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Welcome to the Author Archive for Genevieve Burgess

genevieve-burgess.jpg Genevieve Burgess, Features Contributor: Genny has been complaining about what's on TV 5 nights a week for more than 10 years. She lives in Washington, D.C. You can follow Genevieve Burgess on Twitter.

Lawyer Up, Lawyer Down

The Next Big Thing is On Showtime Now

In 'For All Mankind' Aleida Learns that What You Love Doesn't Always Love You

Who's Excited for Shark Week?

Old Shows Don't Die, They Just Get 'Grown-ish'

Many Options for Dated Pop-Culture References Tonight

Leave Them Wanting More, a Lot More

Is It All Good? Is It Really?

Zahn McClarnon Returns to the West, World

Streaming Services Playing Fast and Loose with Release Times

'The Challenge: USA' Should be Excellent Summer TV

The Glaring Flaw in 'For All Mankind'

'For All Mankind' Tackles the Myth of the Great Man

When a Reality Show Switches Genres Mid-Run

A Night for Heroes, Big and Small

It's All Fun and Games Until The Bad CGI Shows Up

Bring Yourself Back Online, Again

'The Bear' is Shameless

What Are Ewan Watching Tonight?

It's Pool Season on 'American Ninja Warrior'

The Liminal Space Between a First Season Finale and a Series Finale

Let's Keep Things Gentlemanly

'Evil' Comes and 'Barry' Goes

Let the Mystery Be

The Mouse Conquers Wednesday

You've Heard of Ted Talks, Now Hear Tom Talk

Skulking Into the Week

Calling the Banners

Tonight's Series Set in a Sandy Location is NOT the 'Star Wars' Show!

When The Lack of Dramatic Tension is Still Harrowing

Will 'The Flight Attendant' Make a Case for Bangs?

That Was Them

It's a Finale But it's not THE Finale

Getting Ready for the Supersized 'Bob's Burgers'

Back to Getting That Paper in the Fall

What Shows About Kids Have Become Shows About Adults?

Taking Residency Literally

Law Enforcement Monday on Fox and HBO

A Man Out of Time

Calling Time on 'Winning Time'

We Don't Even Know if the Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Can Muppets Make Everything Better?

How Can You Not Renew Gleefully Armed Morena Baccarin?

The Sweet Smell of TV About TV

Do We Think The Suit is Dry Clean Only? How Does That Work?

Elle Fanning Continues Her Reign over Hulu

Jon Bernthal Trying to Kill Your Crushes

Some Quaint, Old-Fashioned Political Scandals

Fade to 'Black-ish'

Turning Back Time, One Last Time

How Many Historical Characters Can Gillian Anderson Play?

Can You Reboot Your Own Life?

Big Night for Documentary-Style Sitcoms

Is This Title a Spoiler or Not?

Commutes Look Different These Days

It's Oscar Isaac Night! Where He's a Knight!

Who Asked for a New Cooking Competition Show?

Where Are the Dragons in 'House of the Dragon'?

There is Some Sort of Sporting Event Tonight?

How About a Seven Hour Awards Ceremony?

The Future Loves Monochrome Jumpsuits


'FBI' Looks Like a Great 'Hey, It's That Guy!' Show

Americans Competing in Society and Song

The Chaotic State of 'Grey's Anatomy' Housing

Hello, It's Adele

Here's To a Rockin' Tuesday Night

What Would You Wear to Your FBI Interrogation?

Sing Me a Song of Monday TV

Relax Into True-Crime Tuesday

Time For Your Weekly Existential Crisis

Black Turtlenecks Will Never Look Normal Again

'Good Sam' Because 'The Good Doctor' Was Taken

A Double Dose of Nicole Byer, or Some Speech About Something

Walking Into Another Week

The Mothership Returns

Ten More Episodes of 'Snowfall', the Groundhog was Right

How Wild Can You Get on Tuesday Night?

For a Show Called 'Euphoria' Everyone Looks Pretty Unhappy

You Can See a Lot More Than Voices Tonight

Tuesday Night Wants to Know Who's Baby

If No One Remembers a Show, Does The Season Finale Make a Sound?

Did You Remember to Order Flowers for Monday?

Aliens Here, There, And Everywhere

Tuesdays are For 'Queens'

Gilding and Medals this Monday Night

'Claws' Back In

'And Just Like That' The Wolves Are Back

Paramount+ Still Plans to Reboot the Most Streamed Show of 2021

It's a School Night on 'Abbott Elementary'

Intimidating Teens Are Here to Start Your Week

It's Really Only Thursday Night

Would You Rather Battle Monsters or Attend High School Again?

Will Milo Ventimiglia Smile Before 'This Is Us' Ends?

Monday Nights Are Getting Fancier

Questions 'Yellowjackets' Will Not Answer Next Season

New Fake Billionaire Just Dropped

Who Wants Modern Treasure-Hunter Stanley Tucci?

An Elegant Bounty Hunter for a More Civilized Criminal Underworld

Is It Going To Take Nine Years To Tell This Love Story?

Ready For Some Close Encounters?

High School Reunions are Murder

Where Are the Missing 'Yellowjackets'?

Oh Good, More Superheros Who Aren't So Super

What's the Signal for a Dull TV Night?

Family-Run Businesses Are Nothing But Trouble

TLC Cannot Fit These Women's Antics Into a Single Hour of TV

Tonight: Teens Acting Like Adults and Adults Acting Like Teens

The Joes Millionaire are Back

A New Flavor of Bad Dad for Jason Isaacs

A Clean Start for Élodie Yung

When You Have the Budget for Three Kitchens But the Studio Space for One

Started From the Sarlacc Pit Now We're Here

Little House on Streaming Service

How Long Can an SNL Skit Stay Profitable?

'Grey's Anatomy' is Barely 'Grey's Anatomy' Anymore

(Young) Rock'in Around the Christmas Tree

A Comedy About a Car Company, Timely!

'Yellowjackets' is Going There and it's Terrifying

Logan Roy Knows What to Say to Monday Morning

Television Fit for a Queen

Will Versus The Volcano

Tis the Season for Explosions on Medical Dramas

The Queen is Looking Different These Days

Another Season Gone and They Still Haven't Named the Main Character

'Yellowjackets': Who Else Might Be Alive?

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Tonight!

Time to Get Into a Festive Mood

Does Showtime's 'Yellowjackets' Need a Bigger Mystery?

Macabre Artwork: Not Just for Murder Shows

Birthday Parties Don't Usually Feel This Ominous

Start Your Week Deeply Unsettled

It's Gus's Time to Shine! More Than Usual.

All the Worst Parts of the Pandemic Keep Repeating

'Riverdale' is Back to Baffle Us All For About a Month

Monday Night TV Coming in Hot

New 'Hawkeye' Show Looks Dark

The Arts and Crafts Serial Killer Movement Continues on AMC+

Tuesday Gets a Little Less Super

How's Everyone Handling the Time Change?

Has All Work and No Play Made Dexter a Dull Boy?

One Man's Mud Pit is Another Man's Even Bigger Mud Pit

How About That Monday Night TV?

Ready to Get Timey Wimey Again?

Anyone Planning TV-Themed Costumes for Halloween?

Poorly Rendered Giant Sloth Says Happy Tuesday

Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

How Could You Be Insecure With That Bathroom?

Does the Hat Have Second Billing Now?

Everything New is Old Again

It's Like 'Who Wore it Best' But with TV Show Concepts

James Wolk Can Be Anything, Even a High Schooler

Ultimate Case of the Sunday Scaries

Consumerism: The Series Tonight on USA

Some Feel Bad TV This Wednesday

This is a Big Pile of 'Nope!'

The Human Representation of Monday Night TV

The Nickelodeon Generation Gets Their Nostalgia Programming

Are We Seeing Ghosts or Doubles?

'Riverdale' is Not Burning Out

Facial Prosthetics on Actors: Yay or Nay?

Bring Some Agent 355 Energy Into Your Week

Billionaires Can Escape the Law, But Not Awkward Zoom Faces

ABC Still Forcing 'Station 19' on 'Grey's' Fans

Ben Warren of 'Station 19' and 'Grey's Anatomy' Has the Worst Career Arc on TV

Your Wednesday Night Nightmare is Back

Disasters of the Western United States: Fictional and Potential

It's Serious Doctor Time When the White Board Shows Up

Oh Brave New World That Has Such Zombies In It

Is Andy Bouchard of 'Evil' a Secret Demon?

Benson Keeps Getting Older, But the Crimes Stay Especially Heinous

Was There Anything That Wonderful About Being 12?

Fox Dramas Continue to Exist in a Different World Than Fox News

Everybody Do Your Best Cop Show Pose!

Was 'Grey's Anatomy''s McDreamy Really a McNightmare?

Farewell to Jake Peralta and His Many Layers

Everybody Getting Loose for the Weekend a Little Early

Lot of Television About the Relatively Recent Past Tonight

A Show About a Disaster to Distract Ourselves From the Real Disasters

Can't We Just See Hot People Having Great Marriages on TV?

Vampires, High School Students, But Not Vampire High School Students

'Clueless' Has the Most Accurate Teen Seduction Scene Ever

Various Interpretations of 'A Collared Shirt and Nice Slacks'

The Odd Throuple

Enjoying Some Appropriately Distanced Monday Night Content

The Hottest Gossip of the 19th Century

Why Fight When You Can Have Wine Instead?

A Struggling Writer, We've Never Seen That Plot Before!

Supergirl is Here to Save Tuesday Night

Everybody's Going Surfing, On ABC

Some Brooding Brody For You This Evening?

Summer Game Show Season is Ending

Here It Is, Your Moment of Zen?

Will Tuesday Night TV Fulfill Your Every Fantasy?

The 'American Ninja Warrior' Course or Just Trying to Get Through Monday?

Tonight We See How Fine The Line Is Between Comedy and Drama

The Nine-Nine Goes Bye-Bye

Marvel Ponders The Multiverse Some More

HBO and Fox Trying to Scare Us Off Tropical Vacations for Good

Stuck in the Middle of Oklahoma

Home Box Office Finally Living Up to Its Name

The Faces of Miami's Cocaine Trade

The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Late Summer Monday TV

The Royal Family by Way of 'Family Guy'

Competitive Swimming or Competitive Forging?

Where Your Primetime TV Comes From This Week

Can You Get a Medal for Recycling Material in Multiple Formats?

'CSI' is Returning, But Where Is Justice for Lady Heather?

Protect Belinda from Everyone

'Law & Order SVU' and Olivia's Forgotten Baby

Thursday Night Gets Very Very Weird

'Kung Fu' Fighting, Airplane Fighting, and Jonas Fighting

Can We Flash Ahead to Friday? No?

We Are All in the 'Hell's Kitchen' of Summer TV

The Shark Week Tie-Ins Get More Disturbing

Sharks vs. Chefs, Which is Scarier?

The Dream of Oregon is Alive on TBS

What If Someone Made a Podcast You Could Watch?

Staring Down Another Shark Week

HBOMax Brings You More Mean Teens

Waking Up to Realize It's Only Wednesday

We Found The Guy Who Did This

Jared Harris Back on AMC, Without His Arctic-Exploring Buddies

< /b>

Fun Fact: None of the 'America's Got Talent' Judges Were Born in America

Sunday Features a Double Dose of Kevin F-ing Himself

Over Two Decades of Competitive TV Cooking in One Man

Is 'Grey's Anatomy' Ending After Next Season?

Could Clark Get a Golden Ticket With This Stunt?

Summer Means Obstacle Course Shows on Two Networks

How European Soccer is Encouraging People to Learn CPR and Drink Water

Tonight's Various Sports and Almost-Sports for Your Viewing Pleasure

Even People Who Control Time Can't Escape Awkward Elevator Rides

How Many More Time Transitions Can Be Communicated via Hair Cuts?

Look At All These Famous Voices!

Another 'Hamilton' Cast Member Moves to a Premium Channel with 'Blindspotting'

It's Katey Sagal's Thursday Night, We're Just Living In It

The South is Now Queen-less

"There's How Many More Seasons of 'New Amsterdam'?"

Points to 'Grey's' For Keeping Consistent With COVID All Season

The Next Sitcom Star to Get the Marvel Treatment

Talented Americans and LEGO Masters Kick Off Summer TV

Will We Learn What Easttown is East Of?

The 'Friends' Reunion Felt Like Attending Someone Else's High School Reunion

Were They, in Fact, There For You?

Taking Masks Off is the Hot Trend These Days

Looking at Everyone Trying to Call Everything on TV a "Series"

A Tribute to Luther Stricknell, The Real Hero of the 'Mission: Impossible' Series

Lightning Crashes One Last Time

Ziggy Can't Help You Now, Scott Bakula

'Last Man Standing' Finally Sits Down

Trying to Remember How to Socialize After Lockdown

Fox Participating in Actual Cancel Culture

'Breeders' Setting Unrealistic Standards of Parental Dress at Home

The North Remembers, or At Least Comes Back for a Second Season

From Easttown to The Strip, Jean Smart is Everywhere You Want to Watch

Who Wants to Ponder What Life Was Like in 2006?

The Prescription for Tuesday Night is Documentaries

Can a Sitcom Succeed on Raw Talent Alone? We'll Find Out!

'Crank Yankers' Joins 'The Masked Singer' for More Wednesday Nightmare Fuel

Young Rocks, Run Free

'For All Mankind' Lets Everyone Save the World at the Same Time

Disney is Neither Woke, Nor Conservative, Just Capitalist

Ed Helms and NBC Together Again, Sort Of

Will 'Snowfall' Ever Involve Any Actual Snow?

The Slow-Moving Tragedies of the Earthbound Women in 'For All Mankind'

'Queen Sugar' Ends Its Reign on OWN

Lucky There's 'American Dad'

Scripted Dramas Return to HBO, Television is Healing

Tonight's the Night to Take Everything Personally

John Walker is Exactly the Captain America the Government Wanted Steve Rogers To Be

Is Netflix's 'The Circle' a Reality Series or Just a Series About Reality Now?

'Big Sky' Gets a Bigger First Season

'All American', 'All Rise', All This and More

Farewell, Frank, We Knew Way WAY Too Much About You

ABC Gets Another Vaguely Legal-Ish Show to Round Out Thursday Night

'Law & Order: Organized Crime' Missed Their Chance to Join the 'Bones' Universe

There Will Be 'Kung Fu', But Will There Be a Moody Cover of 'Kung Fu Fighting'?

Reclaiming 'Chad' For the Non-Chads

That Does Not Look Like Appropriate Attire for Hiking in Iceland

The Dead Will Sit Down For a Bit

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Aliens, Godzillas, and Kongs, Oh My!

More 'Game of Thrones' Content Is Coming to The Stage Now

All Pooches Are Already Perfect

The Snow Has Been Pierced, For Now

Ellen Pompeo on 'Grey's Anatomy' is Ultimate Career Goals

Zoey Plays On

The 'Superstore' is Super Closed

High School Shows, the Actors Keep Getting Older but the Characters Stay the Same Age

Life on the Moon in 'For All Mankind' Continues to Seem Eerily Familiar

Seasons Going by Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Answering the Questions You Probably Don't Have About the New 'Game of Thrones' Spinoffs

If You Could Age Your Kids Up Between Seasons, Would You?

Sunday Night's Alright for Foreign Crime Dramas and Documentary Series

The Kardashians' Days on the Medium Screen are Numbered

Who's Ready for More Bafflingly Popular Nightmare Creatures?

Do You Want Your Kids to Learn About Cooking? Are You Sure?

They're Not Out There Making DuckTales Anymore

'Good Girls' But Terrible Poker Faces

Can a Series Survive on Crossover Events Alone?

Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to Award Some Money?

Oprah's Network Brings You a New Legal Drama

Pictured: A Very Normal Date, Obviously

There Are Many Things to Fear on Sunday Night

Why Do All Gameshow Sets Look Like this Now?

Have You Changed Your News (or Semi-News) Watching Habits Lately?

Time to Head Back to Old New York

From Alphabet Agency Shows to No-Name Agency Shows

Family Sitcoms, Family Reality Shows, and Some Serial Killers

When Drug-Centered Dramas Shoot Themselves Into a Corner

It's Family Sitcom Night on TV!

Monday Night TV Offers Tales of Two Towns

How Far Could You Walk With a One-Week Head Start?

The Baffling Religious Dogmatism of CBS All Access's 'The Stand'

Tonight's NBC Line-Up is Even More Especially Heinous

Wednesday Means It's Time to See What's Going Wrong in Chicago

NBC Has Some New Sitcoms For You!

Trying to Decide Which New Show to Try Out

Is Using Two Guns at Once 'Equalizing'?

When The Lambs Won't Shut Up

Is There an Easier Paycheck on TV Than Hosting Reality Competition Shows?

'Queen Sugar' is Not Sugarcoating

On The CW Lightning Strikes a Fourth Time

Tonight Tom Brady Opens for Queen Latifah

Stand in the Place Where You Live

When Does the Jailhouse Lawyer Show Become Just Another Procedural?

There Will Come a Day When 'The Expanse' Stops Expanding

Public Transportation That Works Flawlessly in Winter? Clearly Science Fiction.

Bless PBS For Continuing to Air New Shows

Are We Really Ready for Political Comedy or is 'Mr.Mayor' Too Soon?

Still Less Terrifying Than All the 'Masked Dancer' Costumes

Is It REALLY Extraordinary Or Just Pretty Good?

Fictional Apocalyptic Scenarios, Just What We Need Now

The Struggles of the Early 1980s May Look Quaint By Now

HBO is Really Hoping You Still Care About 'Game of Thrones'

Questionable Adaptation Thursday is Here!

There Are No Inaugural Balls, But There is Dancing

Seriously, What Sadist Packs Those Baskets?

Can Angela Bassett's Glare Cure COVID? We Should Let Her Try.

Same Bat Channel, New Batwoman

Your Search For New TV is Over! If You Have Several Streaming Services

Is This Mother Also a Closer?

Same, Michael Sheen, Same

'The Good Doctor' is So Good, They Don't Have COVID Anymore

Who's Ready for Some Calming Masterpiece Theater?

Presenting Craig Ferguson Presiding Over Parlor Games

2021 Brings New Television! Satisfaction Not Guaranteed.

Anyone Picked Up Distilling as a Hobby This Year?

More Dark Materials Coming, But Not Anytime Soon

May Your Houses Be Merry and Bright, Just Not This Bright

Can a Title Doom a Show? 'Next' Suggests Maybe.

A Double Helping of "Industry", Just What You Wanted!

Tis The Last Week of The Season

Do Functional Alcoholism and International Espionage Mix? Sort of!

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Masks

If The Only Safe Way to Travel Was Via Reality Travel Competition, Would You?

Everyone on TV Stands Way Too Close To Each Other

At Least 'The Voice' Judges Get to Enjoy Live Music

The Closest Any of Us Are Getting to Broadway for a While

No Thank You, Matthew Morrison

Pro-Cop Procedural vs. Anti-Cop Documentary

We're All Unimpressed with Monday Night TV

The Gallaghers are Here to Balance the Christmas Cheer

When HBO Tries To Step On Your Territory

What's Scarier, Masked Singers or Anti-Maskers? (It's Anti-Maskers)

'Big Sky' and Bigger Kitchen Spaces

Being 'Filthy Rich' Still Won't Buy You a Second Season

Waiting to See What Gets Undone Tonight

We Have Survived the 'Tosh.0' Era

Tonight We've Got Nuns in High Places

This Time of Year, Everyone Has Family Problems

Surely Heaven Waits for the Winchester Brothers

Should Medical Dramas Like 'Grey's Anatomy' Address COVID-19?

Wednesdays Are For Reality TV

Talking on a Cell Phone Will Never Look Very Dramatic

Darkness Returns to Monday Nights

'The Raid' 1859

'The Crown' Season 4 Promises a Plethora of Drama

Fall TV is Especially Heinous Again

What's Happening on 'Grey's Anatomy' These Days?

S.W.A.T is Bursting Into Your Tuesday Night

This Tuesday is for Wholesome Family Drama, For Now

HBO Invests in Banking Drama, Let's See if it Pays Off

Life, and 'NCIS: Los Angeles', Goes On

An Uptight Guy and a Wacky Lady? Truly, a Groundbreaking Sitcom Premise.

For Anyone Climbing the Walls Tonight

'The Good Doctor' is Seizing the Moment Whether You Like it Or Not

Dr.House Enters Politics

More Normal Fall Television Returns

TV Messy and Real Life Messy Have Never Been Further Apart

NBC is Ready to Further Emotionally Compromise You

Is This Not Just Called the Gwen and Blake Show Yet?

Will Nicole Kidman Ever Play a Woman in a Happy Marriage Again?

Do We Miss the 80s or Just Any Year Before 2020?

Are Dating TV Series the Safest Way to Date Now?

The Story-Teller of 'The Haunting of Bly Manor' is Doing a Terrible Job

Tonight We're Going Hard, Just Like the World is Ours

The Faces of Being So Excited and So Scared

The Night of Too Many Presidents

In These Uncertain Times, 'The Amazing Race' Stays the Same

Creepy Islands Filled with Prestige Actors are a Bad Time

The Final Ride of the Winchester Men

A Very Very Mad Man

Would You Let an Algorithm Find Your True Love?

Start the Week Off with a Bang

All the 'Game of Thrones' Actors in 'The Murders at White House Farm'

The Thursday Night Landscape is Bleak

Nothing Like TV About a Pandemic in the Middle of a Pandemic

Tonight is All 'Tiger King' Callbacks All the Time

Fall Television (and Some Belated Spring Television) Returns!

Celebrities Crossing the Streams is Never Not Weird

Are Those Masks Rated for Aerosolized Droplets or Nah?

How Do You Do, Fellow Voters?

The Splendor of Canada

Reality TV Continues to Bear No Resemblance to Reality

Heading Back into the Danger Zone, Again

How Will We Know What Ridiculous Videos Exist on the Internet Now?

As Summer Turns to Fall, Jude Law Returns to HBO

Some Dutch Courage to Face the Coming Week

All Good Things Must Come to An End

Is Samantha Bee Hacking Your Mind? Maybe!

We're All Living a 'What Would You Do' Episode Every Day Now

Wolves in Spandex Clothing

Manual Labor and Farming, What an Exciting Night of TV

Canadian Imports Coming to a TV Near You

Get Your Ninja Masks On

Tonight, We Go to the Movies

This is a Much Warmer Reaction Than Thursday TV Merits

Shutdowns Are Even Hitting Fictional Workplaces

The Night of Florida People

Complete Destruction

Not Even Close to the Scariest Thing on Television This Week

Politics and Pajibans in the Wild

If You're Bored of Sitting on Your Couch, Here's Other People Sitting on Their Couches

A Show About People Sitting in Front of Their Computers, Very Relatable

Looks Like Everyone's Learning to Cook This Summer

'Lovecraft Country' is Here to Liven Up Sunday Night

Sharks vs. Viruses on Thursday Night Scare TV

OWN Gets a Little Less Green

'For All Mankind' Hides a Perfect Isolation Story in an Imperfect Space Race Story

Do Canadian Drag Queens Bring Their Eh Game?

Last Call for Sister Alice's Sunday Sermon

Are You Really 'Off Grid' If There's a Whole Camera Crew With You?

The CW Showcasing The Diversity of Toronto's Dead Bodies

Have You Ever Wished 'Antiques Roadshow' Had More Redneck Jokes?

Monday May Destroy You

The Evolution of a Law-Talking Guy

What's Your Favorite Slightly Deranged Summer Gimmick Show?

In the World of 'Ultimate Tag', Everyone's Out

The Season Finale of Mike Rowe Header Photos

When Fictional Demons Are No Match for the Real World

Goodbye, 'Blindspot', We Hardly Knew Ye

Anyone Ready to be Bored at Work Again?

Cooking Competitions Just Feel Redundant Sometimes

Fingerprint Analysis: Equally Riveting in the 19th and 21st Centuries

Just "Lemon, It's Wednesday"-ing Through This Whole Summer

Looking for a Classic Sitcom Setup? ABC Hopes So!

A Documentary About Kids in Showbiz and a Talent Show Featuring Kid Performers

'Penn and Teller: Fool Us' or Penn and Teller Fooling Us?

What is 'Snowpiercer's Equal Opposite Reaction?

The Summer of Stupid Human Tricks Continues

Tonight, Competitive Bricklaying. Tomorrow, Literally Watching Paint Dry.

Mike Rowe is Back in an RV on TV

Renovated the Kitchen But Left an Acorn Squash in the Lemon Bowl

Will Production Shut Downs Finally End the 'American Remake' Trend? Probably Not.

Happy Canada Day to Samantha Bee and All Our Other Canuck Friends!

Why Does 'Chopped' Still Have an Ice Cream Machine?

What Will TV Look Like in the Fall? Probably Not This.

The Summer of Watching 1930s Los Angeles on Premium Cable

Thursday is For the Simple Joy of Watching People Fall Down Hard

Black Tank Tops and Gray Henleys: How to Dress Sci-Fi on a Budget

No One Knows How to Dress for House Shopping

HBO Trying to Destroy Your Weekly TV Schedule

Tatiana Maslany in a Blonde Wig is Always a Solid Choice

Was 'Jersey Shore' a Good Thing or Bad Thing for the Jersey Shore?

How Effective Was SHIELD Without The Superheroes?

Time is Meaningless but the Summer TV Drought Still Exists

There's No Canada Like French Canada! Before it Was French Canada.

Welcoming Back the Cozy Mysteries of Cambridgeshire

Apparently Wig Design is a Big 'Blindspot' for NBC

'Ultimate Tag' Is Not It

Potentially The Last of 'The Last O.G.'

'The Bachelor': Highlighting 18 Years of Mostly Mediocre White Men

Michaela Coel is Back

Even the Vampires Are Masking Up

Will 'Killing Eve' Ever Live Up to Its Own Title?

Will Freeform Hear the 'Siren' Song? Who Knows!

Agent Coulson's Final Ride

A Whole Dose of Reality Tonight, Occasionally Featuring Diane Sawyer

We Finally Know The Truth About Cersei's Pregnancy and It Doesn't Fix Anything

Thursday Night TV is All About Balls

All The Power Three Watts Can Generate

Cleary a Sitting Around the House Kind of Outfit

Escape Current Dystopia with Fictional, More Stylish, Dystopia

We'll Finally Know Who Gets Away With Murder

What's Your Stay-At-Home Desperation Show Line-Up?

