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Box Office Report: Does Gerard Butler Get to Punch the Plane?

Schlocky Gerard Butler Action Flick 'Plane' Is the January-est Movie Ever Made

A Tearful Brendan Fraser Gave a Whale of a Speech at the Critic's Choice Awards

Review: 'A Man Called Otto' Starring Tom Hanks and Mariana Treviño

Sebastian Stan and Julianne Moore Are Con Artists in Apple TV+'s 'Sharper' Trailer

The Truth About Gina Carano's 'Box-Office Disaster'

The 'Blood' Trailer Proves Michelle Monaghan Needs A Better Agent

'Consecration' Trailer Proves Nuns Are Not To Be Trusted

The Trailer for 'Your Place or Mine' Threatens to Undermine the Romcom Comeback

Rachel McAdams Is a Mom in the Trailer for 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret'

'The Pale Blue Eye' Showcases a Gothic Detective Story and Stellar Performances

Why Did Austin Butler Thank Denzel Washington During his Golden Globes Speech?

Christ, Why Do We Keep Pretending That the Golden Globes Matter?

The French Right Attacks Omar Sy's Thoughtful Comments on the Ukrainian War and Wars In The Third World

Richard Linklater Signs the Next Mr. Big Deal to a 20-Year-Movie Project

We Have No Idea What's Happening to Joaquin Phoenix in Ari Aster's 'Beau Is Afraid' Trailer

Watch the Trailer for 'Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania,' Featuring Jonathan Majors

Box Office Report: Soaking Wet

2022 Was a Good Year For On-Screen Adventurous Girl Warriors

Shoot Her Down, But She Won’t Fall. ‘M3GAN’ Is Titanium

Dead Bosses and Dead Moms: Trailers for 'Renfield' and 'Jung_E'

The 'Evil Dead Rise' Trailer Will Mess You Up in All the Best Ways

Box Office Report: Water Water Everywhere

Bleeding for ‘The Rebel’: A Tribute to the Vietnamese Action Blockbuster

Now on Netflix: Adam Driver And Greta Gerwig Face Down The Apocalypse In Noah Baumbach's Incomparable 'White Noise'

The Best Pop Culture Double Bills of 2022

Review: 'The Big 4' Is The Other Must-See Movie On Netflix This Month

'Joyride' Is a Charming Road Movie That Blows a Tire

You Want a Good Water-Based Film? Forget 'Avatar.' See 'Murina' Instead

Netflix Brings 'Matilda the Musical' to the Screen

Courtney Love Says Brad Pitt Had Her Fired from 'Fight Club' Over Kurt Cobain Biopic

'Babylon' Bombed at the Box Office, and the Reaction Is Divided

Pajiba's Top Ten Films of 2022

Review: Ashes, Ashes, The Tower of 'Babylon' Falls Down

'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' Is a Celebration but Not a Success

'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish' Is a Thrilling and Colourful Neo-Western

Now on Netflix: 'Glass Onion' Is Rian Johnson's Whodunit Reaction to Our Hellish Reality

The Decent Family Bonding Movie, 'Strange World,' Is Now on Disney+

A Judge Rules In Favor of Ana de Armas Fans Suing Over a Deceptive Trailer

Everything You Need To Know About 'Titanic' For Its 25th Anniversary

DCEU Fans Need to Calm the Hell Down

Why I'm Not Seeing 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

'Nanny' Shows Great Promise But Then Fumbles Things In a Baffling Manner

Post-Qatar 2022: 'United Passions,' FIFA's Banal Propaganda Movie About Itself

'Oppenheimer' Trailer: Christopher Nolan Goes All Mood Piece With His Most Conflicted Hero Yet

In 'Avatar: Way of the Water,' James Cameron and His Ego Just Can't Help Himself

That Aubrey Plaza Movie on Netflix Is Pretty Good

Zoey Deutch Is the Kate Hudson of the Streaming Era

Netflix's ‘Bardo’ is Bloody Exhausting

Watch the Electrifying Teaser for Margot Robbie's 'Barbie'

'Adult Swim Yule Log' On HBOMax: What Did I Just Watch?

Everything You Need To Know About 'Good Will Hunting' For Its 25th Anniversary

James Gunn Has Decided That Henry Cavill Will No Longer Return As Superman

Adam Driver Time Travels into the Past to Fight Dinosaurs in the '65' Trailer

Hulu's 'It's A Wonderful Binge' Is One of the the Worst Movies In Years

Watch the Trailer for 'Scream 6,' the Sequel to 'Scream' and Also 'Scream'

“Emancipation” Review: I Want Reparations For Slogging Through This

Miles Morales And Gwen Stacy Reunite In New Across The Spiderverse Trailer

'Beau Is Afraid': Ari Aster Is Back to Ruin Our Lives with a New Movie

Why Hollywood Loves Fat Suits and Why They Suck

Guillermo del Toro's 'Pinocchio' Delivers a Darkly Whimsical Anti-War Story

'Spoiler Alert' Will Have You Crying Under the Mistletoe

Review: Just Let Me Look At Olivia Colman, 'Empire of Light'!

The Picturesque 'Lady Chatterley’s Lover' Has All the Heat of a Wet Log

'The Whale' Is the Most Miserable Entry in Darren Aronofsky's Self-Martyrdom Canon

The Golden Globes Chose the Perfect Host, but Why did the Perfect Host Agree to Host the Golden Globes?

What The Hell Is Going On With DC Studios?

'Christmas Bloody Christmas' Is Not as Cool as It Wants You To Think It Is

The 'Avatar: Way of the Water' Early Reactions Are Beyond Effusive

Terrifying Future Horror Cult Classic 'Skinamarink' Gets a Release Date

Sorry Dwayne: 'Black Adam' Set to Be a Box Office Disappointment for DC

Oh Dear Lord, Andrew Dominik, Just Leave Marilyn Monroe Alone!

Box Office Report: All Wakanda for Christmas Is You

Netflix's 'Troll' Is A King Kong Story Out of Legend

Review: George Clooney and Julia Roberts' Pleasant Romcom 'Ticket to Paradise'

Dear Rian Johnson: Please Cast These Actors in ‘Knives Out 3’

There's Twice The Tilda Swinton To Haunt Joanna Hogg's Perfect Ghost Story 'The Eternal Daughter'

It's Not Looking Good for Rocket in the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3' Trailer

Watch James Mangold's 'Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny' Trailer Starring Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Society Has Progressed Beyond the Need for Tim Burton

'People We Hate at the Wedding' Is Harmless Holiday Background Noise

'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Promises Action AND Spectacle In the Same Movie

'A Christmas Story Christmas': Sometimes It Really Is the Thought That Counts

Now on Shudder: Mythic WTF Weirdness Abounds In The Surreal Freak-Out 'A Wounded Fawn'

Behold The Majesty That Is the 'Cocaine Bear' Trailer

'The Super Mario Bros Movie' Official Trailer Makes Us Ask: 'They Really Couldn't Get Anyone Else To Voice Mario? Really?'

'The Mean One' Trailer: Everything From Our Childhood Is Terrifying Now

Netflix's Must-Watch 'The Swimmers' Is Harrowing and Triumphant

Box Office Report: I Don't Wakanda Grow Up

Now on Netflix: 'The Wonder' Cements Florence Pugh as One of the Best Actresses in her Age Range

Review: 'Skinamarink' Is Gonna Scare You Right Back To The Dark Ages

Shudder's 'Blood Relatives' or As I Like to Call it, 'Farkakte Mishpucha'

'Corsage' Review: Eat Your Heart Out Peter Morgan

Review: Spielberg Wrestles Spielberg in 'The Fabelmans'

Review: 'Devotion' One, 'Top Gun' Nothing

'Bar Fight' is Barely a Film That Gets Barely a Review

'She Said' Is a Righteous Recap and a Bad Movie

'Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend' Is the Olive Garden of Movies about Italian Car Manufacturers

Review: 'Disenchanted' Isn't as Magical as its Predecessor

Box Office Report: I Wakanda Be Adored

'The Menu' Is Food Snob 'Succession' ... Until It All Goes Deliciously Sideways

Jeremy Pope and Gabrielle Union Wow In Elegance Britton's Excellent 'The Inspection'

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell's 'Spirited' Is a Crowd-Pleasing Blast

‘Stutz’: Jonah Hill Made a Movie About His Therapist and It’s Interesting

The '80 for Brady' Trailer Wastes a Phenomenal Cast on Tom Brady

Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua Return with 'Emancipation'

Sorry Jacob Elordi, But We Already Have Elvis at Home

Review: The Super-Sweet ‘My Father’s Dragon’ Brings Cartoon Saloon to Netflix

The Trailer for 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' Will Talk Dirty to You

Box Office Report: If Wakanda Be My Lover

The Flawed but Impressive 'Wakanda Forever' Is a Loving Eulogy Worthy of Chadwick Boseman

The Lohanaissance Is Here With ‘Falling for Christmas'

'John Wick: Chapter 4' Brings Us the Donnie Yen Content We Deserve

Let's Talk About The 'Recast T'Challa' Hashtag For 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

Review: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is Now Streaming on HBO Max

The First Trailer for Darren Aronofsky's 'The Whale' Shows Very Little of Brendan Fraser (For a Reason)

See How The Other Half Lives In The 'Knives Out: Glass Onion' Trailer

Neither Jennifer Lawrence Nor Brian Tyree Henry Can Elevate the Flat Drama of ‘Causeway'

Box Office Report: Black and Red

Daniel Radcliffe Elevates the Absurdity in 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story'

Eva Green Is Back With 'Nocebo'

Trailer Watch: Spirited Santa Clauses Go Bumper in the Ragnarok

Amazon Prime's 'Run Sweetheart Run' Is Awful

Double Your Swinton Pleasure In 'The Eternal Daughter' Trailer

Be Enchanted By The Trailer For Disney's 'Disenchanted

'Avatar: The Way of Water' Trailer: Is James Cameron Too Big to Fail?

'Tár' and the Language of Prestige

Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn Do the Opposite of Sizzle in the Disappointing 'Stars at Noon'

Box Office Report: Paint It Black (Adam)

Don't Watch 'Prey for the Devil'

Everything You Need To Know About 'The Thing' For Its 40th Anniversary

Cate Blanchett Is Maestra Of Us All In The Career-Defining 'Tár'

'The Banshees of Inisherin' is a Quiet, Simple Story of a Tall Handsome Man in a Dusty Black Coat with a Red Left Hand

Now on Netflix: Eddie Redmayne Kills in 'The Good Nurse'

Don't Bring 'American Geeks' Into Your Joss Whedon Bashing!

