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Which Beloved Face Do You Most Want To See Return For The 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off?

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | October 17, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | October 17, 2013 |

Yesterday, buried in a massive and lovely interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan teased some of the details of the upcoming AMC spin-off Better Call Saul. Though Gilligan won’t be running the show (that job rests on the shoulders of the very capable Peter Gould), he did say he planned to be in the writer’s room for the first season at least. He also talked about the decision to make the show a one hour drama instead of a half-hour sitcom. He said:

We’re both one-hour drama guys…so we figured, ‘Why not shoot Saul in the same way?’ Let’s shoot it in Albuquerque, let’s get as much of the crew back together as possible, and let’s do it the way we did it before so that it will be of a piece with that pre-existing fictional universe that we had so much fun creating.
And that’s where I get a little concerned. (Though I shouldn’t be. It’s foolish to be. Gilligan and Gould are both geniuses.) But when Gilligan said that he would like to bring some of the cast back (“Personally, I’d have a hard time resisting putting all these guys in for a cameo or two every now and then.”) I worry that a forced blending of the two shows could get a little hokey. A little gimmicky. Given that it’s a prequel, it would be nice to see some dearly departed faces return. And it would be perfectly natural for a character like Mike to show up. Oh and I’d be delighted if Mike showed up. But how organic would the rest of the cast seem?


I think it would be my preference for any cameo to be that. A true cameo. A throwaway background shot, rather than a forced interaction. In fact, it could be a beautiful opportunity to show the ways in which all these Albuquerque lives were touched (for the worse) by Walter White. So, once again, Gilligan and Gould are the geniuses here. But these are the faces I’d most like to see in the background as some of the fleeting, visual Easter Eggs Breaking Bad has become known for. Look on your future pink bears, ye mighty, and despair.

Marie shoplifting something purple.
Thumbnail image for 75117-Marie-Purple-Breaking-Bad-510-k0L7.png

A tiny Drew Sharp first learning to ride his motorbike.

Bogdan getting the space in-between his brows waxed.
Thumbnail image for 1x01_Pilot.png

Wendy making the rounds.

Gus bussing tables.
Thumbnail image for gusfring-650x362.jpg

Gale at a karaoke joint.

Skinny Pete tickling the ivories.

Hank buying home brew supplies.

Badger working the corner…in the legal sense.

Jane in art class.

Andrea with a baby Brock.

Skyler, oh I don’t know, mailing one of her ebay sales. Shopping for writing guides at the bookstore. Getting a pregnancy test from the local drugstore. SMILING?!