the Very Practical (And Kind of Adorable) Reason Why Taylor Swift Had to Insure Her $40 Million Legs

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Going to Help Adrien Grenier Find the Loneliest Whale. (The Whale Is His Penis)

Katy Perry Thinks Kim Kardashian Dresses Inappropriately, Because Pots Are Calling Kettles Slutty Now

Here's the Ultra Disturbing Reason Why Tom Cruise and John Travolta Can Presumably Never Leave Scientology

Robin Wright Says Sean Penn Taught Her How to Love... By Being an Unlovable Monster

Madonna Thinks Kanye Is the 'Black Madonna' and Sean Penn Thinks We're All 'Flagrantly Stupid'

Taylor Swift Has Permanently Won the 'I Just Woke Up Like This' Selfie Game

Leonardo DiCaprio REALLY Wants to Make Sure We All Know He's Not Taking a Break From Sexing Models to Sex Rihanna

Sony's Amy Pascal Can't Move Into Her New Office Because of Seth Rogen's Permanent Weed Cloud

Justin Bieber's Obsession With Seth Rogen is Reaching Sad Lost Puppy Levels of Embarrassment

Taylor Swift Gives Us All a Lesson In How to Pose Awkwardly With Your Friend's Naked Stomach

David O. Russell Pulled a David O. Russell, Got Into a Screaming Match With Jennifer Lawrence

Lindsay Lohan Can Add 'Restraining Order' to the Legal Trouble Bingo Board That Is Her Life

The Taylor Swift Belly Button Mystery Is Solved, Plus Jamie Dornan's Publicist Reins Him In

Jamie Dornan Joins the Long List of People Who Don't Want Him to Play Christian Grey Anymore

Kanye West Needs Your Help to Get His Mom Into Heaven and Fox News Says Patricia Arquette Needs to 'Do Her History'

Hugh Grant Says He Hasn't Watched Porn in Three Years and-- Okay, We'll Wait Till You're Done Laughing

Iggy Azalea Quit Twitter Because People Made Fun Of Her Ass, and Michael Che Quit Because He Acted Like an Ass

'Buffy's' Nicholas Brendon Was Arrested Again For Felony Grand Theft and Being a General Mess of a Person

Warning: If You Shush Women During '50 Shades of Grey' They May Stab You With Their Broken Wine Bottle

Lena Headey Confirms She's Pregnant, Has Not Yet Confirmed If This Is a Baby Viper

Jaden Smith Only Owns One Pair of Shoes (Riiiight) and DO NOT LOOK REESE WITHERSPOON IN THE EYE

Rich White Dude Vince Vaughn Wants to Tell You How 'Racist' Affirmative Action Is

Miley Cyrus Ends Her Short-Lived Non-Porn Career & Kanye Has 'Voices In His Head' Telling Him to Do Things

Yup, Miley Cyrus Is Officially Doing Porn Now

The 'Game of Thrones' Special May Have Spoiled a Major Character Death, and Superman Looks Like a 'Roided-Up Pacey

Brad Pitt Doesn't Want to Be Friends With 'Embarrassing' Man-Child George Clooney Anymore

Everyone In the '50 Shades of Grey' Cast Hates Each Other & Amy Pascal Steps Down at Sony

Val Kilmer Would Rather Bleed From the Throat Than Get Medical Treatment Because... Religion?

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Fox News For Saying the Things Everyone Was Already Thinking

Justin Timberlake and His Nameless, Headless Baby Vessel Are Pregnant!

Johnny Depp Is Getting Hitched & Justin Bieber Shares a Pooping Selfie

Sean Penn Was Just Kidding With His First Two Marriages, Says Charlize Theron Will Be His First Wife

Emile Hirsch Assaulted a Woman at Sundance & David Oyelowo Defends Cumberbatch's Stupid Comments

Howard Stern Called Sam Smith an 'Ugly M*ther F**ker' Because Apparently It Really DOES Take One to Know One

Benedict Cumberbatch Issues Apology for Saying Something Really @#$ing Dumb

Sebastian Stan Is Going For the Gold in Sex-Gymnastics

Justin Timberlake's Fancy Restaurant Is Covered in Actual Sh*t

Marilyn Manson Says He Coined 'Grunge,' Refused to F*ck Courtney Love

Actor-Musician Johnny Depp Is 'Sickened' By Actor-Musicians

Lena Dunham Finds the Only Woman Capable of Fixing Her Image: The Real-Life Olivia Pope

It's Been a Few Days Since We Had a Pregnancy Rumor. Cameron Diaz, You're Up.

Jennifer Aniston Got a Solid Lesson In Things Not Always Being About Her

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Brad Pitt Was 'Too Good' For Her & Russell Brand Says Fox News Is Terrorizing Us

Zooey Deschanel Is Growing a Manic Pixie Dream Baby Inside of Her

Amy Adams Is NOT Having Babies Via a Surrogate, She's Just Kinda Awkward

Amal Clooney Is Tired of George's Friends Because Of Course She Is

Jessica Chastain and Meryl Streep React to Russell Crowe's Idiocy In Very Different Ways

Benedict Cumberbatch Knocked Up His Fiancée & Brangelina Meet the Pope

Anna Kendrick Says She'd Have No Career Without the 'Weirdos.' It's Our Pleasure, Really.

Gwyneth Paltrow Continues to Make It Really Difficult to Take Her Seriously

Kaley Cuoco Says Those Feminism Comments Were Taken Out of Context & Taylor Swift Is Cyberstalking All of Us

Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's Earned Everything She's Gotten. You Know, Except the Stuff That Was Handed to Her

Kaley Cuoco Joins the Long List of Celebrities Who Think You Can't Be a Feminist If You Like Baking

Anna Kendrick Says Meryl Streep Is 'Kind of a Bro,' and Judd Apatow Goes on an Epic Anti-Bill Cosby Twitter Rant

Russell Crowe Says There Are Plenty of Roles For Women In Hollywood, We're All Just Doing It Wrong

Jena Malone Says Being Homeless as a Child Was "Glorious" & Star Wars Almost Killed Natalie Portman's Career

Aww, Poor Slacker College Dropout Gwyneth Paltrow Is Having a Hard Time Finding a Job

"Academy Award Winner Jennifer Aniston" Is Happening, Whether We Like It or Not

Jennifer Lawrence Is Eating Pizza With a New Guy, Which May or May Not Be a Euphemism

Scarlett Johansson Thinks She Has an "Okay Body" & Jennifer Aniston Would Like You to Stay Out of Her Vagina

Lindsay Lohan Is Too Classy For America, And Anna Kendrick Drapes Herself in Velvet

The Singer From Creed Thinks the CIA Is Telling Him to Assassinate the President

Can Someone Teach Evangeline Lilly How Words Work?

Angelina Jolie Is Just Pissing Everyone Off, Isn't She?

The Real (Terrifying) Reason Mark Wahlberg Wants That Pardon, and ScarJo Channels the 90s

Leonardo DiCaprio Had a 21-Way in Miami & The Desperate Search For a Keira Knightley Baby Bump

Mark Wahlberg Is Seeking a Pardon For the Awful Things He Did As a Kid, His Rap Career Not Included

Miley Cyrus Has Outdone Even Herself, and the Very Weird Friendship of GOOP and Meryl

Daniel Craig Says Mike Myers 'F*cked' the Bond Films, and Taylor Swift Bans a Mean Girl

Natalie Dormer Refused to Do a Certain 'Game of Thrones' Scene, and (Surprise!) Rosario Dawson is a New Mom

Scarlett Johansson Got Secret-Married, Officially Killing All Chances You Definitely Still Had of Making That Happen

Jake Gyllenhaal's New Companion is a Real Dog, and Ray Rice Can Go Straight to Hell

Johnny Depp Doesn't Give a F*ck What You Think of His Terrible Movies & 'Jurassic World' Could Have Been SO Much Worse

JLaw and Liam Hemsworth Are Acting on the 'Insane Chemistry' That No One Who's Seen a 'Hunger Games' Knew Existed

Miley Cyrus Dances Topless and Rides a Mechanical Penis, While Ansel Elgort Vanquishes His Own Sex Appeal

Gwyneth Masterfully One-Ups Martha Stewart, and Late Night Finally Makes Its First Cosby Jokes

'Modern Family's' Behind-the-Scenes 'Divorce,' and Sleazebag Ashton Kutcher Supports Doxxing Journalists

Now We Know Why Ryan Gosling Was Never 'Sexiest Man Alive,' and Jennifer Lawrence 'Basically Has a Penis'

We Almost Had A Different Peter Quill, and J-Law's Unintentional Homage to Kim Kardashian?

Chris Evans' Snow Wizard Meets His Fate & Jennifer Lawrence Wants People To 'Stop Being A**holes'

Marvel At The Shortlist For People's Sexiest Man Alive & Watch Jennifer Lawrence Giggle Uncontrollably

Katy Perry's Boyfriend Is an Ass, and the Man Who Sang a Beatles' Song to His Dying Newborn

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She's a 'Talentless Troll,' and Sandra Bullock Goes Blonde

Eminem Wants To Punch Lana Del Rey in the Face, and Gwyneth Gives the Internet a Rage Embolism

Blake Lively & Martha Stewart Reunited As Best Friends, Plus Obama Saves The Internet

Robert Downey Jr. Once Greeted A Journalist With 'Nice T-ts' and the Olsen Twins Look Less Alike Now

The Response to the Title of the Next 'Star Wars' Movie Hasn't Been Positive and Britney Spears Nabbed Her a Handsome Fella

Lena Dunham Issues Half-Assed Apology & Michael Fassbender May Be Your New Steve Jobs

Natalie Dormer's Resting Bitch Face, Plus JLaw Hoodwinks 'People' Mag

Louis C.K. Mysteriously Quits Twitter, and You'll Never See the Best 'Part' of '50 Shades of Grey'

Zac Efron Is a Controlling Boyfriend, and Outraged Parents Draw a Line from Kardashian Baby Clothes to Sex Tapes

Miley Pushes the Legal Limit on Sideboob, Martha Gives Good Eye, and Pee Wee Rises Again

Anne Hathaway's Hate-Resurrection Undone By Ebola, But Jim Carrey Thrives on Hate

Dolly Parton is a LGBT-Loving Saint, Plus the Heroic Paul Rudd Doppleganger Steps Up

Jennifer Lawrence's Middle Finger Gets Creative & Another Death Hoax Victim Rises

Shocker: '50 Shades' Sex Scenes Fail To Scintillate, But Ultron's Package Delivers

Do Not F*ck with Anderson Cooper, Internet, Plus Tina Fey Burns Rob Schneider

Johnny Depp's Big Bad Wolf Looks Like Hairy Sinatra & Cumby's Wax Figure Looks Too Accurate

Acid-Tripping Shia LaBeouf Choked His Director & Keanu Reeves Loved Making Out with Paula Abdul

Marvel Courts Robert Downey Jr. With An Astounding Gift & Nicki Minaj's Anaconda Don't Want None

Dane Cook's Conquest Tally Will Disgust You & Jude Law's Super Sperm Should Frighten You

DiCaprio Welcomes a New Member into the 'P*ssy Posse,' and KStew Continues Her No Fucks Given Tour

Blake Lively Throws A Fit Over Her Slave Owner-Inspired Fashion Spread & Steven Collins Plays A Pedophile Priest

Seth Rogen Gets Sweet Justice for 'Freaks and Geeks' Cancellation And Zach Galifianakis Lost a Ton of Weight

Kristen Stewart Calls Non Feminists Ridiculous & Ernie Hudson Calls Female Ghostbusters Wrong

Christian Bale's Ass Story Will Horrify You & Katy Perry Will Peacock The NFL

Robert Downey, Jr. Would Like To Reconnect with His Ex, Sarah Jessica Parker, if It's OK with Matthew Broderick

Jennifer Lawrence Wants A Boyfriend Who Farts & Gwyneth Paltrow Farts Shade At Martha Stewart

The Insanely Magical Appeal of Natalie Dormer's Mouth, and a Rare Kristen Stewart Smile Spotted in the Wild

Lindsay Lohan Gets Another Opportunity To F*ck Up, SNL Plagiarizes, & 'The Fappening' Has Its 1st Male Victim

The Rock Tests His Fans' Loyalty With Baywatch & Katherine Heigl Wins A Few More Fans

Why Sarah Silverman Was Fired from 'SNL,' and Nick Jonas Goes Full Wahlberg

Anne Hathaway Admits 'Fame F*cked Me Up' & Ben's Little Affleck Makes Its Screen Debut

Jeremy Renner Doesn't "Give a Sh-t About your Opinion,' and Michael Phelps Is Arrested

Ben Affleck's Punchable Face Identified With Nick Dunne & Lena Dunham Won't Pay Artists

People Magazine Tweeted Racist Sh*t About Viola Davis & John Cusack Called Hollywood A Whorehouse

Charlize Theron Is Why We Don't Have a 'Black Widow' Movie

Cuba Gooding Hilariously Loses It, and Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Will Strip Down for Soderbergh

Juliette Lewis is Crackers About Scientology, and the NYTimes Sucks at Apologizing

'Fox & Friends' Unironically Claims 'No Equivalency' For Missing Male Wonder Woman

Clay Aiken: People Who Take 'Inappropriate' Selfies 'Deserve What They Get'

What Actor's Creepy, Shit-Eating Grin Landed Him the Role of the Year?

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Quietly Welcomed Their Hey Girl Into The World

Hiddleston Is Heading To 'Skull Island' and Cumberbatch Is Giving Up His Clothes For Good

The Mockingjay: Part I Trailer: Chills, Thrills & One Angry Katniss

Sarah Palin's Knock-Down, Drag-Out Family Brawl Put A Football Pile-Up To Shame

Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage, and Cumberbatch Awkwardly Asked On Stage If Audience Member Could Taste His 'Yummy Deliciousness'

'Veronica Mars' Almost Went Solo & Other TV Near Misses

Taylor Swift Thinks She's a Shoshanna; Katy Perry Thinks She's a 'Regina George in Sheep's Clothing'

Seth Rogen: Ray Rice Should Be Banned For Life From The NFL

Tom Brady Outs Himself As A Whiner & Pouter Off The Field Too

Idris Elba Will Save The Internet From This Awful Week Of Jackassery

The Song the Studio Wanted for 'Wayne's World' Instead of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Was a Big Fat No F**king Way

Obama's Tan Suit Took Over The Internet, Which Needs To Get A Grip

Joan Rivers Is In Critical Condition And LeeAnn Rimes Made A Terrible Rape Joke

Carla Gugino's Steamy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Needs Cooling Off

Someone Is Letting Lindsay Lohan Look After Children While Michael Rooker Groots

The VMA Fashion Show Included Britney Spears & Rose McGowan (Yes, That Dress) Throwbacks

Do We Still Like Cumberbatch? You'll Like His ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Two Semi-Beloved(?) Celebrities Couples Split, while Judi Dench and Benedict Cumberbatch Come Together

Chuck Zito Thinks War Machine Did The Right Thing By Beating His Woman

Paul Rudd's Ant-Man Looks Broody, and Ben and Jennifer's Adorable Ice Bucket Challenge

Gene Simmons Is Sorry, Not Sorry That He Told People To Kill Themselves

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Tori Amos Understand Feminism & Preach It

Elisabeth Moss Is Just Like Us, While O.J. Simpson is Obsessed With Kim Kardashian

Goodbye, Slim: Lauren Bacall Passes Away At The Age of 89

Anna Kendrick May No Longer Be Single and Emma Stone Might Be Wearing Garters In Public

Deceased Race Driver Kevin Ward's Relative Calls Tony Stewart 'A D*ck'

Charlize Theron Will Get Your A** Banned From Her Fancy Gym

Kristen Stewart Explains Why She Doesn't Smile for Photos, and 'Outlander' Is A Feminist '50 Shades'?