The Trailer for Netflix's 'Pepsi, Where's My Jet?' Documentary Is Stark Raving Mad

Now on HBO Max: ‘Barbarian’ Is a Flawed but Audaciously Unexpected Horror Film

The First Reactions To 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' Are In

'Ray and Raymond' Is a Movie That Exists on Apple TV+. You're Welcome

The Internet Is Split Over Warner Bros. Decision to Put James Gunn In Charge Of The DC Universe

With 'Clerks III,' Kevin Smith Somehow Pulls It Off Again

Prime Video's 'Argentina, 1985' and the Argentinian Custom of Saying 'Never Again'

Sean Harris Shines in Netflix's Deeply Atmospheric 'The Stranger'

'R.I.P.D. 2' Trailer Raises Questions, Like... Why?

The Trailer for Marvel's 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' Goes Full Eye-Roll

Will Damon Lindelof Be the Next Big Name to Write an Unproduced Star Wars Script?

Box Office Report: Adam and Julia and Banshees

Dwayne Johnson's 'Black Adam' Is Not Entirely Bad

Everything You Need to Know About 'Reservoir Dogs' on its 30th Anniversary

Review: Shudder's 'V/H/S/99' Tackles the Real Horrors of Y2K

On the Trigger Warning Controversy and Book Changes in Netflix's 'Luckiest Girl Alive'

Tom Hanks Gets Curmudgeonly in the Trailer for the Sublime 'A Man Called Otto'

The Fairy-Tale Familiarity of 'The School for Good and Evil' Is a Blessing and a Curse

Anna Faris Details Director Ivan Reitman's 'Reign of Terror' on the Set of 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'

Benson & Moorhead Return to Indie Sci-Fi with 'Something in the Dirt'

In 'God's Creatures,' A Mother Has to Choose Between Her Son or the Truth

Box Office Report: It Ends (Hopefully)

'Halloween Ends' Review: We are Finally Free From this Treachery

Review: Park Chan-wook Returns with the Gripping Thriller ‘Decision to Leave’

'Amsterdam' Review: David O. Russell Needs to Be Stopped

Netflix's Halloween Family Movie 'The Curse of Bridge Hollow' Is a Full-Size Candy Bar

The Trailer for 'M3GAN' Will Bury Your Body and Swallow Your Soul

NYFF Review: Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell Find Love In a Hopeless Place In 'Bones And All'

Review: Hulu's Momo-Inspired 'Grimcutty' Is a Failure

Box Office Report: 'Smile' Because David O. Russell's 'Amsterdam' Is Flopping!

Mila Kunis' 'Luckiest Girl Alive' Could Have Been a Great Netflix Miniseries

Now on Peacock: 'Beast' Is A Tenacious Blast of Old-School ‘When Animals Attack!’ Savagery

'The Last Of The Mohicans' 30th Anniversary of Daniel Day-Lewis Swearing To Madeleine Stowe That He Will Find Her

Lets-a Go! 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Trailer

No Mercy in 'God's Country,' a Shocking Story of Devastating, Runaway White Privilege

Jason Momoa Gives off Howie Mandel Vibes in Netflix's 'Slumberland'

Santa Goes 'John Wick' in the Trailer for David Harbour's 'Violent Night'

The Chris Pratt ' Super Mario Bros. Movie' Gets a Movie Poster, Announces Trailer Date

Review: 'Hocus Pocus 2' Actually Improves On The Vibes-Only Original

Will Smith Is Coming Back Sooner than Originally Expected

Of Course That's Donald Trump's 'Garish, Sh*t Bag' Apartment in 'The Devil's Advocate'

The Death of Theatrically Released Comedy: Exhibit B, 'Bros'

Will 'Wakanda Forever's' Namor Be the First Legit Comic-Book Movie Anti-Hero?

Box Office Report: Smile, It Might Never Happen

'Smile' Is a Ruthless Indictment of Mental Health Stigmas and Not For the Faint of Heart [Spoilers]

Review: 'Bros' Is A Good Top In Search Of A Decent Bottom

The Awful 'My Best Friend's Exorcism' Just Made Me Want to Rewatch 'The Exorcist'

It's a Shame that Rob Zombie's Sincere Homage to 'The Munsters' Is No Damn Good

Timothée Chalamet Gets Bloody In The 'Bones And All' Trailer

'My Father's Dragon' Trailer: Cartoon Saloon Is The Best Western Animation Studio

Billy Eichner Explains How His Career Has Led To 'Bros'

Netflix's 'Athena' Quite Literally Took My Breath Away. Watch This Film.

Kaley Cuoco Can't Salvage 'Meet Cute'; Pete Davidson Barely Even Tries

Netflix’s ‘Lou’ Asks the Question: ‘How Can We Make Watching Alison Janney a Disappointment?'

Review: The Charming ‘Catherine Called Birdy’ Brings Adolescent Angst and Jokes to Medieval England

'Blonde' Is a Horror Story, Both Monumental and Deeply Uncomfortable

The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ Is Bad

Review: 'House of Darkness' Is A Lot More Interesting If You Also Saw Justin Long In 'Barbarian'

The Death of Theatrically Released Comedy: Exhibit A, 'Confess, Fletch'

Hulu Plays 'Romeo And Juliet' For The Lolz With 'Rosaline'

'Dredd' 10th Anniversary of Karl Urban Protecting Mega-City One As Judge, Jury, And Executioner

Watch the Trailer for 'Knock at the Cabin,' M. Night's Latest, Starring Dave Bautista

Review: Crowd-Pleasing 'The Woman King' Revitalizes the Old-School Historical Epic

Hulu's 'Hellraiser' Trailer Has Such Sights To Show You

'Heathers: The Musical' on Roku Is Fine. That's The Problem

TIFF 2022 Review: ‘Carmen’ is a Messy Reinterpretation of the Iconic Opera

Jon Hamm Is Profoundly Miscast in the Nevertheless Winning 'Confess, Fletch'

Netflix's 'Do Revenge' Is a Dark, Teen Comedy That Is Cathartic For Anyone Who Has Been Bullied

Box Office Report: King Viola

TIFF 2022 Review: ‘Daliland’ Brings an Iconic Artist to Life but Fails to Live Up to His Vision

Review: A Boy's Best Friend Is Their Mother (Until Not) In The Lukewarm 'Goodnight Mommy' Remake

Review: Mia Goth Sparkles and Slashes in ‘Pearl’

TIFF 2022 Review: Henry Selick and Jordan Peele Are a Striking Creative Pair in 'Wendell and Wild'

TIFF 2022 Review: Laugh at the Demise of the Rich in Ruben Östlund's 'Triangle of Sadness'

‘See How They Run’ Is a Comedically Meta Whodunit

TIFF 2022 Review: ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ Tells the Story of a Remarkable Life and a Battle Against the Opioid Crisis

TIFF 2022 Review: 'Sick' is an Otherwise Worthy 'Scream' Successor Coated in Infectious COVID Droplets

It's Coked-Out Margot Robbie vs. Drunk, Tap Dancing Brad Pitt in the Trailer for 'Babylon'

Queen Latifah Can’t Save Netflix’s 'End of the Road' From Hitting a Dead End

TIFF 2022 Review: Sarah Polley’s Stunning ‘Women Talking’ Tackles Female Trauma and Quiet Power

Fine, Here's the Rest of the Trailers and Announcements to Come Out of D23

Steven Spielberg Collapses In On Himself (in a Good Way) in the Trailer for 'The Fabelmans'

Trailer Watch: Witches, Princesses And Little Mermaids From The D23 Expo

Trailer Watch: Black Adams, Dark Houses, and Quantum Leaps

Watch: Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco's 'Meet Cute' Explores the Ick in 'Groundhog Day'

Watch the First Trailer for Rian Johnson's 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery'

Hugh Bonneville Is His Icky Best in Netflix's Underwhelming 'I Came By'

Mila Kunis, Who Never Went Away, Is Back in Netflix's 'Luckiest Girl Alive'

Box Office Report: Spidey Swings Back

Review: François Ozon's Goofy Fassbinderian Flip-Around 'Peter Von Kant' Is Solid Food For Us Fassbinder Nerds

What Even Is Reality? 'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' Gets A Trailer

Watch the Trailer for Noah Baumbach's Adaptation of Don DeLillo's 'White Noise' For Netflix

Review: ‘Samaritan’ is the Next Phase of Superhero Churn

'Me Time’s' Buddy Comedy Could Have Sparked a Great Conversation With a Stronger Script

Box Office Report: 'The Invitation' Takes Top Spot in One of 2022's Worst Weekends

George Miller's 'Three Thousand Years Of Longing' Is a Weird Little Miracle

Maybe This Is Why Florence Pugh Is Reportedly Upset with Olivia Wilde

Trailer Watch: A24 Examines Mothers And Sons In Two New Films

Spoilers: What Is the Appeal of the Massively Popular Netflix Film 'Purple Hearts'?

'Confess, Fletch' Trailer: We Waited 30 Years for This?

'Pinocchio' And 'Slumberland' Come To Streaming This Fall

Warner Bros. Show 'Batgirl' Film To Its Creators Before Locking It Away Forever

Spoilers: 'Look Both Ways' Finally Answers Whether It's Better to Have Kids or Be Childless

Dream Casting Ryan Reynolds' Remake Of 'Clue'

Watch the Trailer for the American Remake of One of the Creepiest Films We've Ever Seen

Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza Go to Italy and Do Stuff in ‘Spin Me Round'

Allison Janney Goes Full Eastwood in the Trailer for the 'Taken'-like 'Lou'

Why is Warner Bros. Discovery Removing So Many Shows from HBO Max?

Dave Bautista Vehicle 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' Sets Release Date

Box Office Report: Dragon vs. Lion

Amandla Stenberg Sends Bizarre DM to NYTimes Critic over 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies' Pan

'I Love My Dad' Tests the Limits of Cringe Comedy

Review: 'Girl Picture' is a Coming-of-Age Story that Takes The Little Things Seriously

What's Up with the ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel, ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’?

'God's Creatures' Trailer: Emily Watson Stars In Irish Drama About The Limits of Motherly Love

Review: 'Glorious' Is the Trolley Problem by Way of 'Futurama'

'Prey' Delivers A Tense Game of Cat & Mouse with A Few Flaws

'Orphan: First Kill' is so Much Better Than it Has Any Business Being

Johnny Depp Set to Direct a Film No One Will Watch

Maybe We've Gone Too Far with the John-Wickification of Action Flicks?

Box Office Report: Action Boys

With 'Day Shift,' Netflix Finds Its Mediocre Sweet Spot

'They/Them' Is Very, Very Far from What It Was Aiming For

The Family Superhero Flick 'Secret Headquarters' Is Surprisingly Old-Fashioned Sweet Fun

With 'Nope,' Jordan Peele Shows How We Are Killing Showbusiness

Review: 'Fall' Is a Survival Thriller that Kicks Fear in the Ass

Yes, 'Thirteen Lives' Is Based on a True Story, You Dummy

How Are We Supposed to Feel Excited About VFX Anymore? (Or How Unionized Labor Improves The Product Too)

Trailer Watch: The Good, The Food, and the Lena Dunham

The Golden Globes Are Coming Back For Some Reason

Review: ‘Fire of Love’ Shows Volcano Geeks in Love to a Fiery Backdrop

Do We Need To Explain To You Why Casting James Franco As Fidel Castro Is Wrong?

