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dustin-photo.jpg Dustin Rowles, Publisher: Dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. Prior to that, he worked in legal publishing. He writes about politics and pop-culture. He firmly belives that Steven Avery did it, and that Denzel is the greatest actor on the planet. He also writes about TV for and appears weekly on the Podjiba podcast. He lives in Portland, Maine. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

Ryan Gosling Wears a Cool Shirt

'Ticket to Paradise' Trailer: George Clooney, Julia Roberts Star in an Old-Fashioned Romcom

The Streaming-Era's Biggest Homegrown Star Signs onto a $200 Million Netflix Flick

Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick Split After Public Finds Out Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick Were Dating

Cassidy Hutchinson Delivers New, Incredibly Damning Jan. 6th Testimony

Dakota Johnson Blames the 'Incredibly Cheesy' E.L. James for Those Disastrous 'Big Naked Movies'

Howard Stern Says He's Seriously Considering a Run for President

The Supreme Court Has Lost All Legitimacy

Canada's Most Inhumane Pop-Culture Export Is Returning to TV

Will This Season of 'Riverdale' Ever End?

'Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe' Is the Hot Pockets of Movies

The Known Knowns After the Latest Episode of FX's 'The Old Man'

The Supreme Court Overturns 'Roe v. Wade'

After Charlie Sheen Disapproves of His Daughter Joining OnlyFans, Denise Richards Joins

The 'Reply All' Podcast Ends in a Thud

Netflix's Latest Defense of Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais Is Bad

'Sharp Stick' Trailer: On the One Hand, Jon Bernthal. On the Other? Lena Dunham

Trailer: At the Very Least, 'They/Them' Wins Movie Title of the Summer

Brad Pitt Is California Insufferable

'Jerry and Marge Go Large' Is a Whole Lotto Boring

Twitter Would Not Approve the Emoji for This Week's Episode of 'The Boys'

Nathan Fillion 'Would Work with Joss Whedon Again in a Second'

'The Old Man,' Like a Geriatric Urine Stream, Is a Satisfying Slow Burn

'Stranger Things' Season 4, Vol. 2 Trailer: Hawkins Will Fall

Why the 'Yellowstone' Prequel Sequel's Name Has Been Changed from '1932' to 1923'

Chris Pratt Has Planned an Interesting 'Coming of Age' Movie Marathon with His 9-Year-Old Son

'The Time Traveler's Wife' Mid-Credits Scene Advances a Possible Season 2

'Trial and Error' Is Better than 'The Staircase'

Rachel Bilson's Break-Up with Bill Hader 'Hurt Like a Mother------'

You Know Nothing, HBO

Ana de Armas Is Marilyn Monroe in the Trailer for the NC-17 'Blonde'

Jerrod Carmichael on Dave Chappelle: 'I'm Tired of Hearing It'

After Being Fired from 'Alias,' Coke-Addicted Bradley Cooper Attributes Life Change to Will Arnett

Oh My! First Look at Ryan Gosling's Sexy Sexless Ken in the 'Barbie' Movie

Herschel Walker, Who Rails Against Absentee Fathers, Is an Absentee Father

The Same PAC that Targeted Madison Cawthorn Is Now Salaciously Targeting Lauren Boebert

Netflix Is a Joke Is a ... Joke

Recorded for Posterity: Moviegoing Ain't the Same Anymore

If You Love 'Top Gun: Maverick,' You'll Also Love 'For All Mankind' on Apple TV+

Let's Talk About Joe Biden

A Bipartisan Coalition Has Agreed on Gun Safety Legislation. Will It Matter?

Aaron Rodgers Rumored New Girlfriend Is Something Else

20 Facts You Might Not Know About the Original 1993 'Jurassic Park'

PETA Awards 'The Boys' an Honor for Being Cruel to Viewers Instead of Animals

Brief Highlights from Day One of the January 6th Hearings

'This Is Going to Hurt' Is the First Must-See Series on AMC+

Maybe Not Every IP Should Be Turned into a Movie or Television Show

We Finally Know What Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Is About

Todd and Julie Chrisley Are Going to Prison in the 10th Season of 'Chrisley Knows Best'

Mike Schur Outlines the 'Single Biggest Issue Facing the Future of Television'

Dwayne Johnson Is Hero Who Kills in the Trailer for 'Black Adam'

Listen to McConaughey

Mocking Disney Adults Was All Fun and Games Until Someone Brought in Religious Persecution

They Finally Cracked the Code for the 'Predator' Franchise in the Trailer for 'Prey'

Watch the Teaser for Prime Video's 'A League of Their Own' Series Featuring a Hell of a Cast

The 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season Finale Goes Full Baby Snatcher

Netflix Is Determined to Stay Relevant #GeekedWeek

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Belongs to a Messed-Up Christian Cult

Elon Musk Is Now Officially Trying to Weasel Out of the Twitter Purchase

Michael Che Is Good at Comedy

Under the Banner of White Men: The Constitution, the NRA, and the Biggest Lie We Were Ever Told

Conan O'Brien Once Got Into an Argument with Assistant Sona Movsesian That Nearly Led to Her Firing

Apple TV+ Now Has Three Series Guaranteed Fourth Seasons

Johnny Depp's Case Against Amber Heard Was Textbook DARVO

Jada Pinkett Smith Lamely Addresses The Slap on 'Red-Table Talk'

The Depp v. Heard Jury Verdict Is In

Jeremy Allen White's Forthcoming TV Series 'The Bear' Has a Great Vibe

If the Jury Messes Up the Depp v. Heard Verdict, There's No Hope for the Jury System

'Stranger Things' Defies the Algorithm, Breaks Netflix Records and Catapults Kate Bush

A Major Character Exits 'Fear the Walking Dead' in a Sham Episode

A Satirical Website Apologizes After 'Dunking on Elon Musk Too Hard'

Stop Trying to Make Pinocchio Happen

Season Two of 'Flight Attendant' Is Driven by Strong Characters and a Messy Plot [Spoilers]

Which 'SNL' Cast Member Had the Least Amount of Screen Time This Season?

The 'New Amsterdam' Season Finale Was a Bleak, Chaotic Mess

Demonic Pooh and Piglet Will Go on a Rampage in 'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey'

Ray Liotta Has Died at 67

Georgia GOP Senate Nominee Herschel Walker Weighs in on the Uvalde Shooting

British Authorities Have Brought Criminal Charges Against Kevin Spacey

Don't Stop What You're Doing

Beto O'Rourke Interrupts Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Press Conference About the Uvalde Shooting

'This Is Us' Delivers a Remarkable, Low-Key Series Finale

Southern Baptists to the Catholic Church: Hold My Beer

The Sex Scene in This Week's 'The Time Traveler's Wife' Is Something Else

What's the Deal with 'The Final Straw,' the Game Show from 'Abbott Elementary's Janelle James?

Jason Momoa Reportedly Blocked Efforts to Have Amber Heard Removed from 'Aquaman 2'

'Fear the Walking Dead' Is the Best Hate Watch On TV

Conservative Media Joins the Efforts of Johnny Depp Fans to Discredit Amber Heard

The 'Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One' Trailer Was Worth the Wait

Davidson, McKinnon, Bryant (and Mooney) Get Proper Send-Offs in a Killer 'SNL' Finale

Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Is Not Bad

Elon Musk Is a Gifted Self-Saboteur

In Its 7th and Final Season, 'Riverdale' Will Finally End. In Space

'Evil,' The Best Reason to Subscribe to Paramount+, Returns on June 12th

The 'Terminal List' Trailer Represents Everything We Dislike, and Yet ...

What Exactly Did Amber Heard Do Wrong?

The Cruel 'This Is Us' Writers Deliver a Doozy of a Penultimate Episode

The Tables Have Turned: Twitter Has Elon Musk Over a Barrel

AMC's 'Kevin Can F**k Himself' Wins the Perfect Casting Award of 2022

Neil Patrick Harris Finally Apologized For That Gross Thing He Did 11 Years Ago

Trailer: 'Spiderhead,' Starring Chris Hemsworth, Jurnee Smollett, Miles Teller and Drugs

Jordan Peterson Quits Twitter After Backlash to Sleazy Tweet

Tucker Carlson Blames Buffalo Shooting on Black People and Democrats, Insists the GOP Are the Real Victims

The Writers of 'Fear the Walking Dead' Have Given Up

Watch the Trailer for the Most Underrated Drama on Apple TV+

After a Racist Massacre in Buffalo, Tucker Carlson Will Invariably Paint Himself as Victim

The Selena Gomez Hosted 'SNL' Features Steve Martin, Plus the Worst Cold Open of the Year

In 21 Seasons, Has There Ever Been a More Laughable Episode of 'Law & Order'?

All Your Favorite Shows Will Be Canceled: A Bloodbath at The CW

Elon Musk Is Waffling on Takeover of Twitter, Which a New Texas Law Could Decimate

Showtime's Lackluster 'The First Lady' Is a Profound Misuse of Talent

Trailer: The Alien Conspiracy Guy from Blink-182 Directed a Movie About Aliens

Chicken Soup for the Soul Acquires Another Carcass: Redbox

How Bad Is the Crypto Crash? Bad Enough that Matt Damon Is Trending on Twitter

Vanessa Bayer's Otherwise Promising 'I Love That For You' Can Only End in Disappointment

Sen. Josh Hawley Knows He Can't Strip Disney of Its Copyrights, But That's Not the Point

Bubble Watch: All the Network Shows that Have Neither Been Renewed nor Canceled

Why Did It Take So Long for Someone to Finally Fire Fred Savage?

Briefly, on Season 2 of 'The Wilds': Ugh, Boys

On 'Riverdale,' Library Fines Turn the Town Into Violent Serial Killers

Director Cary Fukunaga Accused of Inappropriate Behavior by Multiple Women

The 'Westworld' Season 4 Teaser Is Slick-Looking Gobbledygook

Is There Suddenly a Mass Exodus of 'Fear the Walking Dead' Cast Members?

'Winning Time': Did Magic Johnson Steal the NBA Finals MVP from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Twitter Responds to the Selection of Ncuti Gatwa As the New Doctor on 'Doctor Who'

Steve Schmidt Alleged that John McCain Had a Lengthy Extramarital Affair with a Lobbyist

Highlights: Benedict Cumberbatch Hosts a Hit-and-Miss 'SNL' Mother's Day Episode

'Under the Banner of Heaven' on FX Is an Engrossing, Eye-Opening Murder Drama

Here's the First Look at the Very Handsome Lead in the 'Quantum Leap' Reboot

Netflix Begs Subs to Stay By Offering the New Season of 'Cobra Kai' Earlier than Expected

There's Coal Left to be Dug: Let's Talk About the 'Justified' Sequel

A Nagging Question from 'Breaking Bad' May Play a Crucial Role in 'Better Call Saul'

Amy Is Autumn on 'Outer Range,' Right?

Bullet Points: An Instructive 'House of Dragons' Trailer, and 'Saved by the Bell' Dings No More

The GOP Should Destroy Madison Cawthorn, But They Should Do It For the Right Reasons

'This Is Us' Still Had At Least One Kick in the Teeth Left in the Tank

Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage, Jokes It Was a Trans Man

The Trailer for 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story' Offers a Gleeful Moment of Respite

The 'Grey's Anatomy' Writer Lied About More than Cancer, She Also Lied about Anna Paquin

Betty Dismembers a Body, Penelope Is a Serial-Killing Nun, and Jughead Is Destined to Die on 'Riverdale'

Spoilers: The Tense, Unsatisfying End of 'Ozark' Explained

Watch the Trailer for Olivia Wilde's 'Don't Worry Darling,' Starring Best Chris, Harry Styles and Florence Pugh

'Winning Time': Did Spencer Haywood Actually Hire a Hitman to Take Out the Lakers?

Tucker Carlson Is an Extreme Radical Cult Leader Who Uses Fox News to Deliver His Insurrectionist Manifestos

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Steps In After 'The Walking Dead' Fandom Goes Toxic. Again

Elon Musk Has Some Ideas

Johnny Depp Stans Are Delusional

'Heartstopper' on Netflix Is the Most Profoundly Romantic TV Series in Years

One Surprising Detail Surfaced About Melissa McBride's Departure from 'The Walking Dead' Universe

A Dutch Soccer Pundit Admitted on TV to Sexually Assaulting an Unconscious Woman

The Jason Sudeikis/Olivia Wilde Split Takes a Bizarre Turn

Bullet Points: Carol Exits 'The Walking Dead' Spin-Off, Pete Davidson Lands New Series

Where Things Stand on 'This Is Us' with Four Episodes Remaining

Elon Musk Is Not Very Bright

James Gunn Defends 'Worst Chris,' Doesn't Extend Same Courtesy to ALF

In This Week's 'Riverdale,' Tabitha Tries to Save Martin Luther King, Jr. and Drinks a Milkshake Out of the Holy Grail

Bill Hader's Daughter Pulled a Vicious Prank On Her Dad in Front of Chris Pratt

Tell Us, Jack Dorsey: Will Elon Musk 'Extend Twitter's Light of Consciousness' Before Or After He Loses His Boner?

Trailer Watch: Pete Davidson F----s, Emma Thompson Get F---ed

Jameela Jamil Is At It Again

Prime Video's 'Outer Range' Is a Goddamn Television Masterpiece

'Winning Time' and Whether Paul Westhead Actually Stabbed Jack McKinney in the Back

Have the 'Fear the Walking Dead' Writers Completely Lost Their Minds?

'RIP Twitter' Is Trending Amid Reports that It's Poised to Accept Elon Musk's Offer

The 'Supernatural' FanFic Is About To Get a A Lot More Interesting

Kim Wexler Is No Skyler; She's the Sneaky Walter White of 'Better Call Saul'

Ron DeSantis Cut Off His Own Nose to Spite the Libs

The Bottom Is Dropping Out of Netflix

After Giuliani Reveal, Twitter Expresses Gratitude to Ken Jeong for Walking Off of 'Masked Singer'

Jerry West Is Livid About His Depiction in 'Winning Time,' Which Tracks with the Way He's Depicted in 'Winning Time'

'The Goldbergs' Is Returning for a 10th Season, Whether We Want It Or Not

Spoilers: The Last 5 Minutes of Each Episode of Netflix's 'Anatomy of a Scandal'

'Riverdale' Recap: The Weenie Defeats Archie, Cheryl Goes Full Firestarter

Fox News' Jesse Watters Is a Creep

Andrea from 'The Walking Dead' Defends Johnny Depp, Is Still the Worst

Bullet Points: A 'Minecraft' Movie, 'Exploding Kittens' Series, and Wonder Twins Power: Activate

Is 'Outer Range' Cattle Ranching 'Lost' Or Yellowstone-'La Brea'?

'Winning Time' and What Actually Happened the First Time Magic Johnson Faced Larry Bird in the NBA

'Fear the Walking Dead' Sinks to a New Low

Watch the First Teaser for 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Featuring Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor

A Very Special Message from Tucker Carlson About the State of the American Male

Lizzo Hosts 'SNL' and Lizzo is Magic

The Jury Finds the 'Law & Order' Revival Guilty of Being Awful

Ryan Reynolds and When a Commemorative Urinal Is Not Place to Pee

Anthony Strangis, the Con Man Ex in 'Bad Vegan,' Is Up To His Old Scams Again

This 'Barbie' Movie Sounds Wild

Frank Langella Has Been Fired from 'The Fall of the House of Usher' For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Elon Musk Is a Bully

Woo Boy: The 'Blue Valentine' Episode of 'This Is Us' Pours It On Thick

Former NYTimes Columnist Nicholas Kristof Had Some Interesting Thoughts on Alcoholism

IMDb TV Rebrands, Has a Really Dumb Name Now

What Are You Doing in 'The Walking Dead' Universe, Parker Posey? Olivia Munn?

Ben Shapiro Being Humiliated by a College Student Is Going Viral

Gilbert Gottfried Has Died

A Gang War Orchestrated by a Mind-Controlling Supervillain Ain't Gonna Cut It, Riverdale

Watch the Sexy-Achy Trailer for Hulu's Sally Rooney Adaptation, 'Conversations with Friends'

Sean Penn Explains How He 'F---ed Up His Marriage' to Leila George

Will Poulter On Method Acting: It Should Not 'Be an Excuse for Inappropriate Behavior'

S4 Trailer: 'Stranger Things' Has Forgotten What We Liked About 'Stranger Things'

The Season Six Reset of 'Billions' May Have Saved the Showtime Series

Hardcore 'The Walking Dead' Fans Must Be Realizing Now How Much Time We've Wasted

'Killing Eve' Fans Had A Lot of Big Feelings About the Series Finale

Jake Gyllenhaal's 'SNL' Is Very Dumb, But Not Always in a Bad Way

Apple TV+'s 'Slow Horses' and When a Spoiler Is Not a Spoiler

'The Dropout': What Happened to Tyler Schultz, Erika Cheung, Linda Tanner, Et al.

Spoilers: Idle Speculation About the 'Severance' Finale As The Series Heads Into Its Second Season

Paula Patton Takes the Fried Chicken Debacle in Stride

Bullet Points: 'Winning Time,' 'Severance,' and the Deceptively Edited Fox News Video

Free-Speech Advocate Reports Late-Night Host to Capitol Police Over a Joke

Rahul Kohli Can't Escape Vancouver, Thinks the 'iZombie' Finale 'Sucks'

WB Held Emergency Meeting to Pause Ezra Miller's Projects After Troubled Production, Arrest

AMC Stays in Business with Bob Odenkirk, Greenlights 'Orphan Black' Spin-Off

Kevin Smith Leans Hard into the NFT Grift with 'Kilroy Was Here'

Goodbye 'Killing Eve,' Hello 'Killing Eve' Spin-Off

A Small Appreciation for the Unsung Heroes of the Startup Scandal Series

The Political Hellscape Is Just a Little More Hellish Today

Paula Patton's Fried Chicken Tutorial Goes Very, Very Wrong

'Winning Time': Did Magic Johnson's First Game with the Lakers Really End that Dramatically?

'Riverdale' Gets Civic Minded, Tackles the City's Unhoused Problem

Jon Batiste Won the Album of the Year Grammy; It Wasn't the Best News He Shared Yesterday

What Does It Mean that Elon Musk Owns 9.2% of Twitter Now?

Jerrod Carmichael Hosts a 'The Slap'-Heavy 'Saturday Night Live'

Hulu's 'Girl from Plainville' Has Nothing New to Say, but It Says It Well

Speaking of Will Smith, the 'Bel-Air' Finale Disappoints

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Is Expected to Leave for MSNBC/Peacock Deal

One Oscar Winner Thinks Chris Rock Is an 'Absolute F---ing Dick' And It's Not Will Smith

Capsule Reviews: 'Life & Beth,' 'Mrs. Maisel,' 'Upload,' 'Welcome to Flatch' and 'Mr. Mayor'

'Cheaper by the Dozen' on Disney+ Bites Off More than It Can Chew

Distressing Reports of Bruce Willis' Declining Cognitive State Surface After Retirement

After Ezra Miller's Arrest, The Matter Got Much Worse

Cole Sprouse and the Cast of 'Riverdale' Badly Want To Be Done with 'Riverdale'

Ruth Langmore Goes Full Atomic Redneck in the Trailer for the Final Episodes of 'Ozark'

A Negan Revelation No One Could Have Predicted on 'The Walking Dead'

Netflix's Latest Gross Reality Social Experiment Is 'The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On'

The New 'Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer Looks Like 98% Testosterone, 2% Script

Ezra Miller Has Been Arrested for Harassment

What the Hell is 'Foodfight!' the Bizarre and Disturbing Film Referenced in this Week's 'Atlanta'?

After All That, 'The Goldbergs' Is Poised for a 10th Season Renewal

Conspiracy: After Six Seasons of 'Riverdale,' Do All the Actors Hate Each Other?

Michael Che Joked About Leaving 'SNL' at the End of the Year

The 2022 Academy Award Winners

This Week's Dramatic 'Survivor' Endured an Impossible Immunity Challenge and a Wild Tribal Council

M. Night Shyamalan's 'Servant' Delivers a Bone Crunching WTF Season 3 Finale

Can Nicole Kidman Eating Paper Revive the Episodic Anthology Series?

Netflix's 'Is It Cake?' Is An Appallingly Bad Game Show

Stephen King Elicits an Approximate Netflix Release Date for 'Manifest' Season 4

Nic Cage Has the Right Take on Marvel Movies

Documenting the Downfall of Former President Donald Trump

A Brief Rundown of What's Happening on NBC's 'This Is Us' In Its Final Season

'Bad Vegan' Director Addresses What Sarma Melngailis Called a 'Disturbingly Misleading' Ending

There Will Be No 'National Treasure 3' Because Disney Screwed Over Nic Cage

Anne Hathaway Out Kelly Clarksons Kelly Clarkson on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'

Stephanie Beatriz's 'Twin Flames' Is Essentially 'Restraining Order: The Podcast'

Negan Is Back and He Has New Friends on 'The Walking Dead'

Bullet Points: 'SNL's April Hosts Are Good as Hell and the Christina Ricci-ssance Continues

'Riverdale' Returns, and It's Just Laughing at Us Now

'Winning Time': Did a Dead Body Derail Jerry Tarkanian's Chance to Coach the Lakers?

Louis C.K. Was Blasé After Giving 'Bad Vegan' Sarma Melngailis an STD

'Grey's Anatomy' Writer Placed on Leave for Some Messed Up (Alleged) Lies

Jessica Biel Murders Melanie Lynskey with an Axe in the Teaser for Hulu's 'Candy'

Is 'Law & Order' Laying the Groundwork for Writing Off Anthony Anderson's Character?

The Best Highlight from the March Madness Tourney, So Far, Came from a Cheerleader

The Netflix Algorithm Giveth, and the Netflix Algorithm Taketh Away

The Best & Worst of the Scammer Series: 'The Dropout,' 'WeCrashed,' and 'Super Pumped'

There Is Some Really Good Television Coming Soon

Pete Davidson Has Literally Branded Kim Kardashian's Name Onto His Body

Wendi McLendon-Covey Addresses the Jeff Garlin Situation on 'The Goldbergs'

Netflix's Crackdown on Password Sharing May Come Sooner Than You Think

At Least Mike Myers' New Netflix Series Won't Be a Box Office Bomb

The 'How I Met Your Father' Finale Receives a Sparkling Visit from a 'How I Met Your Mother' Alum

It's Finally Happened: 'Fear the Walking Dead' Has Brought Back a Long-Dead Character

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Baffled by AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Announcements

Shakespearian Actor Brian Cox Brilliantly Recreates Sydney Sweeney's 'Euphoria' Meltdown

Jeff Garlin's CGI Presence on 'The Goldbergs' Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Magic Johnson Is the Least Interesting Character in HBO's 'Winning Time'

One Actor Had It Even Worse than Taylor Kitsch After 'John Carter' Bombed

NBC's 'New Amsterdam' Is Coming to an End

Kieran Culkin's Critic's Choice Award Speech Was a Wonderful Mess

Jane Campion Breaks the Social Media Record for Squandering Good Will

'SNL' and Zoë Kravitz Take on 'Amazon Go,' 'Word Crunch' and 'Don't Stop Believin'

Review: Heather Havrilesky's 'Wife Is Total B*tch' Memoir, 'Foreverland'

You Know Kim Kardashian's Take is Bad When Jameela Jamil Captures the High Ground

Bullet Points: Pete Davidson to Play Pete Davidson, While André Braugher Lands the Perfect Gig

The Trailer for the Final Season of 'Better Call Saul' Is Here If You Can Handle It

Can 'Quantum Leap' Reboot Even Work in 2022? (Updated, with the Rest of the Cast)

Disney Finally Denounces 'Don't Say Gay' Law, But Pixar Insists Disney Pushes 'Don't Show Gay' Agenda

Tom Hanks Finally Speaks to Podcaster He Fired for Having 'Dead Eyes'

'The Thing About Pam' Is that It Could Have Been So Much Better

'The Walking Dead' Has Completely Ruined Its Series Finale, Unless ...

'Bridgerton' Season 2 Trailer: Can the Netflix Series Survive Without Regé-Jean Page?

Olivia Rodrigo Steps One Foot Out of the Door of 'High School Musical: The Series'

What the Hell is Happening on Apple TV+'s 'Servant'?

Netflix's 'Pieces of Her' Is Hindered by a Lethally Stupid Main Character

Biden Bans Russian Oil Imports, But Shaquille O'Neal Has Solved the Rising Gas Price Problem

Disney Won't Denounce the 'Don't Say Gay Bill,' But It's OK Because of 'Modern Family'

What Kind of Movie Does Your Netflix Algorithm Tell You that 'The Weekend Away' Is?

AMC Greenlights Another 'The Walking Dead' Spinoff with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan

'Super Pumped' and the Egregious Miscasting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Watch the Trailer for 'Deep Water,' the Psychosexual Thriller that Brought Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Together

'SNL' and Oscar Isaac Take on Tucker Carlson, 'Don't Say Gay,' and 'Inventing Anna'

A Cringey 'Law & Order' Rips Elizabeth Holmes from the Headlines

Jon Stewart Praises the News Media's Coverage of Ukraine, Except for That 'S--thead' Tucker Carlson

Siri, What's the Worst Idea for a Television Show?

Bob Odenkirk Recounts His Experience with the Worst 'SNL' Host of All Time

The Guy Rejected by Tom Hanks for Having 'Dead Eyes' Lands Interview with Tom Hanks

Jan. 6 Committee Alleges Trump Committed Crimes; Does It Mean Anything?

The Engrossing 'Wild Boys' Podcast Takes On Grifters of a Whole Different Stripe

Brad Pitt Leads an Insane Cast in the John Wick-ian 'Bullet Train' Trailer

The Big Bad in the Final Season of 'The Walking Dead' Is Capitalism

The Larry David Documentary Scheduled to Air Tonight on HBO Has Been Pulled

'1883' Is Unlikely to Receive a Second Season Or Additional Episodes, As Previously Reported

Timothy Hutton Sues After Being Fired from 'Leverage: Redemption' Over Sexual Assault Allegation

Sam Elliot Thinks 'The Power of the Dog' is a Piece of S**t Movie, But for Troubling Reasons

13 Celebs You Might Genuinely Be Surprised to Learn are Newly Eligible for AARP Memberships

The Emotionally Satisfying but Otherwise Lousy 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale

The Subpar 'Law & Order: Organized Crime' Is Getting a Much-Needed Shake-Up

The '1883' Season Finale Is Like a Country Song Specifically Written to Make Grown Men Weep

John Mulaney Does What Mulaney Does and Delivers the Best 'SNL' of the Season

'Law & Order' Creaks Back in to a Changed World

A&E Cancels Sketchy Reality Series Because of the Sketchy Behavior of Its Sketchy Participants

President Biden Nominates Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court

Joy Behar Must Really Miss Meghan McCain

Arun and Natalia are the Luckiest (and One of the Worst) 'Amazing Race' Teams Ever

Some Unabashedly Sweet News About Two Unabashedly Decent People

Morning Briefing: Russia Invades Ukraine, Biden's Response, and Tovarisch Carlson

'The Endgame' Is NBC's Comically Inept 'Killing Eve'

What's Going on with NBC's Erratic Scheduling of 'New Amsterdam'?

Bullet Points: A Netflix Cancellation, 'Inventing Anna,' and a Game Show for Celebrity Stalkers?

First Look: Daniel Radcliffe as 'Weird Al' Yankovic, and the Magic of Lighting

An Explanation for Why Paramount+ Ordered More Episodes of '1883' But Didn't Renew It

'Space Force' Is Still Bad

The Rollout of Donald Trump's Twitter Clone Sputters, and Seth Meyers Has the Jokes

A Jordan Peele Tweet May Have Provided a (Disturbing) Clue About the Plot of 'Nope'

The Original 'Law & Order' Returns This Week; Watch the Full-Length Trailer

The Only Moment in This Week's 'Euphoria' that Matters Came in the Finale Promo

The #OscarsFanFavorite Vote Is Blowing Up on the Academy in Spectacular Fashion

'The Walking Dead' Returns with a Helluva Twist

Theory: This Is Who Murdered Xavier in 'The Afterparty' [Potential Spoilers]

Stream It Or Nah: Peacock's 'The Fresh Prince' Reboot, 'Bel-Air'

Watch the Trailer for Showtime's 'First Lady': How Is This Going to Work?

The Article on the Behind-the-Scenes Mess on HBO's 'Euphoria' is Disappointing

Three February Must Reads and One Overhyped Novel

Bullet Points: 'Fargo,' 'Stranger Things' and a Tale of Two Anti-Vaxxers

Maybe The Only Netflix Comedy We'll Care About in 2022

Chet Hanks Has Clearly Been Seeing a Therapist

Bullet Points: Paramount+ Is Determined to Stretch Taylor Sheridan and 'Yellowstone' Too Thin

The Other Shoe Drops at CNN

The Most Compelling Anna in Netflix's 'Inventing Anna' Is Anna Chlumsky

Jesse Plemons Rues the Plight of 'Rich White Guys' in the 'Windfall' Trailer

Maybe Sarah Palin Has a Point (But Barely, And Only in Theory)

The Oscars Select Three Hosts, and We're Not Going to Mention The Worst Things We Know About Them

The Best, Most Harrowing Valentine's Day Miracle Story You Will Ever Read (2022 Update)

'I Want You Back' Is the Charlie Day of Scott Eastwood Romcoms

When Super Bowl Commercials and Online Culture Collide

Super Bowl/ Superb Owl Open Thread

'Pivoting' Is a Wildly Enjoyable 'Bad' Sitcom

Kanye West Has Beef with Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish, Like the Rest of the Planet, Is Like, 'Whut'?

Jon Stewart Addresses the Backlash to His Defense of Joe Rogan

Watch the Trailer for 'Jurassic World: Dominion,' the Last Movie of the Trilogy

Bullet Points: Anthony Ramos to the MCU, Russell Crowe to the Spidey-U, 'Better Things' and EW

Netflix's 'The Woman in the House Across the Street ...' Is an Odd Egg of a TV Series

Jimmy Kimmel Is Unhappy with that 'Don't Look Up' Nomination, Too

The Trailer for A24's 'Men' Will Unnerve You to the Bone

James Gunn Disputes Steven Soderbergh's Characterization of Superhero Movies (Sort of)

Jimmy Carr's Holocaust Joke Illustrates the Value of the First Amendment

Apple TV+'s 'Suspicion' Would Have Been Better as a Binge

Watch the Trailer for Hulu's 'The Dropout,' Starring Amanda Seyfried

Why Doesn't NBC Want Leslie Jones to Recap the Olympics?

The Razzie Nominations Have Been Announced, and We Have a Bone to Pick with One

Serial's New Podcast 'The Trojan Horse Affair' Is Very, Very Good

Bullet Points: HBO Renewals, 'That '90's Show,' 'Law & Order,' and a Deadly Flu Movie You'll Want to Watch

Here's the Problem with Jon Stewart and the Spotify CEO's Defense of Joe Rogan

Netflix Promises 86 New Movies in 2022 (Only Teases 25) (Less than 10 Of Which You'll Care About)

Mike Schur Hates Ayn Rand

The First Original Film from The Daily Wire Involves Some, Uh, Interesting Characters

The Watergate Era Content is Coming, But Will Anyone Care?

Kevin James Netflix Movie 'Home Team' Is Nothing To Write ... Er, About

Bullet Points: Rachel Maddow's Hiatus, Jennifer Garner's Return to TV, and Parker Posey to 'The Walking Dead' Universe

Jeff Zucker Abruptly Resigns from CNN Amid an Affair with Messy Implications

India Arie Pulls Music from Spotify After Objecting to Joe Rogan For Different Reasons

Bill Belichick Texted the Wrong Coach; Now Brian Flores Is Suing the NFL for Racial Discrimination

Update: Whoopi Goldberg Says Something Dumb, Apologizes, and Then Doubles Down

Did School Libraries Ban the Constitution Because No One Understands the First Amendment Anymore

Why Is 'Euphoria' So Good When Its Creator Can Often Be So Bad?

Joe Rogan 'Apologizes'

Peyton Manning Steals the Willem Dafoe Hosted 'SNL' with a Tribute to 'Emily in Paris'

Season 2 of 'Beforeigners' Dives Too Quickly Into Late Season 'Fringe' Territory

Bullet Points: Momoa Vrooms, He-Man Finds Its Lead, and Jesse Eisenberg Is 'In Trouble'

'The Afterparty' Puts All Your Favorite Scene-Stealing Actors into One Wild Whodunit

Mark Ruffalo: Foot Guy, Gentlemanly Subway Photographer, or Both?

In a Cryptic Insta Post, Actor Ezra Miller Appears to Threaten the KKK

Bullet Points (Podcast Edition): 'Serial,' 'Radiolab,' and 'My Favorite Murder'

Aziz Ansari on Aaron Rodgers: 'Can We Cut Him a Break?'

'Ozark' Is Still Doing What 'Ozark' Does, Now In Its Fourth Season

Do 'SNL' Writers Write in Advance During Off Weeks?

Bullet Points: Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg Sell Film Directed by Mel Gibson's Girlfriend

The Undoing of Aaron Rodgers' Mind Has Been in the Works for Years

Bullet Points: Chris Evans, The Rock, 'Ghosts,' and Peacock Cancels the Worst TV Show of 2021

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers Eliminated in Wild NFL Playoff Weekend

Will Forte Returns to 'SNL' and He Brings 'MacGruber' and a Threesome Along With Him

What to Stream This Weekend

Bullet Points: The First 'Law & Order' Teaser, Joshua Jackson, and a January 6th Movie from Adam McKay

2021's Most Watched Streaming Series Was NOT 'Squid Game*,' Which IS Getting a Sequel

'As We See It' Depicts Young Adulthood on the Spectrum, and It Has a Heart the Size of Texas

Alec Baldwin Is Being Sued for $25 Million by the Family of a Fallen Soldier. Is This a Case?

Peacock's 'MacGruber' TV Series Is Delightfully Nonsensical

The Era of Tech-Bro Villains Begins!

Update: Justice Neil Gorsuch Is a Real Piece of Work

'How I Met Your Father' is 100 Percent Ted Mosby, Zero Percent Robin Sparkles

'Cobra Kai' and 'I, Tonya' Actor Cancels Himself on Twitter

The Ending of Harlan Coben's 'Stay Close' on Netflix Explained

For Shame! A Producer on 'Yellowjackets' Made a Comment Critical of Melanie Lynskey's Body

The'Yellowjackets' Showrunners Address All Your Theories After the Finale

'SNL' Returns with Host Ariana DuBose, But Maybe It Came Back Too Soon, Lurr

Bullet Points: More 'Justified' and 'Quantum Leap,' Plus Tim Allen's 'The Santa Claus

After Messy Drama, Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Network Reinstates 'Home Work'

Please Don't Rake Me Over the Coals, but Jimmy Fallon's 'That's My Jam' Is a Blast

Joe Rogan Can't Be Canceled, And That's a Problem

Bullet Points: A Jew-ish Food Writer Is Cancelled, 'The Flight Attendant,' and 'Only Murders in the Building'

Days After Joining the Social Media Platform, Joe Rogan Trashes GETTR

Ben Affleck Attributes Decision to Quit Batman to Matt Damon

Sitcom Review Capsules: 'American Auto,' 'Grand Crew,' 'Pivoting'

Ina Garten Sees Reese Witherspoon's Daily Habits and Raises Her

Bullet Points: Bob's Burgers, a Fake 'Reboot,' and Chip and Joanna Gaines Run Into Issues

Ben Affleck Shines in George Clooney's Low-Key 'The Tender Bar'

'Jackass Forever' Trailer: Other People's Pain is the Best Medicine

An Ill-Advised Time-Out Cost the Los Angeles Chargers the Playoffs

'Bel Air' Trailer: The Fresh Prince Reinterpreted as 'Euphoria'

'Dexter: New Blood' Season Finale Recap [Spoilers]

Nita Prose's 'The Maid' Is a Stunning and Cozy Debut Novel

A JK Rowling Defender Delivers the Year's Worst Tweet (So Far)

'SNL' Will (Inexplicably) Return in 8 Days With a Hell of a Host (That Many Have Never Heard Of)

Nancy Pelosi Is a Deeply, Profoundly Embarrassing Person

Marty and Wendy Byrde Go Toe to Toe with Ruth in the Trailer for Season 4 of 'Ozark'

From One Hick to Another: J.D. Vance's 'Hillbilly Elegy' is Bad

The Magic Ingredient in the Continued Storytelling Success of 'Cobra Kai'

That Guy from 'Home Improvement' Doesn't Think NFTs Are a Thing He Should Do

Fox's Trendy 'Cleaning Lady' Is a Waste of Élodie Yung's Talents

This Explains Why Aaron Rodgers Is Often Described by Teammates as 'Selfish' and 'Self-Absorbed'

Jon Stewart, Sean Gunn Attack JK Rowling for Different Bigotries

There's Only One Way 'Dexter: New Blood' Can End Now

Pabst Blue Ribbon Openly Acknowledges Its Taste Profile

Matt Damon Is Really Leaning into His Unflattering Persona, Isn't He?

The 2021 Pajiba Ten: The 10 Brainiest, Most Lustful Celebrities on the Planet

The Best Shows We Didn't Write About This Year

The Year's Worst Surprise Television Twist

There's an Egregious Continuity Error in This Week's Otherwise Excellent 'Dexter: New Blood'

Fringe Republicans Are Abandoning Not Just Trump, But Openly Rejecting Christianity

Happy Holidays to Everyone Except Josh Duggar

Peter Dinklage's Explanation for the 'Game of Thrones' Finale Backlash is Baffling

The 'Yellowstone' Prequel, '1883' Is Actually Really Good

Congressman and College Drop-Out Divorces 'Earthen Vessel' After 8 Months of Marriage

The Best Television Subplot of 2021

James Franco Speaks to Seth Rogen's Decision to End Their Working Relationship

HBO's Sizzle Reel Reveals That 'Westworld' and 'The Nevers' Are Still a Thing, Plus 'Barry'

Aaron Rodgers Somehow Sinks Even Lower

Kenneth Branagh's 'Death on the Nile' Trailer Features an All-Star Cast (and Armie Hammer)

Lorne Michaels Teases His Retirement from 'Saturday Night Live'

As Omicron Surges, Even Trump Supporters Are Booing Trump for Getting a Booster

John Lithgow's Brief Return to 'Dexter' as the Trinity Killer Was Suitably Creepy

Jeff Garlin Said He Hated Working on 'The Goldbergs.' Clearly, the Feeling Was Mutual

Joe Manchin Is the Worst, and Yet Somehow Better than the Alternative

Paul Rudd Hosts an Awkward, Weird, But Memorable Pseudo-Canceled 'SNL'

'Bob's Burgers' Voice Actor Banned for Appearing at the Jan. 6th Riot

'Law & Order' Revival Rounds Out Its Cast with a Returning Actor and a Familiar Face

The Final Straw that Led to The Decision to Fire Jeff Garlin from 'The Goldbergs'

'The How I Met Your Father' Trailer Is Sweaty, but Promising

This Week's 'Riverdale' is Blathering Incoherent Lunacy and Also Brilliant?

Jeff Garlin Has Permanently 'Left' 'The Goldbergs' Because Everyone Wanted Him to Leave

Lance Reddick Says that Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, Is 'Cool as F---'

This Is What Happened to the Careers of Kevin James and Taylor Lautner

Ben Affleck Told Howard Stern He Started Drinking Because He Felt 'Trapped' in His Marriage

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: The Exquisite Katja Herbers

Kim Kardashian Passed the 'Baby Bar' Exam. What Does That Mean?

Texts Reveal Desperate Fox News Hosts and Trump Jr. Pleaded with Trump to Call Off Rioters

On 'Dexter,' the Truth Will Set You Free. Or Backfire Spectacularly

In Netflix's 'The Unforgivable,' Sandra Bullock Holds Her Own with Viola Davis, and That's Reason Enough to Watch

This Is Not OK, South Dakota

Congress Obtains a PowerPoint Document Outlining Trump's Plan to Stage a Coup

Billie Eilish Crushes It as Host (and Musical Guest) of 'SNL'

What's Is Up with the Confusing, Anticlimactic 'Invasion' Finale?

Is This the Best Television Ad of 2021?

'National Champions' Marshals a Stellar Cast to Debate Whether Student-Athletes Should Be Paid

First Look: The Return of 'Law & Order,' Original Flavor

Fox News Host Gleefully Celebrates the Firing of 900 'Millennial Snowflakes' Over Zoom: 'I Love This So Much!'

The Spectacularly Lame Way 'Riverdale' Brought Back Kiernan Shipka's Sabrina

What the Hell Is This, Kristen Bell?

The Fox News Christmas Tree Torched; Politico Will Probably Blame Kamala Harris

'The Shrink Next Door' Isn't Very Good, Is It?

Important: FX On Hulu Is No More, but FX Will Continue to Air On Hulu

Politico Is Petty AF

The Wild Jussie Smollett Trial Is Like Something Out of a Stefon Sketch

Dexter Needs to Work on His Parenting Skills

What the Hell is Going on with the Mean Ole' Kamala Harris?

CNN Finally Fires Chris Cuomo After a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct Surfaces

A Faltering 'Fear the Walking Dead' Is Bringing Back a Long-Dead, Original Character

What the Hell Happened in the Post-Credits Scene in 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Finale?

