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Joanna Robinson, Esteemed Alum.:

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It's Official. Loki's Crashing The Superbowl.

You Like Batman With His Toys And His Sweet Fight Moves? Well How About A Show Where He's A Little Kid?

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8 Things That Made Me Feel Like A Terrible Feminist In 2013

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New 'Coriolanus' Photos Prove That Even Smeared In Blood Tom Hiddleston Is Cuter Than A Box Of Kittens Smeared In Blood

Widower Recreates Wedding Photos With His Young Daughter, Rips Your Guts Right Out

Recent Photoshop Victim Jennifer Lawrence Thinks It Should Be Illegal To Call People "Fat" On Television

Does This Character Deserve To Be The Most Hated Person In All Of Middle Earth?

Listen To A Playlist Of The Original Songs Being Considered For The 86th Academy Awards

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Hook Hand! Fleeting Glimpse At Season Four 'Game Of Thrones' Footage Will Make Your Inner Dire Wolf Howl

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Trailer For Christina Ricci's Lizzie Borden Movie Is Good For More Than 40 Whacks

The Danish Film Critics Spoof The 'Nymphomaniacs' Poster, Instantly Become DFCILFs

Brand Spanking New 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' International Trailer Puts The Emphasis On Comedy

17 Faces We Can't Wait To See Back On Our TVs Next Month

Arya's Adorable Joffrey Impression Is Enough To Make Even Cersei Smile

Is This The Biggest TV Character Assassination This Year?

Paul Feig Is Making Another All-Female Movie. When Did He Become The Biggest Feminist In Hollywood?

20 Modern Holiday Songs That Won't Make You Want To Hang Yourself By The Chimney With Care

'Community' Is Back And, From The Looks Of This Trailer, It's Better Than Ever

Join In On The Fun, It's Official Roast Joffrey Day

How Did Ian McKellen Become The Savviest Man In Social Media?

Enviable Partners In BFF-ery, Amy Poehler And Tiny Fey, Guest Edit 'Entertainment Weekly'

The Monty Python Boys Are Making A New Movie And They're Bringing Simon Pegg Along

Dead And Loving It: The Movies And TV Shows Of 2013 That Tried To Put The "Aw" In Zombie

The Age Difference Between John And Sarah Connor In 'Terminator: Genesis' Will Put A New Wrinkle In Your Brain

They Got One Right! Look Who 'Time' Magazine Picked For Person Of The Year

I'll Have What She's Having: How 'The Mindy Project' Is Just One Big 'When Harry Met Sally' Rip-Off

Emily Blunt, Former English Rose, Flexes Her Guns In 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

The New 'Godzilla' Trailer Is Astonishingly, Bed-Wettingly Terrifying

Pack It Up, President Obama Took A Selfie At Nelson Mandela's Funeral

Emma Thompson And Julie Andrews Together? It's A Cheerstravaganza!

The Station Agents Ep 46: "Good God, Messina!!" Edition

Award Season's Biggest Heartthrob Just Got Hearthrobbier: Oscar Isaac and Jimmy Fallon Do Katy Perry

Let The Cast Of 'Friday Night Lights' Help Get You Through The News That Your Favorite Show Will Never Be A Movie

Break Out The Mustache Wax, We're Finally Getting The Freddie Mercury Biopic We Deserve

TV and Film's 20 Best Musical Moments Of 2013

New 'Sherlock' Trailer Is, Wonderfully, The Gayest Thing Yet

Charisma Cyclones, Bill Murray And Emma Stone, Surprise and Delight The Troops In Hawaii

This Unholy Marriage Of Tim Burton And 'Doctor Who' Will Give You A Guyliner-gasm

Hands Down The Best Moment From Last Night's 'Sound Of Music Live' Sh*tshow

What Happens When The World's Most Famous Royal Meets Pajiba's Sexiest Man Alive?

WATCH: Terrifying Director's Cut Of 'The Dark Crystal' Released Online

Bryan Singer Reveals Huge News About The Sequel To 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

New 'Orphan Black' Set Photo Will Have You Begging To Be The Meat In A Tatiana Sandwich

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And His Dimples Welcome You To His Brand New TV Show

Long Behind-The-Scenes Look At HBO's 'True Detective' Reveals A Dark, Gritty Wigstravaganza

Why Aren't You Watching The Most Popular New Drama On Television?

The 21 Pop Culture Parties You Most Wish You Could Attend

Have You Started To Suspect That Jennifer Lawrence Might Be Katniss-ing Us All?

The Station Agents Ep 45: The Fast And The Bi-Curious Edition

Just When You Thought You Were Out, 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean' Franchise Pulls You Back In

Gorgeous New Photos Of Amy Adams Will Put The Ginger Snap In Your Holidays

10 Ways In Which 'Frozen' Was Saved From Being Just Another Stupid Princess Movie

J.J. Abrams Regrets Lying To Us About Khan. No Sh*t, Sherlock.

The 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off 'Better Call Saul' Might Be A Courtroom Slapstick

The Top Ten Bros I'd Cast To Play That Aryan Poster Child, Aquaman, In The New DC Movie

The Frumpening: 8 Ways Hollywood Hopes To Make You Forget You're Watching A Movie Star

15 Reasons Why You Wish You Had Spent Thanksgiving With TV's Favorite Family

20 Reasons Why We're Grateful For Last Night's FOX Comedies

"What's Your Excuse?" Mom Got Her Toned Ass Banned From Facebook

Beastie Boys 1, Adorable Little Girls 0

Tap In To Your Inner Princess And Listen To The Soundtrack From Disney's 'Frozen'

Alec Baldwin Almost Isn't A Sulky Little Baby About His Show Being Cancelled. Almost.

What Does TV Have Against Women In Politics?

Who's At The Top Of The Death Watch List For 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale?

George RR Martin Discusses Details Of The Final Two Books In A Song Of Ice And Fire

Nifty New 'X-Men' Teaser Reveals A Rumpled, Jailbird Fassbender

Josh Hutcherson Confirms What This Middle School Photo Made You Suspect, Jennifer Lawrence Has Always Been A Goofball With No Filter

4 Indictments In The Steubenville Case Prove Justice Isn't Entirely Blind

13 Things 'Catching Fire' Got Right That 'Hunger Games' Got Wrong

Salacious New 'Nymphomaniac' Trailer Puts The "N" In "NSFW"

Dust Off Your Mullets, They're Remaking 'Road House'

Watch This Kid Outmaneuver Everyone In Sight In A Recent Dance Cam Dance-Off

UPDATED: Christ, There's No Winning This One. The Beastie Boys Go To Battle With GoldieBlox Over The Song 'Girls.'

