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GOP Streamer Aimed at Zoomers Brings Forth Prime Comedy Material

By Alberto Cox Délano | Social Media | September 23, 2021 |

By Alberto Cox Délano | Social Media | September 23, 2021 |


Let’s dive straight in: There is this new… platform? network? streaming site? that is aimed at far-right Zoomers. Or wants to promote GOP values to Zoomers by jumping on whichever new computery fad kids are into now. It’s called Today In America … I’m sorry, Today Is America, because nothing says I love the USA like confusing Subject-Verb-Object arrangements. Apparently, all these people originate organically from conservative Tik-Tok or something, and are in no way being funded by the Koch family nor are they a seeder from which they will find replacements for Tammy Lasaña types, once they turn 35. So what you have here is a collection of acceptable-looking under-25s, with the fashion sense of someone that picked a Town & Country magazine from the late 80s and said: “Yes, that’s class.” Also, so much spray-on tanner that it might be a Freudian slip about cultural appropriation.

But the thing is, that’s not what I am here for. After Will Sommer at The Daily Beast published some screenshots from their upcoming shows, the good side of Twitter came out in force with some A+++ snark material. They only needed four or eight screenshots to come up with a barrage of chef-kisses putdowns and I’m just going to embed them here for your enjoyment:

It’s not a good sign when your content for Zoomers reminds people of Millennial classics such as Dick in a Box and LMFAO:

For the show called “Firefight”, they clearly went for somebody that would appeal to Middle Four-Generations-In-The-KKK America, but also, his name might’ve overshot the mark:

I agree, his name is too hard to pronounce, ironically, for most white Americans:

But for that same amount of money you can get an even blood-purer BMW!

Colbert would be proud of this one:

There’s a lot of sexual confusion here indeed:

One of these shows is hosted by a guy called Joe (who looks like a dehydrated Stephen Miller) and it apparently goes in the morning. Try and guess what they called it:

It gets better:

But that means they would have to pay attention during English!

These two came in with the precision-targeted burns:

The following are “suggestions” for other shows (and hosts) for this thing. Among them there is a real one, try finding which one is it without clicking on the links:

There is still a good chance that all of this is an ellaborate prank. They do look like one of those fake shows from Dear White People or:

Obvious question: Where do they find these people?, well:

It’s working tho:

There is one iconic Millennial GOPer missing though:

But for real, if you wanna know where these people come from, please do read these threads:

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