How Do You Make a Whole Town Into An Idiot Sandwich?

Can We Face a Fall Without Connie Britton's Hair on TV?

Double The Ruffalo For Your HBO Money

'Brockmire' Concludes, Because Even Fictional Sports Are Over

All Rise, Unless You're Video Chatting Without Pants

The Revolution Will Be Perfectly Styled

Anyone Getting Nostalgic for Work While Watching Work Dramas?

'One Day at a Time' to Explore New Dimensions

Will There Be 'Dispatches From Elsewhere' Henceforth? Who Knows.

Showtime Delivers All the Natalie Dormer You've Been Missing

Not the Worst Quarantine Crew on TV, Somehow

Life During (Fictional) Wartime

If Only Maeve Could Fight All Our Battles

Social Distancing: Also Helpful To Prevent the Spread of Vampirism

Time to Unwind With The US's Deadliest Profession

Like 'Pushing Daisies' But Without What Made 'Pushing Daisies' Interesting

Being Stuck on a Train With an Ex For Days: The Story We Need Now

"Wait, We NEVER Did a Pandemic Story in 16 Seasons? Seriously?"

'Modern Family' is No Longer, Long Live 'Post-Modern Family'

Guess Who's Showing Up Early To Their Own Party?

Another Installment of "Everyone Is Reacting To Something Different" Images!

Couldn't We Get More of Caleb And His Other Robot Friend?

Really Thought We, As a Society, Had Moved Past Foul-Mouthed Puppets

Either the NCAA Punishments Are Getting Draconian, or This is an Unrelated Image

Somehow The Period TV Show Feels More Timely Than Current Shows

A Kinder, Gentler Medical Drama

The Kardashians Are Back, and 'Outmatched' is Outta Here

'Stumptown' Says Goodbye, For Now?

Everything is Disorienting, Even Where TV Shows Live

We've Run Out of Excuses for Not Catching Up on 'Supernatural'

You Can Now Set Your Enthusiasm Free

'Little Fires Everywhere' Tackles Motherhood, Love, and Teen Angst

Can't Go to a Restaurant, But You Can Watch Restaurant-Quality Cooking!

Time for Some Alternative History

Not With a Bang, But With Incomprehensible Stupidity

It's Dolores's World Now, We All Just Live In It

Alcohol is a Disinfectant, Right?

Chrissy Teigen and Hot Wings vs. 'The Bachelor' Finale

Can't We Just Have Agent Doug Explain More Conspiracies to Us?

Protect Holly Gibney at All Costs

'Grey's Anatomy' Loses Another One

The Appropriate Way to Look at Nik Wallenda's Volcano Walk

Spend a Relaxing Evening With Election Coverage or Fox Medical Dramas

Martin Freeman Back on TV to Expose the Seedy Underworld of Parenting

Aren't Most Dispatches from 'Elsewhere' If You Think About It?

Smart Kids as Comedy Goldmines is a Weird TV Trend

Less Camo, More Pinnipeds

Another Season Finale of Gordon Ramsay Yelling at People

Kids! Demonstrating a Variety of Talents! On Multiple Networks!

The Beginning of The End of Saul Goodman

'Fresh Off the Boat' is Fresh Off the Air

"Another Democratic Debate, You Say?"

Competitive Eating: Now With More Sweating!

Tuesday Night Television is in Critical Condition

Looks Like Neal Caffrey is Down on His Luck These Days

Can We Get 'The Magicians' to Banish 'The Masked Singer'?

Bold to Call a Show 'For Life' When It's a Mid-Season Replacement

Are Images From 'The New Pope' More Interesting Than 'The New Pope'? Maybe!

Giraffes, and Nannies, and Spin-Offs, Oh My!

When Do They Make Them Walk Barefoot Over Spilled LEGOs to Prove Their Mastery?

What To Watch Instead of The State of the Union

'Chopped Sweets': So You Can Get Mad at People Criticizing Perfectly Good Dessert

Time to Dot the "I" for 'The Good Place'

He Hit Us With His Best Shot

Rob Lowe Takes On Texas, Or Texas Takes on Him

The Biggest Night in Music Faces Off Against Time Lords and Gallaghers

'The Good Place' Now in a Slightly Different Place

'Party of Five' Comes Back, As Not 'Party of Five' At All

CBS: Making the FBI Look Better Than It Deserves

This Season's Bachelor: That Guy From The Cleanest Beer Bar in Your Neighborhood!

Better Stretch Your Eye-Rolling Muscles

Stephen Dorff Bringing Good Old Fashioned Law to LA

If You Ever Wanted 'A Christmas Carol' To Be Creepier, Tonight is Your Night!

We Don't Deserve Dogs

Tonight's Options: Christmas Stuff or The Opposite of Christmas Stuff

Everyone Got Their TV Snacks Ready For Tonight?

Which Legend is More Legendary?

Holiday Themed Shenanigans from Ellen, As Opposed to Normal Shenanigans

For a "Crisis" Everyone Looks Pretty Calm Here

Gonna Miss Everyone Currently on 'Silicon Valley' Except Richard

Setting a Christmas Movie in the Least Stereotypically Christmas-y State. Bold Move.

Has Anyone Actually Been Caroling In the Last 20 Years?

Deck The Halls With Tiny Dragons

Everyone's Favorite Crafting Show is Back! Maybe!

You Think the 'Watchmen' Finale Will Be a Christmas Episode? Fingers Crossed!

Your Possible 2019 'Dancing With the Stars' Champion!

She Wants to Be Your 'End Game'

Fall Finale Time! Cross Your Fingers For Your Faves.

The Cold Comfort of 'The Crown' Amidst Political Instability

What's Your Wednesday Night Looking Like?

An Example of the Visual Dissonance of Casting Multi-Era Shows

Which One of Them is Bluffing? Are Both of Them Bluffing?

The Only Way to Mourn The End of 'Poldark'

'Grey's Anatomy' Tackles The Cost of Healthcare, Occasionally

Gonna Have Nightmares About That Fried Hair For Weeks

This Man Is Clearly Unable to Even Stand On-Beat

The Dark Side of Dublin Comes to Starz

Is a Good CBS Sitcom Still a Mythical Creature?

Guess What Songs You'll Have In Your Head All Week?

In a Star-Studded Cast, Who Else is Most Excited for More Dafne Keen?

The End of 'The Affair'

The Horror Story of Being Moved to a Third-Tier Streaming Site

Dexadrine, Girl of My Dreams

Will 'House of the Dragon' Burn 'Game of Thrones' Fans Again?

Every Show Should Have Halloween Episodes, It'd Be Great

'The Deuce' Says 'Deuces!'

Christmas Movie Season Has Started But Look! Kathryn Hahn is Here

The Final Final Season. For Real This Time. Probably.

Tyler Perry Goes to The White House

Who's Trying to Rank Misery These Days? Just Say "It's Real Bad" And Move Onto Coping Mechanisms

Helen Mirren Coming in Strong for Best Costume this Month

Tonight's the Night That Everyone Watches the 'Watchmen'

Thursday Nights Are for Battling Evil and the Health Care Industry

Some Delicious Nightmare Fuel this Wednesday Evening

Something Tells Me None of This is Morgue Appropriate Attire

Whatever You Think is Happening In This Picture, It's Definitely Weirder Than That

Boarding Schools Seem Very Over-Represented in American Teen Dramas

'Nancy Drew' and The Mystery of 'Chicago Fire'

One of The Best Lady Cops on TV

She is The Night, Tonight

Doctors of All Ages on Thursday Nights

When a New Show Concept Could be Comedy, Drama, or Horror

When Romantic Relationships and Workplaces Go So So Wrong

Trying To Find Time to Watch All the New Great Shows And All the Old Great Shows

The Transition from Summer Shows to Fall Shows Hits Hard Tonight

Wait, Meredith Grey is Going to Jail? And Other Questions You May Have Before 'Grey's Anatomy' Returns Tonight

Maybe the REAL Unicorn is a Sitcom on CBS That's Actually Worth Watching

Hard-Drinking Lady PIs and Hard-Drinking Degenerates

All Kinds of Family on ABC Tonight, Even Conspiracy Families

From 'Good Omens' to 'Prodigal Son' Michael Sheen is On a Weird Biblical Kick

Emilia Clarke Deserves an Emmy and Daenerys Targaryen Deserved Better

What Do You Get a Family With Everything? Perhaps An Emmy?

We've Winnowed Down the Talented Americans to Only a Few, Finally!

The American Ninja Warriors Are Retreating After Another Productive Season

Can Samurai Solve the Student Loan Crisis? Maybe Not, But I'm Happy to Let Them Try!

It's the Waning Weeks of Summer/"Big Brother" Season

Is 'Bulletproof' Bulletproof? Only Time Will Tell.

The Hunt for Brendan Gleeson's Show is On, Again

Waiting For the "Just Maggie" Version of "The Deuce"

The One on the Left Was the Age of the One on the Right When "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Started

Questions For Sophie Longerbane After Watching the 'Carnival Row' Finale

Are You Ready for Some Wheel Spinning? And/Or Football?

The Harbingers of Fall Television

Putting Your Assets on TV While Lying About Them Seems Unwise

Pictured: The Exact Opposite of an Ideal Labor Day Weekend

This Could Be From Any Season of 'Suits', You Don't Know

The Things We Endure on Tuesday Night TV

The Good News is That So Far This Hat is OK

Kirsten Dunst Becomes Florida Woman

It's Curtains for Baskets

Summer TV: The More it Changes, The More it Stays the Same

Really, TBS, Where is There To Go From Here?

For the Love of God, People, Keep Your Feet to Yourselves

But Will Anyone Write Fanfiction About the Fanfiction Show? Of Course They Will.

Time to Get Some Religion

But As Last Looks Go, You Could Do Worse

Some New Beginnings, Some Endings, Some Talented Americans

Spice Up Your Tuesday Night

Immerse Yourself in Fictional Terror for a While. Or Don't.

Nurse Carla Has Apparently Moved On to a New Career

How About We "Crowdsource" Decent Healthcare Instead of a Diagnosis?

Can Americans Accept a Cop Who Drives on the Wrong Side of the Road?

Can Netflix's 'Another Life' Fill the 'Battlestar: Galactica' Hole In Your Life?

"The Few Dozen" Doesn't Really Have the Same Ring To It

The Scam Documentary Connected to a Scam Movie

Ruth Negga Appropriately Reacting to Another Reality Star's New House-Flipping Show

Time To Put This Zombie To Rest

Jane's Reaction to Hearing You'd Rather Watch the Debate

Bachelorettes, Sharks, and Candidates, Oh My!

Shark Week Shark Do-Do-Do Do Do

Questions About the Ending of 'Veronica Mars' Season 4

The Hot New Trend of Matching Your Spray Tan to Your Furniture

That Face When Telenovela Plot Twists Will Cease Plaguing Your Life

Everything Wrong With The Housing Market in One Reality Series!

CBS: Where the 'JAG' Replacement Airs Concurrently With the 'JAG' Spinoff

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mary Louise?

But Does Chicago Have Enough Glass Walls for Jessica Pearson?

Sci-Fi Series Really Love Narrow Rocky Pathways, Don't They?

Looks Like Someone Has a Case of the Mondays!

The Lies Are Big, It's the Purpose That Got Small

Even In a Lawless Fantasy World, Eyebrow Waxing Lives On

Tonight's TV is All About Lifestyles That Can Make You Rich and Cable-TV-Famous

Emma Thompson Leaning into Terrifyingly Charismatic Just in Time for The Pajiba 10

CBS Family Sitcom Cast or Tonight's Primary Contenders? Here's a Hint: There's Only One Old Man.

Either The Contestants of "The Amazing Race" or The Democratic Candidates, Who Can Tell?

Just What Summer Needs, Two Hours of Highly Stressful TV

Who Had "Competitive Mini-Golf on an Obstacle Course" on Their 2019 Bingo Card?

You Never Know What to Expect on a Wednesday Night

Another Remade Spanish-Language Show set in a Hotel in Miami, But Less Virginity

"Ben Affleck Made ANOTHER Thing About Boston? How... Interesting."

All Very Appropriate Reactions to Yet Another Revived Game Show

Everything Old is New Again Until It's Old Again

England Gets More of Their Gentleman Caller, No Word on the U.S.

The Many Faces of Justifiable Homicide

The New Decorating Show For When You've Already Called Whole Man Disposal Service

School's In For Summer

How Do You Tell That Adorable Child With a Big Knife They're Not a Winner?

What Do You Get When an Unstoppable Nuclear Disaster Meets an Immovable Bureaucracy?

"What is a 'Making Of' Special?

When Does Watson Get a Spin-Off Where She Solves Crimes With Two Other Lady Detectives?

The Most Dangery of Danger Zones

This Season 'Animal Kingdom' Gets the Budget to Buy Everyone Shirts!

Sundance Getting in on the Hot New Trend of Mini-Series Adaptations for Novels That Didn't Work as Movies

Is Bran the Broken Really Bran the Villain?

Looks Like a Meaty New Series You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Review: Let's All Settle in for the Tyrion Lannister Hour

Jennifer Carpenter Will Either Get a Better Series Finale Than 'Dexter' or Another Year's Work

Pop Culture Writers Tomorrow Morning

'The Big Bang Theory' Finally Bangs Its Last Big

Game of Thrones Book Reader Review: The Whimpers and Bangs of 'The Bells'

Jared Harris: The New Face of Televised Existential Horror

The Taser is the Most Confusing Part of This Picture

This Modern Family is Not So Modern Anymore, Get It?

Watching a Show for the Background Imagery, Worth It?

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Review: There's Already a Mad Queen in Westeros, and She's Not a Targaryen

Sunday Night, Now With Fantasy AND Historical Royal Drama!

Three Drastically Different Shows in One Screenshot

Game of Thrones Book Reader Review: "The Long Night" In Memoriam

Noah Wyle is Back in Chicago!

You Think She's Getting a Little Tired of People Calling Her "The Virgin" Still?

Who is Jenny of Oldstones and Why Did Pod Sing About Her?

Game of Thrones Book Reader Review: Dancing With Ghosts

HBO is Airing Other Notable Television this Month

He is Risen!

'Life in Pieces': Because 'Modern Family' Has to End Eventually, Right?

This Show Does Have An Excellent Commitment to Fashion Eyepatches

What Other Inspirational Home Decor Platitudes Would Make Good TV Series Titles?

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Recap: The North Remembers And Is Real Petty About It

'American Dad' Has Been On So Long No One Knows What Season It's On

The Other Depressing Epic TV Series Airing for the Next Six Weeks

No One Has a Good Claim to the Iron Throne

Peak TV Continues Its Assault On Your Free Time

More like 'Antiques Hard Truths Show', Right?

What We Want From the Last Season of 'Game of Thrones'

That Feeling When You Remember You Left the Stove On Only for Leaving Murderers Alive

'In The Dark' in The Daylight

Gird Your Loins. And Hearts.

'Game of Thrones' Promo Does Not Look Good for Any Living Characters

These Two Are Definitely Bringing Nothing New to L.A.

How Can it Be 'Magnum P.I' Without The 'Stache?

What Happens When the Parody of Politics is Preferable to Real Politics?

The City Gets a Little Narrower

Is Matt Berry Now The Toast of Transylvania? We'll See!

Maybe If You Didn't Eat Dinner Elbow to Elbow, You'd Be More Comfortable Together

This is Clearly Neither a Beach Nor a Club

When Do They Start Hunting For Retirement Benefits?

Are We Updating the Concept to Mysterious Snapchats Instead of Texts?

Black Widow's Hair Choices as Character Development: 'Avengers: Endgame' Bonus Edition

On NBC Tuesdays Are For Weeping

If You Were Casting a Slightly Fictionalized Version of Yourself, Who Would Play You?

These Two Are Back to Make Wall Street Drama Entertaining Instead of Terrifying

The Jussie Smollett Show Will Now Be Competing for Ratings with Jussie Smollett's Show

Gordon Ramsay And the Only People He Likes

This is The Most Logical Reaction to Finding Yourself on a Reality Series

Time to Have a Little Faith in the Old Gods

Raise Your Hand if You'd Let These Two Plan Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Emotional Manipulation or Feet: What's Your Tuesday Night Kink?

That Barrel Just Burst Into Flames When Chris Pine Got Near It

The Club For Women Who Like Crimes and Half-Curled, Side-Parted Hair

Just Keep Backing the Money Truck Up to This Woman's House, ABC

What Happens When You Cast a New Procedural Entirely From Older Procedurals? WGN Finds Out.

Another Round of: What Is Everyone in This Photo Reacting To?

The Part that Happens After the Procedurals End

When a Series Premiere Isn't Really a Series Premiere

If Luke Cage Is Dropping Anything, You Want to Steer Clear

This Picture Couldn't Post Yesterday So You're Getting It Today

An Exciting Adaptation of an Eddie Murphy Movie From 1992, and Other TV Surprises

This is Clearly Too Much Neighborliness

Had to Bring a True Professional to Side-Eye the Grammys This Year

You Know Who's Disappointed in Bitcoin and Everyone Involved With It? This Guy.

The Last Victim Will Be Their Own Show

Some of the Things You Can Watch Tonight That Aren't That Other Thing

Looks Like They're Giving the Best Career Day Presentation Ever

'Black Earth Rising': The Personal is Political

Reactions to the Internet: A Visual Representation

Eye Black: The Fashion Statement of Vikings, Athletes, and Post-Apocalyptic Warriors

Matt Saracen Gives America's Past Time a Try

"You Have Any Magic Swords You Might Be Hiding? Could Come in Handy."

The One True Best Chris Coming to a TV Near You

Get Ready to Fork All the Shirtballs

When You, Your Dad, and The Couch Accidentally Wear the Same Outfit.

"Say, You Ever Try Throwing a Baseball? No Reason."

More Like the DON of Wall Street, Am I Right?

Does This Count as a 'Titan Games' Spoiler?

To All the Boys I've Killed Before

We're Bringing Hot Aliens Back, So the Hot Vampire Reboot is Imminent

Jason Mendoza Wants You To Meet His New Cop Friends

Not Sure How Wedding Plan Can Get Worse, But These Two Will Try

Definitely the Only Notable Thing on Television Tonight. For Sure.

America's Got Talent But These Specific Americans Have More Talent

Time to Regret My Cord-Cutting Life Choices

Netflix's 'Pine Gap' Is a Spy Thriller For People Who Don't Like Spy Thrillers

Probably the Most Uplifting Option on TV Tonight

What Should be Delightfully Weird Television Ruined by Host Selection

Happy New Public Domain Day!

The Show May be 'Timeless' But it is Certainly Not Endless

Television is Once Again Leaving You to Your Own Devices This Christmas

Megan Fox Here to Remind You That Not All Books Help Build Knowledge

Small Town Charm, Big-City Decorating Budgets

'Murphy Brown' May Be Current to 2018 But CBS Doesn't Think Her Viewers Are

NCIS Episodes Become More Difficult to Place in Time, Not Less

Let's All Learn About Smocking To Avoid Further Existential Despair

Italians, A Capella, and Football. Not All At the Same Time.

Lord Grantham Gets Festive

The High-Wire Acting Trick of Playing Two Parts, Also Known as a 1/6th Maslany

Jason AND Jason's Favorite Person Are On TV Tonight!

One of These Characters Appears to be In a Comic Book Show

None of Us Can Believe It's Still 2018 Either

When You Are Definitely On a Normal and Safe Space Journey

'Tis the Season for Hours-Long Toy Commercials Disguised as Entertainment

On the One Hand, It's Too Early For This. On the Other, This Looks Delightful.

Can't Ruin Things That Were Already Ruined, Adam

Angela Bassett: Giving Us Confusing Feelings About Police Uniforms for Two Years Now

May All Your Christmas Movies Star Candace Cameron-Bure

Tis the Season for Christmas Programming and Retro Spy Thrillers

Peak TV: Not Letting Up Tonight

All the Excellent HBO Programs Dish Customers Can't Watch Tonight

Meredith, Meredith, On This Show. Who's The Sexiest Doctor You Know?

This Does Seem Like a Natural Progression for Peter Gibbons

Still Waiting for This to Turn into a 'Bates Motel' Sequel

No Parts Left to Know

Just Gonna Keep Using 'The Good Place' Header Images, Even Though It's Lazy


Locking Yourself in a Walk-In Freezer WOULD Probably Keep You From Seeing Election Coverage

What to Watch Tonight, Sexy Time Travelling or More News, Such a Hard Decision.

All This Week Has Been One of These Two Expressions

'Black-ish' Continues Its Halloween Domination Over Other Currently Airing Sitcoms

Lin-Manuel Miranda is Better Than You at Halloween Twitter Names

Getting Witchy With It

A Baseball Cap AND a Beard? Looks Like Things Are Rough for Old Ray!

How Many Other Spin-Offs of Spin-Offs Can You Name?

The Migrant Caravan and Why 'Carne y Arena' Should Be Seen By All Americans

PBS Invites You To Learn About Actual American History

Nice to See Dave's Moved on After 'Happy Endings.' His Hair Looks Weird Though.

How PBS Does Halloween Programming

"Man, I Used to Make a Lot More Money to Watch People Sleep, This is Way Better!

"What We Want to Do Here, You See, is Make a Really Big Sword."

The Tragedy of the Amy Winehouse Hologram and the Loss of Live Music

"Roseanne Died on Her Way Back to Her Home Planet."

The Content Face of a Man About to Tell Us Way More About Food Than Necessary

Heads Up, Parents, You Should Probably At Least Leave a Note if Your Kids Will Start Exhibiting Magic Powers At Some Point

The 'Supernatural' Guys Are Starting to Dress Age-Appropriately!

The Most Hilariously Awful Dye Job on TV Returns!

Literally the Only Part of His Costume That Isn't Black is The Lightning, Edna Mode Would Never Let This Happen

'Mid90s' And How Many Years Until Your Childhood is Nostalgia-Porn

This is The Face of a Man Who's Clearly Making All the Right Choices

Just Pretend These Two Ride Off Into the Sunset Somewhere Without Zombies And Be Happy About It

If We Were All On a Really Bad Trip, Would Anything Actually Look Any Different?

CBS is Going To Further Confuse Your Elderly Relatives About How Social Media Works

Double Your Misery, Double Your Grim with 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Law & Order: SVU'

ABC Brings You The Mid-30s Crisis Night!

Did You Love Jeremy Sisto as a Suburban Dad? Now Love Him as an FBI Dad!

On TV, Putting on a Pair of Thick-Rimmed Glasses Is Equivalent to Graduating from a Second-Tier Law School

Heading into the Final "Unknown"

This is Not On TV Tonight, But it's a Better Option Than What is On TV

We All Feel Bad, You're Not Special

You Will Never Guess Where This Drama Starring Elizabeth Olsen is Airing

Marriage in 17th-Century Amsterdam Looks Great

Will 'Take Two' Get A Second Look? And Other Headlines For News No One Cares About

The 'Castle Rock' Finale Means We're Probably All Gonna Make This Face Tonight

"Come Get Angry at Book Opinions From Across the Country!"

He Was So Preoccupied With If He Could, He Didn't Stop To Think if He Should

'The Deuce' Finally Lives Up To It's Name

The First Rule of 'Bite Club' is That It's Not 'Worst Cooks' No Matter What Google Images Says

There is Absolutely Not a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Any of This

Así Decimos Todos

"It's Been Enough Time Since 'The Hunger Games' That We Can Do Teen Archers Again, Right?"

Can You Hear This Picture in Keith David's Voice?

America's Talent is More Important Than Health and Sobriety, Apparently

Then Again, "Both Willing to Marry Someone They Met on Reality TV" is a Pretty Strong Metric for Compatible Values

'Sharp Objects' Understood the Violence in the Hearts of Women, But Not Necessarily Its Cause

If You're Not Going Into This Finale With Your Shoulders at Your Ears, Just Think About This Interaction Again

Tonight, a History of Royals and a Queen

Amy and Nick Are Our Tuesday Night Image for the Foreseeable Future

CBS Deliberately Misunderstands What 'Live From Liverpool' Means with Pre-Taped James Corden Special

"It Can't Be MONDAY Night Football If It's On THURSDAY"

Do You Think Bill Skarsgård Has Sent Stephen King a 'Thank You' Note Yet?

'Making It' is Making Your Tuesday Night Nicer

What if 'True Detective' Season 2 Was Actually a Comedy?

Is Space Force Trump's Way Of Trying to Tell Us Something?

This is the Face You Should Make at 'Talking Dead'

Weirdly Disappointed in ABC Over This, But Impressed for the Actors

Tag Yourself Killer Robot Edition

Songs That Would Make Better TV Shows Than "Hey There Delilah"

Picture: A Man in Need of Rescue or a Good Book

'Sharp Objects' is Great Except for How It's Totally Wrong

Better Call, Somebody. Not Sure What Name He's Going By Now.

Announcing the Triumphant Return of a Show Mostly About Failure

The Three Who Are 'The Four'

Time to Miss 'The Leftovers' Again

Being a White Minority is Nothing To Write the 'Washington Post' About

This Looks Wholesome. Are We Still Doing Wholesome?

A Night of TV for Your Least Favorite Older Relative, With One Big Exception

Yippe-Ki-Yay.... Punk.

Big City Lawyer Returns to Her Small Town Roots! Surely There's No Personal Journey That Will Happen!

Reality Shows: Now Used to Launch Showbiz Careers and Retire From Them

"Wait, Which Team Are the Sharks?"

'Ghosted' Seems to be Taking the Lead From Its Subjects and Ghosting, Again

There is a Lot Going on Here

Someone Needs an Intervention for Those Sunglasses. And Probably Several Other Things Too.

If You've Got a Spare Box of Tissues Around,HBO Has a Documentary For You

You'd Think All the Alcohol and Humidity Would be Wickedly Dehydrating

All The Innovation of the Late 20th Century and We're Still Playing Game Shows From the 60s

TLC Ran Out of Their Own Weirdness And Took Some from YouTube

This is America

It's Ladies Night/Year/Decade on Prestige TV

Amy Adams Will Once Again Hurt You With Her Feelings

Can You Even Be an Assassin Without Meticulously Applied Dirt?