Can Jennifer Lawrence Make Even Sh*tting Her Pants Sound Adorable? Only One Way to Find Out.

Sh*t Just Got Real: The 8 Ballsiest Deaths In Modern Television

Tina Fey And A Hidden Hiddleston Threaten To Overshadow Kermit In The New 'Muppets Most Wanted' Trailer

You Wouldn't Like Them When They're Angry: What We Learned From Last Night's Thor-ish 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Is This The Most Annoying Character On Television? What We Learned From Last Night's FOX Comedies

The Station Agents Ep 43: What Color Do You Imagine When We Say Purple Rain?

You Think Everything Daniel Day-Lewis Makes Is Genius? Meet His Charmingly Homophobic Rap Artist Son.

Jennifer Lawrence Loses Her Pants In Tragic Accident, Bravely Walks The Red Carpet Anyway

A Pictorial Celebration Of The OED's Disappointingly Dumb Pick For Word Of The Year

Watch Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Adorably Lose Their Sh*t When They First Read The 'Breaking Bad' Finale

Power Ranking The 13 Best New TV Characters Of The Fall

This 'Game Of Thrones' Behind-The-Scenes Peek Is Great News For Joffrey Haters

This Year's Most Unjustly Cancelled Show Is Getting Another Season On Netflix

The Faintest Inklings: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's 'Parenthood' Came From Our Least Favorite Characters

The 10 Most Neglected And Forgotten Film Crushes Of The 1990s

There's Two Of Them?! Not Fair. 16 Famous People You Didn't Know Had Twins.

'American Horror Story' Recap: She's Got 99 Problems And A Fat Ass Cracker B*tch Is One

McConaughey, Lovable, Affable Nutjob, Has, I Sh*t You Not, Started Writing Rap Songs

A 'Doctor Who' Mini Episode Starring The Sexiest Doctor? Yes Please!

Grab Your Mustache Wax And Your Yellowest Outfit, Here's A New Wes Anderson Short Film

10 Of TV And Film's Most Beloved Nerds Who Never Should Have Attempted To Go "Sexy"

What We Learned From Last Night's Sextual FOX Comedies

First Looks At Anastasia and Christian From '50 Shades Of Grey' Will Give You Such A Screaming Bore-gasm

Oh! Do Gambit Next! Professor X Sh*ts All Over And Fires The Most Useless X-Men

Angelina Jolie's Reign Of Fear Boners Continues In The New 'Maleficent' Trailer

Hold On To Your Suspenders, George RR Martin Calls Fan Fiction "Lazy"

The Faintest Inklings Discussion Questions: 'The Ocean At The End Of The Lane'

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks You're Going To Get Sick Of Her. Not Likely.

The Station Agents Ep 42: "What If Homeland Didn't Have Carrie In It At All?" Edition

Angelina Jolie's Leather Clad 'Maleficent' Poster Will Give You The Big Bad Tingles

New Study Shows That At Least You Lazy-Ass Computer Potatoes Are Getting More Honest

Disney Is Readapting 'The Princess Bride.' Say It With Me Now. Inconceivable.

The 10 Attractions I Most Want To See At The Proposed Hunger Games Theme Park

Sorry Uncle Joey, They're Making A Jagged Little Pill Musical

Natalie Dormer Almost Spoils The BLEEP Out Of Season Four Of 'Game of Thrones'

Actresses In Contention For The Lead In 'Batman vs. Superman' Bust That Wonder Woman Rumor Wide Open

New Photos From The 'Doctor Who' Anniversary Special Will Make Your Sonic Screwdriver Light All The Way Up

Power Ranking The 9 'Love Actually' Couples Who Get The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Them By Love

Not A Single Person Is Staying Dead: What We Learned From Last Night's 'AHS: Coven'

'Winter's Tale' Trailer: Colin Farrell, Lady Sybil And Some Damn Flying Horse Star In The Most Saptastic Film Of The Year

Ron Burgundy Unlocks The Glass Cage Of Emotion For This Excerpt From His Memoir

What The Hell's Kitchen?! We're Getting Four More Live-Action Marvel TV Series Including Daredevil.

Start Your Twirling, Damon Wayans Jr. Is Staying On 'New Girl' Indefinitely

The 17 Iciest TV Rivalries That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

It's Dusty In Here! What We Learned From Last Night's Surprisingly Emotional 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

New Scene From 'Catching Fire' Proves That Jennifer Lawrence Is Still Stuck In A Love Triangle With Two Pieces Of Driftwood

Hate To Break It To You, Hiddleston, 'Thor' Has A New Cutest Character

Watch Hyperbole & A Half's Allie Brosh Give A Goddamn Adorable Talk

The 7 Most Important Things We Learned From Last Night's FOX Comedies

You Thought The Non-White Spider-Man Kicked Up The Racists? Wait Until They Meet The New Muslim Ms. Marvel.

Oh Dear God, Is J.J. Abrams Letting Internet Nerdom Write The New 'Star Wars'?

Kitty's Got Claws: Colbert Creates A Fake Twitter Hype Machine For Fox News

Someone Is Trying To Invent The Pixar Lamp. And It Is Creeeeeeeepy.

All New 'Hobbit' Trailer Looks Amazing. No, Seriously.

Does 'The Walking Dead' Still Have A Woman Problem?

The New John Goodman/Bill Murray Sitcom 'Alpha House' Premieres Soon! Um. On Amazon!

New Hobbit Posters Or Pantene Commercial? You Decide.

