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Kumail Nanjiani & Thomas Middleditch Harassed By Trump Supporters

By Brian Richards | News Stories | November 14, 2016 |

By Brian Richards | News Stories | November 14, 2016 |

It has been almost a full week since the Dumpster Fire-flavored Cheeto Who Shall Not Be Named was elected as President of the United States. Understandably, many of us have been trying to cope with this and keep our heads up to the very best of our ability, including those of us here at Pajiba. (Emily, Petr, Courtney, Jodi, Dustin, and Lord Castleton wrote about their post-Election perspectives and offered their input, so if you haven’t read their exemplary-as-usual posts on the subject, put some time aside to fix that.)

And these are all things that need to be taken into consideration, and should be taken into consideration, so that we don’t let fear and anger completely prevent us from living and enjoying our lives. And just when you take a deep breath and decide to put one foot in front of the other, as you tell yourself that things will eventually get better…you come across something like this, as described by Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch.

As Kumail himself pointed out, the only thing scarier than experiencing harassment like this in a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles is being a non-White person experiencing harassment like this in other locations around the country that aren’t as large, or as diverse, or as open-minded. And we need to remember that harassment such as this isn’t at all new, but is something that’s about to become a lot more frequent. Which is why it’s also best to remember that wearing a safety pin or posting angry/thought-provoking tweets and Facebook statuses may be thoughtful gestures, but unless you’re willing to truly speak up and do your part to help and defend those who need your help and support, those gestures will be nothing but empty ones.