Jeff Garlin Awkwardly Admits and Denies Long-Running Misbehavior on the Set of 'The Goldbergs'

No One Is Talking About 'Invasion' on Apple TV+

Trevor Noah Tries to Straddle the Precarious Line Between Anti-Vaxxer and Big-Pharma Skeptic

Amazon Finally Gives 'Reacher' the Mass Market Paperback Adaptation It Deserves

A Tearful Alec Baldwin Says He Doesn't 'Give a F----' About His Career Anymore

'The Sinner' Mystery Concludes with the Worst Kind of Ending

Colton Underwood Admits He Came Out Because of His Ex-Girlfriend's Restraining Order

RIP Roe vs. Wade (Thanks to Susan Collins)

The 'La Brea' Season Finale Plays Musical Chairs with Time

The Latest in the Trials Against Jussie Smollett, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Elizabeth Holmes

Alice Sebold Apologizes to Anthony Broadwater, the Man Wrongfully Convicted of Her Rape; Her Memoir Is Pulled

Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus Will Replace Carson Daly on the New Year's Eve Special You Don't Watch

Adam McKay Details His Ugly Falling Out with Will Ferrell: 'I F---ed Up'

'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Has Been a Profound Waste of Time

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Serial Killer in the Best 'Dexter' Episode Yet

The Man Accused of Raping Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned Because of a Film Producer

Good Morning, Shirtless Elliot Page. And Shirtless Elliot Page Only

Take Note, Naysayers: This Is How You Answer the Superhero Question

A Defensive Dave Chappelle Lashes Out at High School Students at his Alma Mater

'La Brea' Recap: Let's Do the Time Warp Again?

Cancel Culture Strikes Again!

'Mayor Pete' Covers the Rise of Pete Butitgieg But Papers Over the Fall

Andrew Garfield Is Lovely

'Dexter: New Blood' Zeroes In on the Other Serial Killer

The Outsized Importance of Montana in 'Yellowstone,' and Jamie Discovers Who Took the Hit Out on the Duttons

Facebook Doesn't Care About Black People (or Trans People, Muslims, Jews, or Women)

'SNL' Highlights: Simu Liu, Bowen Yang, Dog Head Man, and 'Walking in Staten'

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty

'The Morning Show' Concludes a Scattershot, Messy Season

Discovery+ Set to Senselessly Reignite the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp Wars

It's Official: Pete Davidson Is Tall (Also Dating Kim Kardashian)

Stream It Or Nah: The Stitched Together Serial Killer Drama, 'Ragdoll'

Watch J.Lo Bring Back the Mid-Aughts Rom Com in the Trailer for 'Marry Me'

The 'Endless Thread' Podcast Series on Memes Is Endlessly Fascinating

'Great British Bake Off' Co-Host Matt Lucas Is the Worst

USA Network Cancels Its Last Remaining Decent Series

'La Brea' Introduces a Wild New Twist

'Riverdale' Kills Off a Major Character with a Spectacularly Lame Stunt

Ugh, Again With This Kurt Warner Movie

'Yellowstone' Sets up Its Spin-Off '6666' By Relocating a Fan Favorite to Texas

[Spoilers] Fox's '9-1-1' Loses Another Cast Member, This Time Over a Vaccine Mandate

Surely, Laura Ingraham Is Not This Dumb

The Best Show You Didn't Watch During the Pandemic Returns for Season 2

'It's Insane.' George Clooney Is 'Infuriated' By What Happened on the Set of 'Rust'

Jeremy Renner's Bone Tired 'Mayor of Kingstown'

'Dexter: New Blood' Episode 2 Recap: Who Is Iris?

Jonathan Majors Is a Delight as Host of 'SNL'

Spoilers: The Wild Ending to 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Explained

Busy Phillips Calls Out that Instagram Post by Former Friend, Chris Pratt

What's the Deal with Lil Nas X Being in an Episode of Maury Povich's Show Next Week?

First Looks: 'How I Met Your Father' and the 'Sex and the City' Sequel Series, 'And Just Like That'

The Fate of Hannah on 'Dexter' Has Been Revealed

The 'Impeachment: American Crime Story' Finale Lands with a Thud

One of the Best TV Gems of the Pandemic Returns for a Second Season

'La Brea' Starts to Get Desperate, Which Is Good News For Us

Aaron Rodgers Fined by the NFL; Shailene Woodley Defends His Penis Size

Emilio Estevez Speaks Out After Being Fired from 'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers'

Dean Stockwell Has Died at the Age of 85

Review: 'Finch' Is Yet Another Movie That Lets Down America's Dad

'Dexter' Is Back, and So Is Some of that Early Season Magic

As Host of 'SNL,' Kieran Culkin Is Exactly As Good As You Expected He'd Be

Aaron Rodgers Became the Joker So Quick!

Stream It or Nah: Hulu's Bleak but Riveting 'Dopesick'

Hillary Clinton's Espionage Thriller 'State of Terror' Is Delightfully Thinly Veiled

Morning Briefing: What Is This? Good News? Feels Weird

Remembering the Celebrity Sex Scandal That Eased Barack Obama's Path to the White House

Fox Is Bringing Back One of Its Most Reviled, and Popular, Reality Dating Series

Stream It or Nah: 'I Know What You Did Last Summer,' the Series on Prime Video

Courtney Love Enthusiastically Approved the Use of that Nirvana Song on this Week's 'Succession'

'La Brea' Recap: What's the Deal with November 16th, 1988?

History Reared Its Ugly Head Again On Election Night

Some Brief Thoughts on This 'Woke' Season of 'Survivor'

What Does 'Let's Go Brandon' Mean, and What Does It Have to Do with Kathy Griffin?

No, Michael C. Hall Didn't Like That 'Dexter' Finale, Either

'The Morning Show' Jumps the Shark, Kills Off a Major Character

Kal Penn Comes Out as a NASCAR Fan (Also Gay)

Steve Buscemi Won This Year's Halloween (But There Were Some Decent Celebrity Runner-Ups)

Review: In 'Found,' Three Adoptees Search for Their Birth Parents But Find Something Better

Dave Chappelle Breaks His Promise

The 'End of Days' Arrives (Again) in the Trailer for Season 2 of 'Witcher'

The Lawyers for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 'Rust' Armorer, Release Statement

Review: 'The Sinner' Season 4 Satisfies an Itch

Brian Cox Has Thoughts on Johnny Depp, Quentin Tarantino

The Armorer on the Set of 'Rust' Also Nearly Blew Nicolas Cage's '#!$ing Eardrums Out'

'Impeachment: American Crime Story': Hillary Finds Out

'La Brea' Deepens the Mystery Surrounding the Handprint Community

Huma Abedin Writes that She Was Sexually Assaulted by a U.S. Senator

Revisiting the Feud Between Bobcat Goldthwait and Jerry Seinfeld

Television Renewals and Pick-Ups: 'Succession,' 'Home Economics,' 'Foundation,' and More

Watch the Trailer for 'The Unforgivable,' Sandra Bullock's First Movie in Three Years

'Fear the Walking Dead' Introduces (But Thankfully Does Not Show) a Zombie Baby

Jason Sudeikis Delivers The Best Episode of the Early Season as Host of 'SNL'

The Clever Misdirect Responsible for the Narrative Success of 'One Of Us Is Lying' [Spoilers]

[Spoilers] 'You' Season Three Got Its Ending All Wrong

It's Weird That They Rebooted 'Head Of the Class,' Isn't It?

A Brief But Honest Summary of 'American Horror Story' Season 10, Part 2, 'Death Valley'

Brian Cox Confirms Jeremy Strong Can Be 'Challenging' on the Set of 'Succession'

Watch the Trailer for 'Ambulance,' the New Movie from Michael Bay ... Wait, Come Back! Don't Go!

'Impeachment: American Crime Story': Bill Clinton Gaslights a Nation

'La Brea' Is Finally Cooking with Gas

Neil Cavuto Tests Positive, John King Reveals MS Diagnosis, And Travis Tritt Doesn't Give a Damn

Ahead of Today's Walk-Out at Netflix, Ted Sarandos Concedes He 'Screwed Up'

Please Don't Rake Me Over the Coals, but CBS's Reboot of 'Ghosts' Isn't Bad

Anna Marie Tendler Has Life Hacks on TikTok Now

For Their Next Big Bad, 'Fear the Walking Dead' Promotes from Within

Watch the Incoherent Trailer for Jeremy Renner's New Series, 'Mayor of Kingstown'

Host Rami Malek Tackles 'Squid Game' on an Otherwise Dismal 'SNL'

Talent Show Meant to Showcase Extreme Daredevil Acts Results in Extreme Injury

OK, Not Every NFL Coach Is a Total Garbage Person

Don't 'Drag My Name into Your Mess': Hannah Gadsby Lashes Out at Netflix Over Dave Chappelle

Netflix's Latest Argument in Defense of Dave Chappelle Is Absurd

Vintage Ben Affleck Returns in the Trailer for the George Clooney Directed 'Tender Bar'

'Impeachment: American Crime Story' Takes on Operation Prom Night

NBC's 'La Brea' Is Not Living Up to Its Potential

Aisling Bea Explaining Why She Has an English Accent in the 'Home Alone' Reboot Is Better than the Trailer for the 'Home Alone' Reboot

iHeartRadio Podcast Awards Nominations Are Here to Push All Your FOMO Buttons

AMC Greenlights Another 'The Walking Dead' Spin-Off, Blows OG's Cliffhanger

'I Meant What I Said': Dwayne Johnson Keeps His Messy Feud with Vin Diesel Alive

Trailer: The 'Home Alone' Reboot Has a Great Cast, But, Uh ...

The Only Difference Between Jon Gruden and Much of the NFL's Coaching Ranks Is That He Got Caught

Stream it or Nah: Kristen Bell Scams the Coupon Industry in Paramount+'s 'Queenpins'

Netflix Should License the Most Underappreciated Gem of 2021 from Starz

'The Walking Dead' Winter Finale Ends with a Cheap, Pointless Cliffhanger

John Cusack Got into It with a Jackass from Barstool Sports at a White Sox Game

Kim Kardashian West Is Both Better and Worse Than You Expect as Host of 'SNL'

Peacock's 'One of Us Is Lying' Is a Slight but Entertaining High School-Set Murder Mystery

Now on Hulu: The Magnificent 'Jacinta' and the Remarkable Prescience of Documentarians

'Entourage' Creator Doug Ellin Wants the Creators of 'Billions' to 'Burn in Hell'

'American Crime Story: Impeachment': Did Monica Lewinsky Date Jake Tapper?

Trailer: Do We Need Another 'Cyrano'? Will You Reconsider for Peter Dinklage?

'La Brea' Day Two: What's Up with the Handprint Symbol?

'The Problem with Jon Stewart' Is that It Would Be a Better Podcast than TV Show

HBO Releases Its 'House of the Dragon,' Trailer; Is There Still an Appetite for It?

An Explainer: How 'The World Beyond' Fits into 'The Walking Dead' Universe

The Increasingly Indefensible 'The Walking Dead' Introduces a Loathsome New Character

Morning Briefing: Stephen Miller Comes to Sinema's Defense, Facebook, and Tom Brady

Season Finale Spoilers: What's Going on with Damian Lewis on 'Billions'?

Highlights from the Owen Wilson Hosted Season Premiere of 'Saturday Night Live'

Review: Melissa McCarthy's 'The Starling' Is Very Bad

Jameela Jamil Tweets a First-Look of her 'She-Hulk' Villain, Titania

Morning Briefing: Democrats Can't Agree on Pivotal Bills ... Yet, Plus Alex Jones Loses Sandy Hook Cases

Natalie Zea's 'La Brea' Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S in the Best-Worst Way

Morning Briefing: It's Going Sideways for Democrats; Lewandowski Pushed Out for Groping

'Impeachment: American Crime Story' Episode 4 Is an Excruciating Watch

What's Going On with Max and Helen on 'New Amsterdam'?

Daniel Craig Broke Dave Bautista's Nose, But There's a Disagreement About What Happened Next

How the 2021 'The Wonder Years' Pilot Differs from the 1988 Original

Netflix Releases New Data on Most Popular Titles, But It's Still an Opaque Mess

Kyrsten Sinema Is the Worst

Will Smith Reveals that Jada Pinkett-Smith Wasn't the 'Only One Engaging in Other Sexual Relationships'

Yet Another Cast Member Departs 'The Rookie'

'SNL' Loses Two Cast Members, Neither of Which Are Kyle Mooney

'The Walking Dead' Goes Feral

Russell T. Davies Is Exactly Who 'Doctor Who' Needed Again

'Army of Thieves' Trailer: In the Synderpocalypse, Capitalism Stops for No Zombie

James Marsters on 'Buffy,' a Violent Altercation with Joss Whedon, and John Barrowman's Penis

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Other Apple: Chris Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment

Watch: School Board Meetings Are a Trip These Days (and Brian Williams Delivers a Great Zinger)

Cary Fukunaga Had Issues with Nic Pizzolatto on 'True Detective'

'SNL' Sets Its First Four Guest Hosts, Including Jason Sudeikis and Kim Kardashian West

'Impeachment: American Crime Story' Offers Another Lesson in Illusion Versus Reality

The Anti-Maskers and Anti-Vaxxers Are Showing Their Asses This Week

Conor McGregor Cannot Throw a Baseball

Ugh, I Can't With This Kurt Warner Movie

'Ordinary Joe' Review: James Wolk Deserves Good Things (But We'll Settle for This)

Asked If He'll Appear in the Next 'Spider-Man' Movie, Topher Grace Had a Hell of an Answer

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Son, Gus, Makes a Cameo Appearance on This Week's 'The Walking Dead'

It Was a Big Night for White Folks at the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards

The 2021 Emmy Award Winners

The 'Succession' 3 Trailer Goes 'Full @#$ing Beast'

Jon Stewart Addresses But Offers Little Clarity on His Lab Leak Conspiracy Theory

Conan O'Brien Discusses the Improvised Origins of Norm Macdonald's 'The Moth' Joke

'The Big Leap' Is a Feel-Good Drama About a Feel-Good Reality Show Featuring Very Hot People

Zoe Lister-Jones Opens Up About Her Open Marriage with Director Daryl Wein

Watch the Trailer for 'I Know What You Did Last Summer,' The Amazon ... TV Series

Who Won 2021's 'America's Got Talent' Competition?

Courtney Thorne-Smith Addresses that Norm Macdonald Video Going Around Again

'American Crime Story: Impeachment': Bill Clinton Is a Total Sleazebucket

Watch the Trailer for Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story' Starring the Most Punchable Face in the Business

Here's a Moment of Pure Joy (and a Story About an Awkward Erection) To Begin Your Day

AMC+'s 'Kin' Is a Riveting Irish Crime Drama About Grief

Casting and Industry News That Has Nothing To Do With This Photo: 'The Penguin,' 'Ted Lasso,' 'Wonka' and, uh, Chipotle

Here's the Answer to the Only Question You Had About Last Night's Return of 'Jeopardy'?

'American Rust' Review: Mare of Hillbilly Elegy

'The Walking Dead' Veers Dangerously Close to Final Season 'Dexter' Territory

A Brief Recap of the 2021 MTV VMAs for Ben Affleck, and Ben Affleck Only

The Experimental Arm of 'The Walking Dead' Universe Goes for Broke

Review: Netflix's Captivating 'Worth' Asks Us to Place a Monetary Number on the Value of Life

Dexter Is Doing Well

'American Crime Story: Impeachment' Forces Us To Reassess Our Villains

Morning Briefing: A Few Thoughts About Liberal Hypocrisy

Stephen Amell Regrets 'Being an Asshole in Public'

Watch: Matt Smith Murders Anya Taylor-Joy in Edgar Wright's Psychological Thriller, 'Last Night in Soho'

An Update on 'Better Call Saul' Six Weeks after Bob Odenkirk's Heart Attack

Check Out the Stacked Cast in the Trailer for Adam McKay's 'Don't Look Up'

The 'You've Got Mail' False Memory Mystery Resolved

Shanah Tovah! Here's Mandy Patinkin Singing Jewish Blessings to ... His Dog Becky

Friends and Fans Remember Michael K. Williams

'The Walking Dead' is Cooked

Spoilers: The Profoundly Idiotic Ending of Netflix's 'Clickbait' Explained

'Afterlife of the Party' Is Yet Another Bland Product of the Netflix Algorithm

'The Walking Dead: The World Beyond' Trailer: When Television Universes Go Wrong

It's Weird that Justin Theroux Takes His Shirt Off on Flights, Right?

Trailer: Netflix's 'Red Notice' Starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot

Morning Briefing: The Legacy of Donald Trump and Twenty Years of Minority Rule Continue to Ruin Us

James Holzhauer Explains Why He's So Stoked that Mike Richards Was Fired

Now on Hulu: 'Vacation Friends' Is Passable, But It Doesn't Deserve to Be

Mike Richards Fired As Executive Producer of 'Jeopardy!' and 'Wheel of Fortune'

Today, the Forever War Ends; Tomorrow, the American Media Forgets About It

Casting and Industry News: Jon Stewart, Jeopardy!, Stinky Gyllenhaal, and 'You' (No, Not You. 'You')

What's Up with all the Weird Class Imagery in This Week's 'The Walking Dead'?

Al Roker to the Youths: 'Get Off My Hurricane-Soaked Lawns'

The Morning Briefing: Life Sure Feels Like Walking Against Hurricane Winds Right Now, Don't It?

'American Horror Story' Season 10 Goes Interview with a Shining Vampire

What Does Roy Kent Look Like When He Smiles, Plus How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham?

Sandra Oh's 'The Chair' Is as Funny as It Is Stressful

Trailer Round-Up: Benedict Cumberbatch Whistles, Melissa McCarthy Cries, and Gemma Arterton Curses

'Jeopardy!' Continues to Dig Its Own Grave, Standing by Mike Richards as EP

'The Other Two' Will Fill that 'Schitt's Creek' Sized Hole in Your Heart

Stream It or Nah: 'Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed'

Here's the First Look of Dexter's Son, Harrison, in the 'Dexter' Revival

Mandy Patinkin Shares a 'The Princess Bride' Memory that Will Make You Ugly Cry

Minnie Driver Recalls a Magical Moment with Robin Williams on the Set of 'Good Will Hunting'

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Didn't Want to Deliver that Glenn Line in 'The Walking Dead,' Either

The Facebook Groups Devoted to the Use of Ivermectin to Treat COVID are Heartbreaking and Ignorant

Watch the Teaser Trailer for 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' (The Real One)

'The Walking Dead' Final Season Premiere Evokes an Unpopular Past Moment in the Series

Watch the Trailer for the Second Season of Apple TV+'s 'The Morning Show'

The Inevitable (and Undeserved) 'Ted Lasso' Backlash Has Predictably Arrived

Will Smith Reveals Exactly Why He Turned Down 'The Matrix' (And He Was Right)

Mike Richards Quits 'Jeopardy!' After the First Day of Taping

Where Has Channing Tatum Been? And Is He Dating Zoë Kravitz Now?

It Looks Like 'Manifest' Has Been Saved For Some Reason

Here's that 'Big Announcement' Mark Zuckerberg Made about the 'Future of Facebook'

Stream It or Nah: Netflix's Latest Harlan Coben Series, 'Gone for Good'

Joshua Jackson (RIP) Belongs in the Keanu Reeves and Brendan Fraser Club

Jared Padalecki Clarifies Twitter Spat With Jensen Ackles About ‘Supernatural’ Prequel ... Sort Of

'The Crown' Unveils Its First Look at Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West as the Next Diana and Charles

You Can't Watch the Trailer for 'Bob Ross Happy Accidents Betrayal & Greed' Because, Mysteriously, There Is No Trailer

The Morning Briefing: Afghanistan, Tucker, Cruz, Boosters, and Chris Cuomo

Casting and Industry News: Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie Reunite, 'Smartless,' and ScarJo

Recap: 'Heels' Is a Show About a Small-Business Masquerading as a Wrestling Drama

Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden. In Afghanistan, They Are All to Blame

John Oliver Takes a Swipe at the New Host of 'Jeopardy!' Mike Richards

Never Forget: Marvel Is Not Your Friend

Vincent Kartheiser Investigated for On-Set Misbehavior For Basically Being Pete Campbell

Review: Starz's Wrestling Drama 'Heels' Is Phenomenal

A Midseason Review of HBO Max's 'Gossip Girl' Reboot

The Morning Briefing: A Democratic Pissing Match, the Census, and the Pandemic

Sarah Silverman Loves Emma Stone, Is Cool with Ex Dating a Woman Half His Age

Taika Waititi Is an Uncomfortable Talk-Show Interviewee

Sometimes, the Internet Is Good: Brendan Fraser Edition

James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings on the Disappointing Decision to Choose Mike Richards as Host of 'Jeopardy'

Review: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Sweaty, Desperate 'Family Game Fight'

Mike Richards Reportedly Named New 'Jeopardy!' Host with a Mayim Bialik Twist

Stephen Colbert Takes Brian Stelter to Task Over CNN's Cuomo Brothers' Conflict of Interests

Jackée Harry Had a Delightfully Inappropriate Response to Idris Elba's Casting in 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2'

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Meet Your Newest Ally, Anti-Vaxxers: Chet Hanks

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What Was the First CD You Purchased?

'Mr. Corman' Review: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Not OK

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Everything Has Gone to Hell Again

FX on Hulu's 'Y: The Last Man' Trailer is Finally (Finally) Here

Kristen Schaal Was Once Fired from 'South Park,' Which Just Re-Upped for Fourteen (14!) Movies

Mike Richards, Once Sued for Harassment, Is Reportedly 'Jeopardy' Host Frontrunner

'Canceled' Comedian Launches National Tour Next Week at Madison Square Garden

How to Trash Your Old Director without 'Trashing' Your Old Director: David Ayer Edition

Celebrity Comings and Goings: The Offspring Drummer, Coen Brother(?), and Alicia Vikander

Longtime 'SNL' Veterans May Not Only Stay, But Remain For Several More Years

Some Decent News on the Vaccine Front?

Matt Damon('s Publicist Unconvicingly) Walks Back F-Slur Comments

'Kevin Can F**k Himself' Remains a Great Show Buried Beneath an Unnecessary One

Today, Kevin Smith Turns Wilford Brimley in 'Cocoon' Years Old

Let Us Speculate on Who Should Replace Jodie Whittaker as the Next Doctor Who

The Delta Variant is a Real POS

Ryan Adams Is Not Doing Well

Netflix Head of Original Films Uses Corporate Speak to Call One Of Its Original Films Trash

Jodie Whitaker and Chris Chibnall Announce their Departures from 'Doctor Who'

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The Audacity of Piers Morgan, of All People, to Go After Simone Biles

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A Nation Holds Its Breath as It Awaits Updates on Bob Odenkirk's Medical Condition

Review: 'Schmigadoon' Is Good, but Ariana DeBose Is Great

The Trailer for Stephen King's 'Chapelwaite' is Red Band for a Reason

Watch: The Trailer for 'Lamb' Tackles, uh, 'The Dark Mysteries of Human-Animal Relations'

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As Infection Rates Rise Again, Parents May Have to Choose Between Showers and Disease-Free Kids

'The Walking Dead' Teases the Beginning of the End (No, Really)

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Review: Mark Wahlberg's 'Joe Bell' Is Inexcusable [Spoilers]

'Kung Fu' Stunt Double Fakes Injury, Proposes to Stunt Double Girlfriend

It's All Falling Apart Again

Season 3 of HBO's 'Barry' Set to Begin Production. Finally

Olympic Officials Fired After Heinous Past Transgressions Surface

Marc Maron Makes a Delightful Dig at Joe Rogan (and Austin's) Expense

Steven Conrad, the Weird Mind Behind 'Patriot,' Returns with 'Ultra City Smiths'

Here are the 10 Most Watched Netflix Original Movies and TV Series

An Old Tradition Returns, as Tom Brady Zings Donald Trump in a White House Ceremony

This Teaser for 'The Problem with Jon Stewart' Is Not Promising

'Jackass Forever' Trailer: Older (and More Handsome!), But No Wiser

Watch the Trailer for 'The Last Duel,' Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Epic Fridging Movie

The Trailer for Starz Wrestling Drama, 'Heels,' Has Some Real 'I Don't Want Your Life' Energy

Kate Herron On Why ... She Is Not Returning for Season 2 ... of 'Loki'

Facebook Denies Role in Vaccine Hesitancy, Is Also Completely Full Of It

Never Underestimate Kevin Smith the Business Person

The Shipping Container Shortage is Fascinating, And Also Screwing Us

Covid Production Shutdowns Are Back, and Insurance Companies Are Being Uncooperative

Joshua Jackson is 'Dirty John, M.D.' in Peacock's Trashy, Addictive 'Dr. Death'

Aisling Bea's 'This Way Up,' That Uproarious and Heartwarming British Series You've Never Heard Of, Is Back

Dave Grohl Wrote 'Everlong' About Veruca Salt's Louise Post (Who He Cheated On with Winona Ryder)

Netflix Fires Three Execs for Complaining About Their Bosses in What They Believed Were Private Slacks

Hoda Kotb Reacts to That Adam Demos' Shot During the 'Sex/Life' Shower Scene

HBO Reportedly Paid James Gandolfini $3 Million Not to Replace Steve Carell in 'The Office'

Vladmir Putin Played Us Like a Скрипка

As Infection Rates Rise Again, Olivia Rodrigo Helps the White House Promote Vaccine Efforts

Stream It or Nah: Cush Jumbo and Jared Harris in 'The Beast Must Die'

Maybe 'American Horror Stories' Won't Give Ryan Murphy Enough Time to Rail Jump

Colbert Hosts Billionaire Richard Branson, While Seth Meyers Brings in Amy Poehler to Roast Him

Gillian Anderson Has Retired Her Bra

Here are the 2021 Emmy Nominations

'I Love You For This,' Vanessa Bayer

This Week's 'Evil' is a Terrifyingly Perfect Entry Point into the Series

How 'The Good Fight' Convinced Us to Take the Same Side as ... Donald Trump

Casting and Industry News: 'Evil,' 'Rutherford Falls,' and John Boyega

Trailer: Kristen Bell's 'Queenpins' May Fill That 'Good Girls' Void

Joshua Bassett, 'High School Musical: The Series,' and Queer Representation in Disney+ Shows

The Only TikTok You Should Click On When Every Fiber of Your Being Is Telling You Not To

Listen, Conan: No One Actually Likes Cancel Culture

'America's Got Talent,' Matt Mauser, and Public Displays of Grief

The Former President Is Filing a Class-Action Lawsuit Against Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg

As One Meghan Leaves the Airwaves, Another Megyn Returns

The 'Succession' Season 3 Teaser is a Whole-Ass Meal

'Top Chef' Crowned a Winner; The Next Day, He Was Publicly Outed as a Creep

'The Good Fight' Recap: What is Reality?

Review: 'The Forever Purge' Hits a Little Too Close to Home

Chris Evans Tweets And Christian Slater Trends

Sarah Shahi's 'Sex/Life' Is Another Netflix Algorithm Fail

The OG Aunt Viv Had Words for Clair Huxtable After Bill Cosby's Conviction Was Overturned

Meghan McCain Reportedly Set to Exit 'The View'

Jane Levy Rightfully Did Not Care for the Insinuations of Her 'Don't Breathe' Director, Fede Alvarez

The Podcast Bubble Has Not Burst Yet, as Amazon Shells out $80m for 'Smartless'

Bill Cosby's Conviction Overturned, Allison Mack Sentenced

Yes, 'Evil' is Dubbing in Curse Words

The Sklar Brothers, and an Eye-Popping Golden Buzzer on 'America's Got Talent'

After 30 Years of Futility, a New 'Fletch' Movie Finally Gets Off the Ground

Watch the Trailer for 'The Many Saints Of Newark,' the Prequel Movie to 'The Sopranos'

Tarantino's ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Novel Erases the Mystery Surrounding the Death of Cliff Booth’s Wife

News and Notes: 'Good Omens,' 'Manifest,' and 'Dexter'

Now on Netflix: Liam Neeson's 'The Ice Road' Is the Perfect Movie If You Have Absolutely Nothing Else to Do

What is Going on with 'Mythic Quest'?

Everything's Totally Cool Between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Now 😬

Courtney Love Takes Issue with Olivia Rodrigo Ganking the 'Live Through This' Album Cover

'The Good Fight' Returns in Typical 'The Good Fight' Fashion

Busy Philipps Knows Exactly Why Seth Rogen Doesn't Work with James Franco Anymore

Jean Smart Lost Her Husband of 34 Years, Richard Gilliland, During the Shoot for 'Hacks'

The CW Greenlit a 'Supernatural' Prequel, And Then It Got Messy

You Are The Worst, 'The Blacklist'

Snide Brian Williams is the Best Brian Williams

'Too Hot to Handle' Is the Worst Show I've Ever Seen, and I Watched 'Manifest'

Democrats Blow It. Again

Real-Life Karen, Taryn Manning, Stars in the Trailer for 'Karen,' Which Is Real-Life Bad

'Manifest' Struck by Dark Lightning, Deader than Three Resurrected Meth Heads

'Evil' Season 2 Premiere: Finger-Licking Good

FX's Comedy 'Dave' Provides Us with the Most Unsettling Scene of 2021

In 'You're Old' News: Millie Bobbie Brown Is Dating Jon Bon Jovi's Kid

The NYTimes Expertly Plays Tucker Carlson, and Also Itself

The 'Ted Lasso' S2 Trailer Fittingly Uses the Best Trailer Song of All Time

'Lupin Part 2' Review: Sherlock Holmes, But With Joie de Vivre

'Reply All' Is Back ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Only in Florida: A GOP Congressional Candidate Threatened To Send a Hit Squad After His Opponent

So, We're Still Doing 'How I Met Your Father,' Huh? With Piz?

Trevor Noah Gets to the Heart of the Chrissy Teigen Matter

'Cruel Summer' Ending Explained: It Was a Simple Misunderstanding (Sort Of)

Remember 'Westworld'?

Anti-Vaxxers Protest Foo Fighters Concert; Separately, Courtney Love Apologies to Dave Grohl

You're Breaking My Heart, Jon Stewart

'Home Before Dark' Is the Undiscovered Gem of Apple TV+

Gutless, Idiotic NBC Cancels 'Manifest' After Three Seasons: A Rant

Netflix's 'Sweet Tooth' Imagines a Gentler, Kinder Post-Apocalypse

Adrian Grenier Finally Concedes He's the Heel of 'The Devil Wars Prada'

That's a Shame About 'Clarice'

'The Morning Show' Season 2 Trailer: Out of the Ashes of Unreasonable Expectations

Mandy Patinkin Really Loves that Batman Actor Whose Name He Cannot Remember

'Manifest' Is 'Lost' for Fans of 'Chicago Fire'

Lara Flynn Boyle Is Back (Not that She Left), and Starring in a Movie with Stan from 'True Detective'

Trailer: Lin-Manuel Miranda Directs Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson in 'tick, tick...BOOM'

President Biden's DOJ Is Messy

'Cruel Summer' Answers The Snowglobe Mystery and Jeanette's Sighting

Jessica Chastain Is Unrecognizable in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' Trailer

Novelist Taylor Jenkins Reid Is About To Take Over the Streaming World, Too

After Holding Dirty Laundry Hostage, Chris Harrison Is Officially Out as 'Bachelor' Host

Making Sense of the Biden DOJ's Decision to Defend Trump in a Rape Lawsuit

'The Plot' by Jean Hanff Korelitz Is the Rut-Busting Novel of the Year

'The Boys' Debuts Its First Look at *drool* Jensen Ackles as 'Soldier Boy'

Logan Paul (not Jake) Fought Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Didn't Lose

Donald Trump Returned to Public Life and All Anyone Can Talk About Are His Pants

'Mosquito Coast' Season Finale: That's It, Huh?

Jensen Ackles' Weary Biceps Can Get It

'Manifest' Recap: The Aaron to Your Moses

No, He Actually Believes He Will Be Reinstated in August

Stream It Or Nah: 'Housebroken' with Lisa Kudrow, Clea Duvall, Jason Mantzoukas, and Will Forte

Donald Trump Now Officially a Failed Blogger`

What's the Deal with the Snow Globe in 'Cruel Summer'?

In Pictures: The Cast for HBO Max's 'The Staircase' True Crime Series is Outstanding

'Panic,' Based on Lauren Oliver's YA Novel, Is the Trash TV This Summer Needs

Some Final Thoughts on 'Mare of Easttown'

Three Things We Don't Hate: Lindelof, Gurira, and 'Rugrats'

The Big Future Reveals in the 'This Is Us' Season 5 Finale

What We Know So Far About Showtime's 'Dexter' Revival

Trailer: M Night Shyamalan is Up to His 'Old' Tricks Again

Joe Biden is Playing Right into the Hands of Fox News

'Cruel Summer' Recap: Don't Blame the Victim

The Bam Margera Situation is a Mess

'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' and 'Big Shot' Carry the Underdog Banner for Disney+

What's the Deal with that Photo on 'Mare of Easttown'?

Predicting Which 'SNL' Cast Members Will Leave After the Completed 46th Season

Anya Taylor-Joy Hosts a Funny, Rousing, and Emotional 'SNL' Season Finale

On This Week's 'Manifest,' Paige Jennings from 'The Americans' Loses It

Zack Snyder Banned Chairs from the Set of 'Army of the Dead'

Labor Shortage? No. A Shortage of People Who Want Your Sh*tty Jobs? Yes!

'Cruel Summer' Recap: Exile in Momville

NY Attorney General Is Now Conducting a Criminal Inquiry Against That Guy

'Mare of Easttown': Now What?!

Hulu Brings Out the Big Guns: Nicole Kidman, Steven Martin, Melissa McCarthy, and ... Manny Jacinto!

Emma Watson Says No News Is No News in First Tweet Since August 2020

The Warner Media and Discovery Merger Probably Means Josh Duggar is the Next DC Villain

This Week's Complicated 'The Nevers' In Less than 220 Words

UFO Sightings Get the '60 Minutes' Treatment

Bill Gates Is a Horndog

Keegan-Michael Key Hosts 'SNL' and Shows Them How It's Done

Review: 'Those Who Wish Me Dead' Is More Like '(Run) Forest Run'

ABC Announces a Slew of Renewals and Cancelations

A Spate of Break-Through Cases Illustrate the Importance of the Vaccine

'Manifest' Recap: (Dark) Lightning Crashes, and Saanvi Cries (Blood)

Who Killed Erin McMenamin in Mare of Easttown'?

Seth Rogen Explains to Kelly Clarkson How He Came Up with 'Kelly Clarkson!' in '40-Year-Old Virgin'

Ellen DeGeneres Continues to Distance Herself from Ellen DeGeneres

Jensen Ackles May Be the Only Guy Who Can Pull Off This Beard for 'The Boys' Season 3

Ellen DeGeneres Is Exiting Her Talk Show After 19 Seasons

The Creep, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

'The Nevers' Recap: I Know This Much Is True

You Think You Know a Guy ...

Elon Musk Hosts a Bad 'SNL' Episode, Even by the Standards of Bad 'SNL' Episodes

'Manifest' Brings In Noah's Ark and Links the Divine World with the Physical World

Philly People Are Going to Be Even More Insufferable Thanks to Kate Winslet

Morning Briefing: Jen Psaki Is Leaving (in a Year), and a 23-Ton Chinese Rocket Will Crash Into Earth This Weekend

Stream It or Nah: HBO Max's 'That Damn Michael Che'

Casting and Industry News: Tom Cavanagh Leaves 'The Flash,' Blake Lively to Play a Killer Housewife, George Clooney Turns 60

Watch the Completely Useless 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Teaser

The Republican Party Is a Disaster

'Cruel Summer' Recap: The Unreliable Narrator

Donald Trump's Suspension from Facebook Has Been Upheld. For Now

The 'Game of Thrones' Spin-Off, 'House of Dragon,' Releases Its First Images

Are We Being Too Cautious?

Here's a Really Messy but Plausible 'Mare of Easttown' Theory

IMDb TV Is Quietly Becoming the New TBS/TNT

Joy Reid Delightfully Belittles the Holy Hell Out of Tucker Carlson

'The Nevers' Recap: My Aim Is True

Stream It or Nah: Apple TV+'s 'Mosquito Coast' with Justin Theroux and Melissa George

Michael C. Hall of 'Dexter' Fame Is In a Band

Watch the Trailer for 'Heels,' Which Is Like 'G.L.O.W.' But With Dudes

We Will Not Achieve Herd Immunity in the United States

'Manifest' Delivers Its Best Episode Since the Pilot

On This, Joe Rogan Is 100 Percent Right

The Entire Case Against Matt Gaetz Is Spelled Out in an Actual Confession Letter

It's Weird that Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric Are Still Best Friends

What If, and I'm Just Spitballing Here ... But What If He's Actually Just a Good Person?

'Cruel Summer' Recap: Mirror Mirror on the Basement Wall

'Paddington 2' No Longer Has to Share Rarified Space with Lesser 'Citizen Kane'

Douchebag Defends Show About Douchebags

The Most Popular Podcaster on the Planet Has Thoughts About the COVID-19 Vaccine

It's a Big Week for Fathers of Daughters (and Otherwise) on 'Mare of Easttown'

Youn Yuh-jung Is Not Impressed with Brad Pitt

Nobody Watched the Oscars This Year

Tucker Carlson Has No Idea What He's Talking About

'The Nevers' Recap: Brightness Falls

Joaquin Phoenix Robbed Us of an Acceptance Speech to End the Oscars

The 2021 Academy Award Winners

'Cruel Summer' Is 'This Is Us,' But in the Bad Place (And Also Very Fun)

'Manifest' Goes for Broke in Its Most 'Lost' Episode Yet

Morning Briefing: A Year Later, Tucker Carlson's Past, and Another Explosive Gender-Reveal Party

Melissa Villaseñor's Kristen Wiig Impression is Soul-Stealing

Morning Briefing: Will Trump Get His Facebook Account Back? Plus, MTG vs. AOC(?), and Murkowski Bucks Mitch

'Jeopardy' Announces Final Slate of Guest Hosts

Serious Question: When Is the Last Time You Watched Netflix?

Morning Briefing: Stacy Abrams Nominated for a Nobel, Sex Work Decriminalized in NYC, and the Bad Chauvin Responses

We Must Change the Laws So that Every Derek Chauvin Is Convicted

Review: Kate Winslet's Bleak But Excellent 'Mare of Easttown'

Casting and Industry News: Adam Sandler Takes Another Stab at an Oscar, and Emilia Clarke Joins the MCU

Watch the Trailer for the Second Season of 'Ted Lasso,' Which We've Never Needed More Than Now

The MyPillow Guy Is Having a Hell of a Week

Tig Notaro Is Taking Being 'Sexy A.F.' In Stride

Morning Briefing: Walter Mondale, Politico is Trash, and a Celebrity COVID Denier Has The Rona

On 'The Nevers,' There's Nothing True About Amalia

Watch the Fist-Pounding Trailer for the 25th Film in the MCU, 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings'

Morning Briefing: Andrew Yang, Kyrsten Sinema's F**k Off Ring, and Matthew McConaughey Is Polling Well in Texas

My Complicated Relationship with 'Manifest'

Morning Briefing: Another Mass Shooting, COVID Boosters, and Chelsea Clinton

The 2011 Oscar Writers On the 'World's Most Uncomfortable Blind Date' Between Hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Though It's Not a Competition, Steve-O Has Nevertheless Won 'Hot Ones'

Anupam Kher, Who Plays Dr. Vijay Kapoor, Is Not Returning to 'New Amsterdam'

Morning Briefing: Russian Sanctions, COVID 'Breakthrough' Cases, and Matt Gaetz is Boned

Colton Underwood Came Out as Gay So I Guess We're Just Going to Ignore the Stalking Now?

Despite New 'Bombshell' Evidence, Steven Avery Still Guilty as Hell

Jake Paul Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Arguing the 'Son of a Mother' Defense

'F9' Trailer: The 'F&F' Franchise Is Still Finding New Ways to Break Sh*t

Morning Briefing: Joe Biden is a Fundamentally Decent Person

'Good Girls' Is Still On, Now In Its Fourth Season

Joss Whedon's 'The Nevers' Is a Very Fine Mess

Watch: The Zombies in Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead' Trailer Lay Waste to Vegas

YouTube Star Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Assault by TikTok Star Justine Paradise

'Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard' Trailer: How's This for Escapism, Bill Maher?

Morning Briefing: A Taser? U.S. Pauses the J&J Vaccine, the ArcLight, and Andrew Yang

Goodbye, 'Shameless'

Shut Up, Bill Maher

Mid-Morning Briefing: Vaccines Work, Trump Won't Meet with Gaetz, and White Replacement Theory

Carey Mulligan Hosts a Solid 'SNL,' with a Lesbian Period Drama Parody and an IBS Medicine Ad

Katey Sagal's 'Rebel' Pilot Is a Mess, But Possesses the Right Ingredients for a Rock-Solid Drama

This Week's 'Manifest' is Hysterically Bad

‘Real World: Homecoming’ Season Recap: The World Has No More Patience for Karens

Morning Briefing: Matt Gaetz's Venmo, Gun Reform, Amazon's Union, and Dad Bods

Topher Grace Returns to Sitcom TV with 'Home Economics'

Jon Stewart's New Show Draws an Uncomfortable Comparison

Regé-Jean Page Appears to Confirm He Was Denied Role in D.C. Project Because of Race

Morning Briefing: Joe Manchin, Caitlyn Jenner, Northern Ireland, and the Wonderful Jack Hanna

Scott Rudin, Another Hollywood Bully, Has Been Publicly Exposed

What's Going On Over on 'This Is Us'?

Watch Angelina Jolie Kick Fire's Ass in Taylor Sheridan's 'Those Who Wish Me Dead'

Regé-Jean Page Declined to Return to 'Bridgerton' for All the Right Reasons, the Bastard

Morning Briefing: Matt Gaetz, Vaccine Passports, and Tucker Defends the Insurrection

Disney+ Canceled 'The Right Stuff,' So Watch 'For All Mankind' on Apple TV+ Instead

Joss Whedon Was Terrible to Ray Fisher, Threatened to Ruin Gal Gadot's Career

A 'Jeopardy' Contestant Expertly Trolled Aaron Rodgers on his First Day as Guest Host

Morning Briefing: Sophia the Robot, Clarence Thomas on Section 230, and Fox News' Late-Night Comedy Show

Will 'Shameless' Drop a Deus Ex Frankina in the Series Finale?

