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The Chaotic State of 'Grey's Anatomy' Housing

By Genevieve Burgess | TV | March 21, 2022 |

By Genevieve Burgess | TV | March 21, 2022 |


Grey’s Anatomy is a ridiculous show. Some people might say that it became ridiculous in the many years it has been on TV, but it’s always been ridiculous. The longer I watch it, though, I feel that the MOST ridiculous part of the show is the absolutely chaotic approach to real estate.

We all know that Meredith ran a doctor flophouse and Derek lived in a trailer in the early seasons, but we’re well past all of that now. The most recent seasons have sought to top that with a string of apartment/condo/house? trading between the characters that I might need a full yarn wall to accurately track. Here are the ones I’m pretty sure of:

Alex and Jo got married and started living together in a converted warehouse space of some kind with absolutely no walls except for the bathroom. Alex left the show to be with Izzie and their babies. Jo stayed in the space and moved in Schmitt, one of the interns. There were still no walls, Jo and Schmitt were not in a romantic relationship, and there was never a second bed. Schmitt just slept on the couch.

Jo was then apparently gifted Jackson Avery’s… apartment? Condo? So she lives there now with her baby Luna, and Link, who is not with Amelia anymore. Link had been living in Meredith’s house with Amelia and their son, but then he and Amelia broke up after he proposed to her with THREE rings after she said she did not want to get married at all. Schmitt then apparently moved in Helm, another of the interns, to the wall-less void where there is STILL no second room or second bed.

Schmitt recently experienced a traumatic surgery and has retreated to his mom’s basement. This leaves Helm living in the… house? Condo? of Jo and Alex by herself. As it’s a one-bedroom space this is reasonable, but I’m not even sure what this would be considered. Sub-sub-sub-letting? Who is on the hook for paying for the utilities? Is she technically squatting?

Meredith’s house has continued to play host to several adults even though she now has three kids who presumably have their own rooms. I guess the Grey family manor just sprouts bedrooms every few years (but not bathrooms, I remember that was a big plot point early in the show. Everyone cramming into the one bathroom). However, there may be more room there than I’m assuming since it seems like Meredith doesn’t really live there anymore? Or Amelia for that matter.

So I think that’s where we are, and I’m sure there’s another show of extremely annoyed/perplexed landlords who are baffled that SURGEONS cannot manage their accommodations more professionally. I do know that this is done to minimize the budget for new sets, and that if Station 19 features in-depth explanations of how everyone is legally living in their particular domiciles I do not care.

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