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The Weekend's Red Carpet Fashion: SAGs vs Césars vs NAACPs

By Alberto Cox Délano | Celebrity | February 27, 2023 |

By Alberto Cox Délano | Celebrity | February 27, 2023 |


There were a lot of award ceremonies this weekend. We had the Césars on Friday, the 50th Annie and 54th NAACP Image Awards on Saturday and the SAGs on Sunday. And something astounding happened: The fashion at the American awards ceremonies was much better than that at the French one. This is … not OK. Even last year, just a day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the fashion was somber but still outstanding. Was the entirety of the French industry licking their wounds after the disaster that was last year at the box office?

Or is it the fact that Zendaya had a drip drop this year?

OK, but The Césars Forgot to Nominate Athena

I had a hard time watching Athena, but not because I didn’t like it, but in the same way those D-Day veterans had a hard time watching Saving Private Ryan back in the day. Too real. I will admit, it kinda falls apart in the last third, but at the very least, it deserved EVERY technical nomination and award at the very ceremony dedicated to celebrating French Cinema. It got nothing, zero. Zilch, jackshit. That’sb… not OK Frenchies. I know we’re here for the fashion, but I have a feeling this snub cast a shadow over the ceremonies. I am so irritated at this that I am only going to select a few standouts.

Alice Diop in Acne Studios.

The director of Saint Omer, currently nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, won the Award for Best First Feature. She looked wonderful on this playful, bright-red ensemble by Acne Studio’s 2023 Spring/Summer collection, styled by Azza Yousif.

From @wildbunchinternational’s IG account, who distribute Saint Omer in the US, which is still available in limited release.


Juliette Binoche in Dior.

Nominated for Between Two Worlds, she represented the chic with this dress that looks like a shirt and skirt combination.

From Dior’s official IG.


Noémie Merlant in Louis Vuitton

She won her second César for Best Supporting Actress for The Innocent, and here she is proving that Louis Vuitton can make maximalist dresses that are also flattering to women with silhouettes. Apparently, they didn’t send them to the US though.

From the César Academie’s official IG.


Virginie Efira in Yves Saint Laurent.

She won her first César ever for Paris Memories, and she once again looked gorgeous in a simple black dress, as she did last year. For more thirst, I’ve embedded a video of her arriving with her partner, Niels Schneider, the age-gap relationship we can all root for because, first, mind your own business, and second, it’s merely ten years, they were 41 and 31 when they met goddammit. And she looks 27.


The SAG Awards Were Pretty Lit

Like I said at the beginning, the American ceremonies had a better fashion show, better winners and, more importantly, our long national nightmare is over: This is the final year Ozark will rake home all the Drama awards because Hollywood is a popularity contest.

The Dames that Served.

(My subtitles are getting cheesier and cheesier. That’s what reading E! every day since you were 12 does to your brain kids!)

Jennifer Coolidge in Yves Saint Laurent

YSL won the weekend in the LBD category, while Coolidge won Best Female Actor and Best Ensemble. And won for Mother.

From InStyle Magazine’s IG.


Aubrey Plaza in Michael Kors.

If you look closely, this is a mixture of two styles: Classic Hollywood on the hair, makeup and jewelry, while the dress, with its mid-part slit, is very 2020s futuristic camp. Which more or less reflects Aubrey’s entire artistic persona.

From Emilio Madrid’s IG.


Jenna Ortega in Atelier Versace.

A part of me still isn’t feeling this trend of dresses made of wrinkled-y hard-fabrics, like leather, but if somebody can pull it off, while tributing Ortega’s Wednesday, it has to be Versace.

From Ben Cope’s IG.


Kerry Condon in Louis Vuitton

Another hit, and once again, Louis Vuitton doing well for most everyone. I would’ve tailored the sleeves a little bit more, or shorten them, but Kerry seems made for these dramatic dresses.

From stylist Emma Jade Morrison’s IG.


Quinta Brunson in Jean-Louis Sabaji.

The shell-shaped top does the work here, it looks cheeky, fun, but also glamorous in that 30s musical-revue way. Quinta and Janelle were putting themselves in contention for a hosting gig, eventually.

From Quinta’s own IG.


Jessie Buckley in Dior

Whether it looks like molten metal poured in or like aluminum foil, there’s something almost primal in how alluring this kind of metallic dress is.

From Lacy Redway’s IG.


The Dudes

They bought it. Let’s start with Jeremy Allen White, because I’m gonna get yelled at by my colleagues if I don’t feature him when he looked like that, in Louis Vuitton.

From Jamie Mizrahi’s IG account.


Will Sharpe in Ferragamo

If you look closely, the simplicity of the lines has so much going on, where the black switches to red.

From Mira Chai Hyde’s IG

Andrew Garfield in Custom Valentino

Nobody cares what I’ll write here, so just jump to the picture.

From Warren Alfie Baker’s IG.


The Nopes

I’m once again asking Louis Vuitton why are they doing this to Ana De Armas. Do I need to report you to the committee on Anti-Latin American activities, because of how little you care about a women’s curves? Because newsflash people, Latinas will have curves, deal with it. And so do Latinos, but that’s another story. Point is, this dress could’ve been gorgeous. Tailor it to her silhouette, make that belt an internal structure, and most importantly, GET RID OF THOSE SHOULDER BOW-THINGS.

From JustJared’s IG.


On the other side of the spectrum, of the too little-too-bland, here is Elizabeth Debicki in this green, velvety Dior. Here’s another lesson: The fact that she is the kind of woman that can put on a potato sack and look great doesn’t mean you can just dress her in whatever. Elizabeth Debicki is 6.3, you should go as dramatic as you can.

From Dior’s IG.


And for an outfitting that looked beautiful but just didn’t do it, Meghann Fahy in a white Ralph Lauren. She has been killing it with this all-American, sexy and minimalistic fashion, but this one was just too simple.

But the NAACP Image Awards Tho

We start with the host, Queen Latifah, seamlessly going from an Out-There Tony Ward to this elegant B&W Bibhu Mohapatra.
From the IG accounts of each designer, respectively.



Serena Williams in this sexy, blossom-y velvet Brandon Blackwood.

Issa Rae’s custom Aknvas reminds me of a blackberry milkshake, in the best way.

Yara Shahidi looked adorable in Giambatista.

Shannon Thornton going for a breezy heart attack in Tony Ward.

Sheryl Lee Ralph looked like an award herself in PISTIS Ghana.

The Zendaya

She is her own category now. And I’m not sure if we didn’t see her much last year on red carpets, because her drip this week felt like a comeback. She started on the Image’s red carpet with a Versace, followed that same night with a vintage-inspired Prada. These represented the Fashion-Forward Zendaya. On SAG-Sunday, we got a glimpse of the Classicist Zendaya, first in a show-stopping Valentino, followed by a loungy Armani Privé. I’ll say no more and leave you with her. Bonus Paul Mescal.





Alberto Cox’s job here would’ve been a thousand times easier if Instagram embeds weren’t 50 lines long. But Zuckerberg had to have his Metaverse.