Yes, 'The Walking Dead' Is Still On, and Yes, It's Still Periodically Great

Morning Briefing: A Fourth Surge? DMX, and Hunter Biden

Daniel Kaluuya is a Solid Host of a Bad Episode of 'SNL'

'Manifest' is Back. Unfortunately

Stabler is Stabler, but 'Law & Order: Organized Crime' Is Not Like the Others

Wow, Matt Gaetz. Wow

Netflix Is Paying $400 Million for 'Knives Out' Sequels And There Is No Backlash

Morning Briefing: The Extortion Plot Against Matt Gaetz, the Georgia Voting Law, and Another Gender Reveal Party Gone Wrong

Watch the Trailer for 'Zola,' the Most A24 Film Ever

Morning Briefing: It's Infrastructure Week! Plus, Matt Gaetz and ... Marianne Williamson

There's No Beef Between Seth Rogen and Emma Watson, But There Is with Nic Cage

Mark Wahlberg Continues to Dilute HBO's Brand

Starz Cancels One of the Shows That Was Supposed to Put It on the Map

Morning Briefing: Another Surge? Tucker Goes Off on Juan Williams, Another Brutal Anti-Asian Attack

South Side Forever

Morning Briefing: Sober Trump Crashes a Wedding, Amazon Starts a Twitter War with Liz Warren, and the K-Cups Are Coming, America!

Maya Rudolph Hosts 'SNL,' with Beyoncé's Hot Wings and Bowen Yang On Anti-Asian Crime

Attention All Shoppers: 'Superstore' Is Closed

Sharon Osbourne Is Out at 'The Talk'

Sharon Stone Was Once Asked to Sleep with a Terrible Actor to Create 'Onscreen Chemistry'

'Jeopardy' Fans and Former Contestants Are Not a Fan of Guest Host Dr. Oz

Morning Briefing: Biden's Press Conference, Georgia's Voting Restrictions, and Fox News

Casting and Industry News: Steven Yeun and Ali Wong's Series Lands, and Another Steven Moffat Series You'll Watch But Probably Regret

Jessica Walter, Legend, Has Died at the Age of 80

CBS Fires the White Guy Running 'All Rise' 8 Months After Protecting the White Guy Running 'All Rise'

Morning Briefing: Biden Press Conference, Cuomo's Latest Scandal, and the Racism of the Filibuster

The Lesson of HBO's 'Beartown' Is One that 'Friday Night Lights' Painfully Ignored

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away Donuts for Vaccinated People! What Could Go Wrong?

60 Seconds of Joy: Kelly Clarkson Losing It After Gwyneth Paltrow Cites WAP

Morning Briefing: The Gun-Violence Cycle, George Segal, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Pete Davidson Reportedly May Have a New Girlfriend; He Also Gets a Court Order Against Fake Wife

Morning Briefing: Colorado, the Tucker Carlson Defense, and ... UFO Sightings?

'Q: Into the Storm' Offers the Sympathetic Profile of QAnon Supporters that No One Asked For

Quick Question: Are Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck Dating Again?

The Thomas Middleditch News Surprises No One

Morning Briefing: AstraZeneca Results, a Harassment Allegation Against Tom Reed, and a Senator's Problem with the Humane Treatment of Immigrants

Dave Foley Helps Set Up Next Week's 'Superstore' Finale

Spoilers: Season Two of 'Servant' Pivots, Setting Up a War In Season 3

Morning Briefing: Cuomo Is Hanging On, and Biden Needs to Lighten Up, Man

Ryan Reynolds Watched 'Green Lantern' for the First Time and Live-Tweeted It

Trevor Noah: 'Your Murders Speak Louder Than Your Words'

'Yes Day' and the Perpetual Mom-ness of Jennifer Garner

'The Oxy Kingpins' Takes Aim At the Real Gangsters: The CEOs

Damnit, Bobby: Raylan Givens May Return, and Steven Yeun Signs Onto the Best Show of 2022

Wow Justin Long! Where's the Brand Loyalty?

Mike Schur's New Show 'Rutherford Falls' Looks Great (In Spite of Ed Helms)

Morning Briefing: A White Supremacist Murders Eight in Atlanta; Biden Bends on the Filibuster

Watch the Trailer for Colin Farrell's Sci-Fi 'Voyagers,' An Intriguing Early Test for Theaters Ahead of the Blockbuster Season

Most of the Reasons We Watch AMC Are Ending Next Year

Morning Briefing: Mr. Rice Paper Skin Offers Biden Advice, and the Latest on Vaccines

Hulu's 'Kid90' Tracks the Fading Child Stardom of Soleil Moon Frye But Never Asks Why

Twitter Reacts to Awards Season's Most Satisfying Snub

Morning Briefing: Cuomo, Vaccine Hesitancy, and the Voting Rights Act

Racist Becky Insist She's Not Racist on This Week's 'Real World Homecoming'

Sharing Netflix Passwords May Soon Be a Thing of the Past (and other Streaming News)

No One Cares About Him Anymore

Morning Briefing: Tucker Carlson, Jon Stewart, and All the Vaccine We Need in 2 Months

Is Seth Rogen the Stoner GOOP Now?

Trailer Watch: The Art Heist Doc We've Been Waiting For, and the QAnon Documentary Series We Never Wanted

Twitter Lost Its Damn Mind Over 'The Masked Singer' Unmasking in the Season Premiere

The Morning Briefing: Another Cuomo Accuser, the California Recall Effort, and Fox News' New Daily Outrage

It's Been One Year Since Tom and Rita Day

Casting and Industry: Michelle Gomez is Doomed, and Natalie Portman Joins the 'Lady in the Lake'

'Superstore' Will Return to the Jonah and Amy Romance in the Series Finale

Why Are Republicans Defending the British Royal Family?

Elizabeth Banks Set to Launch New Drug-Fueled Animal Genre

Morning Briefing: Does the Deficit Actually Matter? How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Casting and Industry: The 'Superstore' Finale, the Perfect Annie Murphy Gig, and Stephen Amell's Starz' Series

Can We Talk About Dr. Seuss's Boners?

Watch the Trailer for 'Kung Fu,' The CW Series Starring Olivia Liang

Morning Briefing: What a Difference a President Makes

Pastor Who Advised Women Not to Let Themselves Go Is Why We Still Have Men Like Josh Duggar

Let's Hope Alan Kim's Tearful Critics Choice Awards Speech is Not the Last We See of Him

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and Megyn Kelly Offer Contrasting Opinions on the Harry and Meghan Interview

Morning Briefing: One Element Of Joe Biden's COVID Bill May Become the Most Important Piece of Legislation In our Lifetime

Patrick Adams, Who Married Into TV Royalty, Defends Meghan Markle, Who Married Into British Royalty

'The Real World Homecoming: New York' Is an Uncomfortable Reminder that Fans of the Original Are Old

After Subtweeting Gillian Anderson, Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter (Again) in 9-Minute Instagram Announcement

Morning Briefing: Jobs Numbers, Cuomo, and DeSantis' Pay-to-Play Scheme

A 'Party Down' Revival is In the Works

Like CBS All Access, Paramount+ Is Still Too Little Bang for the Buck

Morning Briefing: Where Is Kamala?

'Mystery Show' Host Starlee Kine Tried to Tell Us About Gimlet Media

The Democrats Needlessly Compromise on Direct Stimulus Payments

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard More Officially Link Their Brand to Ellen DeGeneres

Morning Briefing: Good News, Bad News, Gillibrand and Fox News!

Frankie Muniz Played a Child Star Turned Cult Leader on 'The Rookie'

Bill Burr and Zach Braff Offer Contrasting Opinions about Gina Carano On Their Respective Podcasts

Jason Sudeikis On Don Cheadle's Wrap-It Up Signal During the Globes and Why He Wore that Hoodie

Morning Briefing: We Just Have to be the Better Parent

March Streaming Guide: The 21 Must-See Movies and TV Shows

Mid-Day Briefing: Andrew Cuomo, Biden/Amazon, and the Ex-President's CPAC Speech

Briefly: The Best Memes from the 2021 Golden Globes

The 2021 Golden Globes Were a Mess

The 2021 Golden Globe Winners

Nick Jonas Hosts 'SNL,' with Songs Devoted to Boners and Murder Shows, and a Fantastic Cut-for-Time Sketch

Trailer: The Original 'Real World' Cast is Back, But What's Up with Eric Nies?

It's Been a Very Busy 24 Hours for Casting and Industry News

What Is Up with the Terrifying Art, Mantzoukas?

Morning Briefing: Minimum Wage, Joe Manchin, and John Boehner Tells Ted Cruz to Go F--k Himself

Watch June Osborne Go Full Action Hero in the 'Handmaid's Tale' Season 4 Trailer

'The Young Rock,' 'Kenan,' and the Value of a Good Family Sitcom

After, uh, ' Trolls World Tour,' Moviegoing Will Never Be The Same Again

Morning Briefing: Merrick Garland, Andrew Cuomo, and Joe Needs To Step Up His Union Game Against Amazon

Watch the Trailer for Pixar's 'Luca,' Which Is Like Hypercolor T-Shirts, But with Humans

HBO's 'Beartown,' Marin Ireland, and the Power of an Audiobook Narrator

The Third Spider-Man Film Gets a Title, and Tom Holland Won't Be Able to Spoil It

Watch the Trailer for Hulu's 'Kid90,' Soleil Moon Frye's Doc on '90s Child Actors

Morning Briefing: J&J Vaccine, the California Variant, and the Death of Cinemagic

An Interview with My 9-Year-Old Daughter about 'Flora and Ulysses' on Disney+

Shailene Woodley Doesn't Care About the NFL, but Her Dog Is Impressed with Her Fiancé's Ball-Throwing Skills

Morning Briefing: The GOP's WandaVision Problem, Ted Cruz Has No Shame, and the Vaccines are Working!

Golden Globe Nominations Mean Nothing

'You've Got Mail,' The Mandela Effect, and Collective False Memories

Morning Briefing: Normal By Summer? Merrick Garland, Plus the Democrats Come Through in Texas

Regé-Jean Page Hosts an Excellent 'SNL,' and Regina King Looks on from Home with Some Serious Side Eye

'Firefly Lane' Is Annoying, Frustratingly, Obnoxiously Watchable

Watch Annie Murphy of 'Schitt's Creek' in AMC's 'Kevin Can Go F**k Himself'

Morning Briefing: Ted Cruz's Walking of Shame, More Vaccines, and Mars

Nobody Believes Senator Ted Cruz's Lousy-Ass Excuse for Traveling to Cancun

Will Arnett and Jimmy Kimmel Delightfully Trash Friend Jason Bateman on 'Kimmel'

What Does Public Service Mean to You, Ted Cruz?

One Thing I Want to Say About the Death of Rush Limbaugh

Shia LaBeouf Is a Dog-Killing Monster

Morning Briefing: Parents Shouldn't Decide How Much Risk They're Willing to Subject Teachers To

The Ending to Showtime's 'Your Honor' Is Bad

Now on Digital: 'Breaking News in Yuba County' Is a Terrible Title for a Terrible Movie

There's a Difference Between 'Cancel Culture' and Firing an A$$hole

Morning Briefing: Mother Nature Is Playing Some Cruel Goddamn Tricks on the South this Week

SnyderCut Fans Will Almost Certainly Regret Getting Exactly What They Wanted

Kellyanne Conway Appearing on 'American Idol' to Support Claudia is Super Gross

Morning Briefing: COVID Numbers Continue their Decline; the Post-Trump Era Finally Begins

'SNL' Doesn't Do Regina King Justice

[UPATED] Joe Biden's Deputy White House Press Secretary TJ Ducklo Has Resigned

Blacklisted, My Ass

Morning Briefing: Impeachment Day #4, More Vaccine Doses, and Nikki Haley

Casting and Industry News: 'GoT' Prequel, 'Face/Off' Reboot, Issa Rae, Jack Black, and More

All Good Things Come to an End. Sadly, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is No Exception

Random Musings on Gina Carano, Robert F. Kennedy, and Salma Hayek

The Morning Briefing: Impeachment Day #3, Neera Tanden, and Open Season on Vaccines

UPDATED: Gina Carano Is No Longer Working on 'The Mandalorian'

It Was A Really Busy Day for Casting and Industry News

[Updated] Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Amber Benson Add to 'Buffy' Co-Star Charisma Carpenter Joss Whedon Allegations

Netflix's 'Malcolm and Marie' Review: John David Washington's Remarkable Indictment of His Own Director

Impeachment Open Thread, Day 2: Striking, Unseen Video Footage Introduced

Impeachment #2 Open Thread: The Senate Votes 56-44 to Proceed with the Trial

Craig Ferguson's 2007 Monologue About Britney Spears Resurfaces

Claudia Conway Will Appear in this Season of 'American Idol'

Morning Briefing: Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Begins; Biden's Stimulus Deal Takes Shape

'The Equalizer' Review: If They Live Long Enough, They All End Up on a CBS Procedural

The Best and Worst 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

We're Really Beating That 'Good Guys Don't Always Win' Trope to Death, Aren't We?

Dan Levy Hosts the Super Bowl 'SNL,' Checks In on the 'It Gets Better' Campaign, Zillow P*rn

Stanley Tucci's Lovely Story About a Chance Encounter

The Trades: Christopher Plummer Has Died, a Woody Allen vs. Mia Farrow Doc Series, and a 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' Remake

Morning Briefing: The Biden/Harris Administration Is Kicking Ass

'Riverdale' Jumps 7 Years Into the Future, Gets Real Weird

Ted Cruz Is Just So Bad At This

Trent Reznor Distances Himself From Marilyn Manson

Today, the GOP Will Decide How Openly Racist It's Going to Be

You Can Learn Everything You Need to Know About GameStop From 'Trading Places'

The Country Music Industry Reacts Swiftly to Morgan Wallen's Use of the N-Word

A Futile Attempt to Muster Enthusiasm for the 'Coming 2 America' Trailer

Morning Briefing: More Hopeful Vaccine News, Plus the Latest on the Stimulus Deal

The Anti-Climactic Ending of 'The Little Things' and How Denzel Ended Up in this Mess Explained

Check Out the Familiar Silver Fox in the 'Punky Brewster' Revival Trailer

Watch the Trailer for 'The Nevers,' the HBO Series Created by Joss Whedon (Before He Left)

Watch: Amy Poehler Netflixifies Teenage Rebellion in the 'Moxie' Trailer

Ted Cruz Doesn't Understand How Superhero Movies Work

Morning Briefing: The Sweaty, Desperate Media Valiantly Attempts to Drum Up a Biden Scandal

February Streaming Guide: The 21 Movies and TV Shows to Watch

'Saved by the Bell' Star Dustin Diamond Has Died

Morning Briefing: As Another Impeachment Trial Looms, The GOP Continues Split Itself Between Bad and Really Bad

'SNL' Tackles Marjorie Taylor Greene, 'The Office' Lyrics with Host John Krasinski

Now on Apple TV+: Beardy McBeardlake Brings a Big Heart to a Small-Town Story in 'Palmer'

Now On Hulu: 'Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself' Is Riveting Rubbish

Jon Stewart Joins Twitter to Get In on the GameStop Discourse

The Devilishly Dry Brian Williams is Deliciously Petty

Morning Briefing: Huge News on the Vaccine Front, with Major Caveats

On the Education Committee?! What the Hell?!

The Best New Show So Far of 2021 Is Returning This Summer

The Winners of GameStop Scheme Will Be the Very Rich People It Was Designed to Screw Over

What 's the Point of a Second Impeachment Trial?

First Look: Kristen Stewart Makes for a Convincing Princess Diana

Morning Briefing: More Vaccine is Coming, But So Are the Variants

Watch: First Footage of 'Suicide Squad,' 'Space Jam,' 'In the Heights,' and 'The Sopranos' Prequel

There Won't Be Enough Votes to Convict Trump in an Impeachment Trial

The Republican Party Is Normalized White Supremacy

The 2021 Independent Spirit Award Nominations

UPDATED: Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting a Topless Photo of Her Teenage Daughter to Twitter

Morning Briefing: Chuck Schumer Gets the Best of Mitch McConnell? Plus, the MyPillow Guy Gets Banned from Twitter

Now on Digital and DVD: 'Kid Detective' Has Some Real 'Zero Effect' Energy

NBCUniversal's Peacock Is Suddenly Relevant

Jodie Turner-Smith Will Headline Another 'Witcher' Prequel

Morning Briefing: Biden Is Cruising, While His Predecessor is Fuming

Saturday Morning Updates: Larry King Dies, DOJ Attorney Tried to Conspire with Trump to Overthrow Election

'Losing Alice' on Apple TV+ is a Sexy, Psychological Chore

He Was a Petty B*tch Until The Final Minutes

K-Pop Stans Stepped All Over the QAnon Lady's Impeachment Attempt

What a Difference a Day Makes

In Theaters: 'The Marksman' Is Meat and Irish Potatoes

It's a New Dawn, a New Day: POTUS Twitter Welcomes Chrissy Teigen

Ted Cruz Should Not Have Gone After Seth Rogen

An Incomplete List of the Ways Joe Biden Has Already Bettered America In His First 24 Hours

Inauguration Updates: We Have a Real Press Secretary Again!

QAnon Is Deflated

Trumpdates: Done and Dusted

Transition Updates: Finally, Acknowledgement

Who the Hell is Mike Lindell and What in God's Name is a MyPillow?

Open Thread for Parents of School-Aged Children

Transition Updates: Two Days

Biden Inauguration Will Reunite the Second-Best One-Hit Wonder of the Late '90s

Review: HBO Max's 'Locked Down' Is No Damn Fun

ShantyTok Is a Lovely Respite for These Lonely Times

Now on Digital: In 'News of the World,' Tom Hanks Is at His Tom Hanksiest

Transition Updates: D.C. Police Officer on the Rioters: 'Thank You, But F**k You'

The Piece About the Bathroom Jared and Ivanka's Secret Service Detail Uses Is Great Journalism

Chris Evans Reportedly Set to Return to the MCU

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Defends Trump Ban

The Exhausting Gossipification of Donald Trump

Transition Updates: Trump Impeached a Second Time

The 'Clarice' Trailer Both Silences Our Lambs, and Mutes Our Interest

Jordan Peterson's Buddy, Matthew McConaughey, Ditches Nic Pizzolatto

Jon Bon Jovi to Add Biden/Harris to the Millions of Faces He's Rocked for Primetime Inauguration Special

Transition Updates: Pence Declines to Invoke 25th, Steam Builds Among the GOP for Impeachment

'Mr. Mayor' Review: Tina Fey Refuses to Acknowledge that Her Unbreakable Rock Is Cracked

Transition Updates: Another Cabinet Member Resigns

Miya Ponsetto, like the GOP, Just Wants to 'Heal' and 'Move On'

Transition Updates: Twitter Permanently Suspends Donald Trump's Account

In Gayle King Interview, Newly Arrested SoHo Karen, Miya Ponsetto, Makes Things So Much Worse

‘Xena’ Star Lucy Lawless: 2; ‘Hercules’ Actor Kevin Sorbo: 0

Transition Updates: Trump Gets His Twitter Account Back, Releases Video Sort of Conceding

Transition Updates: More Trump Senior Officials Are Considering Their Resignations ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Transition Updates: Someone Has Been Shot Now

2021 Is Looking Up, Y'all

'Cobra Kai' Delivers A Crowd-Pleasing, Occasionally Frustrating Third Season

Bean Dad Apologizes for Insensitivity, 'Ironic' Racism

If We Can Just Get Past This ...

Happy New Year! Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Are Dating

What You Missed this Weekend: Bean Dad May Have Cost Ken Jennings the 'Jeopardy' Gig

There's an Internecine Battle Brewing in the Republican Party Over ... Democracy

A Desperate Trump Tried to Shake Down the Georgia Secretary of State

Review: Charlie Brooker's Netflix Mockumentary 'Death to 2020'

The Best Comfort Movies of 2020

One More Week Until Donald Trump Completely Loses His $h*t

Donald Trump's Petulance May Be a Huge Gift to Democrats ... ?

Review: 'Greenland' and the Anti-Nic Cage Appeal of Gerard Butler

Donald 'One-Term Loser' Trump Is Not Very Good at Presidenting

The #Trumpstink Is Real, and It Does Not Wash Off

A 'The Walking Dead' Star Is Collateral Damage In Eve 6 Frontman's Tea-Spilling Spree

Oh, So Now He Decides to 'Govern'

Trump Turns Against Pence, McConnell, Sanity

Thanks, Centrists ... ?

Rich People Just Blow Up Their Lives Differently than the Rest of Us

Watch the Trailer for 'Death to 2020,' the Mockumentary from Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker

Parsing Out the Hope Amid All the Bleakness

Kristen Wiig Hosts 'SNL,' Che and Jost Swap Jokes, And We Get a New Biden

'The Flight Attendant' Sticks the Landing, Books a Season 2 Takeoff

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan Are No More

Operation Warp Speed's Distribution of the Vaccine Is Already a Disaster

The Time a Spiteful Faye Dunaway Purposefully Took a Dump in her Dress

The Cast for David Leitch's 'Bullet Train' Is Insane

The Tan Suit Discourse Is Back!

Stream it or Nah: 'The Wilds' Is Poised to Take Over the Online Discourse

Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville Hospitalized Two Days into Shooting 'Jackass 4'

It's the Small But Satisfying Humiliations That Help Get Us Through the Day

Let's Not Overreact to Joe Biden's Efforts to Make Nice with Certain, Less Deranged Republicans

Yesterday Was a ... Good Day?

The Dilemma Is Now a Trolley Problem in Episode 2 of Showtime's 'Your Honor'

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: The Exquisite Soledad O'Brien

As the First Vaccine Is Administered in the U.S., Hope Is Tempered by Confusion

The President Is Already Angling for Another Humiliating Defeat

Timothée Chalamet Hosts a Tepid 'SNL' with Dionne Warwick and a Tiny Horse

Transition Updates: Trump Slides Back Into Meltdown Mode

On Netflix: 'Ava' Is Jessica Chastain's Audition for a Much Better Action Film

Why Is There So Much Flop Sweat Flying Off of Trump's Twitter Account Today?

Ranking the Ten (More Modest) Hulu/FX Announcents at Investor Day

The 15 Biggest Disney Announcements at Investor Day, and the Freedom of Too Much

'Alabama Snake' Review: Nope

Transition Updates: And You Thought You Hated Giuliani Before

Saul Goodman Goes Full John Wick in the Spectacular 'Nobody' Trailer

Correction: Donald Trump Completely Screwed Us On the Pfizer Vaccine

You're Just Pathetic, Don

The 'Cobra Kai' Season 3 Trailer is Epic AF (Sorry)

Johnny Depp Is a Garbage Human

COVID Relief Talks Are Pitting Essential Workers Against the Unemployed

It's Weird That These Celebrities Used to Date, Huh? A List

Are You OK, Republicans?

The Trump Administration Is Getting a Bad Rap for This One Thing, and This One Thing Alone

Showtime's 'Your Honor' Presents One Hell of a Dilemma

Melissa Carone Was Convicted for Sending Harassing Sex Tapes

Voting Democrat in the Georgia Runoffs Is the Easiest $1200 You Will Ever Make

After a Much-Needed Break, Jason Bateman (and Bowen Yang) Quietly Deliver the Best 'SNL' of the Season, So Far

A Fake Interview with the Creator of 'A Million Little Things' About This Week's Episode

A MAGA Civil War Is Poised to Blow Up GOP Control of the Senate

On HBO Max: Madison Hamburg Investigates His Mom's Brutal Murder in the Compelling True-Crime Docuseries, 'Murder on Middle Beach'

In a Game Changing Move, Warner Brothers and HBO Max Blow Up the Theatrical Model for 2021

Melissa Carone, Trump's Possibly Drunk Star Witness in a Michigan Hearing, Is 2020 in Human Form

Transition Updates: Donald Trump Delivers 'the Most Important Speech' of His Presidency (*wanking motion*)

Natalie Portman Reacts to that Bonkers Chris Hemsworth Instagram Photo

Fact: There's Only One Oreo Flavor That's Worth a Damn

Guess Which Social Media Network Would Suffer the Most, If Trump Had His Way?

What'd We Say About Sex Parties During a Pandemic, Huh?

Transition Updates: Section 230, Martial Law, and I Beg Your Pardons?

Oscar Nominee Elliot Page Announces He Is Trans and Identifies as Non-Binary

'Black Mirror' Creator Charlie Brooker to Make a Movie about 2020 Narrated by Hugh Grant

What Fresh Hell: Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Cat Turd Are Trending this Morning

How Long Has Kaley Cuoco Been Hiding in Plain Sight?

What the Ending of HBO's 'The Undoing' Says About Us

It's the Gallaghers vs. the Milkoviches in the Final Season of 'Shameless'

Those Moderna (ModeRNA? Get It!) Numbers Out this Morning Are Outstanding

'Superintelligence' Review: Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Are Lovely People Who Are Really Bad at Movies

Kevin Hart is the Worst Guest Conan O'Brien Has Ever Had On His Podcast

Transition Updates: Trump's Running in 2024, and Biden's Getting a Cat

Ricky Schroder Defends Decision to Bail Out Kyle Rittenhouse After Calling Cops on Mean Twitter Trolls

Matthew Perry Is Engaged

Leslie Jones Really, Really Hates 'The 2020 National Dog Show'

Twitter Reacts to #DiaperDon in 'Big Man, Little Desk'

Review: Hillbilly Shrugged

Guy Who Created Ron Swanson Goes To War Against Thanksgiving

'Industry' TV Review: In the HBO Drama, Greed Slaps

'Our Friend' Trailer: And You Thought 'Blackfish' Was Devastating

Democracy Holds, No Thanks to Democracy

Who Killed Elena Alves? 'The Undoing' Suspect Watch Sees Some Major Movement

In Theaters: 'The Croods: A New Age' Is a Yabba-Dabba-Doo Time

Biden Is Determined to Bore Us to Death, and We Ain't Mad

Carl Bernstein Tweeted Out Some Tea About a Group of Senate Republicans

Sunday Morning Political Briefs: This Is Who They Are

A Fake Interview with the Creator of 'A Million Little Things' About This Week's Season Premiere

Briefly Explained: Why Did TikTok Star Charli D'Amelio Lose 1 Million Followers in 24 Hours?

We Don't Want to Hear 'It's Not Going to Work' Anymore

Before You Make Thanksgiving Plans, Please Listen to Rachel Maddow

The Simulator is Broken: Rudy Giuliani's Unhinged Press Conference Debunked By ... Fox News

A Top Trump Legal Advisor Knows Exactly Who Donald Trump Is

No Take Backs, Wayne County, Michigan

Put His Ass in Prison

Bunberry! Winnick! Phillippe! ABC's 'Big Sky' Is Just What the Messy Bitch Ordered

Are We Still Talking About Katherine Heigl on 'Grey's Anatomy'? (Yes, We Are)

Do Your Damn Job, Emily

Democracy Holds Again, But Only By a String

Poor Anthony: MAGA Mom Raises Hell with Third-Grade Teacher Over Election Results

'Conan' on TBS Is Coming to an End

Ivanka Trump's Maid of Honor is Sh*tting On Her Former Best Friend

Ted Cruz Is a Miserable Urine Stain of a Human Being

'The Undoing' Suspect Watch: Who Murdered Elena Alves?

Watch 'Good Lord Bird' on Showtime

As the Tunnel Gets Darker, the Light at the End of It Gets Brighter

Election Updates: Donald Trump Finally Acknowledges Biden's Win

Stream It or Nah: 'The Right Stuff' on Disney+ vs. 'Moonbase 8' on Showtime

Mark Ruffalo in '13 Going on 30' Is the Hottest Character of the Last 20 Years

Here's What Everyone Is Streaming These Days

The Importance of ... Branding

So, What's Really Going On with All these Firings at the Department of Defense?

What's Going On in 'The Walking Dead' Universe?

All That Trump Anxiety You Are Feeling? The News Media Feeds On It

FYI: This is Why the NBC News Correspondent Cursed On a Hot-Mic

Clown Show or Coup D'état? Why Not Both!

Louis C.K. Thinks He's A 'Great Martyr for History'

ICYMI: The Cold Open on 'Jeopardy' After the Passing of Alex Trebek

So, the Thing About Lawsuits Is This ...

Review: 'Informer,' Or That Movie Starring Rosamund Pike and Ana de Armas

Trumpism Continues Its Terrifying and Inexorable Slide

'The Undoing' Suspect Watch: What the Muck?!

Of Course, He's Going to Be a Dick About It

The Sights And Sounds in America On November 7th, 2020

Dave Chappelle Sort Of Hosts 'SNL,' While The Foo Fighters Blow the Roof Off the Joint

Joe Wins!

Election Updates: Saturday Open Thread -- NBC, CNN Calls It

Election Updates: The Decision Desk Calls the Race, Declares Biden the Next President

Election Updates: We Have Entered the Total Meltdown Stage of the Election

Election Updates: It's Going to be Close in Arizona

Why Susan Collins Managed to Win in Maine

2020 Presidential Election Open Thread

Why Wasn't John Mulaney Invited to Colin Jost's Wedding?

Election Updates: Win Or Lose, Don Jr., He Will Never Love You

Tracy Chapman, a 'Veep' Reunion (Among Others), and Trumpty Dumpty Will Help While Away the Minutes

Trailer: 'Bridgerton' Brings Shonda Rhimes' Signature Ingredients to Netflix

A Final Election Day Message

Who Killed Elena Alves? 'The Undoing' Suspect Watch

On the Eve of the Election, A Little Hope in the Numbers

One More Time, with Feeling: The Cruelty is the Point

John Mulaney Delivers a Solid, Occasionally Anxiety-Inducing Pre-Election 'SNL'

Election Updates: Coronavirus Deaths Are 'Almost Nothing' Now, According to Man Who Calls OTHER People 'Morons'

What Would Our Lives Even Look Like Without Donald Trump in the White House?

The Trump Campaign Tried to Recruit Celebrities for Its COVID-19 Ad Campaign. It Didn't Go Well

'Songbird' Trailer: Too Soon, Michael Bay. JFC, Too Soon

Election Updates: It All Comes Down to Pennsylvania, And That Is Very Worrying

Tucker Carlson's October Surprise Got, uh, Lost in the Mail

The 'This Is Us' Premiere Brings Back a Tiny Dose of Normalcy

F**k you, Joe Rogan

Trump Abandons Rallygoers, Who Are Stranded for Hours in Freezing Temperatures, Pissing Themselves

'The Undoing' Episode One: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Big Little Lies

Do Not Take Comfort in those Early Voting Articles

Watch the Trailer for the 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot Starring John Michael Higgins

We Are Already in the Midst of a Civil War in America, and It's Being Fought at the Ballot Box

Stream It Or Nah: Netflix's Chess and Pills Drama, 'The Queen's Gambit'

Election Updates: The Problem with Black America is That They're Not Trying Hard Enough, Says Human Potsticker Skin

How the Media Disarmed Team Trump's October Surprise Before It Could Explode

Adele Hosts a Lackluster 'SNL.' But Where Are Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant?

Weekend Binge: 'Evil' on Netflix is 'The X-Files' Crossed with 'The Exorcist' and 'The Good Wife'

Sacha Baron Cohen Discusses the Rudy Giuliani Scene in 'Borat' with GMA

I Just Don't Like Armie Hammer

Ten Brief Takeaways from Joe Biden and Donald Trump's Final Debate

Open Thread: The Third and Final 2020 Presidential Debate

The Celebrity Break-Up Fairy Takes Yet Another Painful Pandemic Lap

Election Updates: 12 Days to Go (And Now We Know Why Trump Walked Out of the '60 Minutes' Interview)

Within the Next 10 Years, the GOP Will Come to Democrats Begging to Abolish the Electoral College

TIL: Maury The Hormone Monster on 'Big Mouth' Is Not Voiced by Will Arnett

'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' Review: Wowee Wow Wow Wow (Plus Two More Wows for Rudy Giuliani)

'The New York' Post Should Be Deplatformed from Social Media

Aaron Sorkin's 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' Review: Jam Me, Jack Me, Push Me, Pull Me, Blow Hard

Watch the Trailer for Kaley Cuoco's 'The Flight Attendant,' from the Makers of 'You'

Yesterday's 'Zoom Dick' Is Today's #MeToobin

Trumpdates: Watch Out, Folks: Tiffany Trump Is Going to Turn This Whole Thing Around

Zoom Dick Is Trending Because OH COME ON

Trumpdates: How F**king Awful Is This Man?

But His Emails

Issa Rae Is Great; The 'SNL' She Hosted Is Not

Trumpdates: Oh Snap: Biden Officially Beat Trump in the Ratings over their Dueling Town Halls

The Lord Giveth, the Lord Taketh Away: Tatiana Maslany Has Not Actually Been Cast as She-Hulk

Pfizer May Apply for Emergency Authorization for Its Vaccine in Late November Because Science is Awesome

Trump Complains, Gets What He Wants, Continues Complaining Anyway

'Des' Features a Near Perfect David Tennant Performance, And That's the Problem

Demi Lovato's Anti-Trump Power Ballad Is Strong

The Lincoln Project Is the Biggest Grift of Them All

Trumpdates: Trump Wants to Humiliate Biden Over Ratings

15 Completely Random Celebrity Facts You Always Forget You Already Knew

Paramount Sells 'Coming 2 America' to Amazon for $125 Million, Which Feels Like a Bad Omen for 'Coming 2 America'

George Miller Officially Directing 'Mad Max' Spin-Off, 'Furiosa,' with a Hell of a Cast

Trumpdates: Mitt Romney Goes Both Sides So Hard a Seam Opens Up Through His Torso

Watch: Gillian Anderson Glowers, Emma Corrin Luminesces in the 'The Crown' S4 Trailer

7 Questions We Have After the Second Season Finale of 'The Boys'

Trumpdates: The Amy Coney Barrett Hearings in Four Tweets

Bill Burr Hosts 'SNL,' and He Bill Burrs All Over the Goddamn Place

Trumpdates: 'My Daddy Helped Build the Log Cabin That He Was Born In'

'Hubie Halloween' Review: I Am Not Here To Redeem Adam Sandler's Sh*tty Movies

What Is Adrenochrome, and How Is It Related to QAnon and Dwayne Johnson?

Trumpdates: Does Pence Have Coronavirus, Too (Probably Not)

TikTok Folk Games: Curated

Utah's Senator Mike Lee Has Thoughts

Megyn Kelly Is Not a Good Person

A Priority List: What You Should and Should Not Be Watching on TV Right Now

Even Remotely, Timothy Olyphant Is Still Killing It on 'Late Night'

Open Thread: The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

Trumpdates: McCain's Former Campaign Manager Lays into Donald J. Trump

'Good Lord Bird' Is a Better Coen Brothers-Inspired Show Than 'Fargo' Season 4

Trumpdates: Unreasonable Minds Disagree

Showtime's 'The Comedy Store' Review: The Good Times Are Killing Me

Don't Forget About the Disturbing Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Kimberly Guilfoyle

Not a Drill: The Supreme Court Hints that Gay Marriage Could Be Endangered

Trumpdates: Trump Leaves Hospital, Walks into White House, Removes Mask

'SNL' Returns with Chris Rock, Jim Carrey as Biden, and a Fine Line on the Trump Jokes

Trumpdates: The Circus Continues ...

Stream It or Nah: HBO Max's True Crime Series, 'The Murders at White House Farm'

Read the Room, Worst Chris

The Insane 24 Hour News Cycle Preceding Trump's Positive Infection

Fox News' John Roberts Is Mad

Armie Hammer Is Not Okay

'Borat' Is Back, And He Is Taking on the Pandemic is Redneckia

Hollywood Gave Him a Second Chance; He Repaid Us By Appearing on 'The Masked Singer'

Leave Demi Alone, Max Ehrich!

Hollywood Writers Weigh in On the Debate with Glorious Self Burns

What the Hell Is Trump On About With These '80 Million Unsolicited Ballots'?

Donald Trump is Scared Sh*tless

Open Thread: The First 2020 Presidential Debate

An Old Person Tries to Explain Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's Messy Break-Up

Blind Item: Which Film 'Sucked the Life' Out of Jennifer Aniston and Nearly Caused Her to Quit Acting?

Local Man with Clear Mental Deficits Awkwardly Tries to Suggest Joe Biden Has Dementia

What Ann Coulter and Others Get Wrong About Donald Trump's Taxes

Where Have We Seen the Cast of 'Ted Lasso'?

John Oliver: 'If Things Seem Hopeless Right Now, It’s Because They Are'

The Times Obtained Trump's Taxes. Here's What We Learned

Donald Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Justice Ginsburg

Stream It or Nah? Netflix's Zombie Thriller '#Alive' Is Small In Scale, But Packs a Big Punch

Donald Trump Does Not Get to Decide Who the Next President Is

Dax Shepard Fell Off the Wagon, and That's the Least of His Problems

Who Won 2020's 'America's Got Talent' Competition?

Chris Rock Will Host the Season Premiere of 'SNL'

The GOP Condemns Trump's Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power

Does Mouthwash Kill Covid? Asking for 'Riverdale's' KJ Apa and Camila Mendes

Anya Taylor-Joy Stars in 'The Queen's Gambit,' A Gritty, Drug-Fueled Series About ... Chess

The Success of Donald Trump's Election Coup is Not Inevitable

Peacock's 'Departure' Is a Dumb Mess

Studios Do the Delay Dance Again, As It Looks More Likely Things Won't Reboot Until 2021

Watch the Trailer for 'Helstrom,' Which Is No Longer Marvel's 'Helstrom'

'The Haunting of Bly Manor' Trailer Looks Terrific, but Check Out that Musical Easter Egg, '90s Kids

Ilhan Omar Calls Out Donald Trump After More Nazi Rhetoric

Jensen Ackles Is the Ultimate Man-Crush

Oh, This Poor, Poor Girl

Do Not Disrespect Ruth Bader Ginsburg, You Gangrenous Ingrown Toenails

QAnon: This Man Is Likely Q, Or Knows Who Q Is

Leaving Sam Lloyd Out of the In Memoriam Was a Little Too on the Nose, Television Academy

The Insidious Messaging Behind All those Male Housekeeper Sitcoms in the 1980s

Donald Trump Gave Away His Supreme Court/Reelection Strategy This Morning

The 2020 Emmy Winners

Rubbernecking the 2020 Emmy Awards Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel

Stop Calling Liberals Weak, Assholes

We Celebrate the Life and Mourn the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Open Thread: Show Us Your Pets!

God, Not Another Podcast Recommendation: 'SmartLess' Hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett

Serious Question: Will Americans Ever Agree on Anything Again?

Mark Ruffalo Welcomes Tatiana Maslany Into the Marvel Family

Trumpdates: TikTok To Be Banned, Pence Aide Turns on Trump, and Bill O'Reilly's Backward Compliment of Biden

HBO's 'Coastal Elites' Is Not The Movie You Thought You Would Hate

Every Trailer a Publicist Sent Us This Week (Yes, That's Craig Ferguson)

'Mulan' Estimates Could Potentially Change the Game

Trumpdates: The President Accused of Sexual Assault (Again); Blames Blue States for Covid Deaths

No! Not Michael Ealy's Eyes

Kevin Nealon Shares Jeff Daniels' Horrifying Death Mask Story on 'SNL'

Why Am I Not Surprised?

'SNL' Adds Three New Cast Members and Brings in a New Celebrity Joe Biden for Next Season

Kate McKinnon and the Gang Will All Be Back for 'SNL,' in the Studio, on October 3rd

Twitter Labels Biden Video Retweeted by Trump as 'Manipulated,' As Though It Weren't Completely F***ing Obvious

'The Binge' Review: Can't Hardly Wait On That Awkward Superbad Sixteen Candle Project X

CBS All Access to Rebrand in 2021, Become Marginally Less Pointless

Chris Evans Rises to the Occasion After Insta Oopsie Comes to a Head

Stream It or Nah? Netflix's 'The Duchess' is Fierce, Funny, and Fantastic

Dave Grohl is a Good Dude

It's Not You, 'Tenet'; It's Us (Also, It's a Little Bit You)

Christians Upset that Christian is Photographed with Her Christian Husband's Hand On Her Christian Boob

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Donald Trump, Jr., In His Own Words

Adam Sandler Finally Metes Out His Punishment for the Oscar Snub

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The Most Damning Revelations in 'Rage,' Bob Woodward's Forthcoming Book on Trump

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STFU Susan Sarandon (Take 4,458)

What the Pause in the Oxford University AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Actually Means

Kamala Harris and Her Chuck Taylors Are a Mood We Want To Bask In

The Next 56 Days Are Going to Feel Like an Eternity

Stream It Or Nah: HBO Max's 'Raised By Wolves' Is Weird and Compelling

Trump Shutting Down a 159-Year-Old Military Newspaper After Calling Troops 'Losers' and 'Suckers' Is Not a Good Look

The President Disgraces Himself Again, But This Time It May Actually Matter

Stream It Or Nah: Acorn TV's 'The Sounds' with Rachelle Lefevre

Robert Pattison Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Shuts Down Production on 'The Batman'

Karl Urban Flames Duncan Jones on Twitter After Judge Dredd Casting Suggestion

Is Double Voting a Felony? Asking for a Donald Trump Supporter

James Bond's 'No Time to Die,' Take 2

Watch Brave Idiot David Blaine Ascend 24,000 Feet While Holding Onto Helium Balloons

'Dancing with the Stars' Lineup Reflects the Pop-Culture Emptiness of 2020

QAnon's Morally Repugnant 6 Percent Conspiracy Theory Has Gone Mainstream

The September Streaming Guide: The 38 Movies and TV Series To Look Out For this Month

Why Is #TrumpStroke Trending on Twitter?

Honest to God, Why Is This Even a Contest?

