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Every Woman Has Been This Devastated Hockey Fan

By Kristy Puchko | Videos | April 18, 2018 |

By Kristy Puchko | Videos | April 18, 2018 |

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The other night during warm-ups for a Washington Capitals game, hockey player Brett Connolly decided to pitch a puck into the stands for an excited fan. This hardly seems like news, right? But the video of the event went viral because it reflected a frustrating element of sports culture.

Check it out below and see why it’s both heart-lifting and infuriating.

Connolly singled out that little blonde girl to get his puck. He demonstrated this by tapping the glass in front of her. But that didn’t stop a grown man from snatching the puck before it reached her, and handing it to the boy on her right. So, Connolly tries again, getting another puck. Tapping the glass to confirm that it’s intended for this girl. AGAIN the man grabs it, and now hands it to the boy on her left. It takes the third try for the man to FINALLY give the little girl a pitched puck. And there was much rejoicing, as she holds it up, jumps excitedly, and smiles broadly. So happy ending! Eventually. But what’s that thieving dude’s deal!?

When this video hit Twitter, many jumped to defend the man who gave not one but two pucks to the boys on either side of the little girl. Like the second announcer in the clip, they assumed this was the dad of all three kids, and oh ho! Wasn’t he tricky, managing to get all of his brood their own special memento! Which look, even if we assume that guy is all three kids’ father, what kind of lesson is that to teach his daughter? ‘No matter what you do or desire, I’ll always value your brothers’ needs first. Boys just matter more than you.’

But the girl’s mom spoke out on Twitter to set the record straight:

Others online related to Moxley’s daughter, noting that being a woman in a male-dominated community (like sports fans) can be an alienating experience.

Later, Moxley offered a response video of her daughter, Keelan Moxley, sharing her story. See it below, courtesy of CBC News: The National.

In the end, the male anchor asks, “Why did he hand the puck to anyone but her? I don’t know the answer.” Cool, dude. We bet your female co-anchors do. Ask them.

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