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Welcome to the Author Archive for Brian Richards

brian-richards-author.jpg Brian Richards, Staff Contributor: Brian Richards is a Staff Contributor for Pajiba and writes about film, television, pop culture, and social media. He lives somewhere in Brooklyn, where he spends his time dressed in all black like The Omen and coming up with creatively profane insults for anyone who gets on his last nerve. You can follow him on Twitter.

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Students In New York City Walk Out In Protest Because They Want Remote Learning

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Sir Sidney Poitier, Legend And Icon, Has Died At 94

Everybody Loves Rocco ... Except Elmo, That Is

'Hawkeye' Season Finale Recap: 'So This Is Christmas'

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Halyna Hutchins, Cinematographer For Alec Baldwin's New Film, Shot And Killed On Set By Prop Gun

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DC FanDome Gave a Sneak Peek of 'The Flash' and Fans Are Divided

The Newest Trailer For 'The Batman' Is Here

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Men's Advice To Women On How To Stay Safe Is Useless Trash

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Keep James Gunn Away From Directing 'Gotham City Sirens'

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The Success, Failure, And Success of 'Lovecraft Country'

'Escape From New York' 40th Anniversary Of Everybody Hearing That Snake Plissken Was Dead

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Richard Donner, Legendary Director Who Made Us Believe A Man Can Fly, Dies At 91

A Look Back At 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' In Honor Of Its 30th Anniversary

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks With Trevor Noah About The 'In The Heights' Backlash

We Need To Talk About 'In The Heights' And Its Issues With Colorism

DC Comics Refuses to Let Batman Go Downtown For Catwoman

In Honor Of The 'Friends' Reunion Special, Let's Talk About 'Living Single'

Yes It's True, This Man Michael Che Is Still Kind Of A Dick

'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Season Finale Recap: 'One World, One People'

'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Recap, 'Truth'

'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Recap: Sh*t Just Got Real

'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Recap, 'Power Broker'

Addressing the Criticisms Pertaining to WB's Decision to Shelve Ava DuVernay's 'New Gods' and James Wan's 'The Trench'

'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Recap, 'The Star-Spangled Man'

'The Suicide Squad' Trailer Is Here, And You Can Breathe Easy: Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn Is Still Awesome

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A Look Back At 'The Arsenio Hall Show,' The Coolest And The Blackest Place To Be Every Late Night

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'Superman & Lois' Series Premiere: What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Saving The World?

'The Silence Of The Lambs' 30th Anniversary Of When Hannibal Met Clarice

Twitter Creates The Hashtag #IStandWithKrystina Because White Racist A--holes Can't Stop Being White Racist A--holes

Queen Latifah is Too Old To Be An Action Hero On "The Equalizer," According To The F---boys On Social Media

Do You Really Want To Be Like The Punisher?

Ray Fisher Removed From 'The Flash' After Speaking Out Against DC Films President Walter Hamada

'Heat' 25th Anniversary Of Al Pacino vs. Robert De Niro In The Streets Of Los Angeles

Letitia Wright, What The Hell Were You Thinking?

Now Might Be A Good Time For Us To Lower Our Expectations When It Comes To 'Superman And Lois'

'Justified' 10th Anniversary Of A Harlan County War Between Two Men Who Dug Coal Together

Ray Fisher Calls Out Joss Whedon and Warner Bros. Once Again, This Time About Their Racism

'The Walking Dead' Season Finale Recap, 'A Certain Doom'

Jason Momoa Lets Warner Bros. Know That He Stands With Ray Fisher

Shut The F**k Up And Sit The F**k Down, Michael Rapaport

'X-Men' 20th Anniversary Of Learning What Happens To A Toad When It Gets Struck By Lightning

'Inception' 10th Anniversary Of Not Being Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger, Darling

Ray Fisher Is Mad As Hell At Joss Whedon And He's Not Going To Take It Anymore

Joel Schumacher, Who Gave Us All So Much More Than Just "Batman Forever" and "Batman And Robin" Dead At 80

Idiotic CEO Reverses Mask Policy After #BoycottAMC Outcry (Also, Pandemics Are Not Political)

The Police Deserve Our Respect And Support. And If You Think This Headline Is Actually Serious, Welcome To Pajiba

'The Walking Dead' Sort-Of-But-Not-Really-A-Season Finale Recap

The Princess Makes Her Debut on This Week's 'The Walking Dead'

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The WB Television Network Turns 25 This Year

