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With 'Day Shift,' Netflix Finds Its Mediocre Sweet Spot

Review: HBO Max's 'Our Flag Means Death' Adds Laughs To The Tale Of A Real Gentleman Pirate

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'The Witcher' Season 2 Review: My Body Is Ready For The Extended Witcherverse

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Review: A Real Scottish Lady Reviews ‘A Castle for Christmas’

Was ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Semifinal the Best Most Humanistic TV You’ll Watch All Year? Very Arguably Yes!

Review: 'King Richard' Serves Up a Fresh Take on the Sports Biopic

Review: Every Moment Matters In Lin-Manuel Miranda's Triumphant "Tick, Tick... Boom!"

The Director of 'Train to Busan' Damns Sinners in Netflix's 'Hellbound'

Now on Netflix: 'The Harder They Fall' Is a Blistering Tale of Revenge Featuring an All-Star Cast

Review: 'Finch' Is Yet Another Movie That Lets Down America's Dad

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Review: Netflix's 'Night Teeth' Is A Vampire Vehicle That Lacks Bite

Review: 'Dune' Is a Spectacular Complement to the Novel But Can't Stand On Its Own

Review: 'Halloween Kills' Insists It's Something New While Obsessing Over Everything Old

Review: ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ Is a Ghoulish Example of Modern True Crime Exploitation At Its Absolute Worst

Rewatching 'Child's Play' As A New Dad Put Me On An Emotional Rollercoaster

Stream it or Nah: Kristen Bell Scams the Coupon Industry in Paramount+'s 'Queenpins'

Review: Netflix's Newest True Crime Series 'House of Secrets' Explores One of India's Most Mysterious Crimes

Review: The Always-Welcome Barbara Hershey Helps Geriatric Horror 'The Manor' Feel Like a '70s TV Movie Flashback

Now on Hulu: The Magnificent 'Jacinta' and the Remarkable Prescience of Documentarians

Review: 'The Many Saints of Newark' Is An Excellent Reminder Of What A Good Show 'The Sopranos' Was

On Amazon: The Human Factor Elevates Blumhouse's 'Black as Night' Above Its Vampire Tropes

Review: Melissa McCarthy's 'The Starling' Is Very Bad

Review: Netflix Brings the Musical ‘Diana’ from Stage to Screen But Adds Nothing New to a Very Familiar Story

Review: A Self-Aware James Wan Gets Zany in the Deeply Weird and Satisfying 'Malignant'

Spoilers: Did a Big Pharma Exec Come Up with the Real Big Bad in Netflix’s ‘Sweet Girl’? The Hell Was That?

'What If...?' Proves Chadwick Boseman Is The Better Star-Lord

Stream this Streamer or Nah: Nestflix is Like a 'Twilight Zone' of Content

Stream It Or Nah: 'Leverage: Redemption' Is A Warm Hug For Fans Of The Original (Just Watch Your Wallet!)

Netflix Gives Us a Norwegian Take on the Undead with 'Post Mortem'

Fill Your Matt Berry Hole With 'Garth Marenghi's Darkplace,' Now On Amazon Prime

Spoiler Recap: ‘Fear Street Part 3: 1666’ Nods at Robert Eggers and Stephen King in Wrapping Up the Shadyside vs. Sunnyvale Rivalry

Recap: ‘Fear Street Part 2: 1978’ Goes to Camp in an Obvious, Entertaining Homage to ‘Friday the 13th’

'Loki' Episode 5 Recap: God Of Outcasts

Stream It or Nah: Netflix's 'Dynasty Warriors' Just Cannot Pull It Together

Recap: ‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ Kicks Off with a Witch, a Curse, and an Intercity Rivalry That Adds Economic Despair to the R.L. Stine Universe

'Loki' Episode 4 Recap: What's (Self)Love Got To Do With It?

Spoilers: What's With the Twist Ending of Hulu's 'False Positive'?

The 'Dynasty Warriors' Trailer Continues My Netflix Streak

'Loki' Episode 3 Recap: Can A Loki Trust A Loki?

'Loki' Episode 2 Recap: Holding Out For A Hero

'Loki' Recap: A Rude Awakening (And A Lot Of Speculating!)