'Gatlopp' Is a Terrible Name for a Great Little Movie

Box Office Report: Train-ing Day

Dumb Ideas For The Big Screen: Watch the Trailer for 'Spirit Halloween: The Movie'

Review: 'Bullet Train' Spoils Dumb Fun with White Nonsense

Review: Gen Z Takes A Beating From The Whodunit Hands of A24's 'Bodies Bodies Bodies'

Why Do Some Films Never Get Released?

It's Official: Lady Gaga Will Star in the 'Joker' Sequel

Fantasia Review: Dario Argento Is Back to Giallo With ‘Dark Glasses’

HBO Max Is Not Shuttering (Yet)

Legend Jennifer Coolidge Had Sex with 200 People Thanks to 'American Pie'

The 'Banshees of Inisherin' Trailer Reunites the 'In Bruges' Team, and That's All We Needed to Hear

‘She Said’ in a Post Depp-Heard World

Gobsmacked Fans React to WB's Decision to Shelve 'Batgirl,' Worry About What's Next

Fantasia Review: 'Hypochondriac' Is More of the Same But Different

Fantasia Review: Carter Smith's 'Swallowed' Digs Deep Into The Dark Nooks Of Queer-Horror

The John 'Accused Sexual Harasser' Lasseter Redemption Arc Continues with 'Luck' Trailer

Box Office Report: Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It's... a Dog

Fantasia Review: 'Relax, I'm From the Future,' is 'Terminator' by Way of Zany Youth

Review: ‘Not Okay’ Takes on the Narcissism of an Internet Influencer Scammer and Mostly Succeeds

Fantasia Review: ‘Dark Nature’ Is Survival Horror at Its Best

'Oppenheimer' Teaser: Christopher Nolan Does Not Lack in Self Confidence

Sylvester Stallone Swings for the Superhero Genre with 'Samaritan'

Is 'Master and Commander' the Greatest Dad Movie Ever?

'The Boys' is Honestly What Zack Snyder Wanted 'Watchmen' To Be

Netflix's 'The Gray Man' Squanders Ryan Gosling's Formidable Comedy Chops

Fantasia Review: ‘Polaris’ Is One of the Most Unique Canadian Films Ever Made

Box Office Report: Yup!

The MCU Dump: What the Marvel Universe Looks Like Through 2025

Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Is a Good-Enough Mess of Half-Baked Brilliance

Jesus, Jesse Garon Presley, and the Nightmare Fuel of Baz Lurhman's 'Elvis'

Chris Pine Made a 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie?!

Everything About B.J. Novak's Directorial Debut 'Vengeance' Is Solid, Except B.J. Novak

Shudder's ‘Moloch’ Is a Treat of Atmospheric Horror

Appropriately, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Become the First to Enter the Disney+ R-Rated Club

Jordan Peele Makes One Overzealous Fan the Not-So-Lucky Twitter Star of the Day

Christopher Nolan Has Gifted Us with an 'Oppenheimer' Poster

'Don't Make Me Go' Review: Can Hot Dad John Cho Carry This Beautiful Movie Through Its Bullsh*t Twist?

The Word-of-Mouth Box-Office Hit Is Back!

Thanks to 'Stranger Things,' Netflix Is Cocky Again

'Halloween Ends' Is Finally The End Of Michael Myers

The [Chaos] Magic of Side Characters

Claire Denis's 'Both Sides of the Blade' Is a Straight-Shooting Triumph

Look: Quinta Brunson Gets In On the Weird Al Yankovic Biopic Fun As Oprah Winfrey

WB Claims that #ReleasetheSnyderCut Was Amplified by Bot Armies Under Zack Snyder's Control

Review: ‘Persuasion’ Is Awful and It’s Also Everything That’s Wrong with Netflix

Netflix's 'Carter' Promises Real-Time Action with A Side of Motion Sickness

Sylvester Stallone Calls His 'Rocky/Creed' Producers the 'Worst Unhunman Beings' He's Ever Met

Box Office Report: Shut Those Damn Crawdads Up!

Review: ‘Dreaming Walls’ Reveals the History and Ongoing Gentrification of the Chelsea Hotel

Where ‘The Killer’ Excels in Action, It Lacks in Plot

'Where the Crawdads Sing' Is Like Nicholas Sparks Crossed with Demented, Burbling Cries of a Dying Harper Lee

Review: Alice Krige's Incandescent Face Lights Up The Folk Horror Woods With 'She Will'

Review: Lesley Manville Sparkles As A Cinderella Senior In 'Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris'

Who the Hell Asked for a Prince Andrew Movie?!

Trailer: The New York Times Investigation into Harvey Weinstein Becomes a Movie with 'She Said'

‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ and the Dark Side of the Perfect Book Club Read

Rob Zombie's New 'Munsters' Trailer Takes Its PG-Rating Seriously

The Amy Winehouse Biopic is a Bad Idea

'Thor: Love and Thunder' Is Fitfully Entertaining

Netflix Takes Its Latest Animation to the High Seas With ‘The Sea Beast’

Jamie Foxx Is A Blade Who Gets Paid In New Day Shift Trailer

Box Office Report: Thunder in My Heart

'The Girl in the Picture' Is Powerful, Horrific, and Earnest as Hell

Viola Davis Plays a Real-Life Bad-Ass Warrior in the Trailer for Gina Prince-Bythewood's 'The Woman King'

Struggling Netflix Throws Johnny Depp a Lifeline

Has the Netflix Algorithm Finally Eaten Itself?

25 Things I Saw While Watching Grown Ups 2 That I Will Never Be Able to Unsee

Katie Holmes Made a Movie

Kevin Hart's 'The Man from Toronto' Is a Profoundly Soulless, Humorless Netflix Hack Job

'Clerks III' Trailer: As Endearing As It Is Insufferable, Or As Insufferable As It Is Endearing

'Amsterdam' Trailer: What a Cast! But Ugh, What a Director!

Hulu's 'The Princess' Delivers Its Promise of Graphic But Kid-Friendly Violence

Fantasia 2022 Preview: Five Films We Cannot Wait to See at This Year’s Festival

Box Office Report: And It Was All Yellow

'Slash/Back' Trailer: 'Reservation Dogs' Meets 'Attack the Block'

'Stranger Things' Crashes Netflix and Other Odds, Ends, and Cancellations

Zelda Williams Will Direct a Zomb Com That's Decidedly Not 'Warm Bodies,' Thank You

Why Are We Seeing So Many Images From the Production of ‘Barbie’?

'See How They Run' Trailer: Saoirse Ronan's Stars in a 1950s Caper for Her Latest Period Piece

Ryan Gosling Wears a Cool Shirt

'Ticket to Paradise' Trailer: George Clooney, Julia Roberts Star in an Old-Fashioned Romcom

The Streaming-Era's Biggest Homegrown Star Signs onto a $200 Million Netflix Flick

Sony's Vampire Movie 'The Invitation' Shows the Dangers of DNA Testing

Itch-it-a-cop-it-a-Mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca: The Teaser For 'Hocus Pocus 2' Is Here!

Every Version of 'Father of The Bride' Compared

'Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe' Is the Hot Pockets of Movies

Box Office Report: Beware Shaking Pelvises

Review: ‘Elvis’ is What a Baz Luhrmann Biopic of Presley Was Always Going to Be… For Better or Worse

'The Black Phone' Is a Spooky, Scary Horror Movie with a Capital 'H'

Review: 'Emergency' Is a Funny, Smart, and Poignant Examination of Black Trauma and Friendship

Review: 'Flux Gourmet' Turns an Extended Fart Joke into an Empathetic Treatise on Loneliness and the Power of Art

'Sharp Stick' Trailer: On the One Hand, Jon Bernthal. On the Other? Lena Dunham

Trailer: At the Very Least, 'They/Them' Wins Movie Title of the Summer

'Smile' And The World Smiles Creepily With You In The Trailer for a New Horror Movie

'Jerry and Marge Go Large' Is a Whole Lotto Boring

Tribeca Review: 'PEN15' Star Anna Konkle Puts The Boom In Baby Boom With The Dark Comedy 'The Drop'

Now on Digital: Irish Horror Gains Another Unsettling Classic with 'You Are Not My Mother'

For 'Crimes of the Future,' Cronenberg Dusts Off his Old Self to Reflect on His New, Older Self

Netflix Continues Its Weightless, Drab Assault on Cinema in 'Spiderhead'

Review: In 'Good Luck To You, Leo Grande,' Sex Is Only The Beginning

'Lightyear,' 'The Boys,' and How to Start a Fake Culture War

Box Office Report: To Infinity and... Well, Not

Celebrating 20 Years of 'Ohana with Disney's 'Lilo & Stitch'

In 'Cha Cha Real Smooth,' the Actor/Writer/Director Can't Stop Obsessing Over Himself

Kill Your Television: 'Poltergeist' Turns 40

Is Harry Styles A Movie Star Now?

Ana de Armas Is Marilyn Monroe in the Trailer for the NC-17 'Blonde'

‘Green Room’ Is Undoubtedly One of the Best, Most Relevant Films of the 21st Century

Oh My! First Look at Ryan Gosling's Sexy Sexless Ken in the 'Barbie' Movie

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Jane Campion Breaks the Social Media Record for Squandering Good Will

Review: 'The Adam Project' Is All Sound And Atoms, Signifying Nothing

The Alternative 2022 Oscar Nominations

Bullet Points: Pete Davidson to Play Pete Davidson, While André Braugher Lands the Perfect Gig

Disney Finally Denounces 'Don't Say Gay' Law, But Pixar Insists Disney Pushes 'Don't Show Gay' Agenda

While Disney Demoralizes Pixar, Brad Bird Takes His Next Feature To Skydance

Nic Cage's 'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent' Looks Like Pure Joy

What Kind of Movie Does Your Netflix Algorithm Tell You that 'The Weekend Away' Is?

Watch the Trailer for 'Deep Water,' the Psychosexual Thriller that Brought Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Together

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'The Batman' Is a Hellish Fusion of Genres and Ideas, and It's Absolutely Fantastic

B*tch, Who’s Madonna? The Hype and the Reality of the Upcoming Madonna Biopic

F.W. Murnau's Silent Horror Classic 'Nosferatu' Turns 100

On Showtime: ‘After Yang’ is a Complex Story of Humanity in a Simple Tale of a Busted Bot

Review: Franz Rogowski Puts The Great In The Gay Prison Drama 'Great Freedom'

Now on Hulu: Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones Put The 'Meat' In 'Meet Cute' With The Horror Rom-Com 'Fresh'

No, Really, We're Totally Getting 'Avatar 2' This Year, Promise!

