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Lin-Manuel Miranda is Better Than You at Halloween Twitter Names

By Genevieve Burgess | Celebrity | October 30, 2018 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Celebrity | October 30, 2018 |


Lin-Manuel Miranda is a generally delightful human being, full of enthusiasm and good humor who is willing to use the internet to share that with all of us. He’s been brightening Twitter for years now and he still seems genuinely delighted by his success. He’s great people, generally, in addition to being a fantastically talented person. One other thing that he’s talented at? Halloween Twitter names. This is something that I am TERRIBLE at, I spend about ten minutes trying to think of anything scary that works with my name, give up, and spend the rest of the month stewing about it. I’ve been stewing over his wide variety of names in particular lately. Here is a limited selection of his many Halloween names and some explanations for them.

Bring It Undead_ The Musi-kill.png
Lin-Manuel Miranda did co-write the music and lyrics for Bring it On: The Musical.

21 CHUD Shriek-1.png
Lin-Manuel Miranda ALSO wrote a short musical called 21 Chump Street based on an NPR story.

666000 Damned-1.png
This one I’m not as sure of, but I’m pretty sure it’s a RENT reference. “Seasons of Love” specifically. I was wrong, it’s a reference to “96,000” in In the Heights, another musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Anhellica Elvira and Freddy-1.png
The Schuyler sisters are Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. The Scary siblings are Anhellica, Elvira, and Freddy.

Gizmo-suck your blood-1.png
Lin-Manuel Miranda voices two characters in the new Ducktails and one is named Gizmoduck.

The NYTimes Best Helling Authorror-1.png
The humble-brag is for mortals. The spooky brag is for Lin-Manuel Miranda.

There’s a song in In the Heights called “Inútil” and newts are kinda creepy and associated with witches. We are starting to slow down now.

Frighten Crackshell Chupacabrera-1.png
Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera is the OTHER character voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the new Ducktails.

Obviously this is not ALL of the spooky twitter names he had over the course of the month because 1. that would be a ridiculously long piece and 2. it took me a couple weeks to catch on and then a few more days to decide I should start tracking them. So what’s the secret to having abundant spooky twitter names at your disposal? Write several award-winning musicals and then mine them for puns. I’m sure I’ll have that ready for next October.

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