Sometimes the Thumbnail Does the Work For You

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Terry Crews

In Most Areas of Florida, This is Appropriate For a Funeral

'The Expanse' Continues Expanding

Questions I Still Have About the 'Westworld' Season Two Finale

The Kinder, Gentler, Robots That Look Like Humans Show

Late 20th-Century Culture is Gonna be a Blast to Explain to Future Kids

The 'Westworld' Answers We've Had All Along

It's Not Easy Facing Up When Your Whole World is Black

TV Jobs: Where You've Had Three Full Careers by 35

'Drunk History' Dealing With WW2 Feels Like it Could be Exceptionally Timely

If You Like 'The Bachelor' But Wish They Did Away With All That "Compatibility" Nonsense, This is the Show For You

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

This Looks a Lot More Fun Than Attempting to Manage a Jerk of a Codeine Addict

The Gordon Ramsay Version of a Food Truck

Tonight's Topic: Let's Get Aisha Tyler a Real Talk Show

Will 'Ghosted' Ghost Us All Again?

Comic Book Adaptations: Now With More Moody Teens

The Bandwagon Guide to Going #ALLCAPS for the Stanley Cup Final

Still Want to Call This Season 'Archer: Danger Zone'

Does it Make it Weirder or Less Weird if You Think of The Robot Lady as Alexa?

Subscription Addiction: Trunk Club

Diets and Body Image and Vigilante Justice, Oh My!

FX is Swiftly Becoming the Ryan Murphy Network to Mixed Results

Stop Trying to Make Red Nose Day Happen, NBC. It's Not Going to Happen (In the US.)

A British Legal Drama About a Tough Lady Lawyers and You're Already Watching, Aren't You?

Come Visit Pajiba (One of Us) at Con of Thrones!

If You Watch Enough 'Legion' In a Row, Do You Get Your Own Special Head-Friend To Talk You Through It?

Men of 'The Terror', You Will be Missed. Most of You.

If You're Not Scared of This Face, You're Not Watching the Right TV

It's Almost Supernaturally Resilient

The Cylons, Terminators, and Hosts ALL Have Strong Feelings About This

If This is Ending Due to All the Teasing Over The Title, Valid

What The Riddle of the Sphinx Tells Us About This Season of 'Westworld'

'Lucifer' is Going Out in The Most Devilish Way Possible

Who's Ready to Fight for Their 19th Century OTP?

"It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... a Seventh Season?"

Seriously, What's So Great About The Inner Solar System Anyway?

More Like Mister Too-Good-For-This-World-Sir

In the Age of NYC Neighborhood Specific Superheroes, "One 22 Year Old Learns About Wine! In a Sexy Way!" Seems Quaint

Maybe The Weird Teal Wash is To Let Us Know This is Not Reality?

At Least One Person in This Photo Has Mostly Correct Post-Apocalyptic Hair

Real Pilot Archer is Back, So We Don't Need Fake Pilot Archer

This Season Of 'Dancing With the Stars' Will Be Uniquely Challenging for Some Dancers

Sometimes They DON'T Come Back

"Wandering a Vineyard in Leisurewear" is Definitely Pushing the "Things FBI Agents Do" Envelope Pretty Far

That Parrot Should Probably Have a Parental Advisory Warning On It

The Men From Malaga

If Only Someone Could Find a Way to Make the Russian Mob Interesting

Guess Who's Brought Herself Back Online?

Time to Say Goodbye to Your Thursday Night Fantasy of Drinking Red Wine in a White Coat

Questions We Have About 'A Quiet Place'

13 Seasons And No One Has Figured Out What the FBI Dress Code Is

This is Not the Only Show on Tuesday Nights!

Is Supergirl Getting Blonder? Is That Part of Her Powers?

This is Not an Effective Formation, You're All Just Randomly Pointing Guns

Fictional Dysfunctional DC is Less Fun When Real DC is Even More Extravagantly Dysfunctional

*Stars in Waiting for Renewal*

The Many Confused Faces of Watching 'Legion'

For the Love of R'hllor, Stop Spreading Bad 'Game of Thrones' Theories

"Getting Moved to a Worse Time Slot, It's Something That Happens to A Lot of Guys. It's Fine, Really."

And Now You Know What Matthew Macfadyen Looks Like Just Before He Makes a Move

Things I Learned About Dave Bautista at AwesomeCon

"What Do You Mean We Got a Tenth Season?"

"One Day Our Society Will Bring Forth a Hero, Who Will Introduce Diffuse Lighting and a Higher Set Budget"

Don't Call it a Comeback

"It's a Reverse 'Planet of the Apes' But Everyone is Still People" - How This Show Was Pitched

Michael Rooker Lives the Dream of Every Q&A Moderator Ever

Gonna be Humming "Jesus Christ, Leisure Wear!" Just Based on This Photo

So Convenient When Your Monster Deformities Stop Before They Ruin Your Tits

'The Americans' Final Season Coincides With What Seems to be America's Final Season

A Whole Night of "Why, Though?"

If You Try Real Hard, You CAN Make This an AU 'Game of Thrones' Spin Off

Some Shows are Definitely Premiering Tonight and Some Shows May Be Sneakily Premiering Tonight

The Superman Show That's Not a Superman Show

"Keep Singing, Kids! This Show Cost Us Four Portable Classrooms!"

Still Can't Tell the Difference Between Freddie Highmore Plotting to Kill People and Freddie Highmore Plotting to Save People

Black Widow's Hair Choices as Character Development

We Judge, But None of Us Would Turn Down CBS Procedural Money Either

Can Makeup Cause a Face To Veer Into the Uncanny Valley? Maybe!

Workplace Comedies Tell Us What Professional Writers Think Other Offices Are Like

"You Have Been Selected to Argue in One of Our Most Prestigious Courts Because You Are so Young and Attractive, Obviously."

Mary is Still Killing People, Unclear if She is Also Eating Them

Ways to Write the New 'Bond 'Movie that Will Preserve Daniel Craig's Rapidly Disintegrating Body

Can He Pull Off An Illusion That Makes Us Forget We've Already Seen This Show?

All Sitcoms Now are Just a Mad-Libs of Previous Sitcoms

The CW Contemplates The Dangers of Living Like You Have No Tomorrows, Kinda

A Night of Potential Future Presidents at the Apollo

Liv Deserves Better Than Imagine Dragons Anyway

Look Around At How Lucky We Are to Be Alive Right Now (For TV Purposes)

A Little Less Spree Killing, A Little More Coffee and Contemplation

We Were All Clamoring for a Tupac and Biggie Show that Focuses on White Detectives, Right? Well, That's What USA Thinks.

Start Taking Bets on Who Survives Pilot Season: Round 2!

Victoria Demonstrating Polite Audience Engagement, and Albert Demonstrating the Opposite

Time To Declare 'Lip Synch Battle' Dead. From the Highs of Zendaya and Tom Holland to... This.

Mikaela Shiffrin Will Fly Down the Mountain, or Off It, Depending on the Wind Tonight

What if the REAL Oak Island Treasure is All the Money the History Channel Paid Us Along the Way?

'American Dad' or American Sports, Pick One

Really Good Actors Staring into the Middle Distance, Must be a New Alan Ball Show!

Getting Ready for Olympics Debates Like

'Channel Zero' Back at it Again With Pretty Creepy Pictures and Maybe a Plot This Time?

What is the Human Cost of True Crime Entertainment?

Look At All the Happy Memories This Show is About To Ruin

Just As Nothing Seems to End on CBS, Nothing Ever Seems to Actually Start Either

5 Shows After Dark: Super Bowl Counter Programming 2018

The 'It's Always Sunny' Cast Stretch Their Talents by Playing Other Unlikable People


Black Lightning Vs. The Orange Disaster

50/50 if This is From 'The Alienist' or the Avett Brothers Documentary

What Are Those Round Things on the Back of People's Phones?

It's Time for the Awards Show That Only Gives Out About Five Awards On Stage

When Do Shows Start Doing "All-Stars" Editions of the "All-Stars" Seasons?

Someone Needs Another Pep Talk From Coach Taylor

It's Ladies Night on 'Drunk History' and All Your Faves are Here

Petition to Rename the Genre Murder Mehsteries

Review: The Flat Mystery of Steven Soderbergh's 'Mosaic' Isn't Helped by App Trickery

"Tonight, We Learn if a 'Sneak Peek' Can be TV Code for 'Premiere.'"

Look, It's a Bunch of People Acting Shocked That 'Grey's Anatomy' is Still On!

A Brief History of Gianni Versace's Mansion

We May Be Reaching Peak Ryan Murphy

The CW's New Superhero is Not a Former Abercrombie & Fitch Model and Thank TV Jebus for That

Every Generation Leaves Behind a Legacy

Can There be Too Much Ted Danson? Probably.

The Hottest Trivia Game Around is A Laggy App

How We're Looking at Chris Carter Now and Forever

The Last 'Major Crimes' Entry in "Pictures of People in the Same Scene Clearly Reacting to Different Things"

Four Judges Come Together to Promote Their Careers Under the Guise of Mentorship, Again

Even Mulder is Getting Suspicious of That Wig, But Mulder is Suspicious of Everything

Modern Day Inquisition or Fun TV Game Show? Who Can Tell!

A Nice, Mellow Night of Christmas Carols Seems Like a Good Idea Right Now

When Santa Brings The Wrong Version of the Toy You Asked For

Poe Dameron is Either an Idiot or a Saboteur

Who's Gonna Get #NotMyRalphie Going?

How Do Real Librarians Feel About 'The Librarians'?

Gilbert Gottfried and Three Dudes from a Casting Call for a "Beer Snob" Get in The Cash Cab...

All I Want for (Next) Christmas is a Good Last Season of 'Game of Thrones' and a Dragon

"Oh, You Got Us a New Timeslot. Again. Great."

Place Your Bets on the Total Pineapple Count in the Comments

Dear Everyone: Workplace Boundaries are Not That Difficult Even When You Work With Naked People

It's Even Better if You Imagine This As the Later Days of Detective Elliot Stabler

DC Show on The CW or a New, Irritating Bud Light Commercial?

Pictured: Either the Start of a Great Story or The Start of a Panic Attack

Larry David is Here to Stave Off Holiday Overload for One More Week

The Clear Solution to Twitter's Trump Problem

Nothing But Respect for MY Elf on the Shelf/Stage

Can He Bellow "TAFT! WAKE UP YOU WALRUS!" Just Once?

The Unsolvable Mystery of 'Alias Grace'

This Looks More Like 'Mildly Perturbed Mortal' Than an Angry Angel, but OK Freeform

There Are About A Half Dozen Christmas Movies On Too, But You Can Find Those Yourselves

Now This is Just the Maroon Scrubs Show

The Most Expensive Patch of Facial Hair in The World

That Baby Looks Like He Upstages Everyone Else on The Show Regularly

The Anti-Gift Guide: Corkcicle's Cigar Glass

A Candidate For Filling Your TV Viewing Card, If Recent Events Have Left an Opening

Finding New Talent on Food Network Would be a Very Ryan Murphy Move

Subscription Addiction: Hungry Harvest Makes You Feel Even More Virtuous For Eating Veggies

Are We Sure He Has a Plan? Like, Really Sure?

No One Wears a Bow-Tie Like Walton Goggins. No One.

Why All Content Creators Should Be Worried About Florida's Supreme Court

The Original 'Grey's Anatomy' Interns Must Have One Hell of a Tontine For These Two To Still Be Hanging On

If Only Alton Brown Would Adjudicate All Thanksgiving Battles

Period Dramas! Keeping Vaguely Recognizable Actors in Terrible Haircuts For Our Entertainment!

'Ride With Norman Reedus' But Not To Kill Zombies

'Shameless' Promo Images Are Always Wacky Fun When the Show is More Life is a Horrifying Wheel of Suck

New Home Renovation Porn for Your Enjoyment/Exasperation!

Looks Like Someone Has Some Thoughts on Their TPS Reports

Tuesday Night TV Will Inspire You to Conjure Up Halloween Plans

This Man Looks Entirely Too Calm and Relaxed To Plunge His Hands into Someone's Innards

The Thrilling Finale of 'The Deuce' Will Tell Us Which Men Will Continue Successfully Exploiting Women

'Mindhunter' and Facing Our Monsters

The End of 'No End' House, As Far As We Know

This Would Be Worse if Twitter Hadn't Already Ruined the Phrase "Drop the Mic"

"You Know, the Real Original Sin is Whatever's Happening With That Wig"

Negan and Rick are Tough, But Carl's the Only Man to Find Shampoo in the Zombie Apocalypse

Behind The Dead You'll Find a Lot of Red Corn Syrup

If You Are Vaguely Unsettled by This Image You've Got the 'Channel Zero' Experience Already

If Your Own Family Photos Are Fraught Enough For You, Try Ones Written to be Horribly Sad!

The Most Important Thing to Know About This Scene is it Happens at Table 96 in Vera's

Time to Make Room for 'The Walking Dead' Show Everyone Actually Wants to Watch

So Shines a Favorite Show in a Weary World

"When Does a Monotone Voice-over From an Unreliable Narrator Become a Bad ASMR Video Instead of a Good TV Show?"

This Man is Clearly Totally Alone. Just Look at This Crane Shot Showing You So.

Another New Show About America's Model Military. Literally.

SyFy Channel is Steadily Becoming the Butt-Kicking Ladies Channel

This is Exactly How One Should React to 'No End House'

The Fate of The World Rests in the Hands of A Hapless White Dude. How is This a Comedy?

"It Looks Like it Could Be the Return of Fall Television" "Seems Suspicious"

So Far This Just Looks Like a Gimmick Episode of 'Smash'

The Case That's Going to be At the Center of HBO's 'The Deuce'

Do They Really Make Crop-Top Body Armor? Seems Inefficient.

'Game of Thrones' Final Season Will Have Strong Women in Front of the Camera, But Not Behind It

A Bad Perm and Early '90s Fashion Got Sarah Paulson an Awards Hat-Trick Last Year, Can They Repeat?

New Game This Season: Is this Freddie Highmore From 'Bates Hotel' or 'The Good Doctor'?

Who's Ready for Michelle Yeoh's Captain Georgiou Catchphrase?

The Most Physically Intimidating Person in This Picture Isn't the Superhero or Supervillain, It's The Butler

My Only, Extremely Petty, Problem with David Simon's 'The Deuce'

Get Ready For Another Season of Really Intriguing Imagery That Never Truly Pays Off

Who's Ready to Revisit the Fashion and Culture of the Early 00s?

Looking at TV With Similar Levels of Forced Enthusiasm Right Now

The Losers Club of 'It' Dreamcast Their Adult Counterparts, Let's Judge Them

This is All, As The Kids Say, Too Real

Let's Focus on This Part of Comedy Central's Schedule Tonight

The Year of the Ensemble Murder Drama Starring Nicole Kidman

Ahhh, the Annual Migration of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Such a Wonderful Natural Phenomena.

So Down For This Odd Cop Couple

When Your Fun Nostalgia Game Show Looks Like a Terrifying David Lynch Fever Dream, You've Done Something Wrong

Many Things Are The Worst This Fall, This Show is One of Them

This is An Accurate Depiction of Election Night and It's Still Not Needed

Diplo is a Real Person, Who is Apparently a Music Star.

What This Season of 'Game of Thrones' Tells Us About 'Winds of Winter'

"Man, That's Weird Character Design for Someone who is Definitely Turning Into a Reindeer"

Mars is Inhabited by Robots and Occasionally Matt Damon

Game of Thrones Book Reader Recap: Season 7 Episode 7 "The Dragon and the Wolf"

Are You Actually Enjoying 'Preacher' or Just Ruth Negga?

Why is Anything Else Even on TV Tonight?

Vaguely Ominous Weather May or May Not Be Returning

These Two Don't Even Look Comfortable in an Aggressively Staged Barn, Much Less a Real One

If You Had to Wear One Outfit For Your Foreseeable Future, Would You Just Give Up on Clothes?

Game of Thrones Book Reader Recap: Season 7 Episode 6 "Beyond the Wall"

Not This Cop Show with Terry Crews, THE 'COPS' Show with Terry Crews

"Such a Shame Matt LeBlanc Won't Have a Show on TV Anymore Soon." "But He Has One on CBS?" "Yup, Real Shame."

This Feels Like the Photo You End Up With When the Photographer Hates Everyone

The Series Finale of "Depressing Beaches of England"

Leah Remini Returns to TV to Make Concerned Faces at Former Scientologists

Game of Thrones Book Reader Recap: Where Does Warranted Aggression End and Madness Begin?

Temporarily Suspend Your Ire At YouTube Stars Getting TV Shows

A Channel You've Never Heard of Has a Series Based on a Movie You've Mostly Forgotten

Yes, This is Exactly What Summer Was Missing, News Delivered Exceedingly Smugly

Hopefully Tiffany Haddish Can Make a Real Money Jacket Soon

Still Looks Like Just the One Stage of Dance, Not a Whole Planet

Game of Thrones Book Reader Recap: Season 7 Episode 4 "The Spoils of War"

This Looks a More Like a "Thank God All This Nonsense is Over" Face Than an "I Found True Love!" Face

Finally, 'Ray Donovan' Returns to TV and Emmy Voters Can Start Pencilling in Their Ballots

James Van Der Beek Shows Us the Difference Between a Handsome DJ and a Handsome Actor

The Entire Hook For This is "Jessical Biel Stabs a Dude" and It Totally Works

"Dance Off" is Not an Acceptable Means of Settling Tax Fraud Cases, Apparently

Was Tywin Lannister That Great of a Leader?

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Recap: The Timelines are Vague and Nonsensical

What About People Who Need an Intervention for Their 'Intervention' Addiction?

Reality was Already Weirder Than TV, Now it Just Keeps Getting Even Weirder

What Discovery Channel is Baiting You With to Get You to Watch the Same Hour of Shark Footage Again

"These Majestic, Bloodthirsty, Vital, Dangerous, Fascinating Killing Machines That We Must Protect"

The Best and Most Gruesome Episode of 'Orphan Black' is All About Rachel

You Know It's a Serious TV Show Because the Glamorous Leading Lady Has a Terrible Haircut

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Recap: Now They're Just Checking Off Plot Points

There Are Multiple Scientific Reasons This Image is Infuriating, List Your Favorite Below

As Though Anything Could Threaten The Rock's Good Mood

What Spike TV's 'The Mist' Shares with 'Game of Thrones'

Who Knew USA Dramas Could Produce Ceremonial Heads of State, Probably

"I'm the Shooter" "No, I'M the Shooter" "What If, We're ALL the Shooter?"

Point of Order: Jaime Lannister is No Longer a Member of the Kingsguard

Game of Thrones Book Reader Recap: Season 7 Episode 1 'Dragonstone' "Shall We Begin?"

Like a Competition to See Who Can Look the Most Punchable

We are Here Tonight to Welcome Back 'Game of Thrones', Obviously

Lara Croft and Nathan Drake Have Teamed up for Wacky Fun, is Absolutely How This Was Pitched

How Long Before They Start Selling Space on Suits? Peyton Could Accept Rocking a Papa Johns Apron.

Can We All Agree That Haircut is Definitely Ruined?


A Year in 'Game of Thrones' Probably Isn't What You Think It Is

Haha, Cause He's Seal, Get It? And Sharks Eat Seals? This All Feels Unnecessary.

Looks Like the Animals Destroyed Laundry Detergent but Left Us Hair Styling Products

Before Crack Was Wack and it Was Just... Crack

At the Con of Thrones You Win or You Just Have a Great Time (It's Not Catchy)

On TV, Your 20s are Defined by a Lack of Fashion Sense

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Another Entry in My Favorite TV Screenshot Genre: We're All Reacting to the Same Thing Differently

She May Not be a Preacher, But I'm Feeling Worshipful

What is Happening in This Hospital That the Guy on a Motorcycle in the Lobby is NOT the Center of Attention?

If You Put a Suit on a Shark It's Still a Shark, But What if He's Also a Werewolf?

Noah Hawley's Fargo is the Purest Form of Magical Realism on Television

Are You Going to Disappoint That Wonderful Hair?

There Are Probably People Who Had Worse Luck with a Law Degree, But Not Many

A God is Never Late. Nor is She Early. She Arrives Precisely When She Means To.

Diane Keaton Will Also Win the Lifetime Achievement Award for Layering

Wait, Isn't He That Dude?: Hamish Linklater

That is Definitely Not What You Want to Wear to a Series of Murders Either

The 1984 NBA Championships, When Tempers Were Short and Shorts Were Shorter

Just a Different Kind of Oliver Stone Gangster Movie

"Oh, Yes, I'll Play the Jester. Because the Jester is The Only Man Who Can Speak Truth to the King."

What The F*ck Is Happening on Orphan Black?

The Leftovers Ended With The Sacrifice of Kevin Garvey and Nora Durst

One Thing is for Certain, Lady Kingpins Like White Suits

And There is Simply Too Much News, That's All. Just Cut a Bit And It Will be Perfect.

The Header Image Was Almost Tosh. You're Welcome.

Aw, Buddy, Black Clothing Isn't Tactically Useful in Daytime! You'll Learn.

My Leftovers Usually End with a Trip to the Trash, HBO Will Probably Do Better

Good News, Everybody! The Only Reason To Maybe Watch 'Nashville' Has Left!

You Know, Fox Turned Into the Gordon Ramsey Channel So Gradually, I Didn't Even Notice

The Leftovers Isn't Just About Grief, It's About Guilt

Since These Two Are Now Actually Married, Are They Also Actually Russian Spies?

Fox Trying to Claw Back Your Attention from Cable and Streaming Shows

When Low-Level Scammers Meet Real Criminals

Uncomfortably Gestating Chelsea Peretti Might be the Best Chelsea Peretti

How Trump Has Made Corrupt President Underwood on 'House of Cards' Seem Like an Appealing Alternative

It's Too Late to Go Rescue Sterling K. Brown, But Don't You Want To?

Is It Possible to Spoil a Show That's Mostly Atmosphere? The Internet Will Find Out!

Winter Might be a Long Time Coming, But Con of Thrones is Almost Here

The Show Known For Horrific Deaths Can't Die

It Feels Extra Petty to Air the Premiere of 'Downward Dog' Before 'Fargo'

Through the Wormhole and Straight Into Your Face

Jane is Wonderful, But That Baby is Terrible at Taking Direction

Once Upon a Time All the Characters Decided the Story Was Over and ABC Said "Nah"

Those Weird Nerds Who Like Comic Book Movies and Star Wars, Like Everyone

Frankly, Why Was a Show With This Cast Way Off on WGN to Begin With?

All That Marvel Money and They Still Can't Buy Decent Wigs

When a Murdering Drug Dealer is Also an Exemplary Manager

Kevin Sr.'s John the Baptist Impression Needs Some Work

Spike TV Will Give Us the Nexus of Delightful and Terrifying

The Swearing Will Probably Eventually Feel Anachronistic, But Who Cares?

"Do You Like Downton Abbey? Well This is the Exact Opposite of That!"

Guess That Particular Set of Skills Doesn't Include Keeping Your Cover

'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' Looks at a Dark Legacy of Deceit, Ignorance, and Grief

Another Helping of Feel-Good Television For Your Springtime Viewing!

This Lady Definitely Has the Right Idea, But the Wrong Beverage

This is Not the Face of the Brains of the Operation

National Geographic Channel Wants Us to Think Weird Thoughts About Young Albert Einstein, Don't They?

"This is Definitely Moving Towards a Happy Ending for Me. Definitely."

What Does the Hugo Award in Fargo's "The Law of Vacant Places" Tell Us?

THIS Show Fu.... You Know How it Goes

Watching Other People Play Video Games Seems Appropriate for Today's Date

There is No Such Thing as Too Much Carrie Coon

Did He Just Hear the Verdict or His Chances at Renewal?

Jack Bauer Would've Tortured His Way to Better Ratings if He Had To or Was Given an Excuse To

Kevin Garvey and Jesus Are Also Similarly Ripped

Orphan Black's Final Season Promises a Return to What Matters Most

If You Know Who This is On Sight, Tonight is Your Night

Our President* Has No Respect for or Understanding of the Office of the President

Apparently, London and the Wild West Had Much in Common in the Late 1800s

Trump is Definitely Screwing up the White House Easter Egg Roll, But Probably Everyone Else Would Too

Tonight We Learn What it Means to Get Hit by a Bus, Which is Apparently Not Self-Evident

Looks Like Someone is Calling Saul Again

If You Thought Chris Hardwick Was Too Contained on "Talking Dead" I Have Great News.

That's a Guy Whose Work Problems Are Out of This World!

Is It Still Called the Danger Zone in Dreamland or Is It The Area of Potential Distress?

Bet He's Thinking That He Should've Put Away More Money for Tattoo Removal

First Question: Why is The One Lady Cosplaying? Did She Miss a Memo or Did Everyone Else?

Was 'Legion's' Lenny Ever Real?

Which Lies are Big? Which Lies are Little? Find Out Tonight!

Three Stars is Probably The Best That Most of Us Can Hope For Out of Life

Made It To the End of the Season Without a 'Legion Airs' Joke! Almost.

The End of Bones, For Real This Time

The Personification of Tough Love

If You Didn't Like Iron Fist, AMC Would Like to Talk

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas Loves Pink Ribbons, But Not Insuring Mammograms

When You Need a Real Thigh-Slapper To Take You Into the Weekend

It's Your Typical Good News, Bad News Situation

When Your Friends Wimp Out of Costume Night, But You're Already There

Nothing Good Ever Comes of Robots That Look Like People. Nothing.

HBO's Sunday Night of Less Than Sympathetic Main Characters

Dear 'The Crown', Stories About Women Should be About Women

The Show for People Who Want to Hate Pancakes is Back, Sports Stuff Too

After So Long of Not Working, These Guys Are Retiring

Starring John Lithgow as Robert Durst, Basically

Adorable Children Make the Creepiest Adults

Who Dies in HBO's Big Little Lies?: Part 2

Has ABC Stumbled Into the Most Politically Relevant Show of 2017?

