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Have You Heard About The Woman That Started Coughing Up Live Frogs Due To A Curse? In 2018?

By Jodi Smith | Videos | March 7, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Videos | March 7, 2019 |


Given the recent hysteria connected to the old internet hoax Momo, the following story should come as no surprise whatsoever. In Butuan City, Philippines, a woman identified as Emily claimed that she was mistakenly cursed by a neighbor in August of 2018. The neighbor reportedly wanted to hex Emily’s husband, but when he was not available she chose to “curse” Emily instead.

The neighbor supposedly punched Emily in the stomach, saddling her with the worst case of reflux ever. Emily began to have coughing fits that resulted in live frogs and bugs emerging from her mouth. After a video of “proof” hit Facebook, a popular and award-winning show in the Philippines examined Emily’s claims.

If you’d like to see Emily in action, this video made by YouTuber ReignBot breaks down the entire story while providing clips of the television show that investigated Emily.

As you probably guessed, Emily was faking the regurgitation of frogs and bugs. ReignBot mentions various other women throughout history who also sought fame by spontaneously expelling frogs and small animals from their bodies.

Unfortunately for Emily, coughing up reptiles is not new or even special. No one hands out reality shows for that.

“In 1642, Mrs. Catharina Geisslerin was widely known as “the toad-vomiting woman of Germany.” She told people that she had swallowed tadpoles in swamp water, and that frogs were thriving in her intestinal tract. Whenever she drank milk, the frogs would hop around madly. Despite initial skepticism, she convinced physicians that amphibians were in her digestive system — especially after she vomited fully grown frogs (sometimes living) for two years in front of famous professors and medical consultants!” - via The Girl Who Gave Birth to Rabbits

In 2004, even BBC News was reportedly tricked into running an article about an Iranian woman giving birth to a live frog-child. According to a site called Media Ethics, the BBC’s source was Indian daily paper Etemaad Urdu. The now-deleted story included claims that the source had quotes from medical professionals who saw “human characteristics to the animal.”

Perhaps sadly for some, pig and elephant DNA still won’t splice, and humans cannot give birth to half-amphibian babies. Or any other creatures that they find outside of their home and stuff into… places. I’m not sure why this still has to be clarified in 2019, but… actually? I understand completely.

So when your Nana or that one Uncle asks you if you’ve heard about the woman hacking up frogs, you can let them know that it isn’t true. But Momo is definitely making young kids puke up frogs before throwing slices of cheese on the faces of babies and three likes equals two amens.