Just When You Thought You Were Out, Marvel Guarantees You Won't Give Up On 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's Minivantastic 'Parenthood'

First Look: Angelina Jolie Is Turning This Year's Best Book Club Book Into A Movie

That's How You Do Sexy Halloween: Heidi Klum's Costume Was All Skin This Year

Neil Patrick Harris, That Unrelenting Monster, Wins Halloween For A Second Time This Year

To All You Child-Haters Who Left The Lights Off On Halloween, Here Are Your 15 Pop Culture Spirit Animals

5 New And Returning British Series That Will Get Your DVR's Knickers In A Twist

It's Her D*ck In A Box: What We Learned From Last Night's 'American Horror Story'

John Stossel And His Douchtache Think Women Should Pay More For Healthcare Because "Maybe They're Hypochondriacs"

This Little Girl Dressed As All Eleven Doctors Will Make Your Heart Bigger On The Inside

'How I Met Your Mother' Is Getting A Spin-Off?! 13 Sidelined Characters More Deserving Of Their Own Show

The 14 Goopiest, Most Beautiful Movies You'll Wish To Hell You Never Watched

The 17 Assholes We Can Hold Responsible For The Nightmarish Global Wine Shortage

Pick Your Favorite Terrible Wig And Dreadful Accent In This Delightful 'Game Of Thrones' Porn Parody Trailer

Renee Zellweger Botoxes The Famous Lemon Out Of Her Face

'Community' Announces The 'Arrested Development' Cross-Over You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Hold On To Your Entrails, 'The Walking Dead' Has Been Renewed For Another Season

Martin Freeman Adorably Loses It On The Set Of 'The Hobbit'

The Station Agents Ep 41: Dead Babies, Zombie Sex And Sweet Transsexuals Edition

All The Great Mustache-y Bits From Last Night's Swanson-tastic 'The Daily Show'

Oh Thank God, Lena Dunham Found A Way To Fix The Problems With 'Girls'

16 Facts About The Cast Of 'Scandal' That Might Have Them Scrambling For Damage Control

I've Always Said She Was This Generation's Vincent Price: Britney Spears Does A Sloppy Rendition Of "Thriller"

Last Pages Of The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Script Reveal What Happened To Jesse Pinkman

Marilyn Manson Was A Hot Sticky Mess On 'Talking Dead' Last Night

Does This First Look At Jamie From The New 'Outlander' Series Make You Want To Rip Your Bodice Off?

UPDATED: I Just Blue Myself: Jennifer Lawrence Prominent In New Images From 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's Lackluster 'Parenthood'

Introducing A Seriously Pajiban Book Club

Clive Barker Inexplicably On Board For 'Hellraiser' Remake

Why Dan Harmon Refuses To Shut The F*ck Up About 'Community'

The Officer Who Famously Pepper Sprayed A Group Of Students Was Awarded $38,000 In Emotional Damages

Mmmmm Artisanal Baby Gravy: What We Learned From Last Night's Episode Of 'American Horror Story'

The Top Ten Costumes I'd Most Like To See At This Repulsive "Hackers And Hookers" Party

'50 Shades Of Grey' Finds An Abalicious Replacement For Charlie Hunnam

For The Love Of God, Show, I'm Trying To Like You: What We Learned From Last Night's 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

[email protected] Is Real: What We Learned From Last Night's Fox Comedies

Cumberbatch's Motion Capture Contortions Are The Best Thing To Come Out Of 'The Hobbit'

Give Up Now, Amputee Josh Sundquist Just Won Halloween...Again

Which Cast Reunion Would You Most Like To See 'Entertainment Weekly' Tackle Next Year?

Dust Off Your Old Netflix Rage, Amazon Jacks Up The Minimum Purchase To Qualify For Free Shipping

Is This The Most Potently Adorable New Couple On Television?

Even Peter Jackson Admits He's Tired Of That Bloated Carcass 'The Hobbit'

Halloween's Ruined, 'Beetlejuice' Sequel Goes Ahead And Tim Burton's Likely To Direct

15 Minutes Of Hammer-Thrusty Footage From 'Thor 2' Will Hiddle Your Face Off

Power Ranking The Post-High School Careers Of The Cast Of 'Friday Night Lights'

NBC Is Bumping "Parks And Recreation" From The Schedule, Including Adorable Halloween Episode

Idris Elba And All Of The Other Beautiful People Rumored To Be Fighting Dinosaurs In The Upcoming 'Jurassic World'

Some Drunk Lady Vomited All Over Ryan Reynolds. I'm Sure It Had Nothing To Do With 'R.I.P.D.'

Yup, You're Old: Both Topanga And Rider Strong Are Getting Married This Weekend

The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's 'Parenthood' Came From Our Least Favorite Characters

Maybe Bran's Dreams Will Stop Being So Useless And Boring Now: 'Game of Thrones' Casts Its Bloodraven

Natasha Lyonne Unleashes A Torrent Of Spoilers For Season 2 Of 'Orange Is The New Black'

Which Beloved Face Do You Most Want To See Return For The 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off?

5 Steps To Actually Enjoying A Miley Cyrus Song

The New Wes Anderson Trailer Looks C*ssing Amazing

Putting The Ken In Frankenstein: What We Learned From Last Night's 'American Horror Story: Coven'

Aw, Man, Do I Have To Feel Sorry For Him Now? Michael Bay Punched In The Face By Strangers.

This Version Of The 'Titanic' Theme Song Will Make You Want To B*tch Slap Celine Dion

The Station Agents Ep 39: Murder Vagina Edition

10 Books You Should Read Immediately If You Want To Be The Biggest Snob At The Cineplex

I'm Actually Starting To Like Agent Ward: What We Learned From Last Night's 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Man, F*ck That Farm: 'The Walking Dead' Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

Why Yes That Is Ginsberg Playing Katy Perry On The Ukulele: What We Learned From Last Night's Fox Comedies

Stephen Fry's Interview With This Gay-"Curing" Doctor Might Just Break Your Heart

Donald Glover's Reasons For Leaving 'Community' Are Actually Kind Of Troubling

Watch Tom Haverford Fall Head Over *ss For Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany

Which Slender, Endearing Brunette Would You Rather Have As Ant-Man? Paul Rudd Or JGL?

Michael Fassbender Is Too Busy Manfully Straddling Cars To Worry About Campaigning For The Oscars

In Less Upsetting News, The Rest Of The Cast Of 'Community' Is In Full Hi-Jinks Mode

Sandra Bullock Raps Just Like Your Mom Would. If Your Mom Could Crack Walnuts With Her Thighs.

In Defense Of Grown-Ass People Reading Young Adult Novels

Is This Anthony Hopkins 'Breaking Bad' Fan Letter Real? Does It Even Matter?!

Let's Collectively Drool Over The Cast Of Cameron Crowe's New Movie

Mulder And Scully Got Back Into Bed Together This Weekend To Answer Questions About The 'X-Files'

One Of TV's Best Actors Lands A Juicy Role On 'The Walking Dead'

Finally, 'Game Of Thrones' Casts A "Mountain" That Lives Up To The Name

"For God Sake, You Know, Like, Kneel" Tom Hiddleston Does Owen Wilson Doing Loki

A Gay Channing Tatum Rom-Com? Where And How Do I Give You My Money?