Host of Tropical Island Survival Shows Looks Like a Great Job

Are You Afraid of Americans? Or Just Afraid of that Wallpaper?

What We Can Learn From a Day Without a Woman

Those Women Must Have Been Actors to Start Actively Applauding This Dude on First Sight

Sunday Night's Alright for Fighting

Teenagers and Cat-Ear Headbands: A Timeless Love Story

We Will All Need Large Fruity Drinks Tonight

'When We Rise' Brings Michael K. Williams Back to Your TV Screens

'Girls' Tackles Being Not Being an American Bitch

In Case You're Not Into Hollywood Patting Itself on the Back

TGIT: The Best Place to See Oscar-Nominated Actresses Over 40

Communicating How Dumb You Are With This Look for 17 Years

"Whatcha Thinkin' Bout?" "Oh, Just How to Make You Ugly Cry Tonight.

Looks Like Someone Forgot Her Umbrella-ella-ella

That Look When You're the Lead on a CBS Streaming-Only Series

When You Can Feel Yourself Getting Dragged Back Into Nonsense

"It Always Seems Impossible Until it's Done."

Dr. Saroyan is Looking Forward to Getting Out of Those Restrictive Autopsy Suits

Those Sunglasses Should Get a Supporting Credit

Britt Robertson, Hollywood's New Favorite 'Teen,' is Actually an Ageless Vampire

Guess Who's Back Just in Time for Valentine's Day?

If You Truly Love Something, Drink it By the Gallon

Leopard Print is Always a Good Look. Always.

Good That Richard Splett Has a Backup Plan, Now that 'Veep' is a Documentary.

Jimmy Olsen Heard You Had a Bad Night Last Night and Wants to Help

Super Bowl Counterprogramming Guide (Hint: Just Watch PBS)

Viola Davis Sees Your Poor Attempt at Addressing Race Relations, CBS

"Real Leaders Must be Ready to Sacrifice All for the Freedom of the People."

Hanlon's Razor as a Form of Serenity Prayer

If a Teen Wolf Did Hibernate, Would It Look Any Different Than Standard Teen Sleeping Habits?

He's Got a Passion in His Robes And He Ain't Afraid to Show It

Those Sails Are, At Best, Off-White

President Fitzgerald Grant: The Most Unattractive Handsome Man on TV

Those Are Some Awfully Well-Bathed 17th Century Witches There

"No, We Didn't Take Her Actual Face Off, Why Do People Keep Asking That?"

The Dapper Nazis Get All Their Best Ideas From People They Hate

Here She Comes to Save the Day, Please?

What Show Does This Still Look Like It's Knocking Off?

Spend One Last Night in 'The Good Place'

A Photo of Some Trees or Maybe the New History Channel Show, Who Knows

Questionable Cultural Sensitivity, Excellent Men's Outerwear and Hats

Trump's Health and Human Services Nominee Seems to be a Worse Criminal Than Martha Stewart

The Popest with the Mostest

Young Popes Vs. Young Queens

That's Not... Honey, That's the Locker Room Not the Weight Room

Everyone's Got a Few Bad Roommates, You're Not Special

"Maybe if I Dress Like Jessica Jones, I Can Get Buzz Like Jessica Jones."

But Who Polices the Fashion Police?

Can the Dog Get a Decent Guest Arc, or Was it A Lady Dog?

The 90s Really Are Coming Back, Unfortunately

A Full Range of Emotional Responses Suitable for the Return of TV

How Many Members of the 'Sense8' Cluster are Actually the Same Age?

Guess They Decided to Make No Bones About It Anymore.

Wait, Isn't He That Dude?: Toby Kebbell

If Anyone Can Save Christmas, it's Terry Crews

Reflecting on the Ending of 'The OA' and the Gap Between What We Know and What We Feel

At Last, The Christmas Lights Have Ceased Their Fighting

The OA Continues the Serious Misrepresentation of Nose Bleeds in Pop Culture

We Can Use 'Queen in the North' for Other Shows, Right?

Five Harmonies for the Price of One!

Farewell to Four Solid Seasons of Scowling

When Dolly Calls, You Answer

Who Are These People and What Have They Done With Tyra?

Is Westworld's William a Future Alt-Right Hero?

The First Try of the Season is Always a Little Rough

"It's Almost Like People Don't Always Find Huge Jerks Entertaining."

You Can't Stop the Beat, and Neither Can They

Two of You Are Way Overdressed for This Event

Public Service Announcement: 'Nocturnal Animals' is Not a Thriller

WILL These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends or Nah?

There Are Definitely Worse Things to See on Your TV

How that Ad Age Twitter Mistake Invokes Nick Cave's Literature

Clear Computer Screens: Look Great, Probably Work Horribly

Seriously, How Could This Not Be Amazing?

HBO is Serving Up Cuba Libres All Night

Some Machines Are Better Tempered Than Others

Something We Can All Toast to in These Contentious Times

Is Westworld's Bernard Always Bernard?

Time to Convene a Search Party to Find a Better Time for 'Search Party'

All of These People Need New Hobbies

A Range of Emotions. Almost Like They Don't Know What They're Reacting To.

Don't Worry, It's All Over Now. Until Next Season.

"Say 'Entailment' One More Time. I Dare You"

Wednesday, November 9th

History Has Its Eyes On You

We Will Return to Regularly Scheduled Levity Eventually

Still Less Upsetting Than the Early Election Results

We Absolutely Have Not Been Good Enough to Deserve This

The Biggest Unexplained Mystery of 'Westworld'

The Last News Talking Guy I Want to See Until Wednesday

Oh Good, Fall TV is Ending So We Call Start Talking To Each Other Again

How To Make Three Days in Hell Last Three Weeks

Maeve Millay is the Hero We (and 'Westworld') Need

Everyone Needs a Darius

TBS Now Has Wyatt Cenac and Sam Bee, is Jessica Williams Far Behind?

Joan Finally Tells Sherlock They're a CBS Series

"I'm Gonna Disrupt the ER!" "Please Don't."

On a Long Enough Timeline, Everyone on a Drama Hooks Up

Like a Fever Dream Brought to Life

The Missed Opportunity for Women in 'Westworld'

Which Part of the Plan Involves Losing That Joey Tribbiani Haircut?

Dead Show Walking

The Sweet Transvestite Trojan Horse From Transexual, Transylvania

This Is Definitely Not the Atlanta You're Looking For

So They're Both Slobs Now? That's Not Really Odd, Is It?

What Does it Cost to Stay in Westworld?

Revisiting the Ghosts of Halloween's Past

Every Second of the Night I Live Another Life

"What Are You Talking About? All Reenactments Have Feature Film Budgets."

Trump's Washington D.C is a Lie

Picture Perfect Hair and Wardrobe is "Beautifully Flawed" in TV Speak

"How Can She Win the Playoffs if She Can't Grow a Playoff Beard?!?"

"Come On, Give It Up For America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman, Just a Little?"

"OK, So There is a Tomorrow, Just Not a Lot of Them." "LIAR!"

That Face When Hayley Atwell is Back in a Legal Procedural and Not As Agent Carter

Going Very Meta on Violence in Entertainment Tonight

Tim Burton and the Pernicious Racial Bias of "Realism"

When These Two Get Together, We'll Know They're Really Done

Welcome to the Revolving Cast of Criminal Minds, Don't Get Comfortable!

Your Favorite Way to Learn Historical Trivia is Back

How The Miami Marlins Showed Us What it Means to Make America Great Again

Get Your Largest Beverage Container Ready

Wait, Isn't He That Dude From that Thing? Enzo Cilenti Edition

A Big Night for Non-Journalists Doing Newsworthy Work

Some Baseball You Might Actually Want to Watch

Jack Bauer Takes On His Most Dangerous Mission Yet

Pajiba: Starting the Yarn Wall Before the First Episode

We're Going Good Places, Mad Places, and Annoying Places

Tonight Will Be Just Full of Winners and Losers

"Wait, I Thought YOU Were Bringing the Charisma?" "No Wonder We're Cancelled."

This is The Least Spidery Option Available

Oh, Obviously This is Very Different From The Other Show Where They Catch Crabs

'Dancing With the Stars' Still Mostly Confused About What a Star Is

The Full Spectrum of Reactions to Son of Zorn

The Depressing Decline of Minnie Driver's On-Screen Romances

Sports or Feelings: Pick Your Thursday Night Cringe

Four People Thinking "Look Inconspicuous"

Tuesday Nights Now Star The South

These Guys Don't Have The Fortitude For Their Own Show

Who Doesn't Love Aggressively Confrontational Television?

Fight the Real Enemy

Shaq Should Make Friends With an Actual Bear

Truth, Justice, and the American Way: Pick One

On Aging Out of Being a Dead Girl and How "The Night Of" Failed Us

Ah, the Desolate Arctic Landscape. So Much Like Summer Television.

You Can Tell It's a European Crime Show Because They're All Smoking

Khal Drogo Rides Again, As The Stallion Who Pranks The World

Because American Tourists Don't Have a Bad Enough Reputation

They're Cooking Up Career Reality Stars!

The Night Of The Sunk Cost Fallacy

It's Nice When Couples Share Hobbies, Even Nicer When Those Hobbies Earn Olympic Medals

Same, Guys, Same.

"Once I Could Actually See What I Was Eating I HAD to Get a Different Show"

Hell is Other People Generally, But These Other People Specifically

The Olympics Have Given Us the Best Option for Squirrel Girl

The Faces of American Excellence

How Do These Guys Still Have a Show?

A Very Shirtless Summer on TV

The Sand Situation After Those Games is Probably Absurd

A Reminder that Sports are Dangerous and Couches Are Not

The Redeemer Has a Lot of Work Ahead of Him

Live Television: Still Occasionally Dangerous

A Dramatic Interpretation of Wonder Bread

Why Nancy in 'Stranger Things' Ended Up With Exactly the Right Person

This is the Second Biggest Day of Her Year, Just Behind Pumpkin Spice Latte Day

Four Sharknados in Three Years, Is Global Warming to Blame?

Different Era, More Clothes, Same Associating With Hookers

The Imperfections of Hillary Clinton

Comedians Are Tackling Our National Race Issues. At Least Someone Is?

52 Films By Women: The Astonishing Integrity of Gina Prince-Bythewood's 'Beyond the Lights'

Who Brought Back 1996? Can We Keep It?

Political Conventions: Equally Terrible at Graphic Arts

If Only Nas Had Put Down the Books And Watched More TV

Just One More Season, Temperance! It'll Be Ok!

That's the Appropriate Face for Covering the RNC

Quick! Name This Dystopian Series That's Now Cancelled!

Did 'Ghostbusters' Sacrifice Crucial Plot Development for Cameos?

Even the Balloons Look Resigned to Their Fate

Who's Ready for Spite and Pettiness?

Every Crime Procedural Needs a Quirky Woman With a Computer. Apparently.

The Most Unnerving Show on Television is Back

Variety Shows: The Competitive Reality Series of Yesteryear

Even the Sketch of DB Cooper is Sick of This

Poetry in Motion

A Second Helping of All of This

The Best of All Summer Jobs Has Finally Come to An End

Giving You LOST Fans Another Shot at Satisfaction

Having Breakfast Without (The) Toast

Discovery: Working Hard to Make Sharks EVEN SCARIER

The Fins Make it Hard to Get the Dance Battles Right

'Game of Thrones': The Empty Houses of Westeros

Spending All Summer With Other Teenagers Would Drive Me To Murder Too

'Game of Thrones' and The Changing Landscape of Westeros

Surprise Shark Week is a Mixed Blessing

Cersei Has a Plan. A Crazy Plan, but a Plan.

Sansa Stark is Not Pregnant, You Should All Be Ashamed of Yourselves

Queen of Thursday Night At Least

'Game of Thrones': Can Sansa Rule Winterfell?

This Man Has Some Firm But Vague Opinions on Soup

People Interested in People Are the Unluckiest People of All Tonight

Does Sansa Stark Have Magic Powers?

'Game of Thrones' and the Debate Surrounding Sansa Stark and the Knights of Vale

"You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think it Means What You Think it Means."

Is Your Excitement at "Charging Giant" Level Yet?

A Hero For Everyone Not Super Smart but Not Super Stupid Either

Looks Like Shirts are For Closers

'Game of Thrones': The Full Consequences of Cersei's Trial By Fire

The Hound's Efficient Murder of Fan Theories in This Week's 'Game of Thrones'

With Apologies to the Family of Meredith Kercher

The Dream of Every Compton Resident: Their Own A&E Show

Only Two More Seasons of Keri Russell Looking Constantly Furious

This Sounds Unnecessary and Messy. Very Messy.

'Game of Thrones' and a Theory Behind the Brotherhood Without Banners

There Are Many Cop Shows on TV. This Is One of Them.

What it Looks Like When You Overthink a Promo Picture

5 Shows After Dark: TV Gets a Little Less Dangerous Again

There's a New, Unique Sci-Fi Series on That Channel You Don't Get

That is the Correct Face for a New Variety Show, Yes

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Recap: King's Landing Won't Survive the Wars to Come

Charitable Efforts Are Always Best With a Heaping Dose of Handsome

Sharon Carter Is an Imposter. I Am Not a Crackpot

Those Pines Just Will Not Settle Down

If You Liked 'Person of Interest' You'll Love People of Interest!

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Recap and the Flashback to the Moment the Entire Story Began

Is SyFy Making Good Shows Again or Just Good Commercials?

What A Dance With Dragons Tells Us About the Future of Tormund and Brienne

Gimme That Old Time Religion

Yes, But Can You Have a Mental Breakdown More Productively?

Not Even the Hamptons Can Afford Concierge Doctors These Days

Was the Jon and Sansa Reunion Actually a Reunion?

A Hard Hitting Hour of Interviews, Followed Immediately by Chicks in Bikinis

Game of Thrones Book Reader and Spoiler Recap: The Book of the Stranger

The Beginning of the End. Or Just the End.

This Training Program Looked Very Different in 'Silence of the Lambs'

Liv Will Definitely Handle Something Tonight, That's For Sure

Meet Alexandra Patsavas, The Woman Who Soundtracked Your Favorite TV

The Many Concerns We Have About Ava DuVernay's 'A Wrinkle in Time' Adaptation

Still No Word On How Many Wigs Russian Spies Really Had

This Feels Like a Joke on Us Somehow

Game of Thrones Book Reader and Spoiler Recap: 'Oathbreaker'

Ah, the OTHER Incesty TV Show is On Tonight

Does This Mean She's Now a BAD Wife?

"Isn't There a Superhero I Could be Menacing? I Feel Underutilized."

Time for Some Uncomfortably Personal Television!

The End of the Adventures of Jesus and the Crime Solving Computer

Game of Thrones Book Reader and Spoiler Recap: Home

Ah, An Interesting and Original Premise Twisted to Become... a Detective Show

Cheekbones that Could Kill. Other Parts That Have Killed.

The Television Medium is Going Through a Fascinating and Terrifying Time

Is it Natural to Distrust Shows That Look Too Good?

How Long Until a Sitcom Hits Syndication? See You Then.

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader and Spoiler Recap: 'The Red Woman'

"We Are Outgunned, Outmanned, And We'd Really Like You to Tune In!"

Time To Get Back to Drinking and Knowing Things

Take a Deep Breath, We're Heading Back In

The TV Lords Take Away Ilana Glazer, and Then Give Her Right Back

All Sorts of Lanky, Sexy, British Angst Here

Still Waiting for a Saul to Call

Here's All the People Who Blew Up Their Lives This Season

Cosima Gets Me

The Promo Image Looks Like Propaganda and A Laser Tag Ad, Somehow

Who's Up for Some Needlessly Complicated Vengeance?

After Years of Family Vacation Movies, Finally, a Family Vacation TV Show

The Things That 'Game of Thrones' Will (And Won't) Spoil This Season

Sometimes "Painfully True" is Mostly Just Painful

Why Was Watermelon Trending?

Our Long National Fever Dream is Over

Time for a Cookie Binge?

The Mixed Feelings I Experienced Watching The 'Hamilton' Bootleg on YouTube

The Verdict Is In

The Last Night This Spring You Have to Care About College Basketball

Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of Your TV?

What's the Point of Analyzing Behavior Without This Study Buddy?

52 Films by Women: Ana Lily Amirpour's 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night'

Almost Too Adorable for Words

Never Let Zack Snyder Near This Character

Sterling Archer Reviews Bond, Because Why Not?

Ben Affleck Goes on Graham Norton Image Rehabilitation Tour, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams Support Him

You Get to Wear Comfy Outfits in Complex Roles or You Can Make Good Money. Not Both.

Did You Get Hooked on the New Doctor Show Last Night? No? Try Again!

Have You Been Looking for a New Jerk Doctor Series? Today's Your Lucky Day!

Von Miller is Incredibly Happy to be on Dancing With the Stars. Probably.

Ah, A Traditional and Respectful Easter Celebration

Prince Now Setting Out to Conquer Books

Emma Stone is Coming to a TV Near You

Behind the Scenes on Those 'Daredevil' Stunts

Why is TV, Literally, So Dark?

Ben Affleck Now Says His Terrible Tattoo is A Terrible Fake Tattoo

'House of Cards' Season 4: The Whole is Less Than the Sum of Its Parts

So, Was It Aliens? Little Green Men?

Come On, Gary Sinise, We Just Got You Off Procedural TV

Things The Quiverfull Movement Is Apparently Ok With: A Wicked Smoky Eye

The Face of a Man Awaiting Either His True Love or a Fart

That Room Does Not Look Nearly Fussy Enough For Genteel Murder

Stop Accusing Olivia Munn (and People in General) Of "Faking" Their Geeky Interests

The Sad Story of How Richard Simmons Has a Black Magic Spell on Him (Actually Elder Abuse)

The Exceptionally Attractive 'Daredevil' Premiere Also Features 'Luke Cage' Release Date

Benson and Stabler Together to Investigate Especially Heinous Crimes on Twitter

Looks Like Someone Took Wedding Planning Tips From 'Game of Thrones'

Another Happy Ending for 'American Crime', I Presume

Zombies Again? Can Anyone on TV Manage to Stay Dead?

Time to Catch Up on Oscar Winners You Actually Want to See

Finally, We Can Stop Caring About How Many People Want to Marry Mary

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Announces His Departure from 'Sandman' Adaptation

Is 'Agent Carter' Getting a Third Season? The Answer Might Not be a Solid 'No' Anymore!

Hollywood is Immune to Parody: 'Muppets' Director Making '21 Jump Street'/'Men in Black' Crossover

Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys Are Living All of Our Best Lives

No One Hires Joan Allen to Play a Happy Mother

Image is Everything and That's Quite an Image

That Look Kind of Sums Up The Show

But Will He Say "Ice To Meet You"? That's Crucial

'Gods of Egypt' Director Blames Critics for Box Office Bomb

'Spotlight' Dominates the Independent Spirit Awards

Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani Invite You to an Innocent Glove Lunch

HBO Invites You To a Rocking Saturday

Get Your Hot Fresh Oscar Predictions from a Cat

200 Episodes and, Apparently, Stronger Than Ever

There Are Moments That the Words Don't Reach

Kesha is Being Comforted by Her First Love, Glitter

"We'll Always Have Seasons 1-7."

Oh Good! Another Show About How Depressing Marriage Is!

You Can Now Stay in the 'American Horror Story' Murder House

Watch 2 Minutes of the 'Friends' Reunion That Isn't a 'Friends' Reunion

Correction Issued About That Meryl Streep "We're All Africans" Comment

Here's Deadpool Recreating Kanye West's SNL Rant

'Deadwood' Creator David Milch is Millions of Dollars in Debt

Your Favorite Snarky Scotsman (Or One of Them) Is Back!

They Are Now Recruiting 'Survivor' Contestants Who Already Don't Shower

Oh How Embarrassing, They All Brought the Same Dog

Liveblogging the 2016 Grammys: The Awards Show that Openly Hates Being an Awards Show

Zombies and Recreation Drug Use, Happy Valentine's Day!

Love (and 'Agent Carter') May be Temporary But These 'Agent Carter' Valentines are Timeless

Guess Who's Campaigning to Play the Villain in 'Deadpool 2'?

How the Music Video Survived the Death of Music Video Television

This Week's 'The Graham Norton Show' is About How Weird Fame Is

Law School: Only Slightly Worse Than Hogwarts at Preparing You For the Real World

Odell Beckham Jr. Came Straight From the Most Daring Prom in 1998

Even the Golden Age of TV Has Some Stains To Deal With

A Face That Makes You Want to Put Your Savings in Mattresses. Literally.

"Everyone Still Loves Old Rich White Guys, Right?"

21 Years Ago the Most Famous Kardashian Was Robert

It's Worth Having the 'X-Files' Back Just to See Expressions Like That

Taking Bets on if They Keep All the Raunchy References

Did the SAG Awards Spoil 'Downton Abbey' for US Viewers?

Leo and 'Spotlight' Take Home SAG Awards, Adjust Your Oscar Ballot Again

'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Will Be the Season of Sansa, Hopefully

Gaze in Wonder Upon the Most Pointless Remake in the History of Remakes

'Graham Norton' Gets a Funny and Insightful Show from Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Leave it to the Brits to Make the Apocalypse Zany Yet Droll

The Right Suit Will Get You Anywhere

He's Part of an Elite Unit That Investigates These Heinous... Wait, This Sounds Familiar

The Scariest Thing About 'Lucifer' is How Terrible Those Goat-Eyes Are

The Truth Has Been Waiting

Producers Guild Awards Are a Thing That Happened Last Night

Jeb Bush Clearly Has No Understanding of 'Homeland' or TV Ratings

'The Revenant' Survival Skills Conquer This Weekend's Snow-Bound Box Office

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Strives to Eliminate Useless Deadweight Oscar Voters

Graham Norton Makes Us Hope for an Ice Cube/Hugh Laurie Project

The James Bond/Q Romance You Always Wanted, Without Either of Them

The Winchester Boys Are... Posing for a Christian Rock Album?

Peggy Carter to Continue Awesome Peggys Tour of 2015-2016

War and Peace and Beautiful Costumes

How I Met Your Civil War Nurse

Netflix Drops Premiere and Return Dates For 8 More Shows

Call 'Jessica Jones' to Congratulate Her on a New Season

New X-Files Trailer Shows The Truth Is, Somewhere Over There?

Will Forte Is All of Us, But Also Insane

TBS Now Scheduling Binge-Watches, Binge-Watches Officially Dead

'The Graham Norton Show' Becomes The Matthew Perry Show For the Night

It's Time For Equal Idiotic Opportunities

Apparently Coming Back to Life is Thoroughly Underwhelming

If Your Film Doesn't Succeed, TV is Slightly More Forgiving

He Still Looks Sexy With His Hair Pushed Back Like That

'Rocky Horror' Live Event Adds Former Nickelodeon Star to Cast

The Real Star of the Powerball Saga is the FAQ Writer

Abandon Ship! The TV/Movie Relationships No One Should Hope For

John Boyega's Past in Stock Photos is Just as Adorable as Present John Boyega

Voldemort, Marge Simpson the First, and Bofur the Dwarf on 'Graham Norton'

"Are You Jenny From the Block, or SNITCHY From the Block?!?"

Teach Them How To Say Goodbye, Seacrest

Jess, You Don't Toast To Celebrate a Pregnancy! You Silly New Girl.

Ready To Feel Hopeless About Your Resolutions?

Ring In the New Suck!

Will Smith Also Has Feelings about Will Smith-Less 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

'Happy Endings' Gets a Happier Present

Watch the Season Six Premiere of 'Shameless' Now

George R. R. Martin Gives Us the 'Winds of Winter' Update We've All Been Dreading/Expecting

Ring in 2016 With Some 'Graham Norton' Clips!

The Real Winners of This Christmas Card are Hair Products and Veneers

The Three Faces of Reality TV Fame

Who Wants an Uncomfortable Cultural Clash Along with Christmas Standards?

Looks Exactly Like a WWE Christmas Movie

The Box Office Records 'The Force Awakens' Has Broken So Far

Will 'The Knick' be Revived?

The Real Winners of Star Wars Weekend: Stormtroopers

Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega on Being Bad at Keeping Secrets

Who's Ready To Open An Early Christmas Present?

"Does Anyone Know How to Work One of These?"

Slowly Sliding Into The Christmas Rut

Time To Find Out Who Gets Out of Sioux Falls Alive

'Independence Day: Resurgence' Trailer Features Everything You Want Except Will Smith

'Getting On' Gets On With It

We Now Know How Emma Thompson's 'Love Actually' Plot Ended

Could The 'Star Wars' Television Show Finally See the Light of Day?

Eternally Doomed 'A Star is Born' Remake Now Featuring Beyonce and Bradley Cooper

You Can Now Begin 2016 With Hate. 'The Hateful Eight' Specifically

"If You Wanna Meet Some Perverts, Dress Up Like Princess Leia" And Other Advice From Graham Norton

Can Something Be Aggressively Wholesome? NBC Intends to Find Out.

'The League' Peters Out After Several Seasons. Just Like Your FF League.

When Only Douchebags Pay for Art, All Art Will Be Made for Douchebags

Hey Baby, Wanna Give Me 30 Minutes To Struggle Out Of My Wing Harness?

Hopefully That Therapist Can Talk Some Sense Into Those Warring Cakes

Will Miracle Go Out With a Bang?

Dave Chappelle Finds a Way to Stop Annoying Cell Phones at His Shows

New Details on Who Will (And Won't) Appear in 'Captain America: Civil War'

A24 Studios To Open World's Most Depressing Holiday Display

Lily Tomlin, Chris Hemsworth, and Ron Howard All Baffled by Scottish Accent on Graham Norton

'The Force Awaken's' Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley Bring You Christmas Cheer

They've Already Won the Fashion Category for Televised Musicals

'Empire' Lightning Round is Predicting the Guest Stars

Forget the Reno Budget, What's Their Veneer Budget?

