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A Satirical Website Apologizes After 'Dunking on Elon Musk Too Hard'

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | May 31, 2022 |

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | May 31, 2022 |


For the unfamiliar, Hard Drive ( is a satirical website, basically The Onion of video games with headlines like “Microsoft Confirms Halo TV Series Isn’t Canon If You Think It Sucks,” “Ricky Gervais Starves to Death After Massive Fire Destroys All Low-Hanging Fruit,” and “Congress Blames Baby Formula Shortage on Violent Video Games.” Yesterday, the website “apologized” to Elon Musk for “dunking on him too hard.”

To wit: On Sunday, Elon Musk stole a meme from and purposefully cut out the watermark attributing to the site. In turn, Hard Drive mocked Musk for both stealing the meme and for, uh, offering an airline attendant a horse for a handjob (“horse for a handjob” sounds like a John Mulaney bit). (Note that Musk has since deleted the original tweet).

In turn, Musk tried to mansplain memes to Hard Drive, and they responded in kind with another of their memes mocking Musk:

Musk jabbed back with a weak insult that he just had to know would bite him in the ass:

To the extent that one attributes the number of likes to success, it is worth noting — as Hard Drive did — that they received 220,000 likes compared to the 13,000 likes that Elon Musk received on the last two tweets, despite the fact that Musk has 79,875,000 more followers than Hard Drive, although that is sure to change considering that Hard Drive is currently trending on Twitter and those Likes are multiplying by the minute. For embarrassing Musk online, Hard Drive has since apologized.

Musk, meanwhile, has spent his time since Hard Drive dunked on him trying to insult Jeff Bezos and I guess mocking companies for … honoring Pride month?

Just winning fans left and right there, eh, Musk?

Source: Hard Drive