If You're A Nurse, Please Stop Embarrassing Your Entire Profession On Tik-Tok

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (John Boyega Edition)

Tyler Perry Needs to Brag Less About His Work Ethic. A Lot Less

Wonder Woman Doesn't Need A Sword And Shield To Beat People's Asses, I Promise

'The Last Seduction' 25th Anniversary of Linda Fiorentino Making Money Moves In Order To Live Deliciously

Melissa Benoist and Gabrielle Union Speak Their Truths; It's Important that We Show Them Our Support

'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Recap, 'The World Before'

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Negan Joins the Ball-Tripping, Skin-Themed Vision Quest on 'The Walking Dead'

Negan Reckons With His Own Destructive Legacy on 'The Walking Dead'

John Witherspoon, Legendary Actor And Comedian, Dead At 77

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Where Does [Spoiler] Go After His Escape?

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Ghosts': It's Not Gonna Happen, Eugene

Recap: Welcome to 'The Walking Dead,' Thora Birch!

The Problem With Cynthia Erivo Playing Harriet Tubman In 'Harriet'

Rest In Peace Rutger Hauer (1944 - 2019)

The Thirst For ICEBae Is Real. So Predictably Real

'The Crow' 25th Anniversary of Brandon Lee Back From The Dead With Great Vengeance And Furious Anger

"Loqueesha" Is A Movie That Actually Exists In The Year 2019, And This Trailer Is More Disturbing Than Any Horror Movie

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About John Singleton

'Say Anything...' 30th Anniversary Of Peter Gabriel Singing 'In Your Eyes' Outside Your Bedroom Window

Twitter Says 'Thank You' To The Avengers For Their Service Believes That The Best Kind Of Love Story Is Between A White Man And A Female Slave

The Trailer For Beyoncé's 'Homecoming,' a.k.a. The Beyhive's Newest Obsession, Is Here

Lil Nas X Teams Up With Billy Ray Cyrus For The "Old Town Road" Remix, And Black Twitter Is Loving It

'The Matrix' 20th Anniversary Of Keanu Reeves Choosing Between The Red Pill And The Blue Pill

'The Walking Dead' Season Finale Recap, 'The Storm'

'Watchmen' 10th Anniversary Of Unfinished Graffiti Asking Who's Watching Over The People That Watch Us

The Whisperers Show No Mercy in an Emotionally Devastating Episode of 'The Walking Dead'

'Deadly Class' Season Finale Recap, 'Sink With California'

Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Delivers One of Its Best and Most Disturbing Episodes of the Season

'Deadly Class' Episode 9 Recap, 'Kids Of The Black Hole'

An Open Letter To F-ckboys On Twitter Who Still Don't Know S--t When It Comes To Black Women

Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Delivers Another Superb Episode with 'Chokepoint'

'Deadly Class' Episode 8 Recap, 'The Clampdown'

'The Walking Dead' Recap: It's a Mother and Child Reunion

'The Warriors' 40th Anniversary Of Being Invited To Come Out To Play

'Deadly Class' Episode 7 Recap, 'Rise Above'

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Bounty'

Recap: 'Deadly Class' Has a Kaitlin Bennett. Her Name Is Brandy-Lynn, and She Is the Worst

'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'I Am Alpha and Omega'

'Deadly Class' Recap, Episode 5, 'Saudade'

'The Walking Dead' Gives A Redemption Arc to ... Negan?

'Deadly Class' Recap, 'Mirror People'

'Deadly Class' Recap, 'The Snake Pit'

Social Media Reacts After An Explosion Turned The Night Sky Blue In New York

The Trailer for 'Us,' Jordan Peele's Next Film, Is Finally Here

'Superman: The Movie' 40th Anniversary Of Believing That A Man Can Fly

Cardi B Is Reminded That Some Men Really Don't Want To Take 'No' For An Answer

The Good and the Bad About 'The Walking Dead' Fall Finale, 'Evolution'

Thanksgiving Is No Time to Experiment with Your Cooking

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Daryl And His Dog Named Dog

Here's What The 'The Walking Dead' Looks Like Years After Rick's Departure

Everything You Need to Know About Rick (and Maggie's) Confounding Exits On 'The Walking Dead'

'Halloween' 40th Anniversary of Michael Myers Coming Home And Jamie Lee Curtis Becoming A Scream Queen

So, That's How Rick Dies On 'The Walking Dead'?

FilmStruck, And The Access It Provided To Many Classic Films, Shut Down By Warner Bros.

