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Here Is Why 'Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese' Is Trending on Social Media

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 15, 2023 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 15, 2023 |


Like Sarah, Beetlejuice left a big impression on me also. For the past 15ish years, my various phone cases have been replicas of ‘The Handbook for the Recently Deceased,’ and I kind of use it as a barometer of people when they either wrinkle their nose when they see it or they exclaim, “I LOVE THAT MOVIE!”. That said, I’m curious about Beetlejuice 2 but also nervous. I think Jenna Ortega is a good casting decision, though. - (LG)

Sometimes knocking on a stranger’s door gets you thousands of new friends. - (WP)

The absolutely darling, yet badass, Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani is writing a new Ms. Marvel comic! How fun! - (EW)
Took a while but Shein has finally been hit with RICO violations in a new lawsuit. - (NBC)

Joe Jonas learned the hard way that sometimes you can’t trust those sneaky farts. - (Uproxx)

More Barbie looks, but I think my favorite is this one. Issa Rae is adorable! - (GFY)

Ron Perlman ever-so-slightly walked back his comments toward movie executives. His point is basically still the same. It’s just a more measured “Eff you!” - (AVC)

Remember the good ol’ days of “is this dress black and blue or white and gold”? Turns out the husband involved in the whole dress hullabaloo is a real piece of crap domestic abuser and allegedly tried to kill his wife. - (People)

Oh boy. We have normalized ignorance, stupidity, and conspiracy to such an extent in this country that RFK, Jr., is polling at 20 percent (allegedly) among Democratic primary voters, despite believing that COVID-19 was a bioweapon that was targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people while sparing Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese. Come get your boy, Cheryl.

Old, rich white man yells at cloud. News at 11. - (Celebitchy)

The Tampa Five: Students, Staffer Face Charges After Protests Against DeSantis Administration. Four students and a staffer are facing felony charges. Ron DeSantis is a blight on Florida. - (Teen Vogue)

Could New Weight-Loss Drugs like Ozempic Treat Addiction? - (Scientific American)

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching men try out the Period Pain Simulator, especially when they go up against a person with endometriosis who is totally unbothered by this machine’s pain. - (SM)

“At a workshop last month, 64 midwives practiced performing abortions on dragonfruit while organizing around midwifery as “an act of resistance.” - (Jezebel)

Nobody in HR is reading your cover letter anyway. No one has time for all that. - (McSweeney’s)

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