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The Situation On Twitter is Bad

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | November 10, 2022 |

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | November 10, 2022 |


Elon Musk has been in control of Twitter for two weeks now, during which time he’s fired half the staff, alienated most of his advertisers, and rolled out a “verification” system that verifies nothing. Musk’s justification for it was to level the field between the “lords” and “peasants,” but users can actually click on the blue checkmarks and see if they are legit or if they are paid, and if they are paid? They will get shamed:

The blue checkmark means nothing.

Ultimately, it seems like the only people who are paying $8 for a blue check are scammers, impersonators, and pranksters. On the first day of the Twitter Blue rollout, I saw accounts impersonating LeBron James requesting a trade, Adam Schefter announcing that the Raiders had fired their coach, George. W. Bush and Tony Blair reminiscing about killing Iraqis, and a middle-finger Mario under an account claiming to be Nintendo for America.

You have to click on it to see, but here Elon is actually bragging about the fact that he got $8 from this scam account, like he’s pulled the wool over the troll’s eyes.

Even Elon appears to have been tricked. He thinks this is all hilarious and that it will quickly blow over.

Twitter Blue is not going to be a winning strategy for Musk. He cannot pay down $1 billion in interest in $8 increments. He must know that because he’s considering other ideas, as well. Like, for instance:

Morale in the offices is about to tank even further because Musk has banned work from home, effective immediately, even though Twitter had previously established a permanent work-from-anywhere arrangement for employees. Musk also warned employees of “difficult times ahead.” I feel bad for Twitter employees who previously had wonderful, well-paid work-from-home gigs who are now either unemployed or work for a tyrant because one guy with a huge ego thought he could do it better. He’s losing employees now, some of them very important. These are not the people you want to resign.

I genuinely do not want Twitter to fail because I find it useful — how else would we know every single Elon f**k up in real-time? I just hope Elon realizes soon that he’s out of his depth and sells it to someone else at a deep, deep discount, otherwise Elon Musk is going to lose a fortune (yay!) and destroy a valuable social network for journalists, writers, artists, comedians, and many other professionals.

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