Like 'The Office' But in a Less Aspirational American Workplace

Even Zombies Need a Christmas Vacation

Space, the Final Drunktier

Things Both Are and Aren't Heating Up in Fargo

Pete Campbell: The Early EARLY Years

Adele Surprises Adele Impersonators, Adorably

While You Were Netflix Binging, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Got/Are Getting Married

Putting Out an Amber Alert for the 'Grey's Anatomy' Children

Krysten Ritter Felt She Lacked "the Boobs and the Big Hair" to be a Superhero

Tom Hanks Talks Toy Story 4, and How Forrest Gump Got His Accent

Wesley is Already Calling His Agent

The Biggest Mystery of Laura is Why is She Still Here?

Your Newest Dose Of Personal Drama in a Medical Setting

Someone Dreads Looking At This Woman Naked Every Day

This New Show Has Everything! Ninjas on Steampunk Motorcycles...

'Supergirl' and 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Episodes Delayed Due to Terror Plots

Was Ronda Rousey Brought Down by The Madden Curse?

Stephen Colbert Captures All of Our Dismay, and Love, for Paris

In Wake of Paris Attacks, HBO and U2 Pull Live Broadcast

Child Labor: From Sweatshops to Reality TV Competitions

When TV Stops Being, Well, Not Polite I Guess

A Sitcom About a Talk Show Starring a Talk Show Host

It's So Awkward When You Have Perfect Skin and Hair, Right Guys?

The New Starbucks Cups and The Seductive Ease of Internet Judgement

TNT Asks, What If The Vice President Actually Mattered?

DC Comics Shows To Shun Netflix and Hulu, as Well as Non-Cable Fans

'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda Takes on The Wheel of Freestyle

Michael Fassbender Has Multi-Species Sexual Appeal, and Julie Walters Feels Up 50 Cent

Change Does Absolutely No One Good

If Someone Took This Kid From Me, I'd Thank Them

Is Lucious Lyons the First Rapper to Drop a Single From Prison?

I'd Say It's Better Than Baseball, But Is It?

Yes, I See How Important Physical Film Was For This

New Special, Same Old Terrible Jokes

Heidi Klum Conquers Halloween. Again.

Ash is Back to Slay Your Boring Halloween Night

The City of DC Commemorates The Exorcist Stairs, Fails To Add Spoiler Alert

Leah Remini May Have Been the Smartest Scientologist, So They Got Rid of Her

Maggie Smith is Glad to See the End of 'Downton Abbey' and Other Slightly More Surprising News

Not Every Frat Idiot Can Rock a Mr.Rogers Sweater Like That

5 Points if You Can Name the Show From Just the Picture

Graphic Crimes Against Hair, Viewer Discretion Advised

Dear Supergirl, We're All Rooting For You

"The Bart, The" Finally Comes to Pass

New Neil Gaiman Adaptation Coming from Edgar Wright. That's the Good News.

'Hamilton' Cast Remains Perfect, Tickets Remain Unavailable

Sherlock Meets 'The Abominable Bride' This Winter

Adele is Queen of YouTube, Demands All Your Tears as Tribute

Daniel Craig Continues His Bond Ambivalence Tour on Graham Norton

Any 'Great White North' Without Rick Moranis is a Disappointment

"Can You Say 'Rapidly Shifting Financial Models'? You Can!"

Can I Get an Accuracy Ruling On This Show's Title?

Is It Worth Watching Something if You Think It Will End Too Soon?

It's Not Actually That Time of Year But We'll Pretend

J.K Rowling Reveals Her Favorite Harry Potter Chapter

Nick Carter Talks Up Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls Tour, Shows He's Still Got Moves

Rosario Dawson Will Be Barbara Gordon. But Only in LEGO Form.

Colin Farrell Own Up to His Hair Crimes and Rachel Weisz is Forgiven for Marrying Daniel Craig

Either a Parody of All MBA Holders or the Best MBA Holder of All Time

The Most Glamorous Hungry 16 Year Olds Around

Dear Amateur Videographers: Ignore the Haters, Keep Filming in Portrait

It's Kind that They Let the Least Compelling Characters Be The Leads

New Season, New Solverson

Shuffle Menacingly, Don't Walk, to Your TV Tonight!

Carrie-Anne Moss's Role in 'Jessica Jones' May Surprise You

6 Things to Expect from the New Season of 'The X-Files'

Important: The Rock Dances After Finishing His Cardio

What's In Store for Season 2 of Mr.Robot?

Everyone, Get Ready to Completely Agree with Kanye West

Nicole Kidman Saves a Fellow Aussie From Graham Norton's Chair of Judgement

Fitz is Only the President of Pouting

Anything that Creates a Brood Scares Me Immediately

Shaquille O'Neal Cannot Be Contained By One Channel

Maybe Someone Should Have Been a Tattoo Artist, Not a Criminal

What's Worth Knowing About 'Hamilton'?

Leftovers a Year Later Don't Sound That Appetizing

Fate Saved Us From Nicholas Cage's Aragorn

NASA Fact Checks "The Martian" On Tumblr

Tom Hiddleston Impersonates Just About Everyone on Graham Norton

Time to Investigate How This Show Has Survived

Warning: Disturbing Crimes Against Hair Ahead

Night of the Aging Television Stars

Change is Uncomfortable But Looks Good in a Suit

The CSI Lab Finally Goes Dark... er

What Are the Most Expensive Shows to Advertise On?

New 'Jessica Jones' Teaser from Netflix

Matt Damon's Ponytail Was A Beatitful LIE and Other Graham Norton Nonsense

Could Anyone on "How To Get Away With Murder" Actually Get Away With Murder?

Thank Viola It's Thursday

TV Terminal Illnesses are So Much Nicer Than Real Terminal Illnesses

TV Executives Are the People Only Using 10% of Their Brain, Apparently

We Finally Have New TV to Insult!

Is This Han Solo Gift With Purchase Better Than the Actual Purchase?

Steven Moffat Answers 11 'Doctor Who' Questions

The Down Side of Set Leaks and Advance Promotion

'The Island of Dr.Moreau' Coming to a TV Set Near You

Dance Scenes From 100 Different Movies All Set To "Uptown Funk"

We Are So Close to Having Real TV Back

30 Year Old Aesthetics Make the Freshest Shows

Aren't All Executioners Bastards in the Colloquial Sense?

Cause The Stars Won't Dance and If They Won't Dance, Who Cares

Not All Projects Are Worth Finishing

"Creative Arts" Emmys Now Giving Out Acting Awards

Good Morning, Here is Tom Hardy Cuddling Dogs

What Horror Franchise is Returning After a 12 Year Long Break?

SNL's Pete Davidson is Here To Give You More 9/11 Tears

No YOU'RE The Worst, FXX!

TV Just Got Slightly More Awesome Again

'The Venture Bros' And the Argument Against Complete Creative Control

Summer May Be "Over" But Fall TV Isn't Here Yet

Elliot's Blurry Reality is Now Our Blurry Reality

History is Just Better With Alcohol

Looks Like Whispering is Dangerous Stuff

These Looks are Less "Zombie Apocalypse" and More "Raccoons Got in the Trash"

Everything Hannibal Wore on 'Hannibal'

Time to Bid Farewell to 'Hannibal'

Enjoy 5 Year Old Heaven King Dancing Better Than You Ever Will

Nielsen Could Have a Ratings System for Streaming Soon

Was the Joker the Hero of 'The Dark Knight'?

Look Upon What Passes for Summer TV and Despair

In The End, Weren't We ALL Mr.Robot? Just a Little?

We Really Only Need the Down-Thumbs, Buddy

Even the Rugged Outdoors Can't Make James Marsden Less Handsome

Did We Really Need to Be Told to Fear the Walking Dead?

John Oliver May Inspire IRS Crackdown on Televangelists

The Foo Fighters are Masters at Counter-Trolling Westboro Baptist Church

'Hannibal' Reminder Post and Open Thread

'The Final Girls' Are Here To Bring Some Humor to Your Halloween

Find Out How Many 'Orphan Black' Characters Tatiana Maslany Was Nominated For

Will 'Mad Max's' George Miller Direct the Next Superman Movie?

These Wives Are Taking Off! Literally. Last Episode of the Season.

If You're Not Watching Yet It May Already be Too Late

Man, It Looks So Different From All the Other Reality Shows!

HBO Knows That What You Really Need on Mondays is a Good Cry

The Year of Oscar Isaac Rolls On

'Straight Outta Compton' Earns Back Nearly Twice Its Budget

Who is 'The Fat Jew' and Why is Everyone Angry About His CAA Deal?

Your Weekly 'Hannibal' Reminder and Open Thread

All the Star Wars News from D23

Latest Attempt at Reviving 'League of Extraordinary Gentleman' to Focus on Women

Good Morning, Here Are Two Handsome Men Reading the Phone Book

That is Some Emotional Paint Can Carrying Right There

It's an Impressive Thing to Survive the Slater Curse

Reality is Always More Interesting than Scripted, Right Guys? Guys?

Time to Realize How Long Ago the 90s Were

Everybody Got Their Monologuing Pants On? Good.

'Fantastic Four' is a Fantastic Flop

Taylor Kitsch Abandoned a Friend for Hours for His 'True Detective' Role

Reminder: Tonight is 'Hannibal' Night

White Walkers and Other Fiends We Might See in 'Game of Thrones'

Drummer Runs London Marathon Without a Tampon

'Sense8' Gets a Great Birthday Present from Netflix

FX Chief Agrees With You That There's "Too Much Television"

Who's Ready to Ugly Cry Themselves to Sleep?

Looks Like a Disney Series Escaped the Compound

Tonight We Play "Let's Pretend We All Like Each Other for An Hour!"

We Cannot Escape the Hijinks, We Can Only Hope to Contain Them

All You Need to Know About Poldark, Apparently

Ian McShane Joins 'Game of Thrones': Book Reader Speculation Post

Take a Minute of Your Time to Watch Ronda Rousey's Latest Victory

Dr.Dre to End 16-Year Long Dre Drought with 'Straight Outta Compton' Soundtrack

The Tyranny of Off-Brand Happy Birthday Songs Will Soon Come to an End

"I Have Never Seen Pines With Less Direction! You All Need Mentors."

Both Sharks and Lincoln Monuments Should Feel Personally Insulted By This

Ryan Seacrest Dares You to Bring Your Best Knock Knock Jokes

Who's Expending More Effort to Smile Here?

A New Take on Tut, Which Looks Like Most of the Old Takes On Tut

We Have the Names of the New Ghostbusters!

College Athletes Must Be Paid for NCAA Football Video Game

Jamie Lee Curtis Shows That the Family That Cosplays Together, Stays Together

Reminder: 'Hannibal' is On Tonight

Alfonso Ribeiro Busts Out the Carlton, Again, With Justin Timberlake

President Obama to Have One Last Interview with Jon Stewart

Here's the 'Attack on Titan' Live Action Trailer a Few of You Have Been Waiting For

Someone Get Denis Leary a Hair Intervention, Stat

Oh Man, a Sitcom About a Family? How Groundbreaking!

I Really Do Want Better Things for Nonso Anozie

Roadsters and Complex International Politics in One Show

Seriously, Guys, How Much Mastery Can You Handle?

All the Footage We Cannot See (For Now): Why 'Comic Con Exclusive' Teasers Don't Make Sense

Steven Moffat on The New 'Doctor Who' Season and Fandom Contributions

Reasons to be Glad You're Not at San Diego Comic Con

No Game of Thrones News You Want, But Here's Some Audition Clips

Get Pumped for the New Evil Dead Series on Starz





Where Do We Go From Here? We Are Wayward as The Pines.

Seriously, His Face is Like 50% Eyes

James Patterson Now Slapping His Name on TV Shows He Didn't Write

Those Are Some Terrifying Muttonchops, I Guess

Can't We Get Just Creepy Robots Instead of Creepy Lady Robots?

Why Amy Schumer Turned Down 'The Daily Show'

Bree Newsome, Our New Hero, is Also a Filmmaker

More News About 'American Gods' and 'Hannibal' From Bryan Fuller

'Avengers of Oz' Fake Trailer is Glorious, Confusing

Stephen Colbert Congratulates Gays, Asks Scalia to Come on His Show

Ewan McGregor Can't Sing in a French Accent and Jack Whitehall Has a Bad Night

What if It's Not a Dome, But More Like a Sphere? No, That's Dumb Too.

I Guess Mr.Robots Are Missing the "Style" Command

Honestly, 1900s Socialites Were Probably Slightly MORE Vapid Than Reality Stars

Totally Off the Grid. Except for All that Camera Equipment.

Sunday Night HBO is Less Dark, More Rock

Cecily Strong's 'Serial' Impression Will Give You Podcast Flashbacks

Rose McGowan Tweets "Helpful" Wardrobe Note from Adam Sandler Script

New Details on 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Plot

'The Graham Norton Show' Gets Terminated by Arnold Schwarzanegger and Emilia Clarke

With Mad Men Over, A New Series to Fill the 1960s Design Hole on TV

Is This the First Reality Show Turned Big-Budget Musical?

Examining the Afterlife Requires Lots of Paper

'Mother's Mercy' Gave Us an Uneven Ending to an Uneven Season of 'Game of Thrones'

A Documentary That's ALSO a Drama Series? No Way That Can Fail!

The Night is Dark and Will be Full of Spoilers

'Jurassic World' Sets Worldwide Box Office Records

'Kindergarten Cop' Getting a Direct to DVD Remake

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter Welcome Their First Spawn Child

Dave Grohl Rocks So Hard He Breaks a Bone and Keeps Rocking

Graham Norton is a Huge Fan of Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg

Everything About This is Bad, Up to and Especially Bones's Hair

Why Is It Always Painted Ladies?

Zombies Are On Portion Controlled Diets? Then What's the Point?

'Game of Thrones' Book Departures Continue To Choose Shock Over Substance

"My God, it Looks Like… Like it's an iPad!"

Lets Hope He Stretched Properly For His Epic Victory Lap

Further FIFA Schadenfreude With Their Movie "United Passions"

What We Learned from the 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion

See the Trailer for Tom Hanks's New Cold War Thriller

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Is Coming To Ruin Your Nerdy Friendships

Has Jenna Coleman Traded The King in The North for The Prince In The South?

Amy Schumer on the Red Carpet, and Why Stephen Merchant Hates Photographers

Is a Food Network Crossover So Farfetched? Yes. Yes It Is.

The Power to Make Anything Sound Profound Must Be Intoxicating

USA Network: High Job Security, Low Name Recognition

How the Latest Episode of 'Game of Thrones' Continues to Diverge from the Books

Finally, a Major Network Gets That Children Are Super Creepy

'The Insatiable' Is The Shadiest of Descriptions for Demons

Even Celebrities Write Fan Letters to Celebrities

What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge? Just Gullible Teens and Viral Marketing

Your Love is Dead if It Was Padlocked to a Bridge in Paris

Chris Pratt is The Most Credulous Human Ever and The Rock is Cooking Again

All In Favor of Considering This An 'X-Files' Alternate Dimension Arc?

Bronn Doesn't Strike Me As the Detecting Type, But Alright

This Just Looks Like Competitive Mugging for Several Weeks

'Game of Thrones' Is Taking A Lot of Shortcuts, And Too Much Is Being Lost in the Translation

When a Made For TV Movie Wasn't Originally Made For TV

Nick Cannon, That is Not Your Nose. Try Again.

If This Show Was a Person, It Would Have a Driver's License Now

Remember When Things Like Dancing Competitions WERE the Summer TV?

The 'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Perspective on the Hacky, Insulting, Unnecessary Rape Scene

If Only All Stalkers Gave Up After About 20 Hours

Raise a Glass With Don Draper One Last Time

Everything To Know About Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video

Cut SNL Sketch Reveals the Truth Behind Louis C.K's Success

Terrible Parents Make for Excellent Television

Mellie, Claire, and Hillary: The Ambitious First Ladies of Television

How Queen Latifah Brought 'Bessie' To Life

Charlize Theron Explains 'Mad Max: Fury Road's' Feminist Credentials

Grab Some Coffee and Cherry Pie, 'Twin Peaks' on Showtime IS Happening. Again. For Now.

Simon Pegg Was Tortured By Tom Cruise on the 'Mission: Impossible' Set

Fake Seattle's Annual Disaster Has Struck Again

Leroy Jethro Gibbs Will Return To Fight Another Day

How 'Kill the Boy' Folded in Two 'Game of Thrones' Storylines to Improve Upon the Source Material

Get Ready for the Second Virgin Birth to Be Portrayed in Pop Culture

TV's Most Stylish Investigator Says Goodbye

Do the Terminator Genisys Character Posters Show a Major Spoiler?

Alex Garland, Writer and Director of 'Ex Machina', Did an AMA

Social Security Administration Releases 2014's Most Popular Baby Names

James McAvoy Gets The Full Professor X Look for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

Come On, Jason Isaacs, Don't Over Promise. It Only Causes Stress.

This is Either History or Entertainment. Someone Clarify Which.

We May Not Have Forever, But We Have Tonight

'Game of Thrones' Book Reader Recap: The True Identity of Jon Snow May Be Coming Into Focus

Trust Me, Kid, Things Don't Get Better From Here

Because Sunday Night Wasn't Bloody Enough

5 Year Old Has Perfected Bruce Lee's Moves

'Vanity Fair' Teases Exclusive 'The Force Awakens' Coverage

Want to Learn Klingon? There's an App for That. (Soon.)

Matt LeBlanc Performs Joey's Songs from 'Friends' on Graham Norton

'The Walking Dead's' Tyrese Berates a Subway Car for Lack of Humanity

Good Morning, Baltimore

The Most Sedate Sports Event of the Year

British Mysteries Have Me Profiling These Two as Stone Cold Killers

Weird That The Flash Wasn't First in Line for a Better Outfit

What We Learned from "High Sparrow": Spoiler Whore and Book Reader Edition

A Stalker Who Stalks Stalkers: How CBS Does High Concept

Who Wants More Middle Aged White Guy Angst? Anyone?

The A Cappella Version of the Mortal Kombat Theme You Wish You Could Pull Off

New Cut of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Featuring Rogue Out "This Summer"

Chris Pratt Does an AMA, Continues to be Amazing

Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Elizabeth Olsen Discuss Superpowers and Fears

A Performance About Violence That Inspires Violent Thoughts

Depression Beard, Dour Expressions, and a Bright Orange Jacket

Why is Comedy Central So Good At Sketch Comedy Shows?

What We Learned from "The House of Black and White": Spoiler Whore and Book Reader Edition

I Just Want Jane to Say Yes to Jane

Oh, Context Free Teaser Scenes, I Will Miss You

'Fantastic Four' Trailer With First Look at New Dr.Doom

Details on 'Rogue One', the OTHER New 'Star Wars' Movie

No, Your Beanie Babies Still Won't Make You Rich No Matter What the Internet Says

Carey Mulligan and Noomi Rapace on Talking Dogs and Broadway Audiences

'Star Wars' Trailer Reaction Videos Are Happening

'Furious 7' Made $1 Billion in Just Over Two Weeks

Jon Stewart Discusses Leaving 'The Daily Show' and Reflects on His Career

'Sábado Gigante' Ending, Saturdays Will Now Only Be Regular Sized

I Apologize to Any Atari Fans for the Graphic Image

Blotchy Bigfoot Footage Does Not Cut It In the iPhone Era

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

What We Learned From This Week's 'Game of Thrones': Spoiler Whore and Book Reader Edition

Oh, Billy Elliot, You're a Better Dancer Than Spy

'Game of Thrones' Book Readers' Preview for Season 5

Are There Other Shows On Tonight? Yes, But Why?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Have a Son

Ethan Embry Had a Better Rex Manning Day Than You

Stanley Tucci is As Delightful As You Think He Is

I Identify Pretty Hard With This Picture

Although, I Am Seeing Some Amazing Cross-Over Potential Here

Driving Off Into the Sunset Isn't As Poetic, Is It?

No More Calling Saul, FOR NOW

As Long As Peggy Comes Out OK, I'm Happy

New Musicals Coming from David Bowie and Sara Bareilles

Kiernan Shipka Talks About Growing Up on 'Mad Men'

A Retrospective of Pete's Hairline on 'Mad Men'

Another 'Winds of Winter' Update For Those Who Still Have Hope

Welcome Back, 'Outlander'!

We Are Entering a Golden Age of Competitive Lip Syncing

I'd Ask You to Raise a Glass, But I Suspect You Already Have

Justin Bieber: Proving 'Frat Boy' is a Personality Trait Since 2010

This Time it's As Real As Thetans

New 'Mad Max' Teasers Dropping All Over Twitter

Hugh Jackman Hints at His Departure from the 'X-Men' Series

'Spectre' Teaser Gives Us Our First Shadowy Look at Christoph Waltz

More Info About The Avengers New Super Twins

'The Walking Dead' Spin-Off Has a Title, and a Second Season

New Front Runner for 'The Daily Show' Hosting Gig

One of These Lab Coats is Not Like the Others

"Hahahaha, We Enjoy Our Paychecks So Much!"

Perhaps the Title 'Forever' Was Slightly Optimistic

Lena Dunham is Here to Taint Beloved Children's Books

This Picture Screams "Totally Normal Loving Couple!" Doesn't It?

Snoop Dogg Developing a 1980's Family Drama for HBO

'Mad Men' Exhibition Open Now

'Game of Thrones' Series Will Have the Same Ending as the Books

The Stig Rides a Tank to the BBC for Jeremy Clarkson

The End of 'Downton Abbey' is Nigh

'Scandal' Showed Us How to Break a Fixer

That's How I Usually Feel About Hakeem, Snoop.

Aren't Chopsticks a Bad Choice Here? For a Lot of Reasons?

Everyone Get Your E-Meters Ready UPDATE: The Internet Was Lying to Me

Fingers Crossed For Lots and Lost of Ridiculous Hats

All the 'Archer' Hook-Ups, Visualized

'The Crow' Remake Casts Jack Huston as Eric Draven

Last Episode of 'The Jinx' Spoiled by Reality

'Game of Thrones' Stars Explain the Show in 30 Seconds

Celebrating Pi Day With Pop Culture

True Parody is Impossible Because Reality is Absurd

"Why Is Everyone's Answer to Any Problem to Sing? Has That Ever Worked?"

Guess it Was Shoulders Day at the 'Chicago Fire' Gym

Most Notable Return From The Dead: Jeremy Sisto's Career

Time for A Little Less Togetherness

Happy International Women's Day!

Chris Evans And Chris Pratt Continue Their Tour of Awesomeness At Seattle Children's Hospital

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode Titles and Summaries Released

Kristen Bell Won't Let Her Daughter Watch 'Frozen'

Tom Hanks Really Really Really Likes You

The First #BlackOutDay Happened, But Let's Keep Celebrating

The Terrible Hair Tells You This is SERIOUS TV

CSI: Cyber: Because Your Grandma Needs a New Kind of Crime to be Afraid Of

I Can Get Pretty Excited About that Dress

Looks Like We've Got a Hostage Situation on Our Hands

The Competition for Most Inaccurately Titled Series Goes On

You Can Now Say "Quick! To the Batcave!" And Mean It

Michelle Rodriguez Apologizes For Remarks About "Stealing" White Superhero Roles

'Empire' Audience Still Growing

LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE OVER! Lupita Nyong'o's Dress Probably Recovered

Will Smith Explains the Benefits of the 'Hover Hands' Pose

Tonight We Find Out if Anyone Did Learn How To Get Away With Murder

"Turns Out, He Was the One With The Right Stuff"

Thank You for Intimidating Us with Tenacity for Seven Seasons

The Reason My Email Signature Is the Fifth Amendment

#AskHerMore is For Everyone Who Hates Red Carpet Diet Questions

More Brutally Honest Oscar Voters Confirm All Your Worst Suspicions

Trailer for 'Welcome to Me', Kristen Wiig's New Dark Comedy

Is Wizarding Royalty About to Become Real World Royalty?

How To Get the Agent Carter Look

We Can't Take All the Hijinks! Someone Stop Them!

The Hottest Trend in TV This Year is Diversity. It Has Everything. Literally.

The Best Way To Ogle Big Fluffy Dogs With No Danger of Slobber

For Once, Canada Got To See Something First

Nick Stokes Will Forever Fill Out a CSI Vest in Our Hearts

The History of YouTube Offers a Glimpse of Entertainment's Future

SNL's 40th Anniversary Special to Feature Nothing But Guest Stars

Tiny Hamsters Have Tiny Date for You To Enjoy Vicariously

Stunt Driver Gives the Best/Scariest Blind Date Ever

Benedict Cumberbatch Marries, Valentine's Day Tainted for Thousands

Happy Valentine's Day! I Got You Celebrities Kissing and a Christian Gray Cake!

I Guess 'Inside the Oscar Hosts Studio' is a Little Specific

Look Who's Come Back Long Enough to Make You Really Sad

Between Raylan and Peggy, It's Unofficial Great Hats Night

Consecutive Night Premieres Must be Hell on the DVR Crowd

Sunday Night TV is Ridiculously Crowded Again

We Can Be Heroes

Directors Guild Awards 'Birdman' Since No One Else Will

Missy Elliot Won the Super Bowl

Adnan Syed of Serial Granted Appeal

Graham Norton Terrorizes His Audience Members

OK, The Reboot Thing Might Be Getting Out of Hand

The Real American Dream is Becoming a Sitcom Family

More Gabrielle Union on TV Can Only Be a Good Thing, Right?

Won't Wear a Tee Shirt, But Karaoke is Alright

There is Other TV On Tonight, But Barely.

Puppy Bowl 2015: What To Expect (Puppies, Basically)

"Richard Sherman" and "Marshawn Lynch" on This Year's Oscar Snubs

'X-Men: Apocalypse' Will Feature Moira McTaggert

'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Trailer, Now With Spoilers

Tonight's TV is Sponsored by Red Wine and Kleenex

I Promise, It's Still Compelling if You Turn a Couple Lights On

I Could Use Other Photos on Tuesdays, But Why?

I Think His Hugs Really Would Make Anything Better

Patriotism Never Looked So Feathery

Bill Nye Offers His Findings on Properly Inflated Balls

'The Last Five Years' Gives You More of Anna Kendrick Singing

Welcome to Love is Dead Weekend: Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams, and McDreamy Edition

"Cleaning is Another Thing I Expect Stupid People To Do For Me."

