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In Praise of Quiet, Subtle Performances in Film

Pasting Musicians Into Performances They Weren't At Is the New Best Thing On the Internet

Once Again the Real World Media Makes 'Don't Look Up' Look Tame

What if 'Steamed Hams' Happened For Real, Underneath the Real Northern Lights

I Really, Really Don't Know What To Think Of This

'Through the Fire and Flames' On 'Trombone Champ' is What I Imagine Going Mad is Like

Here's An Easy Way To Fix That 'Mario' Movie

Chris Pratt's 'Mario' Imagined As a Real Video Game

Is SNL Stealing Sketch Ideas Now?

Now This Is a Version of 'The Avengers' I'd Watch Again

Damn I Wish YouTube Had Been a Thing in 2002

It's Here! The Sequel To Possibly the Most Joyous Video On the Internet!

Yeah I'd Be Scared Too If Bill Skarsgård's Reflection Started Mirror-Haunting Me

Damn I Think I Like Pop Music Now?

The Honest Trailers for 'Nope' Descends Down Upon Us

Who the Hell Designed This Road?!

I Bet You Can’t Guess Why You Know the Theme Song From an Eighties Hungarian TV Show

The Only Andrew Tate Content Anyone Ever Needs To Consume

Could This Finally Solve the Mystery Of Me Not Liking Pearl Jam?!

The Best Damn Live Music Clip Of All Time: Iron Maiden Soaring With 'The Talisman' Live in 2011

Watch: 'Why You'll Never Own a House'

'What If 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Was Shot In the Style Of 'Euphoria'?'

This Is Completely Fine: The Great Salt Lake is Currently One Third Of Its Usual Size

Video: Talking To a Cop Like a Cop Talks To You

Things I Learned Today: American Bread is Rubbish

How Do You Cover An Uncoverable Song? Well, Like This.

Quite Possibly the Most Joyous Music Video On the Internet

This Deepfake Answers How Many Famous People Can Fit Into 'The Terminator'

Your Regular Reminder Of What We Lost When We Lost Chris Cornell

You'll Never Guess When This Video Is From. Or, You Might. But I Certainly Didn't!

A Genius Answers the Motörhead/Rebecca Black Question We've All Definitely Had!

Quite Simply One Of the Most Impressive YouTube Projects I've Ever Seen

Foul-Mouthed George Carlin Mashed Up With Thomas the Tank Engine George Carlin Is a Work of Art

Ross From 'Friends' Really Did Become a Complete Sociopath

The Best Damn Live Music Clip Of All Time: Metallica Absolutely Tearing Their Way Through 'Battery' in Seattle in 1989

This Version Of the 'Mortal Kombat' Theme Featuring Gilbert Gottfried Is Just What I Needed Today

Is This What Florida Is Like?

Okay But This Is Getting Kinda Scary Now

The Timeless Masterpiece, Smash Mouth's 'All Star', Now Somehow Improved

Important, Very Important: What If System Of A Down Wrote 'Scatman'

The Best Damn Live Music Clip Of All Time: Beastie Boys Performing 'Sabotage' Live On Letterman

The Most Cathartic Scream Of All Time

I'm Sorry, I Didn't Realise Sometimes Life Could Literally Be a Cartoon

This Is Either Exhausting, Genius, or Both

I Thought I Could Play Guitar. Never Mind.

Behold the Sheer, Unstoppable Power of AC/DC

Horse Kicks Tree, Farts on Dog, and Then Runs Away

'Elon Musk on the Bernie Sanders Show': Now THIS is How You Should Interview Billionaires

Ah Yes, So THIS Is How 'Game of Thrones' Should Have Ended

Watch: Trauma Surgeon Breaks Down Every 'Home Alone' Injury

Dolly Parton Has the Patience of a Goddamn Saint

Goddamn, Chris Cornell

Watch: 'If Video Game Companies Made Jigsaw Puzzles'

‘Liberal Hypocrisy Is Fueling American Inequality’: I Can't Actually Believe I Agree With Something the New York Times Has Said

I Would Have Retired 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' By Now But the Trailer For Its Fifteenth Season Still Excites Me

The Best Thing Keir Starmer Has Ever Done

James Acaster Tells Dave Chappelle Where To Stick His Anti-Trans Act

One Second Of Screaming From Every Episode Of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Is True Beauty

You've Never Heard Van Halen's 'Jump' Sound Quite Like This (And That's a Shame?!)

I Haven't Seen It, But Dear God, Is THIS What 'Quantum of Solace' Is Like?

F**k the Labour Party

Watch This: A Video Tribute to Michael Mann

The Greatest Stage Entrance Of All Time

Presented Without Comment

Will Silk Sonic Get Beyoncé To Sing About Meat?

The Only TikTok You Should Click On When Every Fiber of Your Being Is Telling You Not To

Honest Trailers Takes on the original 'The Fast and the Furious'

The TxLips Cover 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and It Is Perfect

The Best Damn Music Video of All Time: 'Jump' by Van Halen

Honest Trailers Takes on Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead'

Honest Trailers Takes on the DC Extended Universe

Now THIS is How You Prank People

A Deepfake Answers the Question: 'What If the Harry Potter Films Were American?'

And Now Here's Elon Musk Deepfaked Onto Miley Cyrus in 'Wrecking Ball' Just Because They Can

This Honestly Has a Better Emotional Arc Than a Lot of Films That Make It to the Cinema

Open, Collaborative Disruption For Disruptive, Open Collaboration Through Shared Openness

Though It's Not a Competition, Steve-O Has Nevertheless Won 'Hot Ones'

Golden Retriever Steals Microphone in the Middle of a Televised News Report

Jimmy Fallon's Fake Laugh Is Not Good

Okay But Have You Ever Wanted to See a Young Sam Neill's Screen Test As James Bond

Plants Outside Vs. Plants Indoors

SNL Take Note, THIS is How You Do Reactions in a Sketch

Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey Swap Roles in the Latest Entry in the Deepfake Files

If Mac From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Was a Real Person

A Cat Thinks Long and Hard Before Hitting a Dog

Was Leo Ever Really that Good-Looking: Honest Trailers Tackles 'Romeo + Juliet'

This Version of Bowie's 'Sound and Vision' is Just Pure Joy

'What If Blink-182 Wrote Barenaked Ladies' 'One Week''

Every White Male Comedian's Podcast

Some College Kids Covered the Entirety of 'Dark Side of the Moon' and it is Mindblowing

There's One Way to Cover a Song, and Then There's the Other Way

The Most Gripping Mini-Saga You Will See This Year

What if 'Grand Theft Auto' Was Rated 'E'

It's 'Gladiator,' But Voiced By Surfer Bros, and That's All I Really Want Today

So Do We Still Love 'Firefly' Or...?

Now THIS is How You Film a Vocal Performance

Bruce Springsteen's New Song, 'Ghosts', Absolutely Destroys Me

Finally, a Truly Benevolent Use of Deepfake Technology

When Companies Make Eco-Friendly Commericals

How Five Companies Control the US Media and How Their Greed is Leading to Our Extinction

Metallica's 'One' Played on a Santur is Hauntingly Perfect

Someone Deepfaked Harrison Ford into 'Solo' Again and This Time It's Even Creepier and More Impressive Than Before

Watch: Relationship Therapists Review the Mess That Was Ross and Rachel's Relationship on 'Friends'

Can You Guess Who This Celebrity Shaving Is?

That Time the Singer From Smash Mouth Went Nuts on Stage Because of Bread

'Harry Potter With Guns' is the Tarantino Harry Potter Fan Edit We Didn't Know We Needed

Watch: 'Masks in South Korea Vs. Masks in USA'

Watch Two Dudebros Try To Solve the Problem of Americans Not Wearing Masks

Cody Johnston Gets to the Bottom of the Question of Our Time: 'John Krasinski: Cynical Grifter or Gee-Whiz Good Guy?'

Honest Trailers Destroys 'Friends', With Love

One of the Best Cover Versions I Have Ever Heard. Period.

Bill Hader Deepfaked as the T-1000 from 'Terminator 2' Makes So Much Sense

'Thanks, Celebrities' Succinctly Nails the Societal Sickness that is Celebrity

Metallica Perform a Stone-Cold Classic from Lockdown

Alanis Morisette Mashed Up With Alice in Chains is Pure Nineties Goodness

TV Reporter Offers Hair Cutting Tips During an Inadvertently NSFW Local News Segment

'Hey There Delilah' Sung to the Tune of 'Jolene' Takes the Genius of the Latter and Applies it to the Mediocrity of the Former

The Animated Version of that 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Alternative Trevorrow Script is Already Better Than the Movie We Got

As Musical Mashups Go It Really Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Watch: 'Marriage Story' Script Vs. Scene

'Back To The Future' Deepfaked with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. Continues Our Slide into the Techpocalypse

No Comment: Joe Rogan Interviews Joe Rogan

The Mainstream Corporate Media's War on Bernie Sanders Would Be Hilarious If It Wasn't Endangering Life On This Planet

Watch: Dennis Reynolds From 'It's Always Sunny' is the Only 'Joker' We Need

'Girls Don't Play Guitars' - John Lennon, D**k

Holy Sh*t: Pianist Prepares Wrong Concerto, Realises During the Performance, and then Absolutely Nails the Correct Piece from Memory

Okay But How About This Chicken Greeting Its Owner Every Day After School?

Here's Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Deepfaked Into 'The Shining' Because I Just Can't Quit These Damn Things

Ice Climber Gets a Rope From Fellow Climbers Just Before the Ice He's Climbing Breaks Off

Watch: Guy Hosts a Christmas Dinner For Fifty People Who Are Alone Over the Holidays

'Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Ever' According to Honest Trailers

Inevitability Arrives: Here's the 'The Witcher' Intro Done in the Style of the 'Friends' Intro

This May Be of *Ahem* Interest to Some of You: Henry Cavill Reads 'The Witcher'

Holy Sh*t, Every US Political Ad Should Look Like This

'I Developed a Video Game to Propose to My Girlfriend and Then Secretly Filmed Her Playing It'

Wham's 'Last Christmas' Mashed Up With Slayer's 'Angel of Death' is the Ultimate Christmas Song

This Cat Says 'Well, Hi!' in a Thick Southern Drawl and I'm Not Quite Sure What To Do With That

Why the Hell is This Video Familiar?!

Someone Put Captions On a Seal Making Seal Noises and That's All it Takes These Days

Here's the First Teaser Trailer For Marvel's 'Black Widow' Movie

No Big Deal, Just Some Workers Mounting a Two-Ton Antenna On Top of a Tall Tower

Dear Lord, No. Why. WHY?!

Chess Boxing is the Sport That's ALMOST Exactly What it Sounds Like

'Joker Isn't An Incel Hero. Batman Is.'

Just George Carlin Eviscerating Baby Boomers Like Only George Carlin Can

'The Grudge' Remake Trailer Is A Clicking, Flashing Mess Portending The Same Fate For The Flick

Just a Compilation of James Bond Being an Absolute A***hole

The View From Working On Top of the Burj Khalifa Will Shatter Your Hopes Of Having Clean Pants Today

It's Monday. Dive Into Your Week Like This Dude BASE Jumps Into This Fog

Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' Combined With Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' is...Actually Pretty Damn Good?

The Best DIY YouTube Channels For A Homemade Halloween

And Now, For No Reason Whatsoever, Here's Cardi B Doing All the Sounds in 'Star Wars'

Take My Word For It: This Version of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Done As a Harboiled Noir is Pure Genius

This Video Essay on Hayao Miyazaki's Airships is Worthy of the Great Filmmaker Himself

Just an Ibex and a Baby Ibex Climbing a Sheer Wall Because Salt

'Cancel Culture Isn't A Thing, You Snowflakes.' Cody Johnston Takes Apart the Nonsense Surrounding 'Cancel Culture'

Aussie Drivers Swearing On Their Dashcams is Guaranteed To Make Your Weekend

Joe Rogan Getting Annoyed by Neil deGrasse Tyson Continually Interrupting Him. That's It. That's the Post.

Luna Lee Covering Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)' On a Traditional Korean Gayageum is an Absolute Shredfest

If 'The Dad Joke' Was a Song: Guy Makes a Pitch-Perfect 'Dad Guy' Billie Eilish Parody

Just Marvin Gaye's Isolated Vocals On 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' to Blow Your Mind This Tuesday

A Blessedly Demented Soul Made The Creepy 'Cats' Trailer Into The Horror Movie It Was Meant To Be

Deepfakes Have Fixed the New 'Lion King'

Underwater Cameraman Gently Nudges Great White Shark Away From Face

The MCU is Not My Cup of Tea. This Fan Supercut, However, is Incredible

Bill Hader Deepfake Videos Give Him The Famous Faces To Go With His Spot-On Impressions

Rejoice! Oddly Compelling Odd Speaking Patterns Are Back! Here's the 'Mindhunter' Season 2 Trailer. (Also, There's Manson)

'IT: Chapter 2' Plans An All-Clown Screening And Gives Us A Featurette

This Guy's WhatsApp Audio Message Finally Reveals My True Self To Me

Keanu Reeves Deepfaked into 'Forrest Gump' is an Amusing Side of the Techpocalypse

Keanu Reeves Caught On Tape Stopping A Crime In Process! Well, "Keanu Reeves"

This Really Doesn't Need Any Context

Oh My God What the Hell is That Guy Doing Climbing the Shard?!

This Is Art

This Live Action Anime Fight is Pure Dynamite

You Will Never Guess What This Is A Commercial For Because It Is Bonkers


The Red Band Trailer For Fox Searchlight's 'Ready or Not' Looks Fantastically Twisted And Hilarious

Giant Cruise Ship Crashes into Italian Dock

'Annabelle Comes Home' vs '47 Meters Down: Uncaged': Which Horror Movie Looks Worthwhile?

The Wilson Brothers and Paget Brewster Recount the Invention of Corn Flakes on 'Drunk History'

Some Moments Of Zen To Clear Out Another Ridiculous Week

Netflix Shares 'Black Mirror' Episode Titles And Trailers For Season 5

Ramin Djawadi Shredding the Theme Tune is the 'Game of Thrones' Finale We Deserve

Ser Jaime Lannister: A Wonderful Video Tribute to a Deeply Flawed Fan Favourite

Halle Berry Firearms Training For 'John Wick 3' is a Hell of a Sight to Behold

Second Best Chris Surprises Fan At the Cinema

How the Obi-Wan Vs. Darth Vader Duel Should Have Looked: Watch the Best Damn 'Star Wars' Edit Of All Time

The 'Game of Thrones' Intro Done in the Style of 'True Detective' Season 1 is Pure Dynamite

Does Emilia Clarke Have the Best Laugh in the Business?

There is Just SO Much Going On in This Short Video

Just Let the Bloody Dog Into the Garden! Damn Cats!

Nic Cage Yell-Singing "Purple Rain" After Splitting From His Vegas Wife Is A Mood

And Now, Presented With No Comment Whatsoever, 'Every Other Guy's Tinder Account'

As If 'Endgame' Needs More Hype, Marvel Releases Every Post-Credits Scene From Their Last 10 Years

This 'True Detective Pikachu' Mock Trailer is OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE!

David Benioff Challenged Jason Momoa To A Slap Challenge And All We Got Was This Animated Reenactment

Jason Mantzoukas Shared 'What's In His Bag' From Amoeba Records And Became Even Hotter In The Process

'A Song Of Vanilla Ice And Fire' Is Exactly What You Think It Is

And Now, For No Reason Whatsoever, Hanson Doing a Stripped Down Acoustic Version of 'MmmBop'

Now THIS is How You Celebrate an Olympic Gold Medal in Wrestling

'Gotham' Teases Its Final Joker Form But We Aren't Laughing With Them

We Found Something Online Even More Horrifying than Bread-Sliced Bagels

Okay, I Guess I'm Never Getting On a Boat Again Now Either

And Now, For No Reason Whatsoever, the Russian Slapping Competition

The Animated 'Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer Makes Me Angry

Clark Gregg Calls 'Captain Marvel' Haters And Trolls "Butthurt" "Dinosaurs"

Have You Heard About The Woman That Started Coughing Up Live Frogs Due To A Curse? In 2018?

'Dr Phil Tries To Help Alex Jones' is the Funniest Edit of the Week

Zachary Quinto Is Almost Unrecognizable In The Teaser For Joe Hill's 'NOS4A2' Series

Redditor Captures Spectacularly Terrifying Storm From His Plane Window

A New Trailer For The Second Half Of 'Arrested Development' Season 5 Is Here, But Do We Care?

If You Ever Wondered What An Epic Trailer For All 10 'Star Wars' Movies Would Look Like, Topher Grace Has You Covered

This In-Plane Footage of Strong Turbulence is Actual Nightmare Fuel

This Is Just An Absolute Blockbuster

This Short Video Describing Modern Loneliness Will Kick You Right in the Teeth

Holy S**t, Now THIS is a Cover

Any Film Can Be Described As A Valentine's Day Movie If You Believe In Yourself

This is the Most Wonderful Trailer That I've Ever Seen

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Gave One of the Most Important Speeches in Modern U.S. Politics

Okay, Pack Up the Internet. We're Done Here.

The Worst Commercials From The 2019 Super Bowl

'The Joker' Star Zazie Beetz Reveals The Movie Script Was Re-Written As It Was Filmed

The Best Performances From "I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell"

We Deserve To Gaze Upon Cute Animals Today

Just Buzz Aldrin Punching a Guy Who Said He Didn't Walk On the Moon in the Face

Moments of Zen With Our Favorite 'Lip Sync Battle' Performances

When Opera Meets Hip Hop

Netflix Releases A Creepy Trailer For 'Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes'

Who the Hell Needs the Marvel Cinematic Universe When Superheroes Already Dance Among Us

This Bird Laughs Like a Supervillain. That's It. That's the Post.

I Didn't Think it Was Possible To Cover Pink Floyd This Well

Review: Lesters Fixins Pickle Flavored Soda

Review: Lesters Fixins Sweet Corn Soda

The Most Stressful Video You'll Ever See

Enjoy 'The Predator Holiday Special' Stop-Motion Carnage

See? 'Die Hard' Definitely IS A Christmas Movie!

Elon Musk in 'Interstellar' Improves Both Things

Animal Shelter Performs Magic For Dogs to Help Them Find a Home

This Girl Just Delivered the Most Powerful Speech Of 2018

Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' Slowed Down to 33 BPM is a Revelation

How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of "This Is Wakanda"?

Andy Serkis Plays Gollum As Theresa May in a Clip That is Insulting. To Gollum.

'Game Of Thrones' Released A Season 8 Trailer To Remind You The End Is Coming

These Brothers Arguing Over a Hot Dog is the Most Compelling Courtroom Drama Of the Century

I Know We Don't Like Indie Bro Covers But This Indie Bro Cover of Cher's 'Believe' is Pure Dynamite

Ariana Grande Goes Full Rom-Com Goddess in Video for 'thank u, next'

Lies, Cover-Ups, and Institutional Racism: Watch NYT Cops Planting Drugs In Suspect's Car

Is Sony Trying To 'Deadpool' Up 'Venom' With Their Rom-Com Trailer?

First Time Hang Glider Hangs On For Dear Life

I Love Whales

How I, As a European, Imagine Every Thanksgiving

You Have To See This Insane Helicopter Rescue During the California Wildfire

Did I Forget To Take My Meds, Because What Even Is This Trailer For 'Shrek Retold'?

'Once Upon A Deadpool' Gets A Trailer That...Damn It, I'll Have To Go See This

Angry Father Confronts Cashier Who Mocked His 12-Year-Old Daughter Buying Her First Pads

A Look Back At Rock The Vote's Attempts To Get Young People To The Polls

Ink Cartridges Are Such a Scam

Donald Trump As Winifred in 'Hocus Pocus' is An Unpleasant Experience

Can You Guess Who is Having a Chat Here?

What an Absolute T**t

Elementary School Kids Surprise Custodian With Appreciation Party and Honestly It's the Most Heartwarming Thing

Well Now I'm Absolutely Terrified

Just Chris O'Dowd Drunk On a Chat Show. That Is All

Apple Caught On Camera Trying to Charge $1200 For Moving a Pin in a Laptop


Taika Waititi's Sense Of Humour Now Makes a Lot Of Sense

Is 'Snowpiercer' a Sequel to 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'?

The Most Potent Combination of 'Yes Please!' and 'Hell No!'

A Curated Collection Of Videos Meant To Help You Deal

Nerdist Has Tommy Wiseau As The Joker Again In 'The Interrogation Room'

Netflix Drops A Bloody, Old Timey Torture Trailer For 'Apostle'

These Girls Take Absolutely No Prisoners

The 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Trailer Looks Like Another 'Purge' Franchise Entry

New Clips From 'The Nun' Don't Look All That Frightening

I've Been Laughing At This For The Last Half Hour

Chris Hemsworth's Instagram Videos Are Making Me Reconsider My Best Chris Ranking

Five of The Best Things on YouTube Right Now

I Have Never Been So Damn Confused. Yet Also Impressed.

How Far Can You Make It Through This Video?

Eminem's 'Rap God' is Impressive. But His Sign Language Interpreter? She's Something Else

Rappers Read Mean Tweets, Clapback On Jimmy Kimmel

Will Smith's Family Vacations Involve Climbing A Volcano And Are Better Than Yours

Florida Man Doesn't Remember Taking Alligator On Beer Run

This Dog Who 'Stole' a GoPro is the Reason Cameras Were Invented

What If Captain America Woke Up In 2018?

Hungarian Singer Uses Music Video to Expose the Lie that is Photoshop

Reddit Asks: What's Your Favorite Video On The Internet?

God Bless This Editor

This Is What Women Have To Put Up With

Just Lots Of People Dancing To Kate Bush, Because The World Needs Some Joy


America: A Playlist

7 Hours of 'Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men' Edited Into 70 Seconds is Pure Poetry (Also Dyer Destroys David Cameron)

I Just... I'm Not Sure I Should Be Laughing At This So Much

YouTube Channels To Binge When Reality Is Just Too Much

Just the Best Damn Movie Dancing Compilation I've Seen in a Long Time

Piers Morgan Tries to Embarrass Someone on Live Television, Ends Up Embarrassing His Own Stupid Self With His Stupid Mouth and Stupid Face

Let's All Laugh at a Really Bad Mom Joke

'Between Two Ferns' Is Back with Jerry Seinfeld (and Cardi B)

Is This America?

I Mean, Come On, America: Off-Duty FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Bystander During Dance-Off

Non-Gamers: This Eye-Rolling Ginger Is Your Rosetta Stone

Badass of the Week: This Reporter Catching a Runaway Racehorse With Her Bare Hands

Robert Pattinson Is Courting Mia Wasikowska With A Miniature Pony In 'Damsel'

Donald Glover Confirms He Has The Movie's Coolest Clothes In 'Solo' Behind The Scenes Featurette

Over 100 People Walked Out of the First Film Cannes Let Lars Von Trier Screen Since His Ban

This Palestinian Ballerina Breaking Out in a Spontaneous Dance to an Italian Street Musician is Pure Visual Poetry

'Deadpool 2' Continues Its Brilliant Marketing Campaign, Mocks 'Infinity War' No-Spoiler Campaign

These 2018 Campaign Videos Are... Something

Air Raid Warning: Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Dropped Like A Bomb In The Dead Of Night

I Can't Tell If John Mayer Is Profound Or Full Of S**t In This Interview

Canada's Official Songbird, Celine Dion, Teams Up With Deadpool For A Music Video

Five Months Until 'Red Dead Redemption II' Drops And Rockstar Is Giving Us More Footage

'Hereditary' Trailer Scares The Hershey Kisses Out Of Kids Ready To Watch 'Peter Rabbit'

This Dog Running to the Sea with a Camera Strapped to His Back is the Purest Cinematic Experience on the Internet

RIP Avicii: Swedish DJ and Producer Dead at 28

It's The Final 'Deadpool 2' Trailer And We Finally Get To Officially Meet the X-Force Members

Every Woman Has Been This Devastated Hockey Fan

Marvel Featurettes And Idle Speculation About Who Lives And Who Dies In 'Infinity War'

These Drunk Girls Trying To Get An Uber Driver To Take More Of Them Than Agreed is the Most Entitled, Privileged Bulls**t You'll See This Month

"What In The F*cksicle Is This?" It's Deadpool Interviewing X-Force Members And Kicking Ass

So, Cheeseburger Jell-O Is A Thing Now

'Deadpool 2' Drops A Strange Movie Tie-In Promo And Three International Posters

Trevor Noah Masterfully Exposes the Trump-Enabling Dangers of 'Objective/Both Sides Journalism'

The Guy Who Pissed Off Charming Potato - Alex Pettyfer - Has A New Movie Coming Out

'Upgrade' Trailer: Is This Discount Tom Hardy or Discount Jai Courtney?