Naomi Watts Rescues a Suicidal Stranger in 'Infinite Storm'

AMC 'Experiments' with Higher Prices for 'The Batman' Than Other Movies at the Same Theater

The 'Umma' Trailer: More Reasons To Be Terrified Of Turning Into Your Mother

Brad Pitt Leads an Insane Cast in the John Wick-ian 'Bullet Train' Trailer

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A Jordan Peele Tweet May Have Provided a (Disturbing) Clue About the Plot of 'Nope'

The #OscarsFanFavorite Vote Is Blowing Up on the Academy in Spectacular Fashion

Box Office Report: Who's a Good Boy?

Review: Werewolf Chiller 'The Cursed' Trades Its Soul For Fool's Gold

'Uncharted' Fails In Every Conceivable Way

Don't F**k with the Original? More Like, Don't Mess with 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

Who's a Good Boy? Channing Tatum's a Good Boy With His Just-Shaggy-Enough Star Vehicle 'Dog'

Austin Butler is the King in the Extremely Groin-Forward Trailer for Baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis'

Bullet Points: Paramount+ Is Determined to Stretch Taylor Sheridan and 'Yellowstone' Too Thin

"Downton Abbey: A New Era" Full Trailer Just Dropped With a Small Smidge of Meta Observations

Furries Rejoice! Disney+ 'Rescue Rangers' Movie Arrives in May

Jesse Plemons Rues the Plight of 'Rich White Guys' in the 'Windfall' Trailer

The Oscars Select Three Hosts, and We're Not Going to Mention The Worst Things We Know About Them

Well, That Oscars Fan Vote Award is Doomed to Fail Spectacularly

Review: ‘Death on the Nile’ Sees Poirot Return for a Murder Mystery with Diminishing Returns

'I Want You Back' Is the Charlie Day of Scott Eastwood Romcoms

Box Office Report: Enough Champagne to Fuel Denial

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' aka 'Stephen Took Too Much LSD'

The Trailer For Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Is Here, And You Don't Need To Watch The Super Bowl To See It

The Y.A. Adaptation 'The Sky Is Everywhere' Is A Lot Of Flower, Not Enough Power

Yes, Mr. Elwes. That Is The Face We Made On Seeing The Trailer For 'The Hyperions'

Ryan Reynolds' 'The Adam Project' Looks Like Timey-Wimey Space Opera Nonsense. Sign Me Up.

Review: Paul Thomas Anderson's Messy And Chaotic 'Licorice Pizza' Is The Stuff Of Life Itself

Zack Snyder Announces Some Casting News For His Next Film, 'Rebel Moon'

Watch the Trailer for 'Jurassic World: Dominion,' the Last Movie of the Trilogy

Why You Should Watch ‘Drive My Car,’ This Year’s Surprise Best Picture Nominee

Bullet Points: Anthony Ramos to the MCU, Russell Crowe to the Spidey-U, 'Better Things' and EW

Zac Efron Is Charlie McGee's Daddy (and Yours) In Peacock's 'Firestarter' Remake

Jimmy Kimmel Is Unhappy with that 'Don't Look Up' Nomination, Too

The Trailer for A24's 'Men' Will Unnerve You to the Bone

'Jackass Forever' Review: Bless This Art, For It Will Live In Perpetuity

James Gunn Disputes Steven Soderbergh's Characterization of Superhero Movies (Sort of)

The 2022 Oscar Nominations Are Here!

The Razzie Nominations Have Been Announced, and We Have a Bone to Pick with One

Box Office Report: Groin Punches for Friendship

Roland Emmerich's 'Moonfall' Is Soft-Cheese Gibberish Stew

Bullet Points: HBO Renewals, 'That '90's Show,' 'Law & Order,' and a Deadly Flu Movie You'll Want to Watch

Netflix Promises 86 New Movies in 2022 (Only Teases 25) (Less than 10 Of Which You'll Care About)

Dakota Johnson Will Be Playing Madame Web In Sony's Version Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The First Original Film from The Daily Wire Involves Some, Uh, Interesting Characters

Kevin James Netflix Movie 'Home Team' Is Nothing To Write ... Er, About

Bullet Points: Rachel Maddow's Hiatus, Jennifer Garner's Return to TV, and Parker Posey to 'The Walking Dead' Universe

Trailer for Unabomber's Biopic 'Ted K' Reminds Us of Sharlto Copley's Talent

Let’s Talk About the Tackiest Oscar Campaign of All Time

'Haywire' 10th Anniversary Of Gina Carano Kicking Ass And Looking Good Doing It Before She Fumbled The Bag

Now on Hulu and HBO Max: ‘Nightmare Alley’ Sees Guillermo del Toro Dive into a World of Relentless Sleaze

Review: Learn To Let Go In Netflix's Creative And Creepy 'The House'

Leatherface Gets The 'Halloween' Treatment In New 'Texas Chain Saw' Trailer

Box Office Report: Waiting for Something to Happen

Now on Hulu: ‘Small Engine Repair’ is Sort of Mind-Boggling in Its Suggestion for How to Counter Revenge Porn

Review: Finnish Oscar Submission 'Compartment No 6' Is A Stirring Little Anti-Romance On Rails

Bullet Points: Momoa Vrooms, He-Man Finds Its Lead, and Jesse Eisenberg Is 'In Trouble'

Sundance Review: 'You Won't Be Alone' Is A Fine Folk-Horror 'Orlando' Made For Poetry Majors And Gore-Hounds Alike

Sundance Review: Pop The Champagne Because Bill Nighy's Giving The Performance Of His Life in 'Living'

Bullet Points: Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg Sell Film Directed by Mel Gibson's Girlfriend

What's Going On with 'All-Star Weekend,' the Unreleased Bro Comedy Where Robert Downey Jr. Plays a Mexican?

Review: ‘Memoria’ is a Languid Genre-Bending Drama that Invites the Audience to Embrace the Unknown

Bullet Points: Chris Evans, The Rock, 'Ghosts,' and Peacock Cancels the Worst TV Show of 2021

Sundance Review: 'Brian and Charles' Is A Lo-Fi Franken-Comedy Bursting With Goofball Charm

Box Office Report: Ritual Mermaid Murder or Faith-Based Exploitation Western? Choose Your Poison

Bullet Points: The First 'Law & Order' Teaser, Joshua Jackson, and a January 6th Movie from Adam McKay

2021's Most Watched Streaming Series Was NOT 'Squid Game*,' Which IS Getting a Sequel

Review: Asghar Farhadi's Got Another Devastating Fable Of Human Failings For Us With His Latest Greatness, 'A Hero'

Netflix Hates You and Hates Teenagers, So They Made A Sequel to 'Tall Girl'

With 'Brazen,' Netflix Uses the TV Movie Cookie Cutter to Make its Own Batch of Vanilla Snacks

Box Office Report: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for the 'Scream' Franchise

The (Forever Postponed) Future of James Bond: Where Would You Like to See the Franchise Go?

'Titane' Review: A Brutal, Bloody, and Tender Chrome Monster (Featuring Some Vehicular Intercourse)

'The Lost Daughter' Review: Hang It In The Louvre

Bullet Points: More 'Justified' and 'Quantum Leap,' Plus Tim Allen's 'The Santa Claus

Review: I Have Now Stared into the Void, and it’s Called 'The 355'

Review: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Fresh ‘Scream’

Bullet Points: A Jew-ish Food Writer Is Cancelled, 'The Flight Attendant,' and 'Only Murders in the Building'

Brittany Snow and Kid Cudi Make a Porno in A24's 'X'

The Foo Fighters Find Demonic Inspiration in Their Horror-Comedy, 'Studio 666'

Netflix Taps Patrick Hughes and (Ugh) Michael Bay for Their Unnecessary Remake of 'The Raid'

Ben Affleck Shines in George Clooney's Low-Key 'The Tender Bar'

'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle' 30th Anniversary of Rebecca De Mornay As The Supreme B*tch In Sheep's Clothing

If the Golden Globes Take Place and Nobody Cares, Do They Even Matter?

'Jackass Forever' Trailer: Other People's Pain is the Best Medicine

Box Office Report: No Flops in This Multiverse

Films Directed by Women to Look Out for In 2022

Sir Sidney Poitier, Legend And Icon, Has Died At 94

Review: The Ol' Blind-Girl-in-Jeopardy Genre Gets New Juice With The Atmospheric & Terrific 'See For Me'

What 's Going on with ‘The King’s Daughter,’ the Movie That’s Gone Unreleased For 7 Years?

Review: ‘Parallel Mothers’ is Mid-Tier Pedro Almodóvar, Still Better Than Most Other Things

I Am Confused by the Trailers for 'Big Gold Brick' and 'Blacklight'

Get Ready to 'Scream' One Last Time

Why are the Anti-Critic Responses to ‘Don’t Look Up’ So Bonkers?

Stay Home and Get Scared: The Top 10 Horror Movies of 2021

The 2021 Box Office Report

In Honor of 'Encanto': More Disney Films To Enjoy This Week

'Don't Look Up' Review: For God's Sake, Adam McKay!

Review: Simon Rex Kicks Us Deep In The Crotch of Texas With Sean Baker's Fearless And Funny 'Red Rocket'

'Matrix Resurrections' Works Incredibly Well, Until It Doesn't

Review: ‘Being the Ricardos’ is Another Reminder that Aaron Sorkin Just Can’t Help Himself

Joel Coen’s ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ is an Impeccably Stylish Act of Mimicry

Jenny Slate & Charlie Day Sabotage Relationships in 'I Want You Back'

Now On Digital: ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’ is a Great Zombie Movie, Drenched in Videogame Gasoline, and Lit Ablaze by the 90s

'Scream' 25th Anniversary Of Ghostface Wanting to Know What's Your Favorite Scary Movie

Kenneth Branagh's 'Death on the Nile' Trailer Features an All-Star Cast (and Armie Hammer)

The Best Cameos In 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Are The Ones You Didn't Expect, And Other Spoilers

'Jerry Maguire' 25th Anniversary Of Tom Cruise And Cuba Gooding Jr. Repeatedly Yelling 'Show Me The Money'

Review: 'Flee' Paints a Moving Portrait of a Refugee's Search for Home and Belonging Despite Some Creative Confusion

Box Office Report: Spidey Senses Are Tingling

'Minions 2: The Rise of Gru' Arrives Next Summer

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Review: Fan Service with Soul

Review: ‘C’mon C’mon’ Will Make You Hope for a Better Future (and Wish That Joaquin Phoenix Had Won His Oscar For This Movie Instead)

I Can't Stop Thinking About The Celine Dion Biopic That's Technically Not About Celine Dion

Trailer Watch: We Didn't See That Cameo Coming In 'The Lost City'

This Is What Happened to the Careers of Kevin James and Taylor Lautner

Review: Paolo Sorrentino Scores An Almighty Goal With His Gorgeous And Aching Neopolitan Bildungsroman 'The Hand Of God'

The 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' Trailer Sees A Story With Multiple Michelle Yeohs

Nic Cage Plays Nic Cage in the Trailer for the Most Nic Cage Movie Ever

In Netflix's 'The Unforgivable,' Sandra Bullock Holds Her Own with Viola Davis, and That's Reason Enough to Watch

Box Office Report: Sharkboys and Jetgirls

A Look Back At 'Ocean's Eleven' In Honor Of Its 20th Anniversary

'Sonic the Hedgehog 2' Trailer: The Big Blue Blur Is Back

'National Champions' Marshals a Stellar Cast to Debate Whether Student-Athletes Should Be Paid

Spielberg's 'West Side Story' Gives Us Something To Sing About

The Pop Culture Revenge of Princess Diana

Give Me Devon Sawa, Or Give Me A Hobbit Hole

Box Office Report: The Calm Before Christmas

Review: Filmmaker Jane Campion Probes at the Limits of Hate and Love in Her Exemplary Neo-Western ‘The Power of the Dog’

Review: Paul Schrader’s ‘The Card Counter’ Is an Unwieldy Mixture of Post-9/11 Excuses and Guilt, and Oscar Isaac Holds It All Together

Review: ‘House of Gucci,’ Like Its Subject Matter, Is Divided on Class vs. Kitsch, High-Brow vs. Low-Brow, and the Result Is an Inconsistent Movie

Review: Kristen Stewart Is a Compelling Diana in the Fantastical Ghost Story 'Spencer'

Review: 'Wolf' Will Awaken Things In You

Excuse Me For Introducing You to "Sorry If I Call You Love": The Worst Idea for a May December Romantic Movie

Why Would Steven Spielberg Cast Ansel Elgort in 'West Side Story'?

