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Bill Maher Is Interviewing Milo Yiannopoulos, Because Racist Assholes Deserve More Attention

By Brian Richards | Social Media | February 17, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | February 17, 2017 |

Earlier this week, it was announced that Bill Maher had invited Breitbart technology editor/conservative commentator/dingleberry hanging from a zombie’s nutsack Milo Yiannopoulos (who looks like Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, minus the sex appeal, charming personality, and decent wardrobe) to be a guest on his show Real Time with Bill Maher. Other guests who are scheduled to appear on tonight’s episode include Leah Remini (actress/bane of Scientology), Larry Wilmore (formerly of the still-missed The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore), Jack Kingston (former Republican congressman), and Malcolm Nance (author of The Plot To Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election).

Jeremy Scahill, editor/co-founder of and author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army was also invited to be a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher, and was scheduled to appear tonight. But it was confirmed that Yiannopoulos (who looks like a Winklevoss twin* that regularly indulges in date rape) would appear as a guest as well, Scahill cancelled his appearance and backed out. Scahill’s response can be seen below:

And Maher’s response to Scahill’s cancellation:

“My comments on Islam have never veered into vitriol. Liberals will continue to lose elections as long as they follow the example of people like Mr. Scahill whose views veer into fantasy and away from bedrock liberal principles like equality of women, respect for minorities, separation of religion and state, and free speech. If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims — and he might be — nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.”

Bill Maher actually said that his comments on Islam have never veered into vitriol?


Excuse me for just one moment.

JJJ laughs at you.gif

The same Bill Maher who thought it was funny to compare Zayn Malik to one of the terrorists who detonated a bomb at the Boston Marathon in 2013?

Maher…begins by jokingly calling into question the 22-year-old [Zayn Malik’s] decision to quit the popular group [One Direction].

“I think after everything we’ve been through, I at least deserved the common respect of being told face to face,” he says, while sharing the screen with an image of the pop crooner. “Just tell me two things, Zayn. Which one in the band were you?” he continued, “And where were you during the Boston Marathon?” At this point, Zayn’s image was shown next to accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The same Bill Maher who practically blamed all of Islam for the Charlie Hebdo shooting in 2015?

“What we’ve said all along, and have been called bigots for it, is when there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

The same Bill Maher who had to be put in check by Ben Affleck himself when he was invited onto Real Time as a guest and had decided enough was enough when Maher went on yet another Islamophobic tirade?

To which I say…

giphy (3).gif

When Trevor Noah invited Tomi Lahren on to The Daily Show, there were many people who understandably hated the fact that, from their perspective, Trevor was giving a national platform to someone who has spouted many hateful views about people of other ethnicities and making it possible for her to share more of her hateful views for more people to see and hear. Except that when Tomi appeared on the show, Trevor didn’t just come at her with softball questions and actually challenged her on many of the views and opinions that she spouts regularly on her own show and actually pressed her for answers, which Tomi seemed unwilling and/or incapable of providing.

Bill Maher, on the other hand, just seems to be inviting someone to his show who like himself, sees himself as a fellow provocateur who strikes back against the status quo and says all of the things that no one will, despite the fact that most of what they say is infuriating, offensive, and not really all that interesting or challenging. So if Maher actually calls out and challenges Yiannopoulos (who looks like he should be repeatedly punched in the face by Edward Norton at the local Fight Club) for many of the hateful things he has said and done (spurring his followers on Twitter to go after Leslie Jones and harass her online, stating that ‘gay rights are detrimental to society and that the gay community needs to get back in the closet’) instead of laughing it up and giving side-eyes to his audience for groaning at his material and accusing them of being overly sensitive liberals, I’d be shocked and amazed.

Then again, considering that Maher got plenty of attention recently for harshly criticizing liberals for policing everyone’s language and demanding apologies from celebrities for cultural appropriation and other racially insensitive words and deeds (you know, things that you should apologize and explain yourself for when you’re being called out) and blaming them for the election of President Agent Orange, along with the fact that John Oliver has returned with all-new episodes of Last Week Tonight that will continue leaving Bill Maher and Real Time in the dust, I’m not holding my breath.

And as for Milo Yiannopoulos (who looks like Captain America after revealing that he’s a Nazi who works for HYDRA), I’ll just end this with the same thing I said about him the last time I spent valuable bandwidth writing about his stupid fucking ass…

go fuck yourself, says the Veep.gif

*I’m fully aware that those aren’t the actual Winklevoss twins in that screenshot, and that it’s actually Armie Hammer playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. So put your pitchforks and torches away.

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