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Tread VERY Lightly When Discussing This Hashtag

By Brian Richards | Social Media | January 6, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | January 6, 2017 |

It has been a very interesting week for several companies and how they are represented on social media.

There’s the Twitter account for Wendy’s, which has been dragging anyone and everyone who feels the need to question the quality and integrity of their food … while also taking the time to occasionally help people with their math homework.

There’s the Washington Post Express, which had a lot to answer for when the cover of its most recent issue was revealed to the public, and …


…well, they had a lot of explaining to do. Granted, that explaining came in the form of a newly reformed cover and an apology for their original fuck-up, but it still had to be done.

But I think it’s safe to say that after what happened last night on the Twitter account for Yahoo Finance, Washington post Express is breathing a huge sigh of relief that someone else is taking attention away from their fuck-up.

nword navy.jpg

Yes, that really happened. No, this isn’t a joke or a result of Ann Coulter or Tomi Lahren hacking into their Twitter. Someone clearly confused the B key on their keyboard with the N key when composing this tweet, said “Proofreading? What’s that?,” and sent this tweet out for everyone’s reading pleasure.

It took nearly a half-hour for whoever runs @YahooFinance to finish doing whatever he or she was doing, come back to see the horrifying truth as to why their Twitter mentions were blowing up…


… and finally delete the tweet before issuing an apology and hoping that very few people took notice. But as we all remember from The Social Network: the Internet isn’t written in pencil, it’s written in ink, and the damage from that typo was done. Mostly by Black Twitter, who used the hashtag #NiggerNavy, to once again take something horrible and offensive and make many a hilarious joke about it.

If you’re wondering what those jokes are and why there aren’t any screenshots of said jokes and comments included with this post, I decided against it because … there are only so much times that you can have the word “nigger” appear in a post before you start wondering if people are laughing along with this post and with the jokes for the right reasons, and also start wondering about the people laughing at those jokes and whether they know why they’re laughing. In short, it’s somewhat similar to why Dave Chappelle walked away from Chappelle’s Show after Season 2, when he was left to wonder if the White people seeing and hearing his jokes were laughing with them, or at them, and laughing with them for the right reasons.

So I’ll keep this brief and use many a GIF and meme to describe the reactions to the catastrofuck that happened for @YahooFinance last night:

This was how Black Twitter, and probably @Wendys as well, responded when seeing the tweet for the first time:

giphy (11).gif

This was how Black Twitter responded once they decided to start cracking jokes about this typo and how badly @YahooFinance fucked up.

giphy (10).gif

This was Black Twitter reading every tweet under the #NiggerNavy (or as someone came up with, the #NWordNavy) hashtag and loving it, despite the fact their asses needed to go to sleep:

giphy (12).gif

This was how every other White person responded upon discovering the hashtag and all of the accompanying tweets, and realizing of their own volition and that of several friendly warnings tweeted elsewhere, to NOT participate in the hashtag or make any sort of jokes unless they wanted to get dragged and chased off of Twitter:


This was how other Black people felt upon seeing the hashtag, not finding it at all funny, and called others out on their supposed hypocrisy for laughing along with this typo today while lashing out at others and getting upset at actual and perceived racism every other day:


This was how Black Twitter responded to other Black people coming at them and acting like the Fun Police for taking something painful and offensive and making jokes about it … you know, what Black people have been doing for decades.

giphy (13).gif

This is how Black Twitter responded when other Black people on Twitter actually felt the need to grant permission to White people to use the #NiggerNavy hashtag and make all the jokes they want:


This is how White people with no Act-Right and no fucks to give responded when they decided to use the hashtag and crack jokes/”jokes”/racist remarks anyway, consequences be damned:


And this is how Black Twitter responded upon realizing that once again someone would come along and ruin everyone else’s fun because they have no Act-Right and because they truly ain’t shit:


And that is what happened when Black Twitter once again made people give thanks that Twitter was free, and when Yahoo Finance decided to hire someone else to manage their social media accounts a lot more carefully. That being said, I don’t think we ever got an answer to the most important question that was asked during all of this:

Does anyone know how much this bigger navy that Trump wants is going to cost, or what?