Deadpool Will Give You The Pink Suit Off His Back In Exchange For Cancer Fundraising

Watch What Happens When One Company That Owns Dozens of TV Stations Panics Over 'Fake News'

This Guy Filmed a Brawl At a Concert Using His Drone and Then Decided To Break It Down

What Are Your Favorite Movie End Credits?

Boris Johnson Makes Sexist Comments in the House of Commons, Gets Slapped Down Magnificently

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10 Queens React To 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' 'Some Like It Hot,' And More Drag In Film History

What I Learned From Only Watching Women on YouTube

I Can't Tell If This Music Video is Poignant or Exploitative


George R.R. Martin's 'Nightflyers' Has A Trailer; No One Has "The Winds of Winter"

John is Angry Covered in Paint in the Back of the Van

Tommy Wiseau Wants To Play The Joker For DC And Here Is His Audition

Humanity is a Plague Upon this Earth

Dwayne Johnson Remains Ever Glorious and Hilariously Self-Deprecating In Razzie Acceptance Video

These Two Guys Discovering Rock and Metal Music is the Most Heartwarming, Joyful Thing You'll See Today

Ryan Reynolds And Deadpool Take Us On A Tour Of "The Scariest Hallway Ever"

Saoirse Ronan is the Most Patient Woman in the World

Alan McSmith is a Man Who Will Stare Down a Charging Bull Elephant With a Stick

And Now Some Performances Of The National Anthem That Are Very, Very Good

The Asylum Has Released Their 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Knockoff, Called 'Atlantic Rim: Resurrection'. Clever?

A Chair At The Beach

Jerry Seinfeld on Diversity in Comedy: 'Who Cares? Are You Making Us Laugh Or Are You Not?'

Harley Quinn Is Getting Her Own Animated Series And Leaving The Joker Behind...ish

What Martin Luther King Actually Thought About Car Commercials

'Deadpool 2' Released the First Full Trailer and It's Better Than Most Full Movies

This is About the Funniest Thing You'll See Today: What British Sports Look Like to Non-British People

We've Got To Talk About 'Annihilation'

Seth Meyers Day Drinking With Kelly Clarkson Is More Satisfying and Adorable Than All Rom-Coms Combined

The Pacarana is a Huge, Super Cute Rodent (and Also That Thing You Thought Was a Showering Rat)

Gal Gadot Gets In On the #LemonDanceChallenge

Netflix Produced 'The Ritual' Reminds You to Stay Out of Creepy Forests, Dummy

Steven Soderbergh's 'Unsane' Looks Horrifying and Familiar

Dude Gets Dragged For Ignorant 'Tampon' Shoplifting Stunt

'The Cured,' Starring Ellen Page, Asks the Question "What If Zombies Weren't Idiots?"

How Much of a Simple-minded Moron Does it Make Me That This Video Made Me Cackle Like a Lunatic?

Danny McBride Is: 'Dundee: The Son of A Legend Returns Home'?

Right Here, Right Meow: It's 'Super Troopers 2'

'Show Dogs' Is What Happens When Dogs Write Scripts

That Thing When You Find A Probable Murder Hole In Your House

We Have So Many Questions About the Car that Crashed Through the SECOND Floor of a Dentist Building

This One's For The Queer Girls: Hayley Kiyoko Swoons And Seduces With 'Curious' Video

If Joy and Unicorns Could be Transformed into a Person that Person Would Be Taika Waititi

Margot Robbie's Honeymoon Story is Humiliating, Delightful, and Perfect (and Features a Cameo from President Obama)

Man Straight Up Crushes a F**kin' Wasp Nest With His Bare Hands. I Don't Understand the World Anymore

Celebrities You Didn't Know Were in Bands

Timothée Chalamet and Ansel Elgort Went to High School Together, But Only One of Them Made Epic Rap Videos

Japanese Youtuber Responds to Logan Paul

Dame Helen Mirren Is About To Get Got By 'Winchester' House

Bruno Mars And Cardi B Bring Back 'In Living Color' For 'Finesse' Remix

These 'Stranger Things' Stars Are Moonlighting As Rock Stars

How YouTube Star Logan Paul Found the Line, Crossed it, Sh*t on it and Set it on Fire

This Slap Contest Video Is Actually the Best Thing That Happened in 2017

Here's Dustin Diamond, Playing Harvey Weinstein, Being Stabbed to Death by a Nun

This Awesome Woman Got Stranded Overnight At The Airport And Decided To Make the Most Of It

Bow to Your New Master: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Yule Log

But Seriously, Why Is Ed Helms A Thing When We Have Literally Anyone Else Around?

What Would Happen If All Movie Characters Went To The Same Nightclub?

'Black Panther' Japanese Trailer Shows What Else Wakanda Is Hiding

Tarantino's Foul-Mouthed Slate Operator is Today's Funniest Woman

'Deadpool 2: Electric Shootaloo' Continues Promos of Excellence with Brazil Comic Con Stunt

Tomi Lahren Warns of Toilet Paper Black Market If Bernie Sanders Becomes President

Mysterious Fart Disrupts City Council Meeting

The Riff-Off Will Be the Best Part of 'Pitch Perfect 3,' So Let's Watch It Now!

It Isn't Even December, But Christmas Commercials Are Already Annoying As All Crap

Channing Tatum And Pink Get Kinky For "Beautiful Trauma"

Your Moment of Zen Today Is Tom Hardy Training for 'Venom'

Women Win Over Men On #OneChipChallenge

Watch: 1 Second of Each Episode of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

We Deserve A Good Thing: Armie Hammer Dancing In 'Call Me By Your Name'

Why Do We Enjoy Watching Dr. Pimple Popper and Other Videos Like It?

Jimmy Kimmel Turns 50 With A Little Help From His Friends...And Mean Tweets

Video Hilariously Breaks Down What Happens in the Moments Between the Bits Shown in a Montage

Bleach Drinking Peppa Pig, For Kids! YouTube Seeks To Restrict Creepy Fetish Child-Targeted Videos

The 'Stranger Things' Kids and A Motown Medley Go Together Like Eleven and Eggos

Holy Trolling: Joel Osteen Lookalike Crashes Joel Osteen Event

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'I'm an addict!' No, you're not. You're a pathological misogynist: Sue Perkins Eviscerates Harvey Weinstein

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In Case You Missed It, Amy Sedaris Has The Best Beauty Tips/ Is Also The Best

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Manners Maketh Man: Stop Driving Like A Numpty, Please

This Dude Stabilized His Skiing Video On His Nipple And I'm Sorry But It's Glorious And Hypnotic

You Are NOT Ready For This Irish Family Trying To Catch A Bat That Flew Into Their Kitchen

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Dog Trainer Saves Collapsed Dog With CPR (Warning: Emotional Roller Coaster)

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Why Is The UK Keeping Their 'Drunk History' From US?

Pound For Pound This Is Probably The Greatest YouTube Channel There Is

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What If 'Rick And Morty' Were Mashed-Up With 'Spongebob Squarepants'?

'Shot' Trailer: Noah Wyle's Face Is Holding Up Quite Well, Thank You

These 'Rick And Morty' Earworms Will Infect Your Brain. You're Welcome.

The Most Contagious Laughter You Will Ever Hear

For The Record: Tiki Torches Denounced White Supremacy Before Trump Did

This Short Film Released By The US War Department After WWII Warned Americans Not To Fall For Fascist Rhetoric

The Folks at Droptree are Living Their Best Lives, Probably

I Don't Know Who the F**k Jake Paul is But After This I Kinda Wanna Give Him a Good Slap

James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor Sing 'That Boyega Is Mine'

Video Breaks Down One Of The Greatest Scenes In Modern Cinema

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Competitive Tag is Your New Favorite Sport (No, Seriously, This Stuff is Insane)

5 Short Horror Films To Make You Wet the Bed and Sleep With Lights On

This Subway Prank Is Grossly Ill-Conceived, Also Gross

Keegan-Michael Key Resurrects Obama's Anger Translator To Tackle Trump

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Looks Pretty Damn Amazing in New Behind the Scenes Footage

Andy Serkis Reprises Gollum To Read Trump's Tweets

Check Out Pre-Cap Ass Chris Evans and More MCU Faves Before They Were Famous

I'm Sorry To Do This On a Monday, But This Video Will Make You Cry

Watch The Trailer For 'The Batman Complex': The Greatest Batman Movie That Will Never Be

Director Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios Is Cranking Out Short Film Insanity

Man Gets Hit By a Bus, Dusts Himself Off, Carries On Into The Pub

'RuPaul's Drag Race' All-Stars Give GOP F*ckwits The Drag Names They Deserve

Watch: Jon Snow, Soldier

Praise Be: They Finally Made A 'Handmaid's Tale' For Men!

Every Tom Cruise Run Ever

I Don't Have Time For Video Games Anymore. The 'Shadow of the Colossus' Trailer Made Me Weep

It Sounds Ridiculous But this Video Featuring The Vengaboys WILL Make Your Tuesday Better

The Battle for the Title of Best Marvel Chris Continues to Rage!

An Old Man Plays a Mashup of Classic Western Themes and I. Just. Can't. Stop. Watching.

A New MacFarlane Show? Of Course There's A Nagging Wife

Watch: The History of the Entire World

We Are All Jessica Chastain Rolling Her Eyes at Johnny Depp

Adam Scott Flips After He Meets Mark Hamill on Jimmy Kimmel: 'This Is One of the Best Moments Of My Life'

'You're a Spy With Illicit Help From Your Friends ': The Incredible 'Star Wars'/Beatles Sergeant Pepper Hybrid is the Best Thing on the Internet

The 'La La Land' Honest Trailer Gets It

'The Simpsons' Has a Morbid Take on Trump's First 100 Days in Office

If Monday Has You Down, This Superhero Workout Video Will Get You Up

Popped Collar Dirtbag Shakespeare Who Fucks, Coming Soon to TNT

Rachael Leigh Cook Smashes More Eggs And Myths About The War On Drugs

This Sexual Harassment Ad Produced by John Oliver Ran During 'The O'Reilly Factor' Last Night

Charlize Theron's 'Atomic Blonde' Trailer Promises All We Want Ever In Action

Morgan Freeman Blames The Grapevine For 'Shawshank Redemption's Bad Box Office

Pregnant Muslim Rapper Mona Haydar Challenges Islamophobia

Sean Spicer Becomes The World's Least Fun Muppet

What The 'Daria' Gang Would Look Like Today

This Is Not An April Fools' Prank But An Honest-To-WTF Movie Trailer

'Rick And Morty' And The Best April Fool's Day Pranks

Yes, But Does the Guy Ritchie King Arthur Movie Have a Giant, Fire-Breathing Dominatrix Robot?

He's Making Dreams Come True: Billy On The Sesame Street!

Little Girl Mistaking a Broken Water Heater For a Robot is the Purest Thing You'll See All Day

Anne Hathaway And Jason Sudeikis Intrigue In 'Colossal' Clip

Remembering The Greatest Action Scene In The History Of Cinema

Whether With Muppets Or Brooke Candy, Sia Is Crushing It

It's The 'Deadpool' / 'Beauty And The Beast' Mash-Up You Didn't Know You Needed

Welcome Ferris Bueller To The Black Parade

A Profanity-Fueled Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Give a Garbage Junket Interview

Celebrate The Return Of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' With Three Cheers For Drag

Well Now This is a Treat: 'John Wick', Nerf Version

Fan Spends Two Years Making a Two-Hour 'Breaking Bad' Movie

A Lesson in Parenting: Never Make an Important Skype Call With Children at Home

The Best Movie of 2017 Now Has a Trailer

This is How Magic is Made: Watch Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke Rehearsing 'Before Midnight'

SNL: TBD Is the Republican Hero American Needs Right Now

'SNL' Perfectly Illustrates That Nice-Guy Feminists Really Are the Worst

A Cute Talk Show Moment with the British Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Turns Hilariously Awkward

'Trainspotting 2' Makes Us Want To Choose Sequels

First Look At Sexy Scrooge McDuck With David Tennant Voice

Netflix Has Let Us Know What We'll Be Bingeing Next Winter

Trailer: SWINTON Plays A Mad Scientist (With Great Hair) In Bong Joon Ho's Okja

A Montage Of Every 'Best Visual Effects' Oscar Winner Allows Us To See The Shrinking Chasm Between Imagination And Reality

The 'Bobs' Burgers' Album You Crave Is Finally Coming

'Alien: Covenant' Prologue Introduces Kissing Crewmates

Honest Trailers Has Keenly Distilled All Your Oscar Snark

Never Be Fooled By Fake News Again

'Rick And Morty's Season Three Teaser Is The Rick and Mortiest

James Woods Pulled Off Patton Oswalt's Shoe at the WGA Awards Over Trump Jokes

Larry Wilmore Tells Milo Yiannopoulos to Go F*ck Himself on 'Real Time Bill Maher'

Thank God Sesame Street Has Some HBO Money To Use On Helping Refugees

Activist And Inspiration Amandla Stenberg Has Gifted Us A Tearjerker

All-Female Horror Anthology Gives A Taste Of Its Terrors

Thor Is A Dopey Surfer Bro With All The Muscle Brains In New Clip

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Netflix Sure is Lucky They Had This 'Kimmy Schmidt' 'Lemonade' Parody Lying Around

If The Congressional Democrats Can't Stop President Bannon, Maybe The Scottish Can

Dame Judi Dench Peppering Daisy Ridley with 'Star Wars' Questions Is the Internet's Gift to You

Video Makes The Case For Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane Being The Single Most Compelling Character In 'Game Of Thrones'

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The 5 Most Polarizing Ads of the Super Bowl

Josh Gad's Response Song to Kellyanne Conway's Bullsh*t Lies is Sublime

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Idris Elba Getting Dating Advice From Kids Is Your Everything Right Now

'The LEGO Batman Movie' Presents: Gotham Cribs

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'I Am Not Your Negro' Trailer: James Baldwin Dares Us To Look Away

Jon Stewart Bashing Donald Trump Has Been the Most Normal Thing Of the Last 11 Days

The First 3 Minutes of 'Rings' Wants to Make Airplanes Even More Terrifying

Bloody Good Fun: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Finally Unleashes Its Period Sex Jam

Let David Tennant Calm Your Fears With A Message Of Hope And Rebellion

Quentin Tarantino's Visual References

After The Women's March: Should We Be Excited? Yes. Will It Be Boring? Absolutely.

Billy Eichner And Stephen Colbert Collect New Yorkers' Messages To Trump

Because Adam Sandler Won't Rest Until He's Annihilated Any Remaining Love For Him

Green Day Delivers A Powerful Protest Anthem In Time For The Inauguration

'Logan' Has Brought Us The Hero We Need Right Now

Woody Harrelson Sparks Cringes And Laughs With 'Wilson'

Let This Heavy Metal 'Moana' Cover Lead You Down A Rabbit Hole Of Awesome

Rick And Morty's 'Two Brothers' Live Action Trailer

When 'Shawshank Redemption' Met The Obama-Biden Bromance

Meet Pretty Big, The Dance Troupe That Defies Body-Shamers

Marco Rubio Might Be Liberals' Newest Ally, And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Dwayne Johnson Says You're Welcome For This Deleted 'Moana' Scene

I Needed This

Even When Trump Is Right About The What, He's Wrong About The Why

Hold On To Your Butts, 'The Good Place' Just Gave Us The Year's Most Beautiful Wedding

Here's The 'Mad Max'/'Happy Feet' Mashup You Never Thought You Needed

The Best Action Scene Of The Year Is Made By Three Guys You've Never Heard Of

Gay People Don't Care About John Oliver, But Just Ask Them About Wendy Williams

However Bad Your New Year's Eve Was, At Least You Weren't These Poor Bastards

'Late Night' Takes A Closer Look Back At 2016 Politics, But Why?

Supercut Of Ultimate Bruce Willis Action Movie

The Fan-Made Live Action 'Futurama' Is Funny, Creepy, And Impressive All At Once

Happy XMas (Bears Are Here)

Liam Neeson Is Our Darkest Timeline's Perfect Mall Santa

The Best Scene In 'Moana' Is Now Online

'SNL' Sketches That Celebrate the Warmth and Hilarity of the Season

Ranking the Best Yule Log Videos the Internet Has to Offer

Diego Luna/Jabba the Hutt Is the Greatest Love Story of Our Age

David Tennant Sings 'DuckTales' Theme AND WHY IS THAT SO HOT!?

'Love Actually' Invades Carpool Karaoke Because 2016

This Majestic Cover of 'All I Want for Christmas' Is Our 2016 Holiday Anthem

Yinz Gather 'Round: 'Greg And Donny' Parodies 'It's A Wonderful Life'

Watch The 'Happy Endings' Cast Reunite For Lost Episode

2016's Tearjerkiest Commercials

'Science Doesn't Care About Your Opinion': Weather Channel Meteorologist Demolishes Breitbart

Here's the Song That Should Have Been In the 'Hamilton' Mixtape

Anthony Hopkins, 2016: "Optimus Prime Has Left Us"

'Sherlock' Season 4 Will Be Full of Darkness and Danger and Cumberscruff

Trevor Noah Politely Dismantles Unctuous White Rage Machine, Tomi Lahren, in a Face-to-Face Argument

Let's Remember A Better Time With the Some of the Best of 1994 Pop Culture

Stop Everything And Enjoy Dwayne Johnson's Full "You're Welcome" From 'Moana'

Now Archie is Getting A Gritty TV Series? Get F#$ked, Riverdale

Trying Very Hard To Trust The Force

Enjoy Wes Anderson's Latest Short Film/H&M's Twee-est Ad Ever

Seth Rogen Is Deeply Uncomfortable with the Latest 'Billy on the Street'

Did You Ever Think Marvel Movies Look Kinda Ugly? You're Not Alone

If Leonard Cohen's Songs & Stories Weren't Already Making You Cry, Here They Are In Beautiful Animation

Dave Chappelle's 'Cut For Time' SNL Sketch Is About As Weird As You Could Hope For

Some Powerful Movie Speeches to Keep You Going In These Orange Days

In a Question So Obvious It Borders on Rhetorical: Would You Have a Threesome with Jon Hamm?

The 'Beauty and the Beast' Official Trailer Is Here to Stop the Petals of Your Heart-Rose from Falling Off

Dylan Marron Continues to Be the Best of Humanity, Tells Trump Supporters 'I Love You'

'The Daily Show's' Hasan Minhaj Funny/Heartbreaking Segment On What It Means to Be Muslim Right Now

Fine, Let's Talk About the Mannequin Challenge Fad and Look At A Few

'Sherlock' Gets The Honest Trailer Snark It So Obviously Deserves

Stop Everything and Watch Barack & Michelle Obama Give Us the Gift of a Beautifully Awkward Thriller Dance

Forget About Barb, Meet The Lost 'Stranger Things' Character

Trump's Level Of Insults Is A Deplorable American Tradition

Twitter Says Goodbye with #RIPVine

Seth Meyers On Trump, Toxic Masculinity And Male Entitlement

Well, This Is Awkward: Watch Trump's 2008 Love Letter to Hillary Clinton

How to Cope With Creepy Clowns

Will Ferrell Resurrected His George W. Bush Impression to Take on Trump

This Texas County Commissioner Has Made the Perfect Political Ad

Trump's Campaign Was Predicted By ABC's 'Dinosaurs'

How I Met The Woman Who Most Definitely Is Not Your Mother

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Has a Fantastically Foul-Mouthed Gag Reel

Recut Movie Trailers Prove Music and A Good Editor Are Everything

Kate McKinnon's 'Ghostbusters' Outtakes Are Sweet Sweet Balm To Our Souls

'Drunk Donald Trump' is Jimmy Kimmel's Gift to the World

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Has a Depressingly Upbeat New Theme Song

'Lip Sync Battle': Amber Tamblyn as Donald Trump Performs 'I Wanna Sex You Up'

Everything About This White Noise Sketch Is Perfection

Someone Needs to Fact Check the Debates, and That Someone Should Obviously Be Ron Howard

Celebrate Jagoff's Induction Into The Oxford English Dictionary With 'Greg And Donny'

Campbell's New Spider-Man Commercial Will Brighten Your Whole Day

John Cho Asks If We Think He's Sexy LIKE HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW US

Seth Meyers' Debate Coverage Is So Great They Had to Release It Early

These Compilations of Comedians Breaking Character on 'SNL' Are Good For What Trumps Ya

Fox News Stoops to an Appalling New Low

DJ Tanner's Daughter Was on 'The Voice.' She Sure Did Sing

Seth Meyers Expands His Trump Theory: 'I Think You Are Poor'

The Election, U.S. Foreign Policy, And Harold Pinter's 2005 Nobel Lecture

If We Get Another 'Indiana Jones' Movie, Let's Make It Animated

And Now For the Greatest Political Anthem of Our Time: 'The Hillary Clinton Shimmy Song'

Adorable Couple Film Adorable National Treasure Tom Hanks Crashing Their Wedding

Karen Walker Lives! The 'Will & Grace' Cast Reunited to Take Down Trump

20 Alternatives To Watching the Presidential Debate Tonight: A Literally All of the Things List

Hillary Clinton Appears on 'Between Two Ferns' with Zach Galifianakis

The Latest 'Celebs Read Mean Tweets' Is Unusually Sexually Suggestive

Joss Whedon Returns to Twitter in a Big Way (And Promises Mark Ruffalo's Penis)

A Video For Everyone Who Has No Idea If Their Voice or Their Vote Can Actually Matter

Seth Meyers' Evisceration of Donald Trump on the Birther Issue Is His Most Satisfying Takedown Yet

Watch the 'Stranger Things' Kids Sing 'Uptown Funk' in This Unaired Emmys Clip

Mind Your Own Business: Infertility Isn't A Conversation Starter

Our New Hero: This Woman Who Got Trump to Actually Shut His Face Hole

The Lack of Great Music in Marvel Movies Shows the Inherent Problem with Big Comic Book Movies

Just Imagine the Terrifying Dystopia of Internet Hyperbole Made Real

A 1996 Cher Interview Is Circling the Interwebs Because She Is Ageless and Wise

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Without Special Effects Can Still Kick Other Action Movies in the Balls

Give Yourself and Any Remaining Remnants of Summer to the Dancing Pumpkin Twitter

Maybe Don't Use the Horrors of 9/11 to Sell Mattresses

Trevor Noah: 'I Don't Know What the F*ck Matt Lauer Was Doing'

Channing Tatum and Simone Biles' Mutual Fangirling Will Make Your Heart So Happy

Hold Up: Beyoncé's Made This 4-Day Work Week Even Better

Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing the Advertising World's Very First Competent Dad

Video: It's Going to Be Biblical! The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time

Watch Amy Schumer Annihilate a Sexist Heckler

Is Tim Curry's Laugh The Most Delicious Thing in the World?

Barb Will Have Her Revenge! The 'Stranger Things' Kids Reunite for Jimmy Fallon Sketch

It Turns Out 'The Leftovers' Has Been Severely Underusing Margaret Qualley

Aaron Paul and Jamie Dornan Are In a Movie Opening This Weekend That You've Probably Never Heard Of

Celebrate And Advocate On Women's Equality Day With This Remarkable Video

Tell Comedy Central You Demand More 'Not Safe With Nikki Glaser'

Ben Schwartz Confirmed That 'Parks & Rec'/'Stranger Things' Crossover Theory You've Been Fantasizing About

'Injustice For All' Joker Fan-Film Spins A New Backstory For the Clown Prince

Black, Female NASA Engineer? Nope, Nothing Interesting Here

"Offends Millennials" Is the Least Bad Thing About Joel McHale and Stephen Fry's New Sitcom

Why Are You Doing This To Me, McDonald's?

Dustin From 'Stranger Things' Singing Showtunes Is What We All Need More Of In Our Lives

Ha Ha! It's Funny Because Jared Leto Is a Dick

John Oliver Responds Emphatically to the New 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer

Stephen Colbert, Who Is No Longer Legally Allowed to Use "Stephen Colbert," Appears as ""Stephen Colbert""

Elizabeth Banks And Many Of Our Faves Pitch-Slap The GOP With 'Fight Song'

Seth Meyers to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards: 'You Did a Great Job, Now You Have to Be Quiet'

Music Videos That Failed Miserably In Their Quest To Be Harbingers Of Sexy Times

Mila Kunis Chose to Eat a Cow's Tongue Rather than Explain 'Jupiter Ascending'

Everything We Didn't Learn From The 'Sherlock' Season 4 Trailer

Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's 'The Late Show' Desk, Rips Trump and Fox News to Pieces

Let's Talk About That Trainwreck From The RNC Last Night. No, The Other One.

Michelle Obama Does Carpool Karaoke, Is Everything You Could Hope for in a Human Being

Four Seconds of Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke'ing a Beyonce Song

The Old Stephen Colbert Is Back, and America Is Great Again!