It's the Coronavirus, Stupid

A Conversation Between Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend's Husband, Roland Mary, and His Therapist

OK, Boomer: Highlights of MTV's 2020 VMAs for the Olds

Review: Showtime's 'Love Fraud' Is Insanely Addictive Docu-trash

Your Trump-Loving Aunt's Favorite Comedian Unloads on Donald Trump

Becki Falwell Allegedly Went Down On Her Son's Friend and Bandmate

Donald Delivers a Flaccid RNC Speech; Melania Shoots a Death Stare at Ivanka

'Cobra Kai' Is So Much More than a Gimmick

Jared Kushner Is Not a Good Person

The 'Law and Order Party' Is Lining Up Behind a Literal Teenage Murderer

With New Guidelines, Politicized CDC Is Out of Its Damn Mind

Republicans Aren't The Ones Who Should Be Afraid

This Is a Racist Response to a Racist Shooting Provoked by Another Racist Shooting

Why is Twitter Dunking on Dean Cain Today? (It's Because of Frank Whaley and Jon Voight)

'Rita Repulsa' and 'Cocaine, Jr.' Put on a Helluva Show On Night One of the RNC

The 'Enola Holmes' Trailer Is the Perfect Kimberly Guilfoyle Palate Cleanser

The New York AG's Office Subpoenas Eric Trump in Suit Against Trump Organization

UPDATE: Jerry Falwell, Jr. Reveals His, Uh Wife, Had an Affair with the Pool Boy

Donald Trump is Considering Pulling a Putin on the Vaccine

Kellyanne Conway Resigns After Her Teen Daughter, Claudia, Alleges Abuse

Are Trump's Efforts to Sabotage Mail-In Voting Backfiring Spectacularly?

Steve Buscemi Narrates What is Essentially the Honest Trailers Version of the Biden Campaign

Sean Hannity Privately Says That Donald Trump is 'Batsh*t Crazy'

Joe Biden Is Not the Ideal Candidate, But He May Be The Right One for Now

Donald Trump Has Baby Chicken Blood On His Hands

Suck It, Steve Bannon: Trump's Former Chief Advisor Indicted for Fraud

Reds Announcer Pulled Mid-Game for Homophobic Slur, Surreally Calls Home Run While Apologizing

On Night 3 of the DNC, Obama Scorches Trump and Kamala Wins Over A Lot of 'Chithis'

'There She Goes' Is a Brutally Honest, Painfully Funny Show About Parenting

The Celebrity Divorce Fairy Takes Another Painful Pandemic Lap

Woman Who Couldn't Get a Job at an Office Depot Wins GOP Primary in Florida

The Biggest Controversy from Night 2 of the DNC Was a Non-Controversy

Remote Learning May Be the Most Evil of Necessary Evils

Vince Vaughn Is Mustachioed and Sifting through the Rubble of the Frat Pack

Welcome to Our Home, Republicans; Don't Move the Furniture

Michelle Obama Goes High, So She Can Look Down on Donald Trump While She's Verbally Whooping His Ass

Melania Still Won't Hold His Damn Hand

Hang in There: It's Going to be a Really Hard 77 Days

Review: 'World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji'

How Can We Ensure Our Vote Will Count in November?

Words You Didn't Realize Until Late In Life You Were Misusing or Mispronouncing

Trumpdate: It's Not Just Voter Suppression; Trump is Trying to Sow Chaos and Uncertainty Into the Results

The Pandemic That Should Cost Trump the Election May Allow Him to Steal This Election

'Why Do I Keep Getting Trump Ads On Your Site?'

We Are Deeply Into the Trailer for 'Devil All the Time,' with Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland

Theaters Will Reopen In Much of the Country Next Weekend; Here's What We Know

Jeannine Pirro Isn't Making a Threat Against Biden; She's Trying to Scare White People

Review: 'Boys State' Is the Perfect Doc for Every Blue State Kid Stuck in a Red State Hell

Review: 'Hitmen' on Peacock, Starring Mel and Sue

Donald Trump and the GOP Welcome an Openly Racist, Anti-Semitic QAnon Conspiracy Theorist as the 'Future' of the Party

It Sure Didn't Take Long for the Racist Nonsense to Start, Did It?

No One, and I Mean No One, Is More Excited About the Biden/Harris Ticket than Katie Holmes

Joe Biden Has Chosen Kamala Harris As the Vice Presidential Nominee

'Fresh Prince of Bel Air,' But a Dark Drama, Plus All the TV News You Need to Know

DNC Convention Speakers Announced, While Biden's VP Pick is Imminent

Ben Shapiro Does Not Get His Wife Off

Please Don't Ascribe High-Minded Reasons for the Freakish Lasting Power of 'Saved by the Bell'

Dumb, Meet Stupid: Thousands of Motorcyclers Risk Their Lives to See ... Smash Mouth

This Viral Video Is Your Gateway to the Best 'This American Life' Episode Ever

Don't Worry: Even If He Weren't the Worst President in American History, Trump Couldn't Add His Face to Mt. Rushmore

Watch: Netflix's 'Away' Trailer Will Yank Out Your Heartstrings and Beat You With Them

You Know Who Really Hated the Kardashians? Anthony Bourdain

Rob Lowe Bluntly Asks David Spade If the Rumors About His Package Are True

Can We Talk About that Racy Jerry Falwell, Jr. Photo?

As the Economy Sputters, Democrats and Republicans Are at an Impasse

Review: I Visualized That 'The Secret: Dare to Dream' Would Be Crap, And ...

New York Attorney General Letitia James Is Dissolving the NRA

New Couples: BCoop and Jennifer Garner!? Tiffany Haddish and Common! Those 'The Hills' People?

Students Returning to School Is Going Great! Why Do You Ask?

TV News: Productions Slowly Resume, The CW Dumps 'Taskmaster,' Plus 3 New TV Revivals

Be Thankful You Don't Live in Georgia (Unless You Do, In Which Case, I'm Sorry)

Suck It, Chuck Todd

The Stupidity on Display in Trump's Latest Interview is Staggering

'Taskmaster,' Now on The CW, Is the Best Thing to Happen to My Family During the Pandemic

It's Been 7 Years. Do We Know Who Liz Keen's Father on 'The Blacklist' Is Yet?

Don't Worry: An October Surprise Vaccine Will Not Save Donald Trump

'The Goldberg's Bryan Callen Blames 'Cancel Culture' After Being Accused of Sexual Assault and Misconduct by Multiple Women

Brad Garret Ain't Buying Ellen Degeneres' Apology

The tl;dr On Jared Kushner's Failed Federal Response that Has U.S. Covid Testing 'On the Brink of Collapse'

Donald Trump Seems to Have Given Up. That Should Terrify Us

What Is Your Favorite Obscure Movie?

Trailer Trash: Teenage Bounty Hunters Vow to Exploit the Comey Rule to Break Chemical Hearts One Miami Night

Herman Cain Has Tragically Died of Covid-19; His Death Was Preventable

Wait, Why Can't Trump Delay the Election?

Here's the Trump Tweet We All Knew Was Coming

Spoilers: 'The Rental' Ending Explained, For Morons

Practically, What the AMC/Universal Agreement Actually Likely Means for Moviegoers

GOP Congressman and Anti-Masker Louie Gohmert Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Hello! Here's the Lincoln Project Dismantling Susan Collins. You're Welcome!

Oh No! Not You, Too, Madonna

Harrison, Arkansas Really Is the Most Racist Town in America

I Mean, Honestly: Whose Dog Did Rhea Seehorn Kill?

The 2020 Emmy Nominations

Twitter Deletes Trump Tweet, Suspends Jr.'s Account Over False Claims About Hydroxychloroquine

The Ending of Romola Garai's Wickedly Sinister 'Amulet' Explained

Trash Former Senator Chris Dodd Is Out There Trying to Sabotage Kamala Harris' VP Chances

Yes! With the GOP Convention Weeks Away, Trump is Back, Baby!

'Fury Road' Stunt Double Addresses 'Intense' Feud Between Charlize Theron And Tom Hardy

I Read Colin Jost's Memoir, 'A Very Punchable Face'

Disney+, Peacock, and Some of the Other Newer Streaming Platforms Are Screwing Us

Baseball Is Back, But Even That Is Political (Mostly in a Good Way)

Wow! There Sure Are A Lot of Orgies in Peacock's 'Brave New World'

Trump's 'Operation Legend' is Some Real Handmaid's Tale Bullsh*t

How the Next Coronavirus Stimulus Plan is Shaping Up

In Bizarre Fox News Clip, Trump Again Brags About Passing Test Designed to Detect Dementia

20 Real-Life Celebrity Friendships that You Probably Didn't Know About

In Case You're Wondering What Happened to Julie from 'Friday Night Lights'

In the School Reopening Debate, Teachers Get an Unexpected Champion: Dave Grohl

Trump Gives Vaguely Lucid Press Conference, Undoes It with Four Words

A Parent Who Believes Adult Swim Is Indoctrinating Children in Witchcraft Goes Viral

Fox News Sued Over Sexual Misconduct by Ed Henry, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity

Stream It Or Nah: Peacock's British Import, 'Capture,' Starring Holliday Grainger, Ron Perlman

Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' Will Open Whenever It Damn Well Feels Like It

How's Cleaning Up Your Public Image Going, Johnny Depp?

Promising Results from Two Vaccine Studies Released Today

The Megyn vs. Soledad Twitter Kerfuffle Obscures the Real Issue

Chris Wallace Interviewed Sweaty Donald Trump for Fox News. It Did Not Go Well

Journalist Susan Orlean Has No Regrets About her Delightful, Drunken Tweetstorm

Jim Carrey is Insufferable

A Brief Status Update on Where We Stand on a Covid-19 Vaccine

Less Testing, More Racism: Donald Trump's 2020 Reelection Strategy (Plus, Seth's Hair)

Make It Stop

Chris Cuomo: 'You Tell Me How the President ... Has Time for This Bullsh*t?'

Brad Parscale Demoted as Trump's Campaign Manager Amid Unfounded Rumors of Hope Hicks Affair

The Best (and Least Subtle) Pop-Culture Reference in 'Psych 2: Lassie Come Home'

'Dancing with the Stars' Gets a New Host; 'Survivor' Delayed

Briefly: Here In Maine, We Got This

Briefly: A Review of ‘An Oral History Of The Office’ Podcast With Host Brian Baumgartner -- No Comment

Kate McKinnon's Ex-Girlfriend Quits NYTimes, Citing 'Hostile Work Environment'

Tom Bergeron, Erin Andrews Fired from That Show You Didn't Know Was Still On

Late Night: Fallon Returns to the Studio, Seth Takes a Closer Look at Reopening Schools, and Iliza Shlesinger on Cancel Culture

Tucker Carlson Takes A 'Long-Planned' Vacation After Essentially Defending Racist Writer

Random Facts You May Not Know About the Cast of 'Hamilton'

Maybe Biden Can Be the Warren/Sanders Trojan Horse

The Media Will Survive Just Fine Without Trump

Tom Hanks' 'Greyhound' Is an Intensely Boring Film Occasionally Punctuated by Boring Intensity

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Candidly Discuss August Alsina Allegations, Marital Woes

'Search Party' Season 3 Takes Aim at White Victimhood

It Ain't Going Well, Folks

Johnny Depp's Libel Trial Over Allegations of Domestic Abuse Against Amber Heard Is Not Going Well

The Supreme Court, Including Trump's Two Appointees, Deliver a Defeat to the President

Math Is Not His Strong Suit, Folks

What Is the Last Movie You Saw in a Movie Theater?

Step Aside, Kumail's Pecs, Here Comes Hayley Atwell's Shredded Back

Step Aside, 'Umbrella Academy' Trailer: Here's 'The Boys' Season 2 Trailer

The 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Trailer Looks, er, Groovy

Nah, Trump's Latest Attempt at a Creating Wedge Issue Ain't Gonna Work, Either

Get Ready for Four Months of This Bullsh*t

The First Revelations from Mary Trump's Book Are Rolling Out

The Time a Zit Manifested on a Stressed Tom Cruise's Face While Working with Thandie Newton

Pajiba 10 Gap-Filler: ScarJo Hands Off the Baton, Brad Pitt's 'Wick,' and Furiosa Is ... Bummed

The Broadway Community and Beyond Grieve the Passing of Nick Cordero

Podcast Review: Boom/Bust: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia

Kumail Nanjiani, Ramy Youssef Push Back on Ricky Gervais' Bullsh*t

When Her Child Crashes a Live Broadcast, Dr. Clare Wenham Gracefully Manages Parenting and Work

Briefly: The Surest Sign Something is 100 Percent True is When Trump Calls It a 'Hoax'

The Latest on the Coronavirus: More Positive Data on a Vaccine, and ... Bar Lives Matter?

August Alsina Claims He Had an Affair with Jada Pinkett Smith that Will Smith Approved

The Decision of Social Media Networks to Crack Down on Trump Now Is Not a Coincidence

Trump Is a 'Danger to the National Security' Of the U.S., Say Trump Advisors

J.K. Rowling and Stephen King, a Play in 4 Tweets (One of Which Has Been Deleted)

Trump Ignored Intelligence That Russia Placed Bounties on American Soldiers

'Ken and Karen' Are Being Dragged for Pointing Guns at Peaceful Protestors

'The Politician' Season 2: Bigger Stakes, Less Fun

Jon Stewart's 'Irresistible' Feels Like a Movie That's Been Sitting on the Shelf Since 2006

The Cruelty, As Always, Is the Point

Netflix's Unexplainably Popular Erotic Drama, '365 Days,' is 50 Shades of Trash

What Joe Biden's Historic Lead Means Right Now

The Unraveling of George and Kellyanne Conway's Marriage in 5 Tweets

Maggie Haberman Is Right about Joe Biden, But It's Completely Beside the Point

Stephen Colbert Takes John Bolton to Task for Not Testifying During the Impeachment

In Apologizing for Past Racist Incidents, Jimmy Kimmel Takes A Different Approach Than That Of Fallon

Scientists and Medical Professionals Continue to Quietly Clean Up Messes Made by Politicians

The Ending of Harlan Coben's 'The Woods' on Netflix Explained

The Lincoln Project Compares Trump's Tulsa Rally to His Penis

Donald Trump's Tulsa Rally Was a Disaster

UPDATE: Berman Is Gone

Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking the Summer Off (And Matt Damon Is 'Sleeping' with his Wife)

Losing Badly in the Polls, Trump is Eager to Delegitimize November Election Results

Dan Stevens Is a Phenomenally Versatile, Generic White Guy

Review: Netflix's 'The Woods' Continues the Tradition of Harlan Coben Adaptations

Leah Remini Reacts to Danny Masterson's Rape Charges

Suck It, Stephen Miller: Trump's Supreme Court Blocks Trump from Ending DACA

If Things Go the Way They're Going, This May End Up Being the Movie of the Summer

This Tulsa Rally Looks Increasingly Insane (And We Are So Sorry about the Video)

The Great Thing About the Bombshells in John Bolton's Memoir Is How They Don't Matter!

Good Morning! Wear a Mask. Wear a Mask. WEAR A MASK. On Your FACE. Not Your Chin

Scott Foley is Very Handsome

NBC Cancels Three Freshman Series, but Renew Television's Absolute Worst Drama

Blockbuster Movie About Opening Too Soon Scheduled to Restart Production Too Soon

A Cheap Drug Is Being Hailed as a 'Major Breakthrough' in Covid-19 Treatment (Plus, Mike Pence Is a Lying Liar Who Lies)

5 Questions We'd Ask Jeremy Piven If We Could Afford to Pay the $15,000 Asking Price for a 10-Minute Zoom Conversation

There's a Decent Movie Buried Somewhere Underneath the Rubble of Pete Davidson's 'King of Staten Island'

Neil Gorsuch Sides with Gay and Trans Community in Landmark Supreme Court Opinion. Wait .. THE Neil Gorsuch?

Actor Ron Perlman Gets Into a Twitter Beef with Spineless Ted Cruz and Amoral Matt Gaetz

After the President's Bizarre Behavior, #Rampgate, #TrumpIsUnwell, and #TrumpWearsAdultDiapers Trend on Twitter

'Tenet' Pushed, as the Summer Blockbuster Window Continues to Narrow

Let's Talk About Justin's Terrible Storyline in the Final Season of '13 Reasons Why'

Oh Shut Up, Snowflakes: No One Is Coming for Your 'Paw Patrol'

The President Wants You To Know Exactly Who He Is

Briefly: The True Story Behind Bravo's 'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story'

'Live P.D.'s Cancellation Came After Network Destroyed Evidence of Police Tasing A Black Man to Death

'We Are in the End-Game of Early-Stage Authoritarianism'

27 Percent of Americans Believe that Donald Trump is a Man of Faith

The Final Season of '13 Reasons Why' and the Sad Ballad of Clay Jensen

Trevor Noah Touts the Incredible Accomplishments of Protestors After Only Two Weeks

The President Tweets a Conspiracy Theory About the Buffalo Protestor Shoved by Police

Whoa! Watch the 'Bill and Ted Face the Music' Trailer

Remember Michael Pitt? Those Who Worked with Him Would Probably Rather Not

Coronavirus Updates: Infection Rates Remain Persistently High, but the Number of Deaths is Declining (Plus, Beware of an October Surprise)

The President's Polls Are in the Tank, and He Knows It

'Homecoming' Season 2 Is Unnecessary

After Surprising Jobs Numbers, Donald Trump Gives a Rambling, Looney Tunes Speech

The Riveting 'Quiz' Tracks the British 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' Cheating Scandal

Step Number One: Fix the Goddamn Police Unions

'Space Force' is Bad

64-Year-Old, Mormon Former Baseball Player Speaks Out about Black Lives Matter. What Could Go Wrong?

Three Celebs Hide/Delete Their Social Media Posts After Backlash

In the Wake of his Blackface Controversy, Jimmy Fallon Finally Changes His Tone

Anderson Cooper Powerfully Expresses Disgust with the 'Little Big Man' in the White House

The President Poses for a Photo Op After Declaring Quasi-Martial Law

'Killing Eve' Is the New 'Dexter'

Anna Kendrick's 'Love Life' on HBO Max is Basic as Hell (Not an Insult)

As Trump Rants, Governors Express Alarm at Calls to 'Dominate' Protestors

Jake Paul is Not the Story

Two Series Regulars Depart 'The Good Fight' After a Shortened Fourth Season

'Enough is Enough, We Gotta Vote This Guy Out Already'

Did He Do It? The Ending of 'Defending Jacob' Explained

Quarantine TV Is Going to Be So Bad This Summer (And Will Feature a Lot of Lindsay Lohan)

A Black CNN Reporter Was Arrested; Derek Chauvin Still Hasn't Been

Twitter and Trump Continue Their Path Toward Mutual Self Destruction

What Even Does Donald Trump's Executive Order Targeting Social Media Mean?

Eight Mostly Forgotten Films that Have Resurfaced on Netflix During the Pandemic

Watch: This Guy Yelling at the Other Guy on CNBC is Immensely Satisfying

As Expected, Trump Went Ballistic After Twitter Fact Checked Him

Martin Freeman's 'A Confession' Is a Riveting and Restrained True-Crime Series About Murder, Grief, and Justice

'Please Delete [Donald Trump's] Tweets. My Wife Deserves Better.' -- Husband of Dead Joe Scarborough Staffer To Jack Dorsey

The Mask Wars Are Exhausting as They Are Dumb

When the Lake of the Ozarks and 'Ozark' Meet in a Pandemic Fueled Nightmare

Hulu's 'Normal People' is Tremendous

Review: 'Son of a Hitman,' the Podcast about Woody Harrelson's Father

On Toad the Wet Sprocket, John Krasinski, and Selling Out

Snowflake Donald Trump Triggered by Fox News

Three Minutes Later, and We Still Have No Idea What Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' Is About

All Your Favorite Shows Will Be Cancelled: Michael Ealy's Eyes Edition

Amy Klobuchar Being Vetted for VP Consideration

'Haircut Night in America' Is Not Going to Work for Us, and Other Pop Culture News of the Day

There Is No Way '13 Reasons Why' Can Have a Satisfying Ending

Charlize's 'Old Guard' Trailer Is Exactly Our Sh*t

Lori Loughlin Set to Plead Wealthy and White in College Admissions Scandal

After the Press Secretary Targets Him, Jimmy Kimmel Goes After the 'Hydroxy Horror Show'

Voter Suppression in the Time of Corona

'Good Place' Showrunner Mike Schur Ritualistically Humiliates Himself for Charity

Ignoring the Pandemic, The President Is Officially Back on His Bullsh*t

Where the Hell Has Jason Lee Been?

Classic Late Night: Chris Elliot's Dog Food Bit on Letterman

Nancy Pelosi Fat Shames Our Idiot President

Betty Gilpin Is Criminally Good in 'The Hunt,' and 10 Other Thoughts I Had About the Damon Lindelof Film

On the WTF Podcast, Marc Maron's Lovely, Heartbreaking, Messy, and Raw Tribute to Lynn Shelton

Tom Hardy's 'Capone' is Excruciating

Director Lynn Shelton Dies at 54

Fred Willard Has Died at the Age of 86

Streaming Mini-Reviews: 'Unorthodox,' 'Upload,' and 'Dead to Me'

An Imagined Conversation Between Ben Driebergen and his Wife After the 'Survivor' Finale

Here's Everything You Need to Know About ObamaGate

If You Don't Tell a Chicken Its Head Has Been Cut Off, It Will Never Know!

What It's Like for a Reporter to Cover a Terrifying Reopening Rally of Trump Supporters

As Production Resumes on a Smattering of Projects, The CW Delays Next Season into 2021

'Riverdale' Has Solved Its College Problem (Spoilers)

Funnier Celebrities* Mock the The Earnest Celebs' Tone-Deaf Rendition of 'Imagine' with 'Eat It'

The Many Actors Who Were Offered the Lead Roles in 'Friends' Before Aniston, Kudrow, Perry, Et al

MelaniaGate May Be the Biggest Scandal of the 21st Century

Is the World Ready for a Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Series?

You've Got to Be Kidding Me?

This Week’s Episode is the Reason Why Roxana Dislikes HBO’s ‘Run’

Accusing a Cable News Host of Murder Is Not the Worst Thing Trump Has Done in the Last 24 Hours

On 'The Rookie' Cliffhanger, and Whether it Will Return for Season 3

'Killing Eve' Season 3 is Blergh

Donald Trump Sent 125 Tweets and Retweets Yesterday. Here's the One that Matters

Kristen Wiig Hosts the Mother's Day Season Finale of 'SNL,' Which Asks that We Allow Kids to Drink

The Ending of Netflix's 'Dangerous Lies' Explained, for Morons (Plus, Some Movie Website Inside Baseball)

Clark Duke's 'Arkansas' May Be Derivative, But At Least It Knows Who to Imitate

New Rule: If You Advocate for Quickly Reopening the Economy, You Must Participate In It In Person

Are We Ready for Pete Davidson, Movie Star?

Whoa! What the Hell, Kevin James?

Real Heroes Wear Lab Coats: The Latest on the Science Side of Things

Briefly: The Treasury Secretary's Attempt to Own Guns 'n Roses Lead Singer On Twitter Backfires Spectacularly

How Steve Carell Talked Greg Daniels Out of Ruining the Jim and Pam Wedding Episode of 'The Office'

The President on a Projected 3,000 Daily Deaths, Basically: 'It's Merely a Flesh Wound!'

Hulu's 'High Fidelity' Forced Me to Confront How F**king Annoying I Am

Kevin Spacey's Experience of Losing His Career Now Makes Him a ... Paid Pandemic Expert?

Adele Discovers Cool New Sarah Paulson Instagram Filter!

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Ridicule the President for His Attacks on Late-Night Hosts

Here's the Political Ad Made by Republicans that Infuriated Donald Trump

We Must Not Normalize Death

Netflix Finally Releases Its First Trailer for Greg Daniels' 'Space Force,' Starring Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow

Chris Evans' 'Defending Jacob' Is Bleak and Dreary Comfort TV

Do We Really Need a 'John Wick' Spin-Off, Plus Is 'New Mutants' Finally Going Straight to VOD?

Showtime's 'Billions' Is Back! For a Few Episodes, Anyway

R.I.P. Sam Lloyd, May His Memory Be a Blessing

In Andy Greene's Book on 'The Office,' the Cast And Crew Very Politely Throw James Spader Under the Bus

The Latest 'Riverdale' Tackles Snuff Films, Tickle P*rn, and Bootleg Rum

Joe Biden Addresses Tara Reade Allegations: 'This Never Happened'

Zach Braff Gets a Bad Rap

An Oregon Strip Club Has Gone 'Mad Max' to Save Its Business, and the Aesthetic is a Mood (NSFW-ish)

Spanish Reporter Accused of Cheating After a Half-Nude Woman Walks Behind Him During At-Home Interview

Can Joe Biden Win the Presidency by Default?

Dr. Anthony Fauci Offers a Glimmer of Hope After Results in Remdesivir Clinical Trial

Update: With Movie Theaters Struggling, AMC Gets Into a Pissing Match with Universal (Regal Has Now Joined AMC)

Update: Late Night Hosts Roast Mike Pence For Refusing to Wear a Mask (Now with Letterman's Comments on Howard Stern)

Is Old Timey 'American Pickle' Seth Rogen Unusually Attractive? Let's Discuss

Reminder: John Landis Is Terrible

Dr. Fauci Weighs In on the Accuracy of Brad Pitt's Impression of Him on 'SNL'

In HBO's Sharply Written 'Bad Education,' Hugh Jackman Can Also Lowercase act

What 'Live' 'American Idol' Episodes Looks Like in the Social Distancing Era

In Images: What Re-Opening Looks Like Around the World

Watch The Appalled Expressions of Those Standing Behind The President While He Speaks

Social Distancing Works! But It's Much Easier in Some Places Than Others

'SNL at Home' Returns with Paul Rudd, 'What's Up with That?' and Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Fauci

Acorn TV's 'Deadwater Fell' Is Not Just Bleak, It's British-Bleak

AMC Theaters Maps Out Its Summer Future As the Industry Undergoes Rapid Change

Parents of Reddit Ask, 'Anyone Else Sick of Pretending that This is Working?'

With America Ferrara Leaving, the 'Superstore' Season Finale Still Managed to Deliver a Surprise

The Latest Scientific Findings: Antibody Tests, Vaccines, Plus a Smoking Study out of France

Before Being Fired, Eric Stoltz Was a Pain in the Butt As Marty McFly on the Set of 'Back to the Future'

Will There Be a Second Season of Hulu's 'Little Fires Everywhere'?

Why is Ben Suddenly So Unpopular on 'Survivor'?

Ed Harris' Obvious Frustration with 'Westworld' Is All Of Us

We're Going to Make It Through This Year If It Kills Us

The Real Reason Bruce Willis Is Quarantining with Demi Moore Instead of His Wife, Emma Heming

Spoilers: The Ending (and Only the Ending) to Hulu's 'Little Fires Everywhere' Is Better Than the Book

Armie Hammer Comes from Generations of Bad Men

The Anti-Lockdown Protests Are Not Real Life

Will Ansel Elgort's Pubes Make Bank?

John Oliver and 'Succession,' But Also 'Friends,' 'Doctor Who,' and a 'Gossip Girl' Revival for No Additional Cost

TV Reporter Offers Hair Cutting Tips During an Inadvertently NSFW Local News Segment

Serological Testing in Los Angeles Confirms Santa Clara Study, But Not Without Controversy

I Mean, It's a Little Weird that Alia Shawkat is Biking Over to Brad Pitt's House During a Pandemic, Right?

I Can't Be Mad About John Krasinski Right Now

A Flood of New Coronavirus Data Sends Some Very Mixed Messages

Hulu's 'Little Fires Everywhere' Is Messy

Three Men and a Douche: Celebrity Tales of Quarantine Life

We Remain, as Always, Cautiously Optimistic, But At Least There's a Rare Cause for Optimism Today

Is Dr. Reynolds (Jocko Sims) Returning to 'New Amsterdam'?

Shut Up and Shave Off that Soul Patch, Elmo's Dad

The Riddle Behind Bruce Willis Quarantining With Demi Moore Instead of His Wife Has Been Sorted

Remember Josh Trank? The Guy Who Boned 'Fantastic Four' And Set His Career on Fire? He's Back

Chris Cuomo's Wife Tests Positive, But Celebrities Have Otherwise Flattened the Curve

What Must It Feel Like Not to Give a Damn About Anyone Else?

HBO's 'Perry Mason' Teaser with Matthew Rhys, Plus When Will We Run Out of New TV?

What the Hell Is Wrong With This Man?

Today, We Are All a Frustrated Chris Cuomo; Oh, Actually, That's Not True at All

Ebullient Democrats React After the Wisconsin GOP Trips Over Its Own Feet

Here is One Seriously Encouraging Covid-19 Statistic Out of New York City Hospitals

'You Know You're a Fake': How One Question Blew a Hole in an Unraveling President's Dopey PR Stunt

France Sets Re-Open Date as U.S. States Mull Plans to Circumvent the President

To Prepare for Phase 2, a New Army Is Coming; Data Will Be Their Weapon of Choice

The Political Media Is Not Helping

Next Year in Jerusalem: A Funny, Hopeful, Emotional Saturday Night Celebrity Seder Puts a Lot of Good in the World

'SNL at Home,' Tom Hanks, and the Cast Making Comedy from Home Is the Relief We Need Right Now

Contact Tracing? There's An App for That (Or Soon Will Be, Thanks to Google and Apple)

I Mean, It's a Little Weird that Bruce Willis is Quarantining with His Ex-Wife, Demi Moore, Right?

'The Good Fight' Premiere Was Set During a Hillary Clinton Presidency. It Was a Nightmare

It's Not Your Fault

'Modern Family' Is Finally Over; Here is How It Ended

'SNL' Is Back, and The Cuomo Brothers Are At It Again

Jim Gaffigan to Seth Meyers: 'If You Have Kids, Give Them Away. Now'

There Has Already Been One 'Amazing Breakthrough' in Covid-19 Research

Let's Talk About the Ending of Season 3 of 'Ozark'

They Say We All Die Twice

Bernie Sanders Drops Out of the Democratic Race

'Who Gives a Sh**?': An Exasperated Stephen Colbert Is Fed Up with The President

The 'Manifest' Season Finale Is a Disaster

The Insane Plan Major League Baseball Is Considering In Order to Restart Next Month

Livid CNN Anchors Are Done with the President

Best Chris Was Almost a Bobby, and Other Woes of Hot Men

What is the Actual Science Behind Hydroxychloroquine?

John Oliver on Jeremy Renner, Jared Kushner: 'I Hate This Moment In Human History So Much'

You Want Hope? Listen to the Nerds

The Updated Release Schedule Points to When Movie Theaters Hope to Reopen

A Slightly Disheveled, Dead-Sexy Walton Goggins Makes a Cocktail

Spoilers: The Simple, Bleak Ending of Netflix's 'The Platform' Explained

Sam Raimi is Back! OK, Fine, Whatever. It's On Quibi. But Sam Raimi is Back!

OK, Boomer

Adam Sandler Debuts His 'Quarantine Song' on Fallon; Aniston and Kimmel Give $10K in Take-Out to a Nurse Who Tested Positive

Your Grammy's Life May Depend on Jared Kushner

The Cuomo Brothers Breaking Each Other's Balls Is Our Pandemic ASMR

Fact Checking Stephen Colbert's Assertion that He Auditioned for Screech on 'Saved by the Bell' 🤔

Dr. Anthony Fauci Addresses the Tipping Point on Lockdown Measures

How We Get to the Other Side

'Punk'd' Is Returning. On Quibi. Here Is Who Will be 'Punk'd'

The Laughter Begins Slowly, But then Comes in Waves

Charming Sophie Turner Recalls Slapping Conan, Loves Getting Trashed with Joe Jonas

We Need to Talk About How Bad the Acting Is on NBC's 'Manifest'

A NYTimes Political Reporter Tells a Critical Infectious Disease Expert to 'Move On.' It Did Not End Well

Chris Cuomo Tests Positive, Is Gonna Get So Much Sh*t From Andrew

From Kimmel to Meyers: Ranking the At-Home Backdrops of All the Late-Night Hosts

Hulu's 'Big Time Adolescence' Sees the Pete Davidson Archetype Exactly For What It Is

Most People Recover

Here It Is Folks, the Feel-Good Song of the Moment

Celebrity Parents Are Having a Hard Time Right Now

Eddie Continues to the Be the Worst in the 'A Million Little Things' Season Finale

This Morning, We Are All Hoda Kotb

What's Happening on 'Survivor: Winners at War' Is a Travesty

Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Dominates Courteney Cox in a Game of 'Friends' Trivia

The President Fires Off a Cease and Desist Order Against His Own Words

Everyone Gets a Damn Baby in the 'This Is Us' Season Finale

Steve Carell Did Not Leave 'The Office' For the Reasons We Thought Steve Carell Left 'The Office'

Potentially Game-Changing News: Mass At-Home Testing MAY Be Coming Very Soon

Hope in the Cracks: The Virus Mutates Slowly, and More Vaccines Are Being Tested on Humans

'Manifest' Continues to Have No Idea What It's Doing

We Needed a Hero. Netflix Sent Us Ed Helms

Folks, Don't Take Your Laptop to the Bathroom During Videoconferences

Before You Allow Yourself to be Crippled By Fear, Remember This: Medical Professionals Perform Miracles as a Matter of Course

Why It's So Important Democrats Rejected the Stimulus Package (Also, How Is Your Sense of Smell?)

Elizabeth Perkins Shouldn't Have Slept with Tom Hanks in 'Big'

Look for the Helpers, Because They Are Everywhere Right Now

They All Knew. The Republicans Knew and They Profited Off Our Asses

Don't Let Trump's Bungling Totally Ruin Some Otherwise Promising Covid-19 News

Twitter Reacts to a 'Survivor' Blindside for the Ages

Tulsi Gabbard drops Out, Endorses ... Joe Biden?

Covid-19 Tests Are Coming, and So May Be a Treatment, And Other Glimmers of Hope

'This Is Us' Turns In an Emotional Horror Show

Here's a View that's Less Bleak than the Imperial College Study

Oprah Was Not Arrested for Her Involvement in a Child-Sex Ring

A Year Later, We're Right Back Where We Started

Coronavirus Will Probably Save NBC's 'Manifest.' Haven't We Suffered Enough?

Update: Vanessa Hudgens Apologizes for Being an Idiot

The Latest on the Coronavirus: Real Heroes Wear Lab Coats, and They Are Going to Save Our Asses

This is What Happens When You Put Jared Kushner in Charge of the Brain Trust

Stephen Colbert Returns, From His Bathtub, to Assail President Trump's Response to the Coronavirus

Tom Brady Is Leaving the New England Patriots

NBC/Universal Breaks the Seal, Set to Shatter the Theatrical Window

A Fun Postscript to the Year's Best Podcast Episode

Hatred of Tom Brady Offers a Sliver of Normalcy in a Time of Sky-High Anxiety

If Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Debate During a Pandemic, Does It Make a Sound?

Advice On How to Work from Home From a Lifelong Expert on Working From Home

Donald Trump Calms Nation's Fears by Passing Buck, Sliming Reporter

Pete Buttigieg Hosted 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' It Could've Been Worse

The 10 Trader Joe's Products that Shoppers Won't Buy Even During a Pandemic

Whatever Happened to Claire Forlani, Brad Pitt's 'Meet Joe Black' Co-Star?

A Brief Explanation of the Conspiracy Behind Jughead's Fake Death on 'Riverdale'

Seth Meyers Puts Donald Trump's Disastrous Response to the Coronavirus Into Perspective

A Running List of Movies Delayed by the Coronavirus

'A Quiet Place 2' Has Been Delayed (And a Note About Our Coronavirus Coverage)

Social Media Reacts to Trump's Horrifying Address and ... (*Looks Around*) ... This. All Of This

'The Way Back' Review: Blowing Up His Life Remains a Great Career Move for Ben Affleck

The Miguel Erasure on 'This Is Us' Cannot Stand!

Just Buy Your Momma a Damn House, Jeremy Renner

Why Joe Biden is Suddenly Running the Table on Bernie Sanders (And Yes, It's Partly About Hillary Again)

In Ben Affleck's Next Movie, He Plays a Cuck Married to His Real-Life Girlfriend, Ana de Armas

Why Viewers Should Stop Watching NBC's 'Manifest' Immediately

As Fissures Open Up at Fox News Over Coronavirus, Tucker Carlson Provides the [Racist] Voice of Reason

It All Comes Down to Michigan

The Dixie Chicks' 'Gaslighter' Is About Natalie Maines' Divorce, But She Can't Talk About It

Briefly: Stocks Are in Freefall and the President is Not Handling It Well

The Sad Reality Behind Why Andy Replaced Michael Scott on 'The Office' Instead of Dwight

Rachel Weisz Is Not Playing Scarjo's Literal Mother in 'Black Widow,' Is She?

A Number of Conservative Leaders Have Interacted with Someone Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Daniel Craig Hosts a Very Good 'SNL,' but It's Elizabeth Warren Who May Bring You to Tears

Review: Netflix's 'All the Bright Places' is a Problematic YA Weeper About a Manic (Depressive) Pixie Dream Boy

Will a Certain Beloved Character Be Leaving 'A Million Little Things' At Season's End?

Where Are They Now? Why These 18 Winners Were Not Cast in 'Survivor: Winners at War'

Stream It or Nah? What FX's 'Breeders' Gets Right About Breeders

One Thing in Defense of Bernie, One Thing in Defense of Biden, and Nothing in Defense of Brian Williams

Oh No! Jonathan is Dead on 'Riverdale'? Wait! Who Is Jonathan?

Elizabeth Warren is Dropping Out

Bernie Sanders Is the Latest Presidential Candidate Screwed by the Same Damn People

Trailer: In 'Ozark' Season 3, It's Finally Laura Linney Time

No, Donald Trump, It Is Not OK to Go to Work with the Coronavirus

Spoilers: Let's Talk About Episode 4 of 'Survivor: Winners at War'

Let's Talk About The Best Players On 'Survivor: Winners at War'

An Emotional Ben Affleck Tells Jimmy Kimmel About How Adam Driver Got Him Out of a Jam

'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Updates Us On His Health

Mike Bloomberg Is Out

The Biggest (and Most Depressing) Takeaway from Super Tuesday: This Country Really Hates Hillary Clinton

Let's Talk about the Super Tuesday Results

You Have Got To Be Kidding, 'Manifest'

'Dispatches from Elsewhere' Breathes Wonderful New Life into the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Elisabeth Moss Deftly Fields a Question About Rumors She Was Engaged to Tom Cruise

#TrumpVirusCoverUp is Trending on Twitter, and For a Very Good Reason

It's Super Tuesday! Vote Your Conscience! (But Maybe Have a Talk with Your Conscience First)

Chris Matthews Is Done at MSNBC

Review: AMC's 'Dispatches from Elsewhere' Is Intoxicating

Amy Klobuchar Drops Out After Outlasting that Little Pissant by 16 Hours

Why Is 'Judge Judy' Actually Ending After 25 Years?

No One Knows What's Going to Happen on Super Tuesday, Especially the People Who Insists They Do

Pete Buttigieg Has Dropped Out of the Presidential Race

'SNL' Highlights: Mulaney Completes His Musical Trilogy, Plus Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Redd and a Lot of Coronavirus Jokes

Joe Biden Wins the South Carolina Primary. Decisively

Spoilers: What You Need to Know to Understand the Ending to HBO's 'Beforeigners'

America Ferrera Is Leaving 'Superstore'

The White House/Fox News Response to the Coronavirus Has Been Insane

John Mulaney Explains How He Got Jake Gyllenhaal to Play the Best TV Character of 2019

Bernie or Biden: How Two Prominent Black, Conservative South Carolina Democrats Are Voting Tomorrow

This Post, Like This Week's 'Riverdale,' Will Make No Sense to Logically Minded People

Jordan Peele's 'Candyman' Trailer Is Here. Do Not Taunt It

The Establishment Wing of the Democratic Party Is Being Petulant

Gotcha! ABC News Suspends Journalist After Right-Wing Org Catches Him Being ... Honest

Scattered Thoughts with 3 Episodes of 'This Is Us' Left This Season

The Trailer for Marc Maron's New Stand-Up Special (Plus, His Director Girlfriend)

With Its Latest Casting Stunt, 'American Horror Story' Insures Viewers Will At Least Return for the 10th Season Premiere

Here's Another Pete Davidson Post. This is the One Where He Talks Sh*t About Ariana Grande and Dan Crenshaw

Last Night's South Carolina Debate Was Messy

The Boil on Satan's Ass Thinks He's An Expert on the Coronavirus Now

'Survivor,' Harvey Weinstein, and the Awesome Motherf**king Power of Social Justice Warriors

This Is the Most Mom Video of 20th Century

Turns Out, Pete Davidson Wasn't In on the Joke

Let's Talk About ABC's 'The Rookie'

Joe Biden's Only Chance to Recover and Consolidate Moderates Will Be Stymied by ... Tom Steyer

Bernie Is Just a Lot More Popular than Some Of Us Realize

Watch Anderson Cooper Rip Out Rod Blagojevich's Still Beating Heart and Slap Him With It

Here's the Wild True Story Behind That Hugh Jackman HBO Movie, 'Bad Education'?

Review: HBO's Insanely Watchable 'Beforeigners' Combines 'The Leftovers' with 'Travelers'

Trump's March Toward Authoritarianism is Hastening Since the Impeachment Acquittal

On the Month Anniversary of His Marriage to Pam Anderson, Jon Peters Is Engaged to Someone Else

Whatever Happened to Writing, Directing, and Acting Triple Threat, Edward Burns?

Remember When You Said You Were Done with 'Westworld'? About That ...

Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader Are Still Dating

Trailer Trash: Run! I'm Not Okay With Endings, Beginnings, or Beforeigners

Everyone Adores Pete Davidson. Why?

In Last Night's Debate, Elizabeth Warren Ripped Out Bloomberg's Spine and Whipped Him With It

We Did Not See That Coming on NBC's 'The Good Girls' Season Premiere

We ❤️ Mike Bloomberg!

Twitter Ugly Cries Its Way Through Last Night's Touching 'This Is Us'

The Good News (and Bad News) from all the Latest Political Polling

Making Sense of the Bonkers Nonsense On This Week's 'Manifest'

How is Elizabeth Warren Not the Perfect Candidate for This Moment?

'Sinner' Season 3 Is Just Over Here Minding Its Own Business and Being Great

Why Was Vince Vaughn Talking About Sex Dolls on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'?

Twitter Reacts to the Wedding of Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman

Explaining the End Of Netflix's 'The Stranger,' Plus Will There Be a Season 2?

One of the Best Episodes of TV This Year Was Written by Rob's Sister, Katie McElhenney

The 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Teaser Answers THAT Question

You All Know that Mike Bloomberg Is Gonna Win, Right?

