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Jodie Sweetin Unhappy Her Movie Is Airing on Candace Cameron Bure's Network

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 12, 2023 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 12, 2023 |


Candace Cameron Bure, the chief content officer of the Hallmark competitor, the Great American Network, is on the record saying that her network will feature only movies with “traditional marriage at the core.” Candace Cameron’s Full House co-star, Jodie Sweetin — a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights — is not pleased that the Great American Network has picked up her movie. In fact, she says that “any potential or future money made from this sale” will be donated to LGBTQ+ organizations. Suck it, Candace. (EW)

If you really want it, you can get a Barbie pink frappuccino at Starbucks. It looks sickeningly sweet and frighteningly pink to me, but hey, I’m not the mom of you - knock yourselves out! - (PS)

Jesus Christ, Star Magazine/In Touch Weekly! It’s one thing to completely make up stuff, but also, OMG! At least have the decency to change your digital cover story if you can’t cancel the printed copies.- (Independent)

Sam Bankman-Fried f#$ked around and found out. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said Bankman-Fried could just sit his ass in jail until trial since following basic rules and living in his parents’ house in Palo Alto was too much freedom for him. (Gifted article)- (NYT)

Judge Tanya S. Chutkan basically told Trump, “Shut the fuck up, Donny” and let him know that if he breaks the rules, there will be consequences. Today’s Saturday. How many days do we think Trump can go before he also f#$ks around and finds out? - (Axios)

The Drake dunk is just too good not to share! - (Lainey Gossip)

Texas questions the rights of a fetus after a prison guard who had a stillborn baby sues. - (ABC)

“Mike Huckabee said Republicans did “a pitiful job” explaining their position. But it seems they’ve done a great job. It’s just that their position is horrific.” - (Jezebel)

We already knew Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was a whopping can of mixed nuts, but you guys, he’s even nuttier than that! He went off on Fox News about how COVID was pre-planned by a group of elites to take away everyone’s rights. - (Daily Beast)

Our hearts are with the people of Lahaina and all of Maui, and we sincerely hope they are safe and reunited with loved ones as soon as possible. - (Wired)

Welcome to the Let’s Talk About Menopause Club, Halle Berry! - (Celebitchy)

We might see a new avocado on the market in the next few years, maybe? - (Texas Monthly)

This Swiftie understood the assignment. A+, no notes. And for the Debbie Downers on TikTok telling her that people around her would be bothered by the noise of her dress? Have you ever been to a concert? Swift fans caused actual seismic activity at her concerts in Seattle. Settle down and let this lady preen, ok? - (Yahoo)

I have not a single clue who Lil Tay is or what she’s famous for, but I guess she “died” the other day? But then it turned out PSYCH! Not dead. Now? Crypto! I don’t know what’s going on. Also? I don’t actually care. But maybe you do! If so, awesome, this is for you. Have a great day! - (AVC)

This week you get a history lesson and a video. Happy weekend!