Even A Drunk Chrissy Teigen Can Pitch Better Than 50 Cent, Plus New Terminator Title Is Copywriter's Worst Nightmare.

Helen Mirren's Twerking GIF Will Light Your Heart on Fire, and Jon Stewart Was A D*ck To Craig Kilborn

How Did Cosmo's Lesbian Sex Tips Work Out For Actual Lesbians?

Celebrities Cuddle With Their Younger Selves & Other Things You Can't Unsee

Joffrey Bieber Is Still F**king with Legolas, and Fox News Host Calls The Bachelorette A Slut On TV

Drew Barrymore Releases a Statement in the Wake of Her Half Sister's Unfortunate Death

The Ex-Girlfriend Of Freddie Prinze Jr. Very Professionally Calls Him a Douche, and SDCC's Women Who Kick Ass Panel

The Media Has Spoken: Jay-Z & Beyonce Will Split & He's 'Screwing' Rihanna

Susan Sarandon Stomps All Over Woody Allen & Reveals Love Affair With David Bowie

The Least Blind 'Blind Item' Ever, and the Reality of his Divorce to Paula Patton Finally Catches Up to Robin Thicke

Billy Bob Thornton Hates 'Cupcake Wars,' and What Prompted Cameron Diaz to Walk Out of a Radio Interview?

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Sh*t About Matt Damon, Plus The Rock Inadvertently Leaks What Superhero He'll Be Playing

The Benedict Cumberbatch Wax Statue: So Hot It'll Melt Its Own Panties

Chris Evans is the New Phoebe Cates & Other Iconic Scenes for Pervs

Douchebag Jason Biggs Turns Malaysian Airlines Tragedy Into Terrible F**king Joke

Ryan Gosling Sweetly Dotes on Pregnant Eva Mendes, and Bale Turns Down 'True Detective'

The Worst TV Scene Of 2014, Plus Death to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Chris Pratt Cuddles With A Raccoon, and One Man's Hilarious Response After President Obama Asked Him If He Was Gay

The Class of 2032 Will Be 'Django' Heavy

Jimmy Kimmel's Wife Gives Best Twitter Advice Ever On Giving Birth After Delivering Daughter Jane Kimmel

Chris Pratt Is an Expert at French Braids, Appreciates His Wife and Might Be the Best Husband Ever

Emma Watson Gets a Face Full of Jennifer Lawrence, and a New Celeb Couple Sexually Potent Enough to Break Your Libido

Nick Cannon Guns for the Richard Pryor Biopic Lead

Where Were You When the Tragic Chris Colfer Twitter Hoax of 2014 Happened?

Shia LaBeouf Is Not in Rehab, But Robin Williams Is, and Did Beyonce Confirm Jay-Z Cheated On Her?

Kevin Smith Left the 'Star Wars VII' Set Crying, And Daniel Radcliffe Has a Dog Problem

Tilda Swinton's Cool Alien Resolve Melts In The Face Of Her Reddit AMA

Shia LaBeouf's Cabaret Meltdown Just Got Much Weirder

A Mom Was Repeatedly Called a Slut and Reduced to Tears for Breastfeeding Her Son Inside Cafe

Frances Bean Cobain Takes Lana Del Rey to Task over Her 'I Wish I Was Dead Already' Statement

Citing Regional Differences, Eliza Dushku Dumps Her Boyfriend and Returns to Basement-Happy Boston

Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson & Alec Baldwin's Rants: 'Political correctness is crap'

Should the Rules of Tipping Be Different For Celebrities?

Bieber May Be Making Little Biebers (Blech), Plus George Clooney's Choice for Best Man

One of Terry Richardson's Victims Brilliantly Rebuts That 'New York Magazine' Profile of a Sexual Predator

Everytime Miley Cyrus Takes a Tawdry Selfie, a Paparazzo Loses His Job

Jennifer Lawrence Will Don 1980s Garb In 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

Keira Knightley Pays Herself A $50K Annual Allowance Because She's Just Like You

Anna Kendrick Is Feeling Neglected, Plus Is Patton Oswalt The Worst (At Twitter)?

'Game of Thrones'' Melisandre Has the Perfect Response to a Teenaged Boy's Enthusiasm Over Seeing Her Boob Scene

Game of Thrones' Twisted Inside Joke, Plus the Adorable T-Shirt Brad Pitt's Kids Made For Him

Veep Finally Reveals A Very Important Detail In Its Season Finale

Lana Del Rey Wants You To Know That Your Feminism Is Goddamn Boring

Hugh Jackman Brings All the Ladies to the Yard, and Let's Admire Sansa Stark's New Dress

Jenny McCarthy Isn't Only a Dangerous Mother, She's an Unfunny Dick

Robert Pattinson May Don Indiana Jones' Fedora, and John Oliver Breaks the FCC Comments Section

Blake Lively Could Be The Next Bond Girl, and the Greatest Dick Joke in the History of TV

'Ant-Man' Circles In on a Director, and the Blogosphere Betrays Some Uncomfortable Classism

Charlize Theron Compares Press Intrusion To Rape

'Jeopardy's' Arthur Chu, of All People, Nails the Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerd Problem with Shows like 'Big Bang Theory'

Want to Watch Johnny Depp Pull a Rabbit out of His Career Hat; How About Some Goopy Internet Etiquette?

The Most Underrated Films of the Century, Plus Someone Thought David Tennant Was Too Ugly for Public Consumption

Marvel Loses a Second Director in as Many Days, and a Misogynistic Shooting Inspires an Important Social Movement

Tori Amos Fights the Patriarchy & Sweetly Shades Miley Cyrus

It's All Fun and Games When Hugh Jackman Goes Commando, Until His Daughter Sees His Ass

Jennifer Lawrence Broke Out Her 'Rape Scream' for Alfonso Cuarón

The Agonizingly Depressing Commodification of 9/11

Jennifer Lawrence Demonstrates Her Foolproof Plan For Curing Hiccups

Bryan Cranston Finally Lifts The Lid On Godzilla's Appalling Diva Antics

Emily Blunt Took Tom Cruise to a Sex Club with Matt Damon

George R. R. Martin Still Writes Using a Word Processing Program from the 80s

Michelle Williams Broke Up with that Shaggy Hipster No One Knew She Was Dating

Where's The Craziest Place You've Done The Deed? Zoe Saldana Tops It.

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Stop Judging Her For Judging You

Here It Is, Folks: The Best Ass In Primetime

Jon Hamm Recalls His 'Soul Crushing' Early Work in Soft Porn And His Now Famous Prom Date

Monica Lewinsky Wrote About Her Affair with President Clinton in Vanity Fair

Is It Too Early To Name The Best Sex Scene of 2014?

James Franco's Selfie Game Somehow Got Creepier Last Night

Esquire Magazine Pitches the Absolute Most Perfect Craig Ferguson Replacement Imaginable

Are Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow About to Form an Alliance?

Get to Know 'Star Wars' Most Unknown New Cast Member, and Why 'GoT' Viewers Got What They Deserved in This Week's Episode

Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off the Paparazzi, And In the Process, Shows Off Her New Ring

Shailene Woodley's Sunshine Vadge Is Back With War Paint & Hairy Pits

Minnie Driver Silences Twitter Naysayers with a Smokin' Nude Photo of Herself

Emma Stone Challenges Boyfriend Andrew Garfield's Sexist Remark

Laura Prepon Wants You to Know She's not Dating Tom Cruise, Scientology Is Cool and She's Not Anti-Gay

Samuel L. Jackson Popped Into A Live Reading of Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight'

Lindsay Lohan: My List Of Lovers Was One Of AA's 12 Steps

Bryan Singer and Roland Emmerich Were Throwing Gay Pride Parties in 2009

Cameron Diaz Advises Women to Have Lots of Lovers Instead of Just One (Boring) Man

US Airways Puts A Plane In A Hoo-Hah and Robert Pattinson Puts His "Plane" In Julianne Moore

Kate Upton Wishes For A Smaller Rack Every Day Of Her Life

Beyonce & Some Sketchy Photoshop Skills Begin The 'Thigh Gap' Discussion Anew

Stephen Colbert Is The New Host Of The Late Show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Blames a Drunken Stupor for Her Nude Rolling Stone Cover

Christina Hendricks Promises Shorter Skirts in 'Mad Men,' And The Human Barbie Is a Child-Hating Racist Space Alien

The 'Lucy' Trailer Proves We May Have Underestimated Scarlett Johansson

Johnny Depp Ain't Couch Jumping Yet, But He's Damn Close

What the Hell, Franco? Scam On Someone Your Own Age, Sleazy McSleazestein

Are Sirs McKellen and Stewart Headed on a World Domination Tour?

Fred Savage is Having Trouble With Judge Reinhold's Balls

Cameron Diaz Says All Ladies Want To Get It On With Other Ladies

Gwyneth Paltrow Surfaces From 'Conscious Upcoupling' To Take On 9-5 Moms

Zac Efron Get Punched by a Homeless Man, Natalie Dormer Strips Down, and the Shuttering of an Adored Website

Skinny Dipping Jessica Paré is the Best 'Mad Men' Conspiracy Theory

Would You Let Loki In Your Asgard? Maybe You Suffer From Villain Attraction Disorder

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Take The Cover Of Vogue, World Dies In Response

Kurt Cobain's Death Still Holds Secrets 20 Years Later

Is Jennifer Lawrence Feeding Answers to January Jones to Make Her More Likable?

Lena Dunham Thinks We Should Be Nauseated By Woody Allen, Not His Work

Jamie Alexander In a Naked-Off, And Shailene Woodley is America's Favorite Vagina Sunbathing Hippie Chick

Scarlett Johansson's Pregnancy Cleavage? Marvel: 1; DC: 0

The Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 'The Americans' Will Convince You, Comrade

40-Year-Old Cameron Diaz Would Like to Apologize to Jerkbags for Not Looking 25 Anymore

Mindy Kaling Eloquently Shuts Down BS Diversity Question: "I’m a F*cking Indian Woman Who Has Her Own F*cking Network Television Show"

Blech! Anne Hathaway and Her Husband's Filthy Public Displays of Affection Must Stop

The World Needed a Definitive Ranking of Wes Anderson Movies

Jared Leto Thinks Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars Falling Streak is 'A Bit of an Act'

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt May Be The Most Badass 5-Year-Old Ever

Chelsea Handler Explains Away Tweets: "I'm Not Racist; I Date a Lot of Black People"

Christina Hendricks Would Like To Remind You All that She Still Knows How to Wear a Goddamn Dress

We Need To Talk About Brad Pitt's Spirit Awards Hair

Mila Kunis Got Engaged To Ashton Kutcher: Jackie & Kelso 4Eva?

Horrible Racist White Lady Knows Exactly How 'That Black Football Player' Feels

Blossom Sets Us Straight on What to Do if We See a Boob in Public

The Daniel Radcliffe Neckbeard Threat Level Has Just Entered DEFCON 1, COCKED PISTOL

My Godzilla, How You've Grown: New Poster Reveals a Big Twinkie

Jennifer Aniston Almost Starred on 'SNL' Instead of 'Friends' & Other Casting Shockers

Amy Adams, Bless Her Heart, Can't Talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman Without Choking Up

No Big Deal: Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan Just Made Out on 'Inside the Actor's Studio'

Amy Adams' Magical Cleavage Gets the Nod Over Jennifer Lawrence's Excellent Manicure

Brangelina Ends Media Drought, Surfaces at BAFTAs in Matching Tuxedos

Sports Illustrated: Swim's 50th Anniversary Cover Promotes a Sweet Rear View

Kate Mara Slums Around Her House in High Heels and Lingerie, Just Like the Rest of Us

Stephanie Seymour Got "Creative" with Her Sons and It's Making Me Really Uncomfortable

Dear Celebrities: Before Tweeting about Woody Allen, Put Down Your Keyboard and Step Away from the F**king Computer

Shia LaBeouf Begs for Attention Even Though He's Clearly Not a Celebrity

Leonard Nimoy Reveals COPD Diagnosis, Urges Fans to Stop Smoking

Now Miley Is Showing Her Boobs to the Germans, Plus Lex Luthor Spoilers

One of the Most Hilarious Sh*t Poor Stories of My Youth, and the Fascinating Process Involved in Plasma Donation

Ted Danson Talks the Perils of Getting High and Doing Shrooms with Woody Harrelson

Julia Roberts Trumps All the Lannisters, Mounts Idris Elba's Iron Throne on the Cover of 'Vanity Fair'

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Tell You How To Get To Sesame Street

Don't Laugh Now: Miley Cyrus Doles Out Sage Advice to Justin Bieber

Today I Learned that Unmarried Poor Women Should Stop Having Sex, and That HBO Needs More Erect Penises

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone: Pope Francis Hits the Big Time

Gawker's Response To Tarantino's Lawsuit Is Basically "Oh No You Didn't" And A Few Feeble Air Snaps

Beyonce Shook Her Thang & Willie Nelson Got Baked at the Grammys

Jonah Hill Talks About the Time Joe Pesci Got a Little Too Up Close & Personal

GQ's Photoshoot with Keri Russell Makes Me Rue the Day that Son of a Bitch Reagan Ended the Cold War

Thanks a Lot, D*ckweed. Depressed Over Script Leak, Tarantino Shelves His Next Film

Katy Perry's GQ Spread Was Unusually Classy Until Her Crotch Sprouted A Fire Hose

Jennifer Lawrence & Lupita Nyong'o Held a Cool-Off Contest at the SAGs

Poor Benedict Cumberbatch: Nobody Thought He was Sexy Enough for 'Sherlock'

Look at What the Nefarious Airbrush Monsters Have Done to the Gorgeous Face of Elizabeth Banks

Because She Wasn't Nerdy-Sexy Enough Already, Gillian Anderson Will Pen a Science Fiction Book Series

It's Official. Loki's Crashing The Superbowl.

Jared Leto's Golden Globes Speech Inspires Outrage?

Why the Golden Globes are the Greatest Award Ceremony of All Time (*Kanye shrug*)

Who Will Replace Jennifer Lawrence as 2014's Internet Crush of the Year? We Have Opinions

Joss Whedon Charmingly Promises Anna Kendrick That Cinderella Will Be An Avenger

Thank You, Elle, for Protecting Our Eyes From *Gasp* Mindy Kaling's Body

Target Thinks that Pregnant Women are 'Plus Sized.' In Other News, America is Really F***ing Cold

Kate Winslet Would Like You To Stop Judging Her Husband-Hopping, Baby-Making Habit

Cameron Diaz Urges Women To Keep Their Vaginas Fully Dressed

Lena Dunham Says Her Feminism Remains Intact Despite Dodgy Terry Richardson Connection

Jennifer Lawrence Will Take Over The World, Plus Kate Upton Jogs In A Bikini

'Love Actually' Rage Strikes Again; Mass Forehead Vein Explosions Reported Worldwide

Colin Farrell's Last Romantic Relationship Was With Whom?

