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'Girls Don't Play Guitars' - John Lennon, D**k

By Petr Knava | Videos | January 31, 2020 |

By Petr Knava | Videos | January 31, 2020 |

liverbirds-video-header (1).jpg

Obviously, F**k the New York Times. Gatekeepers of the establishment, enablers of empire. I’ve got no time for ‘em. But just like the BBC puts out great documentaries at the same time as producing odious right-wing news content so too does the NYT occasionally produce some decent content alongside all its elitist gobbledygook. Case in point: This mini-documentary about The Liverbirds—one of Britain’s first female-only rock bands, named after the fictional liver bird that serves as the symbol of their city of origin, Liverpool. Now, this being a story about a band from Liverpool in the early 60’s, yes of course The Beatles prove central to the story, and—even more obviously: Yes, John Lennon makes an appearance, being a d**k. Check it out:

I’m a huge classic rock and metal nerd. It’s one of the main passions of my life and I love it unreservedly. Well, almost. The gender (and race) imbalance is quite unfortunate. Reflective of broader social forces I suppose, but unfortunate nevertheless. It’s always a bit disheartening when someone asks you to name a female rock band and you, as a fan of equality of opportunity, launch enthusiastically into a list that races to about twenty or so before slowing down considerably, whereas when the question is phrased as ‘name a male rock band’ your brain actually short-circuits out of the sheer paradigm-busting, ‘where do I even start?’ nature of it and takes a minute to begin to respond.

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