Everything 'Glee' Got Right About Their Tribute To Cory Monteith

The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's Sleep-Deprived 'Parenthood'

Who The Hell Elected Chris Hardwick As The Voice Of My Generation?

Ugh, 14 Reasons Why You Should Totally Give Up On 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' After Three Episodes

What We Learned From The Sloppy Little Witch B*tches In Last Night's 'American Horror Story: Coven'

In His Typically Sedate Fashion, Julian Assange Accuses Benedict Cumberbatch Of Being A "Hired Gun" Used To Assassinate The Truth

Notorious Megalomaniac, Kanye West, Made A Whole Lot Of Damn Sense On Kimmel Last Night

Holy Bowie's Package, This Family's Labyrinth Costume Officially Wins Halloween

The 10 Most Doofily Enjoyable Films Of The Past Decade

Ohh! A Supervillain! What We Learned From Last Night's 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Colin Firth Was Originally Supposed To Be Naked In 'Pride And Prejudice?' That's The Sound Of A Million VCRs Overheating.

Mindy Is About To Get D.E.N.N.I.S.'d: Cute Ranking Last Night's 'Mindy Project' And 'New Girl'

Donald Faison's Lost 'Star Wars' Audition Tape Will Make Your Heart Do The Turk Dance

David Letterman Endearingly F*cks With New 'Late Night' Host Seth Meyers

Just How Many Blow Jobs, Rape Jokes And Drug Addictions Will It Take To Make You Forget 'Harry Potter'?

The 9 New TV Actors I Most Want To Bang Like A Screen Door

John Boehner, Douchelord Extraordinaire, Exits A Government Shutdown Interview Whistling

Amy Poehler's Adorable Essay On Her First Summer Job Will Give You Nostalgia Pangs

And With One Accidental, Crass Gesture, ABC Makes You Regret Giving Up On 'Once Upon A Time'

About The Time That Motherf*cker Bret Easton Ellis Spoiled 'Gravity' For Me

First Clip From 'Thor: The Dark World' Has Just Enough Loki To Get You Into Mischief

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Cumberb*tches Assemble: In Celebration Of The Return Of BBC's "Sherlock"


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You Can Do Side Bends Or Sit-Ups But Please Don't Lose That Butt. "Mad Men" Is Back

If The Botoxed Faces of Hollywood Starlets Could Betray Emotion, They'd Wince At The Striking Au Natural Beauty Of Cate Blanchett

"Justified" — "Guy Walks Into A Bar": "Did That Go the Way You Rehearsed It?"

The First Look At Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes: Are Those Eddie Vedder's Shredded Old Shirts Around Your Neck?

How Much Would You Pay To Fill Your TV Screen With Only The Images You Want?

Rock Out With Your Spandex-Clad Rack Out: How To Win WonderCon In 23 Easy Steps

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Statistics Claim Chicks Don't Dig Beards. Lies. Damn Lies.

In A Very Particular Order: The 20 Most Arresting And Nightmarish Images Of Darren Aronofsky's Career

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New Hunger Games Footage Will Knock The Breakfast Right Out Of Your Mouth

Christina Hendricks Does The Hunger Games, Internet Catches Fire

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Good Deeds Review: Just Another Slice Of Sh*t Pie

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Who Did It Better? 84th Annual Academy Awards Edition

That Really Awkward Photo That Made Brad Pitt Look Like David Spade

Whip Out Your Wands, J.K. Rowling To Write Something For The "Adult" Crowd

He May Not Go Home With Oscar, But Everybody Loves George

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The 30 Reasons Why We'll Miss "Downton Abbey"

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Which Cast Aged The Best? My Money's On Those Kids From Bayside.

"Justified" — "Thick As Mud": "Things Might Get Weird."

The Cast Of "Game Of Thrones". . .Undressed

This Valentine's Day, Watch Jennifer Aniston Rub Herself All Over Your Movie Boyfriend

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25 Of TV And Film's Finest Villains Looking Downright Adorable

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This Is Exactly What I Predict You'll Look Like When You Listen To This Face-Meltingly Awesome Ron Swanson Rap

Worse Than Porn: The Most Embarrassing DVD You Own

"Justified" — "Cut Ties": "You Have The Right To Remain Silent, So Long As You Can Stand The Pain.”

You Wanna Screw And Eat Your Way To Extinction, America? Technology Is On Your Side.

If Your Sister Looked Like This, You Might Want To Bone Her Too

Like A Fine Wine: 11 Women Who Only Got Better With Age

Anthony Mackie Demeans And Objectifies Ryan Gosling. And It's Delicious.

Watch Self-Proclaimed Penis Expert, Michael Fassbender, Identify Other Famous Hollywood Nudes

Zooey Deschanel: You Say Adork-able, I Say One Pot Of Boiling Water Away From Cooking Your Pets-able

"Justified"--"The Gunfighter"--"I See Them Long Hard Times To Come"

Notorious Multitasker George Lucas Simultaneously Promises To Retire And Sh*ts All Over Your Childhood...Again

Frosting Covered Images From Paul Rudd's New Film Will Give You Diabetes Of The Heart

Pajiba Love Up All Night

Who Did It Better? Madonna's Terrifyingly Smooshed Chest Edition Golden Globes Edition

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My Best Imitation Of Myself: TV And Film's Funniest Self-Satires

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Eat Something Sweet, Save The World

In A Shocking Turn Of Events The People's Choice Awards Make The Right Choice

"Saturday Night Live" Hires America's Dullest Leading Man To Host. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just How Important Is Celebrity Nudity? Would You Watch A Movie On The Off Chance You Might See Amanda Seyfried Naked?

Emma Stone Does Her Best Baby Goose Impression. Fails Adorably.

Your Favorite Hollywood Star Adds "Entitled Blogger" To Her CV

The New Oscar Trailer Will Make You Long For James Franco In Drag

Dance Up On Me! The 10 TV Characters We'd Like To See More Of

Gwyneth Paltrow Officially Promises You Her Sh*t Does Not Stink

These Are The Most Important Faces Of 2011? Really?