The Actual Guccis Aren't Happy About the Fake Guccis

Channing Tatum Announces That He And Steven Soderbergh Are Making Another 'Magic Mike' Movie

Box Office Report: Father, Son, and House of Pizza

Review: A Real Scottish Lady Reviews ‘A Castle for Christmas’

Take Note, Naysayers: This Is How You Answer the Superhero Question

'DC League of Super-Pets' Reunites Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

Now on Digital: 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' Isn't A Good Movie -- It's A GREAT One

'Mayor Pete' Covers the Rise of Pete Butitgieg But Papers Over the Fall

Ridley Scott Blames 'Millennians with their Phones' for 'The Last Duel' Flop

Andrew Garfield Is Lovely

Review: 'King Richard' Serves Up a Fresh Take on the Sports Biopic

Box Office Report: Sometimes Reboots Happen and Who You Gonna Call?

Review: Every Moment Matters In Lin-Manuel Miranda's Triumphant "Tick, Tick... Boom!"

Now on Digital: ‘Last Night in Soho’ Is Immersive, Muddled, Reconfirms Anya Taylor-Joy’s Dazzlingness, and Stumbles Over Itself

The Graceful 'Mothering Sunday' Gives Romance to the Ghosts

Watch J.Lo Bring Back the Mid-Aughts Rom Com in the Trailer for 'Marry Me'

Review: 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Is a Slimy, Soulless Disaster

Ugh, Again With This Kurt Warner Movie

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Trailer: It's Happening Again

'It's Insane.' George Clooney Is 'Infuriated' By What Happened on the Set of 'Rust'

Box Office Report: This Giant Scarlet Canine Will Devour Us All!

Hallmark’s Christmas Movie Offerings for 2021 Are as Weird as You Think They Are!

Review: Kenneth Branagh's Autobiographical "Belfast" Is His Best Movie in Years

Now on Netflix: Rebecca Hall’s ‘Passing’ Passes But Not With Flying Colors

Now on Netflix: Brazilian Drama ‘7 Prisoners’ Reveals the Inescapable Hell of Poverty

Review: ‘Son of Monarchs’ Crafts a Poetic Blend of Science and Art, Occasionally Forgets Story

Benedict Cumberbatch Wants You To Know That He Suffers for His ART!

First Lawsuit Filed Over 'Rust' Set Tragedy as Armorer's Lawyer Claims She Was Framed

Now on Netflix: 'The Harder They Fall' Is a Blistering Tale of Revenge Featuring an All-Star Cast

Review: 'Finch' Is Yet Another Movie That Lets Down America's Dad

Review: Benedict Cumberbatch is Back as Another Quirky Historical Figure in 'The Electrical Life of Louis Wain'

Box Office Report: Eternally Yours

'Eternals' Review: Marvel’s Reach Finally Exceeds Its Grasp

Review: ‘The Souvenir Part II’ is a Sharply Realized Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman

'Bound' 25th Anniversary of Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon Doing Crimes in a Queer Classic

Now on Netflix: 'Army of Thieves' Flails Despite the Efforts of Matthias Schweighöfer and Nathalie Emmanuel

Sir Terry's 'The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents' Is coming to Sky Cinema

Industry News and Trailer Round Up: We're Heading Back To Tatooine

Jared Leto Turns Vampire in the Trailer for Sony and Marvel's 'Morbius'

Box Office Report: Sandy Halloween

Review: In 'Found,' Three Adoptees Search for Their Birth Parents But Find Something Better

Now on Digital: 'Language Lessons' Is A Fraught, Charming Surprise That Transcends FaceTime

The Lawyers for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 'Rust' Armorer, Release Statement

Maybe Don't Make a Movie Out of the Wildly Sexist Book Written by a Huge Racist?

Trailer: Has Anyone in 'House of Gucci' Ever Actually Met an Italian Person?

The New Trailer For Pixar's 'Lightyear' Takes Us To Infinity And…

Watch the Trailer for 'The Unforgivable,' Sandra Bullock's First Movie in Three Years

Season's Beatings From Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa, and Michael Jai White in 'Black Friday'

Box Office Report: Sand, It's Everywhere, Get Used To It

Production of 'Rust' Shuts Down ‘At Least Until Investigations Are Complete' Following the Death of Halyna Hutchins

Review: Netflix's 'Night Teeth' Is A Vampire Vehicle That Lacks Bite

Review: 'Dune' Is a Spectacular Complement to the Novel But Can't Stand On Its Own

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Here are the 10 Most Watched Netflix Original Movies and TV Series

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This is not NOT a Val Kilmer Objectification Post

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'Blood Red Sky' Puts Vampires on a Plane. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

After 30 Years of Futility, a New 'Fletch' Movie Finally Gets Off the Ground

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Tarantino's ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Novel Erases the Mystery Surrounding the Death of Cliff Booth’s Wife

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'The Rocketeer' 30th Anniversary Of Believing That A Man Can Fly...While Looking Like A Hood Ornament

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There Will Be No More 'Before' Movies According to Julie Delpy

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Review: 'Miss Juneteenth' Paints a Rousing, Quietly Radical Portrait of Black Womanhood

'PIG' Is The Best Kind of Movie MadLibs

'The Drover's Wife' Trailer is Equal Parts Savage and Beautiful

Review: Clearly I Am Being Punished for Something Because ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ Is Torture

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'A Classic Horror Story' Ticks All the Boxes

North Bend Film Festival Returns With Hybrid Layout And Killer Films

Adrian Grenier Finally Concedes He's the Heel of 'The Devil Wars Prada'

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Box Office Report: There's No Dancing in the Quiet Place

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Now on Netflix: ‘Wish Dragon’ Combines ‘Aladdin’ with Modern Day China and the Class Gap

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Review: 'Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway' Delivers A Rollicking Romp, But...

'Free Guy' Gets a New, Spoilerrific Trailer, Still Coming August 13

Trailer: Lin-Manuel Miranda Directs Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson in 'tick, tick...BOOM'

Review: Nicole Riegel's 'Holler' Could Be The Next 'Winter's Bone'

Casting and Industry News: 'DC League of Pets,' Mike Meyers, and Armie Hammer 😬

Jessica Chastain Is Unrecognizable in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' Trailer

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Novelist Taylor Jenkins Reid Is About To Take Over the Streaming World, Too

Review: ‘Sublet’ is a Gentle Romantic Dramedy About the Gulf Between Old and Young Queer Generations

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Soderbergh Brings Together a Rogue's Gallery for 'No Sudden Move'

Box Office Report: Sure, Blame the Devil for Everything

Review: Filmmaker Christian Petzold Imagines the Fantastic and Again Explores German Identity in the Spellbinding 'Undine'

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Get to Know Rina Sawayama Before Seeing Her Hunt Keanu in 'John Wick 4'

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Hugh Jackman Probes Your Memories in 'Reminiscence'

There's No Happy Ending: Anthony Bourdain's Bio Pic Premieres at Tribeca

Meet Céline... I Mean Aline in the Trailer for the Céline Dion Biopic 'Aline'

Pride Streaming Guide: The Best LGBTQIA Movies And TV Available For June 2021

Dom vs The Dinosaurs: Could there be a Fast & Furious/Jurassic Park Mashup?

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Review: "Plan B" Should Be Your Plan A For This Weekend

Trailer Park: The Latest from Dwayne Johnson, Ilana Glazer, Ewan McGregor, And More

Review: 'A Quiet Place Part II' Is Just Like the First One, But with Cillian Murphy Upgrade

Trailer: M Night Shyamalan is Up to His 'Old' Tricks Again

'Having a Plan ... Is the Most Critical Thing'

Review: Disney's 'Cruella' Lacks Sincerity and Identity, and No Amount of Jaunty Posing from Emma Stone Can Hide That

Chris Pratt Fights 'The Tomorrow War' Just In Time For Independence Day

The Bam Margera Situation is a Mess

A Tribute to Luther Stricknell, The Real Hero of the 'Mission: Impossible' Series

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‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ and Its Stacked Cast Get A Trailer

SXSW Review: The Minor Mental Health Odyssey of 'Violet'

Marvel's 'Eternals' Trailer (A.K.A. The Superhero Movie Kumail Nanjiani Got Ripped For) Has Landed

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It's Time to Run Amok! Stars Reveal 'Hocus Pocus 2'

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Zack Snyder Banned Chairs from the Set of 'Army of the Dead'

R.L. Stine's 'Fear Street Trilogy' Has Teaser And Summer Release Dates

'Shrek' is Dead, Long Live 'Shrek'

The Warner Media and Discovery Merger Probably Means Josh Duggar is the Next DC Villain

Trailer Watch: 'Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins'

Box Office Report: Spiraling Towards Freedom

Review: 'Those Who Wish Me Dead' Is More Like '(Run) Forest Run'

Review: Director Haifaa Al Mansour Returns to Her Home Country of Saudi Arabia for the Quietly Satisfying ‘The Perfect Candidate’

'Spiral' Review: Everyone Sucks Here, But Not in a Fun Way

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Review: 'The Djinn' Delivers Shrewd Latchkey Kid Horror

Review: ‘Profile’ Exhausts the Screen-Only Approach, and Is Also Exhausting

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Trailer Park: The Latest from Ryan Reynolds, Julianne Moore, John Cho, Edgar Wright, and More

Now on DVD and Digital: It Would Be Cool If People Didn't Ignore the Guantanamo Bay Legal Thriller 'The Mauritanian' Like They Did 'The Report'

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is Utterly Unsalvageable

Can You Recognize Leonardo DiCaprio In His New Role? The New York Post Can't

A24 Releases a Second Trailer for 'The Green Knight,' Knowing We Are All Thirsty B*tches

NBC Cancels the 2022 Golden Globes Following the HFPA's Failure to Reform

F*ck Kevin Hart And His New Netflix Movie

Okay, The 'Cruella' Soundtrack Slays For Days

'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' Trailer Here to Steal Your Heart

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Chris Evans Reportedly Set to Return to the MCU

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The Award for 'Dumbest Twist Ending' Hasn't Changed Hands Since 1988

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Zack Snyder's Cut of 'Justice League' Finally Dropped A True Teaser At DC FanDome

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'The Suicide Squad' Drops A "Roll Call" Teaser and It Has A LOT of Characters In It

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Screenings Are 'Sold Out' As AMC Theaters Open Across the Country

The Monster Of 'Sputnik' Is Reason Enough To Watch

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'Ford v. Ferrari': What Happened to Ken Miles' Son, Peter, and Wife, Mollie?

