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Redditor Captures Spectacularly Terrifying Storm From His Plane Window

By Petr Knava | Social Media | March 4, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | March 4, 2019 |


I have a little bit of a thing with flying. A tiny little thing. A teeny tiny thing in which every time I’m in a plane during take-off I’m 99% convinced that death is imminent. Yet despite this fear, I can’t help but be fascinated by harrowing plane footage and flight horror stories in general. I guess that’s just a thing humans do. Being fascinated by things that terrify us. There’s probably a name for it. ‘Being an emotionally masochistic idiot’ might well be the name. I don’t know. I guess you could also call it ‘being informed’, which sounds more pragmatic. But there’s definitely a line. My biggest fear is climate collapse. It haunts me like nothing else. Yet where do I spend a considerable amount of time? The subreddit ‘r/collapse’, which in its very sidebar has a disclaimer that begins with: ‘Overindulging in this sub may be detrimental to your mental health.’


Anyway in that spirit here’s some absolutely incredible footage of a storm of biblical proportions over East Africa, captured by Redditor u/HumanWithInternet:

🔥 A storm I saw flying through East Africa that our plane avoided. from r/NatureIsFuckingLit


Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

Header Image Source: Reddit

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