It Takes a Strong Woman to Pull Off Heart-Shaped Leopard Print

At What Point Can We Call the Theme Song a Spoiler?

The Triumphant Return of Rogelio and Friends

Here's a Crime-Solving Anglican Vicar on a Bike

Preparing for the Return of the Greatest Cartoon Series Ever

Lee Daniels Discusses 'Empire's' Grand Social Ambitions

Fox in Talks with Chris Carter For a Possible 'X-Files' Reboot

Fox Renews Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Two Other Series

David Tennant and Olivia Colman Get a Look at Broadchurch Fan Art

This Dog and I View Awards Shows the Same Way

"Who's Ready To Go to the Massive Jerk Party?"

Finally, A Discovery Show That Delivers on Its Title

Come Pick Apart the New 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer

College Football is Always Improved With Puppies

Golden Globes Website May Have Spoiled Tonight's Two Big Winners

Saying Goodbye to Taylor Negron, An Exceptional "That Guy" for Over 30 Years

I'm Not Sure I Would Advise One to 'Call Saul' Based on This Trailer

All the 'Orphan Black' News You Can Shake a Clone (or Several) At

James McAvoy Feels Inadequate Due to Mark Ruffalo's HUGE ... Unicycle

Liam Neesons Has A Special Set of Skills For Maggie Grace's Ex-Boyfriend

A Love Story For the Ages. Or At Least Until the Booze Wears Off.

First Criticism: Scarf With a Turtleneck? Really?

Captain America's Loss is Our Gain

I Bet They'll Find ANOTHER Mysterious Artifact This Episode!

Time to Return to Downton. Only Several Months Late.

Idina Menzel 'Defends' Her NYE Performance, But Should She Have To?

It's a Slow News Day. Here's the 'Big Fat Anniversary Quiz 2015.'

I Can't Explain Why, But I'm Sneering At This Picture

It's Like Vegas if it Were Run By Ned Flanders

Tonight: Competitive Baked Goods, British Style

Kari Byron Shows Us How to Open Champagne in a Zombie Apocalypse

Who's Ready For Some Christmas Specials? These Guys Are.

Finally Time to Clean Up This Train Wreck

There Must Be a Better Show About Royal Bedchambers Out There

'The Interview' Will Be Released, Maybe

An Update for 'Serial' Fans from The Innocence Project

Is 'The Interview' Actually Any Good?

Anna Kendrick, Liam Neeson, and Eddie Redmayne Get Pervy About Cartoons

A Sad Day for Fans of Handsome Men in Well-Tailored Suits

Time for a 'Pitch Perfect' Quote Off!

Stop Motion Animation: The Best Way to Garner Undeserved Fondness

Lets All Get Nostalgic for Tricia Helfer in Space

Someone Give Me An Over/Under on Soliloquies

Channing Tatum Writes the Best Emails

Maisie Williams on 'Game of Thrones', the Internet, and Emma Watson's 'First-World Feminism'

The Sony Hack Reveals Marvel's Potential Spider-Man Plans

Max Greenfield of 'New Girl' Shows Off His Schmidt Moves

Honoring the Amazingly Intelligent Woman on 'Bones.' The Other One.

Just Rename it 'American Horror Story: Dandy' And Be Done With It

She May Look Better in the Underwear, But He's Winning on Hair

Sure, It's Pretty, But At What Cost?

That Anaconda Don't Want None, Period. Put It Down.

New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Toys For the Star Lord in Your Life

Our Long, Televised Nightmare Has an Official End Date

Ian McKellen Cuddles With That One Direction Kid

CBS and Dish Break Up for 12 Hours

There's Still Time, NBC! You Don't Have to Go Through With It!

Bonus: Sitcom Children Who Aren't Hellishly Annoying

Clap Along If You Feel Like Your Bum is Quite a View

Her Power Involves Bringing Time to a Standstill

Take My Hand And We'll Make It, I Swear

'Wanderers' Offers a Fantastic Vision of Our Future in Space

John Boyega Sends a Message to Star Wars Fans

Haunting Video of Abandoned Chernobyl 28 Years Later

Dear NBC, You Don't Want People Seeing More of This

Breaking! Accomplished Dancer Will Likely Win Dance Contest.

"Whatever's Up There, I Bet it's Pyschologically Scarring"

Not a Good Look for Cary, In A Lot of Ways

SNL Updates the Classic "I'm Just a Bill" Skit for Reality

Janis Joplin Will Finally Come to a Big Screen Near You

Dustin Hoffman Explains the Proud American Tradition of the Kiss Cam

Beyoncé Cuts Loose, Releases New Video, Remains Flawless

Netflix Rescues Tina Fey's New Show from NBC

How To Completely Fail At Covering Up a Murder

Some Reality Shows are Extra Disappointing

A Good Relationship Does Not Make One a Good Person

There's at Least 5 Remarkably Implausible Things in This Photo

Julianna Margulies is an Amazing Woman

'Walking Dead' Producer Answers Questions About Maggie

We Finally Have the Julia Child Movie We Wanted All Along

Pope Francis is Apparently a Patti Smith Fan

Nick Offerman Pitches His Version of Emojis on Conan

We All Owe Her Better Than This. All Of Us.

I Strenuously Object To All of This on Principle Alone

Honoring the Troops With Rihanna

Pictured; James Spader With Several Wooden Objects

Oh, The Speeches We'll Hear!

'Miss Meadows' Trailer Shows the Sweet Side of Vigilante Justice

The Triumphant Return of Jason Bourne

The Business of Pop Music, and The Women Who Are Leading It

Downton Abbey To Return for Sixth Season with Matthew Goode

CIA Fact-Checks 'Argo', "The Best Bad Idea We've Had"

'Warcraft' Movie Cast Announced at BlizzCon

"Come On, Neil, There Are Milliners To Keep In Business"

Thematically Similar to His 'Super Troopers' Part

Not Even Good For In-Flight Entertainment

Nothing Ordinary Here

Getting Super Anxious Just From this Photo

Aubrey Plaza Voices Grumpy Cat in Lifetime Christmas Special

Kevin Spacey Kills Fallon's Wheel of Impressions Game

Video Released of the 'Midnight Rider' Train Accident

Welcome Back, Diversity Friendly Sherlock!

Halloween Specials Are the Best Specials

Not Happy About Any of This

I Bet Jane Just Lost Her Train of Thought Right There

Time to Close the Boardwalk

Chief Creative Director of DC Discusses Their Long-Term TV Plan

Mindy Kaling Mistaken For Malala Yousafzai

'Manhattan Love Story' Gets the Boot

A CumberBUNCH of Videos from The Graham Norton Show

How To Make The Rock Look Small

The First Time I've Described a Show as "Aurally Terrible"

"Wait, Where'd You Get a Hair Dryer?"

Clap Along If You Feel Like Stabbiness is the Truth

Coming Next Fall: James Spader Costarring Hats

Let's Just Get Halloween Out of the Way, Said No One

All the 'Bob's Burgers' News You Could Ever Want

Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Feeling "like Meat" at Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

Lets Get Spoilery: 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Set Photos

Tao Okamoto Added to 'Hannibal' and 'Batman vs. Superman' Casts

Mellie Has the Perfect Attitude for 'Scandal'

"So, Which One of You is the Wild One?"

Clap Along If You Feel Like a Thug Without a Clue

Alternate Title: Jane the Malpractice Suit Plaintiff

Starring Rick, Daryl, and Daryl's Arms

Lena Dunham Is Adapting a Beloved YA Novel into a Movie

The First 4 Minutes of Tonight's 'The Walking Dead'

Taylor Swift Cyberstalks Her Fans

'Archer' Does Away With ISIS

LEGO Batman Movie In the Works

"Ma'am, I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But That's My Wand"

Learn Dothraki Just in Time for Halloween

This is Not How Mammals Grow Breasts

Still Not 100% About Super Speed as a Super Power

What's New, Pussycat?

Way to Blend, Carrie

Can the Internet Forgive?

Katy Perry Is An Entertainment Powerhouse

Ben Affleck and Bill Maher on Islamophobia

Broadcast TV Killed Saturday Morning Cartoons

John Mulaney Talks About His New, Probably Terrible, Sitcom

Even David Tennant Looks a Little Bewildered

Wednesday is Not Especially Woman-Friendly

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

"Lets Be Honest, The Show's Not Called 'Beckett'"

Be Honest, Did Any of You Actually Want This?

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Mock Clueless Local Newscaster

Robert Downey Jr. Writes a Lovely Obituary for His Mother

Who Wants to Get Down To This Sick Beat?

I'm Shocked There's Not a Branded Wine Tie-In

Burn it To the Ground, Kids

Like One Direction For the Early Bird Special Set

TV Came Back, You Guys! Woooooo!

CBS: Doubling Down on Powerful Lady Shows

Come Watch The 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Gag Reel

People Asked Idris Elba Anything

Arguing with Myself About Jennifer Lopez and her "Booty" Video

Charles Dance Hints at Future 'Game of Thrones' Plans for Tywin Lannister

Apparently He Takes Drugs that Make You A Sim

Dear Spain, Thanks for the TV Ideas!

Yet Another Poorly Named Sitcom

Dancing With the Photoshop Aliens

Are You Ready for Some Hard-Core History?

Martha Stewart Blasts Goop, Discusses 'Orange is the New Black'

Groundskeeper Willie on Scottish Independence

Conan O'Brien Performs "The Monorail Song"

Paris Hilton Buys Dog/Tribble Hybrid for $13,000

How to Rid Yourself of Ray Rice Paraphernalia

More of This Sort of Thing!

Gene, You Just Sound Old When You Talk Like That

Get Ready for a Firehose of Tears

Finally Time to Take Out the Leftovers

Tom Hiddleston Sings Hank Williams, Continues to be Completely Perfect

First Five Minutes of Fox's "Utopia"

Happy Birthday, Idris Elba!

Volcano Shows Michael Bay How Shockwaves Are Done

Release Dates For the Next Two Terminator Movies

I Do Believe You're Ready for Some Football

Gentlemen (And Ladies): Set Your Lineups

More Like First Not-So-Ladies, Am I Right?

Probably Not Nearly As Scandalous As You're Hoping For

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Here's a Story Involving John Hughes.

New Trailer for 'Downton Abbey' 5th Season

'Marvel's Agent Carter' Cast Grows

Talent Agency Interns Threatening Class Action Lawsuit

Happy Birthday, Netflix!

The Best Things 'Born' in 1986: A Seriously Random List

How Hard Would You Work To Live Your Dream?

Robotic Kid? No Problem? Basic Reasoning Skills? Bit Shaky.

That Desert Represents TV for the Next Four Weeks

R.I.P. Richard Attenborough: 1923-2014

Tonight, 'True Blood' Bites It

Suge Knight Shot Six Times at Chris Brown's VMA Party

New 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Teaser to Ruin Your Sunday Morning

'Doctor Who' 8th Season Premiere Open Thread

It's Been a Blast: Saying Goodbye to the 'Mythbusters' Build Team

Could McConaughey Be Our Next Great Villain? Maybe.

Robb Stark to Play Lady Chatterly's Lover in 'Lady Chatterly's Lover'

If It Weren't for the People, Air Travel Would Be So Much Nicer

Dear NFL: F*ck You, Pay Artists

Waistcoat vs. No Waistcoat. Who Ya Got?

Creating Illusions Out of Not Quite Thin Air

They're Gonna be Bigger than Yeezus

How Long Does it Take Leftovers to Go Bad?

The Return of Over-Saturated, Photoshopped, Pseudo-Humans!

'Downton Abbey' Water Bottle Gaffe to Water Charity Fundraiser

"Redskin Facts" Website Works Very Hard at Missing The Point

Are The Emmys As Biased Towards Cable As The Rest of Us? Probably.

Four Adults Caught Stealing Thousands of Dollars Worth of LEGOs

Casey Kasem to be Buried in Norway

Fish Are Friends. Not Food.

Step 5: Bring a Fish Friend. Everybody Brought a Fish Friend?

I Am a Nice Shark, Not a Mindless Eating Machine

He Doesn't Really Mean It, You Know! He Never Even Knew His Father!

Shark Week, OO-Ha-Ha!

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Earns a Sequel, The Bayening Continues

Gifs: Now a Valid Educational Tool

'Lonely Island' Coming to a Lonely Theater Near You

Geena Davis Joins the Cast of 'Grey's Anatomy'

New Trailer for 'Pride' Shows The Softer Side of Miners

I Bet They're Pretty Smug Now Too

Someone Really Needed to Rethink This Title

We're Almost To the Point Where You Can Be Ready for Some Football

I Guess "Buddy Lawyer" is a Genre Now

Things Have Neither Halted Nor Caught Fire As Best I Can Tell

New 'Fantastic Four' Movie Wraps. Very Very Quietly.

"Flawless" Remix Leaks, Possibly Proving Flaws in Beyoncé Empire

How You Can Help Rocket Raccoon('s Creator)

New Under Armour Ad Stars Ballerina Misty Copeland

The Dude Throws Out the First, and Second, Pitch at a Dodgers Game

Oh, God, So Much Potential Second-Hand Embarrassment

The Return of Sharknado

Can One Watch a Show Just for the Scenery?

As Long As I Don't Have to Drink Piss

I Hope They Get to Keep the Nifty Coats

New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer

Celebrities Who Were Incognito at San Diego Comic Con

'Arrow' Season 3 Preview Reveals a New Villain

New 'Batman Vs. Superman' Details and Your First Look at Wonder Woman

Bradley Cooper is a Huge 'Game of Thrones' Nerd

My Celebrity Doppleganger is Looking Pretty Good, Though

For a Show Called 'Suits' They're a Little Thin on Variety

I'm Reflexively Cringing Just Looking At This

They Do Have Some Very Compelling Staged Explosions

Stealing a Title from Shirley Jackson and a Plot from P.D James

New Details About Fox's 'Gotham'

Actor James Garner Found Dead at 86

Today Is (Was) Benedict Cumberbatch's Birthday!

Dan Aykroyd Does a Terrible James Brown Impression

'Homeland' Season 4 Trailer Takes Place Mostly Outside Carrie's Homeland

Who Wants a Heaping Helping of New Cable Series?

Dark Plot Details -- and a Female Detective -- Surface for 'True Detective' Season Two

The Trend of Shameless Pandering to Gen X Continues!

Reality TV About People Watching TV. We're Through the Looking Glass.

Taking 'Move Like Your Butt is On Fire' Literally

Be Grateful I Didn't Use the Eyeball Picture

Captain Hook Has a Fever For More Tap-Dancing

Colbie Caillat Likes You For You

Amazon Cares More About Feedback Than Viewer Numbers

Last Surviving Member of the Original Ramones Dies

Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart Over Crash

What 'Battlestar Galactica' Teaches Us About Human Compassion

NBC Now Striving to Become the International Broadcasting Corporation

'Orphan Black' Renewed for a Third Season

Summer Replacement Series: Now Starring Oscar Winners

I Pronounce You Reality Show Contestants. You May Now Question Your Sanity.

I Had to Put on a Sweater Just to Look At This Photo

Why Bother Watching a Show When You Can Watch People Talk About It

Two New Unknown Actors Added to 'Star Wars Episode VII'

What's the Deal with the 25th Anniversary of 'Seinfeld'?

'Jimi Hendrix: All is By My Side' Trailer

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Tim Howard

Because What CGI-Heavy Movies Need is a Low-Budget SyFy Adaptation

How Wonderful That Adam Richman and Food Have Settled Their Differences

Most Historical Events Benefit From Inebriated Hyperbole

Focusing on the "After" Part of "Happily Ever After"

This Doesn't Look Like It'll Keep Me Up All Night or Anything!

James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain Are Here to Destroy Your Soul

Mash-Up of Frozen and Game of Thrones Tests Cultural Patience for Frozen

New Doctor Who Teaser Demonstrates the Power of a Good Coat

Amy Adams Gives Up Seat, Demonstrates that Stars Are (Sometimes) Good People Too

Well, It's Nice to See Something Set in St.Louis at Least

Everyone Was Clamoring for a New Buddy Cop Series, Right?

What's a New Show Without a Photoshop Disaster of a Promo Pic?

Just Ordinary People With Their Ordinary Documentary Film Crew

"Say 'Timey-Wimey' Again, I Dare You."

Now We See What Tom Hardy Was Doing With That Puppy

Cumberbatch! And Something About That Ronaldo Guy Too.

"I've Made a Huge Mistake"

Bonus Points if You Can Name All These Children of Destiny

I Am Familiar With These Kind of Days

You Can Make Your Death Pool Bets in the Comments

This. Again. Some More.

Two Men Who Never Need to Be Told To Suit Up

Alright, Everyone Smile and Say "Cancer!"

Draco Malfoy: The Later Years

Your Daily Dose of Hugh Jackman Has Arrived

It'll Be Like Deja Vu All Over Again

And Morgan Freeman Created Space, and He Saw That It Was Good

Things Like This Really Make You Appreciate Desk Jobs

"It's True, I'm Not Watching You, Ladies of London"

It Takes a Special Man to Make the Early 1980s Look Good. Lee Pace is That Man.

George RR Martin's Editor Does a Q&A (But Doesn't Have the Answer You Want)

What's the Opposite of "Groundbreaking?"

A Reality Show Where No One Wins

And the Geek Will Inherit the Basic Cable Channel

Nothing Says "High Drama" Like "Incest"

Only Medieval Women Had Shampoo, Apparently

Justice is ALWAYS Personal for Olivia Benson

Anyone Fooled By This Deserves to be Fooled

For the Variety Show-Shaped Hole in Your Life

All I Know About This Show Comes From Promotional Stills

Seriously, Though, It Did Wonders for Laurence Fishburne

I Did Not Realize Bush People Had Such Well-Defined Personal Style

Jack Bauer and His Vocal Nodes Are Back!

Mmmmmm, Out-Dated Gimmicks

"You're On Your Own. Be On Your Own."

You Know He'd Just Love to Extinguish Bear Gryll's Torch

Just Look at All Those Chinese Boxes! Hijinks Are Definitely In Store!

Fess Up, Are You Part of the 2.1%?

The Point Where Popular Science Loses Me

'House of Cards' to Remain in Maryland

'Scandal' Ditches Columbus Short After Recent, Uh, Scandals

Let's All Meet the Unsung Hero of 'Orphan Black'

Boring Doctors are Seriously Underrepresented on TV

I've Found My New Life Coaches

Democracy is So Overrated: How House of Cards Fell Victim to Real-World Political Machinations

Get In, Losers, We're Doing Plot! Finally.

A Kinder, Gentler Huey Freeman?

Ramsay Snow Can Sing (Really Well)

"Oh, Wine, You're My Only Real Friend"

At Least Most Bros Apply Their Own Warning Labels

Not Any More Funny-Looking Than Most People

I Always Believe People Who Describe Themselves as "Bad-*ss"

And With These Glances, a Thousand Conspiracy Theories Were Launched

TV Has Taught Me That the Law is A Virtually Paperless Enterprise

I Firmly Believe that Birds Aren't Trained, They Just Decide to Cooperate

To Be Honest, I'm Not Into the Hats Either

"Didn't You Used to Be Better At This?"

Forget the Iron Throne, We're Conquering the Internet

More Like One Season-derland! I'm Bad At Jokes.

We Have a God of Tits and Wine, But Beer and Boobs is Open

Maine Has a New Claim to Fame. Sort of.

What 'Empire' Got Wrong: The Disappointing Underrepresentation of White People in the Music Industry

How the Internet Tricked You Into Believing Lady Gaga Made a $25 Million Dollar Mistake

No One Is Happier Tonight Than Ted's Kids

I Expect the Typical Post-Apocalypse Costumes of Too Many Belts to Show Up Any Day

Raise Your Hand if You've Seen Jon Snow's Butt! Not So Fast, Everyone.

Oh, Good, More of This Disaster

If I Were Royal, I'd Probably "Explore" Somewhere Warmer

That Workshop Smells of Foam Rubber and Dreams

His Beard is Full of Secrets

Prettiest Construction Site You'll Ever See

TV Holidays, Better Late Than Never?

We May Not Have Society But We Sure Do Have Hair Gel

The New Depressing American Dream

Spend St.Patrick's Day With Someone Special, Or Family, Or Both

Astrophysics Has Rarely Been so Dapper

Well, There's Your Problem!

"You Guys Missed the Mural in the Hidden Basement Compartment! Go Back!"

I Know the Gecko Brothers and You, Sirs, Are Not the Gecko Brothers

Middle Schoolers are Terrible Candidates for Super Powers

This is How I Quit the Internet

Fitting In Already

Ruining the Concept of a "Fixer Upper" for 7 Seasons

The Most Photogenic Thing on TV Tonight

Oh Good, Another Serial Killer Show

In Which I Suddenly Care About the Sundance Channel

Keri Russell's Hair is Still About 20 Years Ahead of Its Time

This Is Now An American Movie Classic

Frank Underwood: Just a Guinea Pig in a Cage

A Man Who Knows He Has to Do Everything Himself

Stick to Culturally Approved Methods of Expressing Dissatisfaction

Sparkling On and Off the Ice

How Old Were You When You Won Your Second Gold Medal?

Get On Up, It's Bobsled Time!

"So, Uh, What's Your Downstairs Situation?"

I Know It's What You're Watching Anyway

This Happens to Me Standing Still

Calling All Brunelleschi Fans

About Frickin' Time

Still Making the News, 132 Years Post-Mortem

At Least We Know Where Carl Is. For Now.

On NBC's Dracula, and Whether We Need Vampires Anymore

I Really Miss the Hair, You Guys

Bonus! It Also Works as a Visual Diet Aid.

In Which I Wish People Were Better

I'd Watch an Hour of Just This Every Week

Things to Watch that Aren't Football or Netflix

Get Your Tissues Ready

Oh, the Crossover Possibilities That Flit Through My Mind

If Only He Could Ditch the 5 'O Clock Shadow

Whole Lot More of This Coming Your Way Soon

We're Approaching Peak Red-Carpet

Woefully Incompetent Scamps are Hilarious! Again.

It Looks Like They've Got Zaniness. I Hate Zaniness.

Now Officially a Superlative Comedic Performance

Something About This Seems Familiar

Finally, I Can Stop Avoiding Most of Tumblr

Keep Your "Perfect Wife" Jokes to Yourself

I Really Do Envy Her Lipstick Collection

Some Are Programmed to Think They Are Human

Maybe They Found Whore Island

You Guys, I'm So Excited Already

Just Like the White Winged Dove

How Do You Enter the Wifi Password When the Computer's Your Brain?

Dylan McDermott: King of the One-Season Storyline

Get Your Frilly Handkerchiefs Ready

Cold-War Style is So Hot Right Now

I Bet She Has Important Opinions on Sequins

Tremble Before Him, Purveyors of Above-Average Diner Food

Well, SOME People Had a Great Christmas

What Better Way to Celebrate the Holidays? Seriously, Suggestions Welcome.

5 Shows After Dark: The Documentary You've All Been Waiting For

5 Shows After Dark: There is Too Much TV, Guys

5 Shows After Dark: These Two Could Make a Career Out of Only Christmas Songs

5 Shows After Dark: He's Going To Serenade You in An Unsettlingly High Pitched Voice

5 Shows After Dark: If the Terminators Are This Cute, I'll Go Willingly

5 Shows After Dark: This Looks… Festive.

5 Shows After Dark: Been a Long Time Since We've Seen That Hat

5 Shows After Dark: Bah, Humbug

5 Shows After Dark: Mmm, Look At All that FCC Approved "Sexy"

5 Shows After Dark: Just This. Lots and Lots of This.

5 Shows After Dark: Just Give Him the Oscar Now and Be Done With It

5 Shows After Dark: Nazis and Idols and Vampires, Oh My!

5 Shows After Dark: Hopefully He Does Better in THIS Darabont Show

5 Shows After Dark: I Love Mindy Kaling's Taste in Men. And Wine Transportation.

5 Shows After Dark: Has the Blacklister Become the Blacklistee?

5 Shows After Dark: Collect Your Rioting Gear, Just in Case

5 Shows After Dark: Such a Majestic Creature. Let's Shove Bread Up Its Butt.

5 Shows After Dark: All of This Just Screams "Bad Idea"

5 Shows After Dark: These People Should Not Be Policing Anything

5 Shows After Dark: BRADY SMASH!

5 Shows After Dark: Huh, Persuasive Argument, Show

5 Shows After Dark: You Think Mariska Hargitay Keeps Track of How Many Guns Have Been Pointed at Her Head?

5 Shows After Dark: I Love Natalie Dormer Too, Which is Why I'm Concerned at Her Contortions Here

5 Shows After Dark: Whatever Else the Future is, It's Very Blue

5 Shows After Dark: I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Migraine-Inducing

Lily Allen: The Hero We Need Right Now

5 Shows After Dark: And There Was Much Rejoicing

5 Shows After Dark: If Your Love is Burning, Please See a Doctor

5 Shows After Dark: As Soon As I Saw This, I Knew I'd Put it Here

5 Shows After Dark: At Least Wigs Have Improved Since the Revolution

5 Shows After Dark: Beating a Dead Presidential Horse

5 Shows After Dark: I'll Miss the Show's Commitment to Realistic Portrayals of High Schoolers

5 Shows After Dark: This Guy Looks Like a Cosplay of Himself

5 Shows After Dark: We Could All Use Some Coaching Sometimes

5 Shows After Dark: Come for the Cheekbones, Stay for the Story. And Also the Cheekbones.

5 Shows After Dark: Wait, There's Wine? No One Told Me There Was Wine.

5 Shows After Dark: It's Like She Knows Something Terrible is Coming Her Way

5 Shows After Dark: "These Are Just My Tuesday Face Jewels, Saturday's Are Really Elaborate"

5 Shows After Dark: If "Their" Country Requires Hazmat Suits, They Can Have It

5 Shows After Dark: There's a Whole Lot of Scary Happening Here, Seems Like

5 Shows After Dark: Now I Just Feel Bad for Louisiana

5 Shows After Dark: Even He Looks Pretty Disappointed With All This

5 Shows After Dark: At Least Someone Finally Found a Light-Switch in That Lab

5 Shows After Dark: More Pretty People Pretending to be Teenagers. Mysterious Teenagers.

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Going to Download that Modem Sound to Complete the Culture Immersion

5 Shows After Dark: I'm No Master At the Stuff, But I Think I See The Problem

5 Shows After Dark: They Really Should Just Call it 'Pretty People in Costumes'

5 Shows After Dark: You Otter Know… About This Documentary

5 Shows After Dark: On The Other Hand, It Is Great If You're Having Sleep Problems

5 Shows After Dark: I Covet That "Writer" Vest

5 Shows After Dark: And His Wasted Heart Will Love You Until The Walkers Get To You

5 Shows After Dark: Fox Gives Teens Their First Dose of Weltschmerz

5 Shows After Dark: Laissez Les Mauvais Temps Rouler

5 Shows After Dark: Porque No Los Dos?

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Getting the Visual Equivalent of a Sugar Rush From These Two

5 Shows After Dark: "Yay! We're Jumping!" Is All I Think When I See Photos Like This.

5 Shows After Dark: If You're Not Doing This While You Watch, You're Wrong

5 Shows After Dark: Over/Under On Chair Jokes for the First Episode?

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Deep Into Mourning for Beach Weather, Can You Tell?

