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The MCU is Not My Cup of Tea. This Fan Supercut, However, is Incredible

By Petr Knava | Videos | August 8, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Videos | August 8, 2019 |


I’m not a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many of the individual components therein—the performers in particular—are often excellent, but others—the flat visuals; the unremarkable music; the open-ended, oft-weightless nature of the story-telling—leave me cold. That’s not to even speak of the broader implications this all-encompassing capitalist behemoth has had for the industry.

Like every other human being on Earth I saw Endgame in the cinema. It was, obviously, one hell of a spectacle. And I didn’t have a bad time. I enjoyed the rollercoaster ride well enough. I was pleased to see that, unlike the vast majority of the entries in the series, it was actually capable of landing an emotional punch or two for a start—even though the restless need to be constantly setting up the next installment or seven served to somewhat undercut those punches at the same time.

I think my main feeling upon leaving the theatre was one of relief. Like a hostage accidentally let loose. I’d been in the back of that blacked-out MCU van for over a decade. I hadn’t seen all of the films, but I had seen most, so despite my creative reservations with it all I had found myself invested to a degree. I wanted to see how it all ended. Of course, despite the name, ‘end’ isn’t really in the Marvel/Disney vocabulary. Certainly not the definitive article. Endgame was merely ‘an end’. So my feeling is: This is my end too. I felt it immediately after the credits rolled. This was a good opportunity to break away from it all. I know I’ve been saying this since 20-bloody-16, but still. That’s not to take away from anyone else’s enjoyment or whatever, obviously, but there’s only so much time in this life and so much oxygen to spend and I think I have to spend mine elsewhere.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy the occasional, inspired, MCU-derived fan creation. Because there is some really great stuff out there. This morning, I found what I think might be my favourite of them all. It’s an orgy of pitch-perfect transitions and wonderful choices. Here for your viewing pleasure, is the YouTube version:

And here it is as I originally saw it on Reddit:

Open your mind and enjoy the ride! This one took me almost 4 months to make it. Every time I worked on Vol. 3, I was running out of transitions. I needed to look further into the 22 movie collection of the MCU. It took so long, that Captain Marvel and Endgame came out on Blu-Ray. from r/marvelstudios

Gugga Leunnam, take a bow.

P.S. The first Avengers movie is still by far the best of the bunch (with the sole exception of Black Panther’s villain dynamic).

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