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Watch Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Adorably Lose Their Sh*t When They First Read The 'Breaking Bad' Finale

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | November 18, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | November 18, 2013 |

We already got a sneak peak at the last few pages of the Breaking Bad finale and I mentioned that the stage directions not only added depth, but also shed some light on the real intentions of the somewhat oblique finale. We get even more insight today with this wonderful little insider look from the Breaking Bad DVD special features. Apparently Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul read through the finale script together. Just the two of them, some Greek food, some beers and, oh yeah, some camera men. Anyway, the moment is preserved for you all to enjoy. My favorite bits? Well there’s the part of the script where they call the machine gunfire “Satan’s windshield wiper.” And, of course, there’s the Jesse Pinkman fist pump…


But my favorite moment had to be when Bryan Cranston reached over and manfully squeezed Paul’s arm. Cranston said of that moment:

It was a moment of silence, like, wowww. We were just quiet for a while, realizing that was the last time we were ever going to read a Breaking Bad script. And then we looked at each other. There are people that you work with and you hope you would stay in touch with, and I know I’ll be a friend of Aaron’s forever.
Anyway, I’d post the video here if I could, but it’s exclusive to another site. So content yourself with this bicep squeeze…

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and click on over to Entertainment Weekly for the whole video. Enjoy, b*tches.