Why It's Pointless To Try and Solve the Mystery of Jughead's Murder on 'Riverdale'

Gen. John Kelly Is the Hero We Need(ed. Two Years Ago. He's Useless Now)

Jack's Beard on 'This Is Us' Is a Lie

No Way?! They Dated?! 10 Celebrity Couples You Completely Forgot Used to Date

Update: Warren Joins Chorus of 'Impeach William Barr'

What a Mess! 6 Takeaways from the New Hampshire Primary

Update: New Hampshire Delivers Two Casualties

Wake the Hell Up: Our Worst Fears Are Coming to Pass

Unrelenting Sexual Tension and Democracy in Action Tonight on CNN

The Morning Hellscape: Trump Earnestly Tweets Larry David Clip Mocking MAGA Culture

Well Played, Liz

What Was Bradley Cooper Doing at the Oscars Anyway?

A Collection of Random, Hot, and Adorable Photos from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

In the Oscars Monologue, Chris Rock and Steve Martin Find the One Guy They Can Punch Up

The 2020 Academy Award Winners

RuPaul Hosts 'SNL' But Chloe Fineman's Timothée Chalamet Impression Steals the Show

Eric is a Grief Eater On 'A Million Little Things'

Huh. Now We Know Why Matthew Perry Has Joined Instagram

Review: 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' is the Crowd-Pleasing, Heartfelt Encore of Kevin Smith's Career

Please Don't Vote for Pete Buttigieg

Is this Storyline from 'Riverdale' or 'Manifest'?

Where the Hell Has Tobey Maguire Been?

Stephen Colbert Delivers a Heartfelt Thanks to Mitt Romney For His Vote to Convict President Trump

Netflix Viewers Can't Help But Notice This Striking Similarity Between 'The Stranger' and 'You'

Review: HBO's 'McMillions' Proves that True Crime Can Also Be a Blast

The Senate Will Vote to Acquit Donald Trump Today. Tattoo This On Your Brain

What Iowa Caucus?

Stream It Or Nah: Netflix's Harlan Coben Mystery, 'The Stranger'

An Update on the Iowa Caucus Results

David Letterman Recounts the Time that Quentin Tarantino Threatened to Beat Him to Death with a Baseball Bat

Rick Moranis' Reported Comeback Project Is a Heartbreaker

Jordan Klepper Once Again Illustrates How Completely Pointless It Is to Argue with a Trump Supporter

It's Orgasm Adjacent! A European's Perspective Of His First Ever Super Bowl Half-Time Performance

Rush Limbaugh Has Been Diagnosed with Advanced Lung Cancer

The Worst Super Bowl Commercial Was Rated Far Worse Than the Other 61 Ads

Is Paul Rudd Celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs Victory as a Kansan or a Missourian?

J.J. Watt Is Exactly What You'd Expect as the Host of the Super Bowl 'SNL'

Eric's Secret Makes No Sense on 'A Million Little Things'

John Cena is Dom's Brother In the 'F9' Trailer. Also, Magnet Planes and #JusticeforHan

'The Biggest Loser' Is Still a Horror Show of Misery Porn

Goddamn, Chidi

Shut the F**k Up, Stop Whining, and Figure It Out

The Trailer for HBO's 'The Plot Against America' Is Absolutely Chilling

Conan O'Brien Mocks the Hell out of Adam Sandler During the AARP Awards Show

Will This Touching $11 Million Super Bowl Ad Lift Mike Bloomberg's Presidential Campaign?

Madison or Sophie? Why Is that Even a Mystery on 'This Is Us'?

The Case Against the Case Against Bernie Sanders

On 'Manifest,' A Man Holds a Bank Hostage for a Pocket Watch

Ranking the Best 2020 Super Bowl Commercials, So Far

Watch a Performance from 'Jagged Little Pill' on Broadway And Die A Little Inside

Donald Trump Has to Expend Some White Male Rage After a Gay Black Man Laughs at Him

'Shameless' Season Finale: The Thing Keeping the Gallaghers Together Is What's Destroying Them

It's Adorable When Maggie Haberman and the NYTimes Believe that Their Reporting on the Impeachment Actually Matters

Highlights: The Best Actor of His Generation May Also Be One of His Gen's Best 'SNL' Hosts

Briefly, On Eric's (Jason Ritter) Very Dumb Reveal In 'A Million Little Things' (Spoilers)

Review: 'Outmatched' Is a Dumb Show About Smart People For a Dumb Audience

A Shaky, But Ripped Kumail Nanjiani Eats His First Bite of Pizza in Over a Year

Some Of Y'all Need To Put Your Head On Straight And Remind Yourself Who the Real Goddamn Enemy Is

Jon Stewart Is Back! Sort Of. He Wrote and Directed a Political Movie. Watch the Trailer

Out of Context 'Riverdale': Jughead's Yale Admission Withdrawn After His Murder

Netflix Continues to Corner the Market on Films You Don't Need to Watch with an Audience

After 11 Months, Michelle Carter Has Been Released from Prison. Good

Michael Che Is Still Kind of a Dick

Adam Schiff Is a Goddamn American Hero, a One-Man Republican Wrecking Ball

The Cast for the Lesbian Romcom 'Happiest Season' Is Outstanding

Is Kevin in Bed with Who We Think He's in Bed with On 'This Is Us'?

Netflix's 'The Witcher' Could Air Into Three Presidential Administrations

Seth Meyers Goes Day Drinking with the Jonas Brothers (And His Brother, and Jack McBrayer)

Moral Cowards, Every Goddamn One of Them

On 'Manifest,' Saanvi Discovers The Mole is Her Therapist Who Is The Major

Pamela Anderson Marries that Guy Kevin Smith Has a Great Story About

Hillary Clinton Goes After Bernie Culture Because 2016 Will Never End

Shhhh: Don't Tell Anyone, But None of this Matters

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg Continue to Execute Worst Chris' Agenda in 'Spenser Confidential'

From the SAG Awards: 10 Actors And Their Lesser Known Significant Others

'Little Fires Everywhere' Trailer: Reese Witherspoon in the Well-Meaning White Lady Role She Was Meant to Play

Twitter Reacts to the NYTimes' Cowardly Democratic Primary Endorsement(s)

The '90s Just Called, ON A LANDLINE

How Does 'Truth Be Told' on Apple TV+ End? (Spoilers)

This Country is Run by Pure, Undiluted Evil

They're Not Dead! They're on CBS: 13 Actors You May Not Realize Are Series Regulars on CBS Dramas

TV Bits: 'Watchmen,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Mindhunter,' and Cinemax is Dead, Long Live Cinemax

Does It Matter? The Latest in the Impeachment Trial, Lev Parnas, and the Warren/Sanders Split

Review: NBC's 'Lincoln Rhyme' Ain't Got Sh*t on 'The Bone Collector'

Eddie Murphy Didn't Get Fired at 'SNL' Because He Ate Dog Food

What the Hell Was That, 'This Is Us'?

Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None

Recap: 'Manifest' Takes Another Hard Right Turn Into Stupid Town

For Liberals to Be Outraged about Vince Vaughn Would Assume that Liberals Give a Sh*t About Vince Vaughn

Honestly, How Much Faith Do You Have in This Country Not to Be Sexist?

Cory Booker Is Out

Let's Solve CBS All Access' Compelling New Mystery, 'Interrogation,' Before It Even Airs

How a Trump Rally Would Sound if Donald Trump Was His Own Biggest Political Opponent

'Girl, You Got a Panty On Your Head': The Season 4 Trailer for 'Fargo' Is Exhilarating

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Turn Smith's Entire Career Into a Bad Dad Joke

The Best Comfort Movies of 2019

Can You Identify the Celebrity Based On Their Bad Wax Figure?

'Peloton Wife' Ain't Got Nothing on 'Groove Ring' Wife

Game Show Notes: 'Jeopardy' GOAT Tournament, 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,' Pat Sajak's Daughter

'Messiah' Review: Netflix Jesus Is a Real Goddamn Bore (Spoilers for the Ending)

Who Is Angelyne, the Woman Emmy Rossum Will Be Playing In Her New TV Series?

'Manifest' Is Back, and It Is Still Trash

Trailer Trash: Let's 'Cheer' for 'Sex Education' in 'Fargo'

Brad Pitt to Marc Maron: 'I'm Trash Mag Fodder Because of My Disaster of a Personal Life'

The Lowdown on 'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan's Buttgate

The Best (and Worst) Moments from the 2020 Golden Globes

The 2020 Golden Globe Winners

Stephen Dorff Is A Woke(ish) Sh*t-Kicking Cop in 'Deputy'

A Brief Explainer of the Kushner Shade Thrown at Karlie Kloss on Last Night's 'Project Runway'

We Have No Idea What His Motivations Are. None. And That's Terrifying

A Wild Ride through the Personal Life of 'Jeopardy' Host Alex Trebek

Who Is the Gloriously Not Tall Man With Whom Kate Beckinsale Is Always Being Photographed?

Julián Castro Drops Out As We Continue Our Path Toward the Inevitable

Happy New Year! The Trailer for 'A Quiet Place Part II' Looks Excellent

Voting for the 2020 Pajiba 10 Begins Now

The Best Books of 2019

The 20 Best TV Shows of the 2010s

The Ending of 'Mr. Robot' Explained

Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader Are a Fascinating Couple

Eddie Murphy Closes Out the 2010s with One of the Best 'SNL' Episodes of the Decade

Aidy Bryant's Cut for Time 'SNL' Sketch with Lizzo Was Robbed!

'Bombshell' Review: The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, but It Bends Towards Justice, My Ass

Happy Hanukkah from Boyz II Menorah, Featuring Charlie Puth, Josh Peck ... and Zach Braff

Here's a Teaser for Netflix's Ghoulish 'Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez'

Petty Hate Machine

Trailer Trash: The Woman in the Window Loves All the Boys in Little America

Last Night Was a Really Good Night in Late Night Television

You Mad, Bro?

Now We Know Why Ruth Wilson Left 'The Affair'

'The Morning Show' on Apple+ Is a Riveting Drama About MeToo Complicity

Dan Spilo Speaks Out for the First Time After Being Booted from 'Survivor'

After 43 Episodes, 'Mr. Robot' Finally Goes Sci-Fi. Maybe

Here's Your First Look at Old-Man Keanu in 'Bill and Ted Face the Music'

The USA Today Poll Donald Trump Is Citing is Total Bullsh*t

We Just Don't Know Anymore

'Saw II' Was the Inspiration of the Biggest Reveal in the 'Watchmen' Finale

'SNL' Highlights: Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Are a Convincing Couple

A Loving (and Reluctant) Farewell to TK On His Last Week at Pajiba

Saoirse Ronan and 11 Other Names You're Mispronouncing

The Decade's Best Bit Player: Jason Mantzoukas

Trailer Trash: A Promising Young Sinner Meets a Free Guy, Dracula, and John Mulaney

Dan Spilo Removed from 'Survivor' For Inappropriately Touching a Crew Member

No Context 'Riverdale': Penelope is Jealous of Cheryl's Relationship with a Corpse

Jealousy Is an Ugly Thing

Review: 'Truth Be Told' On Apple TV+ Does Not Work

Is Donald Trump's Executive Order Defining Judaism as a Nationality Anti-Semitic? It's Complicated

Sam Esmail Pulls Off a Clever Carly Rae Jepsen Rom-Com Con in the Latest 'Mr. Robot'

Presented, Without Comment: 10 Terrible Movies Some Asshole is Always Trying to Defend

Folks: I Wept with Laughter

Ivanka Trump Was Personal Friends with Christopher Steele

'Silicon Valley' Is Over. This Is How It Ended

'Short Term 12' Low-Key Scored One of the Best Up-and-Coming Casts of the Decade

Damon Lindelof's 'Watchmen' Has Been An Elaborate Chicken and Egg Joke the Whole Goddamn Time

Trailer: 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Dodges 'Ghostbusters' Comparisons By Being 'Stranger Things,' Instead

This Week's 'SNL' Unnecessarily Reminds Us that Jennifer Lopez is Ridiculously Hot

Total Nonsense: The Ending Of 'The Man In High Castle' Explained

Stream It Or Nah: Netflix's 'V-Wars' Is Straight Trash

Owen Wilson's Dating History is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Stream It Or Nah: Hulu's 'The Accident' Starring Sarah Lancashire

Don't Pick Fights with Old People, Joe Biden

Gina Torres Normalizes 'Riverdale,' Which is Completely Uncalled For

In Exposing Trump for the Buffoon He Is, Joe Biden Delivers the Most Effective Ad of His Campaign

Nancy Pelosi Announces the House Will Proceed with Articles of Impeachment

Impeachment Witness Called by the Democrats Stoops to Scandalous New Low!

Worst Chris and Jason Momoa Kiss and Make Up After Dumb Social Media Thing

World Leaders Caught on Camera Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud About Donald Trump

Daniel Craig Has 'No Time to Die' in the Trailer for His Last Bond Film

How Can There Still Be 4 Episodes of 'Mr. Robot' Remaining?

The 10 Most Completely Forgettable Movies of the Decade

Kamala Harris Drops Out of the Presidential Race

Netflix's 'Messiah' Trailer: Jesus is the Devil (And He's Hot)

Tom Welling Got Married and Turned Into Suburban Karl Urban

Save the Peloton Ad Lady from Her Horrible Husband

Damon Lindelof's 'Watchmen' Is the Perfect Show for the Twitter/Reddit Era

Two More White Dudes Drop Out of the Race for the Democratic Nomination (Beware the Curse of TikTok)

The Early and Nearly Catastrophic Casting Choices for 20 Teen Movies

What NOT to Stream, Watch, Or Read Over the Thanksgiving Break

TikTok Is Harmless, Except That It's Not

Showtime's 'Back to Life' Is 'Rectify' Peppered with Dark Humor of 'Fleabag'

'Lady Bird,' Or the Story About How I Lost My Virginity

Papa John Doesn't Look So Good

Someone Paid Mark McGrath $100 to Break Up with Her Boyfriend, and He Nails It

Pete Buttigieg is the TikTok of Presidential Candidates

Without Disturbing the Content, Damon Lindelof and Cord Jefferson Brilliantly Transform the Character Upon Which Alan Moore's 'Watchmen' Was Predicated

We Are at an Impasse, and There's Only One Way to Move Beyond It

Will Ferrell Hosts a Terrific 'SNL,' But That Last Sketch, Oh My

'21 Bridges' Review: What the Hell Happened to Taylor Kitsch?

Review: 'The End of the F***ing World' Season 2 Is a Real Bummer

The 'A Million Little Things' Fall Finale Is a Lot (Bye Coral)

Donald Trump is a Profoundly Stupid Man

Out of Context 'Riverdale': Cheryl Balks at Cannibalism

The Sad, Nonexistent Legacy of 'Movie 43,' the Worst Movie of the 2010s

The Five Most Memorable Moments from the November Democratic Debates

The 'This Is Us' Midseason Finale Jumps Ahead to the Fifth Season Premiere

Rudy Giuliani Meets the Underside of a Bus

Where The Democratic Field Stands Ahead of Tonight's Debate

'Mr. Robot' Uncovers Its Biggest Mystery. Maybe It Shouldn't Have

'Silicon Valley' Gets Nasty-Mean with Jared

Nothing About Donald Trump's Hospital Visit Adds Up

On 'Watchmen,' As in Trump's America, Nothing Is True and Reality Is a Carelessly Whispered Lie

On a Momentous 'Survivor' Episode, The Game Reflected Reality In All the Worst Ways

President Trump Did Not Have a Good Weekend

Donald Trump Spent Two Hours In the Hospital and It Definitely Wasn't for Chest Pains

Harry Styles Hosts 'SNL' And Delivers a Real Dog of an Episode

'Incredible Hulk' Star Edward Norton Rebuffs Marc Maron's Attempt to Recruit Him as an Ally Against Comic-Book Movies

Trumpdates: Roger Stone Found Guilty on All Counts

Disney+ Allows Us to Relive the Worst Thing That Pixar Has Ever Created

The 'AHS: 1984' Finale Was Bad

Mr. Chipping Jumps Headfirst Out a Window on 'Riverdale'

Paul Rudd and Conan O'Brien Address, For the First Time, the Long-Running 'Mac and Me' Gag

Media Expresses Disappointment After Key Impeachment Witnesses Fail to Light Themselves On Fire

One Person Is Excited About Deval Patrick's Run for President (But Just the One)

Trumpdates: The GOP Is Really Bad at This

'The World According to Jeff Goldblum' Is Precariously Close to Too Much Jeff Goldblum

Wake Me Up Before You No No!

Disney+ Suffers Technical Glitches on Its Way To Total Inescapability

Trumpdates: Give It a Rest, Nikki Haley

Here's What Mr. Robot's Fernando Vera Looks Like in Real Life

Who is Lube Man? And Other Questions We Have After This Week's 'Watchmen'

Trumpdates: Bolton vs. Mulvaney Goes to Court

Trumpdates: Nikki Haley May Be Angling for the VP Slot, After All

Trailer Trash: That Baby Is Not OK

On 'A Million Little Things': How Many Secret Illegitimate Children Can One Family Have?

We Are So Done With Pete Buttigieg

Ahead of Its Season Finale, It's Time To Ask: Is There a Point to 'AHS: 1984'?

'Riverdale' Recap: Veronica Has a Sister, and Betty Has a Serial Killer Gene

A Quick Guide to the Major Players in the Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Scandal

'The Morning Show' on Apple TV+ Is Getting a Bad Rap

'This Is Us' Thoughtfully Explores the Lines Between Race and Class

Steven Spielberg 'Sandbagged' John Goodman Into Making 'The Flintstones'

Review: SundanceTV's Gaslighting Drama 'The Cry' Will Mess You Up

The LOL Doll is the Cruelest Form of Punishment the Universe Has Ever Inflicted Upon Parents

Trumpdates: Key Impeachment Witness 'Refreshes His Memory,' Ahem

'Mr. Robot' Recap: Sam Esmail Delivers a Gimmick Episode, but It's a Hell of a Good One

'Watchmen' Recap: Angela Abar Meets Her Match

Leaked Audio Captures a Man in a Fancy Suit Delivering a Racist Tirade

Kristen Stewart Cannot Save an Unremarkable 'SNL'

Trumpdates: Trump Allies Try a New Argument

Yarnwallin' The Second Episode of 'The Watchmen': Keep An Eye on Sister Night

All Your Favorite Shows Will Be Cancelled (Week 4)

Let's Talk About the Democrats (and Specifically, South Carolina)

20 Trick or Treating Guidelines That NO ONE DENIES

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'It Chapter 2' Wins the Box Office, but The Rock Has Bragging Rights Over 'Candy Asses'

Letters Supporting Felicity Huffman Present an Unflattering Picture of Another 'Desperate Wives' Co-Star

President Box-of-Hair-for-Brains Finally Did It: He Started a Twitter Feud with Chrissy Teigen

Who Killed Bryce Walker? Let's Talk About the '13 Reasons Why' Ending

From the Ash Heap of the Jeremy Renner App Rises the Jeremy Renner Storefront

I'm Sure It's No Coincidence that 'Cuck' Will Be Released on the Same Day as 'Joker'

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Conan Tries to Buy Greenland, and It Is Goddamn Comedy Gold

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A Collection of Great Hidden Gems on Netflix

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'Yellowstone' Sure Has a Lot of Murder For a Show About a Ranch

Oh By the Way, The 'Breaking Bad' Sequel Movie is Finished

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Jane Lynch Spills Tea on Unnamed Drunken 'Hollywood Game Night' Celebrities

What Mitch McConnell's Opposition to the Filibuster Is Really About

There Is No Better Time Than Right Now to Vote for the Right Candidate, Instead of the 'Electable' One

Norman Reedus' Penis Will Not Be in 'Death Stranding,' But His Urine Stream Will Be Weaponized

TV News: Tom Bergeron Takes Issue with Sean Spicer, and Marc Maron Takes Issue with Conan

Midday Briefing: Now He's Done It. Donald Trump Has Lost the McPoyle Vote

Donald Trump Has a Lot of Goddamn Nerve

'I Am Patrick Swayze' Review: Not All Masculinity is Toxic

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Elizabeth Warren is F**king Amazing

The First Season of 'City on a Hill' Lives and Dies by the Performance of Kevin Bacon

Let's Talk About The Trump Economy

'The Morning Show' on AppleTV+ Looks Fantastic. Damnit

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Marries Longtime Girlfriend Lauren Hashian

HBO's 'Our Boys' is a Bleak But Rewarding Examination of a Real-Life Murder Investigation That Led to a War

Morning Briefing: Mooch Suspended from Twitter for Fat Shaming Trump Who Fat Shamed a Supporter

The Current Republican Hellscape in 5 Succinct Quotes from the Last 24 Hours

Hugh Grant Knows What's Up

A Note from the Publisher

Did You Need an Emma Thompson Written Movie Starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding Inspired by the Music of George Michael?

Recap: What's Going on with the Yūrei in 'The Terror: Infamy'?

Oh, By the Way ...

God, This Is So Dumb, But Fine: The Chris Cuomo 'Fredo' Controversy Explained

This Is How You Make a Campaign Ad When You're Running Against Donald Trump

'Fear The Walking Dead' Is Bad

Fact Checking: 'The Loudest Voice' on Roger Ailes' Firing, Megyn Kelly, and Judy Laterza

TV News: Hayley Atwell, 'The Crown' Season 3, and the Long-Awaited Arrival of Apple TV+

'The Hunt,' Damon Lindelof, and the Feral Hogs Dude

What the Hell is AMC's 'Lodge 49,' Anyway?

All The Shady Sh*t MoviePass Pulled On Its Subscribers

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump and the Baby, Another Joe Biden Gaffe, and Sarah Silverman

Review: Season 3 of Netflix's 'Dear White People' Succeeds, But Only After Some Growing Pains

He's Just So Very, Very Bad at This

Celebrities Boycott SoulCycle After Learning the Owner Is Fundraising For Trump

Trump's Visits to El Paso and Dayton Were a 'Debacle,' According to His Own Aides

Justin Theroux's Dive Bar Is Gross, and Not in the Good Way

Will There Be a Second Season of 'Perpetual Grace LTD'?

Morning Briefing: Tucker Carlson Says that White Supremacy is a 'Hoax'

Mitch McConnell Supporters Choke and Grope a Cut Out of AOC, But ... They're the Real Victims? (And a Note About Our Commenting Policy)

Hulu Review: Don't Pee Down My Leg and Call It 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'

Casey Affleck Addresses MeToo Allegations on Dax Shepard's Podcast and It Was Super Weird

Morning Briefing: The NYTimes, Fox News, And Reassessing Beto

In the 'Euphoria' Season Finale, the Focus Turns to the Parents

Fact Checking: 'The Loudest Voice' on 2015, Gretchen Carlson, Lachlan Murdoch, and Casey Close

Why God Destroyed the Dinosaurs, According to AMC's 'Preacher'

Social Media Responds to Trump's 'Bullsh*t Soup' Teleprompter Speech On Mass Shootings

Fox News is a Corporate-Sponsored Domestic Terrorist Network

TV News: HBO Max, 'The Stand,' 'AHS 1984,' and CBS Doesn't Care About Sexual Harassment

8 Democratic Candidates Have Qualified for the September Debates; Two More Are Likely

Morning Briefing: The Cruelty (and Incompetence) is the Point

Trina LaVittles Crosses a Line That Not Even Her Fox News Colleagues Will Accept

Winners and Losers from the Second Democratic Debate (Night Two)

Winners and Losers from the Second Democratic Debate

Spoilers: How 'Orange is the New Black' Ended After Seven Seasons

#MoscowMitchMcConnell, And Also How the Left Is Just as Easily Tricked by Fake News

'Euphoria' Recap: 'I'm Morgan F---ing Freeman and This is the Beginning of the Third Act'

Fact Checking: 'The Loudest Voice' on 2012, Gretchen Carlson, Gabe Sherman, and Brian Lewis

In a Deleted Instagram Post, Taryn Manning Says that 'Orange Is the New Black' 'Hurt Her So Bad'

It's Not About Baltimore. It's About the Racism

Stream It Or Nah? Netflix's 'Great Hack': What Are We Really Angry About Here?

Carla Gugino's 'Jett' is the Best Thing Cinemax Has Ever Produced

TV News: 'Designated Survivor' Canned, Jeff Bridges Heads to FX, Benioff and Weiss Leaving HBO

Twitter Lambasts Columnist David Brooks Over Idiotic Tweet, and It's Very Satisfying

A Brief Refresher on Season 6 of 'Orange Is the New Black' Ahead Of Its Final Season

Spoilers: Let's Talk About THAT THING That Happened at the End of 'Veronica Mars'

The First Trailer for 'Zombieland: Double Tap' Heads to The White House

Soledad O'Brien Is the Best Media Critic On the Internet

Jeffrey Epstein Found Unconscious In His Prison Cell; Twitter Fingers Bill Clinton

Mueller Testifies in Front of the House Intelligence Committee

Cancel Awards Season: John Travolta's 'The Fanatic' Trailer Is Here

Review: HBO's Brilliant 'Years and Years' Depicts Our All Too Realistic Future

Did HBO Change the Ending of 'Big Little Lies' to Allow for a Third Season?

Joe Biden Is Right About One Thing, God Help Us

'Euphoria' Recap: You Let the Doubt Creep In, and You're Done

Fact Checking: 'The Loudest Voice' on 2009, ACORN, Glenn Beck, Joe Lindsley, and Laurie Luhn

God Help Us, We're Going to Talk About Al Franken Again

Tom Hanks Is Mr. Rogers in the 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' Trailer

Stream It or Nah? Netflix's 'Secret Obsession' Wishes It Were a Cheesy Trainwreck

What the Hell is Going on in Puerto Rico?

Morning Briefing: Talk Show Host Dan Le Batard Defies ESPN's 'No Politics' Policy to Condemn Donald Trump

Trevor Noah Addresses Scarlett Johansson Controversy on 'Between the Scenes'

Tom Cruise Surprise Drops the Trailer for 'Top Gun Maverick' at Comic-Con

Trailer: 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' Brings Back Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Adds Chris Hemsworth

What Even Matters Anymore?

Should You Watch Netflix's German Time Travel Series, 'Dark'?

We Are So Hopelessly Screwed

Review: Netflix's 'The Last Czars' Refuses to Let History Speak for Itself

The 2019 Emmy Nominations (Mostly) Don't Suck

How Does George Conway Feel About Being Married to a Racist?

'Euphoria' Recap: There's Nothing More Powerful than a Fat Girl Who Doesn't Give a F#$'

Fact Checking: 'The Loudest Voice' On Roger Ailes, Fox News, and the 2008 Obama Campaign

Morning Briefing: Trump Doubles Down on 'The Squad'

Donald Trump Tells Four (American) Congresswomen To 'Go Back' to their Countries

After Kumail Nanjiani Cancels, Conan Brings Out ... His Assistant Sona Movsesian

Stream It Or Nah? Netflix's 'Point Blank' Remake with Anthony Mackie, Joe Grillo

Labor Secretary Resigns/Is Forced Out Amid Pressure Over Jeffrey Epstein Deal

One Online Platform, Netflix, Takes On Another, Facebook, in 'The Great Hack'

Donald Trump's Social Media Summit Was an Embarrassing Sham

Review: 'I Love You Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter'

'Yellowstone' Recap: S2/E3: Welcome Back, Jamie

Headlines: Sexy Beast Sherlock Holmes On How to Get Away with Murder

Profiles in Courage: Paul Ryan Edition

Group Boycotts 'Toy Story 4' Over Fears Parents Will be 'Blindsided' By a 'Dangerous' Scene

Sarah Shahi Reveals an Unexpected Detail About Her Sex Life with Kevin from 'Shameless'

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Believes He Is a 'Great Looking' Man

Review: In His Netflix Special, Aziz Ansari's Perfectly Addresses Me Too Allegations. It's Almost Too Perfect

Review: Yes, ABC's 'Holey Moley' Is a Real Show

Terry Crews Perfectly Pitches Himself as Ariel's Father in the Live-Action 'The Little Mermaid'

Morning Briefing: Tucker Carlson's White Supremacist Rant Incites Violence Against Ilhan Omar

Review: There's No Show On Television Quite Like 'Perpetual Grace, LTD'

The Future New Home of 'Friends' and 'Game of Thrones' Has a Name and A Ton of Great Content

Recap: What Just Happened on 'What Just Happened with Fred Savage' Featuring Kevin Smith

Mid-Morning Briefing: Sean Hannity is a Russian Stooge

Jeffrey Epstein Allegations May Ensnare 'Prominent American Politicians ... And a Well-Known Prime Minister'

Recap: 'Euphoria' Luridly Tackles Addiction and Abuse With All the Depth of an Episode of 'Entourage'

One White Male Democrat Enters the Presidential Race, One White Male Democrat Leaves

Fact Checking: 'The Loudest Voice' on Roger Ailes and Fox News' Post 9/11 Role in the Iraq War

'The Walking Dead' Universe Is In Trouble: An Explainer

Morning Briefing: Jeffrey Epstein, the Related Rape Accusation Against Trump, and the Census Question

What Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest May Mean for Donald Trump (and Bill Clinton)

On the Spectacular 'Evvie Drake Starts Over' and the Time NPR's Linda Holmes Twitter Shamed Me

Twitter Gives Donald Trump Hell for Historical Inaccuracies and His #TrumpParadeFail

AOC Takes Kellyanne Conway Down a Peg

'Euphoria' Recap, S1, E3: The One with the Dick Pic Tutorial and the Micropenis

The Pajiba 10 Hall of Fame is a Lie

Poll: The Democratic Field Has Realigned after the First Debate

Nike Pulls Shoe With Betsy Ross Flag After Objections from Colin Kaepernick

Review: Showtime's 'The Loudest Voice' Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Review: Starz' 'The Rook' Is a Fantasy Spy Thriller That Is Neither Fantastical Nor Thrilling

Review: What the Hell Just Happened on 'What Just Happened with Fred Savage'?

Trailer: Will 'Jumanji: Next Level' Be the Exception to Franchise Fatigue?

The Best Recent Movies on Netflix (2016-2019)

The Best Recent Movies on Netflix (2016-2019)

Foreign TV Series Are Playing Well on Netflix, As 'The Rain' Out of Denmark Gets a Season 3

Review: 'Fighting with My Family' Won't Please a Crowd, But It Will Satisfy a Living Room Full of People

There's More to Marriage than Being Reliable in Taffy Brodesser-Akner's Enjoyably Brilliant 'Fleishman Is in Trouble'

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Goes to Dunder Mifflin

There's No 'SNL' This Week, but Kate McKinnon Still Impersonated Marianne Williamson

Winners and Losers from the MSNBC's Second Democratic Debate

Recap: Cole Hauser is the Quiet MVP of 'Yellowstone'

Why Hunter Biden's Personal Life Matters, Whether We Like It or Not

The Supreme Court Delivers a Blow, Plus a Big Win for Democrats

Do Julian Castro and Beto O'Rourke Have Bad Blood in their History?

Winners and Losers from the First Democratic Debate

Review: Season 3 of 'Designated Survivor' on Netflix

Netflix's Dystopian 'I Am Mother' Pits a Loving Robot Mom Against Hilary Swank

'Avengers: Endgame‘s 7-Year-Old Lexi Rabe Pleads with Fans to Stop Bullying Her (Parents)

Don't Give Me Hell: The 2019 'America's Got Talent' Golden Buzzer Auditions

Twitter Is Celebrating the End of NRATV and the Firing of Dana Loesch

Is It Ever OK to Spit on the Son of Donald Trump?

In Simultaneous Tweets, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Tease 'Breaking Bad' Movie

What's the Deal with the 'Blackout' Podcast with Rami Malek?

Scientology's Tone Scale is Wild And Completely Messed Up

You're Much Less Likely to Read This Post About Donald Trump

Recap: 'Euphoria' Is Definitely Disturbing, But to What End?

My God, It's Been 15 Damn Years Today

At Least Chuck Todd Is Asking the Important Questions

Review: 'Spin the Wheel' Hosted by Dax Shepard

Amid the Darkness of a Border Crisis, There Is Light in the City of Portland, Maine

Trump Balks On Military Action with Iran, Melts Down in Interview with 'Time'

Spoilers: Let's Talk About the Ending of Netflix's 'What/If'

Netflix's 'Black Mirror'-esque Game Show 'Awake' Is Terrible, But Not In the Way You Think (But Also, In That Way, Too)

Notes from the Campaign: Biden, Bernie Continue to Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Christian Group Demands the Cancellation of 'Good Omens.' There's Just One Problem

Netflix Review: The Teen Drama 'Trinkets' Starring Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Joe Biden Is Making It a Lot More Difficult to Hold Our Noses

Review: Showtime's 'City on a Hill' and the True 'Boston Miracle' That Inspired It

HBO Is Being Accused of Normalizing Normal Behavior on 'Euphoria'

Say What You Want to Say About the MTV Movie Awards, But At Least 'Green Book' Didn't Win Anything

Racism Is Not a Youthful Indiscretion; It Is a Deeply-Ingrained Mindset

Review: In Season 5, That Familiar Exasperated 'Luther' Swagger Returns

HBO's 'Euphoria' Is a Middle Finger to Brett Easton Ellis, Et Al

Donald Trump Really Hates Coughing, Is Terrified Of His Own Failures

Review: Netflix's 'What/If' Is Marginally Addictive Trash

Review: ABC's 'Match Game' Hosted by Alec Baldwin

The DNC Announces the Lineups for the First Democratic Debates

Under Pressure, Elizabeth Lederer, the Other Central Park 5 Prosecutor, Resigns from Columbia Law School

Trump Steps In It, Tracks It All Over the Floor, And Then Denies It Exists

Twitter Reacts to Sarah Sanders' Departure as White House Press Secretary

Jordan Peele Calls the 'Atrociously Disturbing' 'Midsommar' the 'Most Iconic Pagan Movie' Ever

Review: ABC's 'Card Sharks' Hosted by Joel McHale

Elizabeth Warren's Popularity is Surging, But Does She Have a Plan for What Comes Next?

Jessica Biel Now Claims She's Not Anti-Vaxx, But Her Reasoning Is Suspect

Thirty Penises Was Apparently Too Many for One Cast Member, Who Quit HBO's 'Euphoria'

Review: 'Press Your Luck' Hosted by Elizabeth Banks

Notes from the Campaign: Trump's Unwinnable Ceiling

Review: Nickelodeon's 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' Hosted by John Cena

Ava DuVernay vs. Linda Fairstein: Fact Checking 'When They See Us'

Mr. Stewart Goes to Washington

Donald Trump Doesn't Want You to Know About His Devastating Internal Polling

'Billion' Recap: Taylor Mason Rises from the Ash of a Toxic Masculinity Dumpster Fire

Let's Judge the Democratic Presidential Candidates Based on their Campaign Songs

Season 2 Trailer: 'Succession' Is Basically a Show About Modern Day Lannisters

Elizabeth Warren Surges In Iowa Poll, Along with Mayor Pete

The Most Crucial Takeaway from Netflix's 'The Society'

The Longrunning Feud Between Disney and Robin Williams That Grew Out of 'Aladdin'

Russia's Version of 'Chernobyl' Will ... Blame American Spies

WarnerMedia Streaming to Launch Late This Year at $16 a Mo. (and Yes, It's Absolutely Worth It)

Alec Baldwin is Out as Donald Trump on 'SNL'

Morning Briefing: Joe Biden Continues to Trip Over His Own Feet, While Sean Hannity Murders Irony In the Face

Review: In Season 5, 'Black Mirror' Has Lost Whatever It is That Makes 'Black Mirror' Good

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World's Dumbest Conservative Caught On Camera Reporting a Fake Death Threat to Police

HBO Cancels 'Crashing,' While Showtime Cancels 'SMILF' Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Political Briefing: Why is Donald Trump So Fixated On a Meaningless Misstatement?

Jose Canseco Accuses Alex Rodriguez of Cheating On Jennifer Lopez, But That's None Of Our Business

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Idris Elba Delivers a Modest, Fitfully Amusing 'SNL'

TV Beat: Walton Goggins, Brie Larson Head to TV; Colbert Overtakes Fallon; and Mike Schur Stays Put

Brie Larson and Sam Jackson, Uh, Perform a Delightfully Terrible 'Shallow' Duet

How Do You Recant a Rape Story? Asking for Mötley Crüe

'Good Omens' Trailer: The End of the World Looks Amazing

'I Am the Night' Finale Recap: Chris Pine's Series Reaches In Too Deep and Pulls Out Crumbs

'Good Girls' Recap: Wait, What Is Going On?

An Actual 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer with Actual Season 8 Footage Has Finally Landed

'Donald Trump' Plus 'Slow Bleed' Sounds Like Porn for Very Particular Political Kink

Recap: Fiona's Exit Comes Into Focus on 'Shameless'

Kevin Smith's 'Jay and Silent Bob' Sequel Is Happening ... No, No. Seriously, It's ACTUALLY Happening

Social Media Reacts to the Heartbreaking Death of Luke Perry

Morning Briefing: Fox News Spiked the Stormy Daniels Story Before Election Because Murdoch Wanted Trump to Win

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'A Million Little Things' Recap: Of Course, That Was the Answer (Never Forget)

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They're All Spectacular Scumbags

Whoa! Whoa! Wait a Second, AOC

'Riverdale' Recap: Archie Ditches His Shirt for a Pair of Boxing Gloves

Trades: 'The Masked Singer' Winner, Stephen Dorff's New Series, Idris Elba, and 'Penny Dreadful'

The Morning Briefing: Michael Cohen, North Korea, AOC, and Beto O'Rourke

Was the Season Three Finale of 'Lethal Weapon' Also the Series Finale?

Steven Avery, Who Is Still Guilty, Wins the Right to An Appeal

It's Going To Be One of Those Days

Jenna Fischer Unboxes A Surprise Silver Fox on 'Busy Tonight' for Her Birthday

Pete Davidson Boots a Heckler for Being a Jackass

Review: NBC's 'The Enemy Within' Is Like Eating Sand

Jimmy Fallon Does Not Deserve Material This Extraordinary

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A Frank Conversation with a Middle-American Trump Voter

Recap (Spoilers): The Key to the 'Manifest' Finale

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President Deals Strikes Again

While You Weren't Looking, 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Ended Its Run

A Down and Dirty Overview of the 2019 Grammys For Those Who Don't Watch The Grammys

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This 'National Enquirer' Business with Jeff Bezos Could Be the Pee Tape x 100

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And On This Day, Worst Chris Was 3-12 Percent Less Worse

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You Come at Klobuchar, and That's All You Got?

We Believe All Women. Do You?

What's Going on in Virginia is the Tip of the Iceberg

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The Donald Trump of 1990 Was Also Disturbingly the Most Popular Man In America

The Best Commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl

'A Million Little Things' Recap: The Barbara Morgan Fake-Out Explained?

Adam Levine Wouldn't, Would He? Surely Not, Right? Oh My God, He's Totally Going To

Morning Briefing: Cory Booker Enters the Race, but Trump's More Worried About Others

The 'Hobbs & Shaw' Trailer Answers Why Tyrese Gibson Was So Set Against The Rock Doing a 'Fast and Furious' Spin-Off

'Riverdale' Recap: Every Character On This Show Is a Terrible

What's the Connection Between TNT's 'I Am the Night' And The Black Dahlia Killer?

Everything I Know About Venezuela I Learned On Late-Night TV

Won't Someone Please Think of the Billionaires!

Pop-Culture Headlines: 'Bill & Ted's 3,' Pete Davidson, and the Return of Zack Snyder

Recap: How Many More Episodes of 'Manifest' Must We Suffer?

Season 2 Review: 'Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television*' Is Brilliantly Critic Proof

What the Hell Are We Doing Here, America?

Howard Schultz Has Finally United America ... Around Loathing Him

Fox's 'Rent' Live Was a Sputtering Mess, But It Never Really Had a Chance

Rich, Old White Men Continue to Ruin Everything

Turns Out, James McAvoy Is an Absolutely Terrific 'SNL' Host

'A Million Little Things' Recap: This One Hurt

Trump Lost. Pelosi Won

Ron Howard Is Adapting 'Hillbilly Elegy' for Netflix, and It's Going to Be a Political Nightmare

The Last 24 Hours of the Shitshow Trump Administration

'Riverdale' Recap: The Gargoyle King's Identity Is Revealed (And It's a Major Letdown)

Social Media Reacts to Wilbur Ross' Tone-Deaf Shutdown Comments

All the 2020 Democratic Candidates Are Problematic! (OK, Most of Them Are)

'This Is Us' Recap: Uncle Nicky Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Afternoon Briefing: Trump and His Allies Believe Rudy is Too Sauced to Go on Cable TV

We're All Fools Playing Someone Else's Evil Game

'Manifest' Recap: The One About the Hiker Who Walked Through a Wormhole

Review: Fox's 'The Passage' Is Surprisingly Promising

Tom Hanks' Character is Gay in the Garbage Extended Cut of 'That Thing You Do!'

Recap: 'Shameless' Is Back, and Fiona Has Entered Her Frank Phase

Review: Showtime's 'Black Monday' Is More 'Trading Places' than 'The Big Short'

Kamala Harris Is Running -- Is This When Democrats Start to Eat Their Own?

Highlights from the Rachel Brosnahan Hosted 'SNL': Pete Davidson Returns (with John Mulaney)

'A Million Little Things' Recap, Ep. 11: Rutledge and Barbara Morgan Come Into Focus

Donald Trump Is Petty Enough to Burn It All Down While He's Still Trapped Inside

There's Reportedly Friction Between HBO and Nic Pizzolatto over the 'True Detective' Season 3 Finale

In Theory, Congress Now Has What It Needs to Impeach Trump

Recap: The Stakes on 'Riverdale' Have Lost All Meaning

Come for the Television News; Stay for the Spectacular 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Video

Trump: 'We're Getting Crushed'; Polls: Trump Is Getting Crushed

'This Is Us' Recap (and a John Stamos Reaction): Have Mercy!

