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Does This Character Deserve To Be The Most Hated Person In All Of Middle Earth?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 17, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 17, 2013 |

There are many vile, amazing, delightful and intriguing things to be found every day on the internet. But we’re going to have to search long and hard to find something to top this Cthulcken. I want one. (DListed)

Dustin examines the most ridiculous television plot twists of the year and picks at all my old The Office scabs in the process. (WG)

After the popularity of their Friends quotes quiz, Vulture is back with a 30 Rock version. Can you guess the quote based only on these images? Personally, I’m pretty crap at blemembering. (Vulture)

Speaking of friends, does Abigail Breslin have none? I mean, she seems like a perfectly charming girl but she must have zero chums because friends don’t let friends wear dresses made of pantyhose on the red carpet. (GFY)

While we’re on the subject of hosiery, the Celeb*tches think it’s odd that Bradley Cooper eschewed socks in his most recent GQ photoshoot. I say it’s just Emu doing what Emus do. (Celebitchy)

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I know we’re making a lot of noteworthy advances in the field of technology and robotics but oughtn’t we be focused on robotics that, I don’t know, cure cancer? Something like that? Nope, our sharpest minds HAVE invented something that makes napping easier, though. So that’s…progress. (TechCrunch)

Dear Hollywood, please don’t expect me to work myself up into a lather about this John Cusack/Elijah Wood concert pianist thriller. First of all, let’s just absorb the phrase “concert pianist thriller.” Secondly, isn’t this just basically a remake of that scene from Goonies? (/Film)

That trailer needs more booty traps.

Um, did you know that Bill Murray looks this much like Abraham Lincoln? I mean, Garfield, sure. But Lincoln? (Underscoopfire)

Have you heard of The Blacklist? I hadn’t either. But it’s a list of the most exciting scripts that haven’t been made into movies yet. Apparently The Blacklist has an amazing track record when it comes to picking Oscar winners. So, get a jumpstart on your 2015 Oscar ballots, y’all. All my money’s on the one called Dude. (FSR)

Evangeline Lilly referred to herself as the Jar Jar Binks of Lord Of the Rings. That would be funny if it weren’t so accurate. (TMS)

Here’s what happens when you try to cram everything that happened in 2013 into one picture: Finn from Glee and Nelson Mandela get lumped together. Can you spot all the references? I blacked out somewhere around The Red Wedding. (Unreality)

We all know that Steig Larsson who wrote The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is dead, right? We all know that. His surviving partner and publisher have been threatening to publish new Lisbeth Salander books for years (based on the notes and outlines Larsson left behind). They’re making good on that threat. Ugh, that last book was a groaner. (AP)

The lovely Laremy Legal interviews Smaug The Dragon. The rest of us swoon. (FilmDrunk)

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