Does This Character Deserve To Be The Most Hated Person In All Of Middle Earth?

Miley Cyrus Did Something Again: Boobs

Former Tom Cruise Publicist Speaks & the Couch Jumping Makes Total Sense Now

'SNL' Recently Held Secret Auditions for Black Female Cast Members, Who Definitely Will Not Be Allowed to Play Santa

How Much Pretty Can One Movie Handle? Khal Drogo Heads to 'Batman vs. Superman'

Pack It Up, President Obama Took A Selfie At Nelson Mandela's Funeral

Fit Mom Maria Kang Might Do Well to Refer to the List of Questions One Should 'Never Ask a Fat Girl'

Is This The Era of a Kinder, Gentler Christian Bale? Say It Ain't So

Just When You Thought You Couldn't Find James Franco Any More Repulsive, He Plumbs Sticky New Depths

This Look of Disdain Ringing Any Bells? 'Veronica Mars' Release Date and a New Clip

Have You Started To Suspect That Jennifer Lawrence Might Be Katniss-ing Us All?

The 2013 Kardashian Khristmas Kard (See Inside) Really Brings the Krap

Say It Isn't So! Tom Cruise Wooing Laura Prepon as Possible Wife Number Four

Who's At The Top Of The Death Watch List For 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale?

Miley Cyrus Performs With a Giant Anime Cat, Plus Brittany Murphy's Mom Talks Back

Jennifer Lawrence Hates Girl-On-Girl Hate, Plus Justin Bieber (Finally) Jumps off a Cliff

Who Has The Healthiest Relationship On TV?

Pardon Me, 'People', Is That the Sexiest Man You Can Do?

You Think Everything Daniel Day-Lewis Makes Is Genius? Meet His Charmingly Homophobic Rap Artist Son.

Angelina Jolie's Speech at the Governors Awards Will Make You Cry, Plus More JLaw Sideboob

Miley Classes Up a Joint, Cruise Gets Crazier & Dinovember Puts Us All to Shame

Rape Victim Could Have 'Closed Legs', Says Lawyer, Plus Parents Have Found Yet Another Way to Be Insufferable

Fret Not Kittens, Laura Prepon Will Be Around the Old Cellblock a Few More Episodes

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks You're Going To Get Sick Of Her. Not Likely.

Jennifer Lawrence (Still) Will Not Starve Herself To Make You Happy, Okay?

Tom Cruise is Bringing Crazy Back (Again), Plus Thoreal is Worth It

Joss Whedon Says He Is Done with Feminists

Should Gender Equality Play a Part in Movie Ratings?

Oh Dear God, Is J.J. Abrams Letting Internet Nerdom Write The New 'Star Wars'?

Courtney Stodden, 19, & Doug Hutcherson, 51, End Their Creepy Marriage: Love is Dead

Michael Fassbender is Tired of Your Sexual Harassment, Ladies & Gents

Patrick Stewart Is Having More Fun than You, Plus The Biggest Bad Ass on the Planet Now Even Bad-Assier

Skip Out on That Lame Costume Party with This Cat-Piloted Decoy Chewbacca

Martin Freeman Adorably Loses It On The Set Of 'The Hobbit'

Halloween Brings Out the Racist in All Of Us, and Katy Perry Ironically Slams the Use of Sexuality to Sell Music

Kristen Stewart vs. Jennifer Lawrence: Almost Unfair To Compare?

Has Gawker Become the Hipster Professional's Premiere Destination for Horrifying, Fear-Mongering Local News?

Was Sean Penn Completely Sh*tfaced When He Shared His Creepyweird Fantasy of Picking Julia Roberts' Teeth?

Even Peter Jackson Admits He's Tired Of That Bloated Carcass 'The Hobbit'

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Are the Internet's Immortal Spirit Animals

Melissa McCarthy Wore a Coat On Her Elle Cover & It's a Scandal

This Insanely Fit Mother of Three Wants to Know What Your Excuse Is For Being a Slovenly, Obese Couch Blob

Dodgers Fans Go Nuts for Bryan Cranston After Booing Tom Cruise

Which Slender, Endearing Brunette Would You Rather Have As Ant-Man? Paul Rudd Or JGL?

Miley Cyrus Is Racist: In Retrospect, Not So Surprising?

Hot Chick With A Douchebag: Kate Upton's Idiot Boyfriend Told Her To Lose Weight

If a Woman Can't Escape Judgement for Dressing as a Slutty Mouse On Halloween, We Have Failed as a Society

Colbert Lambasts Thanksgivikah, Attempts to Draw a Hand Menorah

John Boehner, Douchelord Extraordinaire, Exits A Government Shutdown Interview Whistling

Scarlett Johansson Named 'Sexiest Woman Alive' By Esquire: Good Call?

Allow Britney Spears An Unscripted Interview & Much Becomes Clear

The Always Lady-like Jennifer Lawrence Expresses Her Opinion on Dieting: 'Go F**k Yourself'

Jay Z Addresses Pillowgate, Ignores Auntie Goop's Advice

Scarlett Johansson Didn't Do Half The Math Section On Her SAT?! That Was A F*cking Option?!?

Katy Perry Throws Russell Brand Into The Thames River Again: Enough Already?

Miley Cyrus Calls Herself A 'Creepy, Sexy Baby': Is This Sh-t For Real?

Blake Shelton, 'Vulgar Adulterer Hated By God,' Mouths Off to Those Westboro Baptist Church 'Dipsh*ts'

Joss Whedon: 'No' To More 'Buffy,' But Maybe to a Tasty Boba Fett Flick, Plus Megan Mullally's Thoughts on Nick Offerman's Man Parts

Bryan Cranston Read His Favorite Erotic Fan Letter When 'Breaking Bad' Took Over Conan Last Night

Douchebag Piers Morgan Taunts Jon Stewart After Emmy Loss (Plus, Miley Cyrus Invests in Black Nipple Pasties)

James Franco Staged His Own Fake-Gay Paparazzi Pics: Awesome?

Maggie from 'The Walking Dead' Does Maxim, America Goes to their Bunks

More On 'Ozymandias,' The Flowery Scent of Girl Poops, and Allison Janney Is the Internet's Spirit Animal

Wait, That's Not Idris Elba: New Top Choice for James Bond Wears the Hell Out of a Hobo Beard

Now We Know How Awesome It Would Have Been to Be on the Set of 'Breaking Bad' While They Were Filming 'Ozymandias'

Joseph Gordon Levitt Won't Dignify Those Gay Rumors With A Response, Snuggles Kitten Instead

When the Trade News Pubs Refer to You as Unpleasant, Difficult, Entitled, and Ungrateful, You May Have an Image Problem

Courtney Love Thinks Miley Cyrus Is a F---ed Up, Hillbilly Punk Rocker, and '50 Shades' Laughable Sperm Scene

This Super Gay Poster Of Thor And Loki Will Make You Wish Natalie Portman Didn't Exist

Hell Hath No Fury Like Gwyneth Paltrow After Her Kids Eat McDonalds

In A Battle Of The Pop Stars, Whose Promo Image Wins: Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry?

The Love Interest for Zack Snyder's Batman Will Be "Tall and Possess Physicality." We Have a Suggestion.

Ryan Gosling and Shailene Woodley, Among Others, Turned Down the Leads in "50 Shades of Gray" Because OF REASONS SHUT UP

"Vanity Fair" Chose That Girl Who Looks Good Eating A Burger To Commemorate Their 100th Birthday

Is It Really Surprising When Robin "Blurred Lines" Thicke Gets Busted Groping A Fan?

Sleazy Warner Brothers Employees Get Caught With their Hands in Forbidden Internet Jars

Hiss! Spit! Hooray! Yes! Are These the 50 Funniest Movies of All Time?

"X-Files" Creator Chris Carter Is Launching A New Show. Scully And Mulder Or GTFO.

Deeply Disturbed Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Was "Disgusting and Embarrassing," So Says Uptight MSNBC News Lady

MTV VMA Awards Will Never Be Able To Top Britney With A Snake, Plus A Thorgi!

Watching Simon Pegg Rip The Phantom Menace To Shreds Will Give You Nerd Tingles All The Way Down To Your Toes

Peggy Carter Whoops Some Ass And Looks Good Doing It, Console Wars Heat Up, And, Uh, One Direction Something Something

Life After Jon Stewart, Maps, Librarians, Gorillas Proposing to Giraffes, and Kangaroo Pornography

Michelle Obama Likens Herself To A Single Mother & All Hell Breaks Loose

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wants You To Stop Whining About His Much Older Wife

Miley Cyrus' Next-Level Sleaze Porn Has Been Brought to You By Terry Richardson

When Robert Downey, Jr. Is Finished with the Iron Man Suit, Mark Wahlberg Would Like to See How It Fits

Let's Make Christina Hendricks' Dream of Wearing Pelts and Horns and Riding Around on Horseback a Reality

Here's Jennifer Lawrence with Puppies, Because That's The Way Internet God Intended It, OK?

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review: A Big Splash

Miley Cyrus & Terry Richardson Do “Rebellious” Couture: Do They Pull It Off?

Lady Gaga Really Should Take Lessons in Weirdness from Tilda Swinton

Hey Ladies: Tom Hiddleston Wants to Eat Your Cookie

Neil Gaiman Reveals That One Black Actor Has Turned Down the Doctor Who Role

Blame It On Franco: Why Must They All Consider Themselves "Artists"?

Katy Perry Never Farts In Front Of Romantic Interests: Do You?

Hey Wealthy Filmmakers: Having Your Rich Celebrity Friends Defend Your Kickstarter ISN'T HELPING

Hey, Guess What, Delightfully Geeky SEO? BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!

You See, Gwyneth? People Don't Like You Because You Keep Saying Stupid Sh** Like This

You Need More Reasons To Love Jennifer Lawrence, Right? (Here Are 20 Of Them)

Even Page Six Is Telling Anthony Weiner "It's Time To Pull Out" (Plus Bonus Bill Murray)

Benedict Cumberbatch Married Two Gay Men over the Weekend. What Do You Say to That, Rick Santorum?

A Moment of Silence As Kate Middleton Angrily Crosses "Carlos Danger" Off Her Baby Name List

Cate Blanchett Will Eat Your Face

This Post Does Not Contain A Shirtless Photo Of Geraldo Rivera

Introducing the Star of Taylor Swift's Next Album ... Matthew Gray Gubler?

Jason Sudeikis Discovers Greatest Weight Loss Secret Ever: Marathon Bang Sessions with Olivia Wilde

Don't Make Nancy Drew Angry. You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry.

About the Time Bryan Cranston Called the Police to Prevent Himself From Murdering His Girlfriend

Tom Hiddleston Wears the Most Nerdy T-Shirt Ever, Plus a Truly Heartwarming Tale of a Sick Child & Pizza

Amanda Seyfried's Vagina Is Like Toucan Sam's Nose: It Always Knows

You'd Think a Puppy Licking King Joffrey Would Humanize Him. Nope: Just Makes Us Dislike the Puppy

Olivia Munn Continues to Make It Very Difficult for Us to Dislike Her

"Game of Thrones" Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Must Have the BEST Sleep Overs

George Clooney & Stacey Keibler Broke Up: When's the Next Round of Auditions?

Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco Prove Their Love: Why Are They Trying So Hard?

Our Dreams of Marrying Captain Jack Harkness Die (But They'll Resurrect, I'm Sure)

We Live In a Country Where Cops Could Shoot a Dog Four Times And Russell Brand Is a Voice of Reason

Alec Baldwin Expresses Regret For His Homophobic Rant: Should We Forgive Him?

Val Kilmer & His Genius Plan To Bang Natalie Portman, Plus Al Pacino & Siri In A Bathroom

Ellen Page Says Feminist Porn is Crucial, While Garfunkel & Oates Will Let You #%@# Them In the A$$ Because They Love Jesus

Gwyneth Paltrow Is a Sex Addiction Cure-all, and Nancy Pelosi Delivers the Perfect Response to Michelle Bachman on Gay Marriage

Critics (Incorrectly) Rank the 10 Best Movies of 2013 So Far

Jim Carrey Regrets Earning Millions From Kick-Ass 2, Much To Producers' Delight

Bradley Cooper Voted "Best Hair" & George Lucas Thinks Movie Tickets Should Be $100

Incontrovertible Evidence that No One Is Better at Twitter than Patrick Stewart

The Internet Remembers James Gandolfini

It's Okay, Selma Blair. There's No Way the Money Was Worth It

Turns Out, Not Everyone Thinks Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy Was All That Courageous

Kim Kardashian Gave Birth To Baby Yeezus, Plus Maya Rudolph Tells A Bill Murray Story

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Gold Tooth & Grill, Plus Too Many Macbeths

When It Comes to Financial Decisions and Health Care, Men's Brains Are Just Better. Am I Right, Ladies?

Gwyneth Paltrow is Hiding Something. We're on the Case

Ladies Be Mad Horny, Y'all, and Shia Labeouf Is Some Kind of Freakish Predictive Genius

Charming Potato Feeds Puppies Cereal, Plus the Most Revolting Thing You'll See All Day

Examining Man of Steel’s Judicious Lack Of Underwear, Plus ASkars Goes Down For The Count

Some Useless Marzipan Dildo Had the Audacity to to Slut-Shame Kate Winslet

One Very Sad News Item and Several Attempts to Make You Forget It

Who Knew Cersei Had A Moon and Stars Or That Cronuts Were A Thing?

Michael Douglas Says Cunninglingis Caused His Throat Cancer, Plus Interspecies Marriage

"Justified" Lovers, Now You Can Have Raylan's Hat; Plus Spelling Bee Trauma

Patrick Stewart's First Ever Slice of Pizza is the New Start We All Need

David Tennant Gleefully Performing "I Would Walk (500 Miles)" with the Cast and Crew of "Doctor Who" Is My Spirit Animal

The Only One “Arrested Development” Link Edition of Pajiba Love

Frances Bean Cobain Takes On A Kardashian ... And Loses? Plus Chris Hemsworth Loses The Hot

Never in a Million Years Will You Guess Who This Unrecognizable (and Beloved) Actor Is Without Looking?

Helen Mirren Will Warm Your Heart, Add Two Lumps of Sugar and a Spot of the Milk of Your Own Happy Tears

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Hairs Cut, Wears Pink Heels, Internet Loses Its Damn Mind

Beyonce Laughs At The "Low Life People" Who Criticize Her, Plus Cheeky Billboard Fashion

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Still Boozing It Up, Plus A "Sexy" Nymphomaniac Image

We Have a Winner! Chris Hemsworth Is the Father of the All Time Cutest Celebrity Baby

Christina Hendricks Loves Her Husband Too Much to Slum It Around the House In Her Sweatpants

You Know Who Else Is Awesome? Brad Pitt. Plus, Skyler White Haters Step to the Left. No, Wait! Come Back

Male Models & The Cats Who Resemble Them, Plus A Screaming DiCaprio Head

The Return Of Jack Bauer, Plus 1 World Trade Center Finally Rises From The Ashes

"Kristen Stewart Looks Like an Alien from the Planet Ugly F**king Pajamas"

Nancy Grace Shares Her Camera Space With No One. NO ONE!