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Warning Signs': An 'A' or a 'B'?

'The Accused' 30th Anniversary of How The More Things Change When It Comes To Rape Culture, The More They Stay The Same

Sweet Christmas! 'Luke Cage' Cancelled By Netflix

Recap: Angela Kang Continues to Improve 'The Walking Dead' with 'The Bridge'

'Rachel Getting Married' 10th Anniversary of Anne Hathaway Not Deserving Any Of Your Bullsh*t

'The Walking Dead' Returns With 'A New Beginning' (And Brett Butler from 'Grace Under Fire')

Here Is The First Trailer For 'Dark Phoenix'

Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead To Play Black Canary and Huntress in 'Birds Of Prey'

Stop Holding Your Weddings At Plantations, For F**k's Sake!

Happy 100th Birthday to Legendary NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson

A Look Back At 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' and Its Fallout On Its 20th Anniversary

And This Is Why We Have a Missy Elliott Appreciation Day

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (Tevin Campbell Edition)

'The Fugitive' 25th Anniversary of Tommy Lee Jones Not Caring That Harrison Ford Didn't Kill His Wife

'Midnight Run' 30th Anniversary of Robert De Niro Being A Much Better Bounty Hunter Than Boba Fett

'The Dark Knight' 10th Anniversary Of When An Unstoppable Force Met An Immovable Object

'Die Hard' 30th Anniversary Of The Internet's Favorite R-rated Christmas Movie

'Out Of Sight' 20th Anniversary Of How George Clooney Got His Groove Back

XXXTentacion Is Dead, And Women Are Once Again Expected To Love The Men Who Hate Them

On The 20th Anniversary Of 'Version 2.0,' Garbage Is Still Here With The Noise That Keeps You Awake

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap: "Crabs In A Barrel"

Greta Gerwig Went To See 'I Feel Pretty' At The Movies, And She Liked It About As Much As You Do

We Know What Jordan Peele's Next Film Is Called, And When We Can All Shut Up And Give Him Our Money

'Iron Man' 10th Anniversary And How It Helped Create The Marvel Cinematic Universe

'Atlanta: Robbin Season' Recap, 'Woods'

Universal FanCon: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Vince Staples Reminds Us All That R. Kelly Is A Child-Molesting Piece Of Sh*t

Black Lives Matter, And The Fact We Have To Keep Reminding You Of This Is Some Bullsh*t

'The Walking Dead' Season Finale Recap, 'Wrath'

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap, 'Champagne Papi'

Beyoncé Performed At Coachella, And Every Other Artist May As Well Pack Up Their Things And Go Home

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Worth'

With 'Teddy Perkins,' 'Atlanta' Delivers The Most Unsettling, WTF Television Episode of 2018

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (Joy-Ann Reid vs. Killer Mike Edition)

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap: 'Teddy Perkins'

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Still Gotta Mean Something'

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap, 'Barbershop'

Hollywood Responds to the Passing of Steven Bochco, One of TV's Most Influential and Prolific Producers

The Case Of The Missing Shrimp Fried Rice

The Truth About Why Donald Glover Walked Away From 'Deadpool: The Animated Series'

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Do Not Send Us Astray'

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season: I Used To Love Him, But Now I Don't

'The Walking Dead' Recap: This Episode Is Not About Dawn Summers, So Please Relax

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap: Weaponized White Tears

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Dead Or Alive Or':

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap, 'Sportin' Waves': Ain't Nobody Dope As Me, I'm Just So Fresh So Clean

'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap, 'Alligator Man': A True Muthaf*cka Goin' Out For The Loot

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'The Lost And The Plunderers'

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Honor': I Believe The Children Are Our Future

What "Black Panther" Means To Twitter

The Room Where It Happens, And Black Journalists Aren't Invited

The First Reactions From The "Black Panther" Premiere Are In

Everybody Hates Rian Johnson

When Rob Lowe And The Makers Of "The Lyon's Den" Truly Decided to Stop Giving A F-ck

What Was 'The Incident' That Took Place At Your High School?

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'How It's Gotta Be': Just Because It's Longer Doesn't Mean It's Going To Be Better

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Time For After'

A List Of Bitches Who Are Much Badder Than Taylor Swift

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (Yellowface Edition)

'The Walking Dead' Recap: No Fighting In The War Room

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Come At The King, You Best Not Miss

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Monsters': Mercy Is For The Weak

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'The Damned': Hands Up, Don't Shoot

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Mercy': Let The All-Out War Begin

George A. Romero Started It

What Have You Accomplished That Was Once Considered Impossible?