5 Shows After Dark: Please Tell Me He Calls Someone "Sweetheart"

5 Shows After Dark: Like Any of You Are Watching Anything Else

5 Shows After Dark: Yay, TV is Finally Coming Back For Real!

5 Shows After Dark: McHale and Guinness, What Else Could You Ask For?

5 Shows After Dark: Are We Sure This is Whedon? I Don't See An Emotionally Damaged Teenage Girl with Magic Powers Anywhere.

5 Shows After Dark: "F&%cking Finally"

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Sure This Was Once a Compelling Image

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, James Lipton, How'd You Get So Droll?

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Already Excited About Whatever's Happening Here

5 Shows After Dark: This Man Needs a Serious Facial Hair Intervention

5 Shows After Dark: Sheriff Mills's Expression Here is Probably the Best Thing About This Show

5 Shows After Dark: I Woulda Done It Too

5 Shows After Dark: Let's All Drink a Mojito In Tribute

5 Shows After Dark: This Photo Just Gave Me a Small Pop Culture Stroke

5 Shows After Dark: Why Can't This Man Take Roles That Let Him Smile More?

5 Shows After Dark: I Guess if He's RG3sus, the Rest of Them Are Pigskinpostles?

5 Shows After Dark: HBO Gets Funny Looking Again. More So'n Most People Even.

5 Shows After Dark: New Offensive Tactic: Handoff to Ray Rice, and Then Throw Him Into the Endzone

5 Shows After Dark: The Term "Frenemies" Seems Strangely Applicable Here

5 Shows After Dark: I Have No Idea if This Show is Good, I Just Like Listening to Idris Elba

5 Shows After Dark: This is a Thing That is Happening on Your TV Tonight

5 Shows After Dark: Awwww, They're Expecting!

5 Shows After Dark: Not Only is This a Job, It Should Come with Hazard Pay

5 Shows After Dark: This is the Closest I'll Get to Subliminal Messaging

5 Shows After Dark: And People Say There's No Market for Quality Entertainment in the US

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Just Gonna 'Nope' On Outta Here

Saying Goodbye to One of the Best B*tchfaces on Television

5 Shows After Dark: Possible the Best Parent on Reality TV. Not That There Was a High Bar.

5 Shows After Dark: Not Often the End of a Career is So Clearly Captured

5 Shows After Dark: This is a Huge Missed Opportunity to Put Jamie in a Pork-Pie Hat

5 Shows After Dark: Something Something Knocks Something Heisenberg. Am I Doing it Right?

5 Shows After Dark: Who Doesn't Want More of This On Their TV?

5 Shows After Dark: How Long Did it Take Him To Develop that Scruff? Months?

5 Shows After Dark: It's the Ciiiiirrrrrrclllleeee of Liiiiiiiiiiffffeeeeee!

5 Shows After Dark: We Won't Even Discuss the Hair

5 Shows After Dark: Snuffy the Seal Never Stood a Chance

5 Shows After Dark: I Refuse To Believe This is a Real Person

5 Shows After Dark: Now I Want to Hear Morgan Freeman Say "You Mad, Bro?"

5 Shows After Dark: Swoopes Is the Most Perfect Surname for a Basketball Player, Ever.

5 Shows After Dark: How Do I Hair?

5 Shows After Dark: Wait, Did "Without a Trace" Come Back Somehow?

5 Shows After Dark: Don't You Love a Farce?

5 Shows After Dark: This Picture is So '90s It Just Stole My Spice Girls CD and Dr Pepper Lip Smackers

5 Shows After Dark: The Internet is Dumb Enough to Keep These Guys in Business Forever

5 Shows After Dark: Look at Him, Ninjaing All Over that Rockwall

5 Shows After Dark: This Show is Why I'm Broken. God, I Love It.

5 Shows After Dark: Can't We Just Give These Two a Talk Show or Something?

5 Shows After Dark: That Jacket, Though, is Pure Genius.

5 Shows After Dark: Family. Duty. Honor. Suits.

5 Shows After Dark: Note to Self - Stay Away from This Woman

5 Shows After Dark: If There's One Thing Missing in Media, It's the Opinions of Old White Dudes

5 Shows After Dark: I Hope You Have Your Favorite Intoxicant Handy

5 Shows After Dark: If Only All Cross-Border Politics Could Be So Attractive

5 Shows After Dark: Is Making a Drinking Game for This Too Meta?

5 Shows After Dark: I Wouldn't Follow This Guy to the Corner Store

5 Shows After Dark: Pure Anglophile Bait.

5 Shows After Dark: I Blame Portland For This, Because Why Not?

5 Shows After Dark: Bring It On Was 13 Years Ago, In Case You Didn't Remember

5 Shows After Dark: There's a Lesson Here About Situations Involving Blindfolds, Cameras, and Reality Show Hosts

5 Shows After Dark: How Badly Does Schreiber Want Voight's Hand Off His Shoulder?

5 Shows After Dark: Any Reason For More Ellen is a Good Reason

5 Shows After Dark: If I Had Recycled This Picture From a Previous Season, How Many of You Would Notice?

5 Shows After Dark: She Wears Falafel Well, But She Can't Dance for Beans

5 Shows After Dark: Yup. Sure is a Giant, Mysterious Dome, Isn't It?

5 Shows After Dark: Slightly More Promising Than Other New Crime Dramas

5 Shows After Dark: The More Clothes They Lose, The Better They Play

5 Shows After Dark: Breckin Meyer's Apple Box Budget Must be Out of Control

5 Shows After Dark: A Disturbing Glimpse Into the Evil Miami Heat Locker Room

5 Shows After Dark: And Don't Even Think of Mentioning Her "Dress Size"

5 Shows After Dark: Vampires? What Vampires?

5 Shows After Dark: But Why Is He Hosting a Reality Show? Is It a Joke?

5 Shows After Dark: These Are Their "Very Serious Ghost Hunting" Faces

5 Shows After Dark: This Man is Why I Need Xanax in the Spring

5 Shows After Dark: Crime Dramas Are Getting Prettier Every Year

5 Shows After Dark: That's Not For the Tonys, That's Just How NPH Gets Around

5 Shows After Dark: The Only New Cop Drama Premiering Tonight!

5 Shows After Dark: He Finds Your Rage Adorable.

5 Shows After Dark: New Ways to Embarrass Yourself on TV! Excellent!

5 Shows After Dark: Points for the Effort, ABC Family. Let's See You Stick the Landing.

5 Shows After Dark: MINIONS! To the Cocoon!

5 Shows After Dark: You Can Be Frustrated at Jaden Smith All Over Again!

5 Shows After Dark: There's a Redneck Joke Here, Probably. I Refuse to Make It.

5 Shows After Dark: I Watch TV to Relax, Not Feel Sympathetic Shame and Embarrassment

5 Shows After Dark: It is WEIRD How Different She Looks Without the Snaggle-Tooth

5 Shows After Dark: At Least They're Up-Front About the Crazy

5 Shows After Dark: Mr.Ramsay, This is One Time I Want You To Bring the Fire. All Of It.

5 Shows After Dark: Shipping Yards Are Always Bad News

5 Shows After Dark: Maybe This Time It Stands For "The Big CRY"

5 Shows After Dark: Going Into His Fourth Decade of Out-Crazying Everyone Else

5 Shows After Dark: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

5 Shows After Dark: What's Not To Like About a Consistent Paycheck?

5 Shows After Dark: Who Wants to Play 'Doctor'?

5 Shows After Dark: "I Seriously Doubt All of This is Relevant, Dad"

5 Shows After Dark: I Do Hope I'm This Perky at 70

5 Shows After Dark: I Tend to Snack When I'm Bored, Too

5 Shows After Dark: What Summer Tastes Like

5 Shows After Dark: Women in Their Late 20s Are Here to Take Over TV

5 Shows After Dark: More Neurotic Puppets for Emotionally Stunted Adults

5 Shows After Dark: No Other Man on TV Wears a Three Piece Suit that Carelessly

5 Shows After Dark: And So the Long Summer Television Wasteland Begins

5 Shows After Dark: Extra Nerdy Edition

5 Shows After Dark: Don't Worry, Guys, Sudden Time Shifts Are Scary

5 Shows After Dark: The Best Looking Cast on Television Just Got Better

5 Shows After Dark: To Be Fair, I Look Like That When My Toes are Cold Too

5 Shows After Dark: Both of These People are Completely Terrifying

5 Shows After Dark: I Totally Just Made Myself Hungry

5 Shows After Dark: Seriously, Guys, Find Alternate Activities for Tonight

5 Shows After Dark: Those Are Ennui Balloons, Not Happy Balloons

5 Shows After Dark: More This, Less Typical Reality Show Crap

5 Shows After Dark: I Doubt He Does Interviews Shirtless But We Can Hope!

5 Shows After Dark: Hope You've Got a Netflix Queue Ready for Next Week

5 Shows After Dark: I Don't Find This Particularly Entertaining

"There's a Light in the Darkness of Everybody's Life"

5 Shows After Dark: Like Leeloo Had a Baby With a Klingon

5 Shows After Dark: So Much Crazy, So Little Time

5 Shows After Dark: It's Always So Hard To Say Goodbye

5 Shows After Dark: Spies Like Them

5 Shows After Dark: This is How TV Makes Me Feel Right Now

5 Shows After Dark: Get Ready for ALL the Feels

5 Shows After Dark: Pass the Martinis and Pharmaceuticals

5 Shows After Dark: Lot of Nice Photo Shoots for this Show. Too Bad I Already Hate It.

5 Shows After Dark: They Could Paint the Train Blue, I Guess

5 Shows After Dark: Looks Pretty Normal to Me

5 Shows After Dark: We All Know Where This is Going, But Let's See How They Get There

5 Shows After Dark: Ours is the AWESOME!

5 Shows After Dark: I Assume Your Hopes are Appropriately Elevated

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Just Encouraging Them, Aren't I?

5 Shows After Dark: Whatever They're Paying Greg Louganis, It's Not Enough

5 Shows After Dark: The Triumphant Return of Batmanuel

5 Shows After Dark: Starring Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, and Some Hilariously Terrible Wigs

5 Shows After Dark: Moral Ambiguity Looks Way Better in a Nice Suit

5 Shows After Dark: Seriously, I Need to Wash My Hands Just From Looking at That Picture

5 Shows After Dark: They Definitely Made a Splash with This Photoshop Disaster

Anna Kendrick Takes Internet Nerdom with Fire and Snuggies

5 Shows After Dark: Some Contestants Have Experience Doing Stupid Dances in Front of Large Crowds

5 Shows After Dark: Green Dye is Far From the Worst Thing Dumped in that River

5 Shows After Dark: Who Doesn't Want Glow in the Dark Pets?

5 Shows After Dark: The Pinnacle of Entertainment

5 Shows After Dark: International Perception of Americans Continues to Plummet

5 Shows After Dark: More Ken Marino, Less Butt Monster

5 Shows After Dark: Who Knew Vikings Invented Smizing?

5 Shows After Dark: Raise Your Sword if You Are Wrong in All the Right Ways

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Thinking the Heavy Eye Makeup and Baseball Cap Are a No-No

5 Shows After Dark: Oh No, Mr.Olyphant, You Can Leave Your Hat On!

5 Shows After Dark: Don't Try to Clean Your Screens, That Picture is Blurred

5 Shows After Dark: Why Hello There, Budget Tom Hardy!

The Copyright Alert System: A Grand Exercise in Stupidity and Futility

5 Shows After Dark: The Final Cumberbatchering. OR IS IT?!?

5 Shows After Dark: Your Hurtful Words Made Him Sad

5 Shows After Dark: High Risk of Pants Fires Ahead.

5 Shows After Dark: Ken Marino Invites Us All to the Gun Show. Ladies First.

5 Shows After Dark: Rhimes is to Beveled Glass as Abrams is to Lens Flare

5 Shows After Dark: These Guys Look Well Suited to the Task.

5 Shows After Dark: Is It a Dark Wash Jeans Cult or a Standing Awkwardly Cult?

On Jessica Simpson's Many Enviable Qualities

5 Shows After Dark: They Both Look Absolutely Thrilled.

5 Shows After Dark: How Are You Going to Be Historically Inaccurate This Week, Boys?

5 Shows After Dark: Oh My God, You Guys, I Think It's Some Kind of Computer!

5 Shows After Dark: Getting Upstaged By Real Life

5 Shows After Dark: The Dog Version of the Comments Section

5 Shows After Dark: They'll Just Rename Them for the Next Season

5 Shows After Dark: Head Up, Michonne! The Zombies Are Back!

5 Shows After Dark: High Five, Annie's Boobs!

5 Shows After Dark: Blurring the Line a Bit, Aren't We?

5 Shows After Dark: Seriously, Is She Playing Dead Marilyn? Because This Does Not Look Good.

5 Shows After Dark: Beautiful and Terrible as the Dawn

5 Shows After Dark: He Can Also Skype With Himself, Apparently

5 Shows After Dark: Cold War Nostalgia, Now With Keri Russell

5 Shows After Dark: How Many of You Are Itchy Now?

Kitty! Also, I Wrote a Book.

5 Shows After Dark: A Meatier Version of Your Standard Alcoholic Lawman

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Pretty Sure Kristen Bell Wasn't Pregnant When They Filmed This

5 Shows After Dark: Picking Out the Most Contrived Part of "Glee" is a Game You Can't Lose but There's No Winners

5 Shows After Dark: I'll Miss You Most of All, Devil Eunice

5 Shows After Dark: Let's Be Honest, You'd Let This Woman Feed You Anything

To Be Fair, This is Probably the Most Inauguration Appropriate Outfit Katy Perry Owns

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, Mark Antony, Maybe This Series Will Make It

5 Shows After Dark: Bringing in the Big Guns. And Also a Sidearm.

5 Shows After Dark: [Insert Favorite Archer Reference Here]

5 Shows After Dark: Let's Just Give These Two a Show, Leave the Amateurs at Home

5 Shows After Dark: Is This Pandering More to Your Liking?

5 Shows After Dark: Tune in Next Week When She Gets Reverse Rhinoplasty

5 Shows After Dark: Dead in the Water

5 Shows After Dark: I Gave Myself a Headache Getting that Screenshot

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Just Givens You What You Want

5 Shows After Dark: Start the Countdown to Cancellation Now

5 Shows After Dark: Worth it For the Hats Alone.

5 Shows After Dark: Phoning It In, Fashionably

5 Shows After Dark: Happy 2013! Here's Some Scary Volcanoes.

5 Shows After Dark: These Will be Collectibles Shortly

5 Shows After Dark: Less TV, More This

5 Shows After Dark: Review Your Survival Plan With Your Family Before Friday!

5 Shows After Dark: Christmas Specials Ruin Everything

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, The Humanity! Again. Some More.

5 Shows After Dark: Stage Makeup Would Be More Subtle at This Point

5 Shows After Dark: Leave the Pretzels To Us, Missy

5 Shows After Dark: No, Really, Take it All Away

5 Shows After Dark: Or She Just Likes Ill-Fitting Blazers and Sitting Down Behind Things

5 Shows After Dark: I Know, Smash, It Makes Me Sad Too

5 Shows After Dark: You'd Better Watch Out

5 Shows After Dark: I Like My Women Like I Like My Coffee; Ridiculously Embellished

5 Shows After Dark: I Don't Even Know, You Guys

5 Shows After Dark: Brace Yourself, Game of Thrones Promotional Material is Coming

5 Shows After Dark: Will James Marsden Finally End His Losing Streak?

5 Shows After Dark: I Could Have Used a Christmas Tree, But This Seemed Better

5 Shows After Dark: I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

On Facebook and Copyright And Unbunching Your Knickers

5 Shows After Dark: Rod Stewart is Cosplaying as a Demented Elf in the Spirit of the Season

5 Shows After Dark: Decisions, Decisions

5 Shows After Dark: Next Season They'll Replace Her With a Mannequin

5 Shows After Dark: At Least They Make Those Bad Decisions Look Good

5 Shows After Dark: Bravo's Stylists Make Everyone Look Like a Smug Asshole

5 Shows After Dark: Geekiest Thanksgiving Dinner Ever.

5 Shows After Dark: There Is Nothing That Appeals to Me in This Photo

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, Show, You SO Crazy.

5 Shows After Dark: That Man Aged Like a Fine Wine

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Sure This Will All Be Terribly Exciting.

5 Shows After Dark: You Can't Take the Sky From Me. Except For That Time You Did.

5 Shows After Dark: They'll Rename her Mary Sue Any Day Now

5 Shows After Dark: They'll Install One at Disney World Any Day Now

5 Shows After Dark: Time to Say Goodbye (For Now)

5 Shows After Dark: Maybe They Should Call it "The Morally Ambiguous Wife" Instead

5 Shows After Dark: She's Like the Usain Bolt of Teased Hair

5 Shows After Dark: Say Hello to Your New, Horrific Reality Series

5 Shows After Dark: Scary Scary Things

5 Shows After Dark: Don't be a Jim Cantore. Stay Safe.

5 Shows After Dark: Sunday Night is Here to Steal Your Happiness

5 Shows After Dark: This is Me, Pandering.

5 Shows After Dark: Anything That Keeps This Lovely Lady on TV is Worth Celebrating

5 Shows After Dark: Fiscal Year of Penny! Wait, That's Over Now Too, Isn't It?

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, God, Please. No More.

5 Shows After Dark: So Much Promotion, So Little Interest

5 Shows After Dark: Dear CW, Facial Scars on a Hot Dude Don't Make Him Beastly

5 Shows After Dark: Going Off the Rails on a Crazy Train

5 Shows After Dark: How Long Before She Trips? Over or Under 5 Minutes?

5 Shows After Dark: Tony's Getting Too Old for This Sh*t

5 Shows After Dark: Fight the Real Enemy

5 Shows After Dark: Good To See Haley Joel Osment Again Too

5 Shows After Dark: More of This Sort of Thing

5 Shows After Dark: I Don't Think I Have to Tell You What "The Hammer" Is

5 Shows After Dark: This Show is So Much Like My Own High School Experience

5 Shows After Dark: I Can't Wait Until People Stop Finding This Damn Boat Interesting

5 Shows After Dark: But What Will Kenneth Do Now?

5 Shows After Dark: Bottoms Up!

5 Shows After Dark: Is She Even a Doctor Anymore or Just Professionally Adorable?

5 Shows After Dark: "The Secret Ingredient Is… YOU!"

Nuns! Bikes! 1950s London! What More Could You Want in a Show?

5 Shows After Dark: Yeah, Pick on the Guys with Nuclear Missiles. Great Plan.

5 Shows After Dark: I'd Say This Was "Out of This World" But Then I'd Have To Kill Myself

5 Shows After Dark: So Many New and Returning Shows Tonight

5 Shows After Dark: Shout Out to the Browncoats!

5 Shows After Dark: Do Your Happy Dance!

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Going to Apologize for the Pun in Advance

5 Shows After Dark: Sutter Does Have a Lock on "Mature Lust"

5 Shows After Dark: Good News: They Salvaged the Shampoo. Bad News: They're Fatally Dumb.

5 Shows After Dark: Is Nucky Buscemi's Scariest Role? Discuss.

5 Shows After Dark: Which New York Song Do You Think She'll Cry To?

5 Shows After Dark: Seriously, This Woman Should Always Be On TV

5 Shows After Dark: Everyone's Favorite Outlaw Biker Gang is Back!

5 Shows After Dark: Corsets, Hoarders, and Football. Something For All of You.

5 Shows After Dark: I Guess We're Ready for Some Football

5 Shows After Dark: It Just Gets Funnier With Each Passing Year

Are Your iTunes Really Yours? Bruce Willis and Eminem Are On the Case.

5 Shows After Dark: Ahhh! Ghosts! Wait, No, False Alarm. Just Like Always.

5 Shows After Dark: Lauren Ambrose and Dead People, Where Have I Heard That Before?

Our Cinematic Autobiography: 10 Things I Hate About You

5 Shows After Dark: "Leave Miami? Why Does That Sound Familiar…"

5 Shows After Dark: How Can You Be Grouchy Next to That Grin?

5 Shows After Dark: Tastes Like Burning.

5 Shows After Dark: Will Brady Have More Or Less Than 5 Minutes on the Field Tonight?

5 Shows After Dark: Reality Shows: The Last Hope for the Culturally Irrelevant

5 Shows After Dark: I've Hooked Most of You Just with Eddie Izzard and Chess, Right?

5 Shows After Dark: Just the Scale of the Thing is Shocking.

5 Shows After Dark: Pretty Sure This Isn't Reality Series Worthy.

5 Shows After Dark: These People Are Totally Not Glamorizing Combat. Obviously.

5 Shows After Dark: I Am Legitimately Excited About This

5 Shows After Dark: Olympics: Looking More Like the X Games Every Four Years.

5 Shows After Dark: I Know Some of You Wished For This. Wish Granted.

5 Shows After Dark: Really, It's Just Cruel

5 Shows After Dark: Basically, They're Just Losing Some Insincere Efforts at Being Charming

5 Shows After Dark: Some People Do War Reenactments. Aaron Sorkin Does News Reenactments.

5 Shows After Dark: He's Basically Ours Now, Because That's Just What We Needed

5 Shows After Dark: Those Eyebrows are Up to No Good, Clearly

5 Shows After Dark: Nothing Like That "WHAT?!?" Look on Their Faces

5 Shows After Dark: Tiny Dancers

5 Shows After Dark: Who Wants to See THAT Medal Podium?

5 Shows After Dark: Date, Job Interview, or a Little of Both?

5 Shows After Dark: Running for the Last Bottle of Vodka, Then?

5 Shows After Dark: Biggest First Week Album Sales Ever, These Guys Right Here

5 Shows After Dark: Mental Illness is so Wacky and Useful in TV Land!

5 Shows After Dark: Memories, They Can Be Inviting

5 Shows After Dark: Note to Television: A Series Can Premiere Outside the US

5 Shows After Dark: Not Sure if Internet Has Show's Best Interest in Mind

5 Shows After Dark: Take It Off!

5 Shows After Dark: Da-na na-na na-na na-na, Batman!

5 Shows After Dark: Making Meth Compelling Since 2008

5 Shows After Dark: But First

5 Shows After Dark: You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Perturbed

5 Shows After Dark: He Feeds on Geriatric Paranoia

5 Shows After Dark: In Crime Drama Bingo, the Free Space is "Scarves"

5 Shows After Dark: Yeah, She's Great, But She Needs Plastic Dishes

5 Shows After Dark: Death is Not an Option

5 Shows After Dark: Sexy Sexy Archeology

5 Shows After Dark: The Genre Leader in Adorable Old Lady Smiles

5 Shows After Dark: It's This, Isn't It? This is Why You're Watching. I Get That.

Spoilers: Where Is Your Line?

5 Shows After Dark: He's the Hero That Pajiba Deserves

5 Shows After Dark: I'd Challenge TLC To Top Them, But That'd Be Gross

5 Shows After Dark: You Asked For It

5 Shows After Dark: Who's Ready for a Solid Month of This Guy? ME!

5 Shows After Dark: The Classy Breed of Angry White Man

5 Shows After Dark: That Dog Really Is A Jerk, Though

5 Shows After Dark: Hating Him Would Require More Mental Energy Than He Deserves

5 Shows After Dark: This. Again. Some More.

5 Shows After Dark: Spoiler Alert: Nuclear Level Sobbing Ahead

5 Shows After Dark: Sometimes a Spoiled Brat is Just a Spoiled Brat

5 Shows After Dark: "We Got a Second Season? Cool!"

5 Shows After Dark: Break Out the Lame Texas Jokes

5 Shows After Dark: Get That Horse Out of the Way

5 Shows After Dark: Are There Any Non-Surly Tow Truck Drivers?

5 Shows After Dark: How Do You Feel About Love Bites?

5 Shows After Dark: This Is Not Worth Competing For

5 Shows After Dark: … Ladies?

5 Shows After Dark: Even the Royal Box Looks Crowded

5 Shows After Dark: Hope You Like Lots of This Dude

5 Shows After Dark: Valar Dohaeris

5 Shows After Dark: Ballerinas, and Mountain Men and Bauers, Oh My!

5 Shows After Dark: Dog Whisperer In the City

5 Shows After Dark: Penny Can!

5 Shows After Dark: Guess What Writer Clive Owen is Playing. I Bet You're Wrong.

5 Shows After Dark: TV Gets A Little Less Ruggedly Handsome

5 Shows: The Transitions Glasses of Justice

5 Shows After Dark: Those Gowns Are Universally Unflattering

5 Shows After Dark: It's Totally Lupus

5 Shows After Dark: You Know Nothing

5 Shows After Dark: Maybe All This Pretty Can Bring Some Balance

5 Shows After Dark: Elton Was Always Kinda Gross

5 Shows After Dark: Better Get Big Joe Ready

5 Shows After Dark: Suit Up Half an Hour Later Than Usual

5 Shows After Dark: One of These Things Is Not Like The Others

5 Shows After Dark: Now Kiss

5 Shows After Dark: They Look So Happy! Something Horrible Must Happen.

5 Shows After Dark: Jess is Neither New, Nor a Girl. Discuss.

5 Shows After Dark: Solving Crimes Handsomely Since 2009

5 Shows After Dark: I Bet Some of You Would Fancy a Probing Session.

5 Shows After Dark: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

5 Shows After Dark: VH1 Kind of Specializes in Dead Musicians

5 Shows After Dark: Well Why Not?

5 Shows After Dark: Insert "Lisbon-er" Joke Here

5 Shows After Dark: Monkey Fighting Snakes, Indeed

5 Shows After Dark: Was Nothing Real?

5 Shows After Dark: Prison Sucks

5 Shows After Dark: Everything's Shiny

5 Shows After Dark: Airing Dirty Laundry in Public Since 2010

5 Shows After Dark: Powerfully Futile

5 Shows: The Akron of Southwest Indiana

5 Shows After Dark: Mmmmm, Gazpacho

5 Shows After Dark: Disco Isn't Dead, It's a Zombie

5 Shows After Dark: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ted Mosby?

5 Shows After Dark: The Boat Sank. Spoiler Alert.

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

An Open Letter to People Who Hate Things That Others Enjoy

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

You Got a License For That?: The Endless Battle of Musicians vs. Politicians

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

5 Shows After Dark

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5 Shows After Dark

Pajiba After Dark: And There Was Much Rejoicing

Pajiba After Dark: What's the Over/Under on Him Just Dying?

