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Welcome to the Author Archive for Alberto Cox Délano

The Synth Wave Perfection of 'Never Have I Ever's' Soundtrack

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin Caught In An Act of Unspeakable Coolness

Two Retired Mobsters Discuss The Bodies Found In the Drying Lake Mead

Let's Talk About Holes: A French Chapter of 'Extinction Rebellion' Sabotaged a Wasteful Golf Court

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Important New Album Reviews: 'Bronco' by Orville Peck; 'Dance Fever' by Florence And The Machine & 'Avec Les Yeux' by Fishbach

How Are We Supposed to Feel Excited About VFX Anymore? (Or How Unionized Labor Improves The Product Too)

Pope Francis Puts the Kibosh on the Opus Dei, Your Least Favorite SCOTUS' Justices' Favorite Catholic Sect

Do We Need To Explain To You Why Casting James Franco As Fidel Castro Is Wrong?

The Kind of Friends You Should Have By Age 30

Shakira Risks Jail Time for Tax Evasion and We Can No Longer Remain Blind, Deaf, Mute, Clumsy, Dumb and Stubborn About It

Why Didn't 'Friday Night Lights' Become a Huge Hit in Middle America?

'Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area': What Is the Point of a Remake?

'Bad Sisters' Trailer: Sharon Horgan And An Avengers Assemble of Irish Actresses

'Bayesian Probability For Babies' (And Other Books You Can Sell To Anxious Professional Parents)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Birth Control and Population Collapse: Too Many Of Which Kind Of People?

What We Talk About When We Talk About Birth Control And Population Collapse

'See How They Run' Trailer: Saoirse Ronan's Stars in a 1950s Caper for Her Latest Period Piece

Every Version of 'Father of The Bride' Compared

British Airways Lost Aisling Bea's Luggage, So She Went To 'Jimmy Kimmel' In A Bathrobe

'Borgen: Power & Glory': Also Hang It In The Louvre

The Falklands-Malvinas War: 40 Years Of A War That Meant Nothing And Meant Everything

The Problem With Cultural Boycotts

Stranger Things: A Definitive Ranking of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' Covers

'42 Days Of Darkness' Review: Netflix's First Chilean Series Is Responsible True Crime and Very Chilean

'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' Trailer: Maybe This One Won't Be As Stupid As The Original

'Ten Percent,' the British Take on 'Call My Agent' Is So Faithful to The Original That It Offers Nothing New

Netflix's 'Honeymoon With My Mother' Is a Cringe-Inducing Freudian Horror Show

'Borgen - Power & Glory' Trailer: Birgitte Nyborg And The Best Political Drama Of the 2010s Are Back To Face A Worse Decade

2022's Met Gala: 'Gilded Glamour Was Too Complicated A Theme For Celebrities to Follow

France Is Facing An Election Where The Far-Right Could Win. Again

The Trailer for 'Ten Percent,' the UK Adaptation of 'Call My Agent!' Preps Us For The Inevitable Hollywood Version

Nancy Meyers Will Release Her Next Film On Netflix, Ending Theatrical Releases For Adults

'Crash' by Charli XCX: Pop's Head Scientist Brings Us a Chaotic But Rich Album

The Daily Wire Announces It Will Take On Disney

Netflix Brings Us A Whole New Genre of Spanish Horror in 'Honeymoon With My Mother'

Doja Cat And South America Got Into A Twitter Fight Over a Cancelled Concert. Everybody Lost.

