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Why Yes That Is Ginsberg Playing Katy Perry On The Ukulele: What We Learned From Last Night's Fox Comedies

By Joanna Robinson | TV | October 16, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | October 16, 2013 |

There Needs To Be An Entire Episode Of Just Nick Posing: This happened in the background of another scene. Just background nonsense. But I haven’t laughed as hard at anything in the foreground of all the new shows combined.

I Would Much Rather This Be The New Regular Mindy Cast Member: Adam Pally still isn’t doing it for me. Really significantly not doing it for me. But that doesn’t really matter because my absolute favorite Mindy character, Brendan Deslaurier is back in all his eye-rolling, elbow-patching glory.

Outside Dave Has Never Looked Finer: Nick’s purse rant was amazing (particularly the alleyway saxophone tangent) but the Outside Dave pay-off was even better. To borrow a word from Nick: glamorous.

Angry, Flustered Dr. C Is The Best Dr. C.: I don’t like watching Chris Messina, one of the show’s finest comedic talents, play second fiddle to anyone. I resent all the time we’ve spent on Morgan and Dr. James Franco and Casey these past weeks because it pushed Messina into the background. But he was back out in front this week and the show is SO much stronger when Messina’s given room to do his thing.

Except, Of Course, For Naked Dr. C.: Oh and they gave him plenty of room.

What Winston Would Wish For: Still not a huge fan of the Schmidt storyline this week. Though, Jon Lovitz! Challah! But there’s no one on television better at making something out of a nothing plot line like Lamorne Morris. The candelabra bit broke me.

The Sum Total Of What Jess Learned From The Financial Crisis: Sounds about right.

Ginsberg Looks Much Better Out Of His 60s Wardrobe: Okay someone was complaining yesterday that Aziz Ansari gets too many good-looking love interests on Parks & Recreation. But I think we should stand up and give Mindy Kaling a round of applause for surrounding Dr. L with amazing love interests. You couldn’t move in this episode without bumping into Ginsberg, Dennis, A Duplass Brother or Chris Messina. All of whom we know will be with/have been with Mindy. I mean, just look at how adorable Ginsberg is here. Even Kevin Smith’s shoulder agrees.

He’d Do Anything For Her: These two are killing it. On a weekly basis. Just when you think they can’t get any cuter.

Once Again, Mindy Kaling, Get Out Of My Mind: But this was far and away the strongest episode of The Mindy Project this year, so I want to give Mindy Kaling some accolades. Particularly this line which joins last week’s Keira Knightley line on the long list of Why Mindy Kaling Gets Me.