We Are So In

Review: Jon Ronson's Unsettling Account of Porn Star August Ames' Suicide

Nancy Pelosi Is Not Playing Around

Damnit, Fallon!

She's Running ... Oh Wait, She Actually Is Running

Morning Briefing: Trump Remains Defiant, But the GOP May Be Softening; Chris Christies Torches Jared Kushner

Recap: We've Seen The Worst TV Has to Offer, and Its Name is 'Manifest'

'Friends from College' Hits Its Groove in Season Two

Even the Darkest Timeline is Looking at Our Timeline and Saying, 'What the F**k?'

'Dirty John' Recap: She Learned It By Watching Rick Grimes!

Bush Ethics Lawyer Offers Evidence that GOP Congressional Leaders Are Also in Cahoots with Russia

Review: The Fascination with Why Netflix's 'You' Is So Fascinating

Updated: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson DID NOT Assail 'Generation Snowflake'

The Most Popular Netflix Original Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Jordan Peele is Insanely Busy These Days

As the Shutdown Enters Its 21st Day ... Wait, What the Hell is Wrong with Ted Cruz's Face?

What 'The Goldbergs' '90s Spin-Off 'Schooled' Means for Lainey and Barry

Andy Samberg Rattles Off All His Horriblelarious Rejected Golden Globes Jokes

Just Another Day in the Trump White House

Here's Rami Malek Watching His Awkward Interaction with Nicole Kidman at the Golden Globes

Like the Rest of America, Donald Trump Also Thought the Primetime Speech Was Pointless

'Manifest' Recap: Who is The Major? What Is The Holy Grail? Who Cares?

The 'Game of Thrones' Prequel Fills Out Its Cast, While Tony Soprano Will Appear in 'The Sopranos' Prequel

Meghan Markle Reportedly Being Offered An Opportunity To Return To 'Suits'

Let's Skip Over All the Outrage over Tonight's Trump Speech and Jump Straight to the Inevitable End

Rashida Tlaib Gets the Motherfucking Seal of Approval

Chrissy Metz Did Not Call Alison Brie a 'Bitch'

Twitter's Peanut Gallery Reacts to that Sh*tshow of a 'Golden Globes'

That Show You've Never Heard of and the Rest of the 2019 Golden Globe Winners

The 2019 Golden Globes Liveblog, Hosted by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg


The Biggest Box-Office Flops Of 2019

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Please Add Gillian Anderson's 'Sex Education' To Your January TV-Watching Schedule

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The Best Books of 2018 (Sort Of)

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Oh, That Explains Eddie Redmayne's Performance in 'Jupiter Ascending' (No, It Doesn't)

Morning Briefing: It's Time to Retire and Replace the Beckinsale Header Photo

The Best New Shows of 2018

The Morning Briefing: 'Serendipity' is Technically a Christmas Movie, Too

The Ten Best Comfort Movies of 2018

What If Posters For Some of the Worst Movies of 2018 Used Pull Quotes from Pajiba?

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Review: 'Travelers' Season 3 (and That Ending, Explained)

'Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television' Is Incredibly Dumb, But Also Amazing

... When You've Lost 'Fox & Friends'

Senior National Security Official: 'We Are F**ked'

The White House is a Goddamn Comedy of Errors Today

A Point by Point Rebuttal To Trump's Morning Tweet Storm (Thursday Edition)

The 'Men in Black' International Trailer Is Here, and the Reboot Is Justified

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The Problem with the Argument Against Protesting Tucker Carlson's Advertisers

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The Friday Night News Dump, Abbreviated for Your Saturday Morning Hangover

Recap: 'Riverdale' Is Basically Gotham Now

Dispirited Republicans Can't Even Muster a Half-Hearted Defense of Trump Anymore. Sad!

'A Million Little Things' Recap: You Know It's True Love When You Kiss Someone After They Puke

Is Donald Trump Also an Adderall Junkie? That's What Many People Are Saying

I Can't Quit You, CBS All Access. Damnit

The Morning Sh*tshow: Oh, He's Scared Now

Netflix Recommendation: One of 2017's Best New Comedy Series Is Now On Netflix, and It is Spectacular

The Time John Mulaney Took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan Concert

The Morning Briefing: Piers Morgan as Chief of Staff? Beto O'Rourke as Dem Frontrunner?

Nancy Pelosi Became a Meme-Worthy Hero After Today's Performance with Trump

In Chaotic Exchange, Trump Tells Democrat Leaders He'd Be 'Proud' To Shut Down the Government

The Oscars May Move Ahead with ... No Host

Rudy Giuliani, Kanye West, Meghan McCain Earn a Place Among The Most Notable Quotes of 2018

'Dirty John' Recap: 'Dirty John' Is Actually 'Filthy John'

How Danny Masterson Was Written Out of Netflix's 'The Ranch' (And How Dax Shepard Was Written In)

The Physical Transformations on Showtime's 'Escape at Dannemora' Are Insane

Morning Briefing: Trump Behind Bars Is Now a Legitimate Possibility

'Saturday Night Live' Does Not Deserve Host Jason Momoa

Review: 'Small Fry' Details Lisa Brennan-Jobs' Experiences Growing Up as the Daughter of Steve Jobs

The Morning Sh*tshow: John Kelly Expected to Resign; Trump Goes Off

'A Million Little Things' Recap: Thank You, Maggie. Finally

'Riverdale' Recap: The Man in Black Is Definitely the Gargoyle King, Right?

Trump Wasn't Criticized at George Bush's Funeral, But the Shade Was Real

Jason Momoa Has Already Made His Best 'SNL' Sketch, and the Show Hasn't Even Aired

The 2018 Golden Globes Nominations, Dominated by 'A Star is Born,' 'Green Book,' and 'The Good Place'

Review: Netflix's 'Kominsky Method' Starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin

The Obamas Awkwardly Greet Donald Trump Ahead of George H.W. Bush's Funeral Service

Morning Briefing: Michael Flynn, China, Mourning, and Wisconsin

Michael Flynn May Serve No Jail Time, Which is Terrible News for Trump, Pence

'Friends' Is Officially More Valuable than 'Seinfeld' Now

The 5 Best New Fall Broadcast Network TV Shows

The Most Forgettable Movies of 2018

Here's Why Eric Trump Is So Pissed Off at Kellyanne Conway's Husband, George Conway

'Dirty John' Recap: How Are There Six Episodes Still Remaining?

HBO's 'Camping' Finale Does the Unthinkable: Leaves Us Wanting More

Ethan Hawke on Why Vincent D'Onofrio Deserves an Oscar More than 'Some British Dork'

Can Bernie Win As the Frontrunner, and As the 'Establishment' Progressive?

'SNL' Continues Its Very Tired, Sorely Disappointing Season with Host Claire Foy

'Riverdale' Recap: Does A 'Scream' Reference Point to the Gargoyle King's Identity?

Renewals, Cancellations, New Show Orders, and Other TV Miscellany

Watch the Season 13 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Gag Reel

Why Donald Trump is Sh*tting His Pants Over Michael Cohen's Guilty Plea

'A Million Little Things', Episode 8: Is Ashley Pure Evil?

Ice-T and Bagel-Gate Finally Reaches Its Logical Conclusion

First Look: Zac Efron as Adorably Scruffy ... Ted Bundy in 'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile'

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty In A Separate Plea from His Other Guilty Plea

Payless Dupes A Bunch of 'Influencers' Into Paying Hundreds of Dollars for their Crap Shoes

'This Is Us' Recap: Things Don't Look Good for Randall and Beth

Your Weird Uncle Donald Is On the Twitters Again

Never Forget: Stan Died 1,242 Days Ago

Quentin Tarantino Is Getting Hitched Tonight

The Nasty Paul Manafort Business, Explained

'Manifest' Fall Finale Recap: We Have Learned Nothing

Update: Critic David Edelstein Uses Bernardo Bertolucci's Death to Make a Rape Joke

Review: Ben Stiller's Showtime Series, 'Escape at Dannemora'

In Defense of the Decision to Kill Off That Character on 'The Walking Dead'

No Collusion, No Collusion, No Collusion ... Except for Maybe, Holy Shit: Is that Collusion?

Geraldo Shows Humanity, Christine Ford Shows Grace, and Gillibrand Shows Some Fight

'Dirty John' Recap: Never Go to a Second Location with a Man in Cargo Pants

Maybe HBO's 'Camping' Is the TV Embodiment of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner's Former Relationship

There's a Reason Why You Rooted So Hard for Viktor Drago in 'Creed II'

Review: The Villain in Netflix's Psychological Horror Flick 'CAM' Is Not Who You Think It Is

'The Front Runner': What Happened to Donna Rice after the Gary Hart Scandal?

All the Entertainment News You Missed While Trying to Restrain Yourself During Thanksgiving Political Conversations

The Teaser for Disney's Live Action 'Lion King' Looks Like a Really Expensive Nat Geo Special

Review: 'The Front Runner' Is a Great Think Piece but a Lousy Movie

'This Is Us' Recap: Miguel Is Not a Saint?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Godsend

'Manifest' Recap: Pointless

Scattered Thoughts on the Novels I Have Been Reading Lately

Morning Briefing: Go Home, Joe, and Take Tom and Chuck and Andrew With You

C. Thomas Howell Was on 'The Walking Dead' So Let's Talk About 'Soul Man'

Danny DeVito Gives Thanks to the Bathroom Trash Shrine Dedicated to His 'It's Always Sunny' Character

Morning Briefing: The Three Stupidest Things Donald Trump Said Over the Weekend

Highlights from the Steve Carell Hosted Thanksgiving 'Saturday Night Live'

'The Office's' Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper, and Ed Helms Reunite on 'SNL' to Reject a 'The Office' Reboot

'House of Cards' Final, Terrible Season, in a Nutshell

'Riverdale' Recap: What If We're All Just Pawns in a Game of 'Gryphons & Gargoyles'?

Judge Orders Trump to Reinstate Jim Acosta's Press Pass; White House Makes Up Bullsh*t Excuse

Morning Briefing: Sometimes It's Hard to Know Who Is Dumber: Donald Trump Or Don Jr.

Feel-Good Viral Story Really Just a Garbage Story Because People Are Terrible

'American Horror Story' Finale Recap: Ryan Murphy Goes Full Ryan Murphy

Ira Glass Talks Divorce, Dating and ... Threesomes on Dax Shepard's Podcast

The TL;DR On the Damning, Bombshell NYTimes Exposé On Facebook

The President Is Not Well

Recap: 'This Is Us' Flashes Back to Vietnam (and '21 Jump Street')

Kids Don't Want Your Dumb Unboxing Movie, Paramount

Social Media Unloads on Marco Rubio After His Embarrassingly Bad Football Analogy

'Manifest' Recap: Getting Lost in Melissa Roxburgh's Eyebrows

'Game of Thrones' Releases Final Season Teaser, Announces Premiere Month

CNN and Jim Acosta File Suit Against Donald Trump and the White House

Morning Briefing: Indictments Are Coming, Plus Don Jr. Self Owns

Jordan Blue Is Every Decent Kid Stuck in a Small-Town, Conservative Hellhole

Welcome to Donald Trump's Deranged, Lunatic Lame-Duck Presidency

Congressman Dan Crenshaw Steals the Show from Liev Schreiber in This Week's 'SNL' Highlights

'American Horror Story' Recap: Welcome to the Coven, Anastasia Romanov

'Riverdale' Goes 'Breakfast Club' In '90s Gargoyle King Origins Story

Federal Prosecutors Have Gathered Evidence that Donald Trump Possibly Broke Campaign-Finance Laws

The Democrats Took Back the House, So Now Everything's Fine

'A Million Little Things' Episode 7 Recap: Maggie Is Still Standing (For Now)

Season One of 'The Purge' Ends in Underwhelming Fashion

The Season One Finale of 'Mayans MC' Explained

How Social Media Responded to a Touching, Showstopping 'It's Always Sunny' Finale

Congratulations, American Press. You Just Got Played. Again.

Notorious RBG Hospitalized After Cracking Three Ribs

Donald Trump Fires Jeff Sessions in Potential Prelude to Dismissing Bob Mueller

'Breaking Bad' Is Getting a Spin-Off Movie (Probably About Jesse Pinkman), And That's Terrific News

Last Night's Election Results Are Really Good for the Final Season of 'Game of Thrones'

'Manifest' Recap: This Show Is So Dumb

Election Night Open Thread

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Where Do We Go? Where Do We Go Now? Axl Rose Weighs In on the Midterms

Julia Roberts' 'Homecoming' Is a Remarkably Good Mystery Series

Kenan Thompson Thought Pete Davidson's Joke About Dan Crenshaw Crossed the Line

Why the Georgia Governor's Race May Be the Most Consequential of 2018

Here Are a Bunch of Numbers You Should Completely Ignore

Jonah Hill Hosts the Last 'SNL' Before the Midterms

'American Horror Story' Recap: Satanists Are Really Into Ryan Reynolds

'True Detective' Season 3 Trailer: Mahershala Ali and the Case of 7 Dead Kids in Arkansas

'This Is an Invasion Of Some Very Bad Thugs and Gang Members'

What the Hell is Ashley Hiding on 'A Million Little Things'?

Jacob Wohl's Press Conference Is the Best Episode of 'Nathan for You' Ever

We Still Have No Idea How to Fight Trump

'This Is Us' Recap: Randall's Campaign Makes No Sense, But We Are Here For It

What Were Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Doing Last Night? (Nothing Together or Particularly Interesting)

The Humiliating Crash and Burn of Pro-Trump Media Star Jacob Wohl Is the Best Political Story of the Season

Spoiler Review: 'Bodyguard' Is Heart-Stopping, and That's Just Keeley Hawes

This Is Some Seriously Nefarious GOP Bullsh*t

How do the Polls Look for the Most Hated Men in Congress?

Seven Days Before the Midterms, Donald Trump Wrongly Suggests He Can Unilaterally Repeal the Constitution

The Trump Administration Continues to Illustrate How Painfully, Brainlessly Tone Deaf They Are Shut Down; Can Fox News Be Next?

Why Would Anyone Think George Soros Needs to Pay Us to Protest THIS?

'American Horror Story' Recap: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Morning Briefing: Trump Downplays Bomb Threats, as 11th ... 12th Explosive Device is Found

'A Million Little Things', Episode 5: We Know Who Is Pregnant, But Who Is the Father?

Recap: 'Riverdale' Has Gone Off the Deep End

Review: Adam Sandler's Stand-Up Special '100% Fresh' Is the Best and Worst of Sandler (But Mostly Worst)

The 'Significant Death' on this Week's 'Modern Family' Was Lame (And Not Manny)

Here's the Best Line From Any Debate During the Midterm Political Season

'New Amsterdam' Tackles Police Brutality Against Black People, and It Does So Remarkably Well

'This is Us' Recap: So, About that Vietnam Necklace

Words Have Consequences

Media: The Blue Wave Is Coming; Also Media: There Will Be No Blue Wave

Recap: 'Manifest' Is the Most Insipid Drama on TV

'Camping' Recap: Empathy for the Devil?

A Conversation Between a Fictional Reporter and a Fictional Democrat

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Beautiful Ted

'Shameless' Recap: Is Fiona's Storyline the Reason Emmy Rossum Left?

Review: 'Making a Murderer' Season 2 Listlessly Makes Its One-Sided Case

Why the #Resistance Is Important Now, and Why It Will Be Even More Important After the Midterms

Do We Stand for Anything?

Sally Field Understands the Fascination with Chris Pine's Penis

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Recap: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

'Riverdale' Recap: Mad Dog and the All Boys Prison Revue

How the Fall Ratings Are Shaping Up for Scripted Programming, So Far

Here's the Most Vile, Evil, Manipulative, Horrifying Political Ad of the Season

Recap: 'A Million Little Things' Pulls Out the Gerald McRaney Card

Why 'It's Always Sunny' Only Gets Better, While 'South Park' Does Not

Is There Any Hope of Beating White Nationalist Steve King in Iowa?

What's a Little Murder and Dismemberment Among Friends?

Recap: 'This Is Us' Delivers Its Most Quietly Disturbing Scene

'The Rookie' Review: Nathan Fillion Is the Mark Harmon of His Generation

ABC's 'The Kids Are Alright' Hits the Sweet Spot between 'The Wonder Years' and 'The Goldbergs'

Review: There Are Reasons to Dislike 'The Conners,' But None Have To Do With The Show Itself

Morning Briefing: This Saudi Arabia Story Is Insane

'Manifest' Recap: They're Never Going to Stop Dragging This Out

Sometimes, that NRA, Gun-Loving Nut Turns Out To Be One of the Best Guys on the Planet

The Mob Is Coming For You, Republicans, and We Are Mad As Hell

Review: HBO's 'Camping' Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wanted an Excuse to Hate Jennifer Garner and David Tennant

What a Hell Of a Send-Off on 'Shameless'

Review: Hank Green's 'An Absolutely Remarkable Thing' Is a Remarkable Takedown of Trump-Era Politics

She's Running (And She's Going to Kick A Lot of Ass)

'SNL' Highlights: Seth Meyers Hosts; New Cast Member Ego Nwodim Is a 'Thirsty Cop'

Review: 'Man in the High Castle' Season 3 is Brutal and Pointless

'American Horror Story Apocalypse' Recap: Men Make Terrible Leaders

'Riverdale' Recap: What the Hell Is Going On?

Morning Briefing: President Obama, Circa 2009, Gets the Final Word on Kanye West

'A Million Little Things', Episode 3: Grace Park's Kathleen Comes Into Focus

Review: The CW's 'All American' Is a Formulaic, Fish-Out-of Water Underdog Story And It's Terrific

Ryan Adams Is Being a Petty Wanker About His Marriage to Mandy Moore

And Now We Know Why Christopher Abbot Left 'Girls'

A Brief Explainer on the Murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi Crown Prince

Morning Briefing: On the Whole, Texas Ain't Right in the Head

Channing Tatum, Caitlyn Jenner Have New Girlfriends and Hellboy Wants to Officiate a Wedding

'Mayans M.C.' Recap: An Enticing 'Sons Of Anarchy' Villain Resurfaces

'SNL' Was a 'Less Happy Place,' After Seth Meyers Left, Says Taran Killam

'This Is Us' Recap: Kevin is a Terrible Actor

People of All Political Persuasions Unite to Destroy the 'Acorn-Hating Barefoot Runner Guy' on Facebook

Journalistically Speaking, This Is Seriously Gross, USA Today

Kimmel's Latest Mean Tweets Take Aim at Nickelback, Korn, and Imagine Dragons

'Manifest' Recap: Boo! Red Herring Alert! (Plus We Know Who Athena's Boyfriend Is)

In the 'Better Call Saul' Finale, Jimmy McGill Goes Full Trump

'Making a Murderer' Season 2 Trailer: Steven Avery Is Still Guilty as Hell

The Thing That Really Pisses Me Off About Maine's Susan Collins

Nikki Haley Unexpectedly Resigns as UN Ambassador

Men are the Worst, but Richard Linklater's Anti-Ted Cruz Ad Is the Best

'Shameless' Recap: Katey Sagal and Courteney Cox Are Coming. Kassidi Is Still Murdered

The Angry Mob Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

'SNL' Highlights: Awkwafina Hosts, Pete Davidson Goes Off on Kanye

'The American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Jump the Shark Moment Has Arrived

Senator Susan Collins Is a 'Yes.' It's Over

'Murphy Brown' Review: Liberal Talking Points Set to a Laugh Track

'A Million Little Things', Episode 2: Who Is Barbara Morgan? (And Why Is James Roday So Good?)

'Serial' Season 3 Is An Absolute Tour de Force of Journalism

Here's Where Things Stand with the Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation

'The Purge' Midseason Check-In: Where's the Baldwin, and Why Isn't the Baldwin Dead Yet?

Now Damon Wayans Is Also Leaving 'Lethal Weapon'

The 'New Amsterdam' Cry Watch: Episode 2, 'Rituals'

A Brief Note to Susan Collins RE: Brett Kavanaugh

To Our Trump Supporting Friends, Family Members, and Work Colleagues: We Are Done With You Now

'Vice' Trailer: Adam McKay and Christian Bale Make Hating Dick Cheney Fun Again

CBS Reviews: 'Happy Together' And 'Neighborhood' Both Show Potential, But There Are Pitfalls

NBC's 'Manifest' Is Still a Bad Show, But At Least It's Interesting Now

Afternoon Briefing: Who Will Think of the Men?

Kim Wexler Needs to Finally Cut Bait and Run on 'Better Call Saul'

SNL's Kenan Thompson on Kanye's Unaired Pro-Trump Rant

Morning Briefing: 'There Has Never Been a More Pacific, Less Rapey Creature Than the White Male of Western European Descent'

The GOP Wants to Willingly Put a Man Who Attended a UB40 Concert on the Supreme Court

Jenny Slate Is Very 'Horny'; Plus, Breastfeeding Is NOT Child Molestation, What is WRONG with People?

Review: CBS's 'God Friended Me' Is Exactly What You Think It Is (Only Worse)

Watching a Crappy Sitcom to Own the Libs!

Trump to ABC's Cecilia Vega: 'I Know You're Not Thinking, You Never Do'

In Aziz Ansari's Stand-Up Act, He Ignores the Elephant in the Room But Takes Issue With Those Who Put It There

John Oliver Takes On Brett Kavanaugh, Whose Confirmation Would Be a 'F--k You to Women'

Second Best Chris Drags Worst Kanye, Plus the Latest on Brett Kavanaugh

Highlights: Adam Driver and 'SNL' Get Political In a Pete Davidson Heavy Season Premiere

On 'SNL,' Matt Damon Puts on a Show as the Irate, Weeping Brett Kavanaugh

Update: Jeff Flake Makes Some Sort of Deal

Review: Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish's 'Night School' Is Unbearably Bad

Review: ABC's 'A Million Little Things' Has No Idea What It's Talking About

ABC's 'Single Parents' is Two Years Too Late, and Three Dollars Short

Christine Blasey Ford's Senate Testimony, In a Nutshell

We’re Far from the Shallow Now

A Brief Look at Where Things Stand Ahead Of the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings

Stand-Up Comic Rails on Louis CK While Performing at Louis CK's Old Stomping Ground

'This Is Us' Is Back, and At Least Someone Can Resist a Sterling K. Brown Speech

Review: NBC's 'New Amsterdam' is the Coldplay of Medical Dramas

The Latest Sexual Assault Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh Are Incredibly Disturbing

How Does 'Lethal Weapon' Kill Off Clayne Crawford's Martin Riggs?

Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Process is a Sham, But It's Also Not a Done Deal

Oh Sh*t! You Did Not, Tanky Labren?

Review: Netflix's 'American Vandal' Season 2 Is Less Funny, But More Compelling

'The Walking Dead' Fandom is the Bullying Big Brother of Fandoms

NBC's 'Manifest' Review: Boooooo! Booooo! Boooo!

Twitter Reacts After World Leaders Laught AT Trump, Instead of WITH Trump

Just When You Think 'Better Call Saul' Is Going to Zig, It Zags in The Season's Most Exhilarating Episode

I See We've Reached the Stage Where the Accusers Are No Longer People, Just a Narrative that Can Be Picked Apart

Reporter Who Defended Roger Ailes Against Gretchen Carlson Allegations Will Interview Brett Kavanaugh Tonight

A Third Woman (or Fourth? God, Who Knows Anymore?) Alleges Assault Against Brett Kavanaugh

Update: No One Has a F**king Clue About What's Going on with Rod Rosenstein

John Oliver Takes Brett Kavanaugh's GOP Defenders to Task

The Messy State of Events

A Second Woman, Deborah Ramirez, Alleges Sexual Assault Against Brett Kavanaugh

The Republican Party Is Just Rotten to the Goddamn Core

Damnit to Hell: This Is Going To Get Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Fired

'Sinner' Season 2 Limps Toward a Shocking Finale with Very Little Shock Value

Katherine Heigl's 'Suits' Is Television's Funniest Legal Comedy For Lawyers

Republicans and Other Kavanaugh Supporters Go Into Full-On Gaslighting Mode (And Trump Finally Loses It)

Chloe Dykstra Was Relieved When Chris Hardwick Got His Job Back, But Not for the Reasons You Might Think

Christine Blasey Has Agreed to Testify, Much to the Consternation of Republicans

Guest Review: NBC's 'I Feel Bad' Is OK, But It'd Be A Lot Better If It Were More About the Husband

Social Media Briefing: Emilia Clarke's Dragon Tattoo, Ryan Reynolds' Baysplosion, and Mazie Hirono is Tired Of Your Bullsh*t

Barry Jenkins' 'If Beale Street Could Talk' Trailer Is Here, and Oh Wow!

The First Full Trailer for Jodie Whittaker's 'Doctor Who' Is 'Glorious'

'Bond' Producers Make a Surprising Choice for Their Next Director

No One Wants a Garrison Keillor Comeback. Literally No One. Zero People.

'The Hunt for the Trump Tapes' with Tom Arnold Review: At Some Point, We Have to Draw a Line

Chevy Chase Hates the Current 'SNL,' Has a Lot of Resentment Toward the Show

Among the Comedians, It's Trailer Trash vs. Tourette's in the 'America's Got Talent' Finals

Jimmy Kimmel's Follow-Up Interview with Glenn Weiss, the Emmy Winner Who Proposed

'I Just Want to Say To the Men of This Country: Shut Up and Step Up'

Oh, F--k Off, Busey (No, Not That One; His Lesser-Known Kid)

Review: What's the Deal with Sean Penn's Hulu Series, 'The First'?

Briefly on Why Colin Jost and Michael Che Were Such Terrible Emmy's Hosts

Huh. Turns Out We Kind of Do Want to See a 'Stan & Ollie' Movie

What Do Mario Kart and Trump's Penis Have in Common? (I Am So So Sorry)

The 2018 Emmy Award Winners

Liveblogging the Emmy Awards: Che and Jost Are the Worst

Someone Should Tell Bryan Singer About that #MeToo Overcorrection Glenn Close Warned Us About

Review: What Is Maya Rudolph's Amazon Series, 'Forever,' Even About?

Review: Who Are The Sources in Bob Woodward's 'Fear'?

'Mary Poppins Returns' Official Trailer Is Stuffed to the Gills With Disney Wonder

We Believe Christine Blasey Ford

Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation May Be Unraveling


Review: Blake Lively Steals the Otherwise Middling Noir, 'A Simple Favor'

GOP Responds to Rape Allegation Against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Kate Beckinsale Rules Out a Return to the 'Underworld' Franchise

It's Been a Wild 24 Hours

Sexual Misconduct Allegations May Have Surfaced Against Brett Kavanaugh, Plus the Victim of 'Predator' Cast Member Speaks Out

'Apocalypse’ May Be The Rare 'AHS' Season That Goes the Distance (But Don't Count On It)

'Billy on the Street' Is Back with Emma Stone, and Also Yelling

If You Weren't Interested in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Before, You Will Be Now

Trump Suggests Hurricane Maria Was a Liberal Plot Against the White House (Not an Onion Headline)

In Cryptic Instagram Post, Henry Cavill Responds to Reports That He's Out As Superman

Noah Centineo's Latest Is Not So Good, Plus Mark Wahlberg Is Even More Pathetic Than We Are!

'Designing Women' Creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason To Les Moonves: 'Go F--k Yourself!'

I Don't Think That Word Means What You Think It Means, Senator Collins

Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Hanging Up the Superman Cape

Only Under The Trump Administration Could a Goddamn Hurricane Become a Wedge Issue

Blake Lively Walks Around with a Cane, and Michelle Rodriguez is the Difficult One?

Review: 'Ozark' Season 2 Is Exhausting

NFL Ratings For Week One Are In ...

The Morning's Biggest Political Debate Has Nothing to Do with the Issues

Zac Efron Hooks Up With Mel B, Julie Chen Takes Leave from 'The Talk,' And NFL Players Stop Protesting

Review: Jim Carrey's 'Kidding' Doesn't Quite Work Even When It's Working

The Key to Enjoying 'Shameless' In Its 9th Season Is To Resign to the Inevitable

Defensive Much, Mike Pence? Plus, Ted Cruz Continues To Be Terrible At This

Most (Not All) of the 'Predator' Cast Hung Olivia Munn Out to Dry After She Outed the On-Set Sexual Predator

Sewer Troll Tries to Trash Olivia Munn for Outing Shane Black's Friend as a Pedophile

At Least 'The Purge' TV Series Knows Who the Real Villains Are

President Obama is Back

A Spiteful Les Moonves Tried to Destroy Janet Jackson's Career After the 2004 Super Bowl

Invoke the 25th! The President of the United States Cannot Say the Word 'Anonymous'

Shauna Sexton Has Now Outlasted Christine Ouzounian in the Affleck News Cycle

NY State Senate Candidate Dealing with What We'll Loosely Call a 'Hot Mess'

It's Just Awful What's Happening to These Poor Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Cory Booker Risks Ouster from Senate to Release 'Committee Confidential' Kavanaugh Docs

The Call Is Coming From Inside the Swamp

Senior Administration Official Admits Considering Invoking the 25th to Remove Trump

Spoilers: Unraveling the Confusing, Backstabbing Storylines in Kurt Sutter's 'M.C. Mayans' Pilot

Brie Larson's 'Captain Marvel' Reveal Fails to 'Break the Internet,' and Other Movie/TV Miscellany

Laurie Strode Fittin' To Put The Hurt on Michael Myers in the New 'Halloween' Trailer

Asia Argento Won't Pay Off Jimmy Bennett Settlement, Launches 'Phase 2 of the #MeToo Movement'

'House of Cards' Final Season Teaser: Spoiler, Frank Underwood Is Very Dead

Watch the Beautiful Moment in Which Ayanna Pressley Learned She'd Won Her Massachusetts Congressional Race

'Serial' Season 3 Will Tackle the Extraordinary Ordinariness of the Criminal Justice System

No, Shauna Sexton Is Not Responsible for Ben Affleck's Relapse Because Ben Affleck Is a 'Grown Ass Man'

Amazon's 'Jack Ryan' Starring John Krasinski Is Painfully Pedestrian

This Week's 'Better Call Saul' Offers a Glimpse of the Beginning and the End of Saul Goodman

Bob Woodward's Book on Trump Has Teeth, and the Entire White House Gets Fanged

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump's Corruption and Abuse of Power is Catching Up to Donald Trump

Congratulations, NYTimes: You're As Awful as Fox News This Week

The Fears You Have About Parenting Are Unfounded and Irrational

Nine Current TV and Movie Items That Will Enrich Your Week's Pop Culture Knowledge

Winter Is Coming for Donald Trump (And So Are the Midterms)

Bradley Cooper Is a Bossy Bitch

Emmy Rossum is Leaving 'Shameless,' Damnit

Hugh Jackman's 'The Front Runner' Trailer Tracks Patient Zero Of Our Current Political System

What the Hell is Trump So Worried About This Morning?

Trump Doesn't Appreciate How F--ked He Is, Plus Cynthia Nixon Makes Mincemeat of Andrew Cuomo

Front Wiping Or Nah? Jason Bateman and Dax Shepard Debate

Ted Cruz Is So Bad At This

Clayne Crawford Defends Himself Against 'Blatant F--king Lies' After 'Lethal Weapon' Firing

The Morning Political Briefing: A Study in Contrasts

How This Week's 'Better Call Saul' Subtly Sets the Stage for 'Breaking Bad'

Michael Che Continues to Be Human Ugh

Keanu Is Wooden, Adorable In This Clip of 'Destination Wedding' With Winona Ryder

Donald Trump Manipulates the Media Again, Turns a Lie Into the News

One Point, Bitches

15 Entertainment Industry Couples You Didn't Know Were Married

John Goodman Seems to Reveal that Roseanne Barr Will Be Killed Off On 'The Conners'

Watch Seven Seas, the World Champion Air Guitarist, Play Metal Up Your Ass

Everything About Sacha Baron Cohen's Interview with O.J. Simpson Is Horribly Wrong

Donald Trump Is So Screwed

'True Detective' Season 3 Trailer: Mahershala Ali Puts A Little Mustard on that Flat Circle

Another Trumper Flips, Plus Blake Lively is Low-Key Bad Ass

Real Geeks Will Not Miss 'Big Bang Theory'

Fox News Is Showing Signs of Strain Under the Trump Presidency

Scott Eastwood Is 'Having Sex, Lots of It,' And He's a 'Giver,' But Who Is Taking It?

Are You Watching the Highest Rated Cable Series of the Summer?

Another Trump Confidante Flips in Exchange for Immunity

Ben Affleck's Planned Next Movie Hits Close to Home

Jennifer Garner is a Saint

Trump Takes the Lead on His Own Defense, Falls Flat On His Dumb Face

Heartthrob Actor in Newly Beloved Netflix Movie Is MAGA Garbage

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Trailer: Fat Mac is Now Jacked Mac

A 'Crazy Rich Asians' Sequel Is All But Official

In Leaked Texts, Asia Argento Confesses to Having Sex with Jimmy Bennett

Trump, Cohen, Manafort, and Fox News: The Morning After

More On Cohen, the Fox News Spin, Another Republican Bites It, and Winona and Keanu

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicates President Trump

Asia Argento Blames Anthony Bourdain for Paying off Jimmy Bennett

Ed Edwards Is Apparently the Forrest Gump of Serial Killers

Netflix's 'American Vandal' Season 2 Trailer: They're All Pooping

Madonna Paid Tribute to Aretha During the VMAs By Paying Tribute to Madonna

Dominic Cooper Has an Awesome New Girlfriend, and Blake Lively Has Become One with Lime Green

There's a Damn Good Reason Why Hemsworth Is the New Best Chris

During the Midst of the #MeToo Movement, Asia Argento Settled with Her Own Accuser

It's Not Possible to Love Michael Shannon More than He Hates Donald Trump

The Truth Is No Longer the Truth, According to Rudy Giuliani, But It May Be a Bagel

Netflix Cancels Joel McHale and Michelle Wolf Series

Jesus, Affleck: You Just Can't Get Out From Under Your Own Dick, Can You?

This Insane Story is the President of the United States In a Nutshell

Hasan Minhaj Bids Farewell to 'The Daily Show,' Offers MoviePass a Solution

Trump Receives a Monumental F**k You, and 'Consensual Cuddling' Is a Really Sh*tty Euphemism for Sexual Assault

Omarosa Releases Tape of Lara Trump Trying to Buy Her Silence

Ben Affleck is a Much Better Actor Than You Realize

James Gunn Will Not Return To the 'Guardians of Galaxy' Franchise. For Real, This Time

W. Kamau Bell's Perspective on the Donald Trump N-Word Tape

Sometimes, If You Want the Truth, You've Gotta Go to Fox News

Kellyanne Kellyannes Her Husband; 'SNL' Loses One; and Dane Cook Is Still A Sleazebag

USA Network's 'Sinner' Currently Offers the Best Carrie Coon Fix on TV

Damn! Viola Davis' 'Widows' Trailer Is Packed and Packing

Grace Randolph Calls Out Disney for 'Race-Bending' After Casting Tessa Thompson in 'Lady & the Tramp'

All the Good News to Come Out of Last Night's Primaries

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If the Unite the Right Rally Were a Movie, It Would Be Uma Thurman's 'Motherhood'

Kardashian 'Homophobia,' a Bill Murray Alleged Assault, and Ivanka Irony (Slight NSFW Content)

Omarosa: 'President Trump Used the N-Word'; Everyone Else: 'No Sh*t'

Rappers Read Mean Tweets, Clapback On Jimmy Kimmel

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Idris Elba Is the James Bond of Giving Head, Also May Be the Actual James Bond

Review: 'Like Father' Is the Kool and the Gang of Netflix Movies

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Ted Cruz Has No Shame

You Know What to Do with that Dog Whistle, Laura Ingraham

The Tribune/Sinclair Merger Is Dead Because Everything Trump Touches Turns to Sh*t

What the Hell Does Devin Nunes Know that the Rest of Us Do Not?

Ugly Child Support Battles Are Weird When They're Between Obscenely Rich People

The Oscars Will Add a 'Popular Film' Category and That Has Provoked A Lot of Thoughts Online

Why Losing the Ohio Special Election Might Be the Best Thing for Democrats (Don't @ Me)

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The Five Best Home Rental Movies of 2018 (So Far)

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I Wish Anything Brought Me as Much Joy as Keanu's '80s Coke Commercial Brings Him

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Ansel Elgort's Personality Is as Punchable as His Face!*

Marc Maron Confronted Jay Leno About 'The Tonight Show,' Letterman, Conan

MoviePass May Have Figured Out the Formula to Save Itself

Five Things You Need To Remember Ahead of the 'Better Call Saul' Season Premiere

Yes, Joe Arpaio Said He'd Accept a 'Blow Job' from President Trump On a 'Kids Show'

Alex Jones Is Right About One Thing. Sort Of

J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof Apologize to Evangeline Lilly for 'Lost' Nude Scene

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'Eighth Grade' Is a Brilliant, Painful, Near Perfect Film About The Worst Years Of Our Lives

Both Sarah Sanders and the NYTimes Have Had Very Shameful Days

Rumors that James Gunn Will Not Be Rehired Supersede Rumors That He Will Be Rehired

Marc Maron, the 'Joker' Movie, and Superhero Movie Snobs

Drinking from Straws to Own the Libs

Sean Hannity's Wikipedia Entry (From the Year 2035)

Looks Like Someone Forgot to Put the Glam In their Glamour Photo

What Would You Do If Your Child Was a Sociopath?

Now Might Be a Great Time to Pass Legislation to Protect Bob Mueller's Special Counsel Investigation

Ugh, Another 'Terminator' Movie? Do We Really Need ... Oh Wait, Nevermind!

This Is Legitimately Terrifying

What the F--k, Jennifer Lopez?

'Dietland' Took a Header In Its Little-Seen Season Finale

Pour One Out: MoviePass Is All But Dead

Morning Political Briefing: Three Quick Things You Should Know

'Guardians' Cast Comes to James Gunn's Defense, Kate Beckinsale is Amazing

Rudy Giuliani Stepped In It, Big Time

No, YouTube, Tom Hanks Is Not a Pedophile

This Is What Roy Moore Looked Like When He Set Off a Pedophile Wand on 'Who Is America'?

But What If ... and I'm Just Spitballing Here ... But What if Collusion Weren't a Crime?

Is It Possible to Love These Two Any More Than We Already Do (Yes, Yes It is)

No, Gwyneth is not Becky with the Good Hair. But She is a Becky. And She Has Hair

Will Jason Statham and 'The Meg' Finally Do In MoviePass?

OK, Wait a Second. Let Me Get This Straight ...

The Michael Cohen, Donald Trump Battle of the 'Low Lives' Feud is On And It's Getting Ugly

You Know It's a Slow News Day When ... Hey! Look! It's Mischa Barton

Food Porn: We Have Hit Peak White Nonsense

Michelle Williams Secretly Wed Phil Elverum, and It's Just the Sweetest

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Finally Did Something To Which Even Fox News Objected

Of Course He Did

Review: Hulu's 'Castle Rock' Is One of Stephen King's Better Works (Only Someone Else Is Writing It)

Democrats Are Crushing It in the Polls Right Now #BlueWave

Morning Briefing: Cohen Turns on Trump, Meghan McCain Melts Down, and Sean Spicer Fails and Flails

The Future of the Democratic Party May Rely on Stacey Abrams (No Pressure!)

Michael Cohen Releases a Tape Recording of Donald Trump

The Quickest Way to Lose an Election is to Piss Off 'Rick & Morty' Fans

Are You F--king Kidding Me?

Forbes Pulls Anti-Library Article After Social Media Goes Apesh*t

Beware of the Dangerous, 'Terrifying' Agenda of 'This Girl'

Trump Is a Petty, Petty Man, But James Comey Can Shut the F--k Up

You Can Tell A Lot About a Person By ...

The Danger that Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?' Poses

There's a Tweet for Everything, Part 3,378

If You Don't Like Trump's Positions on Russia Now, Just Wait 5 Minutes

James Gunn Fired From the 'Guardians' Franchise Over Old Tweets

Briefly, on Beck Dorey-Stein's White House Memoir, 'From the Corner of the Oval'

'Equalizer 2' Review: We Will All Fall (Even Denzel)

Michael Cohen Secretly Recorded Donald Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model

An Unhinged Roseanne Explains the Valerie Jarrett Tweet: 'I Thought the Bitch Was White'

Finally, the Perfect Op-Ed on 'Trump Country'

The Time the Director of National Intelligence Learned on Camera That Putin Was Coming To D.C.

Watch the First Trailer for 'Doctor Who' Featuring Jodie Whittaker

The DC Universe’s ‘Titans' Trailer Is Seriously Pissed At You

Remember When Katherine Heigl Threw the 'Grey's Anatomy' Writers Under the Bus?

'Generation Wealth' Review: Blaming All Societal Ills on Greed Is Very 2016

Trevor Noah is a Gem

Morning Briefing: Just How Deep Has Trump Gotten Us Involved with Putin?

Donald Trump, Like Twitter, Apparently Needs a Goddamn Edit Button

Jesus, Pajiba, Why Don't You Just F--king Review the Film?

Alice Wetterlund Calls Her 'Silicon Valley' Castmate T.J. Miller a 'Nightmare'

But There's Also a Lot of Goodness in the World

Never Forget: Putin Wanted Trump to Win Because Hillary Scared Him Sh*tless

What Are You Covering with that Hat, Pete Davidson? OH NO PUT IT BACK ON

In an Attempt to Clean Up His Mess, Trump Even Backpedals Like a Little Wet Noodle

President Obama's Most Pointed Critique of Trump During His Mandela Speech

The GOP Turns on Trump, But Schwarzenegger Hit Him Where It Hurts the Most: His Manhood

'Boy Erased' Trailer: God Will Love You For Who You Are, and If He Doesn't, F--k That Guy

For $110, You Can Now Own 1,000 Shares of MoviePass

Kate McKinnon Met Her Idol Gillian Anderson And Went Into a Full-On Panic

Captain America Delivers a Harsh Rebuke of the President of America

How Hillary Clinton and Other Lawmakers Responded to Trump's Press Conference with Putin

How Social Media Responded to the Appalling, Humiliating Putin-Trump Press Conference

Just Keanu Reeves Riding a Horse at Full Speed through NYC

Sacha Baron Cohen Illustrates Just How Unbelievably Evil the NRA Is

The President is a Lumbering, Shambolic Fool

Ewan McGregor's Daughter Calls Mary Elizabeth Winstead a 'Piece of Trash'

A Quick Note About Rod Rosenstein and the Indictments He Issued Today

... And Now for a Moment of Levity, Compliments of Lin-Manuel Miranda, His Wife, and Queer Eye

PM Theresa May Eats a Staggering Amount of Sh*t

That's Not How You Apologize, Henry Cavill!

