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'Deadly Class' Recap, 'Mirror People'

By Brian Richards | TV | February 7, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | TV | February 7, 2019 |


Previously on Deadly Class: After being hazed and harassed by Viktor, Brandy Lynn, and many other Legacy students, Marcus, Petra, and the rest of the Rats take their revenge on them at the Legacy Dance by shooting them with blowdarts laced with a powerful hallucinogenic. Willie decided to stop hiding his friendship with Marcus, and came to his defense when Chico went after him. Professor Denke submitted his resignation from King’s Dominion, only to realize that King’s Dominion had no intention of letting him leave there alive, resulting in him and Master Lin beating the shit out of each other in Lin’s office. Lin can’t go through with killing him, and tells him to get gone and stay gone, as King’s Dominion will send people after him.

THE STORY SO FAR: Because of everything that happened at the Legacy Dance, and because people were actually caught behaving badly at the Legacy Dance, Marcus, Saya, Chico, Viktor, and a couple of other students wearing redshirts with their uniforms are forced to serve an entire weekend on lockdown and in detention on Master Lin’s orders. Which only results in all of them breaking out of the library in order to access the confiscation room and all of the contraband that it contains, including chainsaws, time bombs, swords, a chainsaw, and a Pogo Ball. Their fun is interrupted by a mysterious group of masked assassins breaking into King’s Dominion to try and kill them, which is soon revealed these masked assassins are Saya’s cousins from Tokyo, who have come to take her back home after she left on unpleasant terms. Maria takes Chico’s weekend-long absence as an opportunity to approach Willie and ask him to hook her up with a passport so she can disappear and leave Chico once and for all. Master Lin, feeling deeply troubled about nearly having to kill one of his closest friends, seeks both shelter and comfort with a mysterious woman he’s long been involved with, and who also walked away from her duties at King’s Dominion and went into hiding. Lex goes back home to visit his mother and younger brother, who are both being physically abused by his father, and after suffering another beating at his hands and realizing that there’s only so much more that his family can take, he decides that now is the time to finally kill him.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: Seeing Brian Posehn-as-Shandy rocking out and dancing around to Iron Maiden in the home of Shabnam’s parents and getting his Risky Business on, all while wearing a robe that makes him look like Buffalo Bill in The Silence Of The Lambs. Saya getting her Evel Knievel (or Michelle Yeoh in Police Story 3: Supercop, if you prefer) on the dirt bike and using it to jump over a bed of spikes while riding over a makeshift ramp of books. Chico showing some degree of likability as he bonds with Marcus over his late younger brother’s love of The Cure, as well as Saya’s dirt bike stunt. Petra, Chico, and Viktor discussing the physics of how RoboCop actually works. Viktor showing off his love of Swatch watches. Petra telling Viktor how her family fell apart as they went from being devoted churchgoers to ruthless cult members. Saya confronting her cousins with help from Marcus and Master Lin, followed by her letting her guard down with Marcus after being left with no other choice but to kill one of them. And Lex telling Marcus all about the abuse that he and his family have suffered and continue to suffer because of his father, right before he makes his decision to take his father out for good.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: So none of the professors or security personnel felt the need to check on the students confined to weekend detention despite the sounds of someone riding a dirt bike indoors? And considering that King’s Dominion is a school populated by assassins who are training others how to be assassins, it would’ve helped to see how Saya’s cousins actually were able to get any access to the school in the first place.

IS HENRY ROLLINS IN THIS EPISODE?: No. His character is still in hiding and on the run.

IS MARCUS’ ROOMMATE FROM THE ORPHANAGE IN THIS EPISODE? AND IS HE STILL HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS?: Yes, he is in this episode (and has Shandy naked, on his knees, and wearing a leash in Shabnam’s house as he continues his search for Marcus, and if he is still having sex with animals, we thankfully don’t get to see that on display once again in this episode.

DO WE FIND OUT WHAT THE DEAL IS WITH THAT STUDENT PAID TO GO AFTER SAYA?: We do (sort of), and Yukio is the one who drops a dime on Saya as he lets her cousins know where and when is the best place and time to go after her.

HOW MANY F-BOMBS ARE IN THIS EPISODE?: Yup! More than enough to earn its TV-MA rating.

ANY MURDER/DEATH/KILLS IN THIS EPISODE?: Several, as Saya’s cousins slice and dice their way through a few of King’s Dominion’s personnel in order to get to Saya, Marcus, and the rest of the students.

IS SUPERMAN ACTUALLY FASTER THAN THE FLASH?: No. Despite the fact that Superman is truly faster than a speeding bullet and competes in races against The Flash on a regular basis, The Flash is The Fastest Man Alive for a reason, and it would also look rather silly if he was second best with his own superpowers. Besides, as The Flash once pointed out to Superman, all of their races against each other in which Superman was able to keep up, were all being done for charity. So needless to say, he was holding back his powers just as much as Superman regularly does with his.

SERIOUSLY, HOW THE HELL DID LANA CONDOR GET SO LITTLE SCREEN TIME IN X-MEN: APOCALYPSE? I THOUGHT JUBILEE WAS AN IMPORTANT MEMBER OF THE TEAM?: There are so many things to shake my head about when it comes to the near-unwatchable catastrofuck that is X-Men: Apocalypse (and Bryan Singer being in the director’s chair is very high on that particular list), and Jubilee being screwed over and having her scenes left on the cutting-room floor is one of them. Hell, even Hugh Jackman as Wolverine-in-Weapon X-mode gets more screen time (surprise surprise), and his appearance is just a brief cameo.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: Almost every show centered on teenagers is bound to do at least one episode that pays tribute to The Breakfast Club, and this tribute by Deadly Class was another solid and entertaining episode in the show’s run so far, despite us being somewhat expected to overlook the school being infiltrated as easily as it was, but there are at least six more episodes to go to see if any and all loose ends are tied up.

This episode of Deadly Class has been brought to you by “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde…

…this classic public service announcement by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America:

…and by this delightful homage to The Breakfast Club, which features a young, unknown, and up-and-coming politician by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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