How Do You Treat Yourself On Treat Yo' Self Day? (2017 Edition)

Stop Being So Mean To The People Who Run Twitter, You Guys!

The Newest Trailer For 'The Punisher' Is Here

#DrawingWhileBlack: Another Reminder Of Why Representation Matters

Jamie Lee Curtis Returns To Confront Michael Myers (Again) In The (Second) Reboot Of 'Halloween'

BODEGA: Because Gentrification Is A Hell Of A Drug

Jemele Hill vs. ESPN And The 45th President

Patty Jenkins Has Officially Signed On To Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

Len Wein, Who Helped Create The Reasons You Love Comic Books, Has Passed Away

'Fifty Shades Freed' Teaser Trailer: The Final Chapter About Two Jars Of Mayonnaise Who Really Like To F**k

Here's Your First Look At Josh Brolin As Cable in "Deadpool 2"

How #MakeRoomForOak Made A Whole Lot Of Noise

'Preacher' Recap: When You Don't Need Pinky Or The Brain To Help You Take Over The World

Review: "The Coldest City'' (a.k.a. The Graphic Novel That "Atomic Blonde" Is Based On) by Antony Johnston & Sam Hart

Our First Look At Zazie Beetz as Domino in "Deadpool 2"

Dear Frank Miller: Stay The F--- Away From Superman & Lois Lane

How A 'Brain Scientist' Reminds Us Once Again That #RepresentationMatters

'Preacher' Recap: The One Where A Homicidal Cowboy From 1881 Learns What A Television Is

'Preacher' Recap: For Those Who Think That Boo Berry Cereal Is Awesome, We Salute You

'Preacher' Recap: Let's Cast Fake God To Appear On 'Game Of Thrones'

'Preacher' Recap: As Long As It's Only Anal Sex, You Can Still Go To Heaven

Serena Williams Vs. The World

'Preacher' Recap: Ginger Ale Helps With Blood Loss & The Internet Is A Soul-Killer

F*ck You, Pay Me 'Ebony' Magazine

These Male Tears About A Women-Only Screening For "Wonder Woman" Are Delicious

Words Of Comfort When You Really Need Them Most

Who Wants An All-New Reboot of 'Hellboy?'

In Memory of Charlie Murphy (1959 - 2017)

We Demand That You Apologize For Calling Us Out On Our Bullshit

Go F*ck Yourself, Chris Hardwick

Fancasting Paul Feig's All-Female "Back To The Future" April Fool's Day Reboot

The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrating in 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale

#BlackWomenAtWork And Why Many Of Their Bosses & Co-Workers Need To Shut The F*ck Up

The Expendables: The Social Media Debate Surrounding the Missing D.C. Girls

Rick Internet Trolls the Oceanside Community on 'The Walking Dead'

On 'The Walking Dead,' Rosita May No Longer Be the Most Annoying Character

"Trapped In The Closet" Or How I Learned To Abandon All Common Sense & Live-Blog All 33 Episodes

Carol's Fortress of Solitude Gets a New Resident

What Not To Do When Attending And Organizing An Orgy

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Say Yes'

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Hostiles And Calamities'

Just Admit You Don't Like Seeing Black Women Shine & Be Done With It

On This Week's 'The Walking Dead,' Rick vs. Winslow in the Junkyard Version of Thunderdome

Bill Maher Is Interviewing Milo Yiannopoulos, Because Racist Assholes Deserve More Attention

Betsy DeVos and Ruby Bridges Are Absolutely Nothing Alike

'The Walking Dead' Returns with a Refreshing Lack of Negan

How To Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time

Romance Novels Deserve Better Than This

You Do Not Get to Compare the Suspension of a Comedy Writer to the Death of a Black Man

Something About Jodi's Alternate-Universe Husband Vincent D'Onofrio On Twitter

Tread VERY Lightly When Discussing This Hashtag

Dear Lee Daniels: Shut The F*ck Up

52 Films By Women: "Strange Days"

When Keeping It Real On Twitter Goes Wrong: Jenna Jameson Edition

If Catwoman Was Real, Her Name Would Be Doris Payne

What We Hope for in David Ayer's Reunion with Margot Robbie for 'Gotham City Sirens'

'The Walking Dead' Recap: What Did Black Twitter Say About Shaving Your Beard, Negan?