Pajiba After Dark: I Think He Wishes He Still Had the Right Hand of Doom

Pajiba After Dark: We Have Much To Learn From This Creature

Pajiba After Dark: From the Ground Up

Pajiba After Dark: Oy, Gevalt!

Pajiba After Dark: This Girl Is Destroying America! Well, Her and Earthquakes Both.

Pajiba After Dark: The End is In Sight

Pajiba After Dark: It's That Time of Year Again

Pajiba After Dark: Rock You Like a Hurricane

Pajiba After Dark: Little Timebombs, That's All They Are

Pajiba After Dark: Mo *chicka* Moa

Pajiba After Dark: If One's Rich and One's Poor, Why Are They In the Same Pants?

Pajiba After Dark: I… I Just Don't Know How To Feel About This

Pajiba After Dark: Saddle Up, Football Fans

Pajiba After Dark: So Many Things to be Angry About

Pajiba After Dark: I Want to Make a "Yo, Dawg, We Heard You Like Gordon Ramsay…" Joke But It Seems Inappropriate

Pajiba After Dark: Small Does of Amnesia are Wonderful

Pajiba After Dark: This Is a Sport

Pajiba After Dark: I Don't Know About DTF But I'm Sure They're DTB

Pajiba After Dark: Honestly, Who Doesn't Want More of This?

Pajiba After Dark: OM NOM NOM

Pajiba After Dark: You Think He's a Metal Guy or More Punk?


Pajiba After Dark: No One Real is This Unrelentingly Wonderful

Pajiba After Dark: "I Don't Appreciate You Slander-Beeking My Name"

Pajiba After Dark: This Doesn't End Well For the Lamb, I Think

Pajiba After Dark: Guess We Don't Have To Worry About That Crime Wave

Pajiba After Dark: What Can I Say?

Pajiba After Dark: Also, Total Waste of Gina Torres

Pajiba After Dark: Jerk.

Pajiba After Dark: Hey Look! More Attractive People!

Pajiba After Dark: I'm Not Saying I WANT You Dead

Pajiba After Dark: Someone's Taking the Phrase "Launder Money" Far Too Literally

Pajiba After Dark: Because I Haven't Done a Kitten Picture in a While

Pajiba After Dark: Where Are the Droogs?

Pajiba After Dark: It Just Looks Like She Got in a Fight With a Fork

Pajiba After Dark: But Hey! Everyone Likes This Guy, Right?

Pajiba After Dark: They're In On The Joke, Right?

Pajiba After Dark: Definitely Not the Ones With Words On the Butt Though, That's Tacky


Pajiba After Dark: Which One's Hot Lips?

Pajiba After Dark: At The Very Least, He Had Fantastic Hair

Pajiba After Dark: The Most Appealing Thing in This Picture is That Lovely Purple Shirt.

Pajiba After Dark: Seriously? This is Riveting Television?

Pajiba After Dark: What Does YOUR Drug Dealer Look Like?

Pajiba After Dark: I Decided Against a Picture of Tripe. You're Welcome.

Pajiba After Dark: Excessive Movie References Edition

Pajiba After Dark: I'm Thinking of Calling Him President Baby Whisperer From Now On

Pajiba After Dark: Because You Don't Want to Miss Another Cliched Cake Show

Pajiba After Dark: Are You Itchy Yet?

Pajiba After Dark: Is This Woman Still Important? Why or why not?

Pajiba After Dark: I Miss It. SO MUCH.

Pajiba After Dark: Thinking Happy Thoughts

Pajiba After Dark: Danga Zone!

Pajiba After Dark: When Marc Anthony is a Selling Point, There's a Problem

Pajiba After Dark: Anyone Got Some Xanax I Could Borrow?

Pajiba After Dark: Also, Not a Big Fan of This Guy Right Now

Pajiba After Dark: You Sit Down to Watch an Episode and BAM! Four Hours are Gone

Pajiba After Dark: Like the Full Monty, But With Less Build Up And Not As Charming

Pajiba After Dark: Aren't We Special?

Pajiba After Dark: Now With More Meatwad

Pajiba After Dark: For the Record, This Was Kind of a Dick Move

Pajiba After Dark: I Have a Craving for Chocolate Croissants and Tiny Dogs

Pajiba After Dark: Small Screen Ouroboros

Pajiba After Dark: I Also Want Marvin But That Seems Less Likely

Pajiba After Dark: I Want Those Wine Glasses

Pajiba After Dark: Seen Here - A Million Times More Chemistry Than Is Exhibited On the Show

Pajiba After Dark: If Only Hugh Laurie Weren't So Rakishly Charming

Pajiba After Dark: 66 and Dead Sexy

Pajiba After Dark: Gratuitous Nudity is Never the Wrong Way To Go

Pajiba After Dark: Your Suffering Is Delicious

Pajiba After Dark: Buy Some Damn Sneakers

Pajiba After Dark: Love Hurts

Pajiba After Dark: It's Like if Matt Damon Hulked Out And Lost His Fashion Sense

Pajiba After Dark: Now What?

Pajiba After Dark: Put Up or Shut Up

Pajiba After Dark: What Does Washed Up Look Like?

Pajiba After Dark: Stop Bitching, Start a Resolution

Pajiba After Dark: Holy Mother

Pajiba After Dark: Google Images is a Strange and Wonderful Place Sometimes

Pajiba After Dark: Until We Meet Again

Pajiba After Dark: Learn From Our Fail

Pajiba After Dark: At Least 50% Of You Are Excited Because of This

Pajiba After Dark: Television Envy is an Ugly Emotion

Pajiba After Dark: It Ends Tomorrow Morning

Pajiba After Dark: The Best Part of Waking Up Is Royalty On Your Cup

Pajiba After Dark: Look! Boobies!

Boobquake 2: Fighting A**holes with T*ts

Pajiba After Dark: Breaking News - There Is No New Royal Wedding News Tonight

Pajiba After Dark: He Is Risen… And Hungry

Pajiba After Dark: It's Fun to Watch Supposedly Intelligent Fake People Make Terrible Decisions

Pajiba After Dark: How Much Longer Am I Supposed To Care?

Pajiba After Dark: Are They Penguin Ghosts? Because That Could Be Kind of Fun

Pajiba After Dark: I Bet Birds Don't Braid Her Hair Either

Pajiba After Dark: Winter Is NOT Coming to Miami

Pajiba After Dark: Oh Yeah, NBC Comedy Night is Back Also

Pajiba After Dark: I'm Just Hoping for a Happy Beginning

Pajiba After Dark: That Seal Looks Equally Dubious of His Qualifications

Pajiba After Dark: Memory is a Strange and Frustrating Thing

Pajiba After Dark: He Could Maybe Wrestle a Palmetto Bug?

Pajiba After Dark: Jackalope is a Fun Word

Pajiba After Dark: Christian Slater: Show Killer

Pajiba After Dark: Right Back At You, You Smug Bastard

Pajiba After Dark: Kind of a Dull Trophy, All Things Considered

Pajiba After Dark: Sex, Murder, and Catholicism; 16th Century Edition

Pajiba After Dark: Honestly, I Just Wanted To Use This Picture

Pajiba After Dark: Shameless Pandering

Pajiba After Dark: Accept No Substitutions

Pajiba After Dark: The People's Eyebrow Returns

Pajiba After Dark: "You Practically Crapped Your Pants! Except Him, He Crapped His Pants."

Pajiba After Dark: Maybe He's Just Typecast for 'Member of a Dysfunctional Relationship' Now

"A Tad Overweight, But Violet Eyes to Die For"

Pajiba After Dark: Meh

Pajiba After Dark: Guess Who's Back?

Pajiba After Dark: Give Up The World, Give Up Your Life Cause You Cannot Fight the Television

Pajiba After Dark: May The Road Rise Up To Meet You And So Forth

Pajiba After Dark: Apologies for the Delay

Pajiba After Dark: What More Is There To Say?

Pajiba After Dark: People Have Done Worse Things For Fame

Pajiba After Dark: WOOOOOO!

Pajiba After Dark: Tyra's Got Nothing on This

Pajiba After Dark: This is What Comes Up When You Google "Crazy"

Pajiba After Dark: In the Most Equality Minded and Sensitive Way Possible: Nice Legs, Bond.

Pajiba After Dark: This Can Only End Well

Pajiba After Dark: Which One Has the Creepy Full Body Tattoo?

Pajiba After Dark: I Don't Look Like That, Promise

Pajiba After Dark: Today I Adore the Internet

Pajiba After Dark: This Is Cute For Another Two Seconds, Then It's Dinner

Pajiba After Dark: Going Down in Flames; You're Doing It Right

Pajiba After Dark: Which One's Royal and Which One's a Pain?

Pajiba After Dark: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Chef!

Pajiba After Dark: Isn't It Easier to Blame Television?

You Can Tell It's a Serious Role, She Has Brown Hair

Pajiba After Dark: Let's Party Like It's 1776

Pajiba After Dark: We Call This His "Restrained" Stage Costume

Pajiba After Dark: Somedays I Miss the 90's

Pajiba After Dark: It's So Fluffy I'm Gonna Die

Pajiba After Dark: Awww, I Do Love Toast. Thank You

I Know, Honey, I'm Shocked Too

None of You Are Getting Near Me With a Scalpel

I Will Take Any Excuse to Post Riggins Pictures

I Blame Everyone. That's Right, Even You.

Paranomal Girls on the Romantic's Grave Again: You Know, It's Kind of a Funny Story

Tonight, On "Two and a Half Men"


If Anything, I'd Like to Know LESS About Her


The Monster Conviction In Tillman Never Let Go

Lifetime? Really?

Your Initials Make Me Giggle

The Most Important Issue of Our Time

Stupid SyFy, Getting My Hopes Up

Funny Face

This is Totally Dustin's Fault

Ladies, Start Your Engines

Wait, If You're From Venus… Why Are You White?

Nothing To See Here

Winner Gets Taco-Flavored Kisses

Less Impressive Than Imagined

Not Enough Conjunctions to Make a Good Title

Does This Look Like a Sim to Anyone Else?

You Asked For It

Hot Doctors, Literally!

This Is Why You're Watching, Right?

The Alpha Freebie and Omega Piranha Social

Meet All 7,000 of Your New Roommates!

No Capes!

Book Club Famous

Sotally Tober

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

If I Don't Remember Midnight, Is It Still A New Year?

Wishing You Lots of Holiday Cheer

I Got You Whatever Was Left. Happy Freaking Holidays.


Ominous, Isn't It?

Survivor or Abercrombie Photo Shoot?

Domestic Bliss


Who's Got Mistletoe?


Nope, Can't Explain It

I Love This Woman

This Would Be Way Easier If My Fingers Stopped Vibrating

My Head Hurts

A Visual Representation of What I Anticipate from Tonight's "Glee"

Barry Restrepo: After Inception

Look Out! It's All Around You!

"She's got HUUUUGGEEE… Tracts of Land"

Not Quite So Cuddly In Real Life

L'had'lik Neir Shel Chanukkah

A Light Is Waiting to Carry You Home

Diary of the Sleeping Vampie Apprentice: Day Eclipse

So, That's Still Going On

Man, Aren't They Hideous?

Wait, You're Not Gonna Touch My Junk? Why Not?

Alice Flipped: "Eat the Expendables Here"

So Many Possibilities

"Yeah, I'm Pretty Awesome"

SOS: Save Our Show

Pass the Honey and Tissues

Raise Your Hand if You're Kinda Creepy!

Clash of the Airbender and Kitty Galore: The Kids' Christmas Carol

I've Got a Wonderful, Awful Idea

God Loves A Terrier

Please Call Back Later

Hump Day

Confused Looks Way Better on an Otter

Scott St. Cloud vs. The Grown Up Ramona Love Ranch

He's Back!

My Nightmare

Sorry, Dustin

It's Not That Hard

Well La-Di-Freaking Dah.



This is Halloween

Pssh, Y'all Are So 2008

He's Just Got One of Those Faces, You Know?

At Least We Can All Agree Tim Curry Has Nice Legs

Sex and the Girl Who Played With Winter's Bone

Take It On The Other Side

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's Calling My Name

Time Warp Week?

Which One of You Is Getting Me Cake?

Please Give Holy Predators

I Am All About This Today

To Internet; The Cause of, and Solution To, All My Problems

Nothing Real About It

I Mean, I Thought I Was Having a Rough Week, But Nevermind

Appointment Television

How to Train Your Jonah Hex

It Goddamn Better Get Better

I Want To Stomp Those Damn Sunglasses to Dust

Just Get a Bumper Sticker That Says "I'm a Rich Jerk"

You're an Idiot

So… That's Still Going On.

It's Back

Just Not Sure About This One

More of This Dude

Look Out, Tim, It's Right Behind You!

Can You Medicate a Weather System?

Still Crazy After All These Years

Get Iron Man To the Frozen Killer Babies

Worst. Surprise. Ever.

Kenny Powers is Shockingly Ubiquitous

Talking 'Bout My Generation?

Let The New Show Death Watch Begin

This Season on Glee: Can The Kids Break Out of the Guilty Pleasure Rut?

Robin Ondine

Yes, I'm Pandering

Making a Career Out of Hooking Up With Flavor Flav's Rejects

Hey, Gang! The Gang's Back!

No Thanks, I'd Rather Stay In

If First Response Isn't Sponsoring TLC Already, They Should Start

Letters to Juliet Wright: The Sands of Time

Were Bump-Its a Fundamentalist Mormon Innovation?

Imma Let You Finish, But… Seriously. Finish. I'm Tired of Hearing About You.

I'm Rooting For the Saints, Because I Really Hate This Guy

Look, At Least She's Entertaining

Moral Ambiguity is HOT.

The Killers Loss of a MacGruber Diamond

Who's Ready for Misery Night?

Oh, Your Leaves Change Color. That's Cute, I Guess, If You Like Watching Plants Die.

Wooo! College Football!

Oh, How I Loathe You

Goodnight, And Coming Up Next: "The Inappropriate Young Ladies Auxiliary"

Harry Brown's Why Did I Spread Marmaduke?

I Blame Canada. The Dionne Quintuplets Started This Trend.

And the *Giggle* Emmy Goes To…

I Used to Play With Animals for a Living. Now I Eat Stuff. You're So Jealous.

Hey, He's Got The Legs For It

Beyond Good Hair

The Song, The Furry, The Weird

Pawn Shop Show Down

My Weekend Kicks Your Weekend's Ass

I Miss You!

How The F**k You Doin', HBO Viewers?

Oooo, I Make Everyone Look Small!

Keeping Up With The Joneses Funeral Date

Crush: Going on 14 Years Now

Best Part of Back To School

I've Wanted to Use One of These All Week

Sharks!: The Musical

Sharks Say: "Only 19 Kids? Amateurs."

Diary of a Kick Ass Life

Sharks And Video Games: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great… Separately, Actually.


Everyone Got Their Valtrex?

Jay Leno is Now Diamonds! Not Really, But I Wish.

My Head Hurts

Clash of the Repo Art Titans

I Just Found Evidence That Procedural Characters are Interchangeable!

Mr.Ocho Cinco is Looking For His Perfect Uno Cero

…And Then They Make Out.

Animal Hoarding Makes Kitten, and Everyone Else, Sad

I Don't Mean to be Rude, But… Oh Wait, Yes I Do

The Cop Out Losers Runaway

OMG, I Want to Punch You in the Face, Yeah?

The Guy in Flannel Can Stay. You in the White? I'm Not a Fan.

Hello, Ladies…

I'm Sensing… That You're Still Drooling Over the Pajiba Ten

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares I Have Already Come

The Bounty Hunter Chloe Greenberg

Hi! I'm Here to Ruin Your Life!

"How the F**k You Doin', Humanity?"

"I'm Bored. What Do You Want to Do?"

Lightning Bugs It Is

You're Scary

A Single Finest Dragon Tattoo

Or No One Is Watching You, Because No One Knows When You're On

I Think Penn Jillette is a Smarmy A**hole. There, I Said It.

That Dog Is Everything I Want to Be

Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Percy Jackson and the White Hot Tub Crazies

It's Not a Documentary, IT'S A TRAP!

TLC Is Creepy


I Know He's Not on This Season, But He's Nice to Look At.

Creepiest Thing Ever? Creepiest Thing Ever.

Remember the Last Green League

Rather Not See What's Behind That, Thanks.

Like A Bird From Prison Bars Has Flown

I Have Only One Question: Why?

Betty White! And Dogs! (Ok, Not That Kind of Dog. But Whatever.)

In Which I Abuse the English Language

The Book of Happy Youth in Rome

I Know American Teenagers and You, Show, Are No American Teenager

Show Me Your Teeth

Penn and Teller Hate Fun

I Kid Because I'm Thoroughly Creeped Out

Goodbye to Glee. For Now.

From Shutter Island With Love

I'm Headed to the Wal-Mart in Style

I'm a High School Congraduate!

Nothing Else I Can Say

…While Naked.

Would You Take Fashion Advice From These Women?

The Wolfman in Wonderland

A Full Day of This? Pass.

Uh… Could You Point Me Towards the Salad?

Caaaalllll the Pooolliiiiccceeee!

Free Bitches, Unite!

The Road John

Seriously? …OK Then.

Yes, Well, That's the Sort of Skullduggery One Can Expect at Computer Camp

I'm Just Here to Collect Some Evidence

More Fierce Than Most Top Models

Diego! Haha, How Is Your Sister?

It's Not Technically an Lolcat

Babies and War

Shallow Television

Tyra Wants to Be on Top

Batmanuel's Hard Earned Savings Don't Grow on Trees

Daybreakers Legion of Darkness

This Title Seems Disingenuous At Best

To Mothers, and the Ability Not to Be One

That Could Totally Save Some Sea Birds

Cinco de Rhyme-O!

I Got the Poison Lobster

Nine Fairy Years


You Know, For Kids

I'm Not Especially Attentive Tonight

Tell Kari Where It Hurts

Batmanuel Misses "Lost" Too

The Complicated Descent of Doctor Parnassus in Heaven

Yeah, You, Shook Me All Night Long

Woman Knows Her Target Market

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm Not Fond of You

Tiny Bubbles in the Waves. Makes Me Feel Happy, Makes Me Feel… Heterosexual.

The Crazy Young Horse Avatar Bones

I Know Something You Don't Know

Perfect Sunday

The Pajiban in the Background

Best of Both Worlds?

I Will Live With You. In a Big House, With Big Gates to Keep People Like This Out.

The Salmon Pirate

In the Dictionary Next to 'Trying Too Hard'

Stupid French Vowels

Indirect Mood Lighting Makes for Poor Lab Work

At Least Guy Won't Get a 17th Show on Food Network Now

"Alone" is a Pathetic Predicament. "Lone" is an Aesthetic Choice.

Bad Call, Lieutenant of New Orleans Port

He's Going to Call Me Uncultured Swine Again, I Just Know It

Zombie Jesus Must Have Really Loved Candy

Well. There It Is.

Good News, Sample Subjects of Earth! The Glorious Moment of Judgment is Upon You!

Another Urban Legend Dispelled. Ninjas Don't Bounce.

Sherlock Holmes Sells The Chipmunks an Education

Like This, But With More Cuban Food and Less Culture

6,000 Years Worth of Culture is Delicious

Well, Why Not?

Don't Lie, Who Wants One of Those Hats?

Batmanuel Never Makes it Fast

The Fantastic Blind Brothers Who Stare At Goats

Television Becomes a Little Less Fabulous

No, The Other "Life". With the Animals.

How Many Times Can You Type "Bracket" Before It Looks Weird?

Well, Obviously.

Be Prepared. If It's Not Scintillating, My Interests Will Wane Rapidly.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

More WWII Tragedy, Comin' Up!

Woooo! Or Something to That Effect.

Smize, Tyra!

Batmanuel Is a Jealous Ex-Lover. If He Cannot See You Naked, Then No One Can.

Old Planet in the Air: A Precious Saints Story

Hey, Guys! Look Who's Back!

Unfortunately, This is Only Funny if You Use Twitter

Honestly, I Will Miss This Very Special Merry-Go-Round of Crazy

Parents and Singers, and Lost, Oh My!

The 2012 Private Lives of Cold Wild Gentlemen

This Picture Is Totally Relevant. I Swear.

Blame Canada.

Get Your Hankies Ready

Seriously, Who Is This Guy and Why Do I Recognize Him?

I Dare You to Make Less Sense

The Damned Fine Dead Sorority Freak Informant Box

Funny Later, Busy Now

Nothing But C****s

I Just Like Dogs, OK?

Which One of These Dogs Would You Want on Your Figure Skating Team?

Good Dynamite Citizen Abiding Revanche Hunger

Doggie Olympics! And Actual Olympics.

Yay for Fake Holidays!

And My TV Guilt Increases

Come Back to Regular TV! We Miss You!

Are You Not Entertained by Tuesday Night? Try This!

The Moonlight Time Traveler Man Retreat

War on Bad TV? Meet Your Newest Ally.

FX is Failing to Cater to My Whims

When Did Trying Too Hard Become a Team Sport?

So… That's Happening.

Hey, Everyone, Allison's Coming Back!

Amelia Loves Zombie Adam

The (Free) Bitches Are Back

How Many of You Are Thinking Incestulicious Thoughts Right Now?

How Many Years 'Til This Man is Wearing Wings in a Kids Movie?

In Which I Tease the Lost Fans

I Hope Whip Saw Star Pontypool is This Boy's Surrogate

Monday: TV for Masochists


How Do You Say "Goodbye" in Guido?

Maybe They Should Call It "Moving Target"

This Dude and Jonathan Rhys Meyers Could Have the Scariest Staring Contest Ever

Whiteout: The Invention of Lying Gamer Pandorum

Just Because We Said "Shove it up Your Ass" Doesn't Mean We Meant It That Way

"So, I taste my own genitals. In my mouth. It's a conundrum."

We Will Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming Shortly

Pass the Aspirin. And the Earplugs.

The Brothers Fame Can Do Big Moon Loops By Halloween II

"It's Like They Want Us to Fail"

That'll Do, Mr.Lewis

Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Food Closer

"Now, To Handle This Scenario, You'll Want to Take Your Shirt Off and Use it to Attract Female Viewers."

I Don't Get It

The Final Loren Cass

Sushi, Dates, What CAN'T You Get From a Conveyor Belt?

Welcome to 200… Damnit.

I Guess It's About That Time…

Mike Rowe Will Make This Sexy

What's Worse? The Accent or This Photoshop Job?


I Don't Do Mornings

OK, Mr.Ventura, I'll Tell You Where Area 51 is! Just Don't Hurt Me!

Step Away from the *#%$*#([email protected]! Stove

Taking the Basterds Hangover Force Goods

… I Miss Padma.

The Tall One's Married, The Short One's Pregnant, and the Famous One Is Kinda Boring. What's to Keep Up With?

He's Gone! For the Moment Anyway.

Keep Holding On

Bah Humbug

Public Cove: World's Greatest Half Blood Julia

A Show About Male Mid-Life Crises. How Groundbreaking.

Hot Women and Chainsaws? That's a Holiday Tradition I Can Get Behind.

Mmm, Sushi Cake. Time for Tastebud Confusion.

I Don't Think We Have a Wagon, But a Funny Looking Tank Might Drop By

Goodbye, Fish Lips!

Battle of the Paper Heart Terminator

The Return of Rusty (and Hoarders)

See You Next Year! (That's for Morena. I'll See You Pajibans on Monday)

Note To Self: Pack Loose Jeans

We're Still on TV? Well, I'm Just as Shocked as Anyone

Group Hug!

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace, But Tuesday's TV Definitely Isn't

Bruno Star: The Limits of My Sister's Humpday Thirst

In Which I Threaten Adult Swim

You Watch It Because I Can't

I Made a New TV Ratings System!

I'm Walkin' On Sunshine! Heeeyay-oh!

Dirty Boy! Dirty, Dirty, Dirty!

Spread the Ugly Ink Up

This Word, "Best," I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Ode to the End of the Weekend

Double Serving of Hot Doctor, Coming Right Up

No Wine and No TV Make Rusty Something Something

Take a Look! Then Pick Up a Book! Tuesday Night TV!

G.I Beth Cooper: The Taking of Aliens in the Food, Inc.

The Sports Showdown That Should've Happened Last Night

He's Come to Take Away Football! Run!

Corpses and Vampires and Leno, Oh My!

… Really?

Most Aptly Named Show Ever

Nothing Like Ice Age Orphan Works

Of Fillion and Phillians

I'm Not Sure Why This Picture Exists, But I Think It's Hilarious

6 Months In the Future… You're Still Not Interesting

Stupid Social Life

When You Stare Into the Abyss, the Abyss Stares Back at You

Revenge of Sexy Face and Micro Penis

I'm Not Creative Today, Check Back Later This Week

I'd Watch It. I'd Watch It Twice. Even if Flava Flav Was In It.