John Oliver Has a Few Endorsements of His Own

The Only 'Pokemon Go' News Report You Need To See

Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph Put on a Show Stopper with a Couple of Butter Tubs

Mortified Liev Schreiber Recounts Thwacking His Erection Against Steve Martin

Learn To Be A True Adult By Using Movies As Your Guide

A Contrarian Review Of 'Roadies': Hot Pile Of Garbage Edition

Jordan Peele's Word For Word Re-Enactment Of An Inebriated James Brown Interview Is Everything

'Swiss Army Man' Pays Odd Homage To 'Jurassic Park'

Rory Gilmore and Michelle Obama Got Together to Talk About Books, And Yes This Is a Safe Space to Fan Out Like Crazy

In the Wake of Brexit, John Oliver Has a Warning to Americans Considering a Vote for Trump

Jennifer Hudson Took the BET Awards to Church with a Rousing Cover of 'Purple Rain'

Ben Affleck Goes on an F-Bomb Filled Rant on Bill Simmons' New HBO Show

Taika Waititi Forgot He Was Promoting 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople,' Seduces Instead

Watch the New Ghostbusters Get All Tingly Over the Mere Mention of Chris Hemsworth

Did 'The Lego Movie' Predict Donald Trump's Political Platform?

Hasan Minhaj Obliterates Congress at the Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner

Cinema: 100 Years/100 Shots (Plus: Female Version)

Hold Up, Do I Want to Have Sex with Michael Shannon Right Now?: A Pajiba Investigation

Alison Brie Shows Off Feet, Awkwardly Embraces Her Foot Fetishists

John Oliver on the Orlando Nightclub Shooting: 'That Terrorist Dipsh*t is Vastly Outnumbered'

Zachary Quinto Brings Back a 90's Supermodel Icon for 'Lip Sync Battle'

Confused By Consent and Rape Culture? Let's Talk Tea And Bears Instead

Anti-Hero Or Child Throwing A Tantrum? Amy Schumer Investigates in 'The Knick Jr.'

'Hamilton' Just Put Us All In the Room Where It Happens & It's The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

James Corden and Lin-Manuel Miranda 'Carpool Karaoke' 'Hamilton' and 'Rent' Songs

We've Been Here Before: The Details Are All That Matters Now That The Stories Are The Same

Anne Hathaway and James Corden's Rap Battle Officially Killed Rap Battles For All Time

Did Samantha Bee Just Make Us Like Vapers?

Ryan Gosling Hilariously Delivers and Reacts Hilariously to Two Gross Stories

Latest Hilarious Alex Jones Conspiracy: Michelle Obama Murdered Joan Rivers for Outing Her as a Man

'The Nice Guys' Is Effectively Using The Chemistry of Gosling and Crowe For Marketing Purposes

The Religious Right Is Voting For A Racist Because Their Party Is Inherently Racist

John Oliver Highlights the Worst Governor in America

A Quick Series of Embarrassing Jennifer Lawrence Stories

Watch Patrick Stewart Watch James McAvoy Go Bald For Professor X

Woody Allen's New Movie Is A Love Letter To An America That Never Existed

Video Shows Why Wes Anderson's 'Rushmore' Is A Perfect Movie

Ryan Reynolds Appears As Deadpool In His Own Honest Trailer

So Really, Where Are All The Fake Dick Doctors?

Jon Stewart Offers His Opinions on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and He Did Not Mince Words

'Saturday Night Live's' Jon Snow Sketch Was Hilariously On Point

There's Not Enough Bleach In the World to Erase The 'TMNT' Porn Parody From Your Brain

Politics, Schmolitics! Let's Get Vapid Up In Here! Entertainment News For the Masses!

Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaokes With Julia Roberts And George Clooney

Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn And Kristen Bell Say All The Sh*t Parents Wish They Could In 'Bad Moms'

Seth Rogen Opens Up About the War He Almost Started with North Korea

Watch Jim Rash Give Joel McHale a Lapdance in What We'll Consider the True 'Community' Finale

We Miss D10

Amy Schumer Acts Out Our Women's Health Care Nightmares

Key & Peele Show Us What's Been Missing From Every Other Press Tour Ever: KITTENS

Mean Tweets Segment Powerfully Reinforces How Hard It is To Be a Female Writer on the Internet

Newly Respected Kelly Ripa Returns to 'Live,' Puts a Fork in the Drama

'The Color Purple' Tribute to Prince Will Make Your Knees Buckle

The 'Hamilton' Cast Just Gave a Joyous, Perfect Live Tribute to Prince

Clark Gregg Does His Best Beefcake Shimmy for his 'Lip Sync Battle' vs. Hayley Atwell

Sophie Turner's Justin Bieber Impression is Spectacular

'SNL': Big Zit Cindy Was A Real Thing, and Really Disgusting

'Hamiltrump' Is Significantly Deeper Than You Think It Is

Diapers Vs. Super Delegates: It's A 'Full Frontal' Face Off!

OJ Simpson Once Released a Rap Song Called 'Get Juiced' and It Will F*ck Up Your Whole Day

Think You're Numb to Trump's Grossness? This Quote Will Test That

Jessica Williams Tries to Make Sense of Trans Panic. The Problem: None of This Shit Makes Sense

The 'Rogue One' Trailer Is Here, And Holy Sh*t

Tina Fey & Tituss Burgess Had a Surprise Broadway Insult Battle

Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Amy Schumer for a Really Bad Hip-Hop Opera

Can You Tell a 'Game of Thrones' Sword From an 80s Metal Band?

Wash Away The Grimy Sheen Of Life With These Movie Scenes Guaranteed To Make You Grin

Celebrate 'Not Safe With Nikki Glaser's Series Extension With Much NSFW Fun

How to Take Down the Patriarchy With Lipstick and Video Games

'Batlexander Manilton' Is the Superhero Crossover Mashup We Deserve

All of Donald Trump's Comments on Women's Skin Will Make Yours Crawl

Lindsey Graham Insulting Trump Is Too Little, Too Late

'Chris Evans', Who Suspiciously Sounds a Lot Like Paul Rudd, Loved 'Civil War'

Watch Jimmy and Jake Eject Masticated Food In Each Other's Faces

Rape Kits Aren't Being Tested Because Apparently Serial Rapists Aren't A Problem

John Oliver Sends Us Down The Dark Hole That Is The Mind Of A Trump Supporter

Comedian Laura Lexx Obliterates a Misogynist Heckler

Scraping The Bottom Of The White Guy Biopic Barrel: 'Genius' Trailer

Olivia Wilde Plays a Woman with Down Syndrome in a Powerful New PSA

Samantha Bee Hung Out with a Bunch of Trump Fans. It Went Exactly As You'd Think.

Who Are The Dolan Twins and Why Are They Trending on Twitter?

The Only Likable Person In The Republican Primary Is Megyn Kelly

What the Hell Is Chloe Grace Moretz Doing on Korean 'SNL'?

'Broad City' Shows Us How 90s Remakes Should Happen, And We Should Weep At Our Inadequacy

No YOU'RE Crying Over A Laundry Detergent Commercial!

Before 'Hamilton', Lin-Manuel Miranda Taught Our Kids Letter Sounds

On This Super Tuesday, Samantha Bee Reminds You The Candidates Are Partly Your Fault

A Russian Graphic Designer Exposes 'The Revenant's' Stunning Tarkovsky Homage

Welp, Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus Just Convinced Me to See 'Triple 9'

'Dear Deadpool' Video Proves That The Merc With A Mouth Rules At Advice

Sam Raimi's Creepy Car Commercial Is Everything You'd Hope For

Would You Watch Kristen Wiig Play Hannibal Lecter?

Once Again, SNL's Cut Sketch Was Better Than Much of the Actual Show

Can We Give Saoirse Ronan an Oscar For This Powerful Domestic Violence Music Video?

Here's That Kendrick Lamar Performance Everyone Is Talking About

Elmo Drops By 'Hamilton' Theater For 'The Story of Tonight'

Trained Comedic Actress Kristen Wiig Still Not As Charming As Actual Peyton Manning

An Anna Kendrick And Sam Rockwell Assassin Rom-Com Is The Only Way To Rom-Com

How Has It Taken 'SNL' This Long to Start Releasing Blooper Reels?

Chelsea Peretti's Opening Monologue at the Crunchies Was Rambling, Awkward, Painful and Hilarious

Watch: Funny or Die's 1980's Donald Trump TV Movie Starring Johnny Depp as Trump

'The Daily Show' And Jessica Williams Aren't Interested In Any Of Your Beyonce Bullshit

The Most Randomly Cool Thing About That Prius Super Bowl Commercial ...

There's A Good Reason HBO Didn't Advertise That Edward Snowden Interview On 'Last Week Tonight'

We Don't Need a Ryan Murphy O.J. Miniseries Because This Is All the OJ Recap We Need

Helen Mirren's Super Bowl Commercial is the Best Thing Budweiser Has Ever Done By a Wide Margin

Better Feel Good Video: 'Archer's 'Magnum P.I.' Homage Or Trump's Schadenfreude

John Cleese Thinks Political Correctness Is the Path to An Orwellian Nightmare Life

Gareth Evans, Director Of 'The Raid', Drops A Samurai Short On YouTube

What If Cersei Lannister Was On 'The Bachelor'?

The New 'Batman v Superman' Teaser Proves These Guys Maybe Don't Think Things Through

Jessica Williams And 'The Daily Show' Solve Racism

A New Rare Glimpse At David Bowie's Goofy Side With Sweet, Strange, Shockingly Good Impressions

Lena Headey Might Make 'Pride and Prejudice And Zombies' A Must-See Guilty Pleasure

'The Boy' Trailer Might Be The Most Confusing Thing On The Internet

Gender Flip That Script: Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Seth Rogen As Cher From 'Clueless'

Maya Rudolph Learning About Her Family's Lineage of Slavery Will Break Your Heart

Judd Apatow Ranting At the Critics' Choice Awards Is the Most I've Ever Liked Judd Apatow

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' VFX Reel Guns Hard For Oscar Glory

This May Be the Best, Or At Least the Simplest and Cutest, Way to Honor Alan Rickman

Stop What You're Doing and Watch the First Minute of the New 'The X-Files'

The 'Mr. Robot' Gag Reel Is Just As Creepy As You'd Expect

Beyonce Showed Up During Channing Tatum's Lip-Sync Battle and Life Briefly Lost Its Sh*t

How Can Fox News Correspondents Criticize Obama's Tearful Gun Control Speech and Still Call Themselves Human Beings?

Watch Charming Potato Lip Sync 'Let It Go' for 'Lip Sync Battle'

Please Let Uzo Aduba Play Hannibal Lecter In A 'Silence Of The Lambs' Reboot

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Someone Get Chris Hemsworth and Leslie Jones Their Own Rom Com, Immediately

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Has 'The Daily Show' Finished Their Growing Pains?

'Adam Ruins Everything' On How Virginity Is Like 'Entourage'

The Most Awkward Thing You'll See Today: Ted Cruz' Uncut Campaign Ad Footage

Nick Offerman and a Glass of Goddamn Whiskey

Beyonce, Amy Schumer And The Notorious RBG Get Mini-Me's In Kick-Ass Toy Ad

No, Murdering Your Best Friend Is Not a 'Prank,' Assholes

A Quick and Awesome Rundown of Why People Still Think Girls Don't Play Video Games

This Adorable 7 Year Old Knows More About 'Star Wars' Than You

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Real Life Doctors Have a Blast Diagnosing One of Your Favorite Holiday Films

Bryan Fuller's 'Hannibal'-Themed PETA Ad Is Just As Beautifully Creepy As You'd Expect

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Paul Rudd Proves 'Ant-Man' Would Have Been Much Improved With Dancing

John Oliver Has The Perfect Response For The Paris Attackers

Stephen Colbert Masterfully Exposes CBS' Censors' Nonsense Rules on Porn and Art

Jennifer Garner's New Christian Movie Has The Worst Trailer Of The Year

Real-Life Russian Girl Nails That Other Worldly Opera Performance From 'Fifth Element'

'Last Week Tonight' Tackles The Prisons System Again By Looking At Re-Entry

100 Years Of Men's Hair Trends? We'll Be In Our Bunks

Emma Watson Interviewed Malala, And Rightfully Fangirled All Over The Place

President Obama, Megyn Kelly, and Trevor Noah Hilariously Pile on Whiny Republican Presidential Candidates

Let's Slow Down and Get a Good Look at the First Footage from AMC's 'Preacher'

SNL's Sasheer Zamata Deftly and Hilariously Breaks Down the Idea of Privilege

'Jurassic World' Tries To Make Dino Poop Sexy, Reminds Us Some Deleted Scenes Should Have Stayed Deleted

Literally the Greatest Candid Heath Ledger Moment Ever Caught on Camera

Bill Murray Is Not Having a Good Week

Larry David's 'SNL' Cameo as Bernie Sanders Is Perfection Squared

The Best Reason To Keep Watching 'The Daily Show'? Jessica Motherf*ucking Williams

So, YouTube Stars Are Sociopaths Now?

How Did Trevor Noah Do Covering His First Presidential Debate?

Terry Gilliam Wants to Make Sure You Know He Doesn't Get Paid Extra For This Blu-ray Sh*t

The People of New York Don't Know Who Chris Pratt Is, And They Don't Care

'Last Week Tonight' On The North Dakota Oil Boom, Independent Contractors And The True Cost Of Deregulation

David Fincher Is An Even More Devious Filmmaker Than You Think

Katie Nolan Obliterates Woman-Beating Human Garbage Person, Greg Hardy

This 'Inside Out' Deleted Scene Shows The Violent 'Radical Nonconformist' Side of Bing Bong

Jay Leno Is Cool with Diversity, But Wouldn't Want to 'Hit People Over the Head' with It

Piss Your Pants In Fear: The 10 Scariest Horror Scenes In Bathrooms

This Oblivious HLN Reporter Has No F**king Clue She's Being Masterfully Trolled

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Trevor Noah's Lena Dunham Impression Is His First Great GIFable Moment

The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Bloopers That Will Launch 1000 Fan Fictions

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This Fake Emma Stone 'Spider-Gwen' Trailer Is So Good, It Hurts a Little

'Last Week Tonight' Puts The 'Human' Back In 'Humanitarian Crisis'

The Latest 'Celebs Read Mean Tweets' Is Live and Unusually Cruel

'South Park' Got Its Caitlyn Jenner Dig in Last Night, and It Was Brutal

Matt McGorry's Epic Mulleted Dance Moves Will Rock Your World

These Women Will Challenge Everything You Thought You Knew About Ethnicity and Penis Size!

'Downton Wars' Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed

Watch John Oliver's Epic, Hilarious Alex Trebek Rant at the Emmys

Watch Jeffrey Tambor's Touching Emmy Acceptance Speech for Best Comedic Actor

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Stephen Colbert Just Introduced A Lifestyle Brand You Can Get Behind

This Is Not Why You Should Watch 'Review,' But You Should Watch 'Review'

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'Crazy Ex- Girlfriend' Preview: This Is Not What We Meant By Complicated Female Characters

Is This New 'Stonewall' Clip Encouraging or Outrage-Bait Lip Service?

'South Park' Shouldn't Bash Caitlyn Jenner For Being Trans, But Because She's a Sh*tty Person

Please Do Not Send John Oliver Your Jizz

'Last Week Tonight' On Public Defenders Is Why The Legal System Needs To Be Burned To The Ground

What's Connie Britton's Secret to Amazing Hair? Good Old Fashioned Feminism

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10 Great Moments In 'Drunk History': Pre-Gaming For Tonight's Season 3 Premiere

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Donald Trump Is the Birthday Party Magician of Toupees

Oh Never Mind, This Target Ad Is The Best 'Star Wars' Trailer Of The Day. Maybe Ever

Was the 'Breaking Bad' Machine-Gun Finale Plausible? 'Mythbusters' Investigates

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Amy Schumer Just Made Herself A Masterpiece, Plus Phone Sex Fun Times

Tom Hardy Using Dubsmash Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Let the Late-Night Wars Begin! Jimmy Kimmel Takes a Sly Dig at Jimmy Fallon

'Last Week Tonight', LGBT Discrimination, And The Hypocrisy Of The Gay Wedding Question

Bill Burr Makes Insensitive Jokes About Caitlyn Jenner on 'Conan,' Rain is Wet

Tig Notaro Does Stand-Up Topless, Shows What Honesty Really Looks Like

'The Nightly Show' Was Finally Funny, And Then Immediately Awful

'Last Week Tonight' Takes On Televangelists, But The Big Loser Is The IRS

Man Scares Hayley Atwell While She's Leaving the Bathroom, Brings World Infinite Looping Joy

New 'Doctor Who' Trailer Promises More Mysterious Maisie Williams

Not So Fast, Netflix. 'The Nightly Show' Proves Your Parental Leave Policy Isn't That Great

Arby's Doubles Down In Its Love/Hate Relationship with Jon Stewart

Heath Ledger Documentary Resurfaces, Hinting the Joker Role Was His Undoing

How Many Ways Can Sex Educators Insult Your Vagina? 'Last Week Tonight' Investigates

Jon Stewart's Final 'Daily Show': A Love Letter

Watch And Whimper: What Chris Farley's 'Shrek' Could Have Been

What Has Jon Stewart Really Accomplished?

Arby's Tribute to Jon Stewart is the Greatest Self-Deprecating Ad of All Time

Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart Deride Sexist Questions in Awkward Interview

In a Rare Personal Moment, Jon Stewart Very Sweetly Plugs His Wife's Book

Jon Stewart's Not Going Out Without Ruining Your Faith In Humanity

Why Does 'SNL' Insist On Cutting Its Best Sketches?

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CineFix Discusses Differences Between 'Days of Future Past' the Movie and the Comics

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3 Men Watched Videos of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled, Finally Realized It's Maybe Not So Great

Is Political Correctness Killing Comedy?

Nerd Compiles All Changes to Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy Into Short Videos

Do Not Ask Amy Schumer About Her Ties to the Illuminati

Ed Helms Has Found the Best Way to Get Around Talking About Your Crap Movie On a Press Tour

The Official 'Archer' Tribute To The Late George Coe

The Boggling Seth MacFarlane Helps Ring in Sinatra's 100th Birthday Without Making A Single Dick Joke

Rick Santorum Confused by U.S. Constitution, Gays; No One Surprised

'Pancake Man' Is A Real Movie, Coming To America

Real Talk: 'Batman V Superman' Will Never Be As Good As This 'Always Sunny' Mash-Up Trailer

Please Don't Ever Leave Us: Obama's Final Interview On 'The Daily Show'

Here's the Incredible Pitch Video That Convinced ABC to Bring Back The Muppets

Hateful News Anchor Goes Viral with an Unctuous Anti-Obama Rant

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Stephen Colbert Is Just Killing Time Until 'Late Show' Starts, But He's Killing It Spectacularly

Paul Rudd On Conan Is Never Not Funny

Conan O'Brien's Weird Xenophobic Superhero Sketch Proves He Maybe Isn't Totally Infallible After All

Caitlyn Jenner's Powerful ESPY Speech Will Leave You Teary and Inspired

Amy Schumer's Katie Couric Story Might Have Broken Jimmy Fallon

'Broad City' Girls Went Full Diva With Live 'Lip Sync Battle'

Colbert Defends Pluto To Neil DeGrasse Tyson, And Watches Earth Get Thrown Under The Bus In The Process

Nick Offerman Wants You To Eat More Pizza. You Should Listen To Nick Offerman

'Game of Thrones' Visual Effects Are Totally Great, So Haters To The Wall

Key & Peele's Necessary Menstruation PSA: 'Be Nice To Your Bitches When They Bleeding'

Tom Cruise Really Does Do His Own Stunts & They're F*cking TERRIFYING

John Oliver Reminds Us That Whoopi Goldberg's Infuriating Bill Cosby Support Is Nothing New

Richard Armitage IS the Hot Great Red Dragon, Plus Latest #SaveHannibal News

'Sherlock''s Video Combo Just Won Comic- Con Even With Most Of The Cast Missing

Watch Will Arnett's Performance of 'Everything Is Awesome' On 'Lip Sync Battle'

In Hilarious Censorship: Minions Might Be Cursing At Your Kids

Amy Schumer Has Three Buttholes, Can Be Played Like a Flute

The First New 'X-Files' Footage Is Here, Full of Mulder Conspiracies and Skeptical Scully

Here's Why You Should Never Ever Be Afraid of a Stormtrooper

Behold! The Nic Cage Superman Footage We've Long Prayed For

'Last Week Tonight"s Shallow Dives Will Help Soothe Your Weekend Hangover

How Did We Never Notice 'Terminator' and 'Halloween' Are the EXACT Same Movie?

He's Back! Colbert Is Back! On Michigan Public Access!

The Country's Nuttiest Asshole Governor May Soon Be Impeached

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Explain Gay Marriage, Hellfire Does NOT Consume Us All

What If 'Harry Potter' Was R-Rated?

Michael B. Jordan Just Made The Rocky Movies Exciting Again: 'Creed' Trailer

Was This Chris Pratt 'SNL' Sketch Cut For Time or Cut For Extreme Weirdness?

'The Daily Show' Explains How We Broke Scalia

Send This John Oliver Piece To All On Your Timeline Still Baffled By Transgender People

If You Weren't Already Drowning In Tears Today, Barack Obama's 'Amazing Grace' Will Push You Over The Edge

How To Speak Pittsburghese N'at: A Celebrity-Studded Primer

The President Is Obama as F**k As He Shuts Down a Heckler at an LGBT Event

Watch Jon Stewart's Entire 'Daily Show' Run Condensed Into Two Minutes

Amy Schumer Lives Out Our Romantic Fantasies, Complete With Tim Gunn Bestie

Chuck Palahniuk Wants to Warp Your Children's Brains With 'Fight Club 4 Kids'

'The Daily Show' Weighs In: No Seriously, Guys, The Confederate Flag Is Super Racist

John Oliver Rips the Internet (and Media) a New One Over Threats Against Women

John Oliver, History, And Facts Reassure You The Confederate Flag Is, In Fact, Racist

Whoopi Goldberg Would Like to Help Wes Anderson De-Whiten His Movies (Autoplay Video)

The 'He Named Me Malala' Trailer Might Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Jon Stewart Put Away the Jokes and Delivered a Somber Commentary on the Charleston Shooting

Jon Stewart Says Pizza Hut's Latest Offering Is the Most Repulsive, Disgusting, Nauseating Food He's Seen in His Life

Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans For 'Terminator Genysis', Gives Glimpse At What Could Have Been

Adam Scott and Paul Rudd Were Booted from a Wedding for Whipping Out their Dicks

Meet Ramsay Bolton: The Nicest Guy In Westeros

'The Daily Show' Doesn't Understand Rachel Dolezal Either

Another Week, Another Feud Between John Oliver And A Foreign Politician

Mark Ruffalo Stopped By 'The Daily Show' to Publicly and Lovingly Shame Jon Stewart

Celebrating Sir Christopher Lee's Life With a Look at His Many On-Screen Death Scenes

Bryce Dallas Howard Has the Most Amazing Party Trick

Kids Talk About Caitlyn Jenner: 'Who She Wants to Be Is Who She Should Be'

As Promised, Here Is John Oliver's Trinidadian Television Special, 'The Mittens of Disapproval Are On'

Jon Stewart And Jessica Williams Weigh In On That McKinney Pool Party

Who Better to Write the New 'Late Show' Theme Song Than Stephen Colbert? No One, That's Who

The Caitlyn Jenner Effect: A Trans News Round-Up

The Final 'Parks & Rec' Gag Reel Is Here: F-Bombs, Chris Pratt Farts & Tearful Goodbyes

Key & Peele Take a Way-Too Realistic Look At the World of Pro Sports

Trailblazer Amy Schumer Won A Glamour Award, Got Real, And Real Gross

Don't Give Them Any Ideas, Conan. 'Arbitrary Judgement Lineup' Could Definitely Be A Show

Stephen Colbert Lives! But the Colbeard Is Sadly No More In His First 'Late Show' Promo

This Caityln Jenner Piece from 'The Daily Show' Proves Jon Stewart's Still The Best Game In Town

Undercover Charming Potato Surprises Fans By Rubbing Himself on Them at a 'Magic Mike XXL' Screening

What If 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Starred Linda Belcher?

John Oliver Had A Very Good Night, Tries To Ruin His Arch Nemesis

Rat-Tailed Shia LaBeouf Gives the Most Aggressive, Terrifying Inspirational Speech Ever

Larry Wilmore on The Duggars: 'I Hate Pedophiles, but I Love Irony!'