Ain't That A Kick In The Rectum? The Best Literary Adaptations Of 2011

What Is Keeping Rachel McAdams From Full-Blown "America's Sweetheart" Status?

Which 2011 Films Did These Attractive Actors Pick As Their Favorites?

You Think A Fast Food Spokesman Can't Be Classy, Suave And Sexy? Ah, Then You've Severely Underestimated Clive Owen

Anne Hathaway Talks About The Bare Breasted Role That Inspired Her Catwoman

How, Against All Odds And Despite Wonderbread Levels Of Blandness, Is Jessica Biel Still A Thing?

Robert Downey Jr., You Can Talk About Kittens All You Want, It Won't Erase The Pain Of Iron Man 2

Tintin Review: A Rip-Roaring Adventure In The Uncanny Valley

Shame Review: Pornography Of Pain

For Christmas I Got You A Sweet Lullaby About Children Killing Each Other. You're Welcome.

"American Horror Story"--"Afterbirth"--Ryan Murphy Wriggled Into That Gimp Suit And F*cked Us. Truthfully? We Liked it.

Harrison Ford Joins Ender's Game. Maybe A New Franchise Will Convince Him To Hang Up The Whip For Good.

Hollywood's Hottest Jews: Some People Are Just A Little More "Chosen" Than Others.

Conan O'Brien Puts The "AH!" In Hanukkah With His Human Centipede Menorah

Lars Von Trier Promises Us Skarsgard Penis. Relax, Ladies, Wrong One.

The Best On-Screen Couples Of 2011

Who Wouldn't Want To Be The Meat In This Insanely Dapper British Sandwich?

We're Never Going Back. 8 Sh*tty "Lost" Knock-Offs

Say Goodbye To These! Karen Gillan Is Leaving "Doctor Who"

"American Horror Story" -- "Birth" -- "Tate, You Are The Darkness"

Today In As-You-Wish Fulfillment: Paul Rudd Is Playing Wesley In The Princess Bride

Oh You Thought You Couldn't Love Matt Damon More? Fool.

The First Official Photos From The Great Gatsby Photoshopped Ten Pounds Of Bloat Off DiCaprio's Face

Have Gimp Suit, Will Travel: The 9 Best Guest Stars Of The Fall Season

Ryan Gosling Grows Weary Of Your Adoration.

Was "Community" All Just A Fever Dream?

"Revenge" -- "Loyalty" -- Emily Knows Kung Fu!

"American Horror Story" -- "Smoldering Children" -- She Met With A Violet End

Rumor Has It Ryan Murphy Tortures Those "Glee" Kids. Rumor Has It Ryan Murphy Is Kind Of My Hero.

10 Stereotype Bustin' TV Characters

Clooney Gives You His Best Muppet Face And A Belated "Community" Treat

You Bleeding Heart, Namby Pamby, Liberal Douchebags Sure Do Like Some Sh*tty TV

You Uptight, Puritanical Right Wing Tight *sses Are Missing Out On Some Awesome TV

Ben Stiller To Get His Unfunny Monkey Paws All Over One Of England's Finest Exports

"Mad Men" Better Get Back On The Air Soon. I'm Running Out Of Excuses To Post Christina Hendricks' Rack.

So, Tom Cruise Lost All His Sex Appeal In Oprah's Couch Cushions, Right?

"American Horror Story" -- "Spooky Little Girl": He's Gonna Want A Little More Bang For His Buck

Hey, It's That Bastard! TV's Most Valuable Players

Please Let It Be For A Role, Please Let It Be For A Role: The Unexpected Sad Keanu-ing Of Ben Affleck

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10 Netflix Instant Watch Series To Get You Through Rerun Season

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Ewan McGregor Brings His Patented Brand Of Cheeky, Bashful Eye F*cking To Your TV

Hugh Grant Drops The Stammer To Strike A Blow At The Paparazzi

Hot Women Can't Be Funny? You Bet Sofia Vergara's Sweet *ss They Can.

Mila Kunis: Manic Sexy Dream Girl

Demi And Ashton Get Divorced. Aw, I Guess Douchebags Aren't Forever.

Scarlett Johansson Wants To Direct. Because Of Course She Does.

New Avengers Banners! And A Significantly Less Constipated Bruce Banner!

His Name Is Not Severus Snape, You Ignorant Twits. 10 Actors Who Are Famous For The Wrong Role.

"Revenge" And "American Horror Story": It's All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses A Penis

I'm Sick And Tired Of These Motherf*cking *ssholes On My Motherf*cking TV

Nice Gloss, Emu! People Magazine Votes Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive

Pixar Helps Us Heal As The Long National Culture Rape Known As Twilight Comes To A Close

Look At The Rack On That Dude! A Brief History Of Lady Porn

Justin Timberlake, Stand-Up Guy Or PR Super-Genius?

This Day Goes To 11

We Love A Man In Uniform: 11 Famous Faces Who Served In The Military

Ripped For Your Guilty Pleasure: The Cast Of "Revenge" Gets Nearly Naked

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iMiss Steve Jobs

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What Is He, Funny? The Most Preposterous Pairings Of 2011

This Woman Out-Sexes Any Half-Naked TV Tartlet. She Will Wreck You And You Will Thank Her.

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Are You F*cking Listening, Hollywood? 14 Ways You Could Have Improved Our Summer At The Movies

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Salma Hayek Brags About Not Having Altered Her Face. News Flash, Amigita, That's Not Where I'm Looking.

Look, Pants! New Immortals Trailer Crushes Those Nasty Comparisons To The Banana Hammock Sausagefest That Was 300

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In Which We Answer The Age Old Question: Who's Cuter, Paul Rudd Or A Baby?

You Can't Buy Respect: The TCA Awards Vs. The Highest Paid Actors In Television. . .No Way, A LADY!

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Showing Off Your Boobs Is Not The Same As Female Empowerment, Anyone Telling You Different Is Trying To Sell You Something

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Kate Winslet Attempts Blue Steel, Looks More Like She's Eaten Bad Seafood

That's Actually Hilarious, Chris Evans, But Your Eyebrows Are Not The Reason I'm Excited For Captain America

Intergalactic Nip Slip! I Keep Thinking Tim Riggins Is Wearing Fancy Space Overalls

What In The Name Of Sanity Have You Got On Your Head? Film's Most Ridiculous Hats, Wigs and Helms.

Why Was I Rooting For Japan? Because Of The Tsunami, You Monsters.

