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Martin Freeman Adorably Loses It On The Set Of 'The Hobbit'

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 29, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 29, 2013 |

Say it again, say you think Hobbitses are adorable. SAY IT ONE MORE TIME I DARE YOU. More Middle Earth fingers here. (Nerd Approved)

Every year in New York, fire hazards be damned, Hudson Valley lights up hundreds of pumpkins in The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Suck it, Burning Man, I prefer massive flaming artwork I don’t have to pee in an Evian bottle for three days to enjoy.

Speaking of adorable dinosaurs, the incredibly talented Allie Brosh is back today with a tale of Halloween horror, dinos and crayons. You can also buy her new book today! Do that too! Rawr! (H&AH)

And while we’re on the subject of Halloween horrors, what what what is happening with Lady Gaga here? It’s like a bird relieved itself on her face and she’s just rolling with it. Without the reflection of mad public adoration she just looks, well, demented. Completely. (T&L)

I didn’t want to laugh at all these dumb Walter White chemistry jokes, but the creator of this meme picked the perfect reaction shots and I just couldn’t help myself. (WG)

One of my favorite sides to drool at, The Big Picture, has a round up of Triathlons from around the world. You know, if you weren’t feeling lazy enough today. This German woman here? Officially my hero and new desktop image. (The Big Picture)

And while you’re already mid-drool, you might as well check out these eight, stunning, never before seen images of space. See, NASA is essential! (io9)

Have you seen all these horror comedies yet? They might be just the thing to take the edge off your Halloween. (Unreality)

What’s that? What’s that I smell? Is it a heady douchefecta of Axe body spray, hair shellack and despair? Why yes, yes it is. The Entourage movie is a go. Do yourself a favor and read Mark Lisanti’s write-up about it. “The rat-a-tat pops of a 21-Cristal-cork salute” indeed. (Grantland)

And speaking of despair, wallow in it. Swim around in it until your fingers get all prune-y. Chris Brown’s felony charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor and he’s once again free to terrorize girlfriends and gay people. (DListed)

Nicole Kidman says only Brad and Angelina can understand what she and Tom Cruise went through. Wait, Brad Pitt got duped into a legally binding, financially lucrative contract marriage too? (VF)

In another installment of “fuck you, I’m gorgeous,” this plus-sized model tells off a group of Pro-Ana doucherats who think her thigh gap isn’t big enough. PEOPLE. THIGH GAPS!? PEOPLE. You can see her “insufficient” thigh gap here. I got lost in it for 15 minutes. (Celebitchy)

Instead of wasting our time worrying about the distance between some woman’s thighs, let’s talk about the cool new thing Ben Kingsley is going for Marvel. (TLR)

Or, oooo, better yet, let’s worry about this thing that Chiwetel Ejiofor said about wanting to be in a comic book movie. LET THE RAMPANT AND UNFOUNDED SPECULATION BEGIN. (Comic Book Movie)

The internet thinks Black Panther (though rumor has it Mr. Eko has his eye on that). What do you think? We already know Ejiofor looks great in shiny red boots.


And while we’re on the subject of playing dress-up, our friend at Underscoopfire have declared this Cheers the best of Halloween 2013. I don’t know, my money’s still on Edgar Allen Ho. (Boing Boing)

Finally, listen, I can’t really defend the time I took watching this Disney Villain/Chicago mash-up. It is without a doubt both the dumbest (bad) and gayest (great!) thing I’ve seen all week. But just in case you WANT to watch the Evil Queen from Snow White straddle-murder a dwarf, well, here you go.

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