Ignore The Fake Controversy, 'Turning Red' Is Already Winning Where It Matters

'Raised by Wolves' Season 2 Falls Prey to the Sophomore Slump

There's Too Much Going On And It's Also Monday, So Here's Some Dogs Stopping Football Matches

'Irredeemable' and 'Incorruptible' Comic Series to Become A Feature Film, But There's an Issue

Other Countries' Oscar's Red Carpet: At Least The BAFTAs' Fashion Tops The Oscars (With Bonus Kristen Stewart)

It's Millennial, Leftist Presidential Inauguration Everybody: Gabriel Boric Faces the Country

Stromae Gives Us The First Masterpiece Of the Pandemic With 'Multitude'

While Disney Demoralizes Pixar, Brad Bird Takes His Next Feature To Skydance

Sam Brinton Is the Future (And American Conservatism the Tragic Past)

Eileen Gu Is a Teenager, Not Your Geopolitical Pawn

Much Needed Escapism in Other Countries' Oscar's Red Carpet: A Somber Fashion at France's César Film Awards 2022

Fellow Leftists: Being Against Imperialism Also Means Being Against Russian Imperialism

Now on Netflix: 'Downfall: The Case Against Boeing,' Or How Capitalism Ends Up Destroying Its Actual Achievements

There Is No Spain without Latin America: The Frustrating Omission in Alejandro Amenábar's 'La Fortuna'

Everything That Made Me Love Alejandro Amenábar's AMC+ Series, 'La Fortuna'

'And Just Like That...' Never Got Much Better, But Got Much More Interesting

"Downton Abbey: A New Era" Full Trailer Just Dropped With a Small Smidge of Meta Observations

We Deserve This: Blade Runner 2099 Live-Action Series Is in Development!

Other Country's Oscars' Red Carpet: Spain's 36th Goya Awards, Now With 100% More Cate Blanchett

Anti-Vaxx Truckers Blocking Canada and The GOP Euphemizing Away a Coup: We've Seen This Playbook Before

How Many Credible Accusations Must Chris Brown Accumulate for Music Stars to Stop Collaborating With Him?

Trailer for Unabomber's Biopic 'Ted K' Reminds Us of Sharlto Copley's Talent

Lindsay Ellis Deserved Better

Neil Young In King Mode, Actually Takes His Catalogue Off Spotify to Protest Joe Rogan's Anti-Vaxxer Disinformation.

'When We Cease to Understand the World' By Benjamín Labatut Explores the Abyss in Which Science Becomes Literature

How Is an Artist Supposed to Make Money When Even the Super Bowl Halftime Show is Paying in Exposure?

The Expanse's Final Series Is About Ethics in the Face of Mass Suffering

Netflix Hates You and Hates Teenagers, So They Made A Sequel to 'Tall Girl'

The (Forever Postponed) Future of James Bond: Where Would You Like to See the Franchise Go?

The Trailer for the Second Season of 'Raised By Wolves' Is Insane

'Dawn FM' by The Weeknd Is Hard to Review Rationally

We Are Actually Rooting For You, United States of America

How to Win an Election (It's a Millennial Leftist President Y'All!)

It's Been Five Years Without George Michael

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Aisling Bea Has the Talent, the Beauty and the Biggest Heart

An End-Of-Year Film & TV Escapism Guide

HBO's 'The Gilded Age' Trailer: Will Julian Fellows Glorify Yet Another Terrible Historical Period?

Let's Talk About THAT Spoiler in 'And Just Like That' (Without Using Predictable Puns)

Excuse Me For Introducing You to "Sorry If I Call You Love": The Worst Idea for a May December Romantic Movie

The Expanse Releases Trailer for Its Sixth Season: The Greatest Sci-Fi Show of the Century Bids Farewell.

Netflix Miscasts Sofía Vergara as Drug Kingpin Griselda Blanco

Is This Giga Dorm Room Planned by UC Santa Barbara and a Billionaire a Vision of the Future?

There's Upper-Tier YouTube Creator Drama and I'm Here For It (Also, It's About Very Serious and Nuanced Issues)

Maybe Don't Mess With Mosquitoes' Genetics and Just Invest in Fighting the Diseases, M'Kay?

Why Does So Much of Our Future Depend on Old People With a Very Local Mentality

Hulu Adaptation of Isabel Allende’s 'The House of the Spirits' Underway Starring Eva Longoria (Casting Circle Prayer for Pedro Pascal)

The Far-Right Is a Support Group for Losers

A Tepid Acknowledgment of Something Good Colin Powell Said

Bizarre Pictures From Latin America's Stadiums: Twitter Users Share Football's Chaotic Good, Neutral and Evil.