Forget The Pasty Abs And The Terrible Accents, This Here Is The Real Reason To Watch "True Blood"

Mon Dieu! In Honor Of Bastille Day, 17 Hot Slices Of French Toast

Helena Bonham Carter Is a G*ddamned National Treasure. I Don't Care If She's Not Of This Nation Or, Possibly, This Planet.

Kiss Him With Tongue! 16 Movies We Wish Were A Little Gayer

Olivia Wilde Was Almost Trampled By Horses But Lived To (Hotly) Tell About It

Which Netflix Discs Have Gathered The Most Dust On Your Shelf?

The Lovely Mila Kunis Strikes A Pose Usually Reserved For Basement Porn And American Apparel Ads

It's Like Déjà F*cking Vu All Over Again: When Actors Recycle Roles

I Wasn't The Only One Waiting For The Triumphant De-Shirting, Was I? Er, I Mean, Girl Power! USA!!

Megan Fox Adorably Proves She Hasn't Had Botox. Yes, You Heard Me, I Said Adorably.

I Wouldn't Wear That, Not For All The Gold In Gringotts: Ranking Harry Potter Premiere Fashion From Best To Worst

Angelina Jolie Is A Cylon? That Makes So Much Frakking Sense To Me.

Is That Supposed To Be Cute? Totally Unlovable Love Interests

Another Sexy Hollywood Star Panders To Nerds. . .In The Grossest Way Possible

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Oh, Great, America's Favorite Pig Is Going To Get Roasted. LUAU!

USA! USA! 50 Come Hither Looks That Will Make You Proud To Be An American

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How Dare England's Real Royal Couple Get Married In A Private, Discreet Ceremony? Will No One Think Of The Hats??!

If Kunis and Portman Both Wanted To Make A Film About Casual Sex This Year, Why Couldn't It Be With Each Other?

For His Birthday I Gave John Cusack My Heart. I Gave Him My Heart And He Gave Me Hot Tub Time Machine

12 Movies With Disgusting Messages That We Love To Pieces, You Know, Despite Ourselves

The Fictional Character I Would Most Want To Get Sh*tfaced With? Well I Think It Should Be Obvious

Who's Got His Sticky Fingers All Over Pajiba 10 Front-runner Emma Stone?

Aging In Film: When Your Character Looks Like Country-Fried Gollum You've Gone Too Far

Three More Years of Don Draper And "Mad Men"? Does That Mean We Get Disco Hamm?!?!

Wait, Even Spielberg Hates Megan Fox? Sh*t, Girl, You're Screwed.

Caught With Your Pants Down? Don't Worry, Hollywood Has You Covered

We Should Charge Them By The Hour: Therapy Masquerading As Art

For Nicole Kidman's Birthday We Remember Simpler, Less Botoxic Times

Christian Bale: A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Gross

His Eyes Are Up Here! Ryan Reynolds Is More Than The Sum Of His Incredibly Well-Toned Parts

New Photospread Proves Christina Aguilera Doesn't Have To Look Like A Melty-Faced Paint Monster

Nebbishy, Neurotic And. . .Nubile? Ranking The Woody Allen Impersonations From Best To Worst.

Timberlake Continues To Be The Most Astonishingly Classy Player In The Hollywood Game

Stop. . .Talking. Al Bundy And Rob Lowe Prove They Should Never Go Off Book

That's Downright Un-American! The Best Western Heroes Played By One Of Them There F'rrners

Conan Drops Some Wisdom On The Dartmouth Kids, Neglects To Explain Why He Stupidly Shaved His Beard

Is Christina Hendricks' Dress Too Tight Or Just Perfect? Come On Guys, Grow Up, It's Obviously Both.

Sacha Baron Cohen As The Dictator And 10 Other Costume Ideas To Put The Whee In Your Halloween

Hey, Smith Family, You Know That "Mold Your Child In Your Image" Is Not Meant To Be Taken Literally. Right? RIGHT?!

When Should We Stop Calling Them "Girls"? The Coolest Chicks Of The Bond Flicks

Watch Out Barry Fan-ilows, I'm Starting A Chapter Of The Dakota Fan-nings

The Penny Lane Effect: There's A Difference Between A Great Actor And A Great Performance

Nicholas Hoult, Cut It Out With The Pseudo-Thumbsucking, I Don't Need Anymore Reminders That You Were Once That Cherubic Kid From About A Boy

X-Men: A First Class Waste of Great Talent

I Didn't Start Singing "Leather and Lace" When I Saw This Photo. You Can't Prove It.

Good News! Megan Fox May Not Be As Gross As We Thought!

Upon Closer Inspection. . .On Second Thought, No, F*ck You, No Thank You, Not Today.

8 Netflix Instant Watch TV Series To Make Your Lazy Summer Downright Lethargic

Is This The Face That Launched A Thousand HBO Subscriptions?

A Red Sun Rises, Blood Has Been Spilled This Prom Night

Even The Nation's Most Beloved Gay Man Is Impressed By Christina Hendricks And Her, Um, Very Particular Set Of Skills

Everyone In The Pool: A Guide To Surviving Memorial Day Weekend

The Seven Affable And Sane-Seeming Celebrity Couples Least Likely To Name Their Kid "Velvet Tuning Fork Jolie-Pitt"

Chicks Dig Bad Boys: Science Don't Lie

Is Amy Poehler Even Doper Than Knope?

Put Down The Cigarette, Fassbender, My Dreams Are In The No-Smoking Section

Our President Is Storming England Like A Boss. A Very Square And Sort Of Reserved Boss.

Oh, Zach Galifianakis, You Often Make Me Chortle, But Today I Guffaw

RIP Randy Savage: Elegy Written On The Top Turnbuckle

Are We Sure The Apocalypse Didn't Happen This Weekend? The Billboard Music Awards: A Pictorial Recap

Breaking News: Benedict Cumberbatch Cast In The Hobbit

There Are Two Rapture-Related Links In Here And Then I'm Done. Swearsies. Until The Next One.

Ryan Gosling Asks Us To Imagine What It Would Be Like To Share A Bed With Him. Way Ahead Of You, Baby Goose.

The Only 12 People On The 2011 Forbes Celebrity 100 List I Wouldn't Kick In The Taint

Ginnifer Goodwin, You're Cute, Now Stop Making Movies That Inspire Me To Claw My Soul Out Of My Body

The Seven Disney Villains Tim Burton Should Consider Now That He's Dumped Angelina Jolie's Maleficent.

