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'Atlanta: Robbin' Season' Recap, 'Sportin' Waves': Ain't Nobody Dope As Me, I'm Just So Fresh So Clean

By Brian Richards | TV | March 13, 2018 |

By Brian Richards | TV | March 13, 2018 |


THE STORY SO FAR: Paper Boi is doing what all successful rappers on the come up do late at night in the city of Atlanta: meet up with his longtime drug connection in order to purchase some weed and some molly. Unfortunately for Paper Boi, it’s still Robbin’ Season and he ends up looking down the barrel of his drug connect’s gun as he is forced to leave with no drugs, no money, and no car keys (you know, because he doesn’t want Paper Boi jumping in his car and chasing after him like Mad Max: Fury Road). He is however, very apologetic and regretful about having to rob Paper Boi like this, but…that still doesn’t stop him from driving off with all of Paper Bob’s shit.

As if that wasn’t torturous enough, Paper Boi ends up spending most of the day with Earn at an office for a music marketing company led by Peter “35 Savage” Savage. Earn is eager to impress, whereas Paper Boi looks as if he’s trapped at the Armitage house from Get Out, and it really doesn’t help that nearly everyone who works there is White and watching both of them like hawks. (If you look really closely at the background, you can probably spot Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford holding teacups) They do spot one familiar face, and a Black one at that: a rapper by the name of Clark County, who is there on some business as well, bit seemingly doing a much better job of getting along with 35 Savage and company.

Paper Boi attempts to perform for the staff members in their office, but seeing as how everyone is responding more like this…


…instead of like this…


…Paper Boi just says “Fudge this sugar” and walks out.

Back at Paper Boi’s house, Darius comes through with a gift for Earn: four thousand dollars as a result of the dog-breeding scheme they took part in last season. Tracy, Paper Boi’s friend who just got out and is staying with him, insists that he can double that your thousand for Earn, via a gift-card scam that he regularly runs. Earn seems to be taking all of this under consideration, Beyoncé only knows why, as the two of them head over to the shopping mall so Tracy can pick up some new footwear for an upcoming job interview.

Darius and Paper Boi are meeting up with another drug connect who Darius is familiar with. And judging from the fact that this particular dealer is way too fond of snapping camera-phone pics of his clientele as they are handling weed that they are about to sample and purchase before posting them on Instagram as proof of how he’s on the grind, he clearly wasn’t paying attention to Stringer Bell when it comes to not taking notes of your criminal behavior.

Earn soon finds out during his trip to the mall with Tracy, that Tracy doesn’t actually plan on buying the shoes he needs for his job interview. Instead, he plans on using the five-finger discount to get the shoes he needs, especially since most retail stores have a ‘no-chase policy’ where the employees can’t and won’t chase you or endanger themselves in order to prevent any shoplifting from taking place. (Is mall security a thing that no longer exists, or does this no-chase policy apply to them as well?) And Tracy does exactly that with a handful of shoes, leaving Earn to stand there awkwardly in front of the shoe store employee before finally walking out.

Darius and Paper Boi meet up with another drug connect who Darius is familiar with. This one isn’t snapping photos to post in Instagram, he just takes Paper Boi’s number and hits him up to see if he wants to head to the local Not-Starbucks and hang out with him and his “I like to play the acoustic versions of rap music on my guitar because apparently, that’s still a thing that White people do to amuse and entertain each other” girlfriend. And then he gives Paper Boi’s number to his girlfriend so that she can hit him for conversations and hangout sessions as well. Which just results in Paper Boi throwing his phone out of his car and driving off.

Earn finally decides to use one of the gift cards that Tracy has given him to buy himself some sneakers. And everything goes smoothly, except for the text message he gets from Tracy, letting him know that the card has been flagged and he only has another twenty minutes to use it before it’s shut off for good. And instead of taking the money that he just got from Darius and putting it in a savings account, or putting it towards an apartment he can rent since he can no longer live in his storage locker with all of his stuff, or giving it to Van (who hasn’t appeared in an episode yet due to the fact that her misadventures with a certain mercenary who likes to run his mouth when he’s not filling it with chimichangas is probably keeping her busy), he decides to spend as much of the four thousand that he can over the next twenty minutes. Only to then find out that Tracy drove off and left him at the mall so he could attend his job interview.

Earn’s response: “Oh, I’ma kill this nigga” before heading to the nearest bus stop so he can head back to Paper Boi’s house.

As for the job interview that Tracy has been preparing for via stealing shoes from the mall and putting waves in his hair so that he looks his very best: well…Tracy doesn’t look so fresh or so clean, but ends up looking more like he borrowed Halle Berry’s hairstyle from Boomerang and somehow made it look worse. Despite his best attempts to look and sound as ‘preppy’ as possible (even though he arrives at the interview with his du-rag still on his head) while talking to the White person who is interviewing him, he ends up being rejected from the call center marketing position that he’s applying for, and Tracy responds by storming out, cursing at his interviewed and accusing him of being racist, and knocking over all of the pens and pencils that said interviewer has in his #1 Boss coffee mug, which he probably got from the same place as Michael Scott.



BOO, YOU WHORE! ANY CAMEOS FROM THE CAST OF MAGIC MIKE XXL?: Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no scenes of Joe Manganiello dancing around in an erotic manner with a water bottle in hand while wearing grey sweatpants.

ANY ALIENS AT LEAST?: No, there are no aliens in this episode either.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: Another strong episode this season, which highlights that no one is immune from suffering the effects of Robbin’ Season, not even Paper Boi, and also the fact that Earn’s money-management skills need a lot more work.
And yes, Clark County’s jingle on behalf of Yoo-Hoo was rather catchy.

This episode of Atlanta has been brought to you by “Boyz-n-the-Hood” by N.W.A.:

And by “Boyz-n-the-Hood” by Dynamite Hack:

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