FBI Agent Peter Strzok Hands Trey Gowdy's Ass to Him During Congressional Hearings

The Day's Biggest Snub Had Nothing To Do with the Emmys

The 2018 Emmy Nominations and Initial Thoughts

You're Smarter than That, Cavill

UPDATE: Charges Have Been Dropped Against Stormy Daniels in Ohio

What Are You Doing, Chloe Bennett?

Papa John's CEO Uses the N-word, Joker Joaquin is a Go, and That's Not What 'Stab' Means, Tori Spelling!

STORY CORRECTION [John Kelly, Donald Trump Article] (07-11-18)

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Hurl Puns in Vicious 'Making It' Promo

The First Official Photo of Zachary Levi in 'Shazam' Forewarns of the Coming Mandela Effect

Video Footage of George Clooney's Motorcycle Accident Has Surfaced, and Holy Shit!

Vladimir Putin Is Kicking Donald Trump's Ass Right Now

Late-Night Briefing: Some Positive News for Democrats (For a Change)

Kevin Smith Responsible for Two Terrible, Terrible Tweets, Exactly 9 Years Apart

Trailer: Yes, You Should Be Excited about Hulu's 'Castle Rock'

At Least Oscar Isaac Can Still Make Us Swoon

Calm Down. George Clooney Is OK

Fair Is Not Fair, As We Bloody Well Know

Maine Senator Susan Collins Weighs In on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

Does this Mean that Selena is the Aniston?

Some Constructive Criticism for Netflix's 'Nailed It'

Why You Should Temper Your Enthusiasm for the New Sacha Baron Cohen Showtimes Series

Michael Cohen Says He Will Tell The Truth, and the 'Truth' Is 'Not a Friend' To Trump

AT&T Wants HBO To Be More Like Netflix, But We Already Have Netflix

T.J. Miller Resurfaces (Though He Never Really Went Away)

Bieber's Engaged, But Cece and Schmidt Are Not, Plus Dabni Cohlren Is Getting It From Both Sides

The 12th Annual Pajiba 10 Voting Commences Now: Who Are Your Freebies?

Zac Efron Did Something to His Hair

Morning Briefing: The Evil Is Bottomless

Scott Pruitt is OUT, Trump Hires Roger Ailes' Fixer, and 'Top Gun 2' Chooses Its Goose, Jr.

Alleged Coke Fiend James Woods Dropped by His Agent on Independence Day

Poor Man's Tom and Rita Are Divorcing

Twitter Throws a Pity Party for Alan Dershowitz

Sacha Baron Cohen Hints on Twitter at an Anti-Trump Movie in the Near Future

What the F*ck Is This?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is a Monster!

Spoiler: Pete Davidson Has a Large Penis

Michelle Wolf Has Lots of Fun New Insults for Ivanka Trump

He's Flipping

LeBron to L.A.; Owen Wilson's THIRD Love Child; and Another Fast-Moving Celeb Couple

Justin Timberlake Has a Very Large Penis, Says ... Patricia Clarkson?

Now THAT'S a Goddamn Movie Poster

Yes. Jon Stewart. Hell Yes.

Journalists Are Fucking Heroes

You Cannot Speak Reason to Totalitarianism

America Proves Again to Be Simultaneously Amazing and Horrifying

'Goliath' Season Two Suffers from 'Creative Differences,' And I'm Pretty Sure We Know Who the Asshole Is Here

For Pro-Choice Advocates, There Is Still A Way Forward

No, Scarlett Johansson Didn't Audition to Date Tom Cruise (Probably)

What We're Watching This Summer: 'Cloak & Dagger,' 'Yellowstone, 'Dietland'


Trevor Noah, Basically: 'F*ck Your Civility; Your Civility Is a Farce'

Colbert, Fallon, and O'Brien Taped a Joint Sketch Making Fun of Trump for Making Fun of Them

Hope on a Bleak Day Part II (Instagram Edition)

Hope On a Bleak Day

David Lynch Lynch Won't Explain 'Twin Peaks,' But He'll Clarify His Goddamn Trump Remarks

Jerry Seinfeld Has a HOT TAKE on Roseanne Barr

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Garret Dillahunt

Welcome to the Resistance, Jimmy Fallon, You Dumb Schmuck!

There Is No Bigger Baby than the Straight White Man

The Social Media Person for Red Hen in D.C. Is Today's Patient, Good-Natured Hero

'The Hate U Give' Trailer Absolutely Nails It

It's Not Just About Standing Up to the Administration; It's About Standing Up for Each Other

Thanks for Scaring the Sh*t Out of Us, Dan Harmon

Jimmy Fallon Has Finally Made Himself an Enemy to Donald Trump

'No Way, Man!' Seth Rogen Awkwardly Rejects Selfie with Paul Ryan In Front Of His Kids

Surreal Times: Tom Arnold Is Going to Take Down Trump with ... Michael Cohen?

Donald J. Trump is a F--king Sociopath

We're All Drowning in Television Misery

Yes, We Still Can

We Should Not Measure the Life of a Child Based on that Child's Country of Origin

Zoey Deutch Thinks James Franco is a Bad Kisser, and Best Chris 'Pisses' All Over Worst Chris' Birthday

Boy, Trump is Cranky Today

MoviePass Introduces Surge Pricing, While AMC Theaters Introduces a Better MoviePass

You Are Nothing, and No One, and 'Star Wars' Does Not Belong To You

Pete Davidson Confirms Engagement, Obsession with Robert Pattinson's 'Good Time'

This Week's 'Time' Magazine Cover of Donald Trump is Brutal

Melania Trump Calls Secret Service on Peter Fonda After an Obscenely Sh*tty Tweet

President Trump Will Now Do That Thing He Has Said For Weeks He Couldn't Do

Vanessa Trump Cannot Read a Room

Fox Entertainers Are Now Speaking Out Against Fox News and their Parent Company

This Dark Stain Has Bled into the Soul of America

Your Least Favorite Chris Has a New Girlfriend, Plus Other Celebrity Romantic Comings and Goings

Now Chris Hardwick Is Playing Dirty F**king Pool

Let's All Laugh at a Really Bad Mom Joke

Netflix Review: Gillian Jacobs' 'Ibiza' Is a Frivolous But Somewhat Pleasant Vacation Comedy

The Guy Who Came Up with Godwin's Law Now Says It's OK to Compare the White House to Nazis

The International Community is Shunning Us, DHS is Imploding, and Ted Cruz Wants to Be Your Hero

God, the Audio is More Heartwrenching than the Images

Review: 'Set It Up' Is The Quintessential Netflix Movie

Donald Trump's Latest Proposal is, Well, JFC, It's a Doozy

Longtime NFL Sideline Reporter, Ed Werder, In His Own Damning Words

What Kind of Insane Business Strategy Is This, MoviePass?

This Is Not About Democrats. Or Republicans. And Definitely Not About Kathy Griffin. It's About Trump

Anger ... Slowly ... Rising

Chris Hardwick is a Gaslighting S.O.B.

Natalie Portman Thinks Former Friend Jared Kushner is a Supervillain; Tom Brady is Spineless; & Amy Poehler DGAF

'Tag' Is the Ed Helms Of Comedies

Motherf*ckers #Resist Before It's Too Late

'Unfriended: The Dark Web' Trailer: Like 'The Blair Witch Project,' Except In, Like, Office Chairs

Touché, Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Is The 45th President Of The United States, but the First Illegitimate One

Happy 'But Her Emails' Day!

NY Attorney General Files Suit Against Donald Trump and His Kids over Trump Foundation

'Between Two Ferns' Is Back with Jerry Seinfeld (and Cardi B)

We're In Trouble

Ugh Jamie Foxx. Ugh Neil Patrick Harris. Ugh Dr. Luke. Ugh, What Are You Doing, Pete Davidson?

Oh, F*ck Off, Bo Duke

Brad and Angelina's Custody Dispute Takes an Ugly Turn, but Remains Fascinating from a Legal Standpoint

Michael Cohen's Attorneys Are Out, Arrest Imminent, and Cooperation Likely

Takeaways from Last Night's Nationwide Primaries

How the First-in-the-Nation Ranked-Choice Voting Worked Out in Maine Yesterday

Well, This Is the Surest Goddamn Way to Ensure that Donald Trump Wins Reelection in 2020

Rudy Giuliani is a Dog

Rand Paul Is a Petty Bitch

F**k It: Here's a Bunch of High School Kids Freaking Out During a Surprise Appearance from Donald Glover

Democratic Congressional Candidate Straight-Up Pepper Sprays Himself in the Face

We're America, Bitch

Donald Trump Got Played by North Korea's Kim Jong Un

IHOP Got Trolled by Every Other Brand Over their Decision to Change their Name to IHOb

And You Thought Colin Jost Dating Scarlett Johansson Was Weird

The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is Insane, And Also Weirdly, Wildly Popular

John Oliver Dismantles the Sean Hannity and the Trump Counter-Narrative On the Mueller Probe

This Is Precisely Why Mitch McConnell Stole a SCOTUS Seat from Merrick Garland

Morning Briefing: Maybe Donald Trump Is Being Motivated by a Seething Jealousy of Justin Trudeau

'F*ck Trump': The Best Speech, Most Awkward Moment, and Other Highlights from the Tony Awards

There Wasn't a Dry Eye in the House After The Parkland Students Performed a Song from 'Rent' at the Tony Awards

Watch Anderson Cooper's Emotional Tribute to Anthony Bourdain: 'He Gave Me Hope for What One's Life Can Become'

What the Hell Are You Doing, Donald Trump?

Never Forget: Emile Hirsch Is Still a Giant Dirtbag

'Hereditary' Is the Most Profoundly Terrifying Film I Have Ever Seen

You Are Such a Goddamn Joke, Donald Trump

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump Are the Same

Is It Just Me, Or Does The 'Halloween' Trailer Look Kind of Basic?

We Have No Idea What’s Going On Here But We Love It

Showtime's 'Kidding' Trailer, or: What Would Happen to Mr. Rogers in the Trump Era?

Review: 'Arrested Development' Season 5 vs. 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 4

'Serenity' Trailer: Anne Hathaway & Matthew McConaughey Dabble In a Little Murder

Stormy Daniels Alleges Her Former Attorney Was a 'Trump Puppet' (And She is Right)

Samantha Bee Delivers a Thoughtful (and Still Mostly Unnecessary) Apology on 'Full Frontal'

Anderson Cooper's Placid Face Betrays NOTHING When a Former Fox News Analyst Dunks on Sean Hannity

Scattered Thoughts on the Novels I Have Been Reading Lately

Brad Cooper Can Sing, and the 'A Star Is Born' Trailer Looks Fantastic

Donald Trump Loves a Good Conspiracy Theory, Unless It's About His Wife

Nobody Wants Your Dumb Book, Donald Trump, Jr.

Takeaways from Last Night's State Primaries

Tig Notaro Reminding Us That Monica Lewinsky Is An Exceptional Person Reminds Us That Tig Notaro Is An Exceptional Person*

'The Last Jedi' Director Rian Johnson Is 'Done With This Bullshit'

Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson Hilariously Sh*t Talk One Another in a Fantastically Nonsense 'Today' Show Interview

No, That's Not Going to Work, You Dumbass

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV Is Going to Get Himself Killed One Day (Today Is Not that Day)

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Continues to Destroy the NFL, Humiliate His Attorney General

Trailer: Matthew McConaughey's 'White Boy Rick' Looks Outstanding

'The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part' Combines Furiosa, Beastie Boys, and Star Lord

Trailer: Oh, Huh: They Made that 'Bumblebee' Movie, After All (And It Doesn't Look Bad)

Donald Trump Is a Rancid, Petty, Narcissistic Little Man

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Useless

What's the Deal with Doug Forcett on 'The Good Place'?

Does a Christian Baker Have to Bake a Cake for a Gay Wedding? The Supreme Court Says, 'No' (And It's Not Entirely Wrong)

Bill Clinton Enrages America for 5 Minutes Before King Trump Tweets Something Even More Enraging

Dakota Johnson's 'Suspiria' Teaser Captures the Exact Tone of the Original, For Better AND For Worse

Melania Hasn't Been Seen for 24 Days, and Giuliani Says Trump Can't Be Indicted for Murder. You Do the Math

'Action Point' Is the Adam Sandler Netflix Movie of Johnny Knoxville Films

Donald Trump Believes He's Above the Law, Because He Is Above the Law

Samantha Bee Expands Upon Why She Apologized for Using that Word, and She's Absolutely Right

Emma's Canoodling with Justin; Jaden's Going to Prom with Odessa; and Katy's into Orlando's Ass

The 'Roseanne' Writing Staff Weighs in on the 'Stress' of Working on the Show

The 'Roseanne' Cast May Be Rebooted Into Another Show

Shut It Down, Folks, and Go Ahead and Name These Guys the 'America' Got Talent' Winners

Journalist Assassinated by Russian Agents Yesterday Shows Up at a Press Conference Today

Who Will Think of All the Sad Wealthy White Men In Prison?

Donald Trump's 'Spygate' Conspiracy Rebuffed Three Times on ... Fox News

Roseanne Barr Blames Ambien for Racism, Continues Perpetuating a Nasty Lie about George Soros

Cancel Bill Maher? Oh ... No ... What ... A ... Travesty

Is 'The Walking Dead' Falling Apart?

How Hollywood (and 'Roseanne' Star Emma Kenney) Reacted to the Show's Cancellation

Review: Stephen King's Latest, 'The Outsider,' and Harlan Coben's Netflix Series, 'Safe'

UPDATE: Holy Shit: ABC Has Canceled 'Roseanne'

Donald Trump Regularly Refers to His Supporters as 'Low-Class Losers' Who Will 'Believe Anything I Say'

Oh Screw Off, Zack Snyder. You Are So Painfully Predictable

Thanks A Lot, 'Christopher Robin' Trailer: That's Just What Parents Need: More Guilt

Emilia Clarke Says that Working on 'Terminator: Genisys' Was Worse than 'The Fantastic Four'

Please Don't Let Evil Win

You've Got To Be F--king Kidding With This, NRA

OK, Fine: For Today, Hemsworth Is the Best Chris

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit While Also Kissing Kim Jong Un's Ass

Stop Sucking, Men

Michael Cohen Implicated In Another Crime, One That May Involve Evidence of Trump Collusion

'Roseanne' May Be Pro-Trump, But She Sure as Hell Benefits A Lot from the Obama Presidency

GIF Responses to the Last 12 Hours of Donald Trump Tweets

Could Things Get Worse for Michael Cohen? Because Things Just Got Worse for Michael Cohen

Ranking the 17 New Fall Network Series Based, Only on the Trailers

Let's Talk About the Controversial Ending to Season 2 '13 Reasons Why'

Donald Trump Is Neck Deep in the Swamp and Standing On Jared Kushner's Back to Keep from Drowning

'The Onion' Published a Real Michael Cohen Threat Letter and Michael Cohen Defended Himself on Twitter and What Even Is Reality?

Trailer: Andy Serkis's 'Mowgli' Looks Like a Great Family Film (If Your Family Are All Murderers)

There Was Only One Wedding I Cared About This Weekend

Clay Jensen Is the Worst, and Other Scattered Thoughts on Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why'

Morning Briefing: This Week Is Going to Be an Insane Roller-Coaster of a Shitshow

And Then There Was The One 'Deadpool 2' Cameo You Really DID Miss

Tina Fey and 'SNL' Trot Out More Cameos than Jokes for the Celeb-Packed But Underwhelming Finale

'SNL' Parodies Trump and 'The Sopranos' Finale In Its Cold Open

Boyd Tinsley Booted from Dave Matthews Band Amidst Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Rudy Giuliani Is a Mess

Staffers Inside Fox News Are Freaking Out Over their New, Uh, Wokeness ...?

The Obligatory 'New Girl' Series Finale Post

We Are All Rosa

Your 3 Favorite CW Shows Are All Ending Next Season, Plus the New Fall Schedule

Here's How Fox News Eats Its Own Tail

Michael Cohen on the Noose Tightening Around His Neck: 'I Just Can’t Take This Anymore'

JLH Unnecessarily Apologizes for Looking Like a 'Wrecked' 'Hot Mess' on the Red Carpet

Trailer: Your Two Favorite Actors Of the '90s Reunite for a Romantic Comedy

The Lowdown on the Transcripts Regarding the Trump Tower Meeting Released by the Senate

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Summit with North Korea Is Falling Apart; Women Dominate in Primaries

Would You Call that Unguarded Moment Between Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry Awkward and Uncomfortable? Or Creepy?

ABC Unveils Its Fall Schedule, Bumps 'Speechless,' 'Fresh Off the Boat' to Fridays

The Trailer for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Looks Incredible (Even if the Movie Won't Be)

For Donald Trump, Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem Had Nothing to Do with Peace

How Would You Parent This Shitty, Spoiled Child?

UPDATED: The Feud Between 'Lethal Weapon' Co-Stars Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford Is Getting Ugly

Margot Kidder's Nephew Has Some Unkind Words for Roseanne Barr on Margot Kidder's Behalf

The Too Abrupt Season Finales of 'Barry' and 'Silicon Valley'

Midday Political Briefing: None of This Is OK

Ryan Reynolds is a F**king Marketing Genius

Fox, NBC Unveil Their New Fall Schedules

'Lethal Weapon' Has Replaced Fired Clayne Crawford; They Probably Should've Ended the Show Instead

Harrison Ford Interrupts Alden Ehrenreich Interview to Give Him Shit for 'Stealing His Life'

Amy Schumer Hosts an Exceptionally Mediocre Mother's Day Episode of 'SNL'

'Saturday Night Live' and Amy Schumer Remind Us that The Miracle of Birth Is a Traumatizing Horror Show

A Complete List of the 2018 Broadcast Network Cancellations

What 'Evil Genius' Leaves Out About Brian Wells' Involvement in the Pizza Bombing

Netflix's 'The Rain' Has the Crack-Like Addictive Qualities of Post-Apocalyptic YA Fiction

'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Has Been Rescued

SyFy Has Cancelled 'The Expanse,' But There May Be New Life for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Everybody in the White House Is F--king Miserable

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Has Been Cancelled

'Predator' Trailer: Shane Black Is the Reason It Gets the Benefit of the Doubt

The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is 'Roseanne' Weighing in on #MeToo

Samantha Bee Is Pissed, and She Is 'Done with This Shit'

Michelle Wolf Chats with Her Old Boss About the WHCA Dinner (And She Really Is Mean!)

This Jim Halpert Revisionism Has to Stop!

Now, Why Would You Go And Do Something Dumb Like That?

Tracee Ellis Ross Met Ryan Coogler, and Awkwardly Had No Idea It Was Ryan Coogler

The 'Roseanne' Episode About Muslim Americans Was Bad TV

Making Sense of the Latest Michael Cohen/Stormy Daniels Bombshell

Wait? So the Russians Paid Her ... ?

Clayne Crawford Has Been Fired from 'Lethal Weapon'

Enjoy Those MoviePass Subscriptions While You Can, Folks

Did Donald Trump Impregnate a Playboy Playmate and Use the WSJ to Cover It Up?

Tom Brady at the Met Gala is the Year's Best Comedy Fodder

Jerry Seinfeld is Such a Schmuck

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Is Already Sick of Rudy Giuliani's Bullshit

Is This the Best Political Joke of the Trump Era? (Yes, Yes It Is)

We Are Completely Baffled By Melania Trump's New Awareness Campaign, 'Be Best'

Democrats Are in the Awkward Position of Rooting for a Racist, Ex-Con Republican Senate Candidate

Update: Netflix Releases the First Trailer for 'Arrested Development' Season 5

OK, Celebrity Men, We Get It: You Really Like Giving Oral Sex

Donald Glover Sheds Some Mystique as Host of 'Saturday Night Live'

Stormy Daniels Appears as Stormy Daniels in the 'Saturday Night Live' Cold Open

'Overboard' Review: They Sure Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

'Stormy Daniels Claps Back at Roseanne Barr on Twitter Over Anal' Is a Thing I Just Wrote in 2018

Fox News Anchor Who Is Not Shep Smith Forcefully Calls Out Trump's Pattern of Lies

Hugh Grant Is a Prick. But He is a Charming Prick

Michael Cohen's Phone Was Tapped By Feds

Conan O'Brien's Late-Night Show Will Be Cut To 30 Minutes (And This Is a Good Thing)

The Last 12 Hours of the Political News Cycle Reduced to 12 Tweets

Making Sense of Trump, Giuliani, Stormy Daniels, and the Lies (So Many Lies)

Are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Like, the Low-Rent Country Music Brad and Jen?

The First Season of NBC's 'Good Girls' Is a Spectacular Disappointment

Obligatory Post About Another Trump Lawyer Quitting, Another Coming Aboard

OK, But What If the Major Spoiler in 'Tully' Makes Us Even More Interested In Seeing It?

What Will Happen If Bob Mueller Subpoenas the President?

Wendell Pierce, With the First and Last Response You Need to Kanye's Slavery Comment

Stephen King's Hulu Series 'Castle Rock' Has a Release Date and a Teaser Trailer

Adam Pally's Interview on 'Conan' Is a Delightfully Amusing 'Trainwreck'

Mueller Threatens to Subpoena Trump, and Kathy Griffin Tells a Trump Aide to 'Suck My Dick'

Trailer: Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why' Will Take Up Serial Sexual Abuse

President Trump's Bodyguard 'Raided' His Personal Doctor's Office and Took All His Medical Records

Trevor Noah Brilliantly Highlights the Hypocrisy of the GOP Response to Michelle Wolf

Seth Myers On 'Late Night' Former Writer, Michelle Wolf: 'She Is Filthy, and She Is Mean'

The Cast of 'Avengers: Infinity War' Read 'Mean Tweets' on Jimmy Kimmel

Bob Mueller Just Dropped a Checker Piece into Trump's 4D Chess Game Just to See What Would Happen

Here's Your Weekly 'Close Aide Repeatedly Says Aloud that Trump Is An Idiot' Post

Oh Matt Groening, No

The 'Homeland' Season Finale Took Direct Aim at Donald Trump's Presidency

The Real Reason Why the White House Press Corp Turned On Michelle Wolf

Sean Spicer Can Go Straight to Hell

Michelle Wolf Delivered a Vicious, Uncomfortable White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech

The Bizarre Nature of the Golden State Killer's Arrest May Trigger Online Privacy Concerns

Paul Ryan Even More Terrible than Previously Believed

Bill Cosby Convicted, Facing 30 Years Behind Bars

An Exhausted Patton Oswalt Discusses Michelle McNamara's Book and the Arrest of the Golden State Killer on 'Late Night'

Donald Trump Rants and Raves on Fox News This Morning After Ronny Jackson Withdraws Nomination

Details Surface and Clayne Crawford Apologizes for Abusive Behavior on the Set of 'Lethal Weapon'

The Blue Wave Is Coming, Plus There's Something Rotten Going on With Ronny Jackson's Confirmation

'Killing Eve' Review: The Pace of 'Justified,' the Wit of 'Sherlock,' and the Perversity of 'Fleabag'

V.A. Nominee Ronny Jackson's Confirmation Has Turned Into a Sh*tshow

Donald Trump Continues to Humiliate America In Front of the World

Chris Evans Has a Charming and Better Looking (For Now) Younger Brother

Allison Mack Unsuccessfully Attempted to Recruit Emma Watson Into Her Sex Cult

Morning Briefing: Reading Hurts Donald Trump's Brain Parts

The Best Thing About the 'Lethal Weapon' TV Series Is Also the Worst, and He May Get It Cancelled

John Oliver Buys More Airtime on Sean Hannity In Order to Speak Directly to Donald Trump

What No One Talks About When They Talk About Michael Cohen Flipping

'Crazy Rich Asians' Trailer: Constance Wu Finally Gets the Hollywood Leading Role She So Crazy Deserves

Retiring Bob Corker Offers Awkwardly Tepid Endorsement of His Successor GOP Candidate, and Mitt Romney Stumbles

6 Bugs Up Donald Trump's Ass Today

The DNC Sues Russia, the Trump Campaign, and Wikileaks

Morning Briefing: Well, That Backfired Spectacularly on the Republicans, Didn't It?

The New Customer Dilemma: What's the Etiquette on Tipping for Take-Out Orders?

The Reality Behind the Absurd Anti-Mueller Conspiracy Theory Sean Hannity Is Trying to Push

Denzel's 'Equalizer 2' Trailer Gives Russell Crowe A Very Obscure Box-Office Record

We Wish There Was Something That Brought Us as Much Joy as Donald Trump's Blabber Mouth Brings Trevor Noah

Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen: A Twitter Play in 3 Acts

Ted Cruz Might Very Well Lose His Senate Re-Election Bid

Shannon Purser is the Jerry Gergich of Television

Jim Carrey Reunites with Jeff Daniels on 'Conan,' Slides in a Dig at Dustin Hoffman

Timothy Olyphant Continues to Be God's Gift to Late Night

Dear James Comey: Put Your Right Hand Down and Shut the F--k Up

Fed Up with the Conspiracy Theories, Sandy Hook Parents File Suit Against Alex Jones

Sean Hannity, Michael Cohen, and What Is Really at Stake

Late Night Hosts Are Fondling Themselves Over the Sean Hannity Revelation

Jason Blum, 'Truth or Dare,' and the Underappreciated Art of Making a Cheap Movie

The Third Client is Sean Hannity

Donald Trump Makes a Last-Ditch Effort to Potentially Save His Presidency

The Least Famous Host of the 'Saturday Night Live' Season Turns In the Best 'SNL' Episode

Review: 'Beirut' Is a Solid Espionage Thriller Set Against an Unnecessary Political Backdrop

Robert DeNiro (Mueller) and Ben Stiller (Cohen) Give 'SNL' Its Best Cold Open in a Long While

Alex Jones: 'F*ck Trump, and F*ck These F*cking People'

Tobey Maguire May Be a Psychotic Douche

A Quick Shout-Out to Garret Dillahunt and Maggie Grace in 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Audible's 'West Cork' Podcast Combines 'Serial' with 'The Jinx'

Afternoon Briefing: Another Michael Cohen Payoff, and Rosenstein Is Prepared to Be Fired

We Are at DEFCON F**k

Chill, Neil deGrasse Tyson

Seven Explosive Excerpts from James Comey's Book, 'A Higher Loyalty'

Robert Mueller Is Planning a Report Against Trump Showing Four Findings of Obstruction of Justice

Based on the Logline, Can You Identify If the Movie Is a Horror Flick or a Family Film?

Watch the New 'Ocean's 8' Trailer with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Rihanna, et. al

Trump and His Henchman Are Going Full Court Crazy on Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey

Checking in with the Characters of 'New Girl' After Its 7th Season Premiere

Paul Ryan Officially Retires and Twitter Has Jokes and Scorn

President Trump Has Declared War Against Syria. On Twitter

Bye Bye Now: Paul Ryan Will Not Run for Re-Election

TJ Miller Arrested For Drunkenly Calling in a Fake Bomb Threat

Mid-Morning Briefing: Another W.H. Official Bites the Dust, While Pruitt Is Hanging By a Thread

President Trump Pissed Off the Wrong Goddamn Woman

Alexi Ashe, Seth Meyers' Wife, Gave Birth In the Lobby of Their Building Yesterday, and It's a Helluva Story

Bob Mueller Raids the Office of Donald Trump's Personal Attorney, Michael Cohen

Dear World: Do Not Take 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Away From Us

What Is The Best Show of the 21st Century: The Final Round

Chadwick Boseman Hosts a Very Good 'SNL' With Some Very Bad Skits

'Black Jeopardy' Makes a Welcome Return to 'SNL' with Contestant T'Challa

'Everything Sucks' About Netflix's Latest Cancellation

The Best Show of the 21st Century: The Final Four

Review: 'Chappaquiddick' Tells the Sanitized Story that Ted Kennedy Would Want It To Tell

'Blockers' Review: Yes, the John Cena Butt-Chugging Movie Is Terrific

Marisa Tomei Was Responsible for 'The First Purge,' And, Unsurprisingly, Its Intent Was Racist

David Letterman and Jay-Z Frankly Discuss Their Past Affairs

Morning Briefing: Business As Usual Under Trump, Except for that Part Where He Threw His Attorney Under the Bus

Donald Trump Had Some Interesting Things to Say About, Uh, Taxes?

MeToo Mob Treats Casey Affleck 'Abominably' Weeks After Beating Matt Damon to Death

A Complete List of All the Actors Originally Considered for Roles in the Marvel Universe

Curse You, Lena Dunham

Just Move It Right Along. Nothing to See Here, Folks

And Just Like That, Dax Shepard Is Ruined

The Blue Wave Is Coming

John Krasinksi Married Up, and He Knows It

With A Single Line, 'Roseanne' Simultaneously Sneers, Reduces, and Condescends to 'Black-ish' and 'Fresh Off the Boat'

'Black-Ish' Creator Kenya Barris Is Looking to Bail on ABC Studios

What Mueller Told Trump's Legal Team Doesn't Mean Anything

We Love It When Fox News' Shep Smith Sneers at President Trump

AMC's 'Terror' and Why the Inuit Didn't Help the Franklin Expedition

We Are Hiring Night and Weekend Writers

The 'Infinity Wars' Movie Title They Don't Want You to Know

Donald Trump Still Has a Giant Bug Up His Ass

Sara Gilbert Used to Be a Member of the P*ssy Posse

Sara Gilbert Is Wrong About the 'Roseanne' Revival

Donald Trump is Extra Unhinged This Morning on Twitter

Morning Briefing: POTUS Has No Idea What He's Saying, Kushner's Financial Ruin, and When Ted Nugent Literally Crapped His Pants

Saturday Briefing: Terrible People, In their Own Words

Roseanne Conner Is Not OUR Working Class Hero

Review: Netflix's Splendid 'Happy Anniversary' With Noel Wells and Ben Schwartz

Attacking a Teenage Shooting Survivor Is Not a Good Look, Conservatives

Cameron Diaz Really Is Retired

Parkland Student David Hogg Continues to Wipe the Floor with Laura Ingraham (Also, WTF Hulu?)

'Alex, Inc.' Review: No, Braff. God. Ugh. No

Why Is Everyone Down on the New Jenna Fischer Sitcom, 'Splitting Up Together'?

Morning Briefing: Welcome to Day 432 of Your Waking Nightmare

'Roseanne's' Return Celebrated by Trump: What Must That Feel Like for Goodman, Chalke, Gilbert, and Metcalf?

Who Will Die in the Final Season of 'The Americans'?

The Best Show of the 21st Century: The Round of 8

A New Mueller Filing Puts the Trump Campaign One Step Closer to the Russians

UPDATED: Corey Feldman May Have Suffered A Phantom Stabbing

The Return of 'Roseanne' Hits Like a Ton of Bricks

'Ready Player One' Review: Like Watching a Really Slick Video Game Designed for Dads

Watch John Goodman's Face While Roseanne Barr Discusses Politics with Jimmy Kimmel

The Second Season Finale of 'Travelers' is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Keith Raniere, The Leader of a Sex Cult Pyramid Scheme, Has Been Charged with Sex Trafficking

The Real-World Connection Between 'The Goldbergs' and 'iZombie' Is Freaking Us Out

Reading Between the Lines on Sean Penn and Robin Wright's Different 'Ethical Views on Parenting'

Ann Coulter Hates Donald Trump

Why Reinstating the Citizenship Question on the Census Is So Evil

Christian Female Trump Supporters Are Hopelessly Brainwashed And Delusional

Netflix Renewed a Bunch of Television Series Today

A Quick Look at Today's Political Sh*t Show

Chrissy Teigen Knows Who Bit Beyoncé in the Face

Could Richard Become the Villain of 'Silicon Valley'?

Do Not Take Medical Advice From Celebrities, No Matter How Awesome They Are

Morning Briefing: Which of the Last Week's Scandals Will Matter Most a Week From Now?

How Much of AMC's 'The Terror' Is True?

Highlights from Stormy Daniels Interview on '60 Minutes'

The Best Show of the 21st Century (Round of 16)

Steven Soderbergh's 'Unsane' Is a Horror Film Wrapped in a Mindf*ck

This Is the First Jimmy Fallon Clip We've Shown Since the Election

Morning Briefing: John Bolton is Crazier than a Sh*thouse Rat, and About that Gov't Shutdown ...

What the Hell is Going on in 'Riverdale'?

Donald Trump's Lead Attorney Resigns: What Does It Mean?

The Full-Length 'Deadpool 2' Trailer Has Arrived, and It Is F**king Fantastic

Morning Briefing: GOP Snowflakes, Uncle Joe Razzes Donny Trash, and Suck It, Betsy

We're Deeply Into These Casting Decisions

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon Deliver Comedy, Bullets in 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' Trailer

Carey Mulligan's Netflix Series, 'Collateral,' Is Very, Very British (But Not in the Cheeky Way)

Dial It Back A Lot, NBC's 'Rise'

Andrew Garfield Doing What Andrew Garfield Does Best: Act

Donald Trump Is Pissed Off This Morning

Morning Briefing: Amidst All of the Chaos, There Are Reasons for Hope

Trump Mistress Sues to Be Released from NDA; No, A Different Trump Mistress

John Oliver Outsells Mike Pence After One Hell of a Troll Job

We Have Never Needed a Movie More

Don't Hate Us, But This Looks Like Pure Dumb Fun

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Has Lawyer Problems

March Madness: The Best TV Show of the 21st Century (Round of 32)

Does Cynthia Nixon Have a Shot in Hell Against Andrew Cuomo in New York?

Did Hope Hicks' Jealous Ex-Boyfriend, Corey Lewandowski, Take Down Rob Porter?

Morning Briefing: Trump 2.0 Emerges, and How the Trump Campaign Black Mirror'd Voters in 2016

Bill Hader Delivers A Great Episode of 'Saturday Night Live' In Spite of the Goddamn 'Californians'

Stefon Returns to 'SNL' and He Cannot Keep It Together

Saturday Morning Briefing: All Hell Breaks Loose

RIP: Matt Damon 'Beaten to Death' By #MeToo Mob, Says Terry Gilliam

David Tennant and Jennifer Garner Are Starring In Lena Dunham's New Series, and That's Weird

'Love, Simon' Review: It Got Better

Netflix 'Retribution' Review: Like 'Broadchurch' Multiplied Six Times by 'Bloodline'

Morning Briefing: Stormy Daniels 'Physically Threatened' To Stay Quiet, and a Bloodbath Coming to the White House?

Pajiba's March Madness Bracket: The Best Show of the 21st Century?

A New System Designed to Hook Kids on Netflix Has Been Scrapped

A Leaked Closed Door Speech Reveals that Trump Is Also a Looney Tunes in Private

SXSW Review: 'Family' Gathers the Juggalos (and Kate McKinnon) for a Sweet Misfit Comedy

Bless You Hillary Clinton, and All the Love and Light, But No

Laura Dern is a Treasure

Why Was Christopher Eccleston Blacklisted by the BBC After 'Doctor Who'?

Morning Briefing: All the Hopeful News for Democrats to Come Out of the Pennsylvania Special Election

SXSW & Netflix Review: '6 Balloons' -- If You Don't Know This Story Already, You Should

'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' Trailer: Do the Marketing People Realize Something About Johnny Depp that Rowling Doesn't?

Trump's Bodyman, Fired by the White House and Re-Hired by Trump, Is Under Serious Investigation

Another White Dude Gets Yet Another Shot at Redemption

Gina Haspel, the Next CIA Director, Is a Nightmare

Rex Tillerson Fired as Secretary of State the Day After Calling Out the Russians

SXSW Review: Olivia Wilde Plays a Domestic Abuse Survivor Turned 'A Vigilante'

#SXSW Review: 'Shotgun' -- (500) Days of Cancer

Morning Briefing: Savvy Bob Mueller Playing the Long Game with Trump; Betsy DeVos Is an Embarrassment

Average Netflix Show with a Great Cast Gets a Fun Second Season Trailer

Would Trump Rather Admit to a Felony than Allow the World to See His Penis?

Is a Vengeful John Kelly Selling Donald Trump Down the River?

Maybe Gary Oldman Is Not So Bad After All (Nah, He's Still a POS)

There Was More to the Story Behind T.J. Miller's 'Silicon Valley' Departure

Here's Soledad O'Brien Reducing CNN's Chris Cillizza ‏into Pink Mist

Evening Briefing: Gary Cohn Resigns, Stormy Daniels Sues, and Another Trump Ally Spills to Mueller

Reese Witherspoon Is Not Only Changing Hollywood for Women, But She's Elevating the Publishing Industry

Michael Shannon Had the Best Seat in the House During This Year's Oscars

Shut the F*ck Up, Mr. President

Former Trump Aide Melts Down on MSNBC, Says Trump 'May Have Done Something'

The Amazing Lonely Island Musical Number You Didn't See at the Oscars

Highlights from The New Yorker's Bombshell Report on the Christopher Steele Dossier

The 2018 Oscar Winners

Liveblogging the 2018 Oscars

Alec Baldwin Puts Aside His 'Agony' To Play Trump Again in This Week's 'SNL'

Highlights, Such as They Are, from the Charles Barkley Hosted 'SNL'

'Death Wish' is Evil, Racist, Irresponsible Bullshit NRA-Agitprop

Morning Briefing: Who Will Resign During the Friday Afternoon News Dump This Week?

On Alec Baldwin, We Find Common Ground with Donald Trump's Morning Tweet

Afternoon Briefing: The White House Has Lost Control of Trump

Donald Glover vs. Chadwick Boseman in the Feel-Good Videos of the Day

How Many Chances Does Alec Baldwin Get, Anyway?

The Depressing Low-Wage Life of a Disney Character Performer in Disney World

Donald Trump Is Miserable; White House Morale Has Bottomed Out

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio Officially Sign on to Quentin Tarantino's Problematic Next Film

'Good Girls' Review: With a Cast Like This, We're Willing to Overlook Mediocrity

Afternoon Briefing: Hope Hicks Announces Resignation; Trump Loses Grip on Sanity During Gun Reform Meeting

Your Daily Shot and Chaser

The Ryan Seacrest Situation Is Getting Messy

Trump vs. Obama: A Brief Pictorial Study in Contrast

Kevin Smith Details His Massive Heart Attack, Fears About His Penis Being Seen

There's Drama Inside the White House as Trump Pits John Kelly Against His Own Family

Jared Kushner Breaks the Law, And Loses His Security Clearance

Netflix's 'Seven Seconds' Review: Black Lives Matter Is More Than a Slogan; It's a Plea

Owen Wilson? Really? Wow.

Barack Obama's Existence Is Like Throwing Shade on the Trump Administration

'You Get Me' Review: Never Listen to the Netflix Algorithm

Casting Round-Up: 'Good Place' Creator Mike Schur Has a New Show Coming and a Fantastic Lead For It

Can We Just Talk for a Minute About the Armed Security Guard Who Bailed During a School Shooting

The Parkland Students Are Making a Fool of Trump, and He Hates It

Marco Rubio Delivers Humiliating Self-Own During CNN Gun Reform Debate

7 Things You Need to Know Today In Order To Be a Productive Member of Pop-Culture Society

Republicans Sink to a New Low as as They Continue to Take Shots at the Parkland, Florida Students

From the NYTimes: The Most Vivid Description of Hell Ever Written

Karma Bites Trump Dating Website In the Ass

Bob 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop' Mueller Hands Down Another Indictment

Are Republicans Leading in the Congressional Generic Poll Now?

Social Media Pummeled Spineless Mitt Romney After He Accepted Donald Trump's Endorsement

Netflix's 'Everything Sucks' Is Absolute Perfection

Can We Talk About Carrie's Bizarre Storyline in Last Night's 'Homeland'?

The Students from Parkland Are Amazing, and They Are Taking It To Trump and the GOP

President's Day Reminder: Donald Trump Is a Fluke, an Historical Mistake in our Democracy

Terrified of Being Thought of As Illegitimate, President Trump Melts Down on Twitter

Mueller's Latest Indictments Don't Prove Donald Trump Is an Illegitimate POTUS, But They Do Provide Powerful Evidence

Netflix's 'Irreplaceable You' Review: Dear Wife, If You're Dying of Cancer, Please Don't Try and Set Me Up with Someone Else

Jeffrey Tambor Responds After Being Cut from Amazon's 'Transparent'

A Tearful Jimmy Kimmel to Donald Trump on the Florida Shooting: 'You've Literally Done Nothing'

(Appalling, Gross) Details of Yet Another Donald Trump Extramarital Affair Surface

The U.S. Senate, Forever Worthless, Leaves DREAMers in Limbo

Florida School Shooter Was a White Supremacist, Trump Supporter

Hey Look! Amy Schumer Got Secret-Married

If You Don't Want Our Kids Shot in Biology Class, Don't Vote for Anyone Who Accepts Money from the NRA

For V-Day, a Horrifyingly Creepy Real-Life Example of How Not To Ask Someone On a Date

The Platinum Age of Television Has Finally Given Us a Murder Mermaid

There's No Longer Any Reason to Have a Cable Box

Netflix is Determined to Run Everyone Else Out of Business

Chief of Staff John Kelly's Days Are Numbered

Now the FBI is Directly Contradicting the White House on the Rob Porter Timeline

Chopping Food with Your Teeth Is Not OK, and We Will Not Tolerate Any Debate on the Matter

The Rob Porter Coverup Is More Insidious Than Previously Believed

OK, Fine: Let's Talk About the Food Allergy Scene in 'Peter Rabbit'

Check out the Official Portraits of President Obama and Michelle Obama

Morning Briefing: It's Infrastructure Week Again. God Help Us All

Review: Clint Eastwood's 'The 15:17 to Paris' Honors Its Subjects While Dishonoring the Art of Filmmaking

'When We First Met' Netflix Review: Stop Using 'Groundhog Day' To Get Laid

Donald Trump Defends Rob Porter's Character, Continues to Sympathize with Abusers and Predators

11 of the Funniest, Most Embarrassing, and Downright Awful Celebrity Audition Stories

Assholes Ruin Everything

YouTube Star Logan Paul, Punished by YouTube Again, Is Still a Piece of Sh*t

The Republican Party Does Not Give a Sh*t About Women

What Is the Best Cable Streaming Service Now?

Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Play the Lead in a Joker Origin Movie

J.J. Abrams Explains the Disjointed Nature of 'Cloverfield: Paradox'

On 'Jimmy Kimmel,' Stylists Weigh In On Donald Trump's Terrifying Hair Flapping in the Wind

Confirmed: Richard Pryor Did What Anyone Would Do Given the Opportunity: He Had Sex with Marlon Brando

UPDATED: White House Aide and Hope Hicks Boyfriend, Rob Porter, Resigns Amid Abuse Allegations

Busy Philipps Rages Against Quentin Tarantino for His Roman Polanski Defense

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Abandon 'Confederate' and Head to 'Star Wars'

The 10 Best Episodes of the Week (and the Best Show on Television)

Netflix's 'Cloverfield: Paradox' Is Terrible, But It Does Explain the Thematic Link Between the 'Cloverfield' Movies

Racist YouTube Star Removed from Movie About Racial Politics

Quentin Tarantino Weighs in on the Uma Thurman Crash, Maureen Dowd Article

'Skyscraper' Trailer: Rawson Thurber Quietly Continues His Hot Streak

The Real Winner of the 2018 Super Bowl Was ... David Harbour

The Only Redeeming Moment in Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Halftime Show

'This Is Us' Is the New 'The Walking Dead,' and That's Not a Compliment

'Han Solo' Trailer: Is It Too Late To Make This A Lando Spinoff Instead?

Henry Cavill's Mustache Shines in the Full-Length 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' Trailer

Natalie Portman's Super Bowl 'SNL' Bounces Between Very Funny and Very Bad

Natalie Portman Raps, Give-No-F**ks, and Defends the 'Star Wars' Prequels on 'SNL'

Cuba Gooding Jr. Tells a Fantastic Oscar Story on 'The Graham Norton' Show

Twitter Reacts to the Release of the Laughably Weak Nunes Memo

Review: Helen Mirren's 'Winchester' Goes Crash! Boom! Fizzle

NFL Players Read Mean Tweets on Kimmel Ahead of the Super Bowl

An Overview of The Nunes Memo: What's In It and What is at Stake?

Lauren Cohan's Days May Be Numbered On 'The Walking Dead'

15 Actors Who Admitted to Taking a Role Just for the Money

Morning Briefing: Trump Returns to Twitter, Lies; Plus Why Trey Gowdy Really Quit Congress

Watch Keanu Reeves' Super Bowl Commercial for Squarespace

Production on 'House of Cards' Begins Again, Now with Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane

Trump Supporters Debating a DACA Recipient on Jimmy Kimmel Is Surprising, But Not in the Way You Expect

Stormy Daniels Doesn't Say She Didn't Have an Affair with Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel

Tim Riggins Got Himself a Cult, Y'all: The 10 Best Episodes of the Week

Yeah, But The Real Story Is How Angry Melania Trump Is with Her Husband

The Extraordinary, Nightmarish Last 24 Hours in Politics, Summarized

Tom Hanks' Son Has Been on 'Shameless' This Whole Time And We Just Now Noticed!

Revisiting 'The Wonder Years' Sexual Harassment Lawsuit During the MeToo Movement

Nikki Haley Was Not a Fan of Hillary Clinton's Grammy's Appearance

Explosive Allegations in GOP 'Secret Memo' Suggest that Trump's Deputy AG Was ... Doing His Job?

One of 'SNL's' All Time Best Cast Members Put On a Hell of a Show as Host

On 'SNL,' Will Ferrell Reminds Us that George W. Bush Was Terrible

Tom Cruise is Absolutely Insane

Looking for a Good Saturday Night Netflix Movie to Watch?

ElsaGate and the Very Real Dangers of YouTube Kids

In 10 Months, America Will Probably Vote On Whether Trump Should Be Impeached

Please Take 20 Seconds Out of Your Morning To Laugh at Sean Hannity

The Guggenheim Made the Perfect Counteroffer to Donald Trump's Request for a Van Gogh Painting

The Writers of 'This Is Us' Are Monsters

CNN Reporter on Patrick Meehan (Basically): Young Women Don't Want to F--k Old Dudes Who Are Their Bosses

The Latest Idiotic GOP Conspiracy Theory Goes Up in Smoke

What's the Deal with 'The Goldbergs' 1990's Spinoff?

The Berenstein Bears and the Mandela Effect/Glitch in the Matrix

George Clooney's 'Monuments Men' Is So Much Better as Retold By Tiffany Haddish on 'Drunk History'

The Republican Defense of Pat Meehan's Sexual Harassment Payout (Probably)

The Unites States Senate is Racist By Its Very Nature

'This Is Hell. Of Course There’s a Gift Shop': The 10 Best Episodes of the Week

Dylan Farrow's Response to a Justin Timberlake Tweet Is Perfect

Donald Trump Moves the Goalposts On Acceptable Behavior and Then Rages When Others Do The Same

Here Are Your 2018 Academy Award Nominations

Ranking the Best Episodes of the Amazon Series, 'Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams'

There's a Reason No One Likes Megyn Kelly

The Democrats Have Caved, and the Shutdown Has Been Cancelled

Dear Democrats: Don't Cave on the Government Shutdown

The Best and Worst of the Jessica Chastain Hosted 'Saturday Night Live'

Jessica Chastain Breaks Character in Brilliant Anti-Trump 'SNL' Game Show: 'Does It Even Matter?'

The #WomensMarch2018 in Pictures

Liam Neeson Reminisces With His Ex-Girlfriend, Helen Mirren, on Graham Norton

Review: '12 Strong' Ain't Exactly Helping Hemsworth's Best Chris Case

Morning Briefing: If This Were ANY Other President

We Have No Idea What to Think Of the Upcoming 'Heathers' TV Series

On the Brink of a Government Shutdown, Our Stable Genius Is Feuding with his Chief of Staff

Morning Briefing: The Girther Movement Is Hilarious, But It's Also Bullsh*t

What Happened to Alex Cruz in the 'Lethal Weapon' TV Series Anyway?

Trump's Porn-Star Girlfriend Answers the Question No One Wanted to Know: Boxers or Briefs?

Morning Briefing: GOP Senators Who Claim They Didn't Hear Trump Say 'Sh*thole' Have One Hell of a Cover Story

A Pastor Forcefully Denounced Trump's 'Sh*thole' Comments with Visibly Distressed Mike Pence in Attendance

The Conversation We Don't Seem to Be Having About 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri'

Dolores O’Riordan, Lead Singer of 'The Cranberries,' Has Passed Away

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Is Shamelessly Gas-lighting America Again

We Have So Many Questions About the Car that Crashed Through the SECOND Floor of a Dentist Building

Check Out the Season Two Teaser for Hulu's 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Aziz Ansari Accused of Being a Sh*tty, Aggressive, Pushy Date Who Won't Take 'No Goddamnit' for an Answer

Can Sam Rockwell Host 'SNL' Every Week, Because He Was Spectacular

'SNL' Finally Reveals Who Is Under Steve Bannon's Grim Reaper Mask

'The Walking Dead' Gets a New Showrunner, and She Is Amazing

How the UK Version of 'Shameless' Differs from the Showtime Series

Donald Trump Paid Off His Porn Star Mistress, Stormy Daniels, in 2016

'The Commuter' Review: GIVE ME BACK MY 105 MINUTES!

It's Not Just That He's a Racist; It's that He's a Proud Racist

Morning Briefing: The Obama/Letterman Interview Is Moving, Hopeful, and Crushing

How Can Seth Rogen Avoid Becoming the Next Matt Damon?

Morning Briefing: Ya Boring, Donald Trump

Trailer: 'Silicon Valley' Is Back, but Erlich is Not

'Black Panther' Is Going To Be Huge

What the Hell Is Going on with DACA Now?

Everything Trump Touches Turns to Sh*t, Even Things That Were Already Shit, Like Stephen Bannon

Netflix 'The End of the F***ing World' Review: You're So Cool, You're So Cool, You're So Cool

Trump Supporter Roseanne Barr Will Play Trump-Supporter Roseanne Conner in 'Roseanne' Revival

Morning Briefing: How Democrats and Republicans See the Exact Same Words in Wildly Different Ways

R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke, Who Was Good People in Ways Most Folks Will Never Realize

'Insidious: The Last Key' Review: All Hail Lin Shaye

Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' Is Basically a Malicious, Vindictive Steve Bannon Tell All

Watch Seth Meyers' Pitch Perfect Golden Globes Monologue

The 2018 Golden Globe Winners

Jake Tapper Drums Stephen Miller Off the Air Because He Ain't Got Time for that Bullsh*t

The Country Is in a Very Dangerous Place Now, and It's Time for the GOP to Act

Bombshell NYTimes Report Has the President Dead To Rights (If the President Were Anyone Other than Trump)

Morning Briefing: Yesterday's Episode of 'The White House' Was Completely Insane

Megan Ganz Calls Out Dan Harmon's Abusive Behavior and Rightfully Refuses Him Absolution

The Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Feud is On: 'He Lost His Mind'

Steve Bannon Says Don Jr. Trump Tower Meeting with Russians Was 'Treasonous,' Suggests Kushner is F#@ked

A Few Questions We Have About the 'Hang the DJ' Episode of 'Black Mirror'

Morning Briefing: Screeching Stack of Pumpkin Excrement Begins 2018 as Deranged as Ever

Dave Chappelle Is Catching Hell for Mocking a Louis C.K. Accuser

Some Final, Parting Words for the Year 2017

The 10 Best Films of 2017

The 15 Best TV Shows of 2017

The 10 Best Comfort Movies of 2017

'Molly's Game' Review: The Assassination of Molly Bloom By the Smugly Coward Aaron Sorkin

'The New York Times' Interview with Donald Trump As It Should Have Been Written

Nic Cage as a Murderous Dad In Full-On 'Not the Bees!' Mode Is a Bloodthirsty Magic

When Attacking 'Vanity Fair,' Get Your Sh*t Together, Donald Trump

Here's Dustin Diamond, Playing Harvey Weinstein, Being Stabbed to Death by a Nun

Morning Briefing: Roy Moore Refuses to Take No for an Answer, Plus Another Dude Gets Fired for Sexual Misconduct

Prince Harry Interviews Barack Obama, Sidesteps Wedding Invitation Question

Morning Briefing: How Prince Harry Is Gonna Super Piss Off Donald Trump

'The Bearded Lady and the Trapeze Artist' Is the Most Joyous, Crowd-Pleasing Movie of 2017

Review: 'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Hot Aca-Garbage (Mostly)

'Ferdinand' Review: There Are More Cost-Effective Ways to Buy Your Kids' Affections

What the Critics are Saying about the Ed Helms/Owen Wilson Film, 'Father Figures'

Morning Briefing: The GOP is Bracing for a 'Bloodbath' in the Midterms

Mark Hamill Wasn't Crazy About His Character in 'The Last Jedi': 'He's Not My Luke Skywalker'

Thank You, President Butthole!

How the NYTimes Is Handling the Glenn Thrush Situation is Some Real Bullsh*t

BREAKING NEWS: Famous White Guy Speaks to #MeToo Movement, Manages Not to Say Anything Terrible

Politics Aside, How Will the GOP Tax Bill Affect You?

Jill Stein is Being Investigated for Russian Collusion, and Twitter Is Loving It (But Should They Be?)

No! No, Please God No! Nooooo: NBC is Bringing Back 'The Office'

Morning Briefing: As More Congressman Come Under Fire for Sexual Misconduct, Some Democrats Are Trying to Undo Franken's Resignation

Is President Trump Going to Fire Bob Mueller?

The Spectacular, Teeth Rattling Foo Fighters' Christmas Medley Salvages an Otherwise Miserable 'SNL'

11 Now Famous People You Didn't Realize Were In Movies You Loved

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The GOP Is In Tatters, and Robin Roberts Said 'Bye Felicia' to Omarosa on 'GMA,' So the News Ain't All Bad

All Your Favorite Shows Will Be Cancelled (Or More Likely Renewed, Except 'Brooklyn Nine Nine')

Mid-Morning Briefing: General Kelly Fired Omarosa After She Caused a Scene Last Night

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Jimmy Kimmel Brought a Baby to a Healthcare Gunfight (The Baby Won)

Goddamn Hillbilly Is Breaking My Heart

Did Donald Trump Just Slut Shame Kirsten Gillibrand (Probably. But He'll Deny It)

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The Best New TV Shows of 2017

Morning Briefing: More Congressional Sexual Harassers, More Damning Intel On the Trump Campaign

Al Franken Has Resigned

J.K. Rowling Finally Speaks to the Casting of Johnny Depp in 'Fantastic Beasts'

Morning Briefing: The Last Hellacious 24 Hours in Politics Condensed into Bullet Points

Did Donald Trump's Dentures Slip Out During a News Conference Today?

Michael Flynn May Have the Noose to Hang Around Donald Trump's Neck

After Numerous Calls to Step Down, Al Franken to Make an Announcement Tomorrow

Quit. Resign. Drop the F--k Out. Go Away, Al Franken. You're Killing Us

Donald Trump Is Not the 'Time' Person of the Year, But He Is Responsible, Just Not in the Way He Wanted

Pajiba's Guide to Cool Sh*t to Buy For Your Friends and Family This Holiday Season

Mid-Morning Briefing: Mueller Officially Going After Trump's Financials Transactions

Here's Video of John Oliver's Spat with Dustin Hoffman, Who Does Not Acquit Himself Well

It's Official: 'House of Cards' Will Return; Kevin Spacey Will Not

Donald Trump Officially Endorses Roy Moore, but What Does That Mean Politically?

Dead to Rights on Obstruction of Justice, President Trump Tries an Insane New Strategy

Last Night's 'Saturday Night Live' Was OK, But Saoirse Ronan Was Transcendent

Jared Kushner Is Likely Toast

Paul Ryan Stumped By Question Asking Him the Difference Between Roy Moore and Donald Trump

Updated: Michael Flynn Is Prepared to Testify Against Donald Trump and His Family

Jimmy Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore's Challenge, Sweeps the Leg in Wicked Takedown

Evening Briefing: Obama Crowd Shames Trump Again and the GOP Tax Bill Hits a Snag

Netflix's 'Godless' Is a Fantastic Series That's Fairly Getting a Bad Rap

The Secretary of State and Director of the C.I.A. Expected to Be Even More Terrifyingly Right Wing-y In the Coming Weeks

For the Record, Al Franken and John Conyers Should Resign, As Well

Matt Lauer Releases Statement; Ann Curry Weighs In (Sort Of)

Bryan Fuller And Michael Green Have Left 'American Gods'

Garrison Keillor Fired By Minnesota NPR for Improper Behavior

More Details and Reactions to the Firing of Matt Lauer

What is the 'Unsolved Mystery' Surrounding Joe Scarborough that Trump Tweeted About This Morning?

Even [email protected]#ng InfoWars Thought Donald Trump's Tweets Went Too Far This Morning

Matt Lauer Abruptly Fired by NBC Over Sexual Misconduct

'Fantastic Beasts' Director Comes to Johnny Depp's Defense

Twitter Makes 92-Year-Old Angela Lansbury Pick the Switch with Which They Berate Her

Morning Briefing: What the Hell is Going On? Something Ain't Right

Trump Sticks His Foot in Mouth, Press Secretary Shoves It All the Way Down His Throat

The Marvel Universe Will Completely Change After The Second Infinity Wars Movie

Is Our Terrible Political Nightmare Almost Over?

People Still Hate Susan Sarandon

Uma Is Gonna Burn It All Down

Morning Briefing: Donny Trash Won't Even Shut Up for the Holidays, and Franken Has Gotta Go

The Overlords Weigh In On What Pop Culture-Related Things We Are Thankful For in 2017

Hulu's 'Future Man' Is 'Back to the Future' Meets 'Terminator' Meets Eliza Coupe

What Did We Do to Trump Voters to Make Them Hate Us So Much?

Morning Briefing: Everything We Would Say, Only with Much Better Jokes

Sh*tty Man of the Day, November 21st, 2017: Congressman John Conyers (Plus Charlie Rose's Co-Hosts are Pissed)

Sh*tty Man of the Day, November 20th, 2017: Glenn Thrush of the 'NYTimes'

A Second Allegation Surfaces Against Senator Al Franken

Morning Briefing: Why Donald Trump Talks Sh*t About Black People on Twitter

Chance the Rapper Hosts an Exceptionally Average 'Saturday Night Live'

'Come Back Barack' Is the Perfect 'Saturday Night Live' Song for the Times

Review: 'Wonder' Is the Kindest Film of 2017

Lena Dunham, Matt Weiner, and Another Senator Get Pulled Into Sexual Harassment Scandals

Highlights of the Worst that the GOP Tax Plan Has to Offer

Twitter Pounced On Donald Trump After He Called Al Franken Out for Sexual Harassment

Mitch McConnell, Democrats Call for Ethics Probe of Al Franken

Sh*tty Man of the Day: Senator Al Franken (Updated with Full Apology) (Updated Again with Tweeden's Response)

The First Official 'Fantastic Beasts 2' Image Has Arrived, and Twitter Isn't Happy About Johnny Depp's Presence

So, Is This Tax Bill Gonna Pass or What?

It's the Inbreeding; It's the Only Way to Explain It

Jimmy Kimmel Cherry Picks a Few Yokels Who Represent 35 Goddamn of the Nation

Oh Jenna Fischer: No. No You Sweet, Sweet Flower, No

Trump's Latest Tweet Actually Is Coherent; It's Just Insanely Pathetic

Hey Republicans! How Does It Feel to Be Hoodwinked By Your Own Party?

Everything We Know About Brett J. Talley, the Dipsh*t Trump Nominated to the Federal Bench

Morning Briefing: This Business with Jeff Sessions Is Incredibly Unsettling

Roy Moore Update: Christ, How Has This Guy Not Resigned Yet?

An Explainer: When 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' Does and Does Not Apply

Morning Briefing: Republicans Take a Stand Against Keurig for Taking a Stand Against Pedophilia

Tiffany Haddish Becomes the First Black Female Stand-Up Comedian to Host 'SNL'

The Democrats Are Finally Worthy of Being Mocked on 'SNL' Again!

Louis C.K. Acknowledges Mistakes, Expresses Remorse

Morning Briefing: More Roy Moore Fallout, and Victim-Shaming Sean Hannity Must Be Fired

'Game Night' Trailer: Bateman, McAdams, Coach Taylor, Landry, and Sharon Horgan Play a Game of Muuuurder

The Louis C.K. Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface in the NYTimes, and They're As Awful as Rumored

Alabama Senate Candidate Accused of Initiating Sexual Encounters with Underage Women

Morning Briefing: Someone Implicated in the Mueller Probe Has Vanished, Plus Trumpcare is Crushing It!

Allison Mack, Clark's Best Friend in 'Smallville,' Is a High Ranking Member of a Sex Cult

USA Network's 'Damnation' Is Another Peak TV Misfire

Briefly (Very Briefly), Here's How Fox News Is Covering Election Night

Takeaways from Election Night 2017: Be Like Danica Roem

Review: The Brief But Wholly Satisfying Netflix Documentary 'Long Shot'

Showrunner Beau Willimon Allegedly Knew about Kevin Spacey's Predatory Behavior on the Set of 'House of Cards'

Morning Briefing: Trump Hits New Approval Lows, and Carter Page Is a Wreck of a Human Being

Southside Through and Through: Ranking the Best TV Episodes of the Week

The 'Witch Hunt' Mentality that Too Many Men Fear About Harassment Allegations Is Not Borne Out of Reality

The Latest on the Russian Probe, Including Donald Trump Jr.'s Quid Pro Quo

5 Ways In Which Trump Has Embarrassed Himself and America on His Asia Trip, So Far

Larry David Hosts a Painfully Tone Deaf 'Saturday Night Live'

Larry David's 'SNL' Monologue Crashes and Burns Spectacularly

Review: 'Bad Mom's Christmas' Is a Lousy Sequel (and Sarandon Can Go F--k Herself)

Morning Briefing: It's Going To Be One Of Those Days

Good Lord, Jimmy Kimmel's Daughter is Adorable

Morning Briefing: Ladies and Gentleman, Your Dumbass President Pulled a Nixon Twitter

Evening Briefing: 'You Can't Go Any Lower. [Trump] Is F--ked'

A Brief But Damning Timeline Showing the Trump Campaign's Attempts to Collude with Russians

Even Dustin Hoffman. Damnit. Even Dustin Hoffman

In Today's Least Shocking News, Six Women Accuse Brett Ratner of Sexual Harassment

Nathan Fielder Is Doing Some Phenomenal/Terrible Work on the Talk Show Circuit

Relive #IndictmentMonday but With Jokes and Bad Impressions

Morning Briefing: General John Kelly Is a Bad Man; A Really Bad Man

Twitter Reacts to What Passed for a Press Conference by Sarah Huckabee Sanders

'Stranger Things 2': Why Are All Of You Sleeping on Bob?

Third Indictment Ties Directly to Collusion Between Trump's Campaign and Russia

Reckless Speculation: Robert Mueller Probably Already Has the Goods on Kushner

UPDATED: It's Indictment Day, and as Expected, It's Paul Manafort (Now Including Charges)

Saturday Briefing: Mueller Files Charges, Republicans Lose their Damn Minds

Review: 'Thank You For Your Service' Puts a Very Real Face to PTSD

'Jigsaw' Review: Let the Games Begin, I Guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why Is Everyone Falling All Over Jason on 'The Good Place'?

What the Hell Is the Deal with Whitefish Energy?

Our Dumbass President Just Gave Tons of Free Exposure to an Impeachment Campaign Against Him

'Better Things,' Pamela Adlon, and the Complicated Relationship with Louis C.K.

Morning Briefing: Dear Men, a Woman's Shoulder Is Not a Resting Place for Your Dicks

Watch a News Anchor Throw Up After Eating the World's Spiciest Chip

The Moviegoing Situation We've All* Encountered, But Never Talk About

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Will Adapt Controversial but Wildly Overrated Memoir for the Big Screen

Bored Overlords Mock Justin Bieber's Newly Tattooed Torso

#RHSolvesCrimes Trailer: 'You Know What, Sweetie? Elsa Can Suck My Dick'

Oh God, Not You Too, George H.W. Bush

Morning Briefing: So, Are We're Going to F--king Impeach Hillary Now or What?

Breaking: The Clinton Campaign Paid for the Steele Dossier, Which, Like, Duh?

Another Not Completely Terrible GOP Senator Retires, Trashes Trump On His Way Out

UPDATED: Morning Briefing: POTUS is in a Lame Diss War With a Tennessee Senator

You Can Tell A Lot About the Personality of a Cast from the Gag Reel

Megyn Kelly Speaks Out Against Bill O'Reilly: Sincere or Opportunistic (Or Both)?

Morning Briefing: And Now Donald Trump Is Directly Arguing with a Gold Star Widow on Twitter

Christian Bale and Amy Adams as Dick and Lynne Cheney Will Screw With Your Damn Head

'Only the Brave' Review: Do NOT Go Into This Movie Blindly

Morning Briefing: This Was Donald Trump's Fault from the Very Beginning; Don't Forget That

Why Reporting a Sex Crime Is Often As Difficult as Enduring a Sex Crime

Holy Margot Robbie! Watch the 'I, Tonya' Teaser Trailer

Afternoon Briefing: Donald Trump Double-Dog Dares Rep. Wilson to Repeat Her Statement

At Least There's One Good Dude in Hollywood

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Serves Himself Up On a Spit

Reminder: No Matter How Comfortable They Are, Movie Theaters Are Not Your Home

Why the Netflix Strategy Is Great for Netflix But Terrifying for Subscribers

The Morning Briefing: The Alternate Reality of America's Harasser in Chief

Donald Trump Told a Really F**ked Up Lie About President Obama Today

'Mindhunter' Review: David Fincher and his Sociopathic Approach to Sociopaths

Woody Allen on Harvey Weinstein: 'I Feel Sad for Him ... Sh*t, What I Meant Was, He's a Sad Man!'

Kumail Nanjiani Gives Great Host on Kate McKinnon's 'Saturday Night Live'

Review: 'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women' And the Importance of a Diverse Review Staff

Donald Trump Is Pulling Obamacare Subsidies. What Does It Mean? (Spoiler Alert: We're F**ked)

Seth Rogen DMs Don Jr. To Remind Him About His Dad's Sexual Assaults

Morning Briefing: The President Has Lost His Goddamn Mind

'As a Father of a Son ... '

Daisy Ridley 'Spoils' 'The Last Jedi,' Crushes 'Vogue' Photoshoot

Fox News Anchor Who Is Not Shep Smith Suggests Donald Trump 'Failing as a Human Being'

Shut the F*ck Up, Tucker Carlson

Now We Know Why Tillerson Called Trump a Moron, and Yup, He's a Moron

Amy Sherman-Palladino's 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Trailer Looks Terrific

Re: Weinstein: Anthony Bourdain Is Taking a Blowtorch to Enablers on Twitter Right Now

Morning Briefing: Trump Provokes Another Morning of Chaos and Panic

'Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi' Official Trailer

Grab a Blonde and Miscegenate: The 10 Best TV Episodes of the Week

Did You Know David Fincher Is Releasing a Netflix Series THIS Friday, Because He Is

The Day's Very Worst Thing Followed by Day's Very Best Thing

The Debate Over the Mental Fitness of the President Begins in Earnest

Gal Gadot Hosts a Very Bad 'SNL' Except for that One Skit Where Wonder Woman Kisses Kate McKinnon

The 'Saturday Night Live' Cold Open Pays Perfect Tribute to Both the Vegas Victims and Tom Petty

Review: 'The Mountains Between Us' Is Terrible, But Idris Does Take Off His Shirt, So ...

'The Good Place' Finds Its Long Game AND End Game

Morning Briefing: We Could All Die Today. Or Maybe Not. We'll See!

Don't 'What About?' Cam Newton's Sexism Away

Eliza Coupe 👏 Eliza Coupe 👏 Eliza Coupe 👏 Eliza Coupe 👏

Denzel Will Bless Us with His Presence Again In November; Now Shut the F*ck Up And Watch This Trailer

#MoronGate Day 2 and the 'Suicide Pact' Between Three Crucial Cabinet Members

Hey! That Show You Don't Watch Had a Really Great Episode This Week

Review: 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World' and the Warm Kindness of Jason Ritter

Rex Tillerson Makes Statement as #Morongate Extends Into the Afternoon

Steven Avery Is Still Guilty as Hell

Morning Briefing: Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Called Donald Trump a 'Moron'; He's Not Wrong

You'd Think at This Point Donald Trump's World Could No Longer Shock Us; You'd Be Wrong

Show Some Damn Respect, Megyn Kelly

Perfect Casting Is Perfect: A Trifecta of Sh*tiness

Jimmy Kimmel Gets It

To the Timeless Life and Music of Tom Petty

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is Back, But You Know What? Maybe It Shouldn't Be

Don't Play The Game This Time

Here Is Some Great News Involving Neil Gaiman and Jon Hamm

No One Deserves This

Ryan Gosling Can't Keep It Together on 'SNL,' and Jost and Che Finally Show Up on 'Update'

'SNL' Returns and Doesn't Waste Any Time Humiliating Donald Trump

'American Made' Review: Tom Cruise's Terrifically Enjoyable 'True' Story

What Is the End Game On 'The Good Place'?

There's No Better Gauge of Our Humanity Than a Heartwarming Random Act of Kindness

Here's the Single Best Example of Great Leadership in Our Country in the Last 9 Months

GOP Senator Ben Sasse Hauls Off on Nazi Richard Spencer on Twitter

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders: The 80s Were A Hell Of a Drug

'Weird Science' Star Appears Onscreen for the First Time in 25 Years on Last Night's 'The Goldbergs'

But What Really Happened to Honey Nutz on 'You're the Worst'?

The Morning Briefing: Not Even Donald Trump Is Sold on Donald Trump's Tax Plan

Is This When Everyone Turns On NBC's 'This Is Us'?

'SNL' Retools Heading Into Its 43rd Season

Debra Messing Regrets Doing the 'Today' Show After Megyn Kelly Asked If 'Will & Grace' Turned a Fan Gay

The GOP Is in Shambles, and Trump Has Us Right Where He Wants Us

Evening Briefing: We Are So, So Sorry Alabama and Puerto Rico

Review Briefs: 'Young Sheldon,' The Good Doctor,' 'Me, Myself and I'

Sterling K. Brown: 'Not Everyone Can Be Pretty Australian White Women ...'

Kumail, KBell, JLaw, Goop, and Emma Watson Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Morning Briefing: It Was Never About the Goddamn Flag

Evening Briefing: F**k Off Dallas Cowboys, Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell

In Its Fourth Season, 'Transparent' Tackles Politics without Getting Political

Midday Briefing: Anthony Weiner, North Korea, and the Obamacare Repeal

Megyn Kelly's New Show is a 'Trump-Free Zone.' That Should Go Well

The Morning Briefing: If We Survive It, This Will Be The Legacy of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Picked the Wrong Goddamn Fight This Time

'Stronger' Review: A Complicated Relationship Drama Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany

10 Little-Seen Movies That Launched the Feature-Film Careers of Ten of Today's Best Actors

Random Thoughts on 10 TV Shows That Aired This Week

Dan Harmon Would Like To Disown Part of his 'Rick & Morty' Fanbase

Experts Side with Jimmy Kimmel, Who Goes Another Round with the Cassidy Graham

How Long Can 'The Good Place' Possibly Sustain This?

All the Ways in Which Paul Manafort Is Completely and Totally F**ked

How's that Image Rehab Tour Going Now, Sean Spicer, You 'Giant Festering Abscess'

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Full Letterman on Cassidy, Graham, and Fox News

So Maybe Ryan Phillipe Is Not Such a Good Guy, Plus Lawrence O’Donnell Loses It In Leaked Rant

Review: The Phenomenal 'Us Against the World' Is the Real-Life Basketball Version of 'Friday Night Lights'

Yes, Of Course Sterling K. Brown Can Sing, Too

The New GOP Bill Essentially Pits Red States vs. Blue States (with One Potential Upside)

Jimmy Kimmel Lashes Out Against New GOP Healthcare Plan: Bill Cassidy 'Lied to My Face'

The Fairly Forgotten Drama of the 2017 Emmy Awards

Midday Briefing: Donald Trump Finds New Venues with Which to Embarrass America

This Is The Worst ... You Know What? Don’t Click. It’s Too Painful

How to Stop a Pajiban From Watching an Eva Green Movie

Men Are Remarkably Disappointing Creatures

Morning Briefing: The Only 'Adult' In the White House Is Not a Very Smart Man

The Internet Was Rightfully Not Thrilled About Sean Spicer's Appearance at the Emmys

The 2017 Emmy Winners -- Or At Least The Ones You Care About

What Was Amazon TV Thinking?

Max Landis and a 'Difficult People' Writer Get Into It Over a Brutal Max Landis Joke

'South Park' Tackles Charlottesville, Kind Of, In Its Season Premiere

No Idea What's Going On in Guillermo Del Toro's 'Shape of Water,' But We're Here For It

Great! Now We Know Where Everyone Stands on DACA and The Wall

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump's Waffling, Deranged Thought Process over the Last 12 Hours

These 9 Shows Were Not Eligible for Emmys, So Don't Complain About Their Omissions

The Hollywood Reporter's Anonymous Emmy Voter Is Somehow Not Satire

The Time Harrison Ford Punched Ryan Gosling Is the Most Harrison Ford Story Ever: Part II

Finally, Someone with the Courage to Impeach Hillary! Wait, What?

Tig Notaro's 'One Mississippi' Takes Direct Aim at Sexual Assault Allegations Against Louis C.K.

James Woods Responds to Twitter Accusations That He's a Dirty Old Man

Something Old and White Is New Again? 'Star Wars IX' Has Found a Replacement for Colin Trevorrow

Morning Briefing: Let's Just Savor Ted Cruz's Hilariously Terrible Morning

Ben Affleck Loves His New Girlfriend, And Kid Rock 'LOVES BLACK PEOPLE!!'

HBO's 'The Deuce' Review: David Simon Has Earned The Benefit of the Doubt

Morning Briefing: Damnit, The Other Timeline Had Steve Bannon Licking George Clooney's Ass

Rush Limbaugh On Hurricane Irma: Then and Now

The Worst Box Office Summer in 25 Years Wasn't JUST About Bad Movies

Now We Know Why Colin Trevorrow Was Fired From 'Star Wars': Because He's An Asshole

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Is Officially in 'F*ck It' Mode

Is 'Top of the Lake: China Girl' This Year's 'True Detective: Season 2'?

Morning Briefing: 'House Speaker Paul Ryan Is Furious'

Evening Briefing: In Bizarro World Day, The President Loses His Damn Mind

Clueless Middle-Aged White Dude Weighs in on the PC Culture in YA Book Industry

'American Horror Story: Cult' Review: Shut the F*ck Up, Ryan Murphy

Morning Briefing: Old Man Yells At Storm Clouds

President Obama Call's Trump's DACA Rollback a 'Cruel' 'Political Decision'

Revisiting the Year's Best, Most Emotionally Resonant 5-Minute Sequence of TV

Democrats Are Going to Help Trump Pay for that Goddamn Wall, Aren't We?

Morning Briefing: Once Again, A Cruel Donald Trump Takes the Chickensh*t's Way Out

Reminder: Despite Internet's Best Efforts, Miles Teller Still a Thing

Morning Briefing: Beware of Breaking News the Friday Night Before Labor Day

'Goon: Last of the Enforcers' Review: More Mature Does Not Always Mean Better

There's A Lot of Things About this New Joker Spin-Off That Don't Make a Lick of Damn Sense

Dan Harmon Takes a Jab at Adult Swim for Taking a Jab at 'Game of Thrones'

Not a Good Look for 'Christians' This Morning

A Presidential Study in Contrast: Hurricane Edition

A Handy Guide to All The Taylors

So, Bronn and Cersei Hate Each Other In Real Life

Can Taran Killam Resurrect Arnold Schwarzenegger's Career?

Afternoon Briefing: Donald Trump Opens Mouth, Idiotic Word Salad Drools Out

Morning Briefing: Our Isolated, Mentally Unstable President Is Appealing to Lunatics

Twitter Reacts to the Reveal of Jon Snow's Real Name on 'Game of Thrones'

Morning Briefing: A Top Advisor Rebukes Trump, On the Record

Adam Scott, God Bless Him, Is Just Really Bad at Movies

All the TV Series Renewals in August, So Far

Donald Trump Is Twitter Ranting Again, While Mike Pence Is Delusional

Mark Ruffalo is an Acne Shamer! (We Kid. He's Adorable. As Always)

Steve Carell's Sad Dad Eyes Are One the Most Heartbreaking Things in Pop Culture

Let's Talk About Premium VOD

Tig Notaro Really Doesn't Like Louis C.K., Thinks He Should 'Handle' Sexual Assault Allegations

Morning Briefing: What a Sh*tshow of a Night

Can We Talk About This Insane Murder Investigation Going on in Sweden Right Now?

Sophia Amoruso Proves that White Men Haven’t Cornered the Market on Failing Upwards

Twitter Shuts Down a WashPo Reporter Who Tried to Normalize Trump After Last Night's Speech

McConnell PAC Delivers a Devastating Attack Ad on Potential Trump-Backed Opponent in Arizona

Treasury Secretary's Wife Posts Tacky-Ass Let-Them-Eat-Cake Instagram Post

Donald Trump Stared Into the Eclipse, and Twitter Stared Back

Morning Briefing: Stephen Bannon Goes to War Against the White House

Twitter Reacts to the Night King's Uh, Heroics, in Last Night's 'Game of Thrones'

Boston Ain't Putting Up With Any of That White Supremacy Nonsense Today

Review: The Spirit of Renny Harlin (and the Abs of Ryan Reynolds) Live On in 'The Hitman's Bodyguard'

Stephen Bannon Is On His Way Out (Finally)

Morning Briefing: Just Madness and Chaos, As Everyone is Defecting Except Pence

Financial Journalists Eviscerate Claims that Trump Is Responsible for Stock Market, Jobs Growth

Obvious Point is Obvious, and Yet ...

Morning Briefing: Steve Bannon Basically Calls Trump a Blustering Idiot

Review: Netflix's 'Atypical,' Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rapaport, and Keir Gilchrist

Donald Trump Tries to Break Up with His Advisory Council Before They Break Up With Him

What's the Deal with the $10 Subscription to MoviePass?

Morning Briefing: A Few Things to Take Heart In Today

More Social Media Reactions and Denunciations To Trump's Unhinged Presser

Donald Trump Flips Out, Starts Blaming 'Alt-Left' For Charlottesville

Afternoon Briefing: Everyone Is Pressuring Trump to Fire Bannon, Which Of Course Means He Won't

The President Is Racist; Can We Please Stop Debating that Point Now?

Jimmy Fallon Finally Has His Come to Jesus Moment on Trump, But Is It Too Late?

GoDaddy Finally Shuts Down Vile, Evil Neo-Nazi Website After Its Ugly Slandering of Heather Heyer

Dany Loses Her Claim To The Throne on 'Game of Thrones,' and Twitter Freaks Out

Donald Trump Condemns CEO for Standing Up to Racism, But Still Won't Condemn Actual Racists

Here's John Oliver on Donald Trump's Refusal to Disavow Nazis

Sunday Briefing: The Day After the Worst Day of the Trump Presidency

Update: Car Plows Into Counter-Protestors in Charlottesville Terrorist Attack

USA Network's Jessica Biel Series 'Sinner' Is Not What We Thought, Or Is It?

SNL's 'Weekend Update' Special Was Something Something

Donald Trump Has F**ked Himself with North Korea

CNN Fires Jeffrey (Sh*t)Lord, Finally

Former Trump Staffers Engage in Heated Baby Drama in Tabloids, Twitter

Morning Briefing: The Latest on North Korea, GOP Infighting, and Monica Lewinsky

14 TV Shows You Probably Didn't Realize Were Still On

'Alias' Brand Jennifer Garner Is Coming Back: [email protected]#k! And Yes!

The FBI Conducted a Predawn Raid on the Home of Paul Manafort; How Was Your Morning?

Billy Dee Williams Offers the Perfect Advice to Donald Glover on Playing Lando Calrissian

Bill Murray Weeping Tears of Joy Is Still a Reason To Be Excited About Being Alive!

Morning Briefing: The Fate of the Planet Rests In This Man's Hands. You Feel Good About That, America?

Afternoon Briefing: While the World Goes To Hell, Trump Is Still Trumpin'

Who is the Colin Trevorrow/Max Landis/Akiva Goldsman of Showrunners?

In Big Time Blockbuster News, David Letterman is Returning to Television

The Full Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!' Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Fake Pajiba T-Shirt Model Also a Fake Donald Trump Supporter

Review: USA Network's 'Sinner' Starring Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Are Separating

Twitter's Best Reactions to the Final Moments of This Week's 'Game of Thrones'

Mike Pence, Who Is Definitely Running for President in 2020, Definitely Doesn't Want Trump To Know That

Review: Halle Berry's 'Kidnap' Is the Worst Movie of 2017

Buzzfeed Celebrates This Heroic Male Feminist for Loving a 'Thick' Woman

This One Goes Out To All Our Anti-Trumper Friends Who Worry That Nothing Will Ever Happen

Evening Briefing: Bob Mueller Impanels a Grand Jury in Russian Probe, Issues Subpoenas

Nine People in the Entertainment Industry We Should Be Worshipping More Than We Are Right Now

Trump’s Calls with Mexican and Australian Leaders Leaked, and Oh My God

Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Lashes Out After Russia's Prime Minister Humiliates Him

Twitter Reacts to the Appalling Comments of White House Senior Racist, Stephen Miller

The 6 Most Bizarre Passages from Donald Trump's Interview with the 'Wall Street Journal'

NPR: The White House May Have Been Intimately Involved in Orchestrating the Seth Rich Conspiracy

Evening Briefing: Another Bombshell Puts Donald Trump in Legal Jeopardy. Again.

Donald Trump Fires Anthony Scaramucci. Already.

Correction: Taking Your Kids to 'The Emoji Movie' Does Not Make You a Bad Parent

Midday Briefing: Republicans Are Turning Against Republicans

Twitter Reacts to the Most Badass, Mic-Dropping Death in 'Game of Thrones' History

Evening Briefing: Priebus is Out, as The White House Bloodbath Continues

What is Wrong with You, Angelina Jolie?

We Are Not Gloating; I Repeat, This is NOT Gloating 🎉 🙌 🎉

Morning Briefing: Murkowski, Collins and McCain Saved Healthcare Last Night (Thank You)

UPDATE: Here is Exactly Where the Insanity on the Health Care Bill Stands

Anthony Scaramucci's Interview with a 'New Yorker' Reporter is Clown-Car Batsh*t

That Scene in 'The Big Sick' That Embarrassed a Whole Lot of Dudes

What's the Deal with the Channing Tatum, JGL Amazon Series, 'Comrade Detective'?

If Mueller Is Fired, Is that the Beginning of the End for Trump?

Morning Briefing: The White House Has Hit Critical Dysfunction

Review: Netflix's 'Ozark' Is the Latest Example of Stress-Watching TV

Maggie Haberman on People Inside the White House: 'They Are Scared'

Morning Briefing: Trump Delivers Blow To Transgender Community; Susan Collins Thinks He Is 'Crazy'

Senate Votes Yes on Motion to Proceed to Debate the Death of Obamacare

A Moment of Levity: Susan Collins Sh*t Talks a GOP Congressman on a Hot Mic