Now on Shudder: 'Caveat' Delivers a Deeply Creepy Haunted House Tale

June Streaming Guide: The 19 Must-See Movies And TV Shows (And Then Some)

Review: With 'Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.', Disney Takes Aim (A.I.M.?) At The Adult Swim Crowd

Review: Disney's 'Cruella' Lacks Sincerity and Identity, and No Amount of Jaunty Posing from Emma Stone Can Hide That

May Streaming Guide: The 19 Must-See Movies And TV Shows

Review: Taylor Sheridan Dives into American Imperialism with the Infuriating ‘Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse’

Netflix Original Anime 'Yasuke' Trailer Shows Us The Real Afro Samurai

Amazon's Betting Big On 'The Tomorrow War' Teaser

HBO's 'Exterminate All The Brutes' Looks Head-On At History's Scars

April Streaming Guide: The 21 Must-See Movies and TV Shows

Spoilers: Explaining the Epilogue of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

Mia Farrow’s Fear is the Most Revealing Part of ‘Allen v. Farrow’

Review: For ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League,’ More Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

Review: The Russo Brothers Embarrass Themselves with the Abysmal Opioid Addiction Drama ‘Cherry’

Review: The Visually Resplendent ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ is a Return to the Straightforward Adventuring of Disney’s ‘90s Glory Days

The Baffling Religious Dogmatism of CBS All Access's 'The Stand'

Review: ‘Great British Bake Off’ Champ Nadiya Hussain Steps Confidently, Boldly into Her Own on the Delightful ‘Nadiya Bakes’

Reclaiming My Time: TV Shows I’ve Quit During Quarantine

Review: ‘Everyone is Doing Great’ is a ‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion Doing Its Best ‘Party Down’ Imitation to a Limited Degree of Success

Review: Give 'Sound of Metal' a Twee Makeover and You Have Hulu's 'The Ultimate Playlist of Noise'

The Questions of Male Consent That Puncture Both Fantasy Worlds of 'Bridgerton' and 'Wonder Woman 1984'

Review: Chadwick Boseman Reminds Us All of His Excellence in His Final Role in the Stupendously Acted ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’

Stream It Or Nah: 'The Stand' Is Here To Remind You Just How Much Worse 2020 Could Be

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: The Entire Goddamn 'Letterkenny' Cast

Review: Steven Soderbergh’s Slyly Funny ‘Let Them All Talk’ Gives Dianne Wiest and Candice Bergen the Roles They Deserve

On Prime: ‘Sound of Metal’ is Unlike Any Other Movie You’ve Ever Seen or Heard

December 2020 Streaming Guide: 30 Movies and TV Shows to Look Out For

‘Great British Bake Off’ Season Finale Recap: Why Even with Technicals?

‘Great British Bake Off’ Quarterfinals Update: A Bittersweet Farewell to My Favorite Contestant

Review: ‘His House’ is Elegantly Constructed, Deeply Terrifying Horror That Makes the Refugee Experience Nightmarish and Surreal

Pajiba Investigates: Do We Have a ‘Great British Bake Off’ Judging Scandal on Our Hands? Why Put a Cage Around a Tart, Anyway?

Review: Why Remake ‘Rebecca’? Seriously, Though

Review: David Byrne and Spike Lee Team Up for the Cathartic, Jubilant Concert Film ‘American Utopia’

Review, with Spoilers: The Deeply Anticlimactic ‘Evil Eye’ is Not Scary, Mysterious, or Thrilling—Blumhouse Lied to Us!

Review: ‘Charm City Kings’ Paints a Familiar Coming-of-Age Story, But Its Portrait of Baltimore is Vibrant and Powerful

Start the Week Off Right With Henry Cavill In New 'The Witcher' Season Two Stills

Review: ‘Get Organized With The Home Edit’ Is No Marie Kondo But It Will Do For Now

Review: When ‘Enola Holmes’ Drops the Cutesy Flourishes, Millie Bobby Brown Gives Another Star Turn 180° Away from Eleven

Spoilers: This is Not a Review of ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’

As a Glimpse of the Future Good Ol’ Boys of the Republican Party, ‘Boys State’ is the Scariest Movie I’ve Seen All Year

Ryan Reynolds And Mint Mobile Wade Into The Streaming Platform Wars... Kind Of

'For All Mankind' Hides a Perfect Isolation Story in an Imperfect Space Race Story

Review: 'An American Pickle' Gives You Twice The Seth Rogen, But Only One Of Them Is Sexy AF

Spoilers: The Timeline Twist That Makes 'The Umbrella Academy' Season Three A Necessity