Finally That Sex Maniac Riker Gets the 'Star Trek' Spin-Off He's Always Deserved

Bill Nye, 'Broad City' & Amy Schumer Unite Forces to Explain the Mysteries of the Universe (For White Women)

Drunk Chris Pratt Is Your Favorite Acting Coach

Step Inside 'Hannibal' Season 3 with Richard Armitage, Gillian Anderson, and a Very Good Butcher

Nathan Fillion Acts Out Our 'Mad Men' Erotic Friend Fan Fic

'Game of Thrones: The Musical' Continues With Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Incesty Love Letter to Cersei

Starting the Tears Early: Here's David Letterman's Last 'Late Show' Entrance Ever

This Album Was Released 15 Years Ago This Month and We Must Give Thanks

Amy Schumer Skewers 'Toddlers and Tiaras' With A Tantrum And A Nip Slip

John Oliver Just Called Out 50 Congress Members. Is He The New Face Of Political Activism?

HBO Looks to Be Gearing Up to Give Us One of the Year's Most Incredible Performances

Thank God, Music's Greatest Hero Has Returned to Us

Watch 'Rick and Morty' Kill 'The Simpsons' In The Season Finale's Couch Gag

Should We Expect More From Anna Kendrick's Silly 'Indiana Jones' Parody?

Women Made A Hollywood Cop Movie, and Didn't Have To Mention Their Periods Once

Only Louis C.K. and Kate McKinnon Can Make 'SNL' Promos You Actually Want to Watch

TV Show Apologizes After Playing Viciously Cruel, Heartless Prank on a 13-Year-Old Girl

Amy Schumer Asks The Age Old Question: Do Men Want To F*ck Their Beers?

The Final 'Mad Men' Promo Says Goodbye By Smothering You In Beautiful Nostalgia

The 10 Most Flawless Eponymous Movie Music Videos of All Time: A Seriously Nostalgic List

Reporter Takes Heckler to Task for Yelling 'F— her Right in the P—' on Camera

Howard Stern Asks Letterman About Leno Because Of Course He Did

Jean-Claude Van Damme Recreated His 'Kickboxer' Dance on Conan, Proves He's Just As Weird/Sexy As Always

Brittany Snow Rapping Is the Worst 'Pitch Perfect 2' Ad You'll See

Make Your Monday Not Horrible: Watch The Muppets Team With Josh Groban For "Pure Imagination"

'Last Week Tonight' Celebrates Mother's Day By Exposing The U.S.'s Blatant Hypocrisy Surrounding Working Mothers

A Patriot Haters Dream Come True: Jon Stewart Trashes Tom Brady For 7 Glorious Minutes

Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo Had Very Different Takes On Their 'Age of Ultron' Love Story

An Open Letter To Larry Wilmore: Please Fix Your Show

Conan Casts the Movie Based on the 2016 Presidential Race, and It Is Perfect

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Make An Interesting Movie? 'Maggie' Trailer

'Bride of Hannibal' Promo Celebrates Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson's...Marriage?

Is Amy Schumer Hot Enough for TV? A Jury of 12 (Celebrity) Men Will Finally Decide

Youtuber Schools Trolls With "We Get It, You're Gay"

John Oliver Eviscerates Bud Light Over "Rapey" Labels

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers Will Always Lead To A Big Penis Joke: 'Absolutely Anything' Trailer

Samanth Bee Had Her Last Night On 'The Daily Show' And Man, It Just Got Really Dusty In Here

Sorry T.Swift, Love Songs Have Got A New Queen Of Crazy

Pull On Your Polo Shirts and Rock Your Dadbods: Hootie and the Blowfish Reunite on Letterman

Vin Diesel Mixes It Up, Appears Slow And Only Slightly Perturbed: 'The Last Witch Hunter' Trailer

Kristen Wiig Shares Her Best/Worst Khaleesi Impression

Has Late Night TV Jumped the Celebrity Game Shark?

Trevor Noah's Awkward 'Daily Show' Return Was Straight Up Embarrassing

Jon Stewart Meticulously Calls Out the Media's Bullshit Surrounding the Baltimore Riots

Jeremy Renner Soulfully Sings The Ballad of Hawkeye, Is Now Your Favorite Avenger

Amy Schumer Doll Brings The Trainwreck Home!

John Oliver's Explanation of the First Amendment is a Must Read for Every Dumbass Troll On the Internet

'Sesame Street' Continues Giving Us The Best Parodies On TV. Suck It, SNL.

Cecily Strong Celebrates Hillary and Michelle, Takes Down CNN, MSNBC, and Fox at White House Correspondent's Dinner

Obama and His Anger Translator Burn GOP, Climate Deniers at White House Correspondent's Dinner

Mark Ruffalo Was Made to Answer All of Scarlett Johansson's Usual Stupid, Sexist Interview Questions

Someone Un-Zack Snyder-ized 'Man of Steel' and 'Batman vs. Superman'

Let This Oscar Isaac Dance Scene Show Why You MUST See 'Ex Machina'

Need An Excuse To Watch Pedro Pascal Make Out With Heidi Klum?

Fallon Hosts A 'Shaggy Off.' In Related News, Shaggy's Still Alive

The 'Insidious' "Into the Further 4D Experience": Serving Up Jump Scares In A City Near You!

Tina Fey and Julia Louis Dreyfus Join Amy Schumer To Tackle Women, Aging and Hollywood

'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don't Rape': Amy Schumer Presents 'Football Town Lights'

Amy Schumer Shows Letterman Her 'Vagina'

Jon Stewart Harshes Our Collective Buzz, Announces Last Show Date

Watch John Travolta's 4-Year-Old Son Adorably Freak Out At David Letterman

Terrifying Hidden Camera Show's Ghost on the Subway Prank Will Probably Get A Prequel Movie Now

John Oliver Reinvigorates Earth Day With Broken Polar Bear Penises

This 7-Year-Old Kid Thinks It's Total Crap That Jedi Can't Get Married

I Don't Care What Anyone Says, John Krasinski Kicked Anna Kendrick's Ass in Last Night's Lip Sync Battle

Never Forget: The Original 'Star Wars' Trailer Was Kind of Terrible

Anna Kendrick's Ode to Emily Blunt Is a Lip Sync Battle for the Ages

When Terry Crews Serenades Betty White, How Are We Supposed to Know Who to Feel Jealous Of?

8 Years Later, David Chase Walks Us Through That 'Sopranos' Finale

'Girls' Jemima Kirke Shares Her Abortion Story In Poignant PSA

Imagining An Alternate Universe Where Olyphant Is 'Iron Man'

13 Things We Learned Watching 'Avengers Family Feud'

Watch the Brilliant One-Shot Fight Scene That Defines Netflix's 'Daredevil'

Jimmy Kimmel's All 'Avengers' Episode Has a Post-Credits Tease with Ant-Man Paul Rudd

Did January Jones Just Spoil The 'Mad Men' Finale?

It's Been 10 Years Since the MTV Movie Awards's Best Ever Moment. Let's Relive It.

There Will Be Blood: 'The Walking Dead' Cast and Crew Talk Season 6

Vin Diesel Won't Stop With The Paul Walker Tributes, We Can't Stop Crying

Amy Schumer Upends The Obsession Over Booty With New Song

Up and Coming Comedian Madonna Should Absolutely Not Quit Her Day Job

Remix: 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Sing 'I'm So Excited' Ahead Of Season Five Premiere

A's Rookie Quotes 'Bull Durham' In Interview, Wins Regardless of Game's Outcome

Sorry, Every Other 'Game of Thrones' Recap, Key and Peele Have Made You Completely Obsolete

Crotchety Old Man Harrison Ford Gave Your New Crush Oscar Isaac Some Great Advice

Don't Lie. You Would Absolutely Buy the Netflix Watch

Watch the 'Twin Peaks' Cast Beg David Lynch to Please Come Back

Is Peter Dinklage The Best Or Worst Interview Ever?

Louis C.K. Explains to Jimmy Fallon Why He Rejected His Audition for 'The Dana Carvey Show'

Need a Quick Dose of Amy Schumer to Keep You Going?

Supercut: Every Time Archer Snidely Referenced A Book

Jon Snow Is Westeros' Version of Debbie Downer

You're Not Telling The Story You Think You Are: 'True Story' Trailer

Anne Hathaway Committed Her Ass Off to This Miley Cyrus Routine

Sesame Street's 'Game of Thrones' Parody Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' May Have Produced the Best Episode of TV This Year

Nick Offerman Is Pissed That People Seem To Think Ron Swanson Would Support Indiana's Bigotry Law

Historical Accuracy Is For Nerds: Hollywood's Long Love Affair With White Jesus

Forget The Rock--John Legend and Common Killed It on 'Lip Sync Battle'

How Bad Can Kristen Wiig Go Before We Stop Watching? 'Masterminds' Trailer

'The Price Is Right' Actually Won April Fool's Day

The Amy Winehouse Documentary Is Probably Going to Be a Real Gut-Punch

Katie Couric's April Fool's Prank on James Corden Was Delightfully Cruel

Rihanna Gives Kimmel An April Fool's Wake Up Call

Letterman Bumbles Awkwardly, Adorably, Hilariously through a 'Billy on the Street' Segment

'50 Shades of Granny' Is a Real Thing and It Will Either Ruin or Inspire You (Or Both)

John Oliver Asks You To Please Not Be an Asshole This April Fool's Day

No. No, No. Why Is This? 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Trailer

Billy Zane Doesn't Understand Your Zayn Support, But He Appreciates It

TED Talk Advocates Teaching Girls To Be Their Own Heroes

We'll Get 3-D Printed Hearts Before Wage Equality

Let's Get Your Weekend Started With A Dog Army: 'White God' Trailer

Barack Obama Took a Break From Presidenting to Geek Out Over 'The Wire' Creator David Simon

What 'Girls' Would Look Like As A Michael Bay Joint

'The Nightly Show': Sexual Assault Isn't Satire

Jesse L. Martin Soulfully Sings the 'Firefly' Theme, and It Will F*cking Blow You Away

Smart Girls At The Party: Amy Poehler Interviews 'Broad City' Creators

The Most Confusing Trailer of 2015: 'Last Knights'

Conan Issues A Robert Durst Alert, Stumbles On Hilarity

Killing Time Before 'Orphan Black' Returns With Some Everyday Cosplay and Extended Clips

'First and Final Frames" Perfectly Captures the Symmetry of Cinema

Rough Week? Take Some Life Coaching From Cookie Monster

What If Hannah Horvath Wrote For 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'?

This Stop Motion 'Jurassic Park Proves You Can Do Anything With Dedication, Teamwork, and $100,000 Worth of Legos

John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick Will Blow You Away in the Trailer for Fallon's 'Lip Sync Battle'

Your Morning Rage: Scumbag Dad Teaches His 5 Year Old How to Be an Asshole

Miles Teller Might Be The Best Catchphrase Player Ever

Answered: What If Veronica Mars Were Undead?

Finally A Likable Nick Kroll: 'Adult Beginner' Trailer

The Women of 'Orange Is the New Black' Remind You They Could Sing (And Shiv) You Under the Table

Shut It Down, People: Little Moppets Dubbed Over The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer (Including Sound Effects)

This 'Game of Thrones'/'Princess Bride' Mash-up Is A Bit Of Brilliance

This Presidential Installment of 'Mean Tweets' Doesn't Have One Benghazi Reference. Thanks, Obama!

This Full Interview Will Make You Love 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Even More

'The Daily Show' Asks How F*cked Up Is That? Takes On The SAE Video and MSNBC

Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Lose Their Sh*t Over Jon Stewart

"Amazon Prime For Women," Giving Women What They Deserve

Amy Schumer Is a Damn National Treasure. A Sexy, Honest, Foulmouthed Treasure

Here's the 'Mindy Project' Scene With Stephen Colbert That Was Too Funny To Air (For Real)

'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Trailer: The Gods Demand Justice

Farmers Don't Give a F*ck About Daylight Savings Time, So Why Does It Still Exist?

Watch Paul Rudd Baby Bird Another Man's Pre-Chewed Food For Charity (It's Disgusting)

No One Has Better Ideas Than Patton Oswalt: How Do We Make His 'Unbreakable' Sequels Happen?

Eliza Coupe Has Come Back To Us: 'The Last Time You Had Fun' Trailer

Watch Bob Barker and Adam Sandler Provoke Each Other Into Another Brawl

Watch Edgar Wright Drool Over the Criterion DVD Closet

You Definitely Want to Watch This Super Weird, Offensive 'Back to the Future' Deleted Scene

Paul Scheer Generously Shared a Terrible Sketch From Way Before He Was Famous

Here's the Original Short 'Whiplash' With J.K. Simmons Still Being Feature-Level Terrifying

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets from Furious Anti-Vaxxers, Who Compare Him to Cosby Drugging Women

Start Your Tuesday Right With This Awesome Supercut of Women Kicking A**

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Clarkson Perform a 'History of Duets'

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality Again, This Time To Dense Republicans

Watch The Fantastic '50 Shades of Grey' Sketch Inexplicably Cut From This Week's 'SNL'

'Bob's Burgers' Has Given Us the Absolutely Perfect Cat Pun-Filled 'Game of Thrones' Parody

Let's Watch Natalie Dormer Make Out with a Bunch of People in Hozier's New Video

Mental Illness The Love Story: 'Infinitely Polar Bear' Trailer

Watch Meryl Streep's Cut Original Song From 'Into the Woods'

Dancing Sam Rockwell Gives Us The Sexiest Music Video In the History of Music Videos

Pedro Pascal Adorably Recounts Shooting That Game of Thrones Orgy Scene with Charles Dance

What the Hell Is Happening In Amy Poehler's Unaired '90s Hacker Pilot?

Fake Movies Inside of Real Movies Get Collected Into A Really Pleasing Supercut

Andy Threatens Dr. Saperstein Liam Neeson-Style and Other Things We Learned from the Extended 'Parks and Rec' Finale

Grumpy Old, White Guy Schools Small-Town Racists In Texas

Neill Blomkamp Confirms Ripley Will Be in New 'Alien' Film; Sigourney Weaver Wants Proper Ending

Amy Schumer Is The Worst Hipster Drug Dealer In the Worst Cop Procedural Ever

'SNL' Promo: Dakota Johnson May Just Be the Next Great Host of 'Saturday Night Live'

Watch the 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Toast Each Other on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Jon Stewart Defends Bill O'Reilly In The Best Way Possible

Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek Will Make You Love the Power Rangers, There's No Way Around It

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'Eaten Alive' Not Intended To Be A Factual Statment

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Someone Figured Out the Problem With the 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer: Not Enough 'Flight of the Conchords'

'SNL' Made the Perfect Commentary on Ferguson... And Then Cut It Out of the Show

Cameron Diaz "Sings" In Annie Clip That Physically Pains Us

The Lovely, Pregnant Kristen Bell Eats Peanut Butter Straight Outta the Jar on 'The Late, Late Show'

'The Daily Show' Just Got A Little More Bow Chicka Bow Wow With Trevor Noah

Tina Fey Hilariously Called Out Bill Cosby for Rape Allegations on 'SNL.' In 2005.

Taylor Swift's Next Unescapable Hit Comes Courtesy Of Screeching Comedian Billy Eichner

Jon Stewart on the Eric Garner Case: 'I Honestly Don't Know What To Say'

The New 'Orphan Black' Promo Knows What We Want: More Alison Being a Badass

Watch Tom Cruise Almost Get Hit By a Bus in London

Relevant to Our Interests: Alexandra Daddario Teaches Us How to Date Her

Jane Krakowski's Fake 'Peter Pan Live!' Audition Is Likely to Be 100x More Entertaining Than the Actual Show

George Clooney Fits In Perfectly to 'Downton Abbey.' A Little TOO Perfectly

Stephen Colbert Shuts Down Three-way Lightsaber Controversy, Schools Nerf Herders

This Drag Queen Makes "Let It Go" Freshly Funny And Fierce (Natch)

When Even Mike And Saul Just Aren't Enough: 'Better Call Saul' Preview

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The Best MST3K Shorts on YouTube to Rock Your Turkey Day, You Turkeys

This Mario Brothers-Themed 'Dancing With the Stars' Routine Is Way Better Than It Has Any Right to Be

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P*ssy Eater: Jennifer Aniston Destroys Lisa Kudrow in a Celebrity Curse-Off

John Oliver on the Absurdity of the Presidential Pardoning of Turkeys

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Stanley Kubrick Really, REALLY Loved the Color Red

A Frisky Riker and a Cursing Picard: The 'Star Trek: TNG' Gag Reel Has It All

The Most Satisfying Thing You'll See Today: A Poet Ripped Bill Cosby a New Asshole 7 Years Ago

Listen to the Great Story of How Robin Williams Became Mork from Ork

Stephen Colbert Broke Character Just Long Enough to Share a Nice Moment with Guest Jon Stewart

Jason Bateman's 'Kimmel' Appearence Proves He Should Have Been Sexiest Man Alive

'Imagine' Gets the Star-Studded 'We Are The World' Treatment for UNICEF

This Installment Of Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves' Was Straight-Up Ruthless

Key and Peele Expose the Dark, Darkest, Way Too Dark Side of Competitive Aerobics

Try Not to Pee Yourselves, But the 'Game of Thrones' Video Game Trailer Is Here and It's Amazing

No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be In Space: The 'Guardians' and 'Friends' Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

A Sparkly New 'Into the Woods' Featurette Gives Us What We Want: More Singing, More Meryl

End Your Day the Perfect Way: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Blooper Reel, Plus Free Soundtrack!

Why on Earth Was Aidy Bryant's Spectacular Spectacular Cut From Last Week's 'SNL'?

Courtney Love and Dave Grohl Bonded Again Over a Pair of Boobs

CNN's Don Lemon's Idiotic Rape Prevention Advice? Just Bite It.

Jessica Williams Can't Stop, Won't Stop Kicking 'Daily Show' Ass

Janice Dickinson Adds Her Own Story to the Bill Cosby Rape Accusations

Kristen Bell Is Smearing Her Unapologetically Peppy Christmas Spirit All Over Your Tiny Grinch Hearts

Leave It to 'The View' to Be F*cking Terrible About Bill Cosby's Accusers

Here's the Frozen/Breaking Bad Mashup We Always Wanted: Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?

And That's How 'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Baby Groot Was Born...

James Franco and Seth Rogen Will Be Naked and Afraid

Seth Meyer's Aaron Sorkin Double-Parody Sketch Is Pure Meta Brilliance

They Are Gallaghers, But What If Gallaghers Are Bad People? 'Shameless' Season 5 Promo

Watch Hannibal Buress' Scathing Restaurant Reviews

Benedict Cumberbatch Is the Best At Impressions. At Everything. At Life

Behold The Epic Rap Battle Between The Two Most Famous Busting Squads: Myth and Ghost

Looking For a Way to Get Your 'Serial' Fix In the Long Weeks Between Episodes? We've Got You Covered

Conan O'Brien Does Not React Well to Adam Pally's Revolting Poop Story

Maybe Adam Sandler's Most Unforgivable Movie Yet: 'The Cobbler' Trailer

16-Bit James Gunn is Adorable: First Look at 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Blu-Ray Special Features and Clips

Jennifer Lawrence Hijacks Letterman Interview, Does 'Fat Guy in a Little Coat'

Proof That Marion Cotillard Can Sell Us Anything. Anything At All

Can Conan Save 'Sons of Anarchy'?

Woody Harrelson's SNL Promos Put The Fun In Funny. But Please Be Funny Also.

Sorry Rap Industry, You Will Never Produce Anything Better Than This Incredible Transgender Child

The Dark Side: Watch Princess Leia Walk Ten Hours in New York City

It Looks Like Weird Al Found a Way to Balance Out All Those Free Videos

Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! Colbert Covers Dewitos

Because Parenthood Wasn't Terrifying Enough: 'Hungry Hearts' Trailer

Megyn Kelly Accidentally Calls Mike Huckabee 'Fuckabee' And It's Funny Because It's True

John Oliver Exposed What a Sham State Lotteries Are in the 'Last Week Tonight' Final 2014 Episode

This Needs More Rafi: 'Togetherness' Trailer

The New 'Orphan Black' Promo Is Here and It Is Creepy as All Hell

If You Want to Freak Out Your Stoned Friends, Show Them Tim And Eric's Ad for Totinos Pizza Rolls

Adult Swim's 'Too Many Cooks' Should Come With a Trigger Warning For General Insanity

This British Christmas Ad Will Melt Your Cold Heart With Love and Presents and Penguins

The Latest GoldieBlox Ad Literally Destroys Barbie-Doll Mold

Actually 'The Real World: Skeletons' Will Be As Explosively Predictable As Usual

Watch Kids Go Into Rage Spirals After Their Parents Tell Them They Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Cameron Esposito, Your Next Favorite Comedian, Answers All Your Scissoring-Related Questions

John Oliver and Nick Offerman Give Us the World's Best Home Depot Employee

Here is the Saddest, Most Horrifying Political Ad Ever Created

The 'Fast & Furious 7' Trailer Arrives, and It Does Not Give a Sh*t About Physics

The New Season of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' Has a Kickass Trailer to Tide You Over

Behold, the Single Greatest Creation to Ever Come Out of Halloween

And Now, 'Gone Girl' Reenacted by Kittens, Because It's What We NEED Right Now

Naked Fights, Creepy Kids in Masks, Orgies: Netflix's 'Marco Polo' Has Everything

Watching Ellen Degeneres Scare the Pants Off Her Guests Never Gets Old

Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' 'Alphabet Aerobics'; THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

I Don't Care What Benedict Cumberbatch Is Selling With This Shakespearean Soliloquy, I'll Buy Three

Amy Poehler's 'Parks and Rec' Finale Fantasy Plans Involve Arson, Awesomeness

Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battles are the Most Wonderful Videos Ever Posted on the Internet

Daniel Radcliffe Refuses to Not Be a Perfect Human Being In Every Interview Ever

You Don't Have to Care About Baseball to Appreciate This Beautiful World Series Tribute to Robin Williams

OK Go Does It Again With Another Incredible, Mindhole-Blowing Music Video

Kate Hudson's Spot-On Matthew McConaughey Impression Will Make Your Monday Morning 'Alright'

Watching Passengers in the Dallas Airport Tackle a Vicious Homophobe Is a Good Reminder Not to Mess with Texas!

'The Gambler' Red Band Trailer

LeVar Burton Changes Up Storytime; Watch Him Read 'Go the F*ck to Sleep'

John Oliver Takes on the Sugar Industry in an Eye-Opening Report

Behold, the Power of the Internet: Here's the 'Avengers: Age of Pinocchio' Mashup We Desperately Needed

Happy Nightmaring, Courtesy of 'Key and Peele's' Terrifying Make-a-Wish Sketch

Watch Dana Carvey's Hysterical, Dead-On 'Walking Dead' Rick and Hershel Impressions

'Between Two Ferns' with Brad Pitt and Special Guest Louis C.K.

Air New Zealand Has Made the Self-Proclaimed 'Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made'

The Pickpocket In This Week's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is Known in Real-Life as Best Pickpocket in the World

Bill Murray Doesn't Have a F**king Clue What's Going on with His Christmas Special, Except That It's Happening!

This Theatrical Ode to Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf Is Perfection

Werner Herzog Yelling at Patton Oswalt is Educational AND Amazing

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Moves Like Dragon In This 'Desolation of Smaug' Behind the Scenes Clip

Chris Pine, Vampire Lawyer: The Role He Was Born to Play

The New 'Marcel the Shell' Video Is Like a Tiny Hug Straight Your Heart

Ian McKellen Dons His Gandalf Hat, and Positively Thrills a Group of Schoolchildren

Russell Brand Is the Equivalent of Political Celebrity Herpes

Elisabeth Moss Is the Master of Verbal Ass Kickings

'Shameless' Season 5 Promo: Look, Frank's Hair Is Back!

Megan Amram and Nick Offerman May Not Know Much About Science, But They Know How to Make It Sexy

FYI: 'Family Feud' Is Not an Suitable Place to Belittle Your Husband's Penis

This Honest Trailer Is the Best Thing About 'Fight Club'

'Sex Ed' Trailer: This Clears Up Nothing

Zac Brown and the Foo Fighters Ripped the Roof off the Dump on Letterman Last Night

John Oliver Finally Finds a Target Worthy of His Rage

About the Time Nick Kroll Absolutely Blew It In Front of His Idol, Bill Murray

You Can Never Have Too Much of Nasim Pedrad's Aziz Ansari Impression

How Is Every Single 'Game of Thrones' Character Not Dead From Alcohol Poisoning?

Watch Fascinatingly Candid Video of the 'Gone Girl' Cast Talking About Making a Fincher Film

'Stay With Me' Parody: Damian from 'Mean Girls' Gets It Right

Key and Peele Sketch Hilariously Demonstrates the Problem with Texting

I'm Predicting the Best Episode of the Season: Bill Hader's SNL Promo

Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Superior Acting Skills with An Intense Staredown

The Damn Cheerios Commercial That Made My Wife Cry

'I Should Be In That Chair': Bee and Jones Fill In For an Ill Stewart

Edgar Wright Tries His Hand at Directing Pharrell Williams' Hat

In the Single Greatest Act of Reality TV Pandering Ever, Carlton Does the Carlton

The 'Bob's Burgers' Perfect Porn Parody Has Puns, Zombies, and So Many Butts

Watch Jeff Goldblum Inexplicably Play Good Cop/Bad Cop With Inanimate Objects

The Behind-the-Scenes Footage of a Brooklyn Decker/Patrick Wilson Sex Scene Is Incredibly Awkward

Vince Gilligan Pulls Us Back in with This Clue-Laden, Foot-Stomping 'Better Call Saul' Music Video

Jessica Williams Is Back With More Tips on Avoiding Catcalling

About That Time Sarah Silverman Stabbed a Senator in the Head

A Shot for Shot Breakdown of Why David Fincher Is the F*cking Master

Channing Tatum Is a Dog Apparently: 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer

Finally! It's the Tina Belcher Butt-Centric Techno Remix We've Been Waiting For

Watch Letterman Give Bill O'Reilly a Foolproof First Date Compatibility Quiz

New 'Horrible Bosses' Trailer. Maybe That's Enough Now.

Ben Affleck Blasts Jon Stewart for Spoiling 'Gone Girl'

Bill Burr's Views on How Women Are Ruining Football Make Conan O'Brien (and Every Other Sane Human) VERY Uncomfortable

Adam Levine Thinks Stalking Is Totally Hot

Prepare to Have John Oliver Terrify the Sh*t Out of You: Drones Edition

Badass American Hero Denzel Washington Wins Box Office, Shows Off Dance Moves

How Many Attempts Does Eric Bolling Need to Get an Apology Right?

Watch Derek Jeter's First Ever Appearance on David Letterman's 'The Late Show'

Nathan Lane Gets in a Brawl with Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

'The Daily Show' Tweaks Washington Redskins Segment To Reflect Disgruntled Participants' Complaints

Watch Bill Hader Do Endearing Impressions of His 'SNL' Castmates

An NFL Player We Can Cheer For: Devon Still Gives His 4 Year Old Daughter a Pre-Surgery, Fist-Bumping Pep Talk

For [email protected]!&'s Sake, 'Celebrity Prankster' Makes Me Defend Kimye

Die Laughing at 'The Walking Dead' Bad Lip Reading Parody

Ridley Scott Says There'll Be No Xenomorphs in 'Prometheus 2,' But No Worries, We'll See How David Gets His Head Back On

This Cross-Gendered Sia/Star Wars Mashup Is Everything the Internet Was Made For

Idris Elba...Sings? 'No Good Deed' Actor Announces 'Mandela' Inspired Album

This Supercut of Bruce Wayne's Parents Dying Is Like the Most Depressing 'Groundhog Day' Ever

What in God's Name Has Happened to Rob Lowe?

The Chris Pratt SNL Promo Is Funnier Than Half the Episodes Last Season

Get Over Your True Detective News Depression with Matthew McConaughey and Ellen DeGeneres

Key & Peele Give Out Some Much-Needed Gay Wedding Advice

Join Me Falling in Love with a Gay Man Right Now

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Feminism, Women Against Feminism and His Mom

Could I BE Feeling Any Older This Week? 'Friends' Turns 20

Because Of Course James Spader Explains Comic-Con Through Sexual Metaphor

Finally, an 'Everyone Poops' For Grownups

Wait, I Agree with Cartman? A New 'South Park' Commercial Takes Aim at the Redskins

John Oliver Runs the Numbers on Miss America's Sleazy, Misleading Scholarship Claims

'F*ck It, I Quit,' News Reporter Says Live on Air After Revealing Her Cannabis Connections

Emma Watson's UN Address, and Why 'Feminists' Matter

New Clips, and Should You Read Gillian Flynn's 'Gone Girl' Before You See Fincher's Film?

Naked Seth Rogen and James Franco Jump Out of a Cake to Present Jimmy Fallon with the Best 40th Birthday Present Ever

Dax Shepard Talks About His 5 Freebies List. Spoiler: Every Spot Is Filled With Brad Pitt

Let the Sexiest Among Us Speak Out Against Sexual Assault

Michael Che Gets the Brief, Almost Kinda Emotional 'Daily Show' Farewell He Deserves

Still Upset About That Mandatory U2 Album? Conan Has the Solution

Heartbroken Man Waits In Line for 2 Days For an iPhone 6 To Win His Wife of 20 Years Back

Kaley Cuoco Addresses Stolen Photos on 'Kimmel' and Briefly Wins Internet

Benedict Cumberbatch Wins For the Best Al Pacino Impression of All Time

Trigger Warning for Cuteness: Tina Fey Talking About Her SNL Baby Playdate May Destroy You

Jimmy Fallon Confronts the Poor State of the World the Only Way He Knows How: By Ignoring It Head-On

Craig Ferguson Reveals His Worst Ever 'The Late Late Show' Guest

Racist or Alien? Watch the First Clip from the Fourth Season Premiere of 'Key and Peele'

Jon Stewart Rages over the NFL's Mishandling of ... Everything

Jimmy Fallon's Latest Lip Sync Battle Pits Gwen Stefani Against Blake Shelton

Watch Bill Hader Be a Master of EVERYTHING in This Supercut of All His SNL Impressions

OTP BFFs Forever: Why Isn’t ‘Broad City’ Back On Yet?

Craig Ferguson and Peter Capaldi Were Once in a Punk Band Called 'The Dreamboys' Together

Timothy Olyphant Showed Up on Conan in Shorts and Flip Flops, Completely Flips Our Perception

Watch a Young Jordan Peele Ask Then-President Bill Clinton What He's Going to Do About Deadbeat Dads

Neil Patrick Harris' Book Trailer Chooses All His Own Adventures at Once

Bryan Cranston On His Greatest Acting Challenge: This Terrible One-Man Show About Baseball and 'Looney Toons'

Conan Reveals SNL's Nasim Pedrad's Unaired, Boner-Erasing Aziz Ansari Impression

Fallon Adorably Lives out All His Fantasies Duetting with Barbra Streisand

Ellen and Kristen Wiig Attempt to Sing the Worst Ever 'Frozen' Tribute, But Fall Short On Account of Too Much Talent

5 'Daily Shows' Clips that Prove Michael Che Will Own 'Weekend Update'

Allison Janney and Anna Faris Tackle the 'American Ninja Warrior' Obstacle Course, Only One Kicks Its Ass

Boobs Beat Blood: A Brief But Infuriating History of Film Censorship

David Letterman Could Not Be More Thrilled to Have Billy Eichner Screaming in His Face

CBS' James Brown Makes a Fantastic Pre-Game Statement on Domestic Violence

Andrew Garfield's Beard Has a Secret Special Talent and it is Disgusting

Janelle Monae Just Rocked the Ever Loving Sh*t Right Out of 'Sesame Street'

Jon Stewart to the NFL on Ray Rice Situation: 'You Done Fucked Up!'

Ellen Degeneres Confronts Channing Tatum With His Biggest Fear, And He Freaks The Hell Out

Mike Tyson Doesn't Want to Be Reminded That He Raped Somebody, Curses Out Reporter on Live Television

La Winslet's Finally Back in Period Costume for Alan Rickman's 'A Little Chaos'

Jeff Goldblum Has Some Lyrics to the 'Jurassic Park' Theme Song That He Would Like to Sing for You

Tragedy Plus Time Equals Adoration: The World F**king Loves Britney Spears Again

Kelly Ripa Is Quite Sure that 10 Inches Would Fit Inside Her, Uh, 'Purse'

Keith Richards Tells Fallon the Spectacular Story of Chuck Berry Punching Him in the Face

Even If You've Lost Interest in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' a FitzSimmons-Centric Deleted Scene Is Never a Bad Thing

Mel Brooks Talks About Joan Rivers and Makes Nazi Jokes. Because He's Mel Brooks and He's Allowed to Do That

Watch Jimmy Fallon's 'Family Feud' Segment Go Completely, Spectacularly Off the Rails

Chris Evans Confirms 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Rumors, and Says Keep Your Hands off My Captain America Shield

You Don't Seem Angry Enough. John Oliver Will Fix That With This Segment on Student Debt

Channing Tatum Shares His Special Penis-Based Way of Saying Hello

So Many Dick Jokes: 'Play It Again, Dick' Teaser

Reminder: Justin Theroux Was the Breakdancing DJ in Zoolander

Anna Kendrick Has Sexy Times and a Flagrant Disregard For Road Safety in the First Clip From 'The Last Five Years'

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel Honor Joan Rivers the Best Way Possible: By Being Really Mean to Each Other

Gisele Bündchen Kicks Ass As She Wants: The 'Skinny Model' Shows Off Her (Super) Power

We Know There's Not A Plot: 'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer

Tywin Lannister Gives Rugby Players A Speech So Rousing I Just Bear Tackled My Laptop

NFL Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves on Jimmy Kimmel

All the Pretty...White People: Watch Ridley Scott's 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' EPIC Featurette

Terry Crews Has a Lot of Feelings Buried Under All Those Muscles

Unlikely Spokesman Rust Cohle Will Burrow Into Your Soul to Sell You a New Car

You Must Address the Flopping Schlong: Conan Is Forced to Ask 'The Leftovers'' Justin Theroux About His Package

Gwendoline Christie Is Seriously the Coolest, Most Delightful Lady on the Goddamn Planet

I Know Who I Am, But Who Are You? Gwen Stefani Discusses Colbort- Gate on 'Late Night'

Seth Meyers Takes On the Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal and Victim Blaming Jackasses

How Are You Still Not Getting This? 'The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Tells Us Why Catcalling Is Never a Compliment

Benedict Cumberbatch Accepts His GQ Best Actor Award Delightfully Drunk

Mandy Patinkin Tells Stephen Colbert He Plans to 'Balance His Participation In This World' By Running For Prime Minister of Israel

That Picture's Yours for Free, BTW: Conan Hacks the Nude Celebrity Hacker Back

Adam Levine's Impression of Michael Jackson Singing the 'Sesame Street' Theme is N-U-T-S

John Oliver Visits the Rancid, Leaking Bowel of the Internet: A YouTube Comments Section

He Is Groot: The Most Amazing Dragon Con 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cosplayer You'll Ever See

A Return to Normalcy: Ukrainian Rap Tribute to "Die Hard"

John Oliver Delves Into YouTube Comments, Comes Out Smelling Like Comedy

How Much Hiddleston Can You Handle? Here's All of Loki's Marvel Footage in One Film

Is the World Feeling Like an Extra Sh*tty Place to Live This Summer? Here's a Singing Volcano

Jimmy Kimmel Had to Explain to America What Acting Is and How Television Works

It's a 'Party Down' Gag Reel! Hulu Is Determined to Make Sure We ARE Having Fun Yet

The Kind You Don't Take Home to Mother: 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Reveals Its First Cast Photo

'No Country for Old Men' Meets 'Mad Max': 'Young Ones' Trailer

Getting to Know SNL's Sasheer Zamata

Just a Heads Up, We Now Live In a World Where David Fincher Is Directing Gap Ads

Today in Internet Blessings: Carell and Colbert's Vintage Second City Video

The One Where Kimmel Recreates Friends with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow

Amy Poehler Gives the Best Possible Description of What It's Like to Be a Woman

More Proof That Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel's Break Up Is Better Than Most Relationships

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News with an Excellent Segment on Ferguson

During His Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Today Was Officially Declared 'Phil Hartman Day'

The Only Funny Thing About Weird Al's Emmy Appearance Was George R. R. Martin

Watch Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson Joke About 'True Detective's' Plagiarism Accusations

Watch a Stoned Sarah Silverman Fondle Herself on the Emmy Red Carpet

John Oliver's Incredible Takedown of Piñatas Will Blow Your Mind, Change Your Life, and Other Hyperbole As Well

Vince Gilligan Is a Damn Tease: A New 'Better Call Saul' Promo Has Lots of Questions, Zero Answers

Maybe Our Little Girl Is Finally Growing Up: Miley Cyrus' VMA Win Accepted by Homeless Man

2014 VMAs The Political Edition: Common Calls for Moment of Silence

Olivia Wilde Deftly Takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge and People Who Are Afraid of Nipples, All at Once

It's a Zack Attack on Your Senses: Here's An Extended Clip From the Unauthorized 'Saved By the Bell' Movie

Haters Gon' Hate: Lena Dunham('s Stunt Double) Is Back With a 'Girls' Season 4 Teaser

Captain America Chris Evans Wins the Ice Bucket Challenge Award for Best Dressed

Watch the 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Laugh Their *BLEEP* Faces Off in the New Season 6 Gag Reel

There Can Only Be One 'Best Ice Bucket Challenge' Video. This One Is It

Pierce Brosnan's AMA Reveals He Turned Down 'Batman,' and Had No Problem Killing Sean Bean

Proof That Nick Offerman Can Make Any Dumb Words Sound Like Indisputable Curmudgeon Gospel

Jimmy Fallon Fulfills Every Boy's Dream, Proves He's Better at Something Than James Bond

Put Down Your Coffee and Watch This Crazy Cat Who Loves Riding on a Roomba; Don't Even Ask What the Dog and Duckling Think

The 'Guardians' Gang Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge; Zoe Saldana Sidesteps with an Announcement

The Foo Fighters Just Topped All the Ice Bucket Challenge Videos, Hands Down

No, I'm the King: Watch These Spunky Kids Do 'Game of Thrones,' 'True Detective' and 'House of Cards' Parody Scenes

Bill Burr Goes on Anti-Ice Bucket Challenge Rant. Let's Assume This Is Pedro Pascal's Response

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's 'Barely Legal Pawn' Is the Greatest Fake Reality Show to Ever Not Actually Exist

Bill Cosby Stole Fallon's Show, and We'd All Be Okay If He Didn't Give it Back, Right?

David Letterman's Tribute to Robin Williams Will Make You Cry

Europe's Strongest Man is 'Game of Thrones'' Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane

Hiddleston, Hemsworth and RDJ Lead the Avengers Ice Bucket Challenge, but Dave Bautista Proves He Rules the Galaxy

Amy Schumer's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is... Weird. And Gross. And Awesome

Charlie Sheen Sucks At Everything, Especially the Ice Bucket Challenge

John Oliver Covers Ferguson with a Skillful Blend of Humor and Outrage

Who Am I to Disagree? 'Doctor Who' Series 8 Will Feature This Awesome Fan-Created Opening

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood as Bill Clinton: That's Three Levels Deep Of Weird

Look, I Don't Give a Crap About Football Video Games, But I DO Give a Crap About Dave Franco

Today in Honest Interviews: Stallone Didn't Want to Be In 'Star Wars' and Yes, He Really Does Hate Schwarzenegger

You'll Trip Over Your Own Feet When You Hear Whose *Spoiler* Was Captured for That Last 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Scene

Yahoo's New Teaser Promises 'Community' Season Six Will Be Better, Stronger, Faster

Mickey Rourke Let Seth Meyers Dump a Garbage Can of Ice on Him, Possibly While Wearing Jeggings

Broadway's 'Aladdin' Honors Robin Williams, While Two Audience Members in 'Book of Mormon' Honor Their Own Genitalia

Watch Ian McKellen Give a Supersweet 'Star Trek' Themed Engagement Assist

Rewind: Chris Pratt Demonstrates How He's Been Dancing and Charming His Way Through Hollywood Since 'Everwood'

Your Evening Heartmelting: Watch Robin Williams and His Wonderful Mother Laugh Their Asses Off

Jimmy Fallon Has Taken His Silly TV Parodies to a New Level With 'House of Cue Cards'

Goddamnit! He's Not 'That Guy from That Thing'! He's a Person. With FEELINGS.

It Had Been a Few Hours Since Fox News Had to Apologize for Anything Stupid, So They Called Michelle Obama Fat

Conan and Will Arnett Emotionally React to Robin Williams' Death

Watching Maisie Williams Watch 'Saved By the Bell' Will Make You Feel Older Than Mr. Belding

Peyton And Eli Going Viral Must Mean The NFL Is Coming

This Is Not What Sex Positivity Looks Like: The 'Two Night Stand' Trailer

AMC Premieres Its First 'Better Call Saul' Teaser

The Single Worst Thing About the Entire 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Movie Series

First Look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Man on Wire Phillipe Petit in 'The Walk'

Here's the F**king Unedited Version Of That F**king Scene in 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale

Christina Hendricks Continues Her "Hey, Shouldn't Things Be Better For Women By Now?" Campaign

Michael Fassbender Proves That Even When Hiding His Face, He's Still Too Sexy For Public Consumption

There Are Sex Scene Stories, And Then There Are Lizzy Caplan's Sex Scene Stories

Sarah Paulson Talks Being Game for Sex with Snakes, and Shooting the Most Awkward 'American Horror' Story Scene Ever

Eva Green Doesn't Get the Fuss Over Her Banned 'Sin City' Poster

Hillary Clinton Drops in on Colbert to Show Him the Trick She Learned from George Lucas

Watch These 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Bloopers Because There's Nothing Like a Giggly Superhero

The Cast of 'Orange Is the New Black' Took Over 'Conan,' and it Was Marvelous

Miami Marlins' Mascot Stars in Own 'Star Wars' Trailer

Laverne Cox Doesn't Want to Marry Jason Biggs, But Not For Any of the Reasons the Rest of Us Don't Want to Marry Jason Biggs

'Jarhead 2' Trailer. Why? Just Why?

Chris Pratt's Perfect Humanness Now Involves Psychic Abilities

For the Geek on the Go: Every Marvel Easter Egg Shoved Into One Video

John Oliver Hilariously Takes on Buzzfeed's Brand of Journalism, aka Native Advertising

George R. R. Martin Finally Admits the Pressure Gets to Him; Talks His Writing Process, Ethics, and HBO's 'Game of Thrones'

'Guardians of the Galaxy,' Now in LEGO Form. Because Why Not?

Aubrey Plaza's 'Daily Show' Interview Had a Level of Weirdness Suitable to Aubrey Plaza

In the Orlando Bloom and Justin Beiber Conflict, Stephen Colbert Stands as the Sole Voice Of Reason

Letterman Celebrates 'Seinfeld's' 25th Anniversary By Illustrating that Julia Louis Dreyfus Is a Beautiful Witch that Never Ages

Julia Roberts Takes Jimmy Fallon's Balls to the Face

Poor Anna Paquin Has to Explain Bisexuality to Larry King

Funny or Die's Imagined Version of David Lynch Is Still Not as Weird as Actual David Lynch

Warning: Vin Diesel Singing Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' May Induce Second Puberty

'NBC Nightly News' Might Have The Best Straight Man This Side Of Ben Wyatt

Russell Brand Calls Sean Hannity a Ken Doll and a Terrorist; Nobody Argues

Oh, You Thought You Loved Chris Pratt Before? Watch Him Answer Some Questions On Marvel Fanfic

Watch Vin Diesel Tell Us He's Groot In Every Damn Language

'Game of Thrones'' Original Flavor Myrcella Actress Aimee Richardson Has the Best Ever Reaction to Being Recast

Poker Player Lost $1 Million with History's Unluckiest Flop, Turn, and River

Jimmy Fallon Uses the '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer to Scare the Sh*t Out of The Roots

Clayton Kershaw Hit Jimmy Kimmel in the Face with a Baseball and It Was Very Satisfying

Just Watch It: Here's Naked Charlie Hunnam with the Best Comic-Con Absence Explanation You've Ever Seen

Joss Whedon Talks Fillion, 'Guardians,' and Hints at Another Female 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Character

This Is Literally The Best Thing You've Ever Seen: Rob Lowe's Shark Week Promo

John Oliver's Expose on Nuclear Weapons Will Scare Your Sh*t's Sh*t

Really, Does Anybody's Doctor Actually Look Like That? 'The Knick' Trailer

A Gloriously Bearded Jon Hamm...s It Up with Jimmy Fallon as Fellow Food-Spitting Pet Patrolmen

Halle-Effin-Lujah! You'll Never Guess Why George R. R. Martin Is Not Writing a Season 5 'Game of Thrones' Episode

The 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Gag Reel Hints at What a 'Game of Thrones' Musical Might Look Like

Watch Your Favorite Miniature Ninja Warrior Annihilate Comic-Con's Assassin's Creed Experience

Crusty Morgan Freeman Gives a 'Very Undignified' Interview on Helium on 'The Tonight Show'

'Firefly Online' Releases Footage and Announces Entire Cast Is Reuniting; Oh, and There's a Little Cameo You Might Like

Pedro Pascal Checked Out Ommegang's Latest 'Game of Thrones' Brew at Comic-Con, and Made a Video Just for Me

Mads Forgot How to Tie a Tie, Fishburne Gags: The 'Hannibal' Blooper Reel Is Bloody Good Fun, and Excellent Season 3 Details Emerge

Key & Peele Take on Stan Lee's Lack of Relevancy, Cause Comic-Con Riots (We Assume)

15 Years Later, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch's Perfect Two-Woman Show Has Hit the Internet

Kristen Bell's Mary Poppins Doesn't Work For Free, You Ungrateful Minimum Wage Paying Brats

As If You Needed a Reason to Love Tatiana Maslany Any More, Here She Is Doing Some 'Shaun of the Dead' Cosplay

Robin Wright Takes Sexiest Woman Alive to New Level While Playing Turn and Face the Music with Jimmy Fallon

Hodor Speaks! Kristian Nairn Talks Warg, Neck Strength and the 'Wed Redding'

Kids Say The Darndest Things. Like [email protected] and C*&#sucker

Watch Chris Pratt Prove That He Really is the Master of the French Braid

Johnny Knoxville Gets So Much Delight Out of F**king with Angela from 'The Office'

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Co-Stars Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper Met for the First Time on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Our 'True Detective' Season 3 Nomination: Conan and Franco in the Tinder Van (Bonus Footage)

Weird Al's Final Video Has Enough Buzzwords to Drown a Startup

'Star Wars VII' Revealed to Be J.J. Abrams' Shallow, Cynical Attempt to Exploit Our Nostalgia to Help Needy Children

Jon Oliver Tackles the Broken, Corrupt Prison System, But Will Anyone Care?

The Best Thing You'll See Today: Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco Are Just Two Bros Cruising Tinder Together

Richard Linklater Has Some Sound Advice for How to Deal with People Who Talk and Text During Movies

Remembering Elaine Stritch, A Vodka Stinger To the Very End

Weird Al Takes On Fox Business, Which Is Maybe the Weirdest Thing He's Ever Done

Watch: The Hidden Easter Egg in 'Her' Is That Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead is a Terrifying Meth Muppet

Emma Stone Could Not Be Lovelier Than She Was Talking Ghosts and What a 'Nightmare' Colin Firth Is With Letterman

This Teeny Tiny Super Soldier Is the Warrior We Need, But I Don't Know How We Could Possibly Deserve Her

Foil Hats For Everyone! Weird Al Continues to Put Happiness In Our Hearts With His Week of Videos

Jon Stewart to Hillary Clinton: No One Cares About Your Book, Just Tell Us If You're Running for President

Weird Al's Even Newer Video Hits Us Right In Our Pedantic Hearts

Hot Men with Accents Being Earnest: Cumberbatch, Farrell, McAvoy and Dancy Give Their Best Acting Tips

The Mother-of-Jon Snow Theory Explained for 'Games of Thrones' Laity

Jenny Lewis Has Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larson (and Their Drag Counterparts) In 'Just One of the Guys'

If ESPN Won't Hire Dan Rydell, This Is The Least They Can Do For Us: Metallica's 'SportsCenter' Commercial

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Careful Technical Precision Required for a Wild 'Orphan Black' Dance Party

Weird Al Has Spent Three Decades Painstakingly Cultivating His Own Tackiness. This Is His Magnum Opus

John Oliver Reads a Certain Former President's 'Smutty F*ck Notes'

When 'Cheers' Meets 'True Blood,' Maybe You Don't Want Everybody to Know Your Name

Keri Russell and Seth Meyers Discuss the Indisputable Similarities Between 'Planet of the Apes' and 'Felicity'

John Legend's New Music Video with Laverne Cox Is Powerful, Incredible, Touching

Is Jimmy Fallon a Genius? Dana Carvey's Orchestra Backed Rendition of 'Choppin' Broccoli'

This Japanese Doctor Who Parody Is Everything You're Hoping It Will Be

'Life After Beth' Trailer: Aubrey Plaza at Her Aubrey Plaza-est

Jason Mantzoukas Casually Explains How It's Possible for Several Men to Get the Same Woman Pregnant

David Letterman Walked Out On a Joan Rivers' Interview (On His Own Show)

Russell Crowe Directed (and Stars in) a Slightly Pornish Music Video, and 4 Other Actors You Didn't Know Directed for the MTV Crowd

Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young Sings Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' with Crosby, Stills & Nash

Caution, You Might Actually Learn Something From a Fox & Friends Marriage Advice Segment

And I Don't Care Who Drove the Wagon That Delivered So and So to the Set: Stan Lee Goes Off on Long Movie Credits

I Wake Up in the Morning Like a Girl Because I Am a Girl, and That's Not Something I Should Be Ashamed Of

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Dissent Gets the Rock Treatment We Didn't Know It Needed

'The Best One Died Years Ago': Mick Jagger Calls Monty Python A Bunch Of Wrinkly Old Men

'Boardwalk Empire' Final Season Teaser: Oh Nucky, Why You Gotta Do Me Like That?

Have You Felt a Shortage of Alison Brie in Your Life Lately? Alright, Here She Is Freestyling About Shoes

Meryl Streep's Perfection™ Now Available in Animated Form

Booky Wooky Author Russell Brand Calls Fox News a 'Fanatical Terrorist Propagandist Organisation'

'The Daily Show' Did a Sexual Assault at Colleges Segment That's So Great, I Don't Know Whether to Clap or Cry

So Long, Suckers! I'm Off to Become a Pop Sensation, Guaranteed

Fascinating Video Examines Martin Scorsese's Use of Silence

On Jimmy Kimmel's Show, Gary Oldman Gives a Proper Goddamn Apology for Offensive Statements

Watch Anderson Cooper Giggle His Way Through That Story About an American Who Got Stuck in a Giant...Ahem, Statue

For Everyone Who Couldn't Care Less About the World Cup, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Is Here For Us

John Cusack Doesn't Believe in Rewarding Mia Wasikowska's Homicidal Behavior: Cronenberg's 'Map to the Stars' Clip

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Take To YouTube To Announce the Return of 'Project Greenlight'

The 'Today' Show Manages to Turn a 'Jurassic World' Set Visit into a Boring Mess

The Pugs of Westeros Will Make Your Day...Maybe Even Your Week

About That Time Steve McQueen Took Bruce Lee on a Death Wish Joy Ride

In a Fight Between Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, It's Obvious Who Would Win, Right?

Watch This Impressionist Have Some Fun with Your Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Characters

Watch Daniel Radcliffe Sort Celebrities into Harry Potter Houses Without Offending Anyone

Eddie Vedder Performs 'Frozen's' 'Let It Go' The Way It's Meant to Be Performed, Goddamnit

John Oliver -- with Cameos from George R.R. Martin and Steven Buscemi -- Obliterates the Sketchy Practices of Supplement Industry

Cheryl Cole's Massive Ass-Tattoo Is an Exquisite Sight to Behold

Watch Kate Upton Drink Buster Bluth Under the Table

Ah, American Television: Watch This Guy in a Mentos Suit Jumping into a Diet Coke Filled Tub

Wil Wheaton Gives 'Game of Thrones' The Fabulous 'Brady Bunch' Opening It Always Needed

Nick Offerman Gave the Media a Much-Needed Bill of Rights Refresher Course

Animated Musical Theater is the Best Musical Theater

Want to Feel Super High Without Taking Any Drugs? OK Go's Got a Video For That

George R. R. Martin Avoids Writing By Doing a 'Gay of Thrones' Recap Cameo Making Fun of His Writing Pace

6 TV Theme Songs That Were Played on the Shows

Lena Headey Not Sorry for 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers, Drinks from a Goblet like a Champ

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Likes Big Butts, A Fact About Which He Cannot Lie

George Takei's TEDx Talk Includes No Puns or Animal Pictures, But Is Still a Great Use of the Internet

'Demarcus Cousins is An Emotional Lesbian' and More in Kimmel's 'NBA Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves'

Sam Jackson Still Knows His 'Pulp Fiction' Speech, Can Deliver It Perfectly

The Day Terry Crews Pissed Off Single Mothers Everywhere

When You Know You Shouldn't Laugh, But Can't Help Yourself: 'Game of Thrones'' Hodor Plays Family Feud

Chris Rock Gave Seth Meyers a Crap Attack on 'Late Night'

Harvey Korman Could Put Bill Hader's Character Breaking to Shame

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie Demonstrate the Evolution of the Dad Dance

LeVar Burton Turns to the Internet Wasteland of Urban Dictionary to Show Us Why We Need 'Reading Rainbow'

Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones: One Ring, One Remote

Puff Daddy Made a 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Music Video and It's the Batsh*ttiest Stupid Thing You'll See Today

Oh, Gawd! Yes, Sweetheart. Of Course! I'll Buy You ALL the Soap You Want

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Put Their Tongues and Butts on All of Matt Lauer's Stuff

Pregnant Mila Kunis Rants Against Expectant Fathers: Stop Saying 'WE Are Pregnant'

Dave Chappelle Tells Letterman He Does Has Some Regrets Over Leaving His Show Behind, Especially the $50 Million

Sia Recreates Her Breathtaking 'Chandelier' Music Video with Lena Dunham

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Perform 'Tight Pants' While Wearing Tight Pants

Please Cast 'Orange Is the New Black's' Matt McGorry In 'Magic Mike 2' (And Every Other Movie From Now Until Forever)

Watch Sir Mix-A-Lot's Incredible Performance of 'Baby Got Back' With the Seattle Symphony

Watch 'Fault In Our Stars' Ansel Elgort Melt a Thousand Pairs of Undewear While Singing the Crap Out of a Bob Dylan Song

Watch Mark Ruffalo's Crowd-Pleasing Unicycling Feat On 'The Graham Norton Show'

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' Show-Stealing Performance from Last Night's Tony Awards

Michael Che's First Segment as the New 'Daily Show' Correspondent Makes Everyone Else Look Like Pun-Loving Chumps

Watch This Musical Number From 'Inside Amy Schumer' Tonight, Because It's Way Too NSFW to Save For Tomorrow

With Two Days to Go Till Season 2 Drops, Netflix Has Given Us 'Orange Is the New Arrested Development'

Ed Helms' Fancy Scarf Is What's Been Missing From Every Other Movie Ever Made

Here's a Groovy Fan-Made Alternate Ending to Sunday's 'Game of Thrones' Episode

Not Even Amanda Peet Can Sleep Her Way Into a Role On Her Husband's Show, 'Game of Thrones'

Vince Gilligan Catches up to My 'Better Call Saul' Concerns

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Read an Angry Kurt Vonnegut Letter on Book Burning With the Fire of a Thousand Sexy Suns

The Internet is Toxic. Zach Braff and Donald Faison's Live Rendition of 'Guy Love' Is Not

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Continue Their Reign as World's Sexiest Couple on 'Late Night'

Seth MacFarlane and Tom Cruise (Yes, Tom Cruise) Deliver Top-Notch Impressions on Graham Norton

In About 12 Hours, This Guy Is Going to Be the Next Rebecca Black/Justin Bieber, Only He's Amazing

This Poor Spelling Bee Contestant REALLY Thought He Knew How to Spell a Word

Fassbender and McAvoy's Impressions of Stewart and McKellen, for Stewart and McKellen, Will Give You a Mile Wide Smile

Glenn Beck Out-Glenn Becks Himself: An Even Worse Response to the UCSB Shootings

Glenn Beck Belittles #YesAllWomen, Deserves to Be Shot Into the Sun

Watch LeVar Burton Tearfully React to the 'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter Crossing $1 Million

A Lot of 'Scrubs' & 'Cougar Town' Actors Band Together to Refuse to Promote Bill Lawrence's Latest Show, 'Undateable'

Idris Elba's Directorial Debut Is a Six Minute Pepsi Ad, And It's Fantastic

Jonah Hill's Awkward Morgan Freeman Story Reminds Us Why We Love Morgan Freeman

This Fan-Made 'Doctor Who' Series 8 Teaser Is Light Years Ahead of the Official One, and Moffat Talks Choosing a Female Doctor

AMC Advertises 'Halt and Catch Fire' In the Best Way Possible: With Adorable, Sassy Children

A Stoned Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Recap 'Game of Thrones,' or 'Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Do Tuesday'

Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Perfect Marriage Advice

Here's Morgan Freeman, The Voice of God, on Helium

Norm McDonald Asks an Insane Question on 'Conan' that Hilariously Derails an Interview with Another Guest

Will Ferrell Goes Head to Head with Chad Smith in the Ultimate Drum Off (There May Have Been Cowbell)

Introducing 'Bri & Pod,' the 'Game of Thrones' Spinoff You've Been Longing for Since 'Oathkeeper'

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Roast the Sh*t Out of Don Rickles

'Emma Stone Looks Like She Smells Like Cat Piss' and More in Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Watch a Teenager Electrify an Audience with an Insane MJ-like Performance of 'Billie Jean'

Hush Hush, Keep It Down Now, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Are Singing TV Themes

J.J. Abrams Offers Walk-On Roles for 'Star Wars Episode VII' Because More Publicity Is What This Movie Needs

Kitten Mittens Meet Wearing Sunscreen: Charlie Day Commencement Speech

Thanks to a Samurai Sword, Last Night's 'Conan' Featured a Gut-Busting Bloodbath

Patton Oswalt's Wife Would Be Less Creeped Out If He Went to Strip Clubs Instead of Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Terry Crews Nip Syncing with Jimmy Fallon Is Mesmerizing, Hilarious, and Downright Creepy

Sia Recreates Her Breathtaking "Chandelier" Video Live and It Is Strange and Perfect

Andrew Garfield's Emotional Head-Shaving, Cross-Dressing and Dancing for Arcade Fire's 'We Exist' Video Will Blow You Away

Patton Oswalt Confronts the Trolls and It Totally Backfires

Brad Pitt Chucks a Beer at Matthew McConaughey, World Unites In Manly Peace

Need a Quick Game of Thrones Summary? Peter Dinklage Acts out the Series in 45 Seconds

Watch 'SNL' Host Andy Samberg's Head-Exploding Digital Short, 'When Will the Bass Drop?'

Okay, But What If That WERE the 'True American' Movie We All Wanted?

Jennifer Lawrence Was on Jimmy Fallon's 'The Tonight Show'

The Brilliant, Hysterical Godzilla Remix Project Returns

Tina Fey Explains Her 'Jacket' Theory on How a Woman Will Finally Break Into Late Night

New 'Rectify' Season 2 Promos Are Here to Remind You: You Have One Month Left to Finally Get Around to Seeing Season One

Watch the Strangely Delightful Music Video of Girlband ADAM Attempting to Sing Through Their Orgasms

Every Time Zac Efron Takes His Shirt Off, An Angel Gets Its Wings

Kirk Cameron Defends our Freedom from those Anti-Freedom Homosexuals

John Oliver and Bill Nye Artfully Demonstrate the Fundamental Problem With the Global Warming Debate

Nothing Will Make You Feel Older Than Watching Old People React to Seth MacFarlane

A Mother's Day 'Thanks, Mom' Video that Gets What Moms Really Do

As If There Were Any Doubt, Patton Oswalt Proves He's the Best Arguer on the Planet

Letterman Nags James Franco About His Silly Instagram Photos

A Dozen Cute Baby Animal Videos to Take Your Mind Off Celebrities Who Don't Understand What Feminism Means

Michael Emerson Uses the Power of Pharrell to Prove He's Not As Intense As We All Think He Is

Amy Poehler Finally Gives Seth Meyers His Credit Card Back, But Not Before Extorting Him One Last Time

And This is Why Maxi Pad Commercials Use Blue Instead of Red

Dave Franco Has Perfect Response to Questions About His Brother's Bizarre Social-Media Behavior

Jimmy Fallon Got Seth Rogen and Zach Efron to Dress Up As Teenage Girls, Giving Us All Our New Cold-Shower Image For Life

Sally Fields Destroys Julia Roberts In A Celebrity Curse Off

How Do We Make Bob Benson's 'Mad Men' Spin-Off a Real Thing?

The Strange, Homoerotic Kyle Mooney Sketch Cut From 'SNL' This Week

President Obama Delivers Some Maine Justice to Republicans and White House Reporters at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Joel McHale Delivered a Sneering, Hilarious White House Correspondent's Dinner Speech That Pulled No Punches

Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbenber Dancing to 'Blurred Lines' Is Your Internet Fluffer

The Wes Anderson Porn Parody is XXX Whimsical

Chris Kattan Brought His Old 'SNL' Characters to Seth Meyers' 'Late Night,' and They're Still Awful

Billy Out-Eichners Himself With a Meryl Streep Triathlon

If You See Jessica Paré On the Street, Keep Your Mouth Shut or She May Punch You

Watch a Room Full of Marines Gleefully Sing Along to 'Frozen' Like the Brute Killers They Are

Amy Poehler Has Seth Meyers' Credit Card, Won't Give It Back, And Is Having a Very Good Time With It

Andrew Garfield Gives Spider-Man the Soulful, Acoustic Rock Treatment It Never Really Needed

New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Preview Addresses the "Xavier's Legs" Question

Louis C. K. Sums up All Our Feelings About Letterman's Retirement

Can Lego Animation Make 'The Simpsons' Funny Again? (Spoiler: No)

Ellens Page and Degeneres Trade Coming-Out Stories, Speak to their Transformations

Rick Astley Rick Rolls a Danish Radio Station in Person, and It's Painful to Watch

Breaking News: Patton Oswalt Knows Nothing About Shakira

Andrew Garfield SNL Promos Bring the Drama

The Real Accent of Jordan Gavaris, the Guy Who Plays Felix in 'Orphan Black,' Will Surprise the Hell Out of You

Stephen Colbert Is Not a Fan of the New 'Star Wars' Cast

Watch The White House's New Sexual Assault PSA Starring Daniel Craig, Steve Carell, and Seth Meyers

Letterman Has Some Kind Words to Say About Craig Ferguson's Departure

Lena Headey Hems and Haws Over How She Feels About That 'Game of Thrones' Scene

'Racism is Dead!' Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore Lay Waste to Terrible Human Being, Donald Sterling

Emma Stone Completely Shuts Down Jimmy Fallon, Takes The Title of All-Time Lip Syncing Champion

Here Are All the Questions That Need to be Answered with a 'Community' Sixth Season and a Movie

Neil Patrick Harris Talks About Heckling the Hecklers: Sometimes It Involves Motorboating

John Oliver Explains to Jon Stewart Why HBO is So Much Better than Comedy Central

This 'X-Men'-Sponsored Pringles Ad Acts Under the Presumption That All Mutants Are Pure Idiots

If Wes Anderson Had Directed 'Forrest Gump,' the World Would Be a Better Place

Watch the Opening Scene of 'Orange Is the New Black' Season Two: Now With 50% More Vomit!

Stephen Colbert Crashed 'The Daily Show' Last Night to Announce that He'd Won Television

On Last Night's 'The Late Show,' Stephen Colbert Read the Top Ten List He Submitted to Letterman in 1997

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A Good Old Fashioned Walk & Talk: Amy Schumer and Josh Charles Nail that High-Stakes Sorkin-Spun Fast Food Drama

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Oprah Shows Pharrell The Worldwide Power of His Song and Reduces Him to Happy Tears

What Does Darth Vader Sound Like On Helium? Like Kristen Schaal, Apparently.

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Delivers a Crowd-Pleasing Comedy Routine During Safety Instructions

Zac Efron Thanks His Fans at the MTV Movie Awards by Removing His Shirt, and We May Need Smelling Salts

Conan O'Brien Trots Out a Record 50 Celebrities for the MTV Movie Awards Opening

I Saw His Widow Twankey: Get Your Sunday Giggles Watching Sirs McKellen and Stewart Play The Newlywed Game

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Jimmy Kimmel Gets People to Tell Drake How Terrible Drake Is

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Jon Stewart Pays Tribute to Colbert, Who Pays Tribute to Letterman, Who Pays Tribute to Brooklyn Decker's Short Shorts

Alison Brie and Adam Scott Had a Party and None of Us Were Invited

The 'Bob's Burgers' Pilot Demo Reveals a Hilariously Surprising Gender Change

Kristin Wiig Talks to Seth Meyers About the Time She Improvised a Legs Wide Open Flirting Technique on 'Weekend Update'

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Life Would Be Infinitely Better If We All Did Things 'The Swanson Way'

Amanda Palmer Gives the Year's Worst Tweets the Musical Treatment They Deserve

Can We Talk About That Nutso-Fantastic Amazon Fire TV Ad with Gary Busey?

Last Night on Craig Ferguson, Jon Hamm Addressed His Embarrassing, Douchey Appearance on a Dating Show 20 Years Ago

Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon Combine Hip Hop and Broadway in Typical Hathawain Fashion

A Fascinating Social Experiment Calls Upon London Citizens to 'F**k the Poor'

Goldieblox Delivers Another Empowering Ad That Castigates Princess Culture

New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Cross-Promotion Shows That Carl's Jr. Loves Mutants, Just Hates Women

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After This Interview, Maybe Anthony Mackie Should Take Over Letterman's 'Late Show'

Today's Brain Stabber: Kate Mulgrew Tries to Tell Us The Sun Revolves Around the Earth, NASA Is Made of Conspiracies, And God Likes Us Better Than Aliens

Warning: Super Cuddly Darth Vader May Cause Brain Breakage

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Here It Is: A Legit, Full-Length, Spectacular Trailer for Season Two of 'Orphan Black'

Martin Freeman is So Good as 'Fargo's' Lester Nygaard, Your Panties Will Moisten Despite That Minnesota Accent

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The Australian Cast of 'The Lion King' Sings 'Circle of Life' on a Plane and It Could Lift the Spirits of a Dead Man

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Massachusetts' Candidate for Governor Calls Obama a 'Radical Homosexualist,' Encourages Us to Stand Up to Gay Bullies

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Samuel Jackson Performs Supercool Slam Poetry About 'Boy Meets World'

Tapping An Underrepresented Market: Why America Needs The 'Entourage' Movie

'Wolverine!' the Musical Needs to Happen and It Needs to Happen Now

Watch the Weird-Ass Louis C.K. 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch That Was Cut in Dress Rehearsal

Ready for the Purple Wedding? HBO Fills Our Last Empty Sunday with Four New 'Game of Thrones' Featurettes

Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris Sing a Heart-Stirring, Fist-Pumping, Crowd Pleasing Song from 'Les Mis'

Ford Brilliantly Craps All Over Cadillac's Pretentious Rich Guy Ad

Seth Meyers Orchestrates the Very Necessary Apology Between James Van Der Beek and Mike Birbiglia

Shoe Money Tonight! Josh Charles Does 'Sports Night' with Keith Olbermann Over on ESPN

Joss Whedon Preemptively Apologizes to the Residents of Seoul for Messing Up Their CIty

Ken Burns Has Run Out of Subjects, Lands on Eugene Mirman

Joan Rivers Completely Breaks Jimmy Fallon for Seven Glorious Minutes

The Carnegie Hall Symphony Mashes Up 43 Cartoon Theme Songs In a Truly Delightful Fashion

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Check Out Taran Killam in This Hilarious His Pre-'SNL' Spoof: 'Three Matthew McConaugheys and A Baby'

Peter Dinklage Sheepishly Recounts the Tale of His Heroic 'GoT' Battle Scene to Letterman

Jimmy Carter Tells Stephen Colbert He’ll Become a Catholic When a Female Priest Asks Him to Join Her Church

Taran Killam and Seth Meyers Relive the Jebidiah Atkinson Joke on 'SNL' that BOMBED

Nick Offerman Explains Why It's Necessary that He and Michelle Obama Be Kept a Safe Distance Apart

Aubrey Plaza Shows Us The Dark Side of Ring Pops

Jon Stewart Returns from Vacation, Takes CNN Behind the Woodshed for Missing Malaysian Flight Coverage

This Child's Cursing Tirade Is the Reminder We All Need That Life is a Beautiful Flower

Is Vincent Kartheiser Auditioning to Take On the Role of Rust Cohle, Or Do You Think He's Just Working Through Some Stuff?

'Marry, Date, Incarcerate' Is the Most Fun You Can Have At a Women's Prison

Kevin Bacon's 'Footloose' Entrance on 'The Tonight Show' Is Why It's So Great to Be Alive

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And On the 7th Day, Emma Stone Sang a 'Spice Girls' Song While the Lord Rested

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Deleted ‘American Hustle’ Scene Will Scrub Away Your Pain

Jimmy Fallon and Lena Dunham Talk '90s Coming of Age Masterpiece, Confuse London Twins

Anderson Cooper Tells Seth Meyers That He Used to Be Under the Impression Meyers Was Gay

Danica McKellar Wasn't Shy About Showing Skin, and Billy Dee Williams Goes Full-Blown 'Star Wars' In His 'DWTS' Debut

Midnight on the Water: Patton Oswalt Wins Best Ever Rust Cohle Impression

Here's What Josh Radnor Really Thought of Ted Mosby's Red Cowboy Boots

The Fascinating Origins of HBO's 'Game of Thrones'

Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell Flat-Out Lose Their Sh*t in the 'Anchorman 2' Gag Reel

Now You Can Watch 'Rick and Morty' in 15-Second Bursts

Watch Lady Gaga Get Puked On During a Performance at SXSW

Jimmy Kimmel Gets SXSW Attendees to Lie About Fictional Bands, and I Want Daenerys Targaryen and the Dragon Ponies to Be Real

Gordon Keith Asks Kristen Bell About Her Amazing Tit...ular Roles

Matthew McConaughey Has a Brother, and His Name Is Rooster, Because Of Course It Is

True Detective Deleted Scene: What Happened to Laurie?

The 'Game of Thrones' Cast Reveal Which Other 'GoT' Character They'd Like to Play

About the Line-Crossing 'Billy on the Street' Segment with Neil Patrick Harris That Won't Be Allowed on TV

Letterman Attempts to Get Into the Viral-Video Game by Giving His Guests Salmonella

And All the Applause Tonight Will Be Turned into Energy: Amy Poehler Sweetly Inducts Louis-Dreyfus into the Hall of Fame

How Did President Obama Acquit Himself on Zach Galifianakis' 'Between Two Ferns'?

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Go on a Rooftop Photobomb Spree

Prince Took Over 'The Arsenio Hall Show,' Leaving Us to Wonder Why Prince Doesn't Have His Own Show

Watch Betty White Get Extremely Turned On by Jason Momoa

Jon Stewart Whips Out the Righteousness in Another Segment of 'Shut The F**k Up, Fox News.'

All Your Favorite Scenes From Clueless, Condensed into One Australian Rapper's Music Video

Adam Scott's Three Minute Long Thronegasm Will Have You Begging For More

Ellen Finally Gives the Pizza Guy from the Oscars His Tip

Jimmy Kimmel Awkwardly Ambushed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford with an Intervention

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Pour Their Adorable Magic All Over 'Frozen'

Here's the Obligatory Jimmy Kimmel Post-Oscar Movie Trailers

'Tonight Show' Host Jimmy Fallon Plunged Into Icy Lake Michigan This Morning

Only in the UK is Aaron Paul Completely Overshadowed by the '50 Shades of Grey' Lead

Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Take Over Seth Meyers' 'Late Night,' Finally Class Up the Joint

A Marshmallow Appetizer: The First Two Minutes of the 'Veronica Mars' Movie Are Here!

Kristen Bell Stars in the Least Informative Making-Of Video Ever

This is Racist, Right? KFC Commercial Edition

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Duet on Fallon, and Damn! When Did Sandler Let Himself Go?

Wes Anderson Would Like to Make a Charming Bond Film Called 'Mission: Deferred'

Watch: Godzilla + Ozymandias = Godzymandias

Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle Is the Thing In Your Life That You Never Knew You Needed So Badly

Patton Oswalt Will Make Terrible Movies... Differently Terrible

Watch David O. Russell Play With His Phone, Babble About a Spider, and Talk About Making Jennifer Lawrence Cry

Tyrion Lannister Has a Question: 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Teasers and Posters

Justin Timberlake Responds to a Fan Flipping Him the Bird with Maximum Charm

Amy Poehler Surrenders to George Clooney in Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' Debut

Here's the 'Hannibal' Season 2 Opening Fight Scene We've Been Dying to See

London's Most Beautifully Hung Celebrity Talks About the Time He Accidentally Exposed His Todger

Timberlake in 'The History of Rap Part 5': The Novelty May Be Gone, But the Infectiousness Remains

'The Hapley Group': NBC's Attempt at Getting You to Not Forget About Them

Sing Your Heart Out: 11 of the Best Karaoke Scenes from Television Shows

Lupita Nyong'o Reads Gossip, is a Flawless Human Being

Eww! Gorgeous Michelle Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell in Full Drag for a Dance Party

Matthew McConaughey Has His Oscar Speech Ready to Go

Need a Best Picture Refresher? These Adorable Children Have Got You Covered

In Unrelated Stories, Brian Williams Performs 'Rappers Delight,' Apologizes to Arsenio Hall

There's No Better Gauge of Our Humanity Than the Random Kindness of Strangers

Jerry O'Connell Is Really, Really #SORRY For... Stuff

Here's What Happened When Jimmy Kimmel Delivered a Full Sports Report for a Local Los Angeles Affiliate

How Does Kate Upton Look Wearing a Bikini in Zero Gravity?

