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Boris Johnson Makes Sexist Comments in the House of Commons, Gets Slapped Down Magnificently

By Petr Navovy | Videos | March 27, 2018 |

By Petr Navovy | Videos | March 27, 2018 |


The British House of Commons can be a lively place at times. MPs sit in opposing galleries that cascade up the sides of the ancient wooden chamber, often trading jocular jibes and cutting jeers across party lines.

One Member of Parliament who is not shy of joining in with this pantomime now and then is Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London (we elected a tousled-haired fascist to a position of prestige way before you guys did) and our current Foreign Secretary.

Incidentally, Foreign Secretaries are obviously best when they have a history of saying stuff like this:

boris racist.jpg

But I digress. Today, in the House of Commons, Boris Johnson was in attendance, as was Emily Thornberry MP, member of the Labour Party and Shadow Foreign Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn. In the midst of their debate, Mr. Johnson—in his trademark and mirror-perfected archaically posh buffoon way—referred to the Shadow Foreign Secretary as ‘Lady Nugee’. Emily Thornberry is married to Sir Christopher Nugee, but she goes by her maiden name.

Also in the House of Commons was, as always, the Speaker of the House of Commons. The most succinct explanation of the Speaker’s role is found on Wiki:

The Speaker presides over the House’s debates, determining which members may speak. The Speaker is also responsible for maintaining order during debate, and may punish members who break the rules of the House. Unlike presiding officers of legislatures in many other countries, the Speaker remains strictly non-partisan, and renounces all affiliation with his or her former political party when taking office as well as when leaving the office.

The Speaker now is one John Bercow, and he was—let’s say ‘displeased’—with Mr Johnson’s choice of language in referring to his counterpart on the other side of the chamber.

Bercow slapped Johnson the fuck down for being a little sexist cockwomble, is what I’m trying to say.

Check it out, it’s delicious and tastes like the future:

A transcript? Of course! I love a good transcript! Especially one with as many amazingly British inflections like this one:

Two things.

First of all we don’t name call in this chamber.

And secondly— I’m dealing with the matter—if the right honourable gentleman will listen and benefit from listening. Secondly, we do not address people by the titles of their spouses. The Shadow Foreign Secretary has a name. And it’s not ‘Lady Something.’ We know what her name is. And it is inappropriate, and frankly sexist, to speak in those terms.

And I’m not having it. In. This. Chamber.


No matter how senior a member, that parlance is not legitimate. It WILL NOT be allowed, and it will be called out.

I’ve SAID what the position is, and believe me: That is the end of the matter.

I hope I’ve made the position extremely clear to people who are not well informed about such matters.


As the Right Honorable Reddit Member said:



Petr Knava lives in London and plays music