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Hands Down The Best Moment From Last Night's 'Sound Of Music Live' Sh*tshow

By Joanna Robinson | TV | December 6, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | December 6, 2013 |

We knew it was going to be bad. And it was. Not laugh out loud bad. Mercifully, nobody fell down. It was just flat and lifeless. But in casting the single threat Carrie Underwood, NBC made one of their canniest programming moves in ages. The numbers for The Sound Of Music Live last night were phenomenal. We’re talking record breaking. While many, I’m sure, were huddled around their TVs watching in utter delight (America, what are you gonna do?), there were also legions of us watching in utter spite. That’s right, this was one of the most hate-watched events of the year. My Twitter feed was flooded with gleeful snark. Sometimes from the strangest sources.

Basically we were all collectively echoing this, my favorite moment from the fabulous Laura Benanti.


But in casting Underwood, NBC not only drew on the the more forgiving American Idol lovers, but also those of us who were consumed by rage. She was a twofer. The numbers show that gamble paid off. So good for them. I guess. They murdered something I loved. But good for them.

Let me just voice one more irritation before I end on a positive note. Why did they stage the most youthful and effervescent number, “16 Going On 17,” on a gorram hillock? Those two young performers (Ariane Rinehart and Michael Campayno) were GREAT dancers. Why did you make them twirl and lift on uneven terrain half obscured by trees. WHO MADE THAT DECISION?! I WANT THEIR HEAD!

Ahem. As promised, I’ll end on a high note. Here are Laura Benanti and the amazing Christian Borle (actual musical performers with talent, grace and charm) knocking the hell out of this song and doing the best they could with a wooden Vampire Bill. Enjoy!

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