Review: I Visualized That 'The Secret: Dare to Dream' Would Be Crap, And ...

Daisy Coleman, of the Netflix Documentary 'Audrie & Daisy,' Has Died by Suicide

Review: 'She Dies Tomorrow' Kills Stellar Concept with Tepid Execution

Twitter Reacts To 'Kindergarten Cop' Screening Being Canceled For Being Too Pro-Police

'Mulan' Headed to Disney+ for $30

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Eco-Horror Films ‘Sea Fever’ and ‘The Beach House’ Suggest That Bailing on Humanity for the Deep Sea Might Be OK, Actually

Our Favorite Shark Movies

What Is Your Favorite Obscure Movie?

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'Blockers' And Other Movies With Misleading Trailers That Did Not Do Them Justice AT ALL

'Fury Road' Stunt Double Addresses 'Intense' Feud Between Charlize Theron And Tom Hardy

'X-Men' 20th Anniversary Of Learning What Happens To A Toad When It Gets Struck By Lightning

Three Classic Bond Villains We Wish Got a Shot at Daniel Craig

Review: ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ is a Predictable Rom-Com But It’s WAY Better Than the Original

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'Bill & Ted Face the Music' Announces New Release Plan With New Trailer

In Case You're Wondering What Happened to Julie from 'Friday Night Lights'

'Inception' 10th Anniversary Of Not Being Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger, Darling

'Jaws 3-D' Released 37 Years Ago Today

Trans Man Tale 'Rub & Tug' Didn't Need ScarJo After All

The 10 Most Popular Netflix Original Movies of All Time

Dave Franco and Alison Brie Say They Wrote an ‘Elevated’ Romantic Comedy, Unaware the Genre is Already Refreshed by BIPOC Voices

Aquaman's Film Embraces His Status as a Mixed-Race Hero

Review: 'Playing with Fire' Lacks Any Spark of Life

Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' Will Open Whenever It Damn Well Feels Like It

Iceland's Real Eurovision 2020 Contender Sounds Off On Fire Saga's 'Husavik'

Review: Jenny Slate’s Latest Indie ‘The Sunlit Night’ is a Disappointingly Generic Story That Barely Explores Artistic Freedom

Review: 'Useless Humans' is a Useless Movie

Review: If You Still Feel Joy, ‘The Painted Bird’ Can Fix That

The Central Romance of ‘Dirt Music’ Relies on Too Many Coincidences, But the Movie Sure is a Beautiful Tourism Ad for Australia

'Game of Death' Review: All Fun And Games Until Your Friend's Head Explodes

Trailer Round-Up: Harrowing Horror, Deep-Dive Docs, Teen Romance, and Quirky Comedy Are Coming Soon

Iceland Now Has A Bar Named Jaja Ding Dong (DING DONG!)

Marwan Kenzari in ‘The Old Guard’ is the Brown Romantic Lead We’ve Been Demanding

Review: Fascinating ‘Showbiz Kids’ Documentary Feels Like It Would Have Been a Better Docuseries

The Best (and Least Subtle) Pop-Culture Reference in 'Psych 2: Lassie Come Home'

A 'Wishbone' Movie Sounds Fun, But There's Some Bad News

What If 'Step Brothers' Was Directed By 'The Lighthouse's Robert Eggers?

How Comfortable Is Our Comfort Food, Really?

Review: 'Ocean's Eleven' Meets 'The Breakfast Club' In 'Bad Genius'

Review: 'Palm Springs' Is 'Groundhog Day' Meets 'You're the Worst'

Review: 'We Are Little Zombies' Delivers Riotous, Candy-Colored Ennui

Tom Hanks' 'Greyhound' Is an Intensely Boring Film Occasionally Punctuated by Boring Intensity

Review: Haunting Horror 'Relic' Will Make You Want to Call Your Mother

Review: Charlize Theron's 'The Old Guard' Is Superb, Surprising, And Subversive

Review: 'First Cow' Crafts a Greed Parable as Wholesome as a Glass of Milk

Review: 'Archive' Snatches From 'Ex Machina,' 'Black Mirror,' And 'Moon' To Construct Some Solid Sci-Fi

What Is the Last Movie You Saw in a Movie Theater?

Review: 'Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets' Is For Anyone Who Misses Dive Bars

Step Aside, Kumail's Pecs, Here Comes Hayley Atwell's Shredded Back

Review: 'I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story'

The One Line of Movie Dialogue I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About for Weeks is from Olivier Assayas’s ‘Wasp Network’

No, 'Hamilton' Will Not Win The Oscar For Best Picture

'Slither' Is One Hell of an Entertaining Ride

Pajiba 10 Gap-Filler: ScarJo Hands Off the Baton, Brad Pitt's 'Wick,' and Furiosa Is ... Bummed

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Everything Learned From Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' Live-Tweet

‘The Truth’ is a Sturdy French Family Drama

Review: Why 'Hamilton' May Be The Most Important Movie Of The Year

What's Streaming This Month? 'Hamilton'! Beyoncé! And... Peacock?

Ray Fisher Is Mad As Hell At Joss Whedon And He's Not Going To Take It Anymore

Review: ‘Mr. Jones’ Brings to Life an Oft-Overlooked Period of History With Stark Beauty and A Reminder of the Power of Bearing Witness

'Parasite' And 'Booksmart' Stars Included In Oscar's Newest Academy Members

Rachel McAdams Shares Her First Exposure to Eurovision Song Contest And How Björk Inspired Her

Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, And Jenny Slate Intrigue And Dazzle With New Trailers

We're Getting a Coronavirus Movie Already?! Must We?!

Unintentionally But Quite Tellingly, the Greatest Flaw of Jon Stewart’s Toothless Political Commentary ‘Irresistible’ is How Thoroughly It Centers Whiteness

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Kids From Nigeria Expertly "Swede" Chris Hemsworth Movie 'Extraction' And Garner Russo Brothers Attention

7 Actors Who Play Comic Book Characters For Both Marvel And DC

‘Miss Juneteenth’ Takes a Feminist Self-Actualization Concept Nearing Cliché and Transforms It With Unapologetic Confidence

The 'Hamilton' Trailer Has Landed: Soon You Can Be In The Room Where It Happened

Review: Garrett Hedlund and Forest Whitaker Mean Well in ‘Burden,’ But the Film Offers Limited Comfort for Our Reality

Review: Horrifically Uninspired 'You Should Have Left' Details Nightmare Scenario of Man Feeling Responsible for His Actions

Fun But In No Sense Civilized, Gremlins 2: The New Batch Turns 30

Dan Stevens Is a Phenomenally Versatile, Generic White Guy

Review: 'Babyteeth' Goes For The Jugular

HBO Max Shares The First Look At Zack Snyder's Exclusive Cut Of 'Justice League' With A Focus On Darkseid

If Things Go the Way They're Going, This May End Up Being the Movie of the Summer

'Candyman' Director Nia DaCosta Shares A Haunting And Heartbreaking Short About The Film And Our Times

Review: 'Scare Package' Is A Horror-Comedy Anthology That Really Delivers

On Pro-Choice Narratives in Film, and the Education and Empathy of 'Premature' and 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always'

Blockbuster Movie About Opening Too Soon Scheduled to Restart Production Too Soon

The Oscars Changes Explained: Why The Academy Had No Choice But To Postpone

There's a Decent Movie Buried Somewhere Underneath the Rubble of Pete Davidson's 'King of Staten Island'

Trailer Round-Up: Movies Coming Soon To VOD, Digital, And Streaming

Review: 'Sometimes Always Never' Proves Bill Nighy Can Carry Anything

Review: The Cast Spike Lee Assembled for ‘Da 5 Bloods’ Elevates Its Exploration of the Sprawling Effects of American Immorality

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In Memoriam: Unwavering in Morality and Kindness, Irrfan Khan Was a Gentleman Who Captured Your Heart With His Eyes

‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ ‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘A Quiet Place,’ and ‘Reign of Fire’ All Take Place in 2020, and Yes, I'd Entertain Living There Instead

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Friends, Today is April 25th, aka the Perfect Date

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If Not for 'Con Air' 'Face/Off' Would Be Nic Cage's Best Movie

Jordan Peele's 'Candyman' Trailer Is Here. Do Not Taunt It

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Steven Spielberg Will Not Direct the Fifth 'Indiana Jones' Movie But a More than Suitable Replacement May Have Been Found

E.L. James Just Signed a New Movie Deal and We Shall Never Know Peace Again

Stop Emulating 'Into the Wild' Nature Will F*cking Kill You

Kevin Feige Almost Quit Marvel Over Lack of Representation, So, Uh, Where Is It?

Dentist! Chris Evans to Join 'Little Shop of Horrors' Remake Like the Internet Wanted

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Parasitic Creep Donald Trump Attacks 'Parasite', A Film He Has Definitely Never Seen

Almost 30 Years Later, ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ is still the Best Zombie Love Story Out There

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Trailer Trash: Run! I'm Not Okay With Endings, Beginnings, or Beforeigners

The Live-Action 'Mulan' Gets a PG-13 Rating and It's Not That Big of a Deal

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ And The Perils of Giving The Internet Exactly What It Wants

‘Weathering With You,’ Climate Change, and the Possibility That We’re Already Too Late to Fix It

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Box Office Report: Justice For James Marsden!

Review: ‘Downhill’ Is Fine, Just Fine but Julia Louis-Dreyfus Deserves Better

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Review: Trust Me, Reality Is Way Better Than 'Fantasy Island'

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ is Awash in Surprisingly Omnipresent Olive Garden Product Placement, and Oh No, I Think It Worked!

