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Twitter Says 'Thank You' To The Avengers For Their Service

By Brian Richards | Social Media | April 29, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | April 29, 2019 |


It’s not like such a question really needed to be asked, but judging from yesterday’s box-office report, we don’t have to ask what movie everyone (and by “everyone,” I mean “people who survived the ticket apocalypse on April 2, 2019, and were actually able to get tickets despite the Internet breaking in half”) went to go see this past weekend. We already know. That movie was Avengers: Endgame. It was the culmination of eleven years, twenty-two films, three attractive White dudes named Chris, one female superhero allowed to be the hero of her own story without having to share the spotlight with a male superhero, and little to no acknowledgment of the television shows that supposedly take place in the very same universe.

But over those eleven years and those twenty-two films, a lot of people have obsessed, thirsted, Kermit-flailed, laughed, and cried over these films and the characters in them. (Some of those people have also felt the need to act like trolls, sexists, and bigots when discussing those same films and the characters in them, but we’re not giving those assholes any attention) And to show their love and appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and especially to the actors who helped bring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to life, Twitter started the hashtag #ThankYouAvengers and shared many a tweet thanking the actors for all of their hard work.

Even Captain America, and proud owner of America’s Ass himself, Chris Evans, was touched by the sentiment being expressed all over Twitter.

And there were those who not only made sure to shout out Jon Favreau, who helped get the entire MCU ball rolling when he directed Iron Man.

As well as give a shout-out to the longtime casting director for Marvel Studios, Sarah Halley Finn.

Despite the many issues I have with Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is no denying that what they were able to do and how they were able to juggle so many of those balls without dropping any of them since 2008 is a monumental achievement and one that other studios are still trying to replicate with varying amounts of success. As much as I really like the DCEU, I know that it’s still going to take a lot for its films and its very existence to stop being treated as a punching bag and laughingstock by so many people on and off the Internet, whether said treatment is merited or not. And the less said about the ‘Dark Universe’ that was originally pitched by Universal Pictures, the better. (Though news of writer/director Leigh Whannell stepping in to adapt The Invisible Man for Blumhouse is definitely something to look forward to).

For putting so much care and quality into bringing so many beloved comic-book characters to life, and for giving us reasons to appreciate their stories from the past and greatly anticipate their new stories to come in the future (whether it’s in the pages of comic books or onscreen in movie theaters everywhere), the actors, writers, directors, and many other crew members over at Marvel Studios deserve many a round of applause.

giphy (11).gif

And also lots of shawarma to eat to their hearts’ content.


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Header Image Source: Marvel Studios