Anne Hathaway Changed Her Hair Color, But James Franco Is Still the Same Old Douchebag

Benedict Cumberbatch Blushes While Confronting The Truth, Plus A Mystery Model

Let Us All Hope For Wino Forever, Plus Kevin Spacey Gives The Best Photobombs

Leslie Knope Bids Us Adieu Tonight, Let's Hope Not For the Last Time

Lindsay Lohan Blogging From Rehab Will, In Fact, Be the Best, Most "Adequite" Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Brad Pitt Covers "Vanity Fair" And, Forgive Me, But This Is Some Benjamin Buttons Sh*t

Good Lord, People: We May Soon Be Witness to the Silliest Looking Comic-Book Movie Super Villian Yet

Leading Men Age But Their Leading Ladies Stay The Same, Plus Alec Baldwin's Head Explodes

Congratulations, Big-Time "Movie Producer": You Just Donated to Zach Braff's Kickstarter and Now Your Kid's Gonna Starve

Gwyneth Paltrow Named the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, But Tilda Swinton is the Most Flawless

Alison Haislip Will C*nt Punt Her Way Into Your Heart

I Bet Alison Brie Wants to Go to a Rolling Stones Concert

Jennifer Lawrence Is One Of TIME's Most Influential & Don Cheadle Packs Some Serious Heat

Stop Saying that Gwyneth Paltrow Is the Most Hated Celebrity on the Planet

Rosario Dawson Goes Pantsless, Just as New Hampshire Politicians Had Intended

"There's a Light in the Darkness of Everybody's Life"

Alison Brie, Magic, and The Miz: Just Another Weird-Ass Day on the Internet

Kim Kardashian Spawns Feminist Controversy, Robert Downey Jr. Makes It All Better By Sporting Lederhosen

Where Else Would You Go For History Lessons, Lightsabers, and 2Pac?

America's Finest Political Mind, Dionne from "Clueless," Has Opinions

A Pajiba Love with That Extra Special Ingredient

“The Best of Jessica Pare on ‘Mad Men?’” That May Be Redundant, But Who’s Complaining?

Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob & The Botox-Ridden Love That Will Never Die, Plus Prince William Rejected By A Little Heroine

The Impossibly Sexy Elisabeth Moss Plays F***, Marry, Kill with the Men of Sterling Cooper

McAvoy Talks Pubic Hair, A Scientist Talks Duck Genitalia, and No, Bieber Shouldn't Have a Pet Monkey

Neanderthal Ryan Gosling Freaks the Hell Out After Someone "Hey Babys" His Girlfriend

Pajiba Love’s Outside Is Catching Up With Its Inside

You Better Click On Today's Pajiba Love Unless You Want End Up In The... DANGER ZONE

Does Kirsten Dunst Have No Friends To Tell Her She Looks Like A Drowned Heroin Rat?

If You're Not Showing Support for Marriage Equality on Facebook, You're Apparently a Terrible Human Being

Please Don't Forget To Install the Vagina Gate. It's For Your Own Safety

Justin Timberlake and a Giant C*ck? …Oh. Wait. No. A Giant Croc. ‘Cause Yeah, That Makes Much More Sense

Pajiba Love: You Murdered My Vagina Edition

Are You Tired Of This Face? Ryan Gosling Thinks You Are And That Maybe We Should Take A Break

That Weasel Pete Campbell Is Marrying Sweet Little Rory Gilmore In Real Life

Anna Kendrick Takes Internet Nerdom with Fire and Snuggies

Video Games, Lube, and Bikini Models: Pajiba Love Knows What You Need

Cumberbatch is Creepy/Sexy, Lauer is Sketchy and Every Week Should Be Justin Timberweek

Lena Dunham Knows She Probably Wouldn't Enjoy Pi(e) Day As Much If She Had To Maintain A Victoria's Secret Model's Figure

Yoda Would Clean This Papacy Right Up

I Think Ian Somerholder Is About To Eat Grumpy Cat

Parents Are Terrible, Elizabeth Hasslebeck Is Worse, And Sofia Vergara Will Bring Guns To A Knife Fight

The (Lame) Jennifer Lawrence Backlash Begins, Plus Plenty Of Shirtless Males (Good & Bad)

Oopsie! January Jones Went to a Party and Left with Someone Else's Fiancé

Don't Worry, We'll Get to the New Catching Fire Portraits. But First Let's Discuss Oprah's "Tig Ol' Bitties"

Even the Luminous, Charming Mila Kunis Is No Match for That Sexpot Judi Dench

Amy Poehler's Adorable Ginger Kids Are Our Only Hope Against the Evil Redmayne Ginger

More Fassbender & Lawrence In The Next X-Men Movie? Plus, Girls Gone Wild Goes Bankrupt

Sam Raimi Has Done Some Great And Powerful Things In His Career. This Mila Kunis Sh*tshow Isn't One Of Them.

Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence and Loathe Anne Hathaway

Charlize Theron is a Real Ballerina and a Real Hero

The Therapeutic Anger Edition of Pajiba Love

Justin Timberlake Will Get His SNL Five-peat While Josh Brolin And Diane Lane Admit Defeat.

Is Alison Brie's Adorably Spastic Return to Rap Enough to Make You Stick With Community?

Anne Hathaway's Repulsed Grimace Simply a Reaction to Hearing Russell Crowe Would Sing at the Oscars

On Jessica Simpson's Many Enviable Qualities

NBC Finally Realizes It's Made a Huge Mistake

The Sky Is Falling, But Don't Panic: Just Stare Into the Eyes of The Dinklage

She Will Take What is Hers With Fire and Lingerie

Have You Ever Been in a Turkish Prison?

Happy Fat Tuesday, My Little Babe-raham Lincolns

A Convenient Excuse To Post A Pic Of Kate Upton? THE HELL YOU SAY. There's Also Math And Art And Stuff!

Nelson Mandela's Grandkids Will Crush His Legacy With A Reality Show, But At Least Scientology's Going Down

Kate Winslet Wearing Geeky Glasses Has Me Singing "Wonder Whoa-man!"

Say Goodbye to THESE, Michael... and Say Hello to Some New Kickstarter Campaigns!

Even Someone as Brain Meltingly Hot as Idris Elba Feels Ugly Sometimes

The Two Super Bowl GIFs That Summarized Everything We Love and Hate About Beyoncé

In The Battle Between Nicholas Hoult And Eddie Redmayne, Everybody Wins

New Star Trek Footage Definitely Puts The "Oooo" In Uhura

Jennifer Lawrence's Parents Are A Little Bit Tipsy, A Little Bit Embarrassing, And a Whole Lot of Charming

Beyonce is Going to Have Pay Her Own Super Bowl Bills, Bills, Bills

Boobs! It's The All-T*ts Edition of Pajiba Love!

Kristen Bell Doesn't Feel The Need To Prove Her Womanhood To You, Warren.

Let's Sit, Stay, and Speak About This Year's Puppy Bowl Lineup

Dawson's Sitcom Was Cancelled. Don't Worry, The Internet Is Prepared For This Eventuality.

To Be Fair, This is Probably the Most Inauguration Appropriate Outfit Katy Perry Owns

Emma Stone One Step Closer to World Domination; World Pretty OK With This

I Bet Lance Armstrong Has Two Testicles, Too

Megan Fox, Whose Brow Is Like An "Elaborately Camouflaged Butterfly," Is Obviously Prettier Than "Perfectly Plain" Amy Adams

This Common Household Item Could Cause Instant Death, but First a Few Links

While You Were Campaigning for an Oprah Interview About Your Use Of Performance Enhancing Cake

Tina Fey And Amy Poehler: Just When You Think You Know How Awesome They Are, The Bar Gets Raised

Tom Cruise, President? Plus a Henry Cavill/Gina Carano Mating & Everything You Already Knew About Lindsay Lohan

Liam Neeson Worries About Losing the Mystery and Wonder of Sex ... I Am Certain I Can Help Him Sort It Out

Knock-Knock, Who's There? What Do Jennifer Lawrence and "Game of Thrones" Have in Common? Plus, Your First Look at Catching Fire

Ryan Gosling Smokes the Competition in a Game of "Would You Rather" at the Gangster Squad Premiere

Pajiba Love: The Next Generation: Lena Dunham Will Change the Way You Think About Dental Hygiene

Donald Glover Is Here To Melt Your "Girls" Hating Heart.

About That Time Jennifer Lawrence Almost Shot Some Guys In The Ass With Her Bow And Arrow

Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Continue To Make You Jealous Of Their Friendship

Alison Brie As Captain America? That's Actually Hilarious.

Look! Tom Hiddleston Got You "Buckets Of Love" For Christmas! Just What You Wanted!

Someone On The Internet Dares Question The Validity Of Ryan Gosling's Abs

A Velvet-Draped & Bewigged Carell and Buscemi Are Here To Magic Your Pants Off

Charming Potato Rolls His Way Onto The 20 Biggest Internet Crushes Of 2012 List

Get Your Holiday Jollies With Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson's "Sad-Off Showdown"

Alison Brie Freestyle Raps With Danny Pudi, Sadly Not In Spanish Or All That Well

I Pajiba Love You All: An Open Thread About This Morning's Atrocities Right After These Comforting Images

Peekaboo, B*tches. In Response To Fashion Criticism, Anne Hathaway Eschews Pants Altogether

Ian McKellen Has Cancer, You Say? Well F*ck You Too, Universe.

Maybe That Monkey Was Looking For A Wedding Gift For Some Newlyweds In Washington

Pan's Labyrinth Musical In The Works. Look! Someone's Already Practicing Their Jazz Hands!

Hugh Jackman Gives Amanda Seyfried A Birthday Lap Dance. Well, Wouldn't You?

In An Unexpected Coup, Mariah Carey Comes Out Of Left Field To Win Christmas

Pajiba Love After Dark: Ashley Judd Wants To Run For Senator Edition

I Doubt Your Fantasies About Summer Glau As An Elf Were Ever This Wholesome

And That Will Bring Us Back To D'oh. Country Music Barbie To Play Maria Von Trapp.

Look Which Dreamy Eyed Douchebag The Halfwits At "Entertainment Weekly" Chose As Best TV Actor Of The Year

Ben Affleck Named Entertainer Of The Year!? Joss Whedon Would Like To Have A Word.

In The First Images From Catching Fire Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Best "Peeta, Please" Look

Right Now, This Little Guy Is Making You Better At Your Job

Lizzy Caplan Smuts Up My Childhood. Somehow I'm Okay With It.

All But One Of The Fab Five Flipped Over A Trip To The White House

Summer Glau Is Here To Kiss Your Twinkie Pain Away

Drown Your Sorrows In Film's 100 Most Depressing Death Scenes

Oh Sh*t, Anne Hathaway Has Tapped Into Her Inner Toreador

Scarlett Johansson's New Look Is What I Like to Call "Sexy Stepford Superhero"

Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling! You May Be Getting Older, But You'll Always Be Our Baby Goose

Who's Got Two Thumbs, No Shirt And Is Angling For An Academy Award? This Guy.

Jennifer Lawrence Dares America to Call Her Fat One More Time. ONE MORE TIME

People I Hate Really Need To Stop Doing Cute Things. You Hear Me, Megan Fox?!

If You Vote, Alison Brie Will, I Promise,* Snuggle You Like This Kitten

Katy Perry Comes Out Of Left Field To Unexpectedly Win Halloween

Ryan Gosling And Michael Fassbender Did Charity Work Together On Halloween. Your Move, Other Dudes.

Jeremy Renner To Try His Hand (And Veiny Forearms) At Comedy

Brace Yourself, Internet, Alison Brie Gifs "Community" Officially Returns To NBC In February

Hatten Down Your (Cumber)Batches: Giant Winds In The East And A Giants Win In The West

That Time Matt Damon Was Just The Icing On The Tom Hanks Cake

Next Season's "Mad Men" Has Shirtless Jon Hamm. Sucks To Be You, Dish Subscribers.

The Dapper Dudes Of The New Bond Flick Have A Tux-Off. Oh, Ralph Fiennes, I Think We Have A Loser.

Justin Timberlake: Ruining Your Wedding Plans Since 2012

How Much Would You Pay To Be Besties With Tina Fey And Amy Poehler For A Night?

These Kanye West/Wes Anderson Mash-Ups Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Oh, Timothy Olyphant, If I Were Running The World You'd Be Able To Buy And Sell The Likes Of Ashton Kutcher

Hugh Jackman Does Gangnam Style With Wolverine Claws, Tears The Internet To Shreds

Crank Up The Nine Inch Nails, Scarlett Johansson Slithers Into A 90s Goth Look

One Loud Leap For Mankind

The Best Photo Of Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender And A Lizard Dude You'll See Today

It's A Pity Esquire Didn't Ask Me To Vote On Sexiest Woman Alive Because Screw Mila Kunis, That's Why

All Those Terrible Things You've Been Thinking About Kristen Stewart? She's Went Ahead And Said Them.

Is Sarah Palin Angling For A Guest Spot On "Sons Of Anarchy"?

How Much Would You Pay To Get Khal Drogo In Your Pants?

"Community" Tries To Fill The Dan Harmon Sized Hole With Mustaches. It's...Working.

Sure There Was A Presidential Debate Last Night But, In More Important News, Cameron Diaz Bent Over

The New Movie 43 Trailer Will Give You An Excuse To Wash Kate Winslet's Mouth Out With Soap

Which Child Actor Of The 90s Has Had The Most Successful Transition To Adult Star?

No-Brainer Poll Of The Day: Would You Rather Jon Hamm's Cowboy Or Johnny Depp's Indian?

Tina Fey Poses As Audrey Hepburn, Destroys The Fantasy That She Might Be In Your League

Those May Not Have Been Bowie's Balls In Labyrinth, But Never Doubt The Authenticity Of The Package

On The Bright Side, Guess Which Awesome Music Video Vixen Is Cumbering Sherlock's Batch?

Guess Which Hollywood Hack Is Putting His Hands All Over The Khaleesi's Dragons

Want An Even Better Pair Of Twins? Check Out Today's Links

Get Your Wallets Out, Now You Can Buy Your Way Into The Middle Of This Hemsworth/Hiddleston Sandwich

If You've Never Found Rashida Jones to Be Ungodly Sexy, You Will Now

I Think We Figured Out A Way To Bring Sexy Back To The Oscars

Which Hollywood Actor or Actress Has The Best Natural B*tchface?

Hollywood's Sweetest Couple Are Here To Snap Your Heartstrings In Two

Oh, Sh*t, They Tarred and Feathered Jennifer Lawrence!

Redheads Are Becoming Extinct? Not While They Look Like This They Aren't.

Who's Got The Most Punchable Face In Showbiz? I Bet You're Ready With Your Response...And Your Fist.

