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Let's Be Honest: This is Probably the Most Correct Way to React to Any Prank Against the Public

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | November 18, 2022 |

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | November 18, 2022 |


So there’s a bloke on TikTok called texasbushman, and his thing is disguising himself as a bush, usually somewhere on a public thoroughfare, and scaring people as they walk past what they think is…well, just a bush.

Honestly, sometimes it’s pretty hilarious!

For example:

@texasbushman I was vibing with them lol dun dun dun #bushman #bushmanprank #texasbushman #scareprank #funnyvideos ♬ original sound - Texas BUSHMAN


@texasbushman The husbands told me to do it lol #bushman #bushmanprank #texasbushman #scareprank #funnyvideos ♬ original sound - Texas BUSHMAN


@texasbushman Took me too long to think of a Caption so this is it #bushman #bushmanprank #scareprank #funnyvideos ♬ original sound - Texas BUSHMAN

The funny thing about texasbushman is that he has over 2 million followers. At what point is everyone in Texas (I’m assuming that’s where most of these take place, I have no idea) just gonna be looking suspiciously at every bit of roadside foliage? An entire state, just reduced to a gibbering, paranoid mess, pre-emptively jumping at shrubbery so as to not get caught unawares.

Speaking of not getting caught out, though.

Texasbushman’s pranks are relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things. Certainly, there’s a brand of YouTuber—none of whom we’ll dignify by naming—that have made a brand out of incredibly toxic, harmful, in some cases lawsuit-worthy ‘pranks’ that stretch the definition of the word to breaking point. Compared to them, texasbushman is a benign presence. Nevertheless, you can’t be surprised when the reaction to even his brand of public prank is…

Well, this:

@texasbushman This deserves its own TikTok lol #bushman #bushmanprank #texasbushman #scareprank #funnyvideos ♬ original sound - Texas BUSHMAN

Here’s a YouTube version if you don’t fancy the TikToks (relevant bit at 10:34):

Somebody buy that woman a drink. What a champion.