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'Deadly Class' Episode 7 Recap, 'Rise Above'

By Brian Richards | TV | February 28, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | TV | February 28, 2019 |


Previously on Deadly Class: Master Lin and his much more ruthless sister, Gao, are demanding answers as to what happened to Chico, and Maria has been placed in charge by Chico’s family of finding that out. Despite that, she’s happy to secretly indulge in her relationship with Marcus and decides to stop taking her medication for her bipolar disorder, which results in her trying to kill Marcus because of his friendship/attraction to Saya, and the two of them having make-up sex as a result. Willie meets a fellow comic-book nerd named Gabrielle. And Chester contacts Marcus and tells him that he’s now in possession of Chico’s corpse and is threatening to tell Chico’s family what really happened to him unless he gets what he wants.

THE STORY SO FAR: Marcus tells Saya the truth about Chester’s attempt at blackmailing him, about their history together at the orphanage, and how it burned down with so many dead children and staff members in the first place. They recruit Scorpio Slasher, the professor of psychopathy at King’s Dominion who needs to be restrained and imprisoned at all times, to help them find Chester and take him down. Willie and Gabrielle spend some alone time together and end up becoming much closer as a result. Gao continues to express her disapproval with how Lin is running the school, and ends up learning the truth about his family. Maria is told that Yukio is really responsible for Chico’s death and is given an ultimatum by his family: kill him in twenty-four hours or else.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: French Stewart’s performance as Scorpio Slasher, and his love of ice cream, Mexican food, and disembowelments. The animated origin story of Marcus and Chester, how Chester earned the nickname “Fuckface,” and how the massacre at the orphanage happened in the first place. Gao figuring out that Lin was lying about his family’s deaths. Diablo making it clear to Lin that since Chico was under his care and supervision, Lin is also responsible for finding out what happened to him as well. Chester’s interactions with Chico’s severed head being kept on ice, and him revealing his own history of physical abuse at the hands of his father.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: The momentum seemed rather off with this particular episode, and wasn’t really as compelling as earlier episodes. Willie and Gabrielle’s relationship doesn’t have as much development as it should for us to care about their coupling.

IS HENRY ROLLINS IN THIS EPISODE?: No. His character is still in hiding.

IS CHESTER A.K.A. FUCKFACE A.K.A. MARCUS’ ROOMMATE FROM THE ORPHANAGE IN THIS EPISODE? AND IS HE STILL HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS?: He certainly is in this episode, and we see him being affectionate towards a dog who is being abandoned by his owner, but we don’t see him engaging in any coital activity with it.



ANY MURDER/DEATH/KILLS IN THIS EPISODE?: Scorpio Slasher disembowels one or two of Chester’s minions. Yukio ends up dying at the end of Maria’s Church Fan Of Death, and so does a waiter with the unfortunate timing of seeing Maria attempt to leave the scene of the crime.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: This attempted homage to Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon has some impressive moving parts, but they don’t entirely come together. Despite the show seemingly racing to the finish line with only three episodes left until the season finale, this wasn’t all that essential to watch. Here’s hoping for better results next week.

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