Stripping Off The Beards And Leather: 20 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of "Sons Of Anarchy"

Cat Fight!! Maggie Smith Eviscerates Shirley MacLaine, Dowager Countess-Style

"Community" Season Premiere Takes On The Hunger Games

How One Man Succinctly, Hilariously, and Mind-Blowingly Illustrated the Difference between the 99% and 1%

The World Hasn't Seen A Hacker This Smoking Hot Since Angelina Jolie

Adrien Brody Is Here To Kill Your Crush On...Adrien Brody

Ugh, Enough With The Think Pieces...Which "Community" Actor Would You Rather Invite Into Your Blanket Pillow Fort?

What's Your Best Celebrity Anagram? Can You Top The Simple Beauty Of "Dr. Sunken Tits?"

First Person To Identify This Celebrity Wins A Frozen Yogurt...Or Perhaps A Whole Meal Of Food

Kimmel on Jay Leno: "F*ck Him"

Which Of These Geek Goddesses Would You Pick To Put The Ginger In Your Ale?

Find Out What Kind Of Scarf-Porn Related Antics Cumberbatch and Company Will Get Up To In Season Three Of "Sherlock"

Think Nicole Kidman Is Too Old and Icy To Be Attractive? Her Scantily Clad Bum Begs To Differ

Leg Enthusiasts Of The World, Rejoice! Amy Pond Gets Her Own Spin-Off

First Look Of James Marsden As JFK Will Knock Your Pill Box Off

Which Ass-Kicking Babe Would Top Your List For The Planned All-Female Expendables?

New "Game Of Thrones" Casting News Will Blow Your Helm Off

Aw, Remember The Good Old Days When Jennifer Lawrence Used To Pose In Just The Red Swimsuit?

Michelle Rodriguez Pours Herself Into A Dress And Inspires The Russian Headline "Homina Homina Homina"

Did ScarJo Turn In The Sexiest Performance Of The Year? God Help Me, I Think She Did.

Plenty Of You Lined Up To See Jeremy Renner Forearm Porn This Weekend, But Is Bourne His Best Role?

Jennifer Lawrence Is Already Lobbying For A Golden Globe...Hard

Do You Believe Mulder and Scully Are Boning For Reals? I WANT TO BELIEVE!

Misleading Headline Of The Day: Uma Thurman Snuggles A Topless Lucy Liu

Lock Your Cubicle Door For The 10 Sexiest Films Ever Made

Celebrate The Mars Landing With A Dumb Natalie Portman "Heavenly Body" Joke

Would You Give Up Meat For A Crack At One Of These Delectable Hollywood Vegans?

Your Daily Dose Of Schadenfreude: Russell Brand Narrowly Escapes Death

If I Just Start Throwing Money At My Monitor Will They Make This Movie?

Who Should Play He-Man? I've Got Your Left Field Candidate Right Here.

Peter Jackson Confirms 3rd Hobbit, Will Spend Half His Budget Getting Liv Tyler Into Fighting Elf Shape

Tom Hardy Raps With His Baby. Ovary Explosion, Aisle 1.

The Dark Knight Rises Is A "Conservative Classic?" Uh, Someone Tell Anne Hathaway's Costume.

Is Nothing In This World Sacred!? Processing The Split Of Hollywood's Least Convincing Couple.

David Beckham Is Here To Crumple Your Cynicism Into A Ball And Punt It Across The Goal Line

Vulture Struggles To Define The Most "Valuable" Hollywood Star, Forgets To Include A Bangable Category

The Women of "Downton Abbey" Get The Tim Burton Zombie-Clown Treatment

Which Batman Villain Did Christopher Nolan Miss Out On? I've Got Two Words For You.

Two Geek Gods Meet At Comic-Con. Mind If I Squeeze In The Middle And Just...Wriggle Around A Little?

Louis CK Swears He Didn't Mean To Endorse Rape Jokes. So We Good Here?

Vogue Puts Wizened Crone Marion Cotillard On The Cover Of Their "Aging" Issue

The New "Community" Blooper Reel Has Extra Shirtless McHale Footage? Oh Yes Please!

Christina Hendricks Brings New Meaning To "Top Shelf"

Bourne Legacy, If Any Of Your Shaky Cam Shenanigans Obscure My View Of Rachel Weisz, There Will Be Hell To Pay

In Honor Of Comic-Con We Present Pajiba's Favorite Geek Couple

As If Hot Men Slathered In Oil Wasn't Reason Enough To Watch "Sons Of Anarchy"

Take Kate Beckinsale's Underworld Outfit, Add A Few Zombie Bites And You've Got Milla's New Resident Evil Look

New Photos Reveal That Lindsay Lohan Is Campaigning Hard For A "Walking Dead" Cameo

New Photos From The Hobbit Prove It's Not Too Late To Vote A Dwarf Into Your Pajiba 10

You Guys, What If Joey Potter Ends Up Single-Handedly Bringing Down Scientology?

The Real Housewives Of Westeros? Finally, A Reality TV Show I'd Watch

Emma Stone And The New Spider-Man Crack Open Your Heart, Pour A Little Sunshine In

Filthy Dirty Greasy Chris Hemsworth Would Like to Have a Beer with You. In Your Bunk.

Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Reclaim The Title Of World's Most Adorable Couple

I Totally Would've Voted for Meryl Streep as Prom Queen of My High School and My Heart

Why, As I Live and Breathe, Is That Liz Taylor Herself or a Puffy, Cracked Out Clone?

Feel Sorry For Sorkin After His New Show Got Panned? You Won't When You Get A Look At His New Lady

Everyone Knows all the Stereotypes About Gingers Are Untrue, Except for the Fact that They Have No Souls

Terry Richardson Gets His Greasy Mitts All Over America's Favorite Swimsuit Model

I Thought Shia LaBeouf's Droopy Dangler Was the Most Traumatic Thing On the Internet Today, Then I Heard Ron Swanson Sing

Happy Friday, Everyone. I'll Be In My Bunk.

Have A Drink. Heck, Have A Pair. It's National Bourbon Day.

What If, And I'm Just Spitballing Here, But What If Prometheus Just Didn't Make Any F---ing Sense?

Felicia Day As Lara Croft Is Just The Internet's Way Of Saying "I Love You."

If You Didn't Like Prometheus, Don't Blame Damon Lindelof, Says Damon Lindelof

Who Fills Out A Clingy Action Suit Better Than Anne Hathaway? Idris Elba That's Who.

Stephen Colbert Attacks America's Most Likable Gay Person

Ryan Seacrest and Julianna Hough's Relationship Is So Life-Like that It's Hard to Believe They Were Built in a Lab

Kate Winslet Is "Grateful For Her Buttocks." So Are We, Kate. So Are We.

There's More than One Way to Skin a Dead Cat ... Or Just Turn the Damn Thing Into a Helicopter

Does Tilda Swinton Have New Competition for the Title of the Most Heebily Jeebily Attractive Woman in Hollywood?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Recites A "Tasteful Poem About Cunnilingus" ...Pun Intended

Is Anne Hathaway the Alison Brie of The Dark Knight Rises?

Gillian Jacobs Puts The "Umm" In "Summer Camp" With This Flirtatious Campaign For Esquire

Brace Yourself Internet, Alison Brie Talks About Being Naked...Again

Are These the Only 8 Shows on Network Television Worth a Damn?

Dear Kristen Wiig: You're a Movie Star Now. Act Like One

Naked Paul Bettany...It Really Never Gets Old

Dear Miley Cyrus: Here's a Thought. Next Time You Leave the House, Maybe Try Putting on Some Pants

You Thought Emma Stone Had Reached Maximum Adorability? Idiots. She's Not Yet Begun To Fight.

Grease Up Your Poles! Strippers Are Coming

Tom Cruise's Rendition of "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is the Worst Thing I've Ever Heard. I Want to Have Its Tin-Eared Babies

Sure, Fassbender Is Bummed About That Oscar Snub, But Somehow I Think He'll Muddle Through

Before Deciding to Have Kids, Ask Yourself This: Are These Images Adorable or Horrifying?

Was This The Best Part Of The Avengers? You Bet Scarlett Johansson's Kevlar-Clad Bum It Was.

You Think A Tatted-Out Tom Cruise Is The Most Disturbing Magazine Cover You'll See Today? Think Again.

Oh, Yeah! Look at the Ass on Captain America, Y'all. Humana Humana Catcall Whistle

What Did Beyonce Wear To The Met Costume Gala? Um, Not Much. Not Much At All.

The Sexiest Man in Britain Is Not the Shirtless, Oiled, and Dirty Guy I'd Have Chosen (Pictured), But I Won't Argue with the Choice


Tension Around The Avengers Is Tighter Than ScarJo's Crimefighting Suit

Only Terry Richardson Could Make All-American Girl Kate Upton Look Skeevy

Woody Harrelson And Matthew McConaughey Are Here To Fill The Bro-Shaped Hole "Entourage" Left In Your Hearts

Science Has Discovered the World's Most Perfect Face and Surprisingly, It Doesn't Belong to Mila Kunis

New Badass Images From Disney's Brave Put Katniss Everdeen In Her Place

Matthew McConaughey Designed His Own *ssless Chaps. Because Of Course He Did.

Magazine Names Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Reminds Us Once Again that Beauty is Only Skin Deep

No Joke, Hollywood's Completely Laughable Film Adaptation Of That Twilight Fanfic Book Courts The Perfect Leading Man

What One Word Do Fast Food Companies Use to Compel You to Eat Food that Will Never Decompose?

Last Night "The Office" Crossed Over Into "Hate Watch" Territory

Mel Gibson Continues To Peddle His Crazy Like It's Going Out Of Style

Why Won't More Men Strip Naked In An Effort to Make You Watch Their TV Shows? What? Does Photoshop Not Work on Our Asses?

Watch Zooey Deschanel Try To Out-Sexbot Michael Fassbender

Who Makes the List of the 20 Most Annoying Characters in the History of Television?

Ladies With Beards Will Make You Feel Very Confused About Your Sexuality

Of Course That Dude is Not Checking Out Alison Brie's Ass; He's Admiring Her Uggs

Fraud Has Laid Waste to Pajiba, The Integrity of the Site Has Been Breached

Don't Call Ashley Judd Puffy, You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Puffy

Alison Brie and Her Girls Put On Quite the Show, Folks

Nicole Kidman Cast As The Effortlessly Elegant Grace Kelly

Is Charlize Theron An Actress? A Movie Star? Or Both?

WANTED: Women Who Passionately Dislike Ryan Gosling. Show Your Face, You Dirty Liars

All Your Favorite TV Ladies Hop Into Bed Together ... And Lady Mary's There Too

"Two and a Half Men" Creator Thinks TV Has Reached "Labia Saturation"; Felicia Day Begs to Differ

It's National Cleavage Day! Celebrate Anne Hathaway's, Because It May Be the Last You See of It For Awhile

Whoever Photoshopped Eva Green Into Stick Figure, Cartoon Boob Oblivion Deserves To Have Every Finger Broken

Why Does Ryan Gosling Look Like a Cross Between Sloth in Goonies and Will Smith's Allergic Reaction in Hitch?

Celebrating The Fact That Peter And His Dinklage Will Be Back On Our TVs In Just Five Short Days

Jennifer Lawrence's Horrified Expression Upon Seeing Box-Office Projections for Her Next Non-Hunger Games Film

You Can Do Side Bends Or Sit-Ups But Please Don't Lose That Butt. "Mad Men" Is Back

If The Botoxed Faces of Hollywood Starlets Could Betray Emotion, They'd Wince At The Striking Au Natural Beauty Of Cate Blanchett

What Happened Alison Brie? Did They Run Out of Fabric at the Dress Store?

How Much Would You Pay To Fill Your TV Screen With Only The Images You Want?

Justin Bieber Gets the Sh*t Beaten Out of Him As His Gift to the Internet

George Clooney Gets Arrested For A Good Cause. Sorry Fellas, You'll Never Outsex Him Now.

Statistics Claim Chicks Don't Dig Beards. Lies. Damn Lies.

Is There a Way to Combine National Pi Day and Gillian Anderson's Lesbian Tryst into a Headline without Sounding Crass?

The World's Biggest F**king Idiot Would Like to Have a Word with Jon Hamm, If Only She Knew One

Guess Which Sparkly Thing Was The Top-Earning Musical Act In 2011

Lohan Dyes Her Hair, Internet Forgets She's An Utter F*cking Waste Of Space And Talent

I'm Beginning To Forget What Johnny Depp's Actual Face Looks Like

Does This Woman Play the Sexiest Character on Television?

Meet The Only Straight Girl In America Who Doesn't Want To Sleep With Jon Hamm

Jennifer Love Hewitt Threatens to Wear a Shirt If You Don't Watch Her New Show

Gillian Jacobs As Catwoman? Meow.

Christina Hendricks Does The Hunger Games, Internet Catches Fire

Jennifer Lawrence's Cleavage Is Doing a Poor Job of Convincing Us She Can Play a 16-Year-Old

The Only Thing Better Than The Distorted Cry Faces Of The Oscar Winners Are The Constipated Frozen Grins On The Losers

In This Position, Angelina Jolie Could've Crapped Out a Full Dinklage

That Really Awkward Photo That Made Brad Pitt Look Like David Spade

Whip Out Your Wands, J.K. Rowling To Write Something For The "Adult" Crowd

The Internet Will Make You Smarter. Unless You're Dumb. Then It Will Make You Dumber

Not Even Porn Mustaches And Greg Brady Hair Can Hide The Hotness Of Jon Hamm And Adam Scott

Adele May Be Scientifically Proven to Make You Cry, But Chris Cornell Will Make You Bawl

One Day Very Soon, Jon Hamm May Stick His Cocktail Stirrer in Christina Hendricks' Snifter

What? Is She Funny? Someone Please Explain The Keira Knightley Thing To Me.

Jokes about The Shining Twins? I'm Going to Stop You Right There

This Valentine's Day, Watch Jennifer Aniston Rub Herself All Over Your Movie Boyfriend

Annie's Boobs May Be Leaving Us, But Fortunately Christina Hendricks' Aren't Going Anywhere

The Long National Nightmare Continues, Lionsgate Hints At More Twilight

The Action Heroes Of Your Youth Are Now Swollen, Drugged-Out Man Babies

Which One of These Three Men Is Not Like the Other (Hint: Not the Black Guy)

Think You Can Count The Number Of Nannies Beyoncé Hired On One Creepily Gloved Hand? Think Again.

After Photobombing Old Couple, Amber Heard Will House Them In Her Spaciously-Sized Mouth

Hey Girl, What If You Could Have Ryan Gosling Any Time You Wanted And As Much As You Wanted?

In Which We Talk A Lot About Breasts. Not Just Christina Hendricks' Breasts. But Those Too.

How Would You Like to See Katy's Whipped-Cream Perrys on the Big Screen? In 3D?

Can You Name All The Pretty Pasty White Chicks On The Cover Of "Vanity Fair"?

Is the Hunger Games a Conservative Treatise on Overthrowing Big Government?

By Some Miracle, Scarlett Johansson's Chest Is Not The Highlight Of These New Avengers Photos

Discover How Evangeline Lilly And Her Hot Ass Plan To Ruin The Hobbit

Kristen Bell Will NOT Film in the Nude. But, A Little Butt Cheek Won't Hurt

If Your Sister Looked Like This, You Might Want To Bone Her Too

Christina Hendricks Will Bend the Internet On Its Axis

Anthony Mackie Demeans And Objectifies Ryan Gosling. And It's Delicious.