'The Walking Dead's' 90-Minute Advertisement for Next Week's Episode

People On Twitter Can Be So F*cking Stupid Sometimes

Kurt Sutter Rides Through This World All Alone To Bring Us A 'Sons Of Anarchy' Spinoff

28 Percent of Planned Parenthood Donations Are Now Coming from 'Mike Pence'

'The Walking Dead' Is Insufferable Right Now

'Alien: Covenant' Poster Tells You What You Should Do If You See An Alien

What Pop Culture-Related Things Are You Thankful For This Year?

Black Twitter Reacts to Angela Bassett's Casting in 'Black Panther' #BlackPantherSoLit

'The Walking Dead': She's Torn Up Plenty, But She'll Fly True

The Hottest Rapper In the Game Is A Gospel Legend Named Shirley Caesar

Kermit The Frog Reminds Us That It's Really Not Easy Being Green

'The Walking Dead' - "Service," Bow Down Before The One You Serve

Kumail Nanjiani & Thomas Middleditch Harassed By Trump Supporters

Negan Takes a Brutal Detour on 'Easy Street' in This Week's 'The Walking Dead'

'Atlanta' Recap, 'The Jacket': If The Game Shakes Me Or Breaks Me, I Hope It Makes Me A Better Man

'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'The Well': Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

'Atlanta' Recap, 'Juneteenth': How You Gonna Win When You Ain't Right Within?

Kid Cudi and How Mental Health Issues Are Exacerbated for Black Men

'Atlanta' Recap, 'The Club': We The Dope Boys Of The Year, Drinks Is On The House

This Is What A Doctor Looks Like

How Do You Treat Yourself On Treat Yo'Self Day?

Thomas Mikal Ford (1964 - 2016)

'Atlanta' Recap, "B.A.N.": If You Don't Like My Lyrics, You Can Press Fast-Forward

Dear White People (Halloween Edition)

'Atlanta' Recap, 'Value': A Fly Girl Like Me Needs Security

'Atlanta' Recap, 'Nobody Beats The Biebs': You Gettin' Bodied By A Singin' (Radio Edit)

When Keeping It Real On Twitter Goes Wrong

'John Wick: Chapter 2' Poster: Stay Away From His Pets, Or He'll Kill You

'Atlanta' Recap, 'The Streisand Effect': Trigger Fingers Turn To Twitter Fingers

Curtis Hanson (1945 - 2016)

'Atlanta' Recap: Trying To Make A Dollar Out Of 15 Cents

'Fifty Shades Darker': For People Who Don't Know How To Find Porn On The Internet

Joe Manganiello Will Be Joining the DCEU As Deathstroke

Colin Kaepernick Had Better Stand Up And Love His Country, Or Else...

'Baltimore: The Rise Of Charm City': There's More To Baltimore Than Just 'The Wire.'

Nate Parker Reminds Us Yet Again of the Prevalence of Rape Culture

Gabby Douglas And What She Really Needs To Focus On

Black, Female NASA Engineer? Nope, Nothing Interesting Here

Now We Know Who The Rock Was Beefing with on the Set of 'Fast 8'

'Man Of Steel 2' Announced: Superman Will Take Flight Once Again

'Suicide Squad' Can't Possibly Be THAT Bad, Can It?

'Preacher' Finale: Everybody Loves 'The Big Lebowski'

"The Rocketeer" Is Coming Back To Prove That Representation Matters

Don't Mess With Kelly Clarkson. Just Don't

"Preacher": Hell Hath No Fury Like The Saint Of Killers

Twitter Finally Bans Milo Yiannopoulos After His Sickening Harassment of Leslie Jones

'Preacher': Jesse Custer's Last Stand

Blue Lives (And Feelings) Matter

Mike Huckabee Reminds Us All (Even Though No One Asked) That 'Male Lives Matter'

'Preacher': Everybody Hates Jesse

Don Cheadle Reminding Idiots That Black Lives Matter

Gail Simone Shares an Incredibly Sweet Anecdote About the Late, Great Noel Neill (1920-2016)

Hush. The Adults Are Speaking Now

'Preacher' Finally and Proudly Waves Its Freak Flag

Odin Quincannon Makes a Considerable Contribution to the Weirdness of This Week's 'Preacher'

Justin Timberlake Done F*cked Up Now

What the Hell Is Going On with 'Preacher'?

'Preacher' Recap: Please Don't Become Another Forgotten 'House of Lies'

'Preacher' Pays Homage to Sam Raimi, Sh*ts On 'The Big Lebowski' and Teases a Major Villain