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‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Just Took a Huge Hit

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | October 23, 2023 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | October 23, 2023 |


Prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part Two Holy Sh*t This Is a Long Title was set to hit theaters on June 28, 2024. It will now wait almost an entire year before dropping on its new release date May 23, 2025. Although, the good news is that it won’t smack directly into Barbie and Oppenheimer in an act of sheer hubris and become a movie that everyone forgot came out this summer. Hail Xenu! (Deadline)

Glen Powell celebrates his 35th birthday with Chord Overstreet and Lamorne Morris, a friendship that piques Sarah’s curiosity. (Lainey Gossip)

This is more than I ever wanted to know about David Beckham, and an overly harsh take on Rebecca Loos, no? (Celebitchy)

The Chinese Communist Party did not try to kidnap George Santos’ niece, which is weird. You’d assume at least one of his lies would have to be true based on the sheer volume. Oh well. (Wonkette)

From Dustin: Insane but believable statistic: One-third of the children of the very richest families scored a 1300 or higher on the SAT, while fewer than 5 percent of middle-class students did. Relatively few children in the poorest families scored that high; just one in five took the test at all. (NYT)

Wait, sh*t, Jeremy Renner made more music? Everybody run! (A.V. Club)

I don’t give two sh*ts about the Israel/Hamas situation affecting the 2024 election because, frankly, it won’t. In one corner, you have Joe Biden who has been actively going out of his way to denounce both antisemitism and Islamophobia while openly urging Israel not to make horrible decisions like the U.S. did after 9/11. In the other, you have Donald Trump who’s promising that he’ll bring back his Muslim ban and also refuse immigrants if they “don’t like our religion.” If you think both of those choices are just as bad, there’s no getting through to you. Anyway, what I do care about is that our side of the aisle has an undeniable pro-Hamas problem amongst our fringe, and we can’t keep pretending it’s not happening. (Mediaite)

In lighter news, wanna see Britney Spears’ audition for The Notebook? (IndieWire)

After not playing for almost 30 years, my son and I got into Magic: The Gathering at the end of the summer, and we are freaking hooked. This has been the dorkiest time of my life, and I almost bawl every single time we play because there’s no way it isn’t all downhill from here. This has to be the peak before he gets a car and “Cat’s in the Cradle” starts playing. Long story short, I dunno how I feel about Marvel being added to the mix. I like Marvel, don’t get me wrong, but this seems… forced. (Gizmodo)

The Rock saw that wax statue, and he’s gonna have a talk with the museum. My condolences to whoever gets that call. (Variety)

Do you want more context for this year’s writers and actors union strikes? Donttrustthe_bea suggests Burn It Down. “[Maureen] Ryan exposes a very messy, misogynistic and racist industry that hopes the public can look past the controversy and keep watching their shows and movies without a second thought.” (Cannonball Read 15)