Zooey Deschanel: You Say Adork-able, I Say One Pot Of Boiling Water Away From Cooking Your Pets-able

A Message for Congress and the MPAA: Cram It Up Your Cramhole Or We'll Sic Gina Carano On You

Frosting Covered Images From Paul Rudd's New Film Will Give You Diabetes Of The Heart

Pajiba Love Up All Night

Eat Something Sweet, Save The World

In A Shocking Turn Of Events The People's Choice Awards Make The Right Choice

"Saturday Night Live" Hires America's Dullest Leading Man To Host. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Emma Stone Does Her Best Baby Goose Impression. Fails Adorably.

Your Favorite Hollywood Star Adds "Entitled Blogger" To Her CV

The New Oscar Trailer Will Make You Long For James Franco In Drag

Gwyneth Paltrow Officially Promises You Her Sh*t Does Not Stink

These Are The Most Important Faces Of 2011? Really?

What Is Keeping Rachel McAdams From Full-Blown "America's Sweetheart" Status?

Which 2011 Films Did These Attractive Actors Pick As Their Favorites?

You Think A Fast Food Spokesman Can't Be Classy, Suave And Sexy? Ah, Then You've Severely Underestimated Clive Owen

Anne Hathaway Talks About The Bare Breasted Role That Inspired Her Catwoman

How, Against All Odds And Despite Wonderbread Levels Of Blandness, Is Jessica Biel Still A Thing?

Robert Downey Jr., You Can Talk About Kittens All You Want, It Won't Erase The Pain Of Iron Man 2

For Christmas I Got You A Sweet Lullaby About Children Killing Each Other. You're Welcome.

Harrison Ford Joins Ender's Game. Maybe A New Franchise Will Convince Him To Hang Up The Whip For Good.

Conan O'Brien Puts The "AH!" In Hanukkah With His Human Centipede Menorah

Lars Von Trier Promises Us Skarsgard Penis. Relax, Ladies, Wrong One.

Who Wouldn't Want To Be The Meat In This Insanely Dapper British Sandwich?

Say Goodbye To These! Karen Gillan Is Leaving "Doctor Who"

Today In As-You-Wish Fulfillment: Paul Rudd Is Playing Wesley In The Princess Bride

Oh You Thought You Couldn't Love Matt Damon More? Fool.

The First Official Photos From The Great Gatsby Photoshopped Ten Pounds Of Bloat Off DiCaprio's Face

Ryan Gosling Grows Weary Of Your Adoration.

Was "Community" All Just A Fever Dream?

Rumor Has It Ryan Murphy Tortures Those "Glee" Kids. Rumor Has It Ryan Murphy Is Kind Of My Hero.

Clooney Gives You His Best Muppet Face And A Belated "Community" Treat

Ben Stiller To Get His Unfunny Monkey Paws All Over One Of England's Finest Exports

"Mad Men" Better Get Back On The Air Soon. I'm Running Out Of Excuses To Post Christina Hendricks' Rack.

So, Tom Cruise Lost All His Sex Appeal In Oprah's Couch Cushions, Right?

Please Let It Be For A Role, Please Let It Be For A Role: The Unexpected Sad Keanu-ing Of Ben Affleck

A Double Dose Of Daniel Craig: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Photos And Sh*t Talking The Kardashians

The Baffling Charisma Of Jeremy Renner

Brace Yourself, You're About To Like Tyler Perry

We Celebrate Black Friday With Depraved Humans, Disgusting Turkeys And A Little Light Bondage

Ewan McGregor Brings His Patented Brand Of Cheeky, Bashful Eye F*cking To Your TV

Hugh Grant Drops The Stammer To Strike A Blow At The Paparazzi

Mila Kunis: Manic Sexy Dream Girl

Demi And Ashton Get Divorced. Aw, I Guess Douchebags Aren't Forever.

New Avengers Banners! And A Significantly Less Constipated Bruce Banner!

Nice Gloss, Emu! People Magazine Votes Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive

Pixar Helps Us Heal As The Long National Culture Rape Known As Twilight Comes To A Close

Justin Timberlake, Stand-Up Guy Or PR Super-Genius?

This Day Goes To 11

Ripped For Your Guilty Pleasure: The Cast Of "Revenge" Gets Nearly Naked

Eddie Murphy Quits. Who Should Host The Oscars? Oh, We've Got About 99 Candidates and Billy Crystal Ain't One.

McGregor, McHale and Fassbender? Stop Digging, You've Hit Shit-Eating Grin Gold.

Here, Let Jason Segel And The Muppets Wash The Taste Of Brett Ratner Out Of Your Mouth

Helena Bonham Carter Continues Her Campaign To Batsh*t Her Way Into My Heart

Tina Fey Shows Us Her Hooters

Alison Brie and Her Low-Hanging Boobs ... Fruit. I Meant FRUIT. DAMNIT

The Cast Of The Hunger Games Look Like They're Posing For "Cotton: The Fabric Of Our AAAAA RUN FOR YOUR LIVES"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In The Dark Knight Rises, Does Bulletproof Fulfill The Vest Rider In His Contract?

In Which David Tennant And Catherine Tate Make You Miss Them ... A Lot

The Gays Are Taking Over Our TV Sets! Hide Your Kids! Hide Your Wives! Hide Your Ear Hair Trimmers!

The Highest Grossing Actor In Show Business? You're DAMN Right.

Is It Just Me Or Do The Hobbits Look "Entourage"-level Douchey In This Photo?

Christina Hendricks Continues Her Campaign For Most Perfect Woman Ever. This Time With Scotch.

What Kind Of Cynical Asshole Do You Have To Be To Hate On The New Muppet Movie?

Scarlett Johansson: Terrible Actress Or Evil Genius Who Also Happens To Be A Terrible Actress?

The Sexy! It's Back! Justin Timberlake Delivers On An Old Promise.

In Honor Of TV's Hottest Doctor. . .Not So Fast McDreamy

Scarlett Johansson Too Sexy For The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

Mr. Spock Is Gay? No Sh*t.

Which Of These Phenomenal Young Actors Will Debase Themselves To Play John McClane Jr. In Die H5rd?

Keanu Reeves In A Classic Robert De Niro Role? Whoa.

One Of My Favorite Actors Will Have The Privilege Of Kicking Timothy Olyphant's Fine Fine Ass Up And Down Apalachia

Princess Bride Cast Reunion: Apparently True Love Means Matching Haircuts

Eva Mendes, The Chick Who Laid The Golden Goose

Is This What Rock Bottom Looks Like? Ryan Reynolds Continues His Free Fall From Grace

iMiss Steve Jobs

First Look At Russell Crowe In Superman: Heroic Or Intergalactic Street Person?

Kate Winslet's Most Attractive Feature? Why Her Filthy Mouth, Of Course.

Are You Kidding Me? I'd Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shave A Dog.

Finally, A James Bond Actor I Could Get Behind. . . Or Under

The "How I Met Your Mother" Blooper Reel Features The Lewd Antics Of All Your Favorite People. Oh And Ted's There Too.

If It Ain't Broke, Um, Smash It To Bits With An Axe Anyway I Guess: Stephen King And "The Shining" Sequel

Look! Susan Sarandon Is So Pretty! Look At Her Pretty Face While The Grown-Ups Talk Politics.

What's So Sexy About A Woman Holding A Gun? Aren't Guns Just A Giant Penis Metaph-oh

Is Your Friday Drab, Dull, Unglamorous? Let Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling And A Dog Fix That!

Even Summer Glau, Terminator and Show-Killer, Couldn't Put The "Big Bang Theory" Out Of Its Misery

Annie Edison May Be Pillow-Biting Sexy, But In No Universe is She Funnier than Jeff Winger

Pajiba Love Racist Edition: Jews Your Words Carefully Because You'll Never Be as Good as those Little Asians

Jon Stewart is a Giant Dick and President Obama Has a Nice Ass. ALLEGEDLY

Oh, Tom Brady: Your Pretty Mouth Was Never Meant for Speaking

The Nation Asked Christina Hendricks To Put Her Rack Away And, Tragically, She Did

In Which Tim Burton Continues His One Man Crusade Against Johnny Depp's Hotness

Are Those Leather Pants, Young Lady? Someone Tell Chloe Moretz To Stop Growing Up, Please.

In Which Tom Hardy Flexes Muscles You've Never Even Heard Of

Hate Keira Knightley And Russell Crowe? You're In Luck! Casting News To Satisfy Your Revenge Fantasies

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

Fassbender Talks Sex Addiction, The Rest Of Us Try To Keep It Together.

Comparing Emma Stone To Lindsay Lohan? That's Like Comparing Apples To Snotty, Lying, Privileged, Cokehead Oranges.

This Woman Out-Sexes Any Half-Naked TV Tartlet. She Will Wreck You And You Will Thank Her.

Want To Ruin A Perfectly Good Male Stripper Project? Boy, Have I Got The Dead-Eyed "Actress" For You.

Panettiere And Dushku Take On The Daily Mail. Oddly Enough, I'm Rooting For Faith And The Cheerleader.

Matthew Fox From "Lost" Is Not Opposed To Punching Ladies? Man, Why Did He Never Give Kate What Was Coming To Her?

The Sooner You Accept Adele As Your Overlord and Mistress, The Easier Things Will Be For You

First Look At DiCaprio As Jay Gatsby, The Puffy Faced, Greasy Haired Epitome Of The American Dream

Every Day And In Every Way, I'm Convinced It Should Have Been Called X-Men: Brokeback Mutant

A Sweaty David Tennant In Leather Pants May Only Be Reason Number Ten Why You Should See Fright Night, But He's A Perfect Ten.

Christina Hendricks Looks Ready For, Um, Sexy Surgery? Sexy Murder? Sexy Dust Inspection?

There Are A Few Actors I Would Watch Do Anything. Sharpen Pencils, I Don't Care. This Lady's One Of Them.

Jeff Bridges Likes Being Called "The Dude" And Boning His Wife A Lot? That's Almost Enough To Make Me Forget Tron 2: Electric Suit Boogaloo ... Almost.

Weisz, Thompson and Winslet Collaborate For The First Time Since That Dirty Dream I Had Last Night

Salma Hayek Brags About Not Having Altered Her Face. News Flash, Amigita, That's Not Where I'm Looking.

James McAvoy's Mutant Power Is The Ability To Make Even Straight Men His B*tch

Do We Care If Our Beautiful Celebrities Are Dumber Than Fence Posts?

First Comes Pajiba Love, Then Comes Pajiba Marriage, Then Comes. . .The Pajiba Staff Passed Out At The Reception

In Which We Answer The Age Old Question: Who's Cuter, Paul Rudd Or A Baby?

If I Were Ryan Gosling, I'd Totally Date Myself

Sam Worthington Was Almost Cast As James Bond: The Spy Who Bored Me

That There Is His Writing Arm: Jason Momoa Working On A Conan Sequel

You've Got Red On You, You Commie Bastard

Why Kill One Smarmy "Entourage" Megadouche Weasel, When You Could Kill All Five?

Because There's No Such A Thing As Too Much Joel McHale

Even When Matt Damon Angrily Swears I Just Want To Hug Him

Why Does It Always Look Like Hugh Jackman Has An Eight Pack Of Abs?

It's Unofficial Cute Animal Friday. Deal With It.

How Gorgeous Do Matt Smith And His Real Doll Companion Co-Star Karen Gillan Look?

I Always Suspected Eliza Dushku Was Dumber Than A Bag Of Gravel, Now It's Official

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters Better Keep Their Damn Claws Off Adele

They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab

Good Night, Sleep Well, I'll Most Likely Kill You In The Morning: Villains I Wouldn't Kick Out Of Bed

Kate Winslet Attempts Blue Steel, Looks More Like She's Eaten Bad Seafood

Intergalactic Nip Slip! I Keep Thinking Tim Riggins Is Wearing Fancy Space Overalls

Which Harry Potter Kid Holds the Award for Most Improved on the Hotness Scale?

Why Was I Rooting For Japan? Because Of The Tsunami, You Monsters.

Forget The Pasty Abs And The Terrible Accents, This Here Is The Real Reason To Watch "True Blood"

Helena Bonham Carter Is a G*ddamned National Treasure. I Don't Care If She's Not Of This Nation Or, Possibly, This Planet.

Olivia Wilde Was Almost Trampled By Horses But Lived To (Hotly) Tell About It

The Lovely Mila Kunis Strikes A Pose Usually Reserved For Basement Porn And American Apparel Ads

I Wasn't The Only One Waiting For The Triumphant De-Shirting, Was I? Er, I Mean, Girl Power! USA!!

Megan Fox Adorably Proves She Hasn't Had Botox. Yes, You Heard Me, I Said Adorably.

Angelina Jolie Is A Cylon? That Makes So Much Frakking Sense To Me.

Another Sexy Hollywood Star Panders To Nerds. . .In The Grossest Way Possible

Oh, Great, America's Favorite Pig Is Going To Get Roasted. LUAU!

Don't You Dare Call Gwyneth Untalented. It Takes Loads Of Talent To Look That Unsexy.

How Dare England's Real Royal Couple Get Married In A Private, Discreet Ceremony? Will No One Think Of The Hats??!

If Kunis and Portman Both Wanted To Make A Film About Casual Sex This Year, Why Couldn't It Be With Each Other?

For His Birthday I Gave John Cusack My Heart. I Gave Him My Heart And He Gave Me Hot Tub Time Machine

Lickety Split, Whisker Biscuit, Frilly Whirl and Dozens More Nicknames for Your Vagina

The Fictional Character I Would Most Want To Get Sh*tfaced With? Well I Think It Should Be Obvious

Who's Got His Sticky Fingers All Over Pajiba 10 Front-runner Emma Stone?

Three More Years of Don Draper And "Mad Men"? Does That Mean We Get Disco Hamm?!?!

Wait, Even Spielberg Hates Megan Fox? Sh*t, Girl, You're Screwed.

For Nicole Kidman's Birthday We Remember Simpler, Less Botoxic Times

His Eyes Are Up Here! Ryan Reynolds Is More Than The Sum Of His Incredibly Well-Toned Parts

New Photospread Proves Christina Aguilera Doesn't Have To Look Like A Melty-Faced Paint Monster

Timberlake Continues To Be The Most Astonishingly Classy Player In The Hollywood Game

Stop. . .Talking. Al Bundy And Rob Lowe Prove They Should Never Go Off Book

Conan Drops Some Wisdom On The Dartmouth Kids, Neglects To Explain Why He Stupidly Shaved His Beard

Is Christina Hendricks' Dress Too Tight Or Just Perfect? Come On Guys, Grow Up, It's Obviously Both.

Hey, Smith Family, You Know That "Mold Your Child In Your Image" Is Not Meant To Be Taken Literally. Right? RIGHT?!

Watch Out Barry Fan-ilows, I'm Starting A Chapter Of The Dakota Fan-nings

Nicholas Hoult, Cut It Out With The Pseudo-Thumbsucking, I Don't Need Anymore Reminders That You Were Once That Cherubic Kid From About A Boy

I Didn't Start Singing "Leather and Lace" When I Saw This Photo. You Can't Prove It.