Olivia Wilde to Direct Kerri Strug Biopic 'Perfect', Says it's the 'Best Script' She's Read

'Sonic the Hedgehog' is Expected to Make More than 'Birds of Prey' in its Opening Weekend, What Bullsh*t

Review: Honestly, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Could Have Been a Whole Lot Worse

Best Romance Movies Now Streaming On Hulu, Netflix, And Amazon

Review: The Megawatt Charisma of Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield Can't Quite Invigorate the Thinly Sketched 'The Photograph'

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'The Personal History of David Copperfield' Trailer is So Charming You'll Die from Smiling So Much

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Spoiler Review: Horrifically Bleak but Hardly Horrifying ‘The Lodge’ Not Worth the Trip

Dev Patel Is So Hot He's Literally On Fire In A24's 'The Green Knight' Trailer

'The Power of the Dog' Adds Kodi Smit-McPhee, Frances Conroy and More in Jane Campion's Netflix Adaptation

Harley Quinn is a Hot Girl for Bernie Sanders in 'Birds of Prey,' Which Makes a Lot of Sense, Actually

Five Directors We Want To See Take on the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Movie

Sam Raimi Might Direct 'Bride Of Frankenstein' Reboot

With the Trailer for His New Movie, 'The French Dispatch', Wes Anderson Goes Completely Against Type to...Nah Just Kidding It Looks Like a Wes Anderson Movie Dreaming of Itself

A Parent's Guide To 'Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey'

Review: 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You' Is So Good It'll Make You Squeal Like You're In A Studio Audience

Soon You Can See The Movie That Enraged Donald Trump Sight Unseen, But Do You Dare?

VFX Artists Push Back Against Oscar Jokes About 'Cats'

Neon Buys Sundance Hit 'Shirley', Starring Elisabeth Moss

How Gay Is 'Birds of Prey?'

Comparing The Movie Versions Of The 'Birds of Prey' Characters To Their Comics Counterparts

Where You Can Stream Every Bong Joon Ho Movie, Including Best Picture Winner 'Parasite'

A Collection of Random, Hot, and Adorable Photos from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Joaquin Phoenix, Bong Joon-ho, Taika Waititi & More: The Best Oscar Speeches of 2020

In the Oscars Monologue, Chris Rock and Steve Martin Find the One Guy They Can Punch Up

The 2020 Academy Award Winners

'Birds of Prey' (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Box Office and Love the Beaver)

Box Office Report: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Oscar Season

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If Pajiba Ran The Oscars: 2020 Edition

Peter Sarsgaard Says 'The Batman' Has 'Raw Power' and That's All We Needed to Hear

Review: 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' is the Crowd-Pleasing, Heartfelt Encore of Kevin Smith's Career

Dear Academy Awards: Your Refusal to Recognize Ensembles, Stuntwork, and Youth Performances is Getting Old!

Elijah Wood Confronts Daddy Issues In Thriller, 'Come To Daddy'

Rian Johnson's 'Knives Out' Sequel Has Been Greenlit

Trailer: Amazon's 'The Vast of Night' Teases a UFO Sighting

TIFF 2019 Review: 'Briarpatch', USA' Network's Latest Drama, is Rosario Dawson's Sun-Drenched Neo-Noir

Oscar Isaac on If He'll Return to Star Wars: 'Probably Not'

An Almost Complete 2020 Oscar Ballot Made Up Exclusively of Snubs!

Twitter Reacts To News That Sam Raimi May Direct 'Doctor Strange 2'

Nic Cage Will Battle Animatronic Monsters In The Bonkers 'Wally's Wonderland'

'Birds of Prey' Star on the Film's 'Female Gaze' and Having a 'Functional' Costume

How ‘Joker’ Ran the Best Oscar Campaign of Awards Season

There's No 'Tussin Here: Chris Rock's 'Spiral: From the Book of Saw' Drops A Teaser Trailer

'Lilo & Stitch' Live-Action Movie Will Be Released on Disney+

Rick Moranis' Reported Comeback Project Is a Heartbreaker

Disney's 'Hamilton' Movie Will Hit Theaters in 2021; Until Then, Why Don't You Revisit What the Original Broadway Cast is Up To?

How Joaquin Phoenix Can Live Up To His BAFTA Speech

BAFTA Awards 2020: '1917' Sweeps While Joaquin Phoenix Calls Out Industry's Systemic Racism

Box Office Report: Rhythm and Blues

What's Streaming This Month? Romance, Keys, And... Not The Witcher

Review: 'Gretel & Hansel' Is A Whole-Ass Mood (And That's About It)

The Most Talked-About Films From Sundance 2020

Netflix Wants More Adam Sandler Films Because More Sandler = More Fun Apparently

John Cena is Dom's Brother In the 'F9' Trailer. Also, Magnet Planes and #JusticeforHan

Review: Blake Lively Wigs Out In 'The Rhythm Section'

RDJ Wanted the Dragon Colonoscopy in 'Dolittle', According to Tell-All Report

Spoilers: Breaking Down the Cosmic Horror Overlaps of H.P. Lovecraft's 'Color Out of Space' & Jeff VanderMeer's 'Annihilation'

I Can’t Be The Only Person Who Finds Teeth Scary, Right?

Was Rey Supposed to Die in 'Rise of Skywalker'? Maybe! Says Dumb, New Star Wars Thing

'Til the End of the Line... Or Not: Sebastian Stan Shades 'Endgame' Conclusion for Stucky

Twitter Reacts To Call For Pics of Pets Named For Pop Culture Characters

Conan O'Brien Mocks the Hell out of Adam Sandler During the AARP Awards Show

First Look at 'Fast 9': Vin Diesel is a Dad and Also, Maybe a Time Traveler?

'Joker's Script Offers An Alternate Ending For Sophie

Spike Jonze's 'Beastie Boys Story' Apple TV+ Documentary Has a Trailer, and Yes, I'm Crying About MCA

The Studio That Brought You 'The VelociPastor' Unleashes 'Ouija Shark' Trailer

Welp, Now We Know Why Kylo Ren Started Wearing That Stupid Mask Again

'The Lion King' Live-Action is Now on Disney+ and You'd Be Better Off Watching Something Else

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Rounds Out the Cast of 'Matrix 4' in Undisclosed Role

Ewan McGregor And Chris Messina Kind Of Not Really Confirmed Their Characters As Gay In 'Birds of Prey'

Review: Guy Ritchie Goes Full Reactionary in the 'The Gentlemen,' a Boring Slog of Racist Caricatures Masquerading as Style

What Happens at the End of ‘The Turning’ That Resulted in Audiences Giving the Film an F CinemaScore?

Box Office Report: Gentlemen For Life

Review: “The Turning” Reboots Iconic Horror Tale as Tepid Garbage

Jon Stewart Is Back! Sort Of. He Wrote and Directed a Political Movie. Watch the Trailer

An Open Letter to Ryan Gosling: Where Are You? Come Back to Us!

Netflix Continues to Corner the Market on Films You Don't Need to Watch with an Audience

The Cast for the Lesbian Romcom 'Happiest Season' Is Outstanding

With 'Gemini Man,' 'Spies in Disguise,' and 'Bad Boys For Life,' Will Smith Stops Fighting the Future and Makes Room for It

Honest Trailers Targets 'Joker'

A Mystery STARRING David Cronenberg? Sold!

Alison Brie Knows The Truth Is Out There In 'Horse Girl' Teaser

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg Continue to Execute Worst Chris' Agenda in 'Spenser Confidential'

All the WTFs of ‘Dolittle’: A Dragon Colonoscopy, a Neurotic Tiger Getting Kicked in the Balls, and the Sidelining of All Women!

Netflix Gets Worldwide Streaming Rights to Studio Ghibli Films

'Parasite' Director Bong Joon-ho Brought Serious Proud Dad Energy to the SAG Awards

Box Office Report: Bad Boys Talk to the Animals

'Dolittle' Review: More Like A Lotta Doo

Review: With Michael Bay's Exit, 'Bad Boys For Life' Achieves Visual Crispness and Unexpected Emotional Maturity

Oscar Isaac Will Star as a Former Superhero in 'The Great Machine'

'The Giraffe Stepped On His C**k': The Amazing True Story of the Disastrous Making of 1967's 'Doctor Dolittle'

Your Daily Reminder That Gigantic Media Corporations Are Bad and Cinema is Suffering, Sci-Fi Edition

Taika Waititi Possibly Approached for 'Star Wars' Movie; It's the Best Star Wars News Since Baby Yoda

Chris Rock Promises His 'Saw' Remake Will Be Injected With Comedy

'Mulan' Director Explains Why the Live-Action Won't Include the Songs and It Makes Sense

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Twitter Reacts To Viral 'Joker' Tweet

‘The Laundromat’ is a Rare Misstep for Steven Soderbergh, a Film With Meta Experiments More Condescending Than Empowering

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'Twilight' is the Greatest Film Series in History. Suck, it Scorsese!

Daisy Ridley Confirms 'Rise of Skywalker' Will Address Your Hot Reylo Theories Because Apparently Star Wars F*cks Now

New Trailer for 'Marriage Story' Sees Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson Deal with Divorce

Sorry, Disney+: HBO Max Will Be The Streaming Home of Studio Ghibli

Law Firm Involved in Panama Papers Sue Netflix Movie 'The Laundromat'

'Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway' Trailer Has Arrived And Shut Up I Love It

Twitter Reacts To Jonah Hill Passing On 'The Batman' By Dream-Casting His Replacement

Review: 'Zombieland: Double Tap' Proves It Might Be Best To Let Sleeper Hits Lie

A Brief Investigation Into Why Jared Leto’s Joker Was So Terrible

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Chris Hemsworth Wants Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. for a 'Three Amigos' Remake

Spooky Fan Art Comes To Life With Jf Lemay's Freaky Illustrations

'Bombshell' Trailer: Charlize Theron Even Creepily Nails Megyn Kelly's Voice

Zoe Kravitz Will Be Catwoman In 'The Batman' And This Is A Glorious Time To Be A DC Fan!

'El Camino' Is the 'Breaking Bad' Ending We Didn't Realize It Was Missing

Review: ‘Lucy in the Sky’ Wastes Natalie Portman in a Film That Fails to Grasp That Not Every Story About Women is One of Empowerment

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The Robert Downey Jr. 'Dolittle' Movie Looks Awful and Production Sounds Like It Was Hell

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The Best Recent Movies on Netflix (2016-2019)

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2018's 'Halloween' Is Getting A Sequel And Why Can't Things Just End?

Come On, Can We Be At Least A Bit More Skeptical About Netflix’s Reported Viewer Numbers?

Listen To The New Freddie Mercury Track. Yeah. I Said What I Said.

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'Burden' Tells The True Story Of A KKK Grand Dragon That Turned His Life Away From Hate

Review, With Spoilers: ‘Murder Mystery’ Could Be an Interesting Meta Experiment, But Alas, It’s Just a Lazy Adam Sandler Movie

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The Film Twitter Meltdown That Started With A Creepy Craft Project

Box Office Report: Second Best Chris Update

An Ode to the Best Cinematic Dad of All Time: Cameron Poe from Con Air

Review: 'Plus One' Is The Best Rom-Com You Haven't Heard Of

Review: Mindy Kaling's 'Late Night' Takes Aim at the Boring Sameness of White Patriarchy and Amusingly Shakes Up Comedy Homogeny

Review: Jim Jarmusch's Zombie Flick 'The Dead Don't Die' Is All Self-Satisfied Winks and Irony

With ‘Men in Black: International’ Around the Corner, Does the ‘Men in Black’ Series Hold Up?

