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In Case You Missed It, Amy Sedaris Has The Best Beauty Tips/ Is Also The Best

By Tori Preston | Videos | September 21, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Videos | September 21, 2017 |

From the looks of things, In Style released this adorable video of Amy Sedaris talking about her beauty tips a week ago. But it’s never too late to indulge (or re-indulge!) in the glory that is Amy Sedaris. Besides, I almost posted this as a “Happy Hump Day” thing before I realized that it’s not actually Wednesday, so don’t look to me to keep things “timely.”

The best thing about Amy’s new show, At Home With Amy Sedaris, which premieres next month, is… well, simply that we have a wacky new Amy Sedaris homemaking show to enjoy. But the SECOND best thing is that we’re going to get to enjoy fresh interviews and marketing stunts like this one in the run up to the show’s premiere. Things that will hinge less on her show and more on HER.

Within the first few seconds of this piece, Amy’s sweet little face lets out a demonic “QUI-ET!” And in the following two minutes she:

- Offers up a surprising use for a lip balm cap when entertaining strange kids in the park

- Presents an alternate pronunciation of the word “oil”

- Explains the effects that having hair “the consistency of a coconut” will have on your beauty routine

- Acknowledges her love of wigs (she has 30!)

- Somehow spins drinking Visine as the “craziest beauty treatment” she’s tried (the story… doesn’t go the way you probably expect)

- Calls a bartender a “cocktologist”

- And promotes dolling up with glasses and lipstick if you’re going out while high. You know, to distract from the eyes

But it doesn’t even matter what she says, so much as how she says it. For a woman who slips into characters so easily, it’s refreshing to see just how naturally charming she is. So let’s pretend it’s still Women’s Crush Wednesday (that’s still a thing, right?) and love up on Amy Sedaris a bit. Besides, time is a construct.

At Home With Amy Sedaris premieres on TruTV October 24th at 10:30pm EST.