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This Super Gay Poster Of Thor And Loki Will Make You Wish Natalie Portman Didn't Exist

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 10, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 10, 2013 |

Soooooo is white face a thing that’s okay now? Did I miss the memo on that one? I mean, I guess if it’s good enough for the Wayans Bros, it’s good enough for Tyra Banks. In this creepy photoshoot she styles herself after several famous supermodels. And since everything I know about supermodels I learned from George Michael’s “Freedom! ‘90” video, I only recognize Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. This vision below? No idea. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of what’s black, what’s white, the lovely Margaret Lyons over at Vulture asked the question “what’s your favorite episode of your favorite TV series?” Hers is “The Post-Modern Prometheus” from The X-Files (shot in B&W) and excuse me while I do some Sophie’s choice-ing over here on episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. “Hush?” “The Body?” “Becoming?” DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE. (Vulture)

Listen, I thought it was a truth universally acknowledged that we don’t question what SWINTON is wearing. Not ever. (GFY)

Speaking of sartorial swellness, is ol’ Timmy Riggins here in a light summer suit enough to erase the memory of John Cahtah? It isn’t, is it? (LaineyGossip)

Oh dear, as it’s wont to do, the internet decided to attack Star Trek Into Darkness. I don’t agree but to each his own. TO EACH HIS OWN, STAR TREK WRITER WHO WENT INTO THE COMMENTS SECTION. Ugh, you never go into the comments section. It’s not that the nerds of the internet are smarter than you, Star Trek writer, (though they may be). It’s that they have a lot more time on their hands to pick you apart. Never venture into the comments section. There be dragons. (Flavorwire)

Speaking of dragons, the great Sigur Rós will be the next band to enjoy a cameo on “Game Of Thrones.” Any guesses on which Westerosi song they could cover? (WG)

And if you can’t wait until 2014 to get your blood-thirsty TV fix, join me as I recap the sixth season of “Sons Of Anarchy” over on Vulture. In advance of tonight’s super-violent premiere, I wrote a rundown of the ten bloodiest moments in the show’s history. (Vulture)

Speaking of following Pajiba writers elsewhere, Dustin wrote up an amazing piece on 25 callbacks from the final season of Breaking Bad. There were so many I missed and my favorite is below. (Uproxx)

And now for something completely different. Did you know that there is a place in the Philippines they call, uh, SexMoan? Or they used to. Here are 4 more shockingly awful names major cities almost had. (Cracked)

You know that three-eyed fish from The Simpsons? Yeah, a Massachusetts fisherman caught a six-clawed lobster. What a delectable mutation. (Laughing Squid)

In order to ease the burden on your DVR, here’s a list of new Fall shows that are guaranteed to be cancelled before the year is out. But! But! Christian Slater and Steve Zahn! (Underscoopfire)

Ah, but when it comes to favorite shows that mercifully weren’t cancelled, The Mindy Project tops my list. You can watch the second season premiere here. It’s Franco-f*cking-tastic. (Hulu)

Okay, first of all, did you see that no good, very bad character poster for Thor: The Dark World featuring Natalie Portman? Homegirl looks like she is majorly concussed and the only thing holding her up are Thor’s brawny, veiny arms. The character poster for Loki is much better, but I still prefer the super gay hybrid above. IT’S NOT INCEST IF HE’S ADOPTED. (TMS)

And, finally, speaking of Marvel-ous things, I sort of love this Iron Man suit made for Pepper Potts. I mean, her, uh, Buns of Iron aren’t exactly protected, but the abdomen plates are pretty rad. (Unreality)

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