Ridley Scott's HBO Max Series 'Raised by Wolves' Looks Like It Sure Is... Something

What's Streaming This Month? A Very Briny Seth Rogen, Talking To Himself

Eco-Horror Films ‘Sea Fever’ and ‘The Beach House’ Suggest That Bailing on Humanity for the Deep Sea Might Be OK, Actually

If You Can't Wait Until Friday To Binge, Netflix Is Giving You The First Scene Of 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Now

Stream It Or Nah: 'Cursed' Offers A Rocky Road For The Sword In The Stone

Review: In Netflix's 'Dark', The Only Answer Is Oblivion (Whether You Like It Or Not)

A Deeper Look Into the 1969 Berkshire UFO Sightings Featured On Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries'

The One Line of Movie Dialogue I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About for Weeks is from Olivier Assayas’s ‘Wasp Network’

What's Streaming This Month? 'Hamilton'! Beyoncé! And... Peacock?

HBO Max Shares The First Look At Zack Snyder's Exclusive Cut Of 'Justice League' With A Focus On Darkseid

On Pro-Choice Narratives in Film, and the Education and Empathy of 'Premature' and 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always'

Review: The Cast Spike Lee Assembled for ‘Da 5 Bloods’ Elevates Its Exploration of the Sprawling Effects of American Immorality

7 Movies On HBO Max That No One Really Wants To See Unless They're Going To Riff Them

Review: HBO’s ‘Skate Kitchen’ Spinoff ‘Betty’ is What You Should Binge ASAP, a Timely, Lively Portrait of Young Women in Revolt

Get Your Queue Ready: A List of Films from Black Directors and Screenwriters That You Should Watch Right Now

'Alien' And Other Franchises With Most Or All Of Their Entries On HBOMax

What's Streaming This Month? Lin-Manuel Miranda, Spike Lee, And My Favorite German Time-Travel Mindf**k!

With ‘The Old Guard’ Hitting Netflix in July, Do You See a Trend in the Streaming Service’s Action Originals? A Very Militaristic Trend?

Spoilers: The Finale of ‘Run’ Made Plain How Far This Show Went Off-Course

Review: You’ve Seen ‘The Lovebirds’ Countless Times Before, and I’m Not Quite Sure That Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani Actually Save It

HBO Max Makes A Real Power Move By Promising To Exclusively #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Of 'Justice League' In 2021

Netflix's 'Becoming' Is All About What Michelle Obama Doesn't Say

On Sacrifice, First-Gen Guilt, and How Alan Yang’s Film ‘Tigertail’ Broadens a Conversation Started on ‘Master of None’

What's Streaming This Month? Cartoons, Movies, And A Whole New HBO (Max, It's called "HBO Max" Now)

More Than Anything Else, ‘Beastie Boys Story’ is a Love Letter to Adam Yauch—and a Reminder of Who Gets to Tell Their Own Stories

Review: The Native-Focused Colonialism Critique ‘Blood Quantum’ Delivers on Zombie Gore, But the Script Needed More

Review: ‘Extraction’ Wants to Be ‘Man on Fire,’ But ‘Man on Fire’ Already Exists, and At Least It Had Denzel, Not a White Savior!

Review: Even If You're Truly Desperate to Amuse Your Kids, Netflix’s WWE Marketing Exercise ‘The Main Event’ is Still Rough Going

Quibi's Insidious 'Thanks A Million' Is Cotton Candy Laced with Cyanide

What's Streaming This Month? TV. But, Like, On Your Phone!

Review: The Visually Stupendous and Narratively Complex ‘Devs’ Offers the Best and Worst Instincts of Creator Alex Garland

Review: The Emotional Through Line of ‘Waves’ and Its Exploration of Forgiveness Give Shape to a Movie That Often Feels Like a Mixtape

Review: ‘Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears’ is a Flirty, Subversive Return to the World of Our Favorite Lady Detective

Review: ‘Burning Cane’ and ‘The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open’ Are Ava DuVernay’s Hidden Gems on Netflix

Review: ‘The Banker’ is a Solidly Old-Fashioned Adaptation of the Remarkable True Story of America’s First Black Bankers

Review: Dee Rees’s Joan Didion Adaptation ‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ Very Nearly Works, But Its Narrative Shortcomings Crater It

Season Two Of 'Altered Carbon' Is An Entirely Different Sleeve

'I Am Not Okay With This' And The Normal Female Lead

What's Streaming This Month? Nick Offerman, Tech Bro Jesus

The Best Streaming British Crime Thrillers

'High Fidelity' Is Great When It's Not Trying To Be 'High Fidelity'

Spoilers: What Happens to Alison Brie's Sarah in Netflix's 'Horse Girl'? Alien Abduction? Cloning? Or Something Else?

