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Vince Staples Reminds Us All That R. Kelly Is A Child-Molesting Piece Of Sh*t

By Brian Richards | Social Media | April 17, 2018 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | April 17, 2018 |


Rapper Vince Staples performed at Coachella this year and while he was there, he sat down for an interview with Nadeska Alexis, co-host of the Complex News morning show Everyday Struggle. It didn’t take very long for the interview to get very interesting very quickly as Staples got in touch with his inner Hannibal Buress and went after R&B singer R. Kelly with both barrels blazing and called him out on all the horrible things he has become known for. And no, I’m not referring to his 33-chapter song/soap opera “Trapped In The Closet” (though he deserves plenty of shit for that as well), but for his past and present sexual assaults of teenage Black girls.

The fact that R. Kelly has been sexually assaulting teenage girls is certainly not a secret. Not since it became public knowledge of his brief marriage to the late R&B singer Aaliyah when she was only fifteen years old (which makes it even more disturbing to look back on her early career when she first started working with Kelly and he produced her first album, titled “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”), not since Kelly was on trial in 2008 for charges of child pornography stemming from a videotape of Kelly raping a thirteen-year-old girl and urinating on her while doing so. (A videotape which became so notorious that it was memorably referenced by both The Boondocks and Chappelle’s Show). And not since investigative journalist Jim DeRogatis began writing numerous articles about Kelly and the many, many, many young Black girls who have been and continue to be victimized by him, including his article for Buzzfeed News which revealed that Kelly has been running an underground cult of young Black girls and women who are held in captivity by Kelly and forced to follow his orders in what they say, do, eat, and wear. And that includes having to sleep with Kelly, and be punished both physically and verbally if they fail to follow his orders.

Nadeska seemed very bothered by the fact that so many people on Twitter were coming after her and insulting her for seemingly jumping to R. Kelly’s defense, trying to silence Staples and prevent him from saying what he did, and basically being compared to Angela Yee, co-host of the popular hip-hop morning show The Breakfast Club, who has gained a reputation for being completely silent when her male co-hosts insult and demean Black women, but having plenty to say on every other topic, and for having plenty of keyboard courage when confronted by others about this on social media.

She later posted a link to the full clip of her interview with Staples so that there would be no further confusion:

Nadeska’s interview with Vince Staples in its entirety can be seen here:

Not that it prevented others from continuing to go after her and question her integrity, which Nadeska was not here for:

And judging by this tweet from Vince Staples, R. Kelly was not at all happy about what was said about him in that interview:

And just like how they let him know that he is not now and never will be welcome in Wakanda, Twitter let R. Kelly know that they had Vince Staples’ back.

Considering how thin-skinned he has proven to be when called out on the fact that he is a known rapist, Kelly’s response to Staples isn’t all that surprising.

But R. Kelly is a known rapist and he deserves to be called out on that. Not just by Vince Staples, not just by his fellow musicians, but by everyone. He deserves to be called out/rejected/shamed for what he’s done and continues to do, and the rest of the music industry and the rest of the world needs to know and accept that Robert Kelly has raped teenage Black girls before, continues to rape teenage Black girls now, continues running an underground cult that is holding young Black girls and women hostage and forcing them all to act as his own personal servants/sex slaves (and he has plenty of other men who are willing to stay silent and look the other way and assist him in holding these young Black girls and women hostage and abusing them), and yet has never been charged, his career remains unaffected even as numerous other abusers have been called out and gone into hiding with sullied reputations and lost career opportunities thanks to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements (I could easily ask whether #MeToo and #TimesUp would’ve had a greater impact on him and his career if he had been abusing young White girls and women and holding them hostage to be his personal servants/sex slaves, but…we already know the answer to that), and he continues to walk around completely scot-free and live his life with not a single fuck to give about the many other lives that he has ruined.

Because if there’s anyone who finally deserves to be told, “Time’s up,” it’s R. Kelly.