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If This Were The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of 'Girls' This Season, It Would Totally Be Worth It

By Joanna Robinson | TV | January 20, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | January 20, 2014 |

Look, look, I didn’t come here to fight. It’s okay that you don’t like Girls. It’s not okay to be a giant sexist d-bag about it. But if you want to placidly go about your day not liking Girls for non-sexist d-bag reasons, who am I to get in your way. I will say, however, that last night’s episode (after a rocky start to the season) was full of delights. Chief among said delights was this particular morsel: Marnie Michaels does Edie Brickell.

What makes this such a gem? Is it the auto tuning? (Yes.) The culottes? (Def.) The pigtails? (Fo sho.) The angry white girl gesticulations? (DINGDINGDINGDING.) Marnie is the worst. The. Worst. This video is a sweet, sweet schadenfreude delight. Of course, Dunham is smart enough (and preoccupied enough with meta feedback), to turn Marnie’s YouTube experience into a comment on internet culture.

Shoshanna: “People are so mean in the comments section.”
Hannah: “Oh my god, it’s crazy.”
Shosh: “Please stab this dizzy princess in the face and shut her the fuck up.”
Marnie: “Don’t…I don’t want to…I don’t read comments.”
Shosh: “This guy likes your tits.”

Yup! That sounds about right. Marnie proved her “worst” status this week by making Hannah’s birthday all about her. (Jessa was low key, looked nice and showed up. Shoshanna was mostly just guilty of being a clueless ex.) Yikes, that Rent song. Yikes, Marnie. At any rate. Girls will have its ups and downs all season, as it usually does, but we’ll always have this video. And for that I’m grateful. Let’s watch it again, shall we?

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