Stream It Or Nah: Netflix's 'October Faction' Is 'The Snowman' Of Comic Book Adaptations

At Long Last, You Can Now Disable Netflix's Autoplay Feature

Disney CEO Says The Future of Star Wars Is Television (Read: Hope You Like 'The Mandalorian' Spinoffs!)

'Wandavision', 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier', and 'Loki' Got a Big Super Bowl Spot, Let's Talk About It

What's Streaming This Month? Romance, Keys, And... Not The Witcher

8 Things We Need To See In Season Two Of 'The Witcher'

Obi-Wan Disney+ Series Put on Hold for Being Too Similar to 'The Mandalorian' (Oh Boy)


‘Law and Order’ is Coming to Streaming via Peacock, Baby!

What's Streaming This Month? A Vampire, A Witch, And... A Horseman!

'The Witcher' Is Good as Hell and You Should Watch It

Review, with Spoilers: Netflix Really Gave Michael Bay $150 Million to Make the Wholly Grotesque and Orientalist '6 Underground,' Huh?

Review: ‘Hala’ is Precious and Poignant, a Coming-of-Age Story That Considers the Humanity of Making Mistakes

Review: ‘The Aeronauts’ Reunites Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones for One Disappointingly Boring Foray into CGI Clouds

What's Streaming This Month? This Monster Hunter, Who Probably Won't Be Traveling With A Baby

The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes Available To Stream

'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Is Dead Again, Long Live 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

'Dollface' Review: Seriously, Do Women Actually All Go To The Bathroom Together? Is This A Thing?

The Cold Comfort of 'The Crown' Amidst Political Instability

Does the Greedo Edit Mean 'Star Wars' Theatrical Cuts Won't Be Available on Disney Plus? Maybe

New Red-Band Trailer For The DC Universe 'Harley Quinn' Animated Series Is A Disappointment

Review: Netflix’s ‘The King’ Is Gorgeous and Tedious, Overshadowed by the Shakespeare Plays on Which it Is Based

Best Halloween Movies On Netflix For Kids and Grown-Ups

Spoilers: ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ is Inconsistently Fascinating, Often Muddled, and Totally Ignorant of Why Time Travel Rules

31 Horror Movies To Stream In October In Celebration Of Halloween

Review: Netflix's 'Unbelievable' Proves Just How Important Belief Is

Review: Netflix's 'Elite' is a Madly Addictive Teen Soap Opera Murder Mystery with Poignant Class and Racial Overtones (And Will There Be a Season 3?)

Andrea Savage and Jason Mantzoukas: A Love Story?

Who Is Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special 'Sticks & Stones' For?

Will There Be a ‘Mindhunter’ Spinoff? Well, Pajiba Has a 'Dexter'-Related Theory

Stream It or Nah: There is Barely Anything Unique About ‘Falling Inn Love,’ But Sometimes You Gotta Watch Pretty People Play With Puns

A Collection of Great Hidden Gems on Netflix

Disney Plus Better Have ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ Or I Riot

Can Netflix's 'Another Life' Fill the 'Battlestar: Galactica' Hole In Your Life?

What's Streaming This Month? Victorian Fairies, a Few Gelfling, and the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Stream It or Nah: ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’ Features an Extremely Hot Chris Evans and a Narrative Utterly Lacking Self-Awareness

Spoilers: How 'Orange is the New Black' Ended After Seven Seasons

Review: 'The Boys' Has A Lot To Say About Superheroes, Celebrity, #MeToo And The Military Industrial Complex (If You Can Stomach It)

In a Deleted Instagram Post, Taryn Manning Says that 'Orange Is the New Black' 'Hurt Her So Bad'

Questions About the Ending of 'Veronica Mars' Season 4

Stream It Or Nah? Netflix's 'Great Hack': What Are We Really Angry About Here?

Carla Gugino's 'Jett' is the Best Thing Cinemax Has Ever Produced

Logan Echolls Was Perfect. We Ruined Him.

