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How Many Members of the 'Sense8' Cluster are Actually the Same Age?

By Genevieve Burgess | Streaming | January 4, 2017 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Streaming | January 4, 2017 |

Netflix’s Sense8 is a fun little show about human connections, empathy, occasionally orgies, and a half-hearted attempt at a sinister plot sometimes. It’s kind of giddy and silly but extremely sweet, and the Christmas episode was no different. I’ll have more thoughts on it once I rewatch it without having to pause every couple of minutes to remind myself where everyone’s plot left off (definitely rewatch the last episode of the first season before diving in, if you haven’t yet) but it reminded me of one of the plot points that I find mostly ridiculous: the idea that everyone in the main cluster was born at the exact same moment in time. Which means all of them are the same age. I do not mean to slander any of the very attractive men and women of Sense8, but come the fuck on. There HAD to be a way to connect them that would ring slightly more honest than that, especially since clusters aren’t connected from birth but apparently have to be “birthed” by another Sensate at some point int heir lives. So, because I get paid to waste time on the internet as long as I write about it, I decided to actually make a list to satisfy my, and anyone else’s, curiosity. Here is your Sense8 cluster, from oldest to youngest (With the acknowledgement that publicized ages of celebrities are frequently somewhere between a charming embellishment and a widely accepted delusion.):

Jamie Clayton, Nomi Marks, born January 15th, 1978. 38 years old with a birthday coming up soon!

Doona Bae, Sun Bak, born October 11th, 1979. 37 years old.

Brian J. Smith, Will Gorski, born October 12, 1981. 35 years old.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Lito Rodríguez, born April 6th, 1982. 34 years old.

Max Riemelt, Wolfgang Bogdanow, born January 7th, 1984. Another imminent birthday, but at the time of writing he is 32 years old.

Aml Ameen, Capheus Season 1, born July 31st, 1985. 31 years old. Information on the age of Toby Onwumere, who is taking over the role as of the Christmas special and the rest of season 2, was not available.

Tuppence Middleton, Riley Blue, born February 21st, 1987. 29 years old.

Tina Desai, Kala Dandekar, born February 24th, 1987. 29 years old.

The stand outs here are Tuppence Middleton and Tina Desai, who at three days apart, are the closest on the show to ACTUALLY being born at the same time. No other two members of the cluster were even born in the same year, and there’s a 9 year span. The show’s held its cards close about how old all these people are supposed to be, but the mean and median both work out to be just over 33 which sounds mostly right to me. Still, I’d be happier if they’d just decided on a different “connection” and just let us ignore the issue altogether.

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