Are You a Politician Personally Victimized by the Pandora Papers? Fitzwell-Delano Consultants Is the PR Agency For You!

Too Good for YouTube: Don't Overlook In/Frame/Out's Essays on Overlooked Films

The Origins of a False Memory

James Bond Week: Six Great Video Essays on the Past, Future and Archer of the Franchise (Plus, a Machete Order for the Series)

James Bond Week: One Fix That Could've Made Quantum of Solace 36.7% Better.

"Locke & Key's Season 2 Trailer Is Out But Don't Hold Your Breath

Bond Week: Not Another Ranking of the Best James Bond Theme Songs

Bond Week: If You Want Great James Bond Stories, Find Them in the Comics by Dynamite

Two Shameful Tail-Ends of a Migratory Crisis

Find Some Joy In the Architectural Failure of This Luxury Skyscraper in Manhattan

GOP Streamer Aimed at Zoomers Brings Forth Prime Comedy Material

Bolsonaro Without the Former Guy: Infectious Vector From the Tropics Strikes the UN Meeting!

'Solar Power' Review: Can We Let Lorde Just Be Great?

Too Good For YouTube: Patrick (H) Willems

Gabriele Galimberti Portrays the Emptiness of US Gun Culture in The Ameriguns.

Christopher Nolan Chooses Universal Pictures for His Next Project, Warner Bros. Reportedly Getting Drunk and Looking for a Rebound (Now With More Latin Breakup Songs!)

Now That Christopher Nolan is Shopping For a New Studio, Let’s Break Down their Odds.

Let's Mock Toxic Subcultures: Sigma Male Grindset Memes.

Who would win: A Bishop’s Celibacy Vows or an Erotica Writer. Let’s Find Out!

A Pro-Life Society

Who Had the Brilliant Idea of Opening School Board Meetings Up to the Public?

My Name is Giovanni Giorgio: Silly YouTube Memes Still Exist

The 'Final' Trailers for 'No Time to Die' Are Out, Plus a Retrospective on Daniel Craig's Bond is Coming

What You Actually Need for the Perfect Movie Experience

From Mexico and the Americas To Spain's Far Right: 'You Don't Get to Talk About the Aztecs'

Spanish Bullfighters Somehow Managed to Make Bulls Racist and Sexist

The Sad, Sad, Sad World of GOP, Far-Right Cameo

Corto Maltese Is a Comic Book Masterpiece and Shouldn’t Be Known as Just a 'The Suicide Squad' Reference

HBO Max Is Even More Terrible in Latin America, and I Can't and Won't Live Without It

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson's New Film Project Can't Possibly Be Problematic, Right?

Stream this Streamer or Nah: Nestflix is Like a 'Twilight Zone' of Content

An Assortment of Good Environmental News, Because After the IPCC's Report, It'll Do

It Will Take a While, You Know?

Messi and Barcelona Are Over and It's Already the Saddest Celebrity Breakup of the Year

The Cuban Protests Should Make the US and the Globe Unlearn Some Things

With the 'He's All That' Trailer, Netflix Crossed a Line

Hey Disney: Here's a Movie Where You Could Finally Give Us True LGBTQ+ Representation

Celebrating the Glorious Dad Energy of Martin Scorsese’s Instagram

Chonkerwar: The Great South Pacific, Passive-Aggressive Sea Lion Insurgency

Peru Elections and Political Crisis 2021

Get to Know Rina Sawayama Before Seeing Her Hunt Keanu in 'John Wick 4'

Copa Coronavirus: South American Football Conference Saw the NFL Being Immoral and Said 'Hold My Birra'

A Scientific Taxonomic Comparison Between Pedro Pascal and Chilean Maritime Fauna

The Country of Chile Will Have the First Truly Modern Constitution

Celebrity Pets You Might Not Know That Will Calm Your Anxiety