A Brief Refresher on Season 6 of 'Orange Is the New Black' Ahead Of Its Final Season

Spoilers: Let's Talk About THAT THING That Happened at the End of 'Veronica Mars'

'Hawkeye' Will Explore Jeremy Renner's Racist Killing Spree in 'Endgame', Oh Good?

How Many Professional Athletes Have Become TV Writers?

WTF Is Up With Phase 4? Ranking Marvel's SDCC Reveals

A Long Time Ago, This Used To Be Fresh And Interesting Characterization (Spoiler Free)

'Veronica Mars': Logan Echolls is the Worst

Stream It or Nah? Netflix's 'Secret Obsession' Wishes It Were a Cheesy Trainwreck

In the Age of Peak Streaming Services, Which Ones Are Actually Worth Paying For?

Should You Watch Netflix's German Time Travel Series, 'Dark'?

Review: Netflix's 'The Last Czars' Refuses to Let History Speak for Itself

‘Blown Away’, ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and the Joys of Craft Based Reality TV

Netflix Removes Controversial Suicide Scene from '13 Reasons Why' Two Years After It Premiered

'The Act': Real Life Gypsy Rose Blanchard Introduces Fiancé to Family

When the Show You Like Goes on Too Long, Gets Bad, But You Can’t Stop Watching: Yes, It’s 2019, and I am Just Now Watching ‘Dexter’

Looking For a New TV Binge Watch? Check Out ‘Call My Agent!’

One Online Platform, Netflix, Takes On Another, Facebook, in 'The Great Hack'

Review: In His Netflix Special, Aziz Ansari's Perfectly Addresses Me Too Allegations. It's Almost Too Perfect

Can’t Get Enough 'Stranger Things'? Here Are Some More '80s Things to Stream

'Stranger Things 3' Just Doesn't Know When To Quit

The Future New Home of 'Friends' and 'Game of Thrones' Has a Name and A Ton of Great Content

Trailer Round Up: 'Judy,' 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' and 'Aziz Ansari: Right Now'

Watch 'Enlisted' on Crackle, You Cowards!

What's Streaming This Month? 'Veronica Mars', 'The Boys', And Steve's Hair!

Trailers You Missed: Romance, Remakes, Spies, And David Harbour Impersonating Orson Welles

Review: 'Exhibit A' Is A Solid Sister Series To 'The Confession Tapes'

'The Confession Tapes' Guide On How To Avoid Giving A False Confession

'The Witcher' Has a Butt-Chin-Load of New Photos for You

Spoilers! Netflix's 'Dark' Proves Time Travel Plays Hell On Your Family Tree

The Best Recent Movies on Netflix (2016-2019)

The Best Recent Movies on Netflix (2016-2019)

Foreign TV Series Are Playing Well on Netflix, As 'The Rain' Out of Denmark Gets a Season 3

Review: 'Fighting with My Family' Won't Please a Crowd, But It Will Satisfy a Living Room Full of People

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Goes to Dunder Mifflin

'One Day At A Time' Has Been Saved, Will Return For Season 4

'The Handmaid’s Tale' Recap: It's Not A Good Sign When Even Aunt Lydia Thinks This Has Gone Too Far...

Review: Season 3 of 'Designated Survivor' on Netflix

Netflix's Dystopian 'I Am Mother' Pits a Loving Robot Mom Against Hilary Swank

What the Hell is Quibi and Will Anyone Actually Watch It?

The Holy Grail of Trash TV is Finally Available to Stream on Hulu in the US

Spoilers: Let's Talk About The 'Jessica Jones' Season 3 Finale... And Those Cameos!

John Mulaney Gets 'Finally F*ckable' In Netflix's New Social Media Series, 'Dressing Funny With Tan France'

Spoilers: Let's Talk About the Ending of Netflix's 'What/If'

Netflix's 'Black Mirror'-esque Game Show 'Awake' Is Terrible, But Not In the Way You Think (But Also, In That Way, Too)

Today Is National Tig Notaro Appreciation Day Now

Come On, Can We Be At Least A Bit More Skeptical About Netflix’s Reported Viewer Numbers?

Netflix + Paul Thomas Anderson + Thom Yorke = Film Twitter Glory!

Christian Group Demands the Cancellation of 'Good Omens.' There's Just One Problem

Netflix Review: The Teen Drama 'Trinkets' Starring Negasonic Teenage Warhead

'Stranger Things' Kid's Prank Show Not as Terrible as Previously Believed (But Still Terrible)

Review, With Spoilers: ‘Murder Mystery’ Could Be an Interesting Meta Experiment, But Alas, It’s Just a Lazy Adam Sandler Movie

David Tennant And Hayley Atwell--And You're Sold, Right?

