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Jonathan Majors’ Lawyer Claims He’s Targeted by a ‘Witch Hunt’

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | May 9, 2023 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | May 9, 2023 |


Jonathan Majors had his first court hearing, and notably, the charges against him were not “imminently dropped” as his lawyer has repeatedly promised. In fact, the allegations got worse as new details were revealed in court. On top of that, his lawyer is now claiming that Majors is the target of a “witch hunt” and racist police officers who refused to believe that he’s the real victim. There were probably some very loose bowels at Marvel today. (Daily Beast)

Beverly D’Angelo spills more beans on co-parenting with Al Pacino as well as good relationship advice. (Lainey Gossip)

Meanwhile, Robert De Niro is still pumping out babies. (Dlisted)

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From Jen: Teen Vogue interviewed my favorite Twitter-follow, civil rights lawyer Alec Karakatsanis. (Teen Vogue)

Tom Cruise is an asexual nutjob who seriously believes alien ghosts cause depression. Who are we kidding with this? Honestly? (Page Six)

You might want to go to the bathroom before this one. As anyone who regularly follows this site knows, I am not a fan of the “Online Left.” Why? Because, frankly, they’re petulant children play-acting as revolutionaries who, much like the MAGA crowd, live in an alternate reality where you don’t need to know how anything works. It’s totally cool just to make things up if it sounds socialist enough, and Christ, do they lean into that. Facts are a minor inconvenience. Case in point: The Joe Russo debacle. A while back he made an anodyne observation about what’s coming down the pipe as far as AI and filmmaking. He didn’t endorse anything, and merely offered up one of the weird ways that people would use it that completely jibes with common internet usage and even fan-fiction. Unfortunately, the Russo Brothers made the mistake of being successful Marvel filmmakers, and you can’t be a member of the Online Left and/or Film Twitter — basically the same thing — unless you’re constantly letting everyone know how much you hate the MCU and treating it like the Great Satan. So it was off to the races on screaming to high heaven that the Russos hate art and want all cinema to be farted out by computers. Never mind, that Joe Russo said nothing of the sort. Bad faith interpretations are the Online Left’s prime currency. Jump to today, where he’s warning about the dangers of corporations wielding AI and that writers should be afraid of it. Wanna know the reaction to that from everyone demanding his scalp? Crickets, or even worse, accusing him of “backtracking” even though these remarks support his earlier statement. But who needs intellectual honesty when there’s social media clout to farm, amirite? (Variety)

Joe Biden stands with the WGA. (The Wrap)

From Kaleena: Someone finally went all the way with the “Succession is Arrested Development” comparison. Also, spoilers. (TikTok)

Tucker Carlson is relaunching his show on Twitter? Lol good luck with that. (CNN)

RIP MTV News. (IndieWire)

Alison Cochrun’s Sapphic Christmas rom-com reminded NoNeinNyet of a queerer The Family Stone. “Main character goes home with her fiancé to his multi-day family Christmas gathering tradition and when it all shakes out, they’re both in relationships with other people.” What common trope frustrates you in a book?  (Cannonball Read 15)

From Andrew: This is pretty great.