Jordan Peele Calls the 'Atrociously Disturbing' 'Midsommar' the 'Most Iconic Pagan Movie' Ever

Review: Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth Reunited! Yet 'Men In Black: International' Is A Confounding Misfire

Redrum! Return to the World of 'The Shining' With the Trailer for 'Doctor Sleep'

Chris Hemsworth Gives Us The 'Avengers: Endgame' Bonus Content We Crave

All The Upcoming and Announced Max Landis Projects To Avoid In The Future

Yes, Kristen Stewart is a Great Actress

Watch Out, Tarantino's Comin' At You With a Dark and Sweary 'Star Trek'

Academy To Roman Polanski: Seriously Tho, F*ck Off!

About That 'X-Women' Scene in 'Dark Phoenix,' the Female Avengers in 'Endgame,' and Feminism Lip Service

Bo Burnham To Team Up With Big Bird

'Frozen II' Trailer Reveals Giants, Magical Ponies, And...A Fire Bender?

It Only Took a Week For Fox to Start Trash Talking 'Dark Phoenix' After Its Dismal Release

Review: 'The Secret Life of Pets 2' Often Feels Like Everything a Kids' Film Should Not Be

Box Office Report: 'Dark Phoenix' Flames Out Hard

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Bill & Ted Now Have Daughters Who Were As Old As Bill & Ted Were in 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'

Look At The Awesome New 'Wonder Woman 1984' Poster That Won't Be Revealed At Comic Con This Year!

'Rocketman' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Have Little in Common, Except for a Sex Scene That Ties Queer Desire to Self-Destruction

You Had Me At Carol Kane, All The Theater Kid Shenanigans Is Gravy

Brad Pitt's Sci-Fi Drama 'Ad Astra' FINALLY Gets A Trailer

'Real Genius,' the Val Kilmer Classic, Was the Best Movie of 1985. Disagree? I'll See You in Hell.

Elton John's Cameo in 'Kingsman 2' Is Why 'Rocketman' Got Made

Christian Bale's Poor, Suffering Body

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Hollywood Stays Mostly Silent on Georgia's Anti-Abortion Bills, But Netflix Won't

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Review: Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and the Women of Netflix's ‘Wine Country’ Are Having a Blast That Doesn’t Translate to Viewers

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Variety Critic Owen Gleiberman Shows His Own Ignorance When Trying to Tell Women How to Save the Romantic Comedy

Who the Hell is Still Giving Woody Allen Money to Make Movies?!

The Name's Hand. Shatterhand.

Paul Feig Defends Jason Reitman After His Moronic 'Ghostbusters' Comments

'The Cheerleaders:' Is This Movie a Porno?

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The Good News Is Women Were Leading More Movies in 2018: The Bad News Is Everything Else

Emma Thompson Departs Skydance Animated Film After Hiring of John Lasseter

Have You Heard of The Highest Grossing Film of 2019 So Far?

Butthurt Dudes Actually Believe 'Captain Marvel' Will Flop Because of Brie Larson

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So I Watched Jean Claude Van Damme’s Straight-to-Streaming Movie, 'The Bouncer'

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Are the Academy Seriously Trying to Blame 'Fake News' For Their Crappy Oscars Choices?

Thoughts on 'Berlin, I Love You' -- Maybe If Your Movie Franchise Has to Resort to a Weird Incest Storyline to Fill Time, You Should End It?

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'Abducted in Plain Sight' is a Story of Abuse in the Mormon Church

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Bryan Singer's 'Red Sonja' Movie May Not Happen For Obvious Reasons

Do You Dare Behold The Trailer For 'Pet Graveyard'!? (I Said What I Said.)

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'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' Review: The Best Bit Is When Keira Knightley Eats Her Own Hair

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'Halloween' 40th Anniversary of Michael Myers Coming Home And Jamie Lee Curtis Becoming A Scream Queen

There's Actually Some Good News In Entertainment!

Revisiting the 1993 Jennifer Aniston Classic, 'Leprechaun'

13 Reasons Why 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' Is The Perfect Gift For Your Mom

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Fear of the Streaming Service in a Post-FilmStruck World

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Review: 'Suspiria' is Bleak, Grotesque, Overly Complicated, and Unforgettable, a Depiction of Women's Anger Turned to Rot

I'm So Bored Of White History

As IF!

Movie Montages You Can Really Get Down To

'Mid90s' Uses a Super-Uncomfortable Sex Scene to Make Its Young Protagonist Cool, Because Of Course It Does

Why the Hell Are They Making a Movie of ‘Cats’ and How the Hell Will They Do It?

What Happened to Matthew McConaughey's 'Serenity'?

Guillermo del Toro Is Bringing His Pinocchio Passion Project To Netflix

Box Office Report: Twas the Night Before Halloween

'The Accused' 30th Anniversary of How The More Things Change When It Comes To Rape Culture, The More They Stay The Same

Review: In His Final Role, Robert Redford is Perfect in the Thoughtful, Reflective ‘The Old Man and the Gun,' But Ugh, Casey Affleck

Review: Don't Believe The Hype. Jonah Hill's 'Mid90s' Is Aggressively Mediocre And Blithely Offensive

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Review: 'The Guilty' Offers A Tense Kidnapping Tale With A Little Something Extra

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Twitter Dreamcasts Ursula The Sea Witch For The Upcoming Live-Action 'The Little Mermaid'

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Review: Documentary ‘MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.’ Makes a Case for Our Own Self-Reflection—What Do We Owe the ‘Paper Planes’ Star?

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Someone Used Deepfake Technology to Put Harrison Ford in 'Solo'? Oh God

Review: 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' Is A Hangout Movie For Assholes

Bryan Singer and the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Problem

Legends Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Eileen Atkins, and Joan Plowright in ‘Tea With the Dames’ Are the Balm You Need Right Now

The Best Halloween Movies Available On Amazon Prime

Review: 'Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween' Needs More ... Jack Black?

What the Hell is Going On At Annapurna Pictures?

Go F*ck Yourself, Bryan Singer

Box Office Report: Bad Times on the Moon

Review: ‘First Man’ is Precise, Patriotic, Immersive, Gorgeous, and Flawed. Can People Stop Complaining About the Flag Now?

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'Bad Times At The El Royale' Review: Yeah, Chris Hemsworth Is Hot, But Cynthia Erivo Owns This Movie

Netflix Review: Dan Stevens Finds His True Calling in the Grisly, Gory 'Apostle'

OK, Did The Rock Just Promise To Bang Idris Elba In A Movie?

SWINTON Requested Prosthetic Penis For 'Suspiria' Role

Bad Movie Palate Cleansers for Dark Times

The Best Movies Available In Hulu's Annual Huluween Collection

'Rachel Getting Married' 10th Anniversary of Anne Hathaway Not Deserving Any Of Your Bullsh*t

What Is Bradley Cooper Saying With 'A Star Is Born's Bad Fashion?

'Pet Sematary': Bearded John Lithgow Will Convince You That Dead Is Better

I Know You're Listening, Rian Johnson. Cast These People In Your Upcoming Agatha Christie-Style Murder Mystery!

Venom is a Bad Superhero Movie But a Great Buddy Comedy

'Anna And The Apocalypse' Clip Gives You A Taste Of This Wild Zombie Holiday Musical

Villainous Riz Ahmed is the Best Part of 'Venom,' and I'm Not Saying That Just Because I Love Riz Ahmed, I Swear!

'A Star is Born' Isn't Really About Sex, But Man, It is Sexy as Hell

Trailers You Missed: Even The Apocalypse Is Tolerable When David Tennant And Michael Sheen Are Around

Box Office Report: Tom Hardy Goes Gaga

Spoilers! Let's Talk About Those 'Venom' End Credit Scenes ...

What’s Your Favourite Movie Performance That Didn’t Get Oscar Nominated?

Review: 'Venom' Isn't Perfect, But It's A Whole Lot Of Fun

'RuPaul's Drag Race's Shangela And Willam Shine In 'A Star Is Born'

Yes, ‘A Star Is Born’ is Pretty Damn Good

Ben Affleck Spotted Looking Swole: Is a Return to Batman on the Cards?

'Vice' Trailer: Adam McKay and Christian Bale Make Hating Dick Cheney Fun Again

Can Sony Make a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe Without Spider-Man?

Is 'Snowpiercer' a Sequel to 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'?

More Like 'Spider-HAM: Into The Spider-Verse,' Amirite?

For Your Consideration: Dev Patel as James Bond

NYFF Review: Carey Mulligan Is Magnificent In Paul Dano's 'Wildlife'

'Smallfoot' Review from the Perspective of a Six-Year-Old Who Has Outgrown His Yeti Pajamas

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Yesterday Was A Bad Day For 'Burning' (A Fantastic Fest Review)

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J.K. Rowling Is In Danger of Becoming the Next George Lucas

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Is Gandalf Hot?

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Barry Jenkins' 'If Beale Street Could Talk' Trailer Is Here, and Oh Wow!

'Bond' Producers Make a Surprising Choice for Their Next Director

You Could Own Burt Reynolds's Personal "Smokey And The Bandit" Trans Am, But You Probably Can't Afford It

Captain Marvel Doesn’t Need To Smile and Neither Does Any Other Woman

Review: ‘Where Hands Touch’ is Def Problematic, With Ideas Worth Exploring That Didn’t Need a Nazi Romance to Be Resonant

Review: 'Slice' Is Good, Cheesy Fun With Too Many Toppings

The First 'Captain Marvel' Trailer Is Here And We're Watching It On A Loop, OK?

Dear Olivia Munn: I’m Sorry

Review: NatGeo Documentary 'Science Fair' Will Take You on a Journey of Hope and Disgust at Our Country's Education System

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'Mary Poppins Returns' Official Trailer Is Stuffed to the Gills With Disney Wonder

Box Office Report: Blake Lively's Suit Collection is the Real Winner

The Men in 'The Predator' Botched Standing Up for Olivia Munn, and They Do So in the Damn Movie Itself, Too

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The Trailer for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Looks Incredible (Even if the Movie Won't Be)

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Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Are Coming Back For One More Ride In Bill & Ted's Excellent Phone Booth

Twitter Ships Cate Blanchett And Kristen Stewart Hard, Sexy Meme Is Born

Enjoy Those MoviePass Subscriptions While You Can, Folks

They're Calling This A "Female 'Bourne' Film," We're Calling It A Joke. Like, It Has To Be, Right?

Rick Moranis Is Breaking His 20 Year Hiatus To Appear As Dark Helmet On 'The Goldbergs'

'30 Minutes Or Less' Compared To 'Evil Genius's True Events

Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman Apply Their Familiar Formula to the Motherhood-as-Pain Film 'Tully,' Starring Charlize Theron

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What It Looks Like When Women Make Movies

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