Review: Netflix's 'What/If' Is Marginally Addictive Trash

Under Pressure, Elizabeth Lederer, the Other Central Park 5 Prosecutor, Resigns from Columbia Law School

Does the 'Swamp Thing' Cancellation Portend A Bleak Future For DC Universe?

Ava DuVernay vs. Linda Fairstein: Fact Checking 'When They See Us'

Steven Spielberg Is Writing A New Horror Series You Can't Watch During The Day

What is 'Letterkenny', and Should I Watch It?

The Craziest Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Netflix's 'The Society'

The Most Crucial Takeaway from Netflix's 'The Society'

WarnerMedia Streaming to Launch Late This Year at $16 a Mo. (and Yes, It's Absolutely Worth It)

Review: In Season 5, 'Black Mirror' Has Lost Whatever It is That Makes 'Black Mirror' Good

Hey! It's That Guy! All the Actors From 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Terror' Who Showed Up on 'Chernobyl'

LGBTQ+ Movies You Can Stream During Pride Month

The Jones BBQ Sisters from 'Queer Eye' Are Still Doing Phenomenally

Central Park Five Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Finally Getting Some Comeuppance

What’s Going on with ‘Lucifer’ and Will There be a Season 5?

Netflix Review: Ava DuVernay's Aching, Beautiful 'When They See Us'

WTF: Cara Delevingne, Orlando Bloom, Tough Guy Schtick, And Fairy Wings?

Hey! Netflix Did Something Right!

What's Streaming This Month? 'Black Mirror', 'The Handmaid's Tale', And The End Of A Netflix Era

How to Tell The Cast of 'The Society' Apart

Review: 'Good Omens' Finds Fun And Friendship At The End Of The World

Review: Netflix's Rom-Com ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Relies a Bit Too Much on Genre Tropes, But Ali Wong and Randall Park are Fantastic

Ranking the Episodes in the First Season of 'The Twilight Zone'

'Always Be My Maybe' Had Some Surprising Keanu-ternatives In Mind If They Couldn't Hire Keanu Himself

The 'Harley Quinn' Animated Series Is Coming To DC Universe This Fall

Trailers You Missed: Netflix Is Tying Up Those Marvel Loose Ends, Huh?

Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 3 Contains Ricky Jay's Last Jolt of Magic

We’re Here to Answer All Your Burning Questions About Netflix’s 'The Society' (Including Whether There's a Season 2)

Review: The Sun (Sadly) Rises on Netflix's Post-Apocalyptic YA Series 'Rain'

'Catch 22' On Hulu Wrangles A Mighty Beast

Netflix Shares 'Black Mirror' Episode Titles And Trailers For Season 5

New Coke Is Returning, and You Can Blame 'Stranger Things'

Trailers You Missed: What If I Told You I Had Something EVEN BETTER Than Keanu To Show You?

Let's Talk About the Surprising Final Moments of Netflix's 'Dead to Me'

Review: 'Nailed It!' Season 3 - What A Treat! What A Dream!

Roy Choi's 'Broken Bread' Is Not Your Ordinary Food Show

'The Good Fight' Season Finale Recap: You Are Not Alone

'Black Mirror' Season 5 Trailer Teases New Tales Of High-Tech Terror

What Makes Netflix's 'I Think You Should Leave' Work?

Netflix Trailer: 'What/If' 'Indecent Proposal' Were a TV Series with Renée Zellweger in the Robert Redford Role?

The Reddit Conundrum: Showrunners Shouldn’t Change Their Stories Based on Fan Predictions

Trailers You Missed: MOAR BAT CONTENT

Review: 'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile' Is Ted Bundy Who F*cks, With A Side Of Misogyny

Review: Christina Applegate And Linda Cardellini's 'Dead To Me' Will Be Your New Netflix Obsession

Beto Leads In Poll Head to Head vs. Trump, Plus AOC's Campaign Doc

The Numbers Behind the Cancellation Of All Your Favorite Netflix Series

Review: 'Tuca & Bertie' Is 'BoJack Horseman' Meets 'Broad City'

What's Streaming This Month? Finally, The End Is (Nearly) Nigh!