Good News! Megan Fox May Not Be As Gross As We Thought!

Is This The Face That Launched A Thousand HBO Subscriptions?

A Red Sun Rises, Blood Has Been Spilled This Prom Night

Even The Nation's Most Beloved Gay Man Is Impressed By Christina Hendricks And Her, Um, Very Particular Set Of Skills

Is Amy Poehler Even Doper Than Knope?

Put Down The Cigarette, Fassbender, My Dreams Are In The No-Smoking Section

Our President Is Storming England Like A Boss. A Very Square And Sort Of Reserved Boss.

Oh, Zach Galifianakis, You Often Make Me Chortle, But Today I Guffaw

There Are Two Rapture-Related Links In Here And Then I'm Done. Swearsies. Until The Next One.

Ryan Gosling Asks Us To Imagine What It Would Be Like To Share A Bed With Him. Way Ahead Of You, Baby Goose.

Ginnifer Goodwin, You're Cute, Now Stop Making Movies That Inspire Me To Claw My Soul Out Of My Body

Short, Pale Brunettes Despair, Leonardo DiCaprio Cements His "Type" With New Blonde Amazon

New Album Attempts To Pry Norah Jones From The Sticky, Syrupy Embrace of Starbucks Music

Tom Hanks Had Major Chemistry With A Volleyball, What Makes You Think Julia Will Present Any Sort Of A Challenge?

Say Goodbye To These, Leo!

We've Got Sexy Photos of Jon Hamm Here. Let The Rivers Of Drool Wash Your Soul Clean.

Don't Try Your Nazi Charm On Me, Fassbender. If This Is True, We're Through.

Sick Of Schwarzenegger News? Disinterested Now That He's Not Governor? Maria Shriver Is With You.

There's A Shortage Of Perfect Breasts In This World, It Would Be A Pity To Damage Yours

Adrien Brody If You Could Dial The Douche Back To 11, This Imaginary Relationship Can Continue Apace

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Gael García Bernal! Bésame Mucho, Tú Eres Mexicaliente.

Celebrate May The Fourth, Smooch A Stranger. She Might Just Be The Sister You've Been Looking For. . .Or A Droid. It's A Toss Up.

Was This The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships? No, But She Did Go Topless In The Towers Of Illium.

Bless You, Obama, I Thought My Days Of Feeling As Patriotic As A Fancy Bear Atop Abraham Lincoln Were Over

Slept Through The Wedding. . .What Did I Miss? Oh Sweet Sassy Molassy.

Pajiba Royal Wedding Drinking Game Rule #7: Drain Your Glass If You See A Corgi In A Hat

Apparently I Get Off On Foul-Mouthed Actors Because This Bettany Interview Is The Hottest Thing This Side Of Naked Chaucer

How To Go From Random Hot Actress To My Personal Hero In Five Tweets Or Less

Hey Summer, Where Ya Been? Rachel Bilson Emerges From Obscurity To Frolic With Her Undeserving Boyfriend

Gadzooks! Who Did Kate Beckinsale Nail To Get Cast In Total Recall? Oh, The Director's Her Husband? I See.

Bad News, Nannies, Brad and Angie Don't Care If You Can Sew Lederhosen Out Of Curtains

Listen, Gaga, I Love You, But When You Claim To Be An Original, You Just Sound, Well, Dumb

Evan Rachel Wood And Her Vitamin C Hair Threaten To Marry My Girl Crush.

Nicolas Cage Gets Arrested For Losing His Sh*t? Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks People Are Jealous of Her Work Ethic. Yes, Honey, Stop Working So Hard At Making Me Dislike You.

There Goes My Hero, He's Homophobic

See That Face? Not Hers, His. That Face Is Why You Won't Be Getting Laid Tonight.

Finally, A Pajiba Love Header Photo That Attempts To Cater To Everyone All At Once. How'd We Do?

That Monster Taylor Swift Gets Away With Murdering One Of My Favorite Songs. Where's The Justice? AAATTIICCCAAAA!

Julianne Moore Describes Working With Colin Firth And My Crush Grew Three Sizes This Day. On Him. Not Her. Well Both.

No Need To Try So Hard, January Jones, I Already Dislike You

Which Would You Prefer In Your Rom Coms? More Blood Or More Helen Mirren? What If You Didn't Have To Choose?

You People Are The Sickest People We Know. . .and We Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

The First and Only Time You Will Ever Rejoice at This Phrase: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Taylor Hicks!"

This Is The Most I've Liked That Harry Potter Kid Since He Shot A Condom At Dame Diana Rigg

This Chick Packs More Of A Punch Than All Of Zack Snyder's Baby Dolls Combined

Oh, Freida Pinto, You Should Have Stuck With That Yellow Scarf

Rihanna Appears On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Wearing More Hair Than Clothes. I Am Fine With This.

Marcus Mumford May Have Lost At The Grammy Awards, But I Think He's Winning At Life. Damnit, Has Sheen Permanently Ruined That Word?

Sean Penn And Scarlett Johansson: Two Grating Tastes That Taste Grating Together

Reese Witherspoon Excludes Ryan Phillippe From Her Wedding Thereby Saving Her Bridesmaids From Hours Of Grab Ass

Someone Found Footage of Carla Gugino On "Saved By The Bell" And Now I've Found An Excuse To Post A Pretty Photo Of Carla Gugino

There Are Plenty of Faces That Could Use A Good Photoshoppin' But This Ain't One Of Them

Ewan McGregor Will No Longer Get Naked On-Screen. My Force Is Greatly Disturbed.

Claire Danes Comes Out In Support of Plastic Surgery. Well, This Photo Makes A Lot More Sense Now.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Cillian Murphy. Kiss Me, You're Irish. That's How The Saying Goes, Right?

Would You Cheat On The World's Most Beautiful Actress? No Way, Right? What If She Were Okay With It?

Emma Watson Drops Out Of School. Fifty Points From Gryffindor, Miss Granger. Also, I Still Hate Your Hair.

Jake Gyllenhaal Accosted in SXSW Bathroom, Pajiba Staffers Too Drunk and Apathetic To Be Considered Suspects.

Justin Timberlake Makes A Big Mistake. Huge.

Newt Gingrich Cites Love of Country As The Reason For Cheating On His Wife. I Call Dibs On The Porn Parody Title "Patriot Games."

Matt Damon Takes On The Powers That Be And Doesn't Even Bring His Magic Hat

In Solidarity With Women The World Over, Kate Winslet Debuts Her Worst Hair Day On The Cover Of Vogue

Alexander Skarsgård, The World's Eurotrashiest Vampire, Drops Some Tasty True Blood Spoilers.

Oh, Mike Huckabee, By Attacking Natalie Portman You're Making Me Accept Her As A Feminist Role Model. Don't Wanna.

Dear Charlie Sheen, Allow Me To Define "Winning" and "Goddesses" For You. Sincerely, Paul Rudd.

Christina Hendricks Is Modeling Jewelry? Yeees. . .That's Totally Where My Eyes Went, To The Jewelry

Gentlemen May Prefer Blondes, But I Always Preferred You, Jane Russell

I Hope You're Happy, James Franco, You're No Longer My Favorite Quirky Soap Star. That Honorific Has Been Restored To Dr. Drake Ramoray.

George Clooney Says He Can't Run For Political Office Because He's F*cked Too Many Chicks? Me Too, Cloons. Me Too.

What Do I Know About Those Stolen Nude Photos of Eva Mendes? Nothing! Ummm. I Was Dead At The Time! I Was On The Moon! With Steve!

Is It A Deal Breaker To Like Lady Gaga? So Be It!

Colin Firth Demonstrates Why We Like Him Very Much, Just As He Is. Pisses Off Mortal Men In The Process.

Hugh Jackman Adorably Offers Adorable Cookie-Related Advice to the Adorable Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Raise Your Hand If You Think TK Should Real-Time Review The Upcoming Royal Wedding. . .And Wear A Jaunty Hat Whilst Doing So.

Look! Puppies! And Ryan Reynolds! Puppies and Ryan Reynolds and Zero Sad Stories!!

Chief Among Liam Neeson's Very Particular Set of Skills? The Ability To Make Me Atomic Fetal Weep.

Felicia Day Is A Genuinely Hot Nerd Chick, Accept No Olivias. I Mean Substitutes, Accept No Substitutes.

Love Hurts, Love Scars, Love Wounds, and Mars

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong, All You Need Is Love

Wink If You Love Pipe-weed

Bleary Eyes, Busted Hearts, Don't Leave!

Oh, Dickie Greenleaf, You Scamp. Single Again?

Xenu Help me, I'm Developing A Taste For Haggis

Villains Both Sexy And Cute

What, Are You Lactose Intolerant? Snack On Some Brie

Get This Man In Your Box. Your Mailbox, Sickos.

Watch That First Step, It's A Doozy!

Rick, Buddy, We Miss You

Listen, Woman, You Can't Be Drop Dead Gorgeous AND Charming AND Talented

Chicks Play More Than Just Mind Games

And You're Going To Put The Rabbit Back In Its Container

Tina Fey, One Classy Piece of Trash

These Slap Shots Need More Hanson

Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!

I'm Making The Exact Same Skeptical Face, Michael Madsen

Hey, Do Stories About Silver Foxes Count As Cute Animal Links?

To Cake! The Cause Of and Solution To All Of Life's Problems.

Zombies And Nazis And ... Snowy Places OH MY!

Golden Globes Air in January

The Dawning of the Age of ... Capricorn? WTS? NO WAY!

Ah, My Least Favorite Olivia, We Meet Again

The Final Frontier. . .Until The Next One

Holding Out For A Hero

Look, You Work Your Side Of The Street And I'll Work Mine

I Can't Be The Only One Who Thinks Michael Caine Looks Like Yoda

What, Is He Funny Or Something?

Fur Pillows Are Hard To Actually Sleep On

P. Love and The Special Sauce

My Name is Kobayashi. I Work for Keyser Söze.

The End of the Year As We Know It

A List of All of Our Banned Words on Pajiba

The Best of Everything of All Time Ever Today

Mad Men, Nudity, Girls, and Romantic Gestures

Pajiba: We Don't Know What It Means, But We Won't Admit It

Christmas Is Not Overrated

You're A Mean One, Kenny Loggins

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (In Moderation)

Shout Out Edition


I'm Sorry, Where Are You Again?

A Big Ol' Middle Finger to HIV

F*cking Spiders... Who Even Likes Spiders?

Suck It, Jack Thompson

The 2010 Golden Douchebag Awards

I Approve Of All Of This

The Internet Hates You

Eff Yeah, Torgo!

MGMT Album Or Terrible Sonic Fan-Art? You Decide!

Sooooooo... Aliens?

Oh, You Have An iPhone Too?

The Dancing Dreidels Means It's Hanukkah!

The Canonization Of St. Xtina

That's Not Much Of A Happy Ending Now Is It? *Rimshot!*

Happy Regretsgiving!

Meh, He's Still Funnier Than Fred Armisen

I Hate You, Bobby Flay

F*cking Clowns, Man. F*cking Clowns.

Hey, Not Every Dog Can Be Lassie, Okay?

This Is What You Get For Being Too Dumb For Life

Your Flame Wars Displease Me

Apparently, "Famewhore" Is Now A Viable Career Choice

Sit... Stay... Good Boy

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Stroking His Ego 140-Characters At A Time

Please Come Back Rick Moranis... We'll Bake You Cookies!



YES. More Of This.

Schadenfreude... Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude

Want To Keep Your Man? Learn To Use A Machine Gun.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Blog

Sanity: 1. Fear: 0.

Happy Halloween, Eloquents...

Hello, Terrifying New Nightmares...

Sweet Zombie Jesus!

For Frak's Sake, They're Just Crunch Berries! MOVE YOUR DAMN CART!

It's Okay Candy Corn, We Still Love You Too

Where's Your God Now, Comic Book Geeks?

Go F*ck A Virtual Sheep, Farmville

I'm Still Crazy

Well How Else Am I Supposed To Carry My Wine Glass? In My Hand?

I, For One, Welcome Our New GIF Overlords

Yes, I'm Sure Your Baby Appreciates This

R.I.P. (Straight) Porn

Killer Croc Is The New Joker

Beavis and Butthead, Sexism in The Social Network and Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

You Do Realize You're Basically A Professional Bully, Right?

I Will Break Your Knees, Chickadee

You're Stuck With Me, Bitches

Oh Andy Rooney... You So Cuh-Ray-Zay

Still Less Embarrassing Than 30 Seconds To Mars

It Gets Better

People Died Today. Sorry About That.

Hello Sally! Goodbye, Sally.

I've Made A Huge Mistake

Creature of the Neverending Night

This Is The Closest We'll Ever Get To "Jon's Hamm"

Anyone Up For A Very Joel McHale Christmas?!

Ass Ass Baby

Eat A Bag Of Sh*t, Cancer

Do You Have A Vagina? Congratulations! Lifetime Just Set You Back 20 Years.

If You Touch Yourself, God Will Throw You Into A Firepit Forever

Eye Patches: Officially Back In Style

I Got A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Guess Who's Gonna Be Eating Peach's "Cake" Tonight?

No, Seriously: What The F*ck Is A Nikki Minaj?

...Oh, F*ck The What.

Oh Yeah Baby, Stick Your Fallack In My Rugen

I Want To Try This At Home

Find Out What Happens When Pajibans Stop Being Nice, And Start Being Drunk

Thanks A Lot Toad, Now I Don't Like Vaginas Anymore

Social Interaction Is For Suckers

Oh, You're About To Learn Who You're Gonna Call... Ghostbusters


Shut The F*ck Up, Kids! The Moving Picture Box Is On!

Personally, I'm A Fan Of The Reverse Light Cycle


Oh Look, Her Meal Ticket Is Free

Know What My Favourite Mexican Holiday Is? Cinco DENIED-O!


Haha, It's Funny Because Your Life Is Over

Your Husband Is Probably Banging Other Husbands

Kristen Schaal Makes You Think About Alf Eating P*ssy

So, Dawn's In Trouble? Must Be Tuesday

It's The Night Of A Thousand Douches!

The Dude Abides


We've Finally Found The Worst Thing On The Internet!

You Still Suck, Weezer

I Hate You All Thiiiiiiiiiis Much!

There Is Never A Bad Time For Ryan Reynolds

Suck A D*ck, Proposition 8


Timothy Olyphant Will Sex You Up

Your Move, Sharks. Your Move.

The Poutine: A Mix of Cheese, Fries, Gravy and Shame

Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle

Right, Like the Guy in the $3,000 Suit Will Escape on Anything Else. COME ON!

Dungeons & Dragons + D*ldos = You're Welcome

Shut the F*ck Up, Cindy Lou Who

Today's Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse

Are You Owning Your Gay Yet?

Australia Does Not Heart Gay Zombies

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200


Sharks Are Terrifying and They Will Eat Your Ass

Armond White: Dipsh*t Reviews For Dumbass People

Kill Yourself, Spencer Pratt

They're Just Sad Because They Realized That Soccer Sucks

That Is One F*ckable Corpse

Yes Yes, Very Nice, But Where Are the Hats Like A Shark's Fin?