Short, Pale Brunettes Despair, Leonardo DiCaprio Cements His "Type" With New Blonde Amazon

New Album Attempts To Pry Norah Jones From The Sticky, Syrupy Embrace of Starbucks Music

The Wan and Pasty-Faced Actors Best Suited To Help Run This Vampire Craze All The Way Into The Ground

Tom Hanks Had Major Chemistry With A Volleyball, What Makes You Think Julia Will Present Any Sort Of A Challenge?

You Say Homance, I Say Towanda. Tomato, Fried Green Tomahto.

Say Goodbye To These, Leo!

We've Got Sexy Photos of Jon Hamm Here. Let The Rivers Of Drool Wash Your Soul Clean.

Rocking Out Without Your Boobs Out: In Praise Of TV's Non-Sexualized Female Characters

Don't Try Your Nazi Charm On Me, Fassbender. If This Is True, We're Through.

Don't Worry Geeks, You're No Longer Freaks. Unless, Of Course, You're A Girl.

Sick Of Schwarzenegger News? Disinterested Now That He's Not Governor? Maria Shriver Is With You.

The All-Girl Assassin Squad I Would Assemble To Knock Some Sense Into Those "Sucker Punch" Floozies

There's A Shortage Of Perfect Breasts In This World, It Would Be A Pity To Damage Yours

Adrien Brody If You Could Dial The Douche Back To 11, This Imaginary Relationship Can Continue Apace

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Gael García Bernal! Bésame Mucho, Tú Eres Mexicaliente.

Too Cute To Die: Film and Television's Saddest Sacrifices

Celebrate May The Fourth, Smooch A Stranger. She Might Just Be The Sister You've Been Looking For. . .Or A Droid. It's A Toss Up.

In Honor Of Our Favorite Ginger's Birthday We Dispel The Myth That Blondes Have More Fun

Was This The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships? No, But She Did Go Topless In The Towers Of Illium.

One May Smile, And Smile, And Be A Villain: Cinema's Most Charming Creeps

Bless You, Obama, I Thought My Days Of Feeling As Patriotic As A Fancy Bear Atop Abraham Lincoln Were Over

Slept Through The Wedding. . .What Did I Miss? Oh Sweet Sassy Molassy.

After These Disturbing Messages, We'll Be Right Back: Commercials That Make Your Blood Boil

The 10 Current TV Characters With Whom I Would Most Like To Engage In A Round Of "Whither The Salami?"

Pajiba Royal Wedding Drinking Game Rule #7: Drain Your Glass If You See A Corgi In A Hat

The Bridesmaids Marketing Machine Wants You To Know What Sex With Jon Hamm Would Be Like

Apparently I Get Off On Foul-Mouthed Actors Because This Bettany Interview Is The Hottest Thing This Side Of Naked Chaucer

In Honor Of Boobquake: Rack 'Em Up, Voting The Best Boobs In The Biz

How To Go From Random Hot Actress To My Personal Hero In Five Tweets Or Less

Pajiba's First Annual Woodie Awards

Hey Summer, Where Ya Been? Rachel Bilson Emerges From Obscurity To Frolic With Her Undeserving Boyfriend

Gadzooks! Who Did Kate Beckinsale Nail To Get Cast In Total Recall? Oh, The Director's Her Husband? I See.

Peter Jackson's First Set Video And The Ten Most Hobbity-Faced Actors To Have Never Played Hobbit

Bad News, Nannies, Brad and Angie Don't Care If You Can Sew Lederhosen Out Of Curtains

I Would Do Anything For Love, But, Um, Ew, No, Not That

Listen, Gaga, I Love You, But When You Claim To Be An Original, You Just Sound, Well, Dumb

Once Again CGI Ruins Everything: The First Five Minutes Of Spielberg's "Falling Skies"

Evan Rachel Wood And Her Vitamin C Hair Threaten To Marry My Girl Crush.

Joss Whedon Talks "Dr. Horrible" Sequel And Gives Me An Excuse To Post Photos Of Nathan Fillion's Inner Thigh

Nicolas Cage Gets Arrested For Losing His Sh*t? Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks People Are Jealous of Her Work Ethic. Yes, Honey, Stop Working So Hard At Making Me Dislike You.

Hey Girls, Don't Like Icky Sword Fighting? The NYT Says There's Enough Sex In "Game Of Thrones" To Keep Our Teeny Female Brains Entertained.

Want To Watch HBO's "Game Of Thrones" But Haven't Read The Books? Don't Worry, We Can Help. A Guide To Recognizing Your Bearded White Dudes.

There Goes My Hero, He's Homophobic

See That Face? Not Hers, His. That Face Is Why You Won't Be Getting Laid Tonight.

Ashton Kutcher Even Manages To F*ck Up Altruism. Good Job, Kelso, You Dumbass.

Are You Pretty? I Can't Tell Under All That F*cking Slap: Five "Dewy-Faced" Starlets In Need Of A Makeup Intervention.

Finally, A Pajiba Love Header Photo That Attempts To Cater To Everyone All At Once. How'd We Do?

Seriously, Tom Cruise, A Fat Suit? 14 Recent Supporting Characters I'd Rather See Get Their Own Film.

That Monster Taylor Swift Gets Away With Murdering One Of My Favorite Songs. Where's The Justice? AAATTIICCCAAAA!

Everything You Need To Know To Start Watching "Doctor Who" Right Now

Julianne Moore Describes Working With Colin Firth And My Crush Grew Three Sizes This Day. On Him. Not Her. Well Both.

Daydream Nation Trailer: Manufactured Whimsy, Counterfeit Comedy And The Art Of Film Trailer Manipulation

No Need To Try So Hard, January Jones, I Already Dislike You

Wait, Seriously? That Was Him? Film's Greatest Chameleon.

Dear "Glee," Why Must You Suck At Everything? Ten Better Ways To Stereotype.

Which Would You Prefer In Your Rom Coms? More Blood Or More Helen Mirren? What If You Didn't Have To Choose?

When Bad Marketing Happens To Good People. Oh, Neil Patrick Harris, Why?

You People Are The Sickest People We Know. . .and We Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

The First and Only Time You Will Ever Rejoice at This Phrase: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Taylor Hicks!"