'Veronica Mars' S4 and 'Handmaid's Tale' S3 Trailers, Plus Hulu Renewals

Trailers You Missed: 'Men In Black: International' Is Super Woke, Y'all (A Guaranteed 'Endgame' Spoiler-Free Post)

Review: Netflix’s Rom Com ‘Someone Great’ is Extremely of This Time, a Sugar Rush That Adds a Millennial Gloss to Genre Tropes

Review: Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming’ is Peak Self-Mythologization, an Astonishing Accomplishment That Centers the Personal as Political

Netflix Reveals When We Get More 'Nailed It!'

Sorry Spielberg: The Academy Won't Change Rules for Netflix and the Oscars

How 'The Act' Real-Life Dee Dee Blanchard Never Got Caught

Fact Checking 'The Act' Episode 6 : Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose’s Complicated Relationships With Mothers

Jordan Peele's 'Twilight Zone' Is Kind of a Drag

New Trailer for Ava DuVernay's 'When They See Us' Highlights the Injustice of the Central Park Five Case

John Cusack is Cashing Checks and Coming to Amazon

Trailers You Missed: Just Sebastian Stan, Whistling To His Straight Razor In The Tub

Review: Netflix's 'Black Summer' Is Old-School, Hair-In-Your-Teeth Zombie Mayhem

Not Today, Satan! The Good, The Bad, And The Weird of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2'

Review: Blumhouse's New Slasher 'Thriller' Hits Netflix

Everything We Know About Disney+, So Far

Finally A Batman Story I Can Get Behind: Iain Glenn Dons The Cowl On 'Titans'

Review: Amazon's 'Hanna' TV Series Is Like Methadone for the Movie's Junkies

Trailer: Amy, Maya, Rachel (and Tina) Go To Netflix's 'Wine Country'

Trailers You Missed: Did You Like 'The Lion King'? Then You'll Love... 'The Lion King'!

Netflix Ain't All That

The Trailer For Beyoncé's 'Homecoming,' a.k.a. The Beyhive's Newest Obsession, Is Here

Fact Checking 'The Act' Episode 4: Did Dee Dee Blanchard Have Diabetes and did Gypsy Rose Do BDSM?

Trailers You Missed: Just Picture Zac Efron Playing Ted Bundy, But With His Hair From 'The Beach Bum'

John Cho IS Spike Spiegel in 'Cowboy Bebop' and Everything is Good Again

Number Five Is Still Alive: Netflix Renews 'The Umbrella Academy' For A Second Season

You Had Us At Christina Applegate And Linda Cardellini

Why Is Netflix Streaming A Documentary on Stan Romanek, a Man Convicted on Child Pornography Charges?

What's Streaming This Month? A Couple Of Fine Actors Who Really Should Team Up More Often

Who Killed Lucille 2, And Other 'Arrested Development' Season 5 Spoilers To Save You Some Time

'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' Gets It All Wrong

Jordan Peele's 'Twilight Zone' Is a Modern Revelation

Review: 'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 3 Offers More Murder, Marriage Drama, And Mad Fun

Jordan Peele's 'Twilight Zone' Is Here to Remind You How Terrifying It Is to Fly

Review: Netflix's 'The Dirt' Is a Potent Reminder of an Era You Wish You Could Forget

Review: With New Stand-Up Special ‘Growing’, Amy Schumer Tries to Fix the Amy Schumer Problem

Hulu's 'Castle Rock' Sets Season 2 Cast: Guess Who's Playing Annie Wilkes?

David Attenborough Comes To Netflix

The 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer Has Landed

Review: The Hottie-Heavy (Uh, Not Ben Affleck) ‘Triple Frontier’ Excels When Eviscerating American Imperialism and Jingoistic Greed

Can Netflix's 'Love, Death + Robots' Re-Program Our Expectations As Viewers?

Review: Netflix’s ‘Turn Up Charlie’ Is an Uneven Comedy Driven Mostly By the Power of Idris Elba

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2' Makes Going Bad Look Good

'The Good Fight' Is the Only Show On TV That Will Make You Feel Sane Again

Review: 'The Highwaymen' Is Netflix's Modest Retelling of the Bonnie and Clyde Story

The Biggest Revelations From The 'Good Omens' Panel At SXSW

Netflix Cancels Best Comedy on their Platform, 'One Day at a Time', After Three Seasons

Give It To Me Now, Netflix

'Good Omens' Trailer: The End of the World Looks Amazing

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