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Questions I Still Have About the 'Westworld' Season Two Finale

By Genevieve Burgess | Westworld | June 27, 2018 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Westworld | June 27, 2018 |


The second season of Westworld concluded on Sunday night and it was… A LOT. A whole lot. I could mostly hang with it, but still. Yeeesh. There were some really solid moments! But I gotta say I still have a lot of questions. Some that go back to the first season, some that are specific to the second season, and some that are specific to the finale. Spoilers ahead, and if you saw no flaws then now is your time to bail out before I start ruining shit for you.

- OK, but for real, if they’re giving guests knives then what the hell was ever there to stop guests from stabbing each other?
- For that matter, we were specifically shown this season that the guns in the parks don’t kill humans when Emily shot her gentleman friend. But all season the hosts have been shooting THOSE SAME GUNS at people and killing them. So is there a scene missing somewhere about that, because it’s clearly POSSIBLE to shoot park guns at guests but they shouldn’t do any serious damage.
- Not really a question but if they’d wanted to go real gory they could’ve shown us what happened to the guests who had the bad luck to be caught near the elephants when the hosts turned. So, thanks for sparing us THAT particular nightmare, Westworld
- Does Delos make the most useless body armor on the face of the earth or what? Dudes were getting taken out by revolvers that shouldn’t have been able to pierce skin at distance while wearing heavy ass looking vests.
- What the fuck was going on with Angela’s head for like half the season? She was wearing some kind of crown of barbed wire that was all bloody across her forehead and then when they took over the Mesa and dressed up in the response team uniforms her head was just… fine? Did they have time to switch out her body or do some touch up work? Why was she wearing barbed wire on her head in the first place?
- Did only the Westworld hosts have a shot at The Door because like, cold. Ice cold. Pour one out for all the hosts in The Raj, Shogun World, and all the other parks we never saw.
- Although maybe their backups weren’t destroyed, still unclear on the relationships between individual parks and data-storage locations. Were The Cradle and The Forge for all parks? Who knows!
- Dolores threw a whole shit fit about The Door leading to another “gilded cage” and was totally going to destroy the whole thing and all the hosts in and then when she’s stopped she… decides to put Teddy in the gilded cage that no host should ever be in?
- I know the point is the robot uprising and the idea of what makes a conscious being but I’m still sad we won’t get to see some sweet old granny smacking Teddy’s ass and happily leading him back to her room.
- As pointed out by my mother, while that “four million” number of human profiles in the library sounds impressive in passing it’s… a pretty tiny sample size overall if we’re talking about the entire human population. And a very biased sample, as it’s only 1. People rich enough to visit Westworld and 2. People that rich with the inclination to visit Westworld.
- Speaking of all those very rich people, there were A BUNCH of them at Ford’s party. I understand the theme of Delos as an evil organization hell-bent on getting their immortality data, but that data would be pretty useless if the very rich families of all the very rich dead people sue them out of existence. I gotta think the class action lawsuit to come out of the massacres at the parks is gonna be one for the history books. You know, before Delos’s official representative was swapped with a murderous robot.
- ESPECIALLY once they figure out that all the guest data was lost and they have nothing to actually blackmail anyone with. You’d think that that rescue mission might have been halted when Karl’s team suddenly stopped communicating and never delivered the data.
- Why bother having Clementine ride that horse all the way from the Mesa to the Forge? I mean, besides “it looks cool and symbolic.” She’s not a danger to people, they could have had someone drive her out there in one of their little dune buggies, point her in the right direction and give her a shove.
- For that matter, wasn’t there some big underground tram system that they had that connected to elevators all around the park? Once they got power back to the Mesa, wouldn’t that have been a way easier and stealthier way to get around?
- What the hell was up with that comment early in the season about some of the drowned hosts never holding data? Is that to imply that passing through The Door wiped their brain-pearl things totally clean? Just a strange loose end.
- So Stubbs has been working at Westworld for like, 30 years now and no one has been like “That dude literally never ages, that’s creepy right?”
- For that matter, Ford had a photo of him with Arnold in his office when they started Westworld and no one was ever like “Weird how he was identical to the way Bernard looks right now”? Remember, the only reason we didn’t see Arnold in the photo originally was because Bernard was looking at it and Bernard couldn’t see proof that he was a host.
- The implication from the end credits scene was that there was a Host William living out a fidelity test with a Host Emily like some kind of purgatory but who is making Host Williams and Emilys for this reason? I rather liked the idea of William as a kind of pathetic, paranoid, narcissistic asshole who was wrong about everything but if something is bringing him back to keep testing him that kinda ruins the “you just weren’t that important, dude” of it all.

*Ahem* I enjoyed this season of Westworld.

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