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The 'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Morning Star': Is Tree Sap Flammable?

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | March 9, 2020 |

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | March 9, 2020 |


Previously on The Walking Dead: — Gamma/Mary surrenders herself to Gabriel, Rosita, etc. to let them know that Daryl, Carol, Aaron, and the others are in grave danger. Daryl crosses paths with Alpha and a small group of Whisperers and ends up badly injured as a result of taking them on by himself. Beta, on Alpha’s orders, goes after Gamma/Mary to bring her back to their camp to be punished for betraying them.

THE STORY SO FAR: Daryl, Carol, Aaron, and the rest of the Hilltop crew discover that Alpha and the Whisperers plan to ambush the camp and kill them all, hence they spend the majority of the episode preparing for the fight that is coming to their doorstep.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE? Ezekiel bonding with Carol and with Daryl, as the latter lets him know what needs to be done if he ends up dying in battle and causing many a riot as a result. Carol and Lydia talking to each other about the former wanting nothing more than to kill Alpha regardless of whether it makes her feel good or not, and Lydia pointing out the lack of emotional honesty from everyone around her when it comes to loss and suffering. Daryl making it clear to Carol that no matter how upset he is, he will never hate her. Judith patching up the angel wings on Daryl’s vest. Rosita and Eugene making peace with each other after her interruption of his conversation with Stephanie. The musical montage of Eugene breaking into song in order to convince Stephanie to come back before she actually does return to the mic on her end and tells him that she’s willing to meet him in a week, if he’s still alive.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: Waiting until the last five minutes of the episode for this actual battle to occur, which is the kind of stalling tactic that’s nothing new for this show. Rosita deciding that the best way to make things right with Eugene is to offer him a kiss, despite the numerous amount of Ls she has handed him in the past (this still makes more sense that her relationship with Gabriel, though). Tree sap being flammable is an actual thing, so I can’t really gripe about that (and even if it wasn’t a real thing, it would still makes more sense than Beta walking around underground like one of the Tethered from Us in order to break into the camp and kill Gamma).

IS NEGAN IN THIS EPISODE?: Yes, and his idea for Alpha and the Whisperers to block all of the roads with downed trees to keep the Hilltop crew from leaving (a well-known tactic used by The Saviors) is what tips them off that Negan is now part of their ranks.


………….STILL?!: Yeah.

CARL?: Nope. Still dead.

JUDITH?: Yes, as she insists on wanting to stay and fight instead of leaving with the other children.

CAROL?: Yes, and she not only discovers the truth about Ezekiel’s illness (and takes it rather well), but the two of them end up having sex.

RICK?: No. Whereabouts remain unknown.

JADIS/ANNE?: Same response as above.


IS DARYL STILL ALIVE? BECAUSE IF NOT, THEN WE’LLPROBABLY RIOTIF WE HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO: Still alive, and helping to prepare everyone for the arrival of the Whisperers.



TO SUM IT ALL UP: Not a bad episode, even though it took it sweet-ass time to get the ball rolling and have the war against the Whisperers finally start. The fact that fireballs made from tree sap are being introduced only means that this war is going to be even more dangerous and result in even more lives being lost until a victor is declared by season’s end. But to know more about how this happens, we all have to wait until next week … right after we finish watching the long-awaited season premiere of Westworld.

This episode of The Walking Dead has been brought to you by “When The Wild Wind Blows” by Iron Maiden:

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