WonderCon 2011: "Karen's Legs Are Impossible." Neil Gaiman Talks "Doctor Who"

This Is The Most I've Liked That Harry Potter Kid Since He Shot A Condom At Dame Diana Rigg

The Best Uses of Poetry? Let Me Count The Ways.

What Makes These 10 Wonder Woman Costumes Better Than Adrianne Palicki's?

This Chick Packs More Of A Punch Than All Of Zack Snyder's Baby Dolls Combined

That's Not My Gatsby! Dreamcasting Your Favorite Book

Oh, Freida Pinto, You Should Have Stuck With That Yellow Scarf

Rihanna Appears On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Wearing More Hair Than Clothes. I Am Fine With This.

Twelve Television Characters We Hate. It's Probably Not Their Fault.

Marcus Mumford May Have Lost At The Grammy Awards, But I Think He's Winning At Life. Damnit, Has Sheen Permanently Ruined That Word?

Sean Penn And Scarlett Johansson: Two Grating Tastes That Taste Grating Together

A Case Study In Hotness: Lady Mutant(ish) Edition

Wonder Woman, Slut-Shaming And Mastering The Art Of Sexploitation

Reese Witherspoon Excludes Ryan Phillippe From Her Wedding Thereby Saving Her Bridesmaids From Hours Of Grab Ass

Someone Found Footage of Carla Gugino On "Saved By The Bell" And Now I've Found An Excuse To Post A Pretty Photo Of Carla Gugino

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood Queen

You Look Like You Get Off On Murdering Puppies and Breaking Hearts. Is That What You Were Going For?

There Are Plenty of Faces That Could Use A Good Photoshoppin' But This Ain't One Of Them

Ewan McGregor Will No Longer Get Naked On-Screen. My Force Is Greatly Disturbed.

Claire Danes Comes Out In Support of Plastic Surgery. Well, This Photo Makes A Lot More Sense Now.

A Case Study In Hotness: Mutant Edition

My Favorite Irish Films: No Potatoes, Banshees or Blarney

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Cillian Murphy. Kiss Me, You're Irish. That's How The Saying Goes, Right?

Hollywood Asks Us To Believe That Someone Would Cheat On Christina Hendricks And Other Trade News To Butter Your Nut Squash

Would You Cheat On The World's Most Beautiful Actress? No Way, Right? What If She Were Okay With It?

Pajiba's 2011 NCAA March Madness Bracket

All The Guys You Used To Love Are Total Douchebags. Except, Of Course, For Preston Meyers. Prestoone.

Emma Watson Drops Out Of School. Fifty Points From Gryffindor, Miss Granger. Also, I Still Hate Your Hair.

Pi vs. Pie, A Filmic Equation. Dear Math, You're Already Losing.

Jake Gyllenhaal Accosted in SXSW Bathroom, Pajiba Staffers Too Drunk and Apathetic To Be Considered Suspects.

115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Part III

115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Part II

Justin Timberlake Makes A Big Mistake. Huge.

A Much-Needed Reminder That One Sheen Still Has The Profound Power To Make Me Perspire

What Happens When The Actors You Love Make Really Bad TV Shows? The Art Of Selling Out And Cashing In.

Newt Gingrich Cites Love of Country As The Reason For Cheating On His Wife. I Call Dibs On The Porn Parody Title "Patriot Games."

Stuff It Prince Charming, The Five Disney Characters That Set My Girlish Heart A-Flutter.

Matt Damon Takes On The Powers That Be And Doesn't Even Bring His Magic Hat

Ten Women Who Are Great At Their Jobs. Careful, Honey, Don't Hurt Your Pretty Little Head On That Glass Ceiling.

In Solidarity With Women The World Over, Kate Winslet Debuts Her Worst Hair Day On The Cover Of Vogue

Dreamcasting Your Granny and Grandpa, Your Gma and Gpa, Your Gamma and PopPop, Your Nonna and Gizmo

Alexander Skarsgård, The World's Eurotrashiest Vampire, Drops Some Tasty True Blood Spoilers.

Oh, Mike Huckabee, By Attacking Natalie Portman You're Making Me Accept Her As A Feminist Role Model. Don't Wanna.

Olivia Wilde, Penelope Cruz and The Dude Will Make You Feel Confused and Excited About Disney Again

Ugly Hot: Thirteen Dudes I Would Like To Meet In A Dark Corner. A Really Dark Corner. Seriously, Turn The Lights Off.

Dear Charlie Sheen, Allow Me To Define "Winning" and "Goddesses" For You. Sincerely, Paul Rudd.

Wait, Who Are You Talking To? Figments, Phantoms and Psychotic Breaks

Christina Hendricks Is Modeling Jewelry? Yeees. . .That's Totally Where My Eyes Went, To The Jewelry

Has Olivia Wilde Wrangled Herself A Baby Goose?

Gentlemen May Prefer Blondes, But I Always Preferred You, Jane Russell

What. . .What. . .What Are You Wearing?! How The Academy Awards Changed My Opinion Of You.

I Hope You're Happy, James Franco, You're No Longer My Favorite Quirky Soap Star. That Honorific Has Been Restored To Dr. Drake Ramoray.

The Oscar Win That Makes My Blood Boil. Nope, It's Not Her.

George Clooney Says He Can't Run For Political Office Because He's F*cked Too Many Chicks? Me Too, Cloons. Me Too.

People We Wish Weren't Scientologists Because We Really Like Them (So Why Would They Do Such A Thing?)

Toe Pick! The Five Best 90's Films They Sometimes Play On Lifetime: Television For Womenfolk

What Do I Know About Those Stolen Nude Photos of Eva Mendes? Nothing! Ummm. I Was Dead At The Time! I Was On The Moon! With Steve!

Is It A Deal Breaker To Like Lady Gaga? So Be It!

The Best Heads of Hair In The Business. What's Your Secret? You Can Tell Me. Is It Unicorn Blood? It's Unicorn Blood, Isn't It?

Colin Firth Demonstrates Why We Like Him Very Much, Just As He Is. Pisses Off Mortal Men In The Process.

Why Would You Mess With Olivia Wilde's Cleavage?! The Five Things Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue Got Terribly Wrong and One It Got Impressively Right

Hugh Jackman Adorably Offers Adorable Cookie-Related Advice to the Adorable Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Raise Your Hand If You Think TK Should Real-Time Review The Upcoming Royal Wedding. . .And Wear A Jaunty Hat Whilst Doing So.

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