If I Had a Dick, This Is Where I'd Tell You to Suck It

Well, There Goes the Colombian Economy

I Will Give You Your Links, But You Will Blow Me First

Happy Canada Day, 12-Year-Old Lesbian!

Lady Gaga Has Been Knighted With a Pork Sword

A Grande No-Fat Skim F*ck You With Extra Foam

Awwwww, Chris Brown Needs a WHAAAAAmbulance

Gay? This Man? I Refuse to Believe It

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of Oprah Screwing Over That Crippled Kid

Ha Ha, Jay Leno Still Sucks


Because After All These Years, I Still Want My Own Adorable Grunting Pet Rhinoceros

James Franco Might Be Gay (Then Again, He Might Not Be)

Knight and Day: The Most Totally Original Idea for a Movie, Probably Ever

"Two Face," The Cat With Two Faces: 2010 - 2010

Double Your Pleasure!

What the Hell -- More "Breaking Baddery"

The Winchester Boys Like You've Never Seen Them Before (No, Sadly, Not "Naked")

Commemorating Many Years of Dead Rainbows

Where Unholy Rumors Go To Mate

My Soul Needs Some Pepto After All This GD Chicken Soup

No Really, F*** You, Elton John

Patton Oswalt to be Dubbed "King of Nerds"

Brooke Shields is the Devil

Marmaduke Goes All Seventh Inning Fetch

Frick and Frack: 2008 - 2010

Gary Coleman: 1968 - 2010

Today Is Put Up As Many Header Images of Old Whores on the Site as Possible Day

Dr. Drew, Just Kill Yourself Now (No, Really)

Brendan Fraser Has High Standards

Real Life "Teen Wolves" Spotted in Texas

Hey Kids, Do You Wanna Go See Shrek This Weekend ... Or Would You RATHER EAT?

Watch Out, Sexy Dolphins -- Nic Cage is Gonna Git You

Surpassing 50 Cent as the Most Successful Sellout Ever

Eddie Murphy Wants to Poop Out Another Nutty Turd

Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Real Ladies Man

If Steve-O Puts a Leech On His Eye and No One Films It, Does It Even Make a Sound?

Most Sexeh Apocalypse EVER

Oh Crap! Dan Akyroyd Might Really Be Crazy

Is Andy Kaufman On Twitter? (Spoiler Alert: No)

Andy Rooney Is Old and Other News

A Face Only a Baby Could Love

Who Wants to Smell Like Iron Man?

Bret Michaels Surprisingly Resilient

Lindsay Lohan Scores the Role of a Lifetime

RIP, "The Simpsons"

I'll Take My Eel Rolled in Rice With Some Avocado and Some of That Sweet Brown Sauce On Top, Thankyouverymuch

Paul Reubens IS ... Jokey Smurf

"Breaking Bad" Contest Winners and Sandra's Revenge Baby

Things You Don't Want to Posthumously Hear About Richard Pryor's Johnson

Pete Campbell Doesn't Own a Toilet

Stephen Baldwin Needs Your Help!

Muslims and Hitler Have Poor Senses of Humor. Who Knew?

Chachi Is Pissed

Bret and Flav Fired From VH1

Shut Up Shut Up SHUT UP!

Robocop Died For Your Sins

Tina Fey Queefs in the General Direction of Your Criticism

13 Years and Inifinite Fart Jokes Later...

James Cameron Doesn't Have Boobs

Director Forbids Rachel Weisz from Masturbating

Sparkles Cobain?

No Car Windshield Is Safe...


"The Golden Girls" Like You Never Seen Them Before (And Never Wanted To)

Jesus: I Seriously Rose From the Frickin' Dead for This?

Simple Mathematics: What Does Two and a Half Minus One Equal?

Now in Stunning 3D!

How Many Goddamn Times Can a Bunch of Guys Forget a Night?

And the World Responds With a Resounding "Duh"

It's That Time of Year Again!

Near ... Far ... Wherevvvvver You Are!

Ding, Dong, "The Hills" is Dead

Amy Winehouse Puts Something in Her Vaginny Other Than Cocaine at the Airport

Throw in an Obligatory "Man vs. Wild" Crossover and I'm Sold

There's Modesty and Then There's Insanity

Even Heigl's Dress Hates Her

And This is Why You Never "Marry Down" ... Amirite Ladies?

Luck 'O the Irish to You!

Hot Bear on Bear Action

How Can We Miss You If You Don't Stay Away?

Quentin Tarantino Just Blue Himself

STFU, Corey

No Whining Christina Hendricks Wednesday

Misery Night Comes Early

I Want to Give an Award to That Dress

The Most Anticipated Child Since Jesus

Leaky Bladder, Anyone?

So He Probably Wouldn't Find It Funny If Someone Told Him That Hair Made Him Look Like an Old Lesbain, Either?

And on the Third Day God Commanded That the Stars Shall Dance

Pajibans to the Rescue

The Squirrel Speaks Out

Conan is Back! Sort Of!

Oh Look, Kirsten Dunst Did Something

What's Next, The Dramatic Chipmunk Movie?

Sh*t the Shat Says

I Blame the Travelocity Gnome

Apparently This Was the Best I Could Do

It's a Day Ending in a "Y" So Twilight Fans Have Found a New Way to Be Creepy

Pretty Much the Best Google Image Search Result for "Teabag"

Fattie Fattie Boombalatty

You Suck as a Couple

Lady Gaga is Awesome (Yeah, I Said It.)

MTV Officially Doesn't Care Anymore

Think About This When You Complain How Everything is Stupid Now

Let’s Go for Three, Shall We?

Now, even the peacocks are embarrassed.

La Lohan Wants You To Feel Her Pain

The Edge of Dickness (Ha Ha, See What I Did There?)

Avatar in Eighteen Minutes


"Everybody Hurts"

What Really Killed Brittany Murphy?

Avatar Gave Me the Eyeball Herpes

Fangirl Appreciation Day

Your Move, Screech?

What's Got Four Legs, Bad Breath and Is Infinitely More Entertaining than Leno?

A&E About to Get A Lot More Sexeh

When Good Directors Go Bad

Puppies Tuesday!

Now It's Billy Bush's Time to Shine!

Betty is Back, Bitches

Death Comes to Pajiba

For Joy! The National Karaoke Show is Back!

Because Of Course She Did

Move Over, Pulp Fiction: The Best Thing Travolta Has Ever Done

Natalie Portman is Too Good For EVERYTHING

More Alice in Wonderland News Than You Can Shake a Three-Spouted Tea Kettle At

Guess He Should Go Eat Worms

"Celebrity Apprentice" About to Get More "Awesome"

Inglorious F*****s?

Nicolas Cage, Now Even More Two-Dimensional!

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Call Joe Francis a Rapist Three Times in a Row and He'll Appear in the Mirror to Slap You With a Lawsuit

A Christmas Suckage

Blah, Blah Blah, Christmas and Stuff

He-Man Claus?

Breaking! Bear Jew Waxed His Chest

One Person's Creepy is Another Person's Charming

The Gang Opens a Bar

Friends Don't Give Friends Fruitcake

The Universe is About to Have One Less Crappy Robin Williams Movie

Kevin Smith Gets Neutered (*Looks at Cat*) You're Next

Sigourney Weaver Basically the Worst Secret-Keeper Ever

Suck It, Miley

Anyone Else Miss Bumpy Vampires?


Um ... SQUEE!

Starting Off the Week With a Sex Tangent (Like You Guys Wouldn't End Up There Anyway)

Better Than Christmas and My Birthday Combined

ABC Is Worried He's Going to Infect Us All

Not the Bees!

I Shall Never Hear a Bottle of Keyboard Duster the Same Way Again

Insert Pun for Something Bad that Happens in Golf Here

The Black Friday Tampon Turkey Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Hollywood Isn't the Only One Who Can Come Up with Completely Pointless Sequels

Paula Deen Takes One to the Face

What if Marley and Me Humped the Leg of Saving Private Ryan?

I Must Go. My Home Planet Needs Me.

NPH in 140 or Less

Why, Hello There ...

You Can't Spell "Johnston" Without ...

Lloyd Dobler Has No Time For This

Dane Cook Isn't Fit to Smell Jim Carrey's the Riddler's Green Farts

14:31 ... 14:32 ... 14:33 ...

Today in Guess Who is Awesome News: James Franco is Awesome

10,000 Rockys When All You Need is a Knife

What He Said

What Are You Looking at Butthole?

Not Funny 'Ha Ha' ...

The Voices in Steve Guttenberg's Head Discuss a Three Men Sequel

The Poor Man's Dane Cook Getting His Own Show (Guess What Network!)

Who Ruined Roger Rabbit?

Dead By Dawn! Dead By Dawn!

Larry David Pisses Off Christians by Pissing on Jesus

The Way We Were

New Sherlock Holmes Poster Contains 100% Less Shirtless Downey

They Should Have Called Her, Uh ... Methanie Tanner.

Don't Let the Door Hit You in Your Gigantic Chin on the Way Out

Endlessly Watchable Suckitude

Don't Even Get Him Started on That Cousin Larry A-Hole

Once More With [More] Feeling

Things Less Terrifying Than Where the Wild Things Are

Did Anyone See That Spaceship Yesterday?

Here You Go, Puppy Junkies

Teach Me Your Secular Ways!


Miss Holloway Is Off the Market

What's Yellow and Green and Blue on Both Ends?

First Person I See Dressed Up as "Bruno" for Halloween Gets a Complimentary Kick to the Scrote

If Brian Prisco Reviews Only One Film This Year...

Personally, I'm More Excited for the Porn Version, Boondock Taints

Madonna vs. Lady Gaga (No One Wins)

Sh*t's Getting Messy, Now

What's Grosser Than Grosser Than Gross?

Hollywood Just Skipped Right the Hell Over Ziggy

Insert Bad "Leaping" and "Big Screen" Pun Here

Oh Noes! Not the Eff-Word!

Karl Pilkington; Professional Film Critic


Supersize This

When Letterman Met Obama

Holy Frijoles!


The Bristol Lynn Spears Syndrome

"Dollhouse" Casting News That Will Make You Squee in Your Naughty Places


No Kanye! Bad Kanye!

In Rememberance

"American Idol" -- Now with More Annoying!

The Hell with the Beatles, Today is Danny DeVito Day!

What's Grosser Than Gross?

Look, Prisco... Snowbuddies!

Do You Realize...That It's Not Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots?


Putting the January into a Winter-Spring Romance

Time to Hit the Star Trek Convention Circuit, Buddy

Snuggie Sex?

Guess Who's Still Effing Crazy!

When People Stop Being Funny and Start Being Real

Susan Boyle Dream Casting?

More X-Files? No Thanks, I'm Good

Celebrities Just Shouldn't Try to Answer ... Things

Avatar Day is Nigh! Nigh!!

It's Britney, Bitch!


Leno is Back With a "Meh"


Remember That Time Fox Ruined That Show You Really Liked?

Viral Schmiral

It's Naked Tuesday!

Real Vampires Kick Ass and Get Laid

Because His Movies Changed Your Life...

Down With "Fraggle Rock"

Fact: Hollywood Will Ruin Your Childhood

This Could Be the Messiest Thing Since That Time Comic-Con Ran Out of Corn Dogs

Bite My Shiny Metal ... Oh Wait, Nevermind

You're Not That Cute Anymore

The "No Screeches Allowed" Club

I'd Rather Watch My Parents Doing It


Dead Horse, Meet Stick

Barth Has Left The Kitchen

¡Yo Quiero No Moreo!

Time to Make Your "O" Face!

Shove Those Crocodile Tears Up Your Ass

Fox is Ruining "Futurama"

Death Bed ... It's the Bed That Eats!

Did Someone Say Porcupine Race Track?!

A Lesson in Sex Tape Etiquette

Lessons in Theater Etiquette

Does the World Really Need a "Small Wonder" Movie?

Mrs. Hornet, I Presume?

I've Made a Huge Mistake

America's Pajiba's Sweetheart Coming to DVD!

I Am at an Effin Loss

But What About Bubbles?

Who's the Big Winner!

Parker Lewis Apparently Really Can't Lose

The Yelling Man Will Yell No More

On The Bright Side, Jeff Goldblum Is Still Alive

Kids Movies That Effed Your Ess Up

It's Bay-monium!

Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up

It Slices, It Dices ... It Wipes Poo Off Your Bum!

Totally Exciting "Grey's" News With A Side of Sarcasm Sauce!

Nicer Film Titles

Who Was That Masked, Obviously Native American Man?

Gay Sex Makes Everything Better

Which Pixar Movie Is The Best?

G.I. Joe Movie May Suck More Than Previously Anticipated

When I Think About You, I Touch Myself

Dear Megan Fox, Shut Your Effing Face. Love Pajiba

Optimus Prime vs. The Haters

Must See TV

Bacon East, Bitches!

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

What Happens In Vegas ... Blibbedy Blibbedy Blah

Do Shut Up, Already

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Curses Are The New Black

"Dexter" Casting News That Won't Make You Wanna Murder Someone In The Face

It's Porn Star Wednesday!

They Might Be Giants Gives Back and Stuff

I Did An Image Search For "Memorial Day" and This Is What I'm Going With

The Catholic League Still Hates Everything

Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Give a Crap

Are You Sure It's Too Late To Get Scrooge McDuck?

PUPPIES!!! Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Cowabunga dude!

Happy Top Gun Day! (I Will Never Tire of These)

Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop

These Guys Need To Come Out of Retirement Because Tara Reid Movies Exist

Fill Me Up, Scotty

Will There Be A Goonies Sequel? Spoiler Alert: No.

Prequels Are Totally the New Sequels

Nope, Still Don't Get It.

"Take the Biggest Guy in the World, Shatter His Knee and He'll Drop Like a Stone."

Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Wolverine Day!

Sacha Baron Cohen to Literally Shoot Fish in a Barrel

Swine Flu Fever, Have You Caught It Yet?!

Spoiler Alert! This Happens In The Baster

Thank You For Being A ... Well, You Know.

Cry Me A Goddamn River

Eff You, Dr. Drew!

Today's Pajiba Love Gets the Earth's Stamp of Approval

Jessica Biel Shows Off Her Acting Chops. (Is That What They Call Them These Days?)

Meet The Fat Drunk Robin Hood

Carrie Bradshaw's Manolo Collection Gets Repossessed

Will vs. Bear ... Grylls

Megan Fox To Come Down With the Ultimate Case of PMS

$240 Worth of Pudding

The New Michael Myers Will Eff Your Ess Up

Everybody Learns A Valuable Lesson ... And Then They Die.

Herzog, Lynch, And A Baby With Two Penises Walk Into A Bar...

Eminem Tries His Hand At Making Fun of Other Celebrities ... Again

You Guys Aren't Going to Like This Nearly As Much As The RDJ Post From Last Week

The Original Nerdlinger Is Back. Or Probably Not. But Maybe.

What's the Dumbest Idea For A Movie Adaptation You Can Think Of?

If A Washed-Up Rock Star Cursed In The Woods and No One Was Around To Hear It, Would It Still Get Bleeped?

Robert Downey Jr. ... Chained To A Bed ... Naked.

Borat Goes X-Rated

The News on Ghostbusters 3 Is That There Is No News. You're Welcome!

Nicolas Cage in Most Hilarious Role Ever

Intentionally Left Blank