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Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith Hate Most American Snacks, Predictably

By Emma Chance | TV | June 23, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | June 23, 2023 |

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The judges of Great British Bake Off and now (much to my Anglophile dismay) Great American Baking Show, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, recorded a video with Bon Appétit, in which they tasted and ranked various quintessential American snacks.

“I don’t know that many snacks in the States probably,” Hollywood warned.

“I shouldn’t be judging this at all because I don’t even eat British snacks,” said Leith.

They started with the favorite of generations of Americans, the Twinkie.

“What have you got there?” Hollywood asked.

“It’s called a Twinkie,” Leith answered.

“Oh Twinkie, I’ve heard of people mentionin’ Twinkies on movies and stuff, but I’ve never actually had one,” Hollywood said.

“Okay,” Leith replied.

Leith didn’t mind the “lemony sponge” but thought the cream filling was “horrible.” Hollywood tried a HoHo, the chocolate version of a Twinkie, and called it “dry, boring.”

They were both excited to see Snickers bars, but when they tasted them, were disappointed in the quality of the chocolate.

“How can you mess up a Snicker?” Hollywood begged. “I don’t think I’m gonna eat another Snicker again. I’m ruined.”

“They’re not bad, them,” was the consensus on Oreos. “They’re nice, them,” they agreed about the Girl Scouts Thin Mints.

Cheez-Its (my favorite), tasted like “old socks” to Paul Hollywood. They both loved Cool Ranch Doritos, though (thank god). After a few more rounds, everyone’s most beloved chip was the ultimate winner.

“I was rather nervous we’d have all horrible snacks and I’d have to choose one we didn’t like,” Leith admitted. “But, I really love that,” gesturing to the family-size Doritos bag.

“I’ll have them for lunch,” Hollywood proclaimed.

“Half is mine,” Leith protested.