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres: Rap Superstars

Jimmy Kimmel Convinces Pedestrians That President Franklin D. Roosevelt Just Died

Ken Jeong's Impression of His 'Community' Co-Star Jonathan Banks Is Hilarious, Spot On

Funny: Elaine Stritch Dropping an F Bomb on the 'Today' Show. Hilarious: Kathie Lee's Reaction

The 'How I Met Your Mother' Cast Reveals Top Ten Surprises In the Finale on Letterman

Watch Chris Farley's Original 'Down by the River' Sketch From His Second City Days

LEGO Movie Outtakes: Everything Is -- Dammit, What's My Line?

Here is 'Friday Night at The Luncheonette': The Best 2 1/2 Minutes of Your Day

Alison Brie's First Sex Scene Was a Mountain of Gross

Whoopi Goldberg Said Something Stupid about Rape on The View Again

Here’s The Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” Rap Remake For You to Subject All Your Enemies To

Steampunk Nazi Killing Short: 'Project Arbiter' Short Film

Sam Jackson Not Pleased When a Motherf**king Reporter Confuses Him for Laurence Fishburne

This 'Breaking Bad' Look Back Video Will Make That Whole Annoying Trend Worth It

The Five Best Moments in 'Game of Thrones'' Season 4 Foreshadowing

Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night' Farewell with The Muppets Echoes 'The Last Waltz,' Wins One Billion Style Points

Chris Pratt Struggles to Hold Down Whiskey, Loses It Out of His Nose

Watch Toni Collette, Gary Oldman and Nick Frost React to an Amazing Robot that Dances Gangnam Style

The Cast of 'Momuments Men' Joins Jimmy Kimmel in the Matt Damon Pile-On

'Jennifer Garner Looks Like A Duck's Vagina' and More in Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves'

Jay Leno's Tearful, Humanizing Farewell Gets a Lift from Garth Brooks

Sweet Jesus In a Flower Crown, Someone Take the Voice Over Off This 'Hannibal' Trailer

"The Games Have Always Been a Little Gay." And That's How Canada Likes It.

George Clooney Exacts Revenge on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for Golden Globes Joke, Pulls in an Unwitting Matt Damon

Jerry Seinfeld Explores the Mutual Respect Letterman and Leno Have For One Another

Aimee Mann Will Cure What Ails You

'The Daily Show's' Moment of Zen Pays Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Mad King Joffrey Hilariously Roasted in the Latest 'Game of Thrones' Promo

Incredible Video Puts Same Actor in Six Iconic Scenes with One Continuous Shot

Tiny, Adorable Pink Warriors, We Salute You

Last Night's Best and Most Bad-Ass Super Bowl Commercial Only Aired In Georgia

Would You Like Him Here or There? Neil Gaiman Reads 'Green Eggs and Ham'

Matthew McConaughey Details His 'Dallas Buyers Club' Weight-Loss Diet

Bill Murray Makes the Best Entrances

Yes, Young Man. Helen Mirren Knows What Twerking Is. Allow Her to Demonstrate

Revolutionary New Bra Made of Magic Only Unhooks When You Find True Love

Hand to God, This Is the Most Amazing Stay-In-School Commercial You'll See In Your Life

Don Cheadle Reveals on 'Conan' that 'Fatty' Kristen Bell Thinks She's Better than Everyone Else

James Franco To Wow Superbowl Audiences With His Dazzling…Um…Rob Riggle Impression?

Anna Kendrick Slams Newcastle for Not Paying Her to Pose Nude in a Beer Commercial for a Beer She Doesn't Drink

The First Great Super Bowl Ad of 2014 Has Arrived, And It's a Sequel

'Katy Perry Fingerbanged My Cleavage' Is a Thing That Anna Kendrick Said on 'Conan'

Congressman Caught on Camera After State of the Union Threatening to Throw a Reporter Off a Balcony

Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Knees Videobomber in the Gonads

Vin Diesel Dances Alone In His Office to Beyonce, Just Like the Rest of Us

Director Joe Wright Banned Keira Knightley from Pouting on Set

Watch 'The Greatest Event in Television History's' Tribute to 'Bosom Buddies' With Paul Rudd, Adam Scott & Gillian Jacobs

"Let Me Just Interrupt You, Congressman," MSNBC Anchor Says, Before Going to Breaking News on Justin Bieber

Andy Dwyer's Musical Ode to the Greatness of Jean Claude Van Damme Will Leave You in Tears

"Let It Go" Sung In 25 Languages Will Shoot Your 'Frozen' Karaoke Plans All To Hell

Wheelchair-Bound Paralympian Pulls the Paul Rudd Prank on 'Conan,' And It Is Perfect

Did 'American Idol's' Judges' Panel Finally Land Its Ben Folds?

Michelle Obama Destroys the Internet, Slam Dunks a Basketball in the White House

"Do You Wanna @$*! A Snowman?" Censored 'Frozen' Is Amazing.

'Real Men Dance.' -- Nick Frost. 'Feminism is Ruining Manliness, Endangering National Security.' -- Fox News

Nickelodeon Star Jennette McCurdy Follows in the Footsteps of Miley and Britney, Sheds Her Image By Getting Downright Filthy

Watch Bryan Cranston's Impenetrable 13-Minute Short Film

Idris Elba and Lena Dunham Provide a Stranger the Perfect Response to a Flirty Text

Watch a Scene From 'Fight Club' with Tyler Durden Digitally Removed

Listen to a Sweet, Mournful, Lilting Version of the 'Friends' Theme Song That Will Heal All Your Emotional Bruises

People on Pot 'Shoot, Stab and Strangle Each Other,' Insists Nancy Grace, Shrilly

Great Douchepectations: Video Of Shia LaBeouf Head-butting A Rando

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Zombie Pranks Norman Reedus's Face Off

This Slo-Mo Beatboxing Video Is The Most Repulsive Thing You've Seen Since That 'Stories We Tell' Oscar Snub

Rude Peter Pan Interrupts Stage Performance to Propose to Wendy, Who Blubbers All Over Her Performance

Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon Take on the Chris Christie Scandal with a Spectacular 'Born to Run' Parody

Reminder: The Nicest, Sweetest Moment in Golden Globes' History

The Jonah Hill Romance Thwarted by the Lingering Odor of an Airplane Bathroom

If Every Math Class Were Taught by Danica McKellar, There'd Be More Mathematicians than Baristas in the World

Mandatory Hipster Viewing: The Wes Anderson Slo-Mo Supercut

If You Pee Outside In -17 Degree Weather, Will It Freeze and Go Up Inside Your Body?

'Parks and Rec' 100th Episode Special

Splendid YA Author John Green Offers 14 Reasons Why 2014 Will Be Better Than the Past

Watch The First Episode Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Tweestravagant New TV Show Online

Watch Alex Trebek Rap An Entire Jeopardy! Category, Display Mad Canadian Rhymin' Skillz

A Certain Four Year Old Is Not Very Happy About Peter Capaldi Replacing Matt Smith as 'Doctor Who'

One Of TV's Whitest Shows Doubled Down On The Pasty For This Amazing Music Video

The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Trailer Has Landed, and Good News! It Doesn't Look Good for Piz

Keeping that Anna Kendrick Crush Warm During the Off-Season

Merry Cumberbatchmas! Enjoy This 7 Minute 'Sherlock' Mini-sode!

'Orange is the New Black's' Black Cindy Is All Up in this Christmas B*tch

Watch the Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston Dance-Off Supercut Because CHRISTMAS!

Goodbye Sweet Prince: John Oliver Tearfully Bids Farewell to 'The Daily Show'

Jennifer Lawrence Talks to Conan About Her Impressive Array of Butt Plugs

The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever Made Gets A Blooper Reel Trailer: 'Derp Hard'

The Week's Most Adorable Proposal Video Ensures a 'Yes' Answer with a Sweet Aaron Paul Cameo

Recent Photoshop Victim Jennifer Lawrence Thinks It Should Be Illegal To Call People "Fat" On Television

Matthew Perry Gets Into a Heated Argument with a Snotty British Twit About Drug Courts

Hugh Jackman Hilariously Recounts the Worst 45 Minutes of His Life

This Heartwarming Coke Commercial Reminds Us That the Misery of Parenting Is Worth Every Damn Second

Arya's Adorable Joffrey Impression Is Enough To Make Even Cersei Smile

Did You Know That the Amazing Paul Rudd Has Quietly Been Pulling Off One of the Longest Running Jokes in Late-Night History?

Yes, There Is Someone Who Dies Onscreen More Often than Sean Bean

Watch Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner Yell at Pedestrian Morons Who Don't Know the Lyrics to Christmas Carols

I'll Have What She's Having: How 'The Mindy Project' Is Just One Big 'When Harry Met Sally' Rip-Off

Award Season's Biggest Heartthrob Just Got Hearthrobbier: Oscar Isaac and Jimmy Fallon Do Katy Perry

New 'Sherlock' Trailer Is, Wonderfully, The Gayest Thing Yet

Charisma Cyclones, Bill Murray And Emma Stone, Surprise and Delight The Troops In Hawaii

Remember That Time Jason Segel and Paul Rudd Got Incredibly High and Giggled Uncontrollably Through a Junket Interview?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And His Dimples Welcome You To His Brand New TV Show

Benedict Cumberbatch Performs a Panty-Exploding Dramatic Reading of R. Kelly's 'Genius'

Awful Fat-Shaming Facebook Mom Has More Stuff to Say. Fetch the Low-fat, Low-carb Paleo Popcorn!

Charming Potato, The Emu, and a Two Year Old Combine for a Video that Blows the Mind and Warms the Heart

Watch Television's Most Swoon-Worthy Scene of 2013

Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning on Sportscenter and It's a Succulent, Scotch-y Delight

Long Behind-The-Scenes Look At HBO's 'True Detective' Reveals A Dark, Gritty Wigstravaganza

Crazy Eyes & Taystee from 'Orange is the New Black' Made a Christmas Music Video, and I Just Made Out With It

Ron Burgundy Does the News in North Dakota. For Real.

Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon Turn the Year's Biggest Hits into Fantastic Holiday Songs

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Leave Your House on Black Friday

Enjoy the Most Stomach-Churning Doritos Commercial You Will Ever See

It Belongs in a Museum: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' 1981 PBS Documentary

Prince William Attempts to Remain Dignified While Singing 'Living on a Prayer' With Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift

Nifty New 'X-Men' Teaser Reveals A Rumpled, Jailbird Fassbender

Josh Hutcherson Confirms What This Middle School Photo Made You Suspect, Jennifer Lawrence Has Always Been A Goofball With No Filter

'Sherlock' Season 3 Teaser Trailer: Spoilers, Sherlock Is Alive

'Blade Runner' Remade in Watercolor. No, Seriously, Watch This.

Watch This Kid Outmaneuver Everyone In Sight In A Recent Dance Cam Dance-Off

Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Off Elaborate, Impossible to Beat Christmas Prank on John Krasinski

The Sexiest Men Alive Have Something to Say and it's Terrible

'Aaron Paul Has a Small Dick': Jimmy Kimmel's Fifth Installment of 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves'

Insane Video Of A Man Filming a Tornado Coming At His Home; He Ducks Inside Seconds Before His House Is Destroyed

Woefully Unprepared Jon Stewart Compares Jennifer Lawrence to Young Helen Mirren, Blows No One's Mind

Can Jennifer Lawrence Make Even Sh*tting Her Pants Sound Adorable? Only One Way to Find Out.

Want Your Daughter to Be An Engineer? Show Her This Rube Goldbergian Awesomeness Set to a Beastie Boys Song

The Casual Racism Displayed by a 'Holland's Got Talent' Judge Is Disgusting

'You're Mental. This Isn't A Trick. That's Horrible!' Ricky Gervais Reacts to David Blaine's 'Magic' Trick

Bitches, Man: Women, Your Female Brains are Why You Aren't as Successful as Men

Steve Harvey's Response to a Racially Inappropriate 'Family Feud' Answer Is Priceless

Watch Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Adorably Lose Their Sh*t When They First Read The 'Breaking Bad' Finale

Bryan Cranston Filmed a 'Malcolm in the Middle' Alternative Ending to 'Breaking Bad' And It Is Perfect

The Next Stop on Tom Hiddleston's 'Please Love Me' Tour? Singing Karaoke in a Car

Sarah Silverman Returns to Kimmel for the First Time Since the Break Up, and Nope, It's Not Awkward At All

A 'Doctor Who' Mini Episode Starring The Sexiest Doctor? Yes Please!

Grab Your Mustache Wax And Your Yellowest Outfit, Here's A New Wes Anderson Short Film

The Spectacularly Amusing Moment When a Baked Woody Harrelson Realizes that Liam and Chris Hemsworth Are Brothers

Oh! Do Gambit Next! Professor X Sh*ts All Over And Fires The Most Useless X-Men

If You Like Archery, Pat Benatar, and Killing, I've Got The Mashup For You.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Not Just Funny, Gorgeous, and Genuine, She's Also a Terrific Person

Julianna Margulies And Her Amazing Gams Awkwardly Talk Clooney with Letterman

Brave Fox News Anchor Goes On Air Without Makeup to Highlight a Culture of Sexism Fostered by Fox News!

Sacha Baron Cohen Pushes an Elderly Woman in a Wheelchair Off a Stage

Natalie Dormer Almost Spoils The BLEEP Out Of Season Four Of 'Game of Thrones'

Adam Scott Unleashes 'The Greatest Event In Television History Part III'

Awww. Doesn't the Biebs Look Adorable When He's Sleeping with a Brazilian Prostitute?

New Scene From 'Catching Fire' Proves That Jennifer Lawrence Is Still Stuck In A Love Triangle With Two Pieces Of Driftwood

Watch Hyperbole & A Half's Allie Brosh Give A Goddamn Adorable Talk

In the Super Cute Zachary Levi and Tom Hiddleston Dance Off, We All Win

Someone Is Trying To Invent The Pixar Lamp. And It Is Creeeeeeeepy.

A Cross Section of Kids From 5 to 13 React to Gay Marriage

'Twilight' DVD Extras Actually Have Purpose: The Creepiest Doll Ever

Parents Prank Kids Into Believing They Ate All Their Halloween Candy Because Parents Are Assholes

Fun Lovin' Criminals Frontman Takes Offense During Gameshow, Smashes Mug, Storms Off

All New 'Hobbit' Trailer Looks Amazing. No, Seriously.

Hey Everybody: Harrison Ford's Reaction to Benedict Cumberbatch's Chewbacca Impression is Pretty Great

Natalie Portman Cast In 'Thor' Because She's Impossibly Short

This New Clip of Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' is the Lars von Triersiest

The Gospel Choir Returns to 'The Daily Show' With a Very Special Message for the News Media (Psst. It's 'Go F**k Yourself')

Pick Your Favorite Terrible Wig And Dreadful Accent In This Delightful 'Game Of Thrones' Porn Parody Trailer

Potentially Mentally Imbalanced Woman Paints Dogs to Look like 'The Simpsons' and 'Sesame Street' Characters

Rob Lowe Explains Why He Left 'Parks and Recreation': 'Amy Poehler Is a Pr*ck'

Lavish Celebrity Weddings Continue to Get Out of Hand: Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Edition

All The Great Mustache-y Bits From Last Night's Swanson-tastic 'The Daily Show'

What We Can Deduce About Jason Momoa's Personality Based On His Real-Life Slap-Fight Beat Down

I've Always Said She Was This Generation's Vincent Price: Britney Spears Does A Sloppy Rendition Of "Thriller"

It's Almost Halloween. Here. Have the Poo Scared Out of You.

'Daily Show' Segment Gets Sh*tbag, Racist Republican Fired From His Post

Irresistibly Adorable Amy Poehler Reacts Unpleasantly to Scare-Prank Videos

Underestimate the Intelligence of Russell Brand at Your Own Peril

Shameless Children's Hospital Manipulates and Exploits Sick Kids In Order to Line Their Coffers

Sometimes We Need to Stop Everything and Remember that 'Models, Inc.' Ended with a Character Being Sold Into Sexual Slavery

Mayor Corey Booker, In Officiating News Jersey's First Gay Marriages, Fantastically Slaps Down Protestor

'Dancing with the Stars' Contestants Go Full Westeros with a Fantastic Ballroom Routine Set to 'Game of Thrones' Theme Song

15 Minutes Of Hammer-Thrusty Footage From 'Thor 2' Will Hiddle Your Face Off

"My Lineage is One of Women Shrinking." This Barnard Poet is Everything.

Natasha Lyonne Unleashes A Torrent Of Spoilers For Season 2 Of 'Orange Is The New Black'

5 Steps To Actually Enjoying A Miley Cyrus Song

This Version Of The 'Titanic' Theme Song Will Make You Want To B*tch Slap Celine Dion

Aaron Paul Does Starbucks Drake Hands, Warms the Lattes of Our Hearts

Man, F*ck That Farm: 'The Walking Dead' Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

Stephen Fry's Interview With This Gay-"Curing" Doctor Might Just Break Your Heart

What If Police Responded to Domestic Violence Disputes Like the Internet Responded to Skyler White

Watch Tom Haverford Fall Head Over *ss For Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany

In Less Upsetting News, The Rest Of The Cast Of 'Community' Is In Full Hi-Jinks Mode

I Need Them to Jive! Elizabeth Berkley Reenacts Uh, Iconic? 'Saved By the Bell' Scene on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Sandra Bullock Raps Just Like Your Mom Would. If Your Mom Could Crack Walnuts With Her Thighs.

"For God Sake, You Know, Like, Kneel" Tom Hiddleston Does Owen Wilson Doing Loki

Jerry Seinfeld Was On Fallon Last Night with His Slightly Annoying, Slightly Adorable Wife, Jessica

Jared Leto, John Mayer, Katy Perry, Backstreet Boys, John Legend, and Hootie Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Ylvis Performs 'What Does Fox Say' On Fallon,' Continues to Freak Out the Planet

Notorious Megalomaniac, Kanye West, Made A Whole Lot Of Damn Sense On Kimmel Last Night

Donald Faison's Lost 'Star Wars' Audition Tape Will Make Your Heart Do The Turk Dance

Miley Cyrus? Meh. A Capella Miley Cyrus Plus The Roots? Amazing

Taystee and Crazy Eyes From 'Orange Is the New Black' Reenact a Scene from 'Scandal'

David Letterman Endearingly F*cks With New 'Late Night' Host Seth Meyers

The 'Pacific Rim' Gag Reel Is Fantastic, But Then Charlie Day Is In It, So Of Course It Is

First Clip From 'Thor: The Dark World' Has Just Enough Loki To Get You Into Mischief

After Government Shutdown Forces Couple to Cancel Wedding, Stephen Colbert Steps in to Perform the Ceremony

Republican Congressman to CNN Anchor: 'Carol, You're Beautiful But You Have to Be Honest as Well'

Please, For The Love Of God, Watch Yoko Ono Have A Mental Breakdown On Letterman

Last Night on Colbert, Daniel Radcliffe Challenged Elijah Wood To a Fight

Jon Stewart Apologizes for Calling the GOP 'Taint-Sniff McGillicutties'; What He Meant Was 'Self-Righteous Orwellian Zebra Queefs'

Beyonce Could Take Some Dance Tips from this Amazing Two Year Old

Adam Scott Explains How His New Movie Poster Is Very Dong Friendly

Miley Cyrus Does Promos For "SNL," Finally Explains The Damn Tongue Thing.

Stephen Colbert Explains How Walter White and and the Government Shutdown Are More Similar Than You Think

The Avett Brothers Sing Heavy Metal Songs, Destroy Your Mullets

This Supercut Of Jesse Pinkman's Misery Should Make You Feel Better About Your Life. Should.

Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream Ice Cream Endorsed by 'Breaking Bad's' Sociopathic White Supremacist!

Vince Gilligan Announces His Next Project on 'Conan' Last Night, and No One Saw This Coming

Are We Having Fun Yet? Lizzy Caplan Wordlessly Convinces Me To Watch 'Masters Of Sex'

Ron Swanson Giggling Is the Greatest Justification Yet for Vine

'Between Two Ferns' with Justin Bieber Is Even More Awkward, Abusive than Usual

Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street & The Roots Chase ALL the Clouds Away By Singing the 'Sesame Street' Theme

Important: 'Parenthood's' Peter Krause Can Juggle, Speak French, and Walk On His Hands

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Creeptastic American Horror Story: Coven Opening Title Sequence

Stephen Colbert Adorably Gloats The Sh*t Out Of His Emmy Win

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant's Lip Sync Competition Will Kill You with Awesomeness

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Finally Veer Into the Completely Obnoxious with #Hashtag Conversation

Watch Tina Fey Endure a Wardrobe Malfunction During 'Saturday Night Live' Season Premiere Promos

Emmy-Winning Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has a Meltdown Over a Coffee Order (All in Good Fun)

Hopelessly Awkward And Clumsy Proposal Video Will Make Your Film Nerd Heart Grow Three Sizes This Day

John Oliver Reveals the Sleazy, Misleading Nature of Miss America Scholarships

About the Time a Drunk Louis C.K. Hit on Gwyneth Paltrow

Peter Dinklage Is Here To Adorably Ruin Your Night By Singing With Some Muppets

Watch Fallon and Timberlake's Love Letter To Hootie And His Blowfish

Does This Mean I Can Like It Guilt-Free? 10 Songs Whose Sexual Politics Are More Troubling Than 'Blurred Lines.'

Henry Cavill Demands Respect on the Set of 'Sesame Street'

Sarah Silveman's Response To Sh*tty Ageism Jokes May Be The Best Thing She's Ever Done

Watch M. Night Shyamalan's Deeply Delusional Take On Why American Critics Despise His Movies

Irate Man Goes Apesh*t Ballistic, Threatens Use of Machine Gun After Being Put on Hold by Customer Service for Three Hours

Jimmy Fallon's Excellent 'Breaking Bad' Parody Briefly Turns A Real-Life Villain Into A Hero

This "Actors Talking About Their First Jobs" Video May Make You Embarrassed About How You Watch TV

Watch Jon Stewart Obliterate Fox News Using Over 50 Words And Very Little Breath

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Run Us Through the Evolution of the End Zone Dance

Our First Look At The "American Horror Story: Coven" Cast Is Just As Bed-Wettingly Scary As You'd Expect

Olivia Munn Explains How She Faked an Orgasm When She Lost Her Virginity

Turns Out, Brilliant Jimmy Kimmel Was Behind the Internet's Girl-On-Fire Twerk Fail

Rainn Wilson Does A Pretty Impressive Dr. House Impression In His New CBS Pilot

"True Detective" Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Thinks His New HBO Series Would Be A Good Opportunity To Take His Shirt Off

Vin Diesel Sings a Rihanna Song to His Real-Life Girlfriend Because Vin Diesel is Metal

Guinness Ad Reaches New Manipulative Lows

Bill Hader Confirms Your Suspicions That James Franco Is "The Weirdest Dude"

Norwegian Television is Better Than Ours: Ylvis' "The Fox" Answers an Age-Old Question

Hold On To Your Cookies, New Tom Hiddleston Video Will Make Your Inner Muppet All Tingly

Yeah B*tch! This Hour-Long "Breaking Bad" Musical Will Turn Your Grey Skies Blue

Treat Yo Self To The "Parks & Recreation" Season 5 Gag Reel

If Only Idris Elba's Cringe-Worthy Debut As An Inter-Galactic Pizza Boy Had Been, Well, Pornier

Jon Stewart's Return To "The Daily Show" Was Miley Cyrus-tastic

Bill Murray Goes Full Liberace...Forgets To Bring Matt Damon And The Bedazzled Speedo

Patrick Stewart Gives His Fiancé a Glorious Masterclass in The Art of the Quadruple-Take

This Absolutely Bananas Russian Dance-Off Will Make You Feel Like A Subpar Wedding Guest

Jon Lajoie, a.k.a., Taco from "The League," Wrote a Song About Miley's VMA Performance

Drunk Alexander Skarsgard Will Make You Holler, Maybe Even Lick Your Naked Back

Um, It's Raining On Your Face Now: Widower Writes Song For His Wife Of 75 Years

This Goodbye Video From The Cast Of "Bunheads" Will Pour Honey All Over Your Broken Heart

Here's 'N Sync's Reunion Performance at the MTV VMA's

This Nike Commercial Is So Ridiculously Inspiring, You'll Think You Could Play The Next Batman

Mandy Patinkin Speaks So Passionately About His Princess Bride Character That Your Heart Is Probably Going to Explode

Avril Lavigne Gives Danica McKellar a Long, Slow, Deep, Soft, Wet Kiss That Lasts Three Days

Watch Tywin Lannister Knock Another Sap On His *ss In This Deleted Scene From "Game Of Thrones"

Oprah Winfrey Just Can't Help Her Damn Self, Gives Away A Car on Kimmel

John Oliver Has An Epic Nerd Meltdown That Puts All Your Meltdowns To Shame

Everyone's Internet Girlfriend, Anna Kendrick, Adorably Reacts To The Runaway Success Of "Cups"

"Breaking Bad" Recut as the Necessary Walter White/Jesse Pinkman Gay Rom Com We've Longed to See

Chloë Grace Moretz Dazzles with a Butterfly Knife, Scares the Sh** Out of Her Insurers

This Andy Dwyer Looking Motherf*cker Dedicates "I Will Always Love You" To His Mom, Tears The Roof Off The Joint

Ever the Pro, Stephen Colbert Interviews Matt Damon While Being Crushed by a Vending Machine

This Trailer For 12 O'Clock Boys Will Break Your Heart And Make You Whole

"Parks and Recreation" Recut As an (Adorable) Horror Movie

Stephen Colbert's Celebrity-Filled "Get Lucky" Dance Extravaganza with Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, et al.

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Matt Damon, Part XII: The Junket

Definitive Proof That We Americans Have No Idea What A "Mouthful" Is

Johnny Depp Thinks No One Liked The Lone Ranger Because of REASONS

About That Time Jay Leno Showed Footage Of Bryan Cranston's "Mighty Morphin Power Ranger" Days

This Is, Hands Down, The Sexiest, Most Effective Push-Up Bra Commercial You'll Ever See

A Musical Recap of Seasons 1-5 of "Breaking Bad" Performed by Middle Schoolers

Mumford and Sons Recruit Bateman, Helms, Sudeikis, and Forte to Yank Their Own Chain, and Yank It Hard

Ira Glass Making Balloon Animals Will Give You A Mean Case Of The Science Fridays

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots And Fisher Price Continue To Make Annoying Top 40 Songs Downright Irresistible

Aykroyd Makes Blues Brothers Entrance on Fallon, Slays the Harmonica

You Wouldn't Want To Read This On The Toilet: Walter White Recites History's Most Bone-Shaking Poem

Here's an Important PSA Highlighting the Differences Between Porn Sex, Real Sex, and Food Porn. Or Something

Neil Gaiman, The Voice Of Our A Generation, Dips His Talented Fingers Into The World Of Video Games

20 Years Later, Noah Wyle Can Still Recite His First "E.R." Monologue From Memory

Giddy Jimmy Fallon Returns to Work the Day After His Daughter Is Born, Reveals Baby Name

Bet You Can't Pick Just One: Our Beloved Jesse Pinkman Tries To Choose His Favorite "B*tch"

Chris Pratt Never Felt "Douchier" Than the Day After Instagramming His Ripped Abs to the Internet

Your Eyes Are About To Piss Tears: "Parks And Recreation" Announces Who Will Play Jean-Ralphio's Dad

"Oh, Good God! That Was Awful!" Aaron Paul's Reaction to His First Onscreen Kiss

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jeff Bridges, Chases Tail, Piddles on the Floor of Comic Con

Louis C.K. Confronted With The Age-Old Question: Funniest Comedian In America Or Jerk-Off Genius?

Jesse and the Rippers Perform 'The Full House' Theme on Fallon, Blow the Roof Off the Dump

Here's HBO's "Game of Thrones" In Memoriam Video Set to Boys II Men

Stephen Colbert Grills Elliot Spitzer on Hooker Scandal: "This Ain't Charlie Rose, Motherf---er"

About That Time Benedict Cumberbatch Used A Stuffed Monkey To Spoil The Next Season Of "Sherlock"

Unstoppable Charm Factory Jon Hamm Seduces Even The Most Resistant Crowd With His Fantastic ESPYS Opener

Sam Rockwell is a Dance God: Part XXII

Everyone's Best Friend, Amy Poehler, Hands Out Amazingly Helpful Advice In These Troubling Times

Dear Fake Nerd Girls, Hang Up Your Fracking Slave Leia Bikinis, We've Found The Real Deal

Hammers, Hallway Fights And Mysterious Femme Fatales: Spike Lee's Oldboy Trailer Has It All

Wife Caught On Camera Casually Ordering a Hit on Her Husband Like She's Ordering a Goddamn Sandwich

Zach Braff Flips the Script, Helps Dude Propose to His Girlfriend, Is Suddenly Awesome Again

Haters Step Back: Stone Cold Gangsta, Justin Bieber, Took a Wizz in a Mop Bucket

Cleveland Kidnap Victims Address the Public for the First Time Since Their Release

Someone Has Finally Found A Way To Kill Your Lady Boner For Colin Firth

Not Just A Princess: Pack Of Feral Little Girls Attacks The Pink Aisle In A Toy Store

Puppets Explain Everything You Ever Needed To Know To Bang An English Major

There's Always Time for More Slaying: New BtVS Behind the Scenes Video

Texas Senator Wendy Davis Gets "The Daily Show" Acknowledgement She Deserves

During MSNBC Interview, President Obama Calls Prop 8 Couple to Congratulate Them On DOMA Decision Because AWESOME

Old Music Video Reveals That Ricky Gervais Was Surprisingly, Uncomfortably...Hot?

Bill Hader Calls This Unaired SNL Sketch Starring Justin Beiber The "Greatest Trainwreck"

Whedon Sits Down to Chat: "Firefly", Much Ado, Man of Steel, and More.

Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, and Chris O'Dowd Encounter a Massive Fly on the Graham Norton Show. Result: Immeasurably Glee

Jon Stewart Appears On Egyptian TV, Talks With the Egyptian Jon Stewart, Bassem Youssef

Drinking Buddies Trailer: Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson, and Olivia Wilde in One Movie? Can We Inject It Into Our Eyeballs?

Robert Downey, Jr. Does Not Find Your Bumbling Nervousness the Least Bit Charming

Stephen Colbert Breaks Character, Gives Beautiful Tearful Eulogy to His Mother

Charming Potato's "Charming All Over Your Potato" Music Video with Jamie Foxx, Olivia Munn, and Matt Damon Is Baked, Crispy Goodness

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon Yodel Across NYC Rooftops Because ... World War Z?

You Can Watch the Pilot for Showtime's New Liev Schreiber Series, "Ray Donovan" Right Now!

Sweaty, Shirtless Henry Cavill Lifts Weights to the Delight of Sweaty, Pantsless Internet

John Oliver's First Day on "The Daily Show" Is "Weird" But Great

Watch: Greatest Judge Ever Sentences Chad Johnson to 30 Days in Jail For Slapping Attorney's Ass

Is a Theon Greyjoy/Dick in a Box Mashup Really Necessary? The Internet Thinks So

Holy Sh*t! Neil Patrick Harris Is a Golden God

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott Star in The Greatest Event in Television History (Part 2)

Jon Stewart Says Goodbye to "The Daily Show" For the Summer

Local News Reporter Completely Loses Her Sh*t After Witnessing a Magic Trick

George R.R. Martin Reacts to the Reaction Video to This Week's Episode of "Game of Thrones"

Jimmy Fallon's Barbershop Quartet Singing "I Wanna Sex You Up" Is a Reason Not to Put Your Underwear Back on this Morning

Here's an Adorably Blonde and Tiny 18 Year Old Tatiana Maslany in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

Andy Samberg's New Rap Name is Well Suited to the Times We Live

Bruce Jenner Awkwardly Confronts Jimmy Fallon About Plastic Surgery Jokes

Gentlemen, Take Note, Kevin Kline Proves Without A Doubt That He Is The Perfect Husband

Here's Arya Stark's Video Reaction to Last Night's Episode of "Game of Thrones"

The Reaction Video Supercut to Last Night's Episode of "Game of Thrones" that Smug Book Readers Totally Deserve

"Game of Thrones'" Jack Gleeson Is a Better Actor In GIF Form than in Reality

Will Smith Performs "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with Jaden. Oh, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Oh, and Also, Alfonso Ribeiro Does the Carlton Dance

Thirty Seven Years Ago, Lorne Michaels Offered The Beatles $3,000 to Reunite on "Saturday Night Live"

TIL: Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Discovered Bill Hader, Who Thinks Justin Bieber is a Douche

Watch: J.J. Abrams Equalizes Sexist Criticisms of "Star Trek" With Shirtless, Showering Cumberbatch Scene

Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox Reunite For a Super Cute "Friends" Bit on "Ellen"

Damnit Jerry! Who Says Fat People Can't Wear Abercrombie & Fitch?

William Shatner Encourages J.J. Abrams to Add Princess Leia/Chewbacca Sex Scene into "Star Wars" Sequel

Ed Helms Is In a New Clip for 'Arrested Development' and Manages Not to Ruin It

Nick Offerman Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities: Puppy Cuddles Edition

You Don't Have to Understand Hockey to Understand the Unholy B*tch Face Someone Flashed at Elisha Cuthbert

John Krasinski Lip Syncing Boyz II Men Is the Thing In Your Life That You Never Knew You Needed So Badly

Meet ABE, C3PO's Psychopathic Cousin

"I'm Daniel Day-Lewis": The White House Correspondents Dinner

He's Wrong, But "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul Calls This the "Greatest Video I Have Ever Seen"

Important: Watch This If You Want to Fill In the Storyline Gaps For Tonight's Episode of "Hannibal"

This Breathtaking Man of Steel Title Sequence Is Almost Certainly Better than the Real Thing

Kids At Coachella Lie About Digging Fake Bands, Jimmy Kimmel Again Proves He Is An Evil Genius

Everything About Michael Shannon Reading the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter Is Goddamn Amazing

Gwyneth Paltrow Fondles a Guy's Junk on British Television

North Dakota News Anchor Fired After First Broadcast For Mumbling "F***ing S**t" On Air

Gary Busey Hilariously Auditions to Go to Mars, Still Terrifyingly Insane

"Oopsie Daisy Homophobe" Ends Homophobia, Is Stephen Colbert's Perfect Complement to "Accidental Racist"

Patton Oswalt's "Parks and Recreation" Star Wars Filibuster Is God's Gift to the Internet

Adam Scott Would REALLY Prefer It If You'd Stop Confusing Him for Adam Scott

Watch "The Simpsons" Brilliantly Meth-y "Breaking Bad" Opening

Letterman Interrogates Lindsay Lohan About Rehab, Reduces Her to Tears

Brad Paisley Defends "Accidental Racist," Reminds You He Has a Black Best Friend

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno Address "Tonight Show" Rumors with Magnificent "West Side Story" Duet

Ron Swanson Break Danced on Fallon Last Night, And We Are a Better People For It

The "Game of Thrones" Cast Sings the Theme Song to Solemnize the Break-Up of Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane

Your Morning Jollies: Selena Gomez Made Justin Bieber Cry

Everything You Thought You Knew Is Wrong: The Destruction of the Death Star Was an Inside Job

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's "History of the Rap: Part IV"

Louis C.K. Hilariously Shames Complimentary Heckler During Stand-Up Performance

Unsuspecting and Terrified Onlookers React Appropriately to Staged Attempted Murder in Worst Marketing Campaign Ever

TLC Is Here To Remind You That No Matter What You Do, There Will Always Be Someone More F***ed Up Than You

Rachel Weisz Is Perfection. NO ONE DENIES THIS

Jane Lynch Performs a Nicki Minaj Rap on "Conan," Reminds Us That We Are Mere Tenants in her World

Ron Swanson's On the Cover of Paste, Writes a Manly Song About It

Mila Kunis Helps Out Awkward Interviewer, Briefly Surpasses Jennifer Lawrence for Title of Awesomest Celebrity on the Planet

Are We Still In Love With Alison Brie?

Jimmy Kimmel's Movie: The Movie Sequel and the Dapper and Charming, Charming Potato

Kids Reenacting Oscar's Best Picture Nominees: Still Adorable

Between Two Ferns Oscar Edition Part II: Bradley Cooper Loses His Sh*t

"Between Two Ferns" Oscar Edition with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and More

Jennifer Lawrence Also Stalks John Stamos. She's Just Like Us!

Cock Fights, D*ck Swinging And Ten Things We Learned From Last Night's "Justified"

Bam Margera Transcends Gaucherie, Urinates In His Own Mouth, Achieves American Dream

This "New Girl" Gag Reel Is 8 Minutes of Schmidtastic, Whimsiquirkilicious Joy

Here's Ashley Benson Dry Humping a Floor While James Franco Lip Syncs a Justin Bieber Song

J.D. and Turk Sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," Win Christmas. Again

This Is Why He'll Always Be the Best Watson: Martin Freeman Hilariously Calls Lucy Liu a Dog

Talk Show Host Dreams a Dream, Adorably Coerces Hugh Jackman Into a Duet

Terrifying Brazilian Prank Show Reduces Grown Men to Pant-Sh*tting Puddles of Urine

'Game of Thrones' Season Three Teaser Trailer: If We Lose, The Night Will Never End

The Hilarious Jeremy Renner Shirtless Sketch That Didn't Make the "SNL" Cut

About that Time MC Hammer Blew the Roof Off the Dump Performing Gangnam Style with Psy

And on the Fourth Day the Internet Gave Me Evil Toasters: "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome" Episodes One and Two

Anne Hathaway Brought a Pound of Glee and an Ounce of Melancholy to Last Night's "Saturday Night Live"

Jimmy Fallon and Carrie Underwood's Country/Rap Mash-Up, C'Rap, Will Make Your Morning

Jon Stewart Gives Voice to Your Disgust with Fox News

Key & Peele's Obama Anger Translator Anoints White Obama Voters Honorary Black People

Denzel Washington Got Blown Away by Charles Bronson in His First Film Role

I Would Totally Vote For This Republican

Hobbits Teach Airline Safety for Air New Zealand

Jimmy Fallon Sings "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" as Bob Dylan, Makes World a Better Place

The Eerie Sound of a Late Night Monologue Without the Laughter of a Studio Audience

Take a Break from the Hurricane Coverage and Watch The 100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes of All Time

Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney As the Right Candidate For Our Future Nightmare Zombie Wasteland

Remember the Time the Second Most Likable Guy in Hollywood Pimp Slapped the Most Likable Guy in Hollywood?

Obama Addresses Trump Announcement and Stephen Colbert Offers Donald Trump $1 Million To Let Him Dip His Balls in Trump's Mouth

Huge Donald Trump Announcement Even More Bullsh*tty Than Previously Imagined

Tom Hanks Performs Amazing, Profound Slam Poetry About "Full House"

Who Gave the Most Adorable Interview As a Young Teenager? DiCaprio? Gordon-Levitt? Gosling? Bale? Or Elijah?

Eric Stonestreet Gets Jesse Tyler Ferguson the Gayest Birthday Present Ever

The Man Who Ate Axl Rose Performs an Embarrassing, Weak-Ass Acoustic Version of "Welcome to the Jungle"

VIDEO: Oops. Tom Hanks Accidentally Drops an F-Bomb Live on "Good Morning America"

Forgetting Where He Is, President Obama Frustratingly Sticks to the Script on "The Daily Show"

VIDEO: Mitt Romney and President Obama Were Charming and Hilarious At the Al Smith Dinner

This Chanel No. 5 Ad Is the Most Uncool Cool Thing Brad Pitt Has Ever Done

Henry Thomas' Audition Reel for E.T. The Extraterrestrial Will Blow You Away

Nick Offerman Performed a Song About His Wife On Letterman Last Night

A Star Wars Flashmob? The Germans Win Thursday

New Obama Ad Hilariously, Sarcastically Mocks Romney's Big Bird Gaffe

Bitchy Anderson Cooper is the Best Anderson Cooper

Overweight Local News Anchor Awesomely Tells Fat Shamer to Jump Up Her Fat Ass

Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Neil Young Singing 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' On Letterman

Anti-Romney Political Messages Now Being Delivered by Shirtless, Singing Beef-cakian Bros

When "The Daily Show" Brings In Replacement Correspondents, They Do It Mother Effing Right

Jimmy Fallon Totally Outdoes Himself with "History of the Theme Song"

Virtually the Entire Cast of "The West Wing" Reunites for an Awesome Campaign Ad

See, This Is Exactly What Those Crazy Back-to-the-Landers Were Afraid Would Happen

'The Daily Show' on Fox News' Romney Defense: "Chaos on Bullsh*t Mountain"

Here's Nick Offerman's Slam Poem About Bacon. You're Welcome

Adam Scott Explicates the "Ice Ice Baby" Lyrics, Is an Adorable Hedgehog

Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly Set to Debate the Real Issues, So the Presidential Candidates Won't Have To

The Moment Your Monday Turned Awesome: Ben Folds Five Performs with the Fraggles

Stupid Google Chrome Ads Get Me Every Damn Time

Purely for Educational Purposes: Ellen Degeneres and Britney Spears Demonstrate Gangnam Style

Larry David Narrates a Short Obama Film for "The Daily Show" — "Barack Obama: It Could Have Been Worse!"

This Week's Entry in the Ignorance of Your Elected Officials: The Fighting 11th

One Million Moms Attacks Skittles for Promoting the Sacred Love Between Woman and Adorable Walrus

This Turn Off Your Cell Phone PSA Will Cause Mental and Emotional Trauma To Your Unborn Progeny

Gordon Keith's Disastrously Awkward Interview with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

Watch: Roger Ebert Was a Total Dick to Gene Siskel

The Internet Finally Finds Something Better than Porn: The Avengers Gag Reel

There Aren't Enough Fire Extinguishers in the World To Put Out the Panty-Fires Ignited by Chris Hemsworth's Dance Moves

Michael Caine Does the Best Michael Caine Impression You've Ever Heard

This Video of Tom Waits Purporting to Be the Inspiration for Heath Ledger's Joker is Eerie as Hell

Douche-Tongue Lothario Dane Cook Becomes the First Stand Up Comedian to Make a Terrible Joke About the Aurora Shooting

In His First TV Appearance Since "The Incident," Fred Willard Discusses His Free Willy Moment on Late Night with Fallon

In Interview with Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Schools Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Here's a Video of Ron Swanson Smoking Pot with Alison Brie. You're Welcome

Here's Something to Take the Edge Off: Aaron Paul Freaked Out on "The Price is Right" in the '90s

Here's the Funniest Movie Scene in All of 2012

Wow. Mr. Wizard Was a Total A--hole

Amy Poehler Answers the Important Questions about Teenage Cosmetic Use

Gary Oldman Dramatically Reads from R. Kelly's Chilling New Autobiography

Shiny! The Return of Harry Hanrahan and a Video of All the Mandarin Language Employed in Joss Whedon's "Firefly"

Samuel L. Jackson's Nicki Minaj Impression Is Just What Your Monday Needed

Alison Brie and Jason Ritter Are Too Much Adorable for This Fake Comedy Trailer to Contain

A Supercut of All of Annie Edison's Audible Reactions to Someone Pulling Down their Pants

Anderson Cooper to Airline Passenger: "B*tch, What the F--- Are You Doing?"

Dancing Matt Is Back, and Once Again, He's a Cure-All For Your Black Cynicism

Watch a Young Ryan Gosling DANCE YOUR FACE OFF

You Have Two Choices: Scoff at Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Or Embrace the Ever Living Sh*t Out of It

In Four Minutes, Jon Stewart Perfectly Encapsulates All That's Wrong with American Politics

Here's a Montage of Runway Models Falling on their Ass. You're Welcome

Just When You Thought You Couldn't Adore Tom Hiddleston More, You Find Out He Does Impressions

If Life Were More Like Theater, Neil Patrick Harris Would Be BFF to Everyone!

The Ultimate Wedding-Movie Montage

"The Wire: The Musical" -- Experience TV's Greatest Show Through the Magic of Song!

The World Is a Sad, Messed Up Place: Child Sings "Ain't No Homo Gonna Make It To Heaven" In Church

Adam 'Bulletproof' Reposa is the Best Godd*mn Lawyer in the US of A

Insane Man Skydives Without a Parachute ON PURPOSE and Survives

How Much Would You Trust a Pane of Glass If It Was All That Was Separating Your Baby from a Hungry, Pissed-Off Lion?

This is the Closest You're Likely to Ever Get to a 'West Wing' Reunion. I'll Take It

President Obama Slow Jams the News, Wins Every Election Through 2042

Alfonso Ribeiro Leads a "Carlton Dance" Flash Mob. The World Will Never Be the Same

Ron Swanson Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities, Single-Handedly Validates Existence of Twitter

I Don't Want to Oversell It, But the "Parks and Rec" Gag Reel Is the Best Thing to Happen to Your Life. Ever.

The Best Thing To Come Out of Belgium Since In Bruges

A Totally Earnest, Totally Amazing, Totally Heartbreaking, Totally Rousing Addition to the 'It Gets Better' Campaign

More Avengers Clips Than You Can Shake A Demi-God's Hammer At

These Amazing Spider-Man Clips Are Complete And Utter Sh*t, Technically Speaking

Will "Happy Endings" Get A Happy Ending? All Signs Point To Maybe In The First Four Minutes Of The Finale

Watch The Official Bollywood Music Video For The Avengers! What Else Did You Have Planned For Today?

Queen Of The Internet, Felicia Day, Formally Requests You Watch Her New YouTube Channel

"Community" Is Back Tonight And That's Nice! Pre-Game It With "Abed's Master Key" And Dan Harmon's Tilted Bean Can...

Ellie Kemper is Adorable

Hooray! Fat Jonah Hill is Back in this Week's 'SNL' Promo

The Most Astounding Fact About the Universe Will Blow Out Your Mindhole and Make Soup of Your Brains

You Will Blare this "Downton Abbey" Rap Out of Your Motherf**cking Blinged-Out Horse and Buggy

New Hunger Games Footage Will Knock The Breakfast Right Out Of Your Mouth

So Unladylike! Kate Upton Mauls a Poor Defenseless Hamburger In her Stockings

Ron Swanson Giggles When He Says Vagina

Phew! I Solved Racism: Kids Adorably Reenact the Oscar-Nominated Films

Goddamn, I Love 'Parenthood'

Damn You, President Obama. Why Must You Be So Incredibly Adorable?

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel Throw Down, Les-Mis Style

Awesome Skittles Porn Gets a Sequel -- Taste the Rainbow, B*tch

Ad: Vegan Boyfriend Sexes the Bottom Out of Girlfriend; PETA: Funny right, haha!

The Cast Of "Game Of Thrones". . .Undressed

Ten Reasons to Watch the Season Premiere of "Cougar Town" Tonight

Teaching Kids in a Foreign Land About Laws Forbidding Robot Cyclists From Marrying ... I'd Watch the Sh*t Outta That Documentary

Bill O'Reilly: Sudden Friend of the Gays? Not So Fast

God, Ellen DeGeneres! Equality and Compassion? Why Do You Hate Narrow-Minded A**holery So Much?

God, Ellen Degeneres: What a B*tch, Right?

They Didn't Kill Superman. They Killed Death: Max Landis's The Death and Return of Superman

Lego Captain America Came To Kill Nazis And Smoke Lucky Strikes, And He's All Out Of Lucky Strikes (Because They No Longer Exist)

Budweiser's Inspired Attempt to Make Canadians Cry During the Super Bowl

Gary Oldman's Dramatic Recounting of Snooki's Urinary Tract Infection

Kristen Bell is a Very Sweet Nutcase

Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial is Two Minutes of Sell-Out Joy

How Is It Possible That The Help Is Viola Davis' First Leading Role?

If He'd Won the Emmy, Timothy Olyphant Had Planned to Dump His Wife on Stage

This Is Exactly What I Predict You'll Look Like When You Listen To This Face-Meltingly Awesome Ron Swanson Rap

Try F*cking With This One, George Lucas: Star Wars Uncut Has Arrived

Maurice Sendak: "Newt Gingrich is an Idiot"

You Wanna Screw And Eat Your Way To Extinction, America? Technology Is On Your Side.

'Family Feud' Will See Your Donkey Punch, 'Jeopardy,' and Raise You an Inappropriate 'Schlong'

That's What I Love About Matthew McConaughey's "Dazed and Confused" Character, Man. We Get Older, But He Will Always Be Awesome

The Gayest Commercial of All Time Ever of Always

Watch Self-Proclaimed Penis Expert, Michael Fassbender, Identify Other Famous Hollywood Nudes

Adorable Dogs in Super Bowl Teaser Ad Take a Blowtorch to Your Heart

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Is Running Attack Ads Against ... Stephen Colbert

Live-Action "Rugrats